NFL Sunday Week 13 - Today's slate of starting QBs (you guessed it) stink; Quick! Someone defend Eli Manning; Tom E. Curran on Bills/Pats 12-3-17

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Sunday, December 3rd

HOUR 1 - There seems to be a regular theme as we open NFL Sunday in Week 13: There are a ton of bad QBs in the NFL today. And why should today be any different? Tom E. Curran shares his insight of what the future of the AFC East may look like as well as the immediate playoff hopes of the Bills. Some breaking news indicates that Giants' HC Ben McAdoo may be out of a job by tomorrow. Time for all the chest thumping Eli Manning apologists to feel vindicated.


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News NFL Sunday with Mike and nasty and reach teens really gets the ball. Getting you sick for patriots bills this afternoon in buffalo NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Coupling its key insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. Out during husband or boyfriend. Or significant other you've been in this spot before you go to a party and everyone's talking about something you're sort of left out because. You have no idea what the hell's going on that is New England today. As we sit here and say what he what do you mean it's Alabama and Ohio State. For number four in the plan but that's all of this amount about that is all the countries talking about today lot of it is that hit my Twitter feed is with college football fans saying Alabama should get in a house state should get in wise USC being talked about. The program and today on ESPN this is this is farcical I mean I get a college football's big we don't care about here. Here's a day on ESPN's they started NFL countdown corporal. Because they're gonna college football coverage 9 AM to noon. Something called championship drive so three hours today temperature drop on the college playoff format knew before. Ours is the selection show off for hours and lesbian. Followed by the SEC bulls special followed by championship driven for two and a half hours audience paean to followed by who has it. 9 AM this morning to 11 o'clock tonight either ESPN ESPN two. It's all about the college football the bulls who's in who's out the top or the playoffs and your New England I don't think anyone gives a crap it's the second most popular sport when I understand nationally now is not here certainly is certainly out there. Yeah right that's what it's going to get it's gonna be met by that people flipped over today because she is on a NFL countdown the first three minutes of the show. To talk about the players out by the Steelers now always are about Ohio State Ohio State in album blue madness that's possible it would enable this yeah well USC could get as and I and I unlikely we are gonna spend about thirty seconds and I I bring it up to point out that your message out in the yet because. In the top four as I think I'm not accountable for what you comes what I want to talk about it now we we still would talk peace now known. Yes there was a Massachusetts team it's also where it was in just play a lot of fun beyond that that the world would have ended charisma every other college football team doesn't exist and they get so many. Violations the BC you mess with her laugh that's obligated. Oz I guess who talk about them might care I'm sure many people are. You watch these bowl games in the final four for the playoff but also for the pro prospect area who have flu are the guys and looking yen this morning it ties into. We'll get to some quarterback talk here to second that the kick off the show. Are beginning of the year there were like four guys were all considered a top the first round NFL draft prospect and unfortunately. Not that we're gonna play in this in a final four McAllen police for us here. The cute Rosen from UCLA Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen crossed all projected as first round picks. Baker mayfield. Who is gonna probably when the Heisman pretty easy is it all out 4000 yards passing. Million touchdowns no picks and the lunatic he's crying a press conferences plant flags heels grabbed his junk feels a lot like every other college quarterback in Oklahoma or Nebraska who sort of it done well at the NFL level of the college of all the maybe not in a projected I'm going for with respect comes amid sell them the way he's just who was about forgetting he's in now and Oklahoma. Out Jason Jason why not just try to ID one on the highs big numbers it was absolutely nowhere Josh and whenever I look -- data recorder and it is not one of those guys but Sam Bradford Tulsa Oklahoma so you're in Denver well he's seen in his when Brad was also projected as a top of the draft pick her brain failed us crazy need to project it is right now a date to pick a so. When you turn in these college playoff teams your your likely not seen one of those quarterbacks taken atop a first round but there are still three guys can be taken. In the first round in Rosen Jackson and Allen as teams try to. Reset their franchises from a at Arnold about it art is in Sacramento Arnold is not no longer project in the first round needed out of a new year. Yeah but he still these are protected and hired in the website and I looked at now what he's done these two guys are and what dot com or donors regulate you Walter law all of football yes. I know that I'm good god it's five I just regarding the barrels of in the mix that is that's my but he was a security number one of one like you heard what he wants CIA boss Donald comes out over the number one pick last year was not there's a lot of hype from march accidents there they have project and it felt like I mean they have rejected at going number three did the giants. Unless the football I've got to check that will again. I am not I'm not occurred expert what a handful of games I I've watched yesterday what speaker may feel your line up of Walter football at a vulnerable while exit Nash were great job awful wildly. I wanna Wisconsin Ohio State last night so I would watch a lot yeah Atlanta plays like Walter. Robert about a a villager over but I think I am fairly partisan blame here to secondary so there at least three quarterbacks in the first round baker may feel we said McKee you what he's a lot of fun to watch you might knock on the first round but. Some teams got to take him on date to in the second or third round and try to. Making their franchise quarterback or at least a pretender appropriate. Joke with the idea could be different of course you're and there are what do this because the list of quarterbacks and starting today in the NFL this is. These are these are eleven of the quarterbacks and maybe twelve you wanna really stretch for a second. Our guys are gonna start today week thirteen in your National Football League. Geno Smith. Line Fitzpatrick Brett Hundley Jacoby percent Trevor Ximian Matt Moore Josh McCown Tom savage Blaine Gabbert. Mixture bears eat the show on Kaiser. And if you like fort Walton there. You could say case keep all the he is at a very good year it'd be great so yeah I'd much credit expected before this year he was a joke laughing stock. Quarterback. Smith that's Patrick hunley percent Ximian more account savage Gabbert Drabinsky and ties are. Are eleven on your thirty some months starting quarterbacks stay in the league and sold you are a franchise. You are desperate. To get to the top of the first round and find the next guy because these teams right here yeah no they're probably not going anywhere. They know they can't noticeable when he was eleven guys and it's wise a patriots man. You count your lucky stars he's the got this guy and Tom break his pleasure to have him. You not won eleven teams with a bad quarterback and are playing for nothing that is their views which is such that it it's absolutely no doubt a couple of those guys all these are just back up threats of those teams aren't like that's out there guys now holding guns or others are out there backs in the national put politics and everybody starts yeah a third believe you look at this article my god bank exact you know WellPoint mixture of risky though is at least the guy who won the high traffic. Now maybe they use that high draft pick in the wrong here we live like that this year that have two years ago. But he's a very high draft pick. This year so there and try to get something out event to show on Kaiser you're either not well under the you know I would like to Cleveland so probably draft another guy or. I don't know. Called the league office and say hey we got a trade double digit McCarron maybe you do that video of the third quarterback I don't know other anti veteran team. But the rest of those guys that is that is bad it's all crazy of me to mark because. They are just 32 teams there shouldn't be turn over every single year CI card there's eight that quarterbacks. Our one year there's going to be two or three guys drafted yours look at these draft class a look at all these guys you know look at how many quarterbacks are so a couple of them stick eventually. The league is going to be full look at quarterbacks never the case does it never happens like either somebody gets hurt. Or all the rookies are lost or just you know guys end up going to a team in the oral or you draft guys high this happened a couple years you draft the guy high the first round rich when the NFL he thought they were going in direction word that was the spread option look like RG three. He's gonna make plays and that dolphins couple guys seat they were trapped in his mobile quarterbacks. Who were built for offense that worked in college he thought was going the NFL gets one. You turn on week thirteen today nobody's running the spread option doesn't exist. On account Capra doesn't get a job RG three doesn't get a job partially because. It's now back to drop back and throw throw throw throw throw rights and to guide the top of the first round to run the football and and on this one its options but option. Doesn't exist in 2070. Right going exactly and then. That I think you put on these coordinators and they need to build figured out if you're gonna take your call our quarterback in college you see how he's running his offense. Here's they're completely change it when he gets the pros. But it it worked for a year to win it with Robert Griffin the third Agatha year. Braden the more injury I think that ended up with that position and probably an injury likes Owen college the guy you have backing up. RG theory. I ain't I I guess he's he still could run that offense in the NFL. Give them a second guys can run that Freddie gets hurt my village idiot you're going to cross house is a million of these guys but well better athletes in the NFL other I don't think that often works as well yes I still think there'd be waited to get it done I RG three's at Baylor played against you know it's in Texas tech's. UPS track try out exactly NFL players so that's spread offense stuff the it's a little overstated how much the quarterback runs or should Ron. Just injured leg on the whole time just because you faking it and often mean the quarterback needs to the boat around all the time immigrants are wrong alive but he. That's a things that you do need to be more accurate passer there's some guys that sort of balance outline that you escaped a little bit but they can also you don't throw the ball Ronald. Or watching up you'll get the sound is a second and a quarter outlook after breaking news. 916. Bed MacKey who could be fired as early as tomorrow. So what do we will get the line is I prize Eliza a big part of the show today because it's it's funny listen I'm in new York and what Archie Manning said. In these last days so they only made the switch and Albin McEnroe could be fired tomorrow he's gonna coach India today. The fix it's I can't and they get fired tomorrow started pursuit of your giants today you gotta you gotta get this win then if you lose this game reroute a console will have the sound for your second this would be big league I think in our guy go back to Eli. I could that they fired up yes. Probably right. Eli issued a they sell so there's likes over bottle this elect should Eli Manning start today now keep that streak. Would that be something unique if they override him. Just there's the back just to the face authorities bags go coach the team today I heard for access Monday it like we got to make the switch it if they're gonna fire back into tomorrow you would pass the giants now to major elect starts today the fact offered Eli the opportunity to start to keep the streak alive today you're gonna finish again David died violently the one series but keep that streak alive. They average they aren't disaster. I was surprised but not disposed of anyway but then once he made that move your cars here's clearly. Upper management telling him you're gonna be the face of this unpopular decision. But I don't know if they are so finished the year the PR's been so bad unifier a week later. So there's your when he is that a coach geno Smith for a game and that your god tomorrow. I'll let that this'll high into the quarterback let's let's hear from much after he broke the news a second ago on ESPN. Let's start with the good for Eli Manning he's one of only five players in NFL history to win multiple Super Bowl MVPs but that success came earlier in his career that bad with Eli. Is that he's always love the giants to one playoff berth in the last six seasons and now the ugly just so few yards this season. 24 in the NFL on pace to be his second lowest in the last decade and worse. And Josh McCown and read only now we are not happy convergence of story lines. Meeting as the giants head to Oakland. Because Ben Mac could use nearer to the season run as a coach of the giants is coming to an end as more and I've learned over the weekend. Sources say they've been Mack who could be fired in the next 24 hours at our last and I was asked that today in Oakland. And obviously there announcements also organized but then Mac reduced time as the giants and coach Moore examined to an end. He's 52. So coach today it was steel Smith win or lose you're on. A roll this book ought to courier the bomb in the hour 930 it's gonna go after Olympics I think the the ripping of the giants has been way overstated Eli has not been a good quarterback you're trying to move on they're treating it like some. You know one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in tears in the tweets everything melts. Kearns write a dumpster fire. By the New York Giants if you fire Mac can do anyway. That fire him let's term guy make the decision right. Yeah make any sense at any level if you're the giants he benched Eli. But you fire McEnroe during the year well I think it's the the ownership wanted Eli Manning now and so they kept their Mac if you around long enough for him to make that decision and for everybody to pile on Mac to do. But it if you firearm. After one game after the decision. I don't know you don't details of an economic and as we just keep Mac can do rest of the year gets played out take the bullets and fire removal and let him get growth and always press conferences let him you know bend over backwards and turn excuses and and explain a mold that wasn't his idea to begin to put down all on him this is not just on Mac and Mac and you'll be the face of it he looks goofy. I get that terrible haircut terrible mustache. He's got to take the brunt of it. This is about the organizational did this noted that should be used to that this is disorganized and pop the ball below what they need to do is the if the answer comes in and it just gives Eli the job. Or I don't know whether it's you're kind of in a lose lose situation there for the next time we'll have that next guy's exact numbers of sacks persona like that next got a comes in takes the job. Is not gonna be head coach. A cell right in all likelihood I would say I guess I don't care what the media thinks of people think with the fans think about the next guy making the decision. But the thinking or a Mac anyway are gonna firearm at the embassy and they hired correction out of in a bizarre turn of events bring evidently I'm not shocked that you could you could viewers right Latin AOL and O dog was backlash Beilein. That's the question. You know they then decide will we we see the giants have now that would that Dell backlash they lasted 56 days that's a bullet that went back at you it's at all where the heat too much and get like princess. Is regardless analogy New York so the giants play in Oakland at four to 45 today so we have a long ways away so. You are you ruling out any lies start or anything like its back and I'm not ruling out any like star. I'm ruling out that enacted new doesn't coached the game today you may not may not o'clock all your players are seeing in this are released by authorities telling all the players if they didn't already know these weakness it's not weeks. Happens occasionally week seventeen right go to final week yeah or more will say I have the Red Sox actually fired after the season after this game today and we games that Ryan missed at the end it's still week thirteen. I hear you gotta (%expletive) it we'll see that he ideal at this now through the end of the year yoga. So. I'm not ruling out an Eli start number one based on what they jogged the last five games and it's a better emotional roller coaster of realized I've in my crazy are you going up and back into doesn't coach the team today. So now that he's changed it are on the evidence of fire could come as early as tomorrow that could easily be. Earlier today it could be although. I don't know I mean I guess he did prepare. I put that quotes for the the team all weeklong. Does that look even worse this fire really trying to win anyway and other non. If you fire the coach the day of the game. That's so good that I've yet to blow this all ties together quarterbacks who started all of these terrible Lebanon Richard third eagle quarterbacks this week in week thirteen. They suck including geno Smith on that as we. Last we saw geno some. This are desperate teams are like the giants' bench a hall of Famer take the PR hit because they know we got the guy going for me at the find the next quarterback because they know. If you all of a quarterback you know rhyming thing. Saying things the team the patriots are playing this week in buffalo who are backed it Tyrod Taylor but a couple of weeks ago. Fought so much about moving on from Tyrod Taylor any ninety plus quarterback rating like I I sort of get with the lie. Would Tyrod Taylor get a 94 quarterback rated time in the day we went and had played well in a couple of poor offense ready to but overall there were Tyrod Taylor was in the top half a quarterback's. They benched him briefed fifth round pick Nate Peter Main he problem out there and threw five interceptions. In the first app that's a desperate the Buffalo Bills were to find out. If they had their next guy that's all important league is may quarterback now right you talked about that Andy did you draft these guys and why can't they make it work what hack. The leak now is set up where. It's set up for offense they want the fantasy football numbers rich they want the high power up and they know that's who draws ratings shoot outs big scores. It had been dead 2000 ravens. The giants of yesteryear on the Seahawks even a couple years ago Denver. Like they don't like apple want that they want high powered offense of these teams are so desperate the bench you live any torrent and starts the go to Nate Peterman a nobody. Over Tyrod Taylor. This is now of the dormant the NFL where you'll throw a hail Mary try to find next guy quarterback and his ease Buffalo Bills and New York Giants and all these teams trying to find their guy. You still have Tom Brady. Which means basically. You are still and the top two or three teams every year in the NFL it's not south for the position its teams are very patient in the DC with the head off coffee has anything to the quarterbacks that they need to be good for a way to think about Peyton Manning. His rookie year sought to use the number one pick who's the guy result is going to be amazing he starts week one starts the entire season he threw 28 pecs. I think without a what are what are quarterback even now. Would they allow him to start week one that. And just get crushed like don't win any games and big Manning won three games as a rookie lead the league in picks at any out yet this is fine but again he's he's getting better and yes. Or now they're like my coach probably throw the throw on the fifth round pick it never shows signs summary in the offseason like they freak out they don't allow. Any time for development of Zuma either. No because it's win now and it's. I think teams have a hard time the giants are for considerate this. Dealing with now the 24 hour news cycle sports like before Florida maybe not a case he had Mike princess at W line Manning's rookie year. Now with social media. It's a different animal we've seen teams and be mentioned Tennessee English our earlier. That is hiring coach because of social media backlash that's a sensitive now on how wary these teams are criticism. And sold you have they got it struggles in year one he doesn't get an opportunity develop and then all of a sudden the cycle. It starts its Opel or against that in year two if the guy hasn't progressed the way you want to its all. Okay what are what are we gonna do now 00 we better start looking at quarterbacks in the draft OK let's spend this guy. And and draft another guy two or three years later goal the teams were drafted quarterbacks. Pavel sic consecutive years. But are the browns like Brothers everywhere heaters there recycling at quarterback position. You can't do that expect to win in a league that is set up for quarterbacks the browns and it's sort of quarterback in the same position of the first round three times what it was at the disk I'd say overall as its overall that separated we'd ever visited. Britain Sweden. Brady cool Brady Quinn. And John and ends well. Those guys are all first round pick a staggered every other year river once for awhile what they during the Eli Manning era. The browns had 24 different quarterbacks. Yes. Ridiculous you can't you do long gone are the years and there was congregants say that's OK Mike Mike quarterback is. A game manager we're gonna win 789 gains being the playoff on rate with a game manager any really good defense doesn't feel like that. Really exists anymore. It feels like you better have an offensive line and quarterback and be able to get by or you're going to be in at six in ten. Five and eleven range and be in the top half of the first on drafting quarterbacks again. Which is why the bills that would dated in what do you like lighted giants that would data elbow and I can't. It's harder sway did you adding a fire back into tomorrow. I it's it's harder to sort of explain what the giants knew it other than they know. That Eli made exactly the quarterback for we will start there with the patriots in the bill 6177797937. Former or get too. Op or Eli Manning because his dad Archie Manning is flat out lie union. To the NFL network he Rappaport and as bad quarterback's league. Are are good example of why Tommy kerns and join us from buffalo coming up assuming they haven't thrown sex toys Tommy currents way. To the stadium could be we'll talk to Christian Fauria later on Michael Fabiano gets a lot of set for week thirteen later on next hour. I'll do bunch of stuff you're set for patriots and bill the Tommy current from buffalo next NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah. Two more of the NFL Sunday with the money and keep. Rock you might come Lansky insurance fox sports radio and tell. The NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEE aipac. Weekly guess sometimes studio buddies on the road in buffalo he joins us. As we get set for all things patriots and bills or some NBC sports Tom it's luck and rich how you. Oh. You are under we are loading up for week thirteen in the NFL with a quarterbacking is bad a third of the league went through in this first half hour here Tom is not very good I feel like that's. The spot buffalo police thought they were in and it shows the desperation teams have a the quarterback position when they went from tailored to Peter made a good quarterback actually do an unknown. That's a team trying to see what they have because right now called the league is set up. You have a quarterback you are basically dead in the water week in week out. Yeah and we had the conversation. And there are Friday in Ankara a lot of united at a few callers to maintain that the quarterback or it'll leak. Or is. In decline and I actually feel it. In 2017. On the surprising rise. Especially among young quarterbacks where you're you're certainly right now wait to a degree. And I think I think the more willing to poll workers and exchanges quickly be expecting as well. They were a crisis situation. SeaWorld winning team at that point they were in the playoffs it's. Play out today that it that shelters so it was a weird decision and when they regret because they can't probable theory and we're gonna have. An up close and personal cadet cadet. You think the and how to they forgive Sean McDermott like if you're a Buffalo Bills player at your riding higher in the playoffs he bench. Tyrod Taylor you go would need to Peerman who looked as overwhelming that a quarterback has ever looked in the history of the NFL. They're outlets are back Tyrod Taylor you gotta as the ghetto assume that the Rosser was thrilled that decision. Are you know what they're. That collapse was significant enough to cause him to go to all's well they just let it in city last week and being so like I would have thought the same thing. And presume they're seeing who's throws when that happens. By. And yet people are correct Tyrod Taylor I don't know what he's likely we look podium at Emmy podium. Says all the right things in the act bulletproof you know just look you know sucked it was terrible but. You know World War II the next thing but. This and the quarterback today guys who the patriots haven't seen more and more convincing tweaks Korean War against strong law and and eight in new. James went into the you don't move your truck count a little bit yeah it's just what this will force patriots. Can't Tyrod Taylor. Probably play a little bit more zone defense. Which means that America more communication. Might be tough on because you know the quarterback situation there and maybe throughout the division vote would you put the bills have you had to put a couple bucks on what team in the AFC east. Young has the best future going forward is in buffalo. I always thought Miami would have been like what they lost Diego and went to Cutler and then they had just chaos going on. In the pre season with guidance you know they can. Go and a walk. In. The line coach and split Coke quote yes. I thought that took them to yeah never good yeah spend. Don't know I guess buffalo by default. So did you think bubbles playoff team this year and that are going back and forth would be with the ravens they're for the last spot. This similar rate kind of yeah in mere uninspiring. She'll take 33 and had lots of nuclear three lustig you had no chance to win him any way. And head home for the Nazis and that's. That's the interesting thing about the AFC is you know. Who would you rather see in the playoffs. Aside from those people to reticence targeted. Given the way they're playing at this point though they can't distinguish who surgical team early on. You're just pursue your opinion purposes because that is not a lot of its inking right so. Tommy current NBC's fourth joining us he detailed it's on is a preview slide show over the NBC sports ball when I it's a slide show whiter I agree I read it every single week don't get cents articles are not enough. Ohio it will did the eyebrow raised and studio good job by you the big that rocked numbers against the bills are ridiculous six came just. Seven touchdowns 35 catches. 583. Yards you buy the narrative that when he goes home to buffalo plays his hometown team that. Ought to try to feed the ball little bettors this is the bills can't cover tight ends. I think it's matchups. It's too much coincidence say wouldn't be surprised if you know that thing and applaud and so adamant that certain targets I think last year. We then went home to. DiFrancesco so I mean I am. You would think that the patriots are really engaging in that type of thing. But on the other hand too I think the gains were real competitive so there's so apparent in my entry. A couple. Another day keep up with the lives and how closely do you think the patriots front off the spell check is scenario even mcdaniels are going to be paying attention to Acropolis doing today. I would assume it being a slow rate. Because they think you look at Buick vehicles that are. No. They won't ask can lead to be the head coach and differences Colbert didn't go baby you're trying new bit. Should go rubble going to be the quarterback air we were gonna send them there and lectured glamour and so I think it's just. Libya. Somebody checks on those numbers obviously to based on the relationship. Between the liquid. They're Belichick to. Into Syria root for. Rob or just peaceable boat except at the end of his tenure here but it's equally interesting thing about. Google local trade is. You know you're charged with the angels in waiting and waiting in the waiting to find the right. Situation which doesn't only include ownership. And GM also includes. Quarterback. And then Jim Barack owes the united deal. You know got a ride shotgun with it it's hopeful place it was kicking tires on it it's going to be something it will blow. Well if it ties into you what are your fair teams talk about Tom and that's the New York Giants I. I thought you were a little I thought you were critical of them I thought much like Mike for an sassy over the top of them Bengie Eli Manning guy's not a good bought. The news today from shaft here that their essentially going to fire Mack adieu tomorrow. That there very dumpster fire in New York coming unifier and before you make Eli Manning move or you keep Mac into. To the end of the year that makes no sense and speaks to you wrote about this week that from top to bottom right now owner GM and at least for now lame duck head coach. There are scary place to be I think that might affect Josh McDaniels like normally I think OK it's a legacy team. I got some guys for some history they're gonna top quarterback. The given what's gone wrong there I look twice I'm Josh buckle back to New York if their adjusted in prison coach next year. Especially when you have an owner who right now views. So meter so reactionary. So. We go to a team that hasn't bottomed boat that just beat a few tweaks and political trick fail. You're probably gonna have a little little bit more latitude as a head coach than if you go to work in the accustomed to being good had a hand normal hour. Who always concerned about how he's perceived. And then you go there you can bet that matters and issues that won't be cleanly ball and incurring. With whoever come into that. I don't know that would low levels going connecting as if it goes into coaching there it looks and feels. But I think it if you look at. The central American axle and in the would trigger greater better now than last year your. Tom no Marcus Canty and or Chris Hogan once again today any updates on these guys are they. Can be back anytime soon or groceries that used to seeing them out on. No I think we'll look at the close of earthquakes are. From what communications I got pictured practiced in two on. But to both of them especially token wouldn't that shot goes shoulder when he left. You could feel the pain and then let that earnestly we barely feed themselves and and already had the ankle. Would you react or creators so you might at least something worse. In that instance but it will not see. About Malcolm Mitchell we keep hearing his name but a tie until we think are getting him backe he would be a nice upgrade on the outside of this offense became back at some point. Yeah that whole level for him as well it would absolutely be here you're component for them because. That's interesting thing about this. And of the differences. They have done what they've done without a number of players who have significant opportunity to make contributions. So look at those guys. I mean you look at relocate in the ass to. Arm if they are able to come back and make contributions we shall. In an oracle. I did Tom play this equation gonna give me later on Joliet not Ojeda western -- listed old Tom we're going to vote get your pick 2720. We hope you'll avoid any SX toys thrown your way in buffalo today. And we watch on TV a little bit. Art or art or that you're talking to Suzanne that's a happy cheery Tommy current joining us regular C sports and It's in buffalo buffalo yet I am tired today at buffalo burger at this and to be stuck in your studio with us now he does. Like to avoid us pressure Tom's better he's like he's an outdoor cat you know as I point that's reveals goods and you're gonna give me. Some sort of quiz. Yes our veterans were to test your knowledge of all the Vatican fifty we had to move Fabiani got a look the TV star Abbie out of you'll join us for a couple minutes top of the hour 10 o'clock. The your fantasy lineup set for week thirteen. On and take some sort of queries and probably failed miserably at it. Sometime after that we come back though speaking of Eli Manning. He's the big story this morning the NFL and his father is flat out lying about him for whatever reason I'm not sure we'll do that with you guys here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP. Excuse money and keep. NFL Sunday presented by health plan's key insurance fund Sports Radio WEEI. I think there is a dozen quake had a great quote in the movie Batman the dark matter a as you could die a hero live long enough to be lieutenants have been. And right now he lives been looked at as the villain for this team here plus a Mac registered and yeah and that's for you to do things to talk about all the holes that they had the team receivers and alters a lot of what's next. And then just put Eli and this and as he's the one guy that made this whole thing goes down do. Is absolutely wrong through life he deserves the respect to sit at least been allowed to place this season now. Okay one it was a very forced quote from Charles Woodson. Second all Dark Knight it is called the Dark Knight while I say all of the facts and the dark night there's no. Colin or anything it's just called the darkness cannot go back now only the host of the door there wouldn't it. I think there is a quick a great quote in the movie Batman the dark matter not a movie I've got to move I don't K eighty it was forced number one number two he does serve anything you should not be a sacred cow we had a below average year this year he had no touchdowns. And one pick the last two games. Eli Manning did not earn a the opportunity to play out the end of the year the giants want to evaluate position. And evaluate the position this is not Brady this is not Rogers. It's not Montana it's not young he's a range hall of Famer who's going again because a New York be the number C. Two Super Bowls. This pity party for Eli Manning is comical and now he's what it's gonna happen. The fire Mack adieu tomorrow that promotes an interim guy gets starts next week that's who he got a break all suggest once it's over though all the giant governance good and I'm happy to grow and now all these giant fans inference SaaS and what's in. Just what you get live back next week I'm Kara they're playing lose he'll suck in all of it that's why. We benched the the outcry was so unbelievable I could not itself it's one thing for a couple of teammates to maybe make a comment here or there but for people coming out of the woodwork and former teammates players that she played against. Everybody was so upset about this the key you know how he's done recently he in the real world here this feel like there were 219. They've been the playoffs once in five years. He's not that good about all the edits your games this year quarterback rating over a hundred which is sort of the good level now honestly hundred you're good so. Which agent this rap or posted this morning. Agassi talked to law Archie Manning you lies dad. On Thursday when he's not busy protecting its oldest son is wait Cooper or a second oldest son Peyton. From a sexual. Assault charges their Tennessee input testicles on the head. Some train dogs just kids on and around right arching. He is defending. Eli he said to the public travesty how devastated he was the New York Post. I heading into the weekend. He says to Ian Rapoport about its future. Age of just flat broke his heart at all. Talk about next year though the nose at the speculating. If he's still there we don't know what the future plans are other people are there. You have no idea what other teams they give me 37 year old quarterback you have any idea. Are you saying this now. Eli might say quote I had enough I'm feeling good. I've got a beautiful life three little girls I'm healthy and that's written says notes and some speculating Archie Manning with a straight face. Says it Eli Manning right might retire that is the biggest. I think lie. I have heard all weekend long. There's been lucky coming Washington DC shore there at the the idea that Eli in a league that has these quarterbacks starting this week. Geno Smith Ryan Fitzpatrick Brett Conley Jacoby percent Trevor Symbian Matt Moore jot account Tom savage Blaine Gabbert Richard fifteenth shark either. That is gonna retire and turned down at 101520. Million bucks quarterback is. This there was no contract weigh what's Margie in years that twenty million dollars probably more what a what everybody and are definitely over eleven on whatever it is you make a lot of money. Next years gonna walk with Matt. I doubt it I'm sure he's going to be pissed that your gonna go. You know via quarterbacks the morals I'll be he's going to be great buddies and go one of those teams that he has everything bought a quarterback we've had in Denver or Jacksonville. Mean Jackson makes a lot of sense of Tom Coughlin. There are three of fourteen he's got what they are here or anywhere else better about their quarterback is an editor they were tired. All chief apparel I don't wasn't it anyway so it. This our arch is obnoxious I agree that's where it all starts at any family is up not I hate putting this Sonny lives but you're right it it's it's been like this forever since our chief what went there on draft day. And major Eli didn't planes in Diego we played New York to crying to the media in New York when he got benched died last week to this thing. Where he's threatening retirement sleep I guess you could argue he's threatening retirement. If the giants don't fire Mack adieu. Why is it if other dangers of our sales came hour. He's benching anyway. Then won the next guy is there an accident the other guys the next or without prior to that would have had the same mold. Well as the front office wants that maybe the coach can really. Say am I gonna do this than there was their job that's what the giants wanted was to him to no longer be the starter Corretja. Singh two. Bolts. The woods is suitable to play forever you just play forever you'd never lose your job to worry about what it is to both your job for life. So I did that that's a lot of yet so yeah he signed a four year 84 million dollar contracts. Next you'll bill last year that deal at 67 million guaranteed. So he's one out walk what then he's going to place somewhere and social that it's pity party from RT today again. With his son is sick with his son this is not like. Kids in high school or college he's 37 year old NFL quarterback will be 36 going on 37. And daddy's still talk about its future idea in the New York papers. Oh just stop Brady's dad talks about his boundaries without so. I thought that's weird here we go some more context to this we'll get a break here this will be an a bit of steam all morning the giants this from Rappaport. What are little miss that Archie say they do with this nine cent now our weather now. Some members of the giants' ownership did not agree with how Eli Manning was handled this week in and there was intense and serious internal debate. They're trying to figure out the fallout leading to John Mara not guaranteeing. Bad MacKey who finished the season. This ties into directly what is written here 13 this other part. Where. Archie Manning defends. John Mara and Steve Tisch the owners their New York. Manning said he believed a word for Mac and Eli was. For Johnson for John Mara Archie Manning said. He thought it was going to be paid we're gonna play the kids if it works out. If the game was that a hander Eli was struggling they'll pull so now the giants are doing is saying on all Mac you told us. That he would starting line at the game get out of it ultimately go to the young guys knowledge I got it missed allocation all Mac useful person getting benched. And barber. Terrible line but that's just enough the giant of Africa they know they want an art is that it doesn't love. It's back through with it now bearing today at a fire tomorrow they did not read now his accent at all or on this is it becomes available the next a couple of hour here's we get up until. Patriots in bills would set for week thirteen. Of the NFL's fantasy season Michael I've got older and it's coming up top of the hour then I'm taking some sort of quiz. And I have no idea about in Los football and I'm not sure what else do that next half hour button key NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah.