NFL Sunday Week 11 - Your "system QB argument" has some holes; We (FINALLY) go around the league 11-19-17

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Sunday, November 19th

HOUR 3 - It's almost refreshing that people will still attempt to twist themselves into knots to make that Tom Brady isn't that good. We read an incredible timely story about how Colin Kaepernick should be playing football. And due to popular demand, we go...around the league.


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Six games. NFL Sunday with Mike went nasty and rich team. Can you see act for patriots raiders NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex do you insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out comes Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers sixth NFL Sunday with money in GE. On Sports Radio WEEI. It's our free NFL Sunday but Keith and youth Sports Radio WEEI games working half time week eleven. And AF LC some good ones here in the early slot as well we'll get to the highlights it TV. Scores here bottom of the hour. At 230 keep you updated all afternoon long throughout with your phone calls at 617. 77979. B 37 about an hour from now we'll talk crushing before he get his take on these. I'd gains in Mexico City patriots travel like this what it means. Fourteen Canas he talked about that a little bit with Connie Curran and maybe he'll make the case. For the raiders keep it a closer today we've gotten none none of that of that based on the show so far the people of the reality set in this with a good game early in the year and publics but it apps will blog exclusive. Yes and the patriots are playing really well right out I got to spend a week five you know coming off that loss the you're thinking OK maybe that other raiders are there but. Since then you know it's that the patriots have started to look like themselves again whereas. Local just has too many ish whose issues you know that I think that they still have a aides specifically defensive defenseman domestic I don't know how other assault on the patriots at all. And then defense that we for the patriots it seems that they've sort of figured out a bit and they're pretty healthy. And so you know Derek Carr who's not really all that healthy though those guys that that he has. They have not been able to get it done on the pitcher's defense is is looking good keep it seems consistently now 120 points here are the greater stats and they are pathetic there. First team in history the NFL not to acquitted reception. In the first nine weeks of the season that according to Connie Karr and while there 31 in the league that's second last on third down defense they are last in football. In passer offensive DV OA one of these admits metric looks at. What you do as a defense as four sacks thirteen dead last in football opposing passer rating is 110. Point five that's why they played such quarterbacks is Marcus very go to Josh McCown Trevor Symbian and Jay Cutler. Eight date may have shown very little opportunity to stop anybody this year and as good as there are car race and I like a Marc Cooper Michael Crabtree and Jared Cook. If you played Madden rich you Tyrell raiders they're pretty good offensively yet. The decides who will that they have nobody on defense that scares you down when you're one guy defensively Bill Belichick takes that I Wacey Von Miller last night. It say you're saying they are are allowing a quarterback rating of one hand yes it's that perspective Tom Brady on the season as one await point three which is second best in the league. So only Alex Smith and that number certainly come down to route Smith but. You know. He's only one that has a quarterback rating better than that so they're they're giving up pretty alarming clip. And again without when they're not turning anybody over there not making any plays. And and so on the flip side they're gonna need their offense to put up close to thirty points that I just I don't see that happening. You know what I'm not gonna be shocked if it's one of these but the higher scoring game I it's more likely that. On. It's higher score than slower court in Mexico City. At the patriots. The longer putt for. I could just they could but I don't know if the that if children are raised it has all year depending candidate maybe they won't that's why you when apple beat the patriots beat them comfortably. I Tommy currents as note that the pats to win and cover he's one under on the scheme for the higher totals we if before it happened the five somewhere in there. He says 3020 you and I like the patriots on the over. In this case 6177797937. Is the phone number we talked about two in the segment part of the year. On folksy non patriot haters throughout that we people locally. And nationally I don't we we did it once or twice even open we have production that we didn't carry out. All right these patriots hater dear citizens of New England no one anywhere in this country feel any sympathy whatsoever for you when your team's highest you can. We're back I'll go find another coach. I don't think he's great coach I think he's a very good launch and now believe Debra he won the MVP because certainly a hall of legendary Super Bowl performances this was this was not one of his bat on Sports Radio W we. Well this week. I've Persia front center excellent job. Ants plus adds some of the Scott has more stuff to that. I hear at some point he of off football outsiders assistant editor. Had to correct at the all yes all etc. website of all flyers assistant editor so it Carter couldn't stick around for a long time today I was hoping to do with him because he. He was the one the term B on to Scott cast Marty was mocking him on a Twitter because cast what was going back for the people about how Brady's not that good system quarterbacks X detector in your Tom give quote treatments of this guy's still. Doing this act and you both when you look. And he he truly does believe any set with you guys with some of the Saudi or to second. That Brady's a system quarterback who essentially. Does things in this offense that anyone could do. Because of Bill Belichick. That's what it comes down to that wins are important and we operate NASA would come. He's meant though yeah national football basically anything that you would you would say you know. In favor of Brady Hewitt countered by saying. Waltz a team like the team won that game but the team has won five super winds aren't associated with quarterbacks in his mind. Which is insanity could not agree what does insanity especially now especially the error that radius played in the if you go back to the seventies. And look at quarterbacks and winds still important but you could maybe make your case were RE. Defense is driven more important than the running game was even more important that but in the NFL today on the quarterbacks. That is it that is effort for any team sport is as important and I got that impacts wins and losses more than any. But so that you would also do the Bill Belichick paying. And if you put in another quarterback in for Brady they would of want to just as much in his mind. Which could nobody saying that anymore. Distance do you place Tom Brady among the all time quarterbacks in the NFL. What happened right fit for quite a few years now. Yeah I think Peyton Manning Jim mark and I don't united stammering now. That's popped for. Then you have great he's up there was any of them richer guys Ron Amadon Roger stalled actor on the way. Our requests got a very amateur so when he says Aaron catches at the time so this littler what does this guy composite sank. But so he says he's had Tom Brady and his top five. For a number of years now. Or Stephanie so fifth in the top buyout has early change yes wouldn't you say the last couple years. Auto related to over the last three years for example there may be reason to move him up. Your ranking if you care about wins specifically yes and Super Bowls yes if you sticking by. All these things that he's doing because in the system that I guess you do have to be stubborn and stick with your point of bright always doing these things because of the coach in the system and these winds are really at the team's on its. Again I don't know I can I ever got to try to make a dumb -- are for dumb but so it's now more are deliverables that job on Diana it's more jewels Joseph Montana another got any ads on his list the as he said was Dan Marino. Who again he loves stats the unreal man had punished stats but at some point even if you even if we give you system quarterback which is as the advocate dumping the say anyway but if you wanna go with system quarterback. OK if you win five Super Bowls of the system quarterback is that better than winning no Super Bowls as a non system quarterback. That I can terrible thought you won one as a system guy in a while yet the exaggerated the 85 bears defense was the result career was obviously not the case either. So I don't know I'd anyway aren't QB and you plan. You have great he's up there yeah the picture guys Ron Amadon Roger stall back on the way. But you know birdies in fifth for awhile and I think he had he plays into his forties. At a level that we never really seen anyone extend. In two be on four for one year with the vikings then I think you articulate them up a little bit. You know I think at least. Treaty the plates five years hiring 400 are. He can never get higher than for no matter what his mind no matter what that also I think what's also really down to say because. It's not like he's tree ease ease peering out yet and humbly one of his best seasons ever last year won the Super Bowl. This year he's going to be right in the mix and the MVP again would have been the MVP last year Vietnam pistols right games and this appearance we will see how our cars from whence finishes the season and how Brady finished the season Brees probably going to be one or two. Again this year. So and who knows imagine other suitable or more left in his career so vicinity of the play it's those mid forties and then maybe. These are Camilla cracked those top three. Is just talk about the dig your heels in and not budging on a not even looking at what's going on foreign all the cut that I like a ride it's it's when he explains in this a little bit back and forth year what he looks worn a quarterback should be labeled their pretty pretty succinctly because this is where really gets himself. In trouble sulphide you don't. You'll get wins what do you look for this is Scott Scott has more football outsiders will take your calls in this. I as well 6177797937. How to what does he look for in quarterbacks when he puts his top five via. The first critics of his exile global order that let me let the odds are in ninety wins and 54 losses. My best to reform our. 82 plays its quarterback record is a 198 and fifty all the black like yards. Just 41 yards and you'll see control. Such infighting about wins he had a better cut there were Michael pinned him down any basis okay what he. What do you use to evaluate quarterbacks he doesn't look at wins righty doesn't look at its. Yeah worries illiquid strict completely throws amount I can understand if winds are your most important thing because it's true he can't just go through. The list of quarterbacks. Based off their wins and say he's the best you think about is the third best in the fourth best. Think that's definitely true. But at some point the win number is so overwhelming. That and the playoff wins in the Super Bowl wins are so overwhelming. That you have to look at those ever gonna say or that team won those games who's the most important player on team. On football team it's the quarterback every time maybe it's waited too far that way. But the reality of it is it is the quarterback in it has been for awhile and for the rest of Brady's career will be a this was at the beginning of the back in four blew a tire thing right goes on for awhile the way we cut this out but. This is when he tries to pin down canvases holly ask woody how does evaluate quarterbacks. What impresses you about a quarterback what does standout thing for you was it arm strength. Is it accuracy. Is winning games the performance in the clutches it. You know playoffs operators so it. A couple of things he. Ninety critical Michael for a second tour just asking that question let him. But even that it's not very good run Akerson he has what is it his men in what got. You. Accuracy. Is accuracy pays is long time. Okay he's got a career he's got that people are one stock market this if he is playing in his mind and so are you guys you accuracy. Actor and it gives you. Longevity right the leaders to. Well let's longevity longevity nobody has done it better for a longer period of time at the position in the higher. History the league then Tom Brady. He's done into his forties nobody's play this well later his career is a blow out there is no one. Who is done Peyton Manning ended his career flamed out Dan Marino flamed out Brady's forty. And he's still playing like his best years in the NFL self of these two things he's got accuracy wanna longevity consistency too there is zero argument. For Brady not being the most consistent consistent. Long play quarterback it's your league so check Mark Brady. Accuracy. He's a couple of percentage points behind a Manny when it comes to completion percentage. Involved the regular season and the post season. He played in and I think to home. Key play in a dome of course is a better completion percentage when you look at its outdoor numbers and not close to Brady's out two numbers and when Brady plays an adult. He's eleven into the quarterback rating a 112. He puts me to shame when you that so and who are big guys that yet above him by the way has is got Marino and yes. Montana Montana and Maine and so and Manning is the only one who has a higher completion percentage best rating any good he's played only on eight RCA dome now whatever it's called named. And outdoor numbers are close to brave Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison when a cable by Abreu is a very good players to he has but but he hasn't had the he would have a hall fame receivers with a his entire career in fact when he have a hall democracy they didn't when miserable. So the so that's is he never got any a third point. That's why they with quarterbacks accuracy longevity longevity is a lock for Brady accuracy is a slight edge to Manning overall. But he played half his games and adults you know it was the EU that's insane it was the second most accurate quarterback of all time. Chad Pennington. That's right that's right beat Chad Pennington. That he must be a big fan of Chad Pennington we Adams who of the cutlery says anyone can do paraded off your basically it and it it's it's it's and it's at its red Fisher be their rights to a comedy callers on the comical it's it's lately he's a system quarterback. He eight BE says you guys on the air that. They Drew Brees is one examples that you Drew Brees could do what Brea has done. Cool picture breezes numbers he's got overall exit I think quarterback hurry number five points or less what Eagles outside. Again it's not close drills recently he's very good games and homes in New Orleans that's his strength. Outside Drew Brees is a mere mortal. Compared you to operate and then. Is there more than the keys is that while they want you know Matt Cassel horrible that won eleven games with them again a missed the playoffs is that like what sort of tiebreaker whoever the apparently still missed the playoff -- laws wins and they helped form we have been suspended quarterback I beg him to really get because he's he starts to feel kind of good about himself and so alarming people beard and it oligarchy and I asked him. Well I mean we gotta get down his passes to school season they're all gonna have Eva at least one of the most dangerous what receive revered in grand marquis went with him the importance of history just some people think rock bass slot receiver what woke. Big rock and rock and Brock didn't play in the civil. Last year and they want miserable about Iraq Randy Moss I love my favorite player that it wants who bowl very moss Wes Welker is a nice player but Wes Welker is certainly not halted record. So he was able to do it would guys like Deion Branch and and that the plug and play and you could rip it out sister Natalie. You can replace anybody and doing an extra bit about you know was a big part of. System on the Internet that maybe the quarterback better the quarterback is what I'm in Florida. So why did and Welker over some. Discuss the system orbiter is the guy thrown all that's the big thing that's a great point does that Brady makes these guys so much better but that is it's because the way he plays the game and the way he's able to. Just elevate their game like guys to hit it ought to welcome what he was before he got here verses. What he was here and when I hate the system thing because. Then why has never seems to the system is bishop the system like bill O'Brien injured pretty easy to copy and paste after what fifteen years of sustained excellence and what manager to note the system they've also had coaches that help run that system Lee. Josh McDaniels head coach early in his office corner with two different teams and I'm sure they tried to implement some of that same system failed bill O'Brien. Until this year to Shawn Watson finally got to go to offense going but had terrible offenses what if the systems so he's oh wow. Why why does every team run that system. The system quarterback argument sucks it's it's it's a really bad one and it just the only way you can say that if the best head coach. Bargain yeah announced that. So did Marino had a hall of fame coach had a guy who won more games than anybody loaded offense of town didn't win the Super Bowl general miserable ones. There's just. I feel like now. There's less of these guys and we're talking and how we're gonna do this every week but there seems to be less. Quote haters are still out there but there's less of interface sound crazy now. In 2000 restart and restart we bradys the fitness quarterback ever came as the that you dug yourself holds up again let every week wreck. Do what you said we should do to certainly what you mean exactly. We were gonna do the haters thing everywhere you mean. These patriots hater senior citizens of New England no one anywhere in this country or feel any sympathy whatsoever for you when your team just I'm. Go find another coach. I don't think he's great coach I think he's a very good lunch and now believe Debra he won the MVP because certainly at all and legendary sumo performances this was just about one of these guys on Sports Radio WE. The disaster. Believe a high note I would play it wants. I think that's just me but going to go out and as a group we about the ourselves overdo that but it's just. Now you're arguing against historic numbers figure try to twist yourself no pretzels say well five super balls is not really what it is their only. Yeah another because his big thing they didn't even bring to the air of the Scott has Smart guy. Was it was a two week he had earlier in the day orbiters the day before talk to room we said ball. The best player in NFL history should probably have more first team all froze then Rich Gannon that was his premise was. I think Brady's Boiman first team all pro twice. So if you want to stick with that but you may even have a little bit more automotive regulate all of he was only the best player in the individual season to voice you're going to best quarterback twice. Again I mean you're you're still raw image he's been the best player over the last couple of decades but there there's more an argument there than accuracy. Longevity. And then all the wins don't count because he's in the says it wasn't fun with the eyes said view that we have out of the interview after you had the other Billick he was in plate full with that he was sorted down and die for me to positively. I. It yes very yes. Yet the very adamant they'll ask them about the put us is out of our right we definitely have backside we played on half when we played and I listen patio we need to cut because we're just we're trying to figure by the organized Twitter avatar and it's a picture of Bill Belichick wins hands in his face. It was fun arguing football again I'd I like your avatar two by the way which is the picture of Bill Belichick put his hands over his eyes it's nice. It's nice he goes to give the rest the not you don't scrambles he goes and always tomorrow. Is this the layout of the we're implying that he changed it just for the interview we were pretty good chance on someone he also said at one point late I don't like the guy. Ike is the Pittsburgh steeler fans alike trumpet never uneasy I'd like Brady Anderson that he sent yet this on the record though. A flat out a final like the guy like that guy I don't know a year ago but that's perfect that's a stupid like. That's it and they got them to it if you're ready for this website delegates not Steelers don't analytical website real well outsider all the NFL should look at the number I hate. LeBron James can't stand them. But we like who's the best for in the NBA and the projects another twist myself in wedlock while it Russell Westbrook averaged a triple bubble so he's the best out LeBron is governed for. Well bubble like are you don't you wouldn't say that try to watch the game objectively if you can it it's. That's your that's your guy at SR it is not of the show we haven't been able to do a lot thanks cal in the ability of patriot cater any long long time ago Ryan Appleby opened by at the plate twice was over during out to us good success to eat good even number leave them wanting more. A I'm sure there is that there's very little to debate other then cast Mars out of his mind and it's funny because he white isn't right for lake to its football outsiders they are so let's be respected it. Football site that looks at the analytics and gain an idiot and he's called Brady of the best quarterback of all times as woods don't matter that's a 617797937. Is your phone ever mutton keep on NFL Sunday. Wanna jump in Al Brady quarterback you can do that half hour now Christian Fauria. Will join his welcome back and check on the scores urine your car you wanna check your all the kids are there you wanna set a good example. Don't be driving in scrolling through your fault right we'll have the scores and more for you next of the yellow 1 o'clock games are pretty much approaching halftime. Some very good game series well lock and key Sports Radio WB. Once again it's money keeps. And more of the NFL Sunday brunch you'd like health plans key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP are about twenty minutes away from my inactive for the patriots we'll get to. The scores here in the second. According to Jeff how Boston Herald Malcolm brown relaxing. On the bench about it. Does this teammates are stretching. Says starting at the indication later in the week it was no sure thing he played viewed the ankle injury inactives do. In twenty minutes about 3 o'clock eastern time resources like Malcolm brown of not gonna go up front defensively for the patriots in addition Cass he's marsh. We've missed some time here I he was warming up select he's going to be enacted Malcolm brown wall the big one will be. I'm Mike gill asleep although it just feels like unity is acting on a much of a role I won't isn't from in this game is after you what we inactives throughout the league including patriots and raiders coming up. And about twenty minutes well before you right here on W Wii yet sure Ronald league right orally. Mr. production Brian your good with the stuffy city out production for all this stuff all day it's funny you mentioned going around the league asks. He shot all conferences all divisions all she. Each time you go round the NFL Sports Radio telling you. Spicy. Save that hopped out. She is Alex royalty free rock music fan head coach Erik and Erik found six there this is for the dads and boyfriends and husbands and their car can't check their phone we're now because their tribe know what they're like this it will be doing you'll get NFL scores. Why you're driving. Right now we are about its safety yet about serving the audience here at WEP guys for a check on the scores and riches in the real taste of what's going on Jerusalem and the game itself we are half. Halftime in Chicago worth lines five and for the bears three and 61 of us not me. I took the bears plus three. Chart depicts her dog so far are ten law at least you're in it 2117. Lions lead the bears there at halftime Matt's staff pretty late touchdown for Detroit he has two touchdown passes on the day Marvin Jones junior at one of on the other Amir of do look way recommended summit played her little fantasy. Minute or minutes that yeah expert feature rich and those may Jordan Howard a nice game so far to have 88 yards rushing on just seven carries. He has a touchdown Mitchell forbid ski at the touchdown pass to Adam. Shaheen. Ever heard of him going to be ox or not the browns are 19 trying to avoid oh intend their home in the snow against Jacksonville six and three and a very surprisingly good start this year 107 jags. At the happening low scoring game in the cold and windy clean yet this one is just an ugly game Blake portals vs the Sean Kaiser each of the touchdown pass it was. Mercedes Lewis. On the receiving end for Jacksonville duke Johnson for Cleveland what gradually Brett only on a first half quarterback ratings in the thirties Packers getting shut out at home by the ravens thirteen nothing growth third course yet this on this one just two terrible offenses Flacco has a touchdown pass to Mike Wallace. Also threw an interception Brent homily. Two picks sacked couple times he's he's been bad good couple teams ravaged by quarterback injuries Texas hosts in the cardinals 1410 at the half cardinals on copies Blaine Gabbert was signed last week got the start up this half sibling Gabbert eleven of fourteen a 120 yards and two touchdowns. Blaine Gabbert has been great. It's that Texans defense which is terror sellout Blaine Gabbert has been great has been graves quarterback rating of 142 in the first half touchdown passes to Larry FitzGerald. And nice gentleman named Ricky seals Jones again I'm familiar with his work that guy all the Mark Miller touchdown catch from Thomas savage who was a big part of an article that and we're going to be discussed we will get to that iron second Miami Dolphins at home Jay Cutler has not one not two but three interceptions in the first half they are trailing big. Twenty to seven bucks on Kabul for the fourth win of the season cut another touchdown pass of the Jarvis land hungry rats in four catches 33 yards and a score Damian Williams 78 yards rushing on the other side it's Ryan Fitzpatrick. Was two touchdown passes. Wonder OJ Howard the other. To DeSean Jackson. I'm Mike Evans is not done much to catches 45 year killing fancy teams everywhere vikings rans billed as the best game of the early slate seven into like 72 rams we are all square at seven. At the half we had that one on one of our two TVs here it sure did Todd Gurley when they rushing touchdown just point six yards in the first out or does have the score what TV is Marie with the Minnesota's touchdown wind and issued a couple spots magically of an earlier also in New York where that wind gusts saw an extra point miss you see a lot of short passes. Been a factor in the offense and giants won any move on top of the 63 chief 63. Early third quarter upset brewing for the job is Damon's other there's a touchdown Orleans dark Waugh where they rushing touchdown is nineteen yards on the ground Korean Hans has been pretty quiet five carries 23 yards also has just three yards receiving on two catches one of the higher bit of a panic. On a higher point totals today over under was in New Orleans Saints 72 against the Ford by Redskins out of the Redskins on the road it will once they 1713 halftime. Yet Kirk cousins are with a touchdown pass to Chris Thompson some logic. Sure breeze from last week they scored six rushing touchdowns against the bills so Drew Brees didn't throw one last week he has not thrown one yet. This week either yet that interception Mark Ingram but without a hat trick last week that he did ourselves he has a touchdown. On the ground here in sectors. Oz there go those the games going on right now any breaking news any other big scores big plays a pass along the late games they're highlighted by. Actually 3:4 o'clock games city patriots traders say it's it was the good one. 36 angle that the three at six Broncos and the five and four bills making the change at quarterback to Nathan Peter Bergen Peter written. Of all people they are only three and six chargers that if you look around the league here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio. WEEI will come back wanna talk about this Chris Gasper stories begin NFL story lines. The headline reads like for something of may of this year. Or June of this year to increase gas or volley and run to write the column that no one's written yet. It's time for a team to sign Colin capital. We'll get to that in your calls Christian Fauria joins us at 3 o'clock here on WE yeah. It's NFL Sunday and win money and keep recession Viacom. You insurance on Sports Radio W we. All right welcome back to season ticket as promised now we're gonna talk about the New England Patriots that means we are joined by. Boston Globe national NFL writer Dan Bowens. Then you were at the game yesterday as was I when you look at it the patriots are now to a two on your neighbor's 33 to 32 which airline answers and might take away a quarter of the way through the season and is this defense has major major issues. Sorry Christian view I speak up for sale and a how to trouble communicating in Iran and the communication. Podcast much like the Patriots defense. Holy smokes. While wow you guys in the that was funny I thought at first it was while they keep this in a pod catching an added await either making a joke. The players Joseph about the patriots communicate communication I gotta admit I've not talk about the time ideally dive in new season ticket yet with Chris Gasper any you and your views on Yasser podcast so far from you haven't heard yet okay I got a few other podcasts in the Q no no disrespect I just have not heard. Literally edited yet. Yeah I said we need to solve a little mystery Ira I think most baseball fans have heard Shoeless Joe Jackson I heard you were shoeless and the Red Sox clubhouse. On Saturday during the celebration so what happens. Well you know it's funny I just talked a good friend of mine Jim Leland just called me fifty cite what happens let's say you were in your socks exes fall but. I've been through a few of these things Sox are easier to replace. Shoes are. All because it was that celebration there Dave to browser pops the shoes off. British it was show how much it was date for flocks are easier play list this what jokes in the gas or by. It was funny keep it light on this and I got a dip and he does not keep it light today. I'm Chris Gasper weighing in yesterday today Boston Globe website. I it's time for NFL team to sign Colin camper actors out 3% I thought very sickly this column was probably good and march April may and June 2 right now. Of all times week eleven to September seems a overtly or this in September shore odds on Thanksgiving week as late as the timing how about because he's suing the lead yet that that's. Would assign right now he's suing the league the missiles a price drop his lawsuit right you have to drop is they lost at this point probably wouldn't. He writes a pretty lengthy piece on the Boston Globe website and a filthy is a rather throw their seasons away like Colin capita or pass cap ex NFL. X Silas both conspicuous and suspicious. Given the paucity of competent passers and the rash a quarterback injuries around the league best dust begins continues three. Of stories that Chris gas rights were there certain words I just don't know. And I record in the senate disrespect he uses one later on that I actually have looked up right now because I didn't I had no idea what it was an Eagles the whole thing and the tick in particular. Talks about savaged in Houston. And talks about Blaine Gabbert in Arizona it was guys playing and it should not beside now I should point out that chuck money on no. We're very similar column much more pointed point I'm in New York Daily News I disagreed vehemently in and we took this thing apart and to mitigate the eyes animal on. You Louisiana tells actually racist they don't want their backup quarterback they wanna be safe when it comes to quarterbacks Nate they don't want to. Give black quarterbacks a chance once they're done they're done don't recycle those guys and it was they would wrong body at that takes but at least was pointed this is just the same sort of yells that these teams don't wanna weigh in and why would they sign this guy and I need to get a knelt to the anthem I don't know. He did more than that and I think is pretty clear teams have all done things before that they. And it had not wanted to prove they're gonna win lot of teams tank that's number one yeah two week eleven sees in Richard might not be as concerned about winning as you were would that be any of the year. Is Chris gas write this when they don't signed Greg Hardy and guys who you know I've been problems like doing the most to win. Teams do what's best for their team both on the field mall the field and signing college app predictably team right now. Brings on a PR headache the most teams in fact all teams don't wanna deal with that part two done. I do think it's it's crazy to me that Colin cap predict is viewed as worse to a team than Greg Ari what's your point Greg Hardy got signed by the cowboys are definitely I think. Listen I'm all for winning I would sign whoever they're gonna help me win I'll do it I don't need these guys to all be great guys but I'm just surprised that you know accused rapists and you know all these all these other offenses that bit that guys have had that you know they're not in jail so you can sign them and they've been cyberpunk temperate. Hasn't I just it is it is an old article I'm surprised by it now this president timing of it. Because your eagle through and there are a lot of bad quarterbacks in the league. But let's Mekong Capra got to be a slam dunk. Winner you've got there exactly give one really really good year where you know combined with a very good defense but also he played well. They went to the suitable so that's that's nothing to sneeze that your summer wins and losses which she's doing with a Blaine Gabbert. Well called happening as a starter last year was one intent the year before that it was two and six. As a starter in the completion percentage as the league is going up up and up. His is on the decline here last two years actually for his career under 60%. Now maybe it out fly in the fifties and sixties in the NFL but today. That is very much much like he if you wanna say he's better than Tom savage shore all of review but he's not a oh let's get this guy in here and he's definitely gonna win us games because you know what if that was the case he would be on the team. If you as a top ten quarterback I'm pretty confident that he would be on a team the reality is he's probably somewhere between twenty and thirty. And so he's not worth the PR and fan base headache at that point right most teams don't wanna deal that also 32 teams would be interested anyway. It's a handful of teams that might need a quarterback and Tom savage let's figure also talking about some backups that are forced in there due to injury. Right and I at a state you can you do sign a quarterback right now but in the this specific case of Blaine dapper the badgers got signed last week and I I admit he Sox in the back quarterback. But contact Rick. Is right now suing the leak. So as shown publicly zero interest the actually wants to play this year right right I I don't have anything to make you think he's ready to drop his lawsuit. And focus on football verses deals social activism which is right again is right used to do every wants to do. And much like eight team at the quarterback position. You can't be a social activist and play quarterback in the NFL the same exact times so that is unless you are really really really really really good. And he's not I think the teams that made the most sense at the beginning of the year war. Maybe the Cleveland Browns. They opted to go with the Sean Kaiser's agog that they drafted and that that's been a mass they've had a bunch of different guys they've thrown in there so that's one team. The New York Jets although. I think they were probably drift and lose any yet right so your brain is just how McCown for a stop gap in and rafter got the next year. And who else like wells who also would make sense. For him to go to it at some of these other Seattle try to sign of Denver try to sign we found out he wanted and he was giving it back up he wants starter Mike. As let's say no effect that's also good and that's the thing is we haven't heard really. Just literal word from them when we haven't heard if you came out and wanted to play he would have made it much more public right now he could've made it very public and he could have made a really put all the pressure on the team if he and all the little press conference sort every wanted to do it said listen I wanna I wanna play in the league. I wanna I wanna compete for a spot if you saw all all those kind of things. It now the pre season. That may be authority maybe Seattle signs him instead of Austin Davis a bit maybe that's a reality but even then he'd be the backup to Russell's. He writes this a cop paragraph late in the story. I if there's one thing NFL culture views as. Anathema. Which is a person or thing that tested or load this is the word I'd look up its spell eight and AT HE ENA. Anyone else heard that word before anathema now an Iowa to a very prestigious prep school a person or thing accused or it's. Kirk. If there is one thing NFL culture views as anathema. It's non conformity. Independent thinking is for vote. Sorry you can be an athlete dedicate your craft and an activist that's as you can it's is he saying sorry. You can be an athlete dedicate your crap in an activist at the same time. All that position what the league is saying is. If your backup quarterback he really key. We had me worried about what your posting on social media as a back up nice start helping us win games then no you can't people seem to get you to the circus that even Tim Tebow was as a backup quarterback no doubt scenes are like OK forget it now cabinet probably better on feel quarterback the Tebow was but that the same idea where. You know what this guy shouldn't be a distraction at all. He just unfortunate whenever hurtful things like that. Agree he writes let cap predict play. And the story again so where is not shown he wants to play right now he is not comported said that so I teach a sign of all we. IC was good quarterback once and could be could be could for PR to give the league let's bring an end. Where let cap predict play. Play where like about that where it is he saying Houston is that is that the teams Houston or Arizona I guess our other players have picked up the protest so NFL teams have already lost some customers. What else are they have to lose now besides games. The fan base more customers Chris this is not with when it comes to cap predict it out I got to go back and reread this again the first time I read I don't believe there was much about. His attack on police officers or his girlfriend's a factor and it's about kneeling for the anthem which I think most people are. I went to pass that but there are plenty people need to know a lot of football still they'd that we don't like it so it gets as part of the body with cap predict. Which really is another aspect to besides just the fact that he was the guy leading nationally at the protests last year. Yet I mean that's that's probably saw a big part of industries associated with the people sobering up had been in and police and in you know solid all the players this year. Where the vast majority of them go back a couple months now it was it just in reaction to the president wearers you know Capra was doing this a little bit before. And he has become the the face of all this like other sort of player that's coming to their players even now that Neil. And you probably came in name mall there Erick green want his teammates and San Francisco to former Capra and guys still deal. And it does not get mentioned to some of the guys in the Seahawks but it's. And it Marshawn Lynch still sits anything that people don't either really cares if he sits on the bench. And people voted in cares much about what camper nickel a year ago look at me and a year and a half ago wore the pink socks on it than people are still fired up about that. So I I don't agree with chris' point like just sign on to sign them also got a quarterback to where we're joking around Scott has mar. Calls Tom Brady system quarterback. Well called Africa again I think the label is stupid but the idea that he can just be plugged into any offense and and have some success is also a lot of crap. But when they're only be certain teams that. They'd be able to base you have any kind of success with what you couldn't just throw him into a separate offense right now to set earlier testified to from the us. Now you'd and that's and that's sort of the basic part of that change your officer backup quarterback hold your portion and a lot of cases unless you really really good. You're pitching to for starting quarterback so be steps in a we don't think he's good enough to win any waiting get the job if you want to play he would take less money back of its CEO or take less money to back up in Denver or. It's said Baltimore Leo I think there will be plenty of plays we were decided he wanted nine million dollars I always said. I do that now if you're backup quarterback and he moved on. That's what GMs and owners do so now. Because there's other bad quarterbacks out there and now it's late in the years did you sign him to sign them. Now announced it's not yet I if let's say it's not the NFL's fault on copper he's outside. That is what gas rights in my mind it is the pulpit on capital so and we need to rescue humanized down task. What do you do for fun. If you like that I need to now I got it all right what does he do what is it easier Clark high socks and flail my Zhong easy handicap for arguing over what this hate Democrats do and each time. What you do for fun read. Why don't have a lot of down time and it's easy for me at the I have a very close at my family. So of course mirrored like carrying them yeah but two children one as a way of exactly sex partners is more accurate and reachable. And our. And Meyer our son Landon as a senior high schools and Sebastien it's yours so. Six have spent a lot of family time at saint L arrival to and something as a low water mark on anything going on all of our radical go to a movie. Along those lines of them and our holidays with our various sides of the family. It's really not done during the season what the bodies and is not a down time you may have a free evening when I'm from Chicago. I'm sold were there MySpace asking about your down time not a bargain together. Laugh is super busy. You you need a break my daily. Rates to generate a jog for you to see all of it is not out jogging but as far as getting away afterward used in major releases. But you have much more opportunity to do that in the wintertime do. Sees the race to the winter use your job that's been class the team or two and not well I've been asked to do suspect class of but I think I'll do my jogging because I don't think I keep up with him. Just say watch Netflix and move on. Oh to watch movies next question is very busy. OK I think he wanted to make sure we move this thing that he took time off for something and it Roger where but the team viewers drove off the road I apologize. And again back in your car we lot here that you are not here gave to browse your Christopher Afghans were threats the show I thought process. I'll we'll come back and do two major things we'll check on the inactive the patrons will be out a couple minutes here here here first your WEEI and we'll talk Christian Fauria. Nobody made the case at the raiders winning this game today I got as a blowout rich says comfortable win it. I can't make case for this crappy defense maybe you guys can a forty can't 617779793. Civil that we get accurate and amp L Sunday.