NFL Sunday Week 13 - Fauria solves the great motivation debate; Former Giants stand with Eli as they sit in the stands 12-3-17

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Sunday, December 3rd

HOUR 4 - Christian Fauria, who played the game, has some insight on outside motivation and how football players react to it. The New York football Giants have been a point of anger for some and a point of laughter for many others. Tom Brady isn't the only Bills killer playing today. Rob Gronkowski seems to thrive when playing against his hometown Bills. Plus the best locks that money can't buy to end the show. We'd feel bad taking your money.


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Venus leads. NFL Sunday with Mike and nasty and risking further gets the ball. Can you say for patriots bills this afternoon in buffalo NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex key insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cup play and ski dot com. Mike Anderson mode Quaid architectural molding things and buy your New England come loaded tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. An hour away from the early games will be thirteen of the NFL schedule this month and keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP I'd get your locks of the week coming up. About 1245 or so rich has been on fire might accident and lots of good. So fate meet and go with rich keep the ever fade Decker should foray he joins us here to talk about patriots and bills and everything else. Our window into the game brought to you by department building supply your local Andersen windows dealer mr. for a mutt and keep power you. Well. You know good I'd be seeing what's up with the accident. Know there are others speak the company at. All. All of a great mood I don't know about our. Just your home run homer to Lance nodded off Ryan suggested in a bad mood today a law. Along like a couple bought every weekend yes I'll a lot of moving market. Mover and shaker and keep everybody happy. Arnold made the pot I don't like watching this yet death and Oregon is it Alabama or Ohio State just let me Nelson on the watch is crap. It should be Ohio State you know like Kurt got up and end of the year Alabama. That's about the battle. Will be in all it appeared that well a little bit. So USC's left outside look at him. Adamant that they were never really had. Losses would be a bit like led. Great news by now did have a be a great rate grab everybody happy but note it. Brought rocket but that's a lot of willful all I look back. About it well college football is pretty good special house they Wisconsin last night that I will get the patriots bills here in its second week we've debated now work. Or so ago about the the motivation the NFL where were rich was talking about how. Bill Belichick will take it dumb comment by nick right to Colin Cowherd and you is that the motivates team and how its work for him and and how that somehow help the patriot tonight and my point is the patriots about the best players. The best quarterback the best that coach the best tight ends. And that's what it all there when it's not about motivation do you buy into at the NFL level Christian plays being motivated to play at a different level. Week in and week out because what the coach said to some sort of rah rah speech. Yeah you know the thing though I got a lot of coaches try to like you Robert Ross speaks not really the motivation going. I want Barbara set it matter what moderates that helped. You're all he becomes old law and not at. Any pain anything you could spot retailer. Is it that and why did you about it I don't get a famous story about. I don't remember the rule what we're led builder you reversible that is definitely. But a little eagle or where somehow some way bare their plant bat ready. We're like a parade route they would leak somebody in the paper. Ever heard bill talking about it like you know beat Jack. Right route like targeted or avenue turn left not that bad it went eight. Turn around and that you know. Annual goal or go well did it yeah it's well quick. Suckered or there you know. Bigger I all other gonna be at an all bottom. All of our battered the truth is that. Every he'd done that you can't put it together this big or I. Act like you don't you go out. Every need that it was no different than what the acre do all the guys are up preppy or just beat me they wonder what you do it. He use debt and we work so picked up about that Aggies started I remember like it was yesterday. Like I'll bear that they outlaw all that bad nerve that saint. The big flat rate route and get a wait and yet. So long to answer but held yet. Yes thank you for appreciate. That I'll always as Jacqui one or not they do not okay you're so. Based upon you scored zero points in the first quarter and they're set up points in the first I mean there were fired up how hot the motivation show itself on the field. All army bought its output by him and dirt are ordered. Walk you know you got it. Now but worry. That by now. I'd get that its border seat jet hole. Just. Bob I on the sideline. And it. Oh well good on the council via general body count it. I think that insignia yet you may think that it not work they think I don't know why. Are you headed I think it's cute. And so early laying at regain hatred that means school. Okay I'll. Bet that that little part. That it was. Now that you're overdrawn and they know what. People talk joke of the same way it was set to joke. They are not there or do you care about their. But they made the being. You're right that there's. Actually make regular. Other go to big bag debt they Oprah Obama hard at all able. But it big like want to disrespect or just some of the quote speed it up try to get right. Built a set really all. It would be a big disparity more quote more major rarely go wobbly diet. But a little more work it could be debit card that were my exact word comes. Our great read you very much. Das yes I piling on now yourself voting electorate that you were so motivated through Vrabel in the hands on enough I'll that's a cheap shot behind that's an excellent. Below the belt. He just off the another point if it. What about negative points okay I'll take it. I was it was was Belichick the best coach you ever had at that pregame speech to ensure there are some guys even going back to your college days there are probably pretty good at that stuff too. Bob I called coach Bill McCartney and beat that. And they'll be our Thursday night meeting. People are literally like rot lot yet to speak. I mean act like a preacher. That bill bill. Bill partly animated you know light. You know southern Baptist preacher now. But bill it would only it would look at it debate it. Yeah well you know like one but it was wild that ate a lot of bad. But like someone tell you like art it's easier but right at eight. That there quote spared their record alligator and what did you examples like real life video of somebody. All it quick everybody did listen you don't get eaten by alligator going to be not like we get away. Re doubt you'll thought that if you did it actually you know work order that would be yours say. And being here some aren't that great boat bitter end but it won't like. He also bite they put a finger at your statement. That it would let Bert it was subtle and it worked. Now for guys but they're. That's right we're display is as threats of runaway at this point on an up or cover covered the spread the for some like nick right who brought up today to a sure most of the players in the league have no idea who he is but if he's saying how good the Steelers are. Will they bring out like specifically the name of the guy in what he said are they be more like a somebody on fox said this or how. How specific will they get some of the bowl board material. Although everybody though as you know there's a broad stroke. There's nobody being we ought call somebody made you're talking about we're at this school. It motivation did. It would take all went back to call about what I. And I did well with a bad back or. Do. Applies but I didn't go to school. And Miller about. Of the crap where what school did you let it. Right all you public got to try it for ten year bill. And remember more so bloody. Yeah everybody is everything is specific. There have been and and it read them restored for everybody. As for patriots bills this week it feels like to me at the patriots are able to. Intake was Shawn McCoy out knowledge and make those big plays down field a limit Tyrod Taylor that. They're offense Christian has no shot a keeping up with the Patriots offense because they can't throw the football downfield and the receivers think. Yeah always be issued only the big guys and are behind me a little bit above. You know I'd audio out right leg of her brow all we didn't let you always like you know make some plays. Yet today that he did look like earlier that they don't get it out why did break. So. But job accord be like these welcome back yeah and other back on six as they are right. You don't divorced and spurred. Any Serbian bet they're so got the other guys a lot really make it there got a chart patrol late. Of the world. At impact weight that at a more favorable match up that the patriots at that maybe they got that they that certainly Gigabeat. No Marcus cannon no we Adrian swallowed into a full game of cam Fleming. This too much of a downgraded. Bad. I. Knew I'd ever been a critic ever let me these so BA did you know do Sul are removed. On the road. Create these are mixed. Don't look at them. We will. And deplorable situation where you are nervous about the situation would be Kirk and nick. Back there you know you're out there and I think that's the check back began. In particular that there are a lot while we have to attack. It will order a lot of well they're gonna get oh okay. It back to communicate and have a more favorable matchup on the inside. But it would take maybe what are better people at the media crowd linebacker reportable guards. They're quick about their let out. The block these guys. Like any other team that at bat against the patriot. It up heeled middle appealed pressure. That athletic guys all the guards quickly and rapidly chubby guy at the lead on you. It won't go back albeit locked. Our yeah I'll always there were slightly you're basically what you're third. Or your beard third straight at all. Days not that that's a lot that in place there and it turns out at the effects Brady. You know Belichick came under some fire three shots he wrote the column. About Calgary Gunes question at the end of last week's game were Brady stayed inflows last two series Christian was couple hand offs and a couple meals but he stayed in. Given the Achilles injury keeps up on the report at any point this year will build go to more that Brian Hoyer look late or or is Brady. She should brace still be in these games and the year end of the game when they're up even though he's got the skill is battery. There go the way it looked at it would be up there because. You know they were purple and it out because. Yeah you're real that would definitely no reason why you're there right to get a reps. Or maybe you want. Yet you that there are you wanna be like you know. I don't like we got them playing a you don't you have earned the right amount out of the game. They knew about these. The other thing is this part of the ball law it would hurt it brought warrior or Tom Brady Dugard and the all law any aspect you grow. It's going to be it. You recognize bowl state bank why don't we gotta get hurt I'd like remote situation. Why bother that guy outlasted the lack it was career you know any patient. I think we reading news a little bit too much based got radio guard via a little bit but actually issued and we'll get up that way. Blood. You know it it it's it's very and the situation there are certain. Jay Glazer just weeded out that a group of former giants are discussing a plan to go to the giants game next week all wearing Eli jerseys on the sideline. Would you would you do that Bernie your former quarterbacks. Now. About the Brady would go would bring on board and let it. You do about it now I'd. I'd I'd bet Kool green right effort I thought they'd do it outright Estrada. You don't like history like walk on or some sort of you know protest ma. It's different. Light. These two waiter what he liked being screwed over like it went to every party. Only batter I. Think that's the rule. Every other player at your quarterback is actually got to exclude old age circumstances. Coaching situation. All matter we have ordered up earlier this week. And you let him pick which I respect it and what they're bad at. All these record date led. Like. We'll look at it like to hear that your ownership or beer league yeah. Or gain. A bit like do. Largely on where you'll we'd go. Out bull. In your great and it could normally. That situation where everybody. I don't waste it's about not quite a lot about. It replica. Yup that's big today circles in buffalo. I really look at bills actually beat the acres this sort it. Or waste space. You may well as well what as a beach. No love. Okay no drama drones. Yeah this now back I'll let that it was our look like they did last year at this point I did you know they're just. Regard burger you ordered it basically that would really good way right now. And really explore what you get it is deficiency and I think they'll continue to do that the patent there are people are built Turkey. Shocked tea how how sexist have you been this week and your shows the most sexy shall station not. Sexiest guys like Diaz like women. That's the bedazzled gutsy I got really. Quite sure that I am aware this week they're so young and bubble yeah beat up appropriate or amateur but adding all that stuff. All you do that it is that any yeah which is with the novel thing for Christian forays is that traditionally foray thankful to all it was the Amal a ten. I Egyptian foreign image they showed joins us here NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI you just mentioned it this this is. This is ridiculous. But that's a battery give back to back sweep through Jay Glazer an air giants sent confidential email to all employees asking them not to comment about Eli situation. Because of outside ramifications what does that mean. Would look at be. Giants that confidential email to all the employees asked about the comment about Eli because of outside Ramsey case NASA even the notorious of them or Dick you'll sweet. The one you've just mentioned is more ridiculous this I thought you were kidding. Now the real tweet Jay Glazer just sent. A group of former giants are discussing plans to go to a giants game next week all wearing life jerseys on the side well so how old team handle ice retreated that. With just the words come on I could put a lot and one of these next what was everything size so losers. How the team. Handled you know he's not dead and it's not dead player like if it was if you dot. And they sure company like yours I'd even say that while it's a little weird. The door does still life would be on the bench not quarterback you can hang out those of us what. How the team handled though that that question. Not well we know based off of every thing else they've done there aren't that bad Mack adieu we understand that. This is out of hand Eli Manning you have must die units are actually a former player Michael Strahan is gonna take some time off and open a Jersey daily diaries just throw the mean yes he's a bit once there they are served lunch yet. I I'll sweep sweep that broke that it is hard appearance. That's out there who'd. Food is that's farming this is comical the Glazer like poison of its very handsome New Hampshire experience or guys talking about both. These players should be ashamed of themselves grow up your out of the game you'll play for the giants anymore. They made a decision to bench a below average quarterback went below average. At Augusta I'm sure it christening what is going on here Chase Blackburn is fist pump but right now he's very happy people are remembering him. Exactly was the with the players that does like nine out so they can prop up process. She decides to bench quarterback. You've been paid to actually play football for a living. And what are your ideas is let short to support a quarterback who has been benched ya by putting on his Jersey. In wearing it to gain to show showed the team and the coach we don't like the decision or support their to a nine. Could you be more immature your former giant player. Uggla I I'm excited to see who they're going to be all ID two dogs are which got there losers. But I'll call my pay by president. Losers I don't think you'll you barber rail Petit depart reload the line know wrong. You David Tyree Davis cutter Michael Strahan. On main couple offensive guy off the line that we're officers they law office in London law. To be journey action and a shocking I think LA and plaques. Let's Norris Davey. May be to be our in my. Every hang in there this is I just can't understand like what what what you would do if your four player what are you gaining that attention. These kids you'll go including that you're you got it felt if I didn't tiring yeah you provident and attention whole week's vote. A video have a guy Charles Oakley and you know does is this the wrong is he's not allowed the stadium anymore. You don't wouldn't surprise me if we find out what's and they'll they'll lose today by a million now fuels but the quarterback is the beacon held equip. The quit on the team on July as he so tomorrow what's gonna come out is they fired a fire Mack adieu. Yeah you know lighting a fire Mac it you can view it back the ownership heard that these players visual opened. Although there was there a settlers they were could be. There are far anyway. But I heard heard of them you'll think may glaze is reporting this now outside ratification vote is talking about. And again I've no I don't I Andrea Yates thought hey don't talk about the US situation. What's the situation and affect the next coach. Like an eight day then next they gonna tell that coach hey you're stuck with the life for a year yet maybe a coach gill a short talk all you gotta tell it like quarterback's going to be. I'd love to coach there and parole. Coach Josh McDaniels always looked at each year but you're stuck with the Eli Manning. Thanks but no this path. On dye put oceans to pull a player rally hash tag free Eli. Coach. Does not only baseball team. Then maybe other dancer sugar and up you know errands and be good there the fans they're gonna burn giant yours does this. Those fans are losers there's all of our players who show a lot. And where the Eli jerseys they are now bigger losers in my burn Eli Jersey where is that gets him. It's very confused I don't know I think I don't know but there's never been a more overrated benching him more overreacted bench in the history of a sports nope what's college Eli Manning in New York 617779. 7937. Is your phone number of an update on the offensive line for the patriots today we know there's some injuries we have some ideas based on warm ups who's going to be playing. Welcome back to talk about that will talk patriots bills and lock of the week. Before 1 o'clock you're on Sports Radio WB yeah you betcha I'm gonna start geno Smith. The home of the best pass coverage. FL Sunday. Do you buy company Lansky insurance on Sports Radio WEEI. NFL Sunday but his fortress POW united beginning of these four hours yes four hours NFL and NCAA selection show is going on as we speak on ESPN. Throughout the port now they released the top six standing of the top forgo playoff take and it's they. This is. It's unbelievable they've taken three minutes to just declare Clemson Oklahoma once you. They are because they will no of course not I've Ryan I don't wanna play line no one cares and just saying this is. This again like he'd take us that in the show though it could leave Georgia is the three Irish wit a number for the Alabama law policy until well Miley on the five minutes to discuss this is much like four. Those of us married or have what boyfriend or girlfriend whatever. And you've been to their work party and of auto workers talking about something you don't know this is knowingly eligible. Yeah they're doing and eleven hours of programming today on ESPN and ESP NQ about the flow of the playoffs. Nobody here cares. It's simply too now for all what. But. If you know is what people are obsessed with the sport if you ever listen eleven hours or. Total 9 AM to 11 PM tonight if you ever see like the run solo show only outline the rates we tell it what topics are. It's all called law wife with over on day listen fancy dads of course my guy and Pete Davidson. There were commercial breaks went our sister station at 850 will say sick cream on it is the cream and egg in your plan. And less than. It's Jonathan I'm torn sampled over 850 or sister station and listening in it was fifth and Stu got. And Michael junior. Breaking down the players still on the weekend. Would put bullets is bored with a I want you to open studios that was outbreak that it was off operative was another thing and it was all lose what teams could get in a Marty Smith and join us from outside a knicks David's office and violates than three minutes now this thing get them out number or war. Now I'm gonna go five. Period and it's down to these theory. Not just tell us who don't want a spot for three teams who's it going to be or an article solving those term loan will exist for the committee. He should be it should be on people much more care about. Patriots and bills today in week thirteen of the NFL your patriots top offensive line in warms according to outline Hannibal. I'm Nate sold there Joseph Sunni David Andrew Shaq Mason and Cameron Fleming moral camp Fleming will draw the start at right tackle today which would be mildly concerning if there were playing eighteen of the Buffalo Bills that Leslie eight sacks last eight games as given up almost a 70% completion percentage two quarterbacks. They don't get to the quarterback that'll stop quarterbacks this sets up even with that injury to be. A big spot for Brady and we'll get to a second a huge spot for Rob Gronkowski. I'll do our picks coming up the segment later on this half hour. Doesn't change my take patriots roll even with camp on the right tackle that yeah I do think though he's had eight sacks in eight games out at that number just the nine or ten and I bet they do. Give up a couple sacks and a Fleming does but it won't be enough to exclude the real team like I think. The offense is so that they'll put up points they're clicking right now. The running backs they got everybody contributing the receivers here coaxed the big game last week crawled in buffalo. Rock against buffalo does absolutely dominates all the time so even with Fleming in there I'm what do you expect the offices were a lot of eyes as we're talking Alabama gets in as the number four. The and out. Three and one against the top forty did not win their conference championship Ohio State was 42 against the top forty they did when the big tents that big win over Wisconsin last night. Ohio State still on the outside looking in. They get the SEC gets their team and it does not when the conference championship. And the Big Ten gets their two finalists do not make top four did there about that sort just waited for her prayers next suites. It's a roll tide in forget Nick's David and violate a final at that Nick Saban the final four that's wild side vehemently now Democrats Alabama Clemson had a date say I'm off the end Andre how many casual college fan and I added the puck please I'm on New Year's Eve in their fault I'm still gonna watch these games so there ego Alley it's Clemson Alabama as the 14 match up. Oklahoma and Georgia as the 23. You care about the one format because of the match up you care about baker may feel yes because locally employed lunatic head band. Run around trying to play us this Josh type olds who point now I think Jason white three point oh man I'll get trapped in first round might also be very very good watch in the game. My ticker Walter football they set off I'll during the break and asked. I hear the draw numbers spy games he's played six games against the bills. These seem like. Someone like it's out of control you're truly is back porch meteorite that yet. Four catches 54 yards two touchdowns 741092. Touchdowns. 54104. Touchdown seven catches 94 yards 7113. Touchdown. 519 touchdown six games seven TDs 35 for 580 theory. And that is that you know CNET as a tight end to it that they did this against Rex Ryan correct. If a moral Rex Ryan's defense is in Huntsville Al Robert housekeeper to make him the focal point well I'll try to slow the patriots at this point I knew I would yet even with coaxing even with what some of the other guys like Dion Lewis and James White can do for it. For Dorsey was as a couple weeks ago that for like half the team. It seemed like they were triple cover ground here you ought to do that and and it was rather just like let them wide open modestly below are trying to. Single coverage from each kid do you gotta put all the guys on on rocks linebackers safeties if you don't big quarter whatever it is that's that's video throw. Real quick the day so 56 ended up being there are gonna play in Jakarta now Ohio State and Wisconsin are 56 availability of being there like guarantee I think to be in the big tumbled from I was stuck on that as you were talking about that gronkowski in the office for the for the bills look for it. You'd take LeSean McCoy out you take our tail route the patriots should be able to win this game. Pretty convincingly I think. The patriots so I guess you wanna slow on rock that's fine there's still other guys there. That you concern when whether it's Brady Brady's ability to get the ball to the receivers. We talked about the running backs at all this carousel of that it isn't great and since they've decided they're all healthy now. And yet they decide to. Sic Mike you also the last loses some reforms they reward for that very healthy scratch he's the only guy that have been a healthy scratch so far this year and Dion Lewis. There's the door and special teams as well return kicks but he's very great and sort of their their lead back but Rex Burkhead they like to give him the ball parks are sort of him and James White. Sort of it it's up and down there I heard or way and Lou and Christian talk in Rome this week about how. You know some some weeks he's hit the ball thrown out of eight or nine times and other weeks in my view once or twice but he's he's rated go whatever and just. Based on the Super Bowl last year alone you know what he's capable of the other guys. Seemed a bit of a bigger part of the office last few well I feel like what they could do with James like if they wanted to. Every week they can line up in shotgun with their receivers and play James light next to Brady. And he would end up with close 200 catches for the year close to a thousand yards and be done and what they decided is that. Whether it's because they wanna run the football will be here rich they want to preserve Jane's wife the end of the season. It's always there with him that role for him he's always gonna succeeded. Now calling break last year that emergency but big it downing games forget the almost get Rex Burkhead they'll play James White they'd been up they played ball control. And so the L Lewis a Rex Burkhead OK fine I still feel like its biggest moment like any time let's say it's you know conference championship the plane Pittsburgh. And it's the final drive of the game. James white's the guy it's going to be in their eyes as biggest spots this year yeah it's gonna be James White is the goatee is can't trust in your play in the him. Ideally canister regular fancy trying to pick OK who's the guy this week. I don't think I'm a big fall behind big time in buffalo and need to go to James White at the break. Get out he's a guy who'll. You know when everybody that they have he's still third on the team in targets only Bernie cooks and wrong has pretty thrown to more. The James lights he you know he's available I do think the other guys might be better runners. But if your hand the ball summit between the tackles or wherever. But he kills flea of sorry I think Birkhead Lewis are still better than widens into that I would agree yeah. But what this offense you're not a minute drill or you're doing whatever it is yet he's there Reynolds. Explosive office if they wanted to be and it clearly have decided last couple years of the gay or blunt others during the year. They wanna run the football they wanna play the clock a little bit they don't need to score. 45 point two game whatever it is. But their multiples of office James White I think there would be I think it would be a better offense from a point per game standpoint if they just decided. As part of the best of the team understand that. James white's the guy are going to be shocked gonna we're gonna just throw all your might be two with a running backs the exhibit so good if you have crawl and cooks and let's say in middle. Would two running backs that might actually be your your best that's scarier. Eight Neil Berkett white. Yeah by those two guys and we saw that early in the year yet don't Arnold Dow was up on the and the slaughter wonderful see that more and it also is also on the best thing for Brady we talked about the bradys Achille Achilles injury and I understand it's not best to keep it shotgun or forty times game but they'd be at their best that way I knocked on before come playoff time. If we've seen Birkhead who got a 110. Carries these last four games. While Lewis who won all five some pretty balance among those two. They as the post season rich and they come out shocked when white. Not going to be surprised at all even after we're gonna hear they got Lewis now that balance they got Burke had their balanced. White syllables explosive guy at least to me he might not play. When he steps today yeah against buffalo around you would money do knee against this team how to throw a reality deal with the one of the topics this week was you know is pretty I come out of the game. Which he did against Denver he did against Oakland he didn't. And then Bill Belichick got a bristled at the question are we gonna be deal or that they're gonna be up seventeen plus points late in the fourth and he's the author Taylor. We know male or re going to be dealing with it is and how we are we talking about the earlier topic. Depends on how they play I think I bias does the lack theory and citizen Dan Shaughnessy the globe. That Belichick was not happy with the way negate the whole thing as a punishment India every once they sell their that includes Tom Brady so this is similar thing here today Brady will be until the end. If they're up 25 points in the fourth quarter and it clicked and there's been no issues. Interviewed Brian Hoyer number two point or time in your clip of the morning heart so sorry for fourth quarter let's fire welcome back makes him picks an anti Tiger Woods question for if we get out let's talk about from three and a half hours but I figured Sid the best for last 617779. 7937. Don't forget at 1 o'clock. I'd be patriots and bills were we have a 1 o'clock or WE young get Packers and box. That I don't football I don't after the game a bigger one we have other real post game show to I'll be listening tried driving the kids to the hell of the Chelmsford polity pray. He got or else they're gonna be good at what it's what's called that we lighting the Christmas tree letting the trees the gonna have hot chocolate at Santa. Really I'll be there after the patriots games that have been listening to -- way and -- -- the company let's forget what we have 1 o'clock though -- they were right to ESPN radio there you go so the full coverage around the league like I feel he writes yes around the end product that bit on the the college off as well with with a you think of your read that could not political operation football that's focused on all football talking about the NFL games Pacific program and who's the wide receiver who almost silent the patriots was a former Cincinnati Bengal and said thanks but no thanks. Hawkins yeah. And part of it he yes he is all he's a walk sign field the club operation football if that's at 1 o'clock we'll post game show is after the game wanna be here. For all of that he wanted to hear far locks of the week next. Let's get you back to. NFL's Sunday. Plenty insurance on sports radio and tell. NFL Sunday sport for a radio WEEI brought you by a friend at the plants you can. Sheriff's. But keep until 1 o'clock operation. Football and after the game real post game show here on W week yeah I do not go anywhere in the tomorrow morning starts all over again Tom Brady joining. Kirk and Callahan Bill Belichick with. Keep the boys in the afternoon block league brought to you by. Doctor Robert Leonard very scared doctor of Tommy cart at 100 get here which are for sure record right now. You know I don't believe it but it's 185. And one that's all I want to know last week again packs and that was Eagles for the blow against the spread to all against the spread 1851 so a lot of them go first you wanna go first I don't I know what's your record by the way and you claim you were to know last week I was did not send anybody today multiple games under 500 we talked about it last week I said it mutt you missed just the two shows this year in the first show you missed you texted me your tax and public private annuities that are carriers were read out you went on sale of the publishers kept those to himself. Last week goes like I'm waiting for a mutt email went for a month tax nothing so we would Jerry make a couple of projects. And that desert wasn't ready what I went to a guy and was undefeated actually OK while same way they go to an alum 1014 at four games and if I voted I don't hear terrible. Our 224 picks right to yeah that I epitomizes this one week you go first patriots were putting yet. Seven and a half according to webs and what can rightly be due to the patriots into the pitchers I note that the juicy home dog put the patriots. Rob Gronkowski biz and those numbers you're going over your two touchdowns are a little concerned about Kim Fleming he's not he's certainly not great in a full game of him. But they'll figure out a way I don't think they're they're shocked by. The fact that he's not gonna have to be up their secure the patriots went by at least going patriots. Easy cover to cover that seven and how bloody second pick for locking my second pick a winner goes it's a nice game in the NFC south of the saints at home by five there and five point favorites at home against the Carolina Panthers well I. I act like it up. I'm gonna go with before patriot quarterback there are three. Major quarterbacks to start the year on the patriots roster start the year through both quarterbacks is starting today Brady's gonna win I don't care about percent. Grow apples gonna win his first authorized he's at Chicago's getting two and a half points they're going to they're gonna win the game out right QB Jimmy G and separate Siskel on the road landlocked. Locking up. That's a double technology on the road outright win now they cover they get that win they win at that what are the lines go ahead play it you wanna go crazy there gave Eric Wedge a little bit and go 8020. Money line vs to begin to accuse you really impact or there at the end but. I'll take Sampras Siskel take Jimmy G solo locks will be brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard the haired doctor of Tommy cart at 100. Get here. And it's I want Astrid Tiger Woods question yes because at last check Tiger Woods a two league rate starts in the final round of the hero world challenge in eagle early. He's four under through seven. He's eight under for the tournament. He is still seven shots back because a smiley home and is having a hell of around Euro LA but let's say for example your line you're obsessed with football your whole entry Kurai PA's doctor football for the next eight hours extra fifth. If you see some Twitter. Traffic. The tigers within say. Three shots believe. Has a shot in the hero world challenge. Will you want any of your fees either on some sort of screen anywhere we've flip over to watch Tiger Woods. Final couple holes if he's in it in hero world child now this would be roughly what time can that fits if the patriots game is applaud like we expected to be. Then there's a decent chance I goal it would be in the next. Two hours and he's already through eighties four under through eight Wii only has yeah you're ten holes ago whatever it is for let's say. And at any point during the patriots team you hear tigers in the mix would you football. Yeah so what I there I'm not Marshall what do you I did patriots are still the number one TV or everyone called that'd be the game red zone's second this third but if you see that he's doing while you get an out of of that I want. I watched on December golf for the first time my life on Friday I got our work product got home the afternoon I was watching that I took eight. December goal now. I think I would never have done that before and Oscars as the power tiger he's still seven shots off the lead. That the leader boards load right now Fowler Muncie online read and speed the Molinari there's high 38 under some what do you. If he's in the mix of that while I'm flipping over on some sort of green watched Tiger Woods I don't forget after a patriot after about whatever and announce it at an operation football. Real post game show or wait and rolls we are back next week in the same. Same spot next week on am I actually BR OK excellent Ryan good job buddy you wanted to Christian Fauria Tommy current. And Michael Fabiano four rich Keith and while we say enjoy your Sunday afternoon. And real post game show after. The patriots and the bills right here on Sports Radio WEP us.