NFL Sunday Week 14 - It's obvious that Boston is not a baseball destination this year 12-10-17

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Sunday, December 10th

HOUR 1 - A giant pile of snow and the Yankees acquiring Giancarlo Stanton. How's your weekend been so far, Boston?  Mut and Keefe take a look at the biggest deal of the baseball offseason.


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It's. NFL Sunday with a Mike and nasty and reach teens Brady gets the ball. NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex do you insurance more choices more savings insurance simplifies it checked out cups Lansky dot com. Why Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in GE. On Sports Radio WEEI. It. Outbursts shoveling Sunday the 20172018. Winter in fact first one of the NFL season NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE BI Mott and keep up until. I 1230 years so an NFL football here on WEEI hope for one night dug out. Got themselves any good spot for the rest of the day who captured there resides at the shuttle. I did. I did three and dealing with eight in her behalf if we are back right now slight aren't really created two Chevy spark stated three passes through last night once I think smarter not harder when you were doing there they'll think I don't want to my back to hurt our legal guys aren't yet ports India felt it was at least the two shuttle job. But I saw all day yesterday same neck of the woods right at 78 inches out here so people mall lot of people were two people outside shoveling still trying to get themselves out. Four this week fourteen in week fourteen sun and it does not include it. Your patriots I'll tell you off the top we will do football today to show local NFL satirist of football things to get to. Including Tom Brady's apology. On through Josh McDaniels for is that outburst last week Tommy current Christian Fauria. Other violence in football those are all on the at the table here today will talk football and we'll take your phone calls throughout its 617779. 7937. But. This is one of those days especially rich with the patriots not playing until tomorrow. The NFL the patriots not the biggest story down today the biggest story in town is the big bad yankees being back in somehow some way. Late in the game. Putting themselves in position to acquire. By the biggest slugger Major League Baseball Jon Karl's stand they've agreed on terms I guess were officially waiting for him to. Agreed to waive his no trade clause put bile vacations. The Yankees are getting. The biggest piece of the off season to date. And the Red Sox still have done nothing and it's left a lot of Red Sox fans myself included wondering. Why weren't the Red Sox involved late did Stanton just not wanna come here to Boston. And what the heck are they gonna do at the winter meetings next week to try to match what the Yankee dug yourself it's either. Classic yankees move right for years I mean you got to go back while I guess they were just get whoever they want it whether it was signing as free agent or they found a way to trade for a guy. It's just crazy and as the team air judges 52 homers Gary Sanchez at 33 homers even TV of course at 25 homers there like you know what. Read more homers let's go get John Carlos statement 59. A year ago and I'd put him in that ballpark and in that lineup. Just ridiculous doubt it is. It could be good news for the Red Sox because now you get a sort of keep up of them a little bit right he hit his may be you're gonna go into it's a hate. That's going to be better next year Bogart's gonna have more power and some of these got Libya or to be okay you're all young stars. But then when your me. In rival goes out and gets the NL MVP you can't sit back well I mean I think the Red Sox were going to be. Today they have to be and we will discuss it. They have to be involved in a slugger anyway right at all day Saturday it would show up and they show interest in JD Martinez Eric Hosmer. Try to work the trade deal for Jose Abreu Chris Davis out Oakland somebody in the middle the order of the can provide it. Home runs in eight a year last year were home runs were up up up there or at the bottom league in home runs they needed so. I don't think this is good news and all lets you wanna spin it went Red Sox and it did not get I doubt that he did ales which would get to your second. If you wanna spin it that there's more Oz for the games I guess you could do that but odds whether stat was gonna be a Yankee or not they were still gonna have to go get a major middle the order slugger so. Stick was gonna get traded. I was going to New York pastor what he thought he still a key. As for Democrats because I'd get a slugger a matter of personal and ended up well I don't know if you consider Hosmer slaughter I don't but you know Israel is our great government more day okay. Five but that there's a big gap between upgrade over its moral and or already are envious sluggers that you do it every cabinet yeah that's good though. They need to do something pretty significant. And I'm what you need it probably should have anyway but now you half. After you now now there's no well we let's just see what our young guys can do it another year now you're you're forced into it because you are. Even though the Red Sox on the division last year. What would happen in the post season you Curtis at last year the Yankees team was better than the Red Sox all I'd I'd right I would edit and then you go out adds to it would be. Pattern does more of it it's more of a PR. Did the disaster that baseball's answer that makes any sense like I I didn't want stand anyway I think you did right you are what have you always see your team stand and I I did not want him because of the contract and we opened up the arts saws Osce in every hot stove show would be. Making the case for JD Martinez. And paying him the money over Jon Karl stand. A lot of that always based on what you thought the cost was going to be the prospects are going to be. But I thought if he if he came down to wit and if there was an opportunity that opened back up in this case it did. The the Red Sox would be involved by all indications. Stanton. Circle back in a couple of days ago. Astros cubs yankees Red Sox none of those things are thought to be honest less than all the sudden. The Yankees showed up there yes and the Red Sox didn't like apparently was open to trading to all those teams except for. The Boston red sock of it that's about eighty hours showing interest like from trying to follow it from different people talking about it over the weekend. Sounded like the Red Sox did not have a lot of interest and stand so what do they put on the full court press. Because clearly he wasn't just gonna go to LA or wasn't just a little warm weather city if he's gonna agreed eagerly I wanna go the West Coast but eventually that stuff felt the what are the Red Sox. Really committed in and sold them on going to Boston and the team being good at you know you can be in the you know say it out feels smoky bats also stuff. I think he would have. I think you would have waived his no tried to go to Boston to. And at boss can offer a lot better than starlet Castro and a couple prospect there was no indication other laws that they did that and that that is my concern about an egg hunts begin a Sony didn't want Jon Karl stand but the price came down so much as Ringo where starling Castro and a Al prop and an and and maybe this week is speaks to Wear the Red Sox are the Yankees are from a farm systems standpoint. The Yankees your top and prospects are better right now than the Red Sox top the browser and the Red Sox had to give up if you're prospect I don't know but this is. Really trying to figure out where this happened because. I debris from the ESPN story yesterday sync up to the Yankees and Marlins. Oh corps knew CEOs former Yankee captain Derek Jeter picked up Friday. After the cardinals and giants apple released statements saying standard. Would not waive his no trade clause for those teams the Yankees bought any deal for stands. Was completely out of the question. Given luxury tax concerns in the early demands for the Marlins or other teams dropping out that led new York and Miami to re engage in talks earlier in the week. And so you're right maybe the Red Sox didn't re gauge. I'm sorted wants the end. I wonder and all that every re gauge issue evolved yet every single guy or wanted to or not. The fact they workable speaks to pay the brows he just did didn't he didn't care about what the price was didn't want at all or beat. Stand flat out told the Marlins and all the Red Sox I'm never gonna accept the trade their and that is of a bigger concern than missing on the player. Is the destination not as good as we thought it would be forgot likes. It's like last year from the trade deadline now on this that much more significant example of it but the trade deadline the Yankees got. Todd Frazier Tommy came Lee and David Robertson trigger all those guys one dealer with a Red Sox hitters that they give up that much to get all those guys. Anderson maybe you should have been involved there you go one stop shopping you could get another bat in two relievers. And they didn't do it and this is another example of that if if yes originally. The Marlins said yeah we want Bennett attendee devers and Bogart's an attack or rowdy here. But before they traded for Castro and two prospects that apparently Arnie then. These tremendous process or they don't want somebody Jose devers is related to rob feel that else that's nice but a Raphael not a outfield though he's not he's he's not rank quite as highly in the baseball prospectus all of those things though. They they should've been involved. And it also sounds like the Marlins are gonna. Dump somebody yells find a way to get rid of somebody else but. You know what you might have to go over the luxury tax and no it's crazy but you might have to do that especially there are clearly the fourth team right now in the American League. And they do all I wish I were before the trade in live bet you about that clearly now like now in the Yankees were. Astros were on their own level I think the Indians are still better now you have the Yankees were even if wanna make an argument that. It was close this the certainly ends that are well again I ache from a baseball standpoint that they did they had something anyway. So it makes any Martinez will you let us I feel better yes oh definitely I think I can make the argument and in look at the numbers last year the last couple years. JD Martinez offensively riches pin basically Jon Karl stand. He's even look at the summit EU out all of the chart here a second from the guys over there Red Sox that I have no matter what that you're not giving up prospects. It's just money he gives you some flexibility and likely lead to a traded Jackie Bradley junior won the outfielders but. Yes I out up until OK with that but. If they if they now one of the offseason. And the plan really was and this is scary thought. The Luke is due to bridge year to get them to run off Bryce Harper Manny that shot no palace cycle that that big group of players bill next year. They they it is going to be a PR. Nightmare. Like got that from that part of it hacker that there there was pressure at mentioned there's more pressure no there wasn't any good right pressure was there any way. Given the way the patriots expected to play into February and go to Minnesota in the Super Bowl the Celtics are white hot right now. Shaughnessy wrote today and he's right the Red Sox Aussie is dead they nobody's talking off the hot spent an hour on a hot stove show I would just relic and Bradford yelling to gently to lunatic hottest part of the stuff it was it was the best -- of social we've done so far right and they do nothing between Al Wednesday Andy is bring them back and yelling get out is more like but I married my stage show -- on third Wednesday night and that's the debate that's been the big Red Sox news the sauce is I had absolutely right. Admitted Bradford the fattening so today there's not they can't think is the back can be. Every golf sees. On their I don't think so because even the the biggest. John Ferrell critics out there. Didn't think I used up all the manager editor of the best team in the American League don't know we thought that. So they still have to adjust the roster particularly the home runs these. Were up. This was like steroid era and mobile home runs affected is higher than that you know that number. I don't know up above my head but it was pretty hot the whole roller that I did it then they were dead last the American League added that ballpark. He just he can't you can't have that. Shame on you doesn't visit Eagles thing with the Red Sox that they. And I think this is as big a part of the off season ending elves it's where they stand in the Boston landscape of sports and I mentioned the patriots in the south Nazis is their third now that. I think they ultimately I think that. Like that you know lack a response to the Yankees getting Stanton and his anger by Red Sox and the anchors not they are that would have been some bigger yeah okay let's not yeah he's getting Iran. Yeah rather more ten times a well yeah I went to yankees got a well this is a better player that Iran was at that time this is no it's not this a rot down Iran's fifty there all brawn John Karr will stand in -- news nine in his prime Don the rock that stop and not hear about a bandage era Donovan a better player you worry that in all at least the erupting. You you were in discussions right the youth youth actually thought you had the player. And dignity of the Enron always always the AL MVP of the year before with the Yankees two years prior to that yet 57. There aren't forwards who are what you want an exit the business evidence 69 now. I 59 now is more probably gotten out of the this year's ball is quoted as of the balls choose a new steroid That's Hollywood undetectable steroids is really the way to go sell. I think that they do have an eagle about it I think that they wanna be involved in the conversation and right now. They're nonexistent so I think they're all asleep at the pressure and it would it's it can't even say with a straight face. They're okay without a score being the big offseason another camp is at the Red Sox they have an ego and they do things like. In the aftermath and this is this was so. Stupid by whoever runs the Red Sox social media count gigantic it's a small thing. Half the audience or more probably is even on Twitter. But the Yankees gets the hand. Red Sox fans led by bar stool if you are brought us for our great angry yesterday Paula mustard and Johnson a call and try do you Bradford a call on Ribery and block added that people. Are pissed yesterday. And the east Red Sox. Tweet out rivalry. Fire him OG firearm OG fire mode she. And so. I didn't see the home run. That is the the law that her goal it's the equivalent of that tall order cut. It is as if anything it's the Twitter equivalent of let's go Red Sox rivalry. Yankees get so big fire again. It's did not what's the ride you have no power in your all then what does that have done. Think in your off season so far as a sign Alex Cora who might add I anger management issues based on the issue in Houston did you actually. Rivalry. By Arab OG YROG. Fire mode what does. You. I think you should treat that out you've done dink. And that is either but over a thousand responses to this amazing including. Did you assemble wants like OMG delete this. Really question mark a lot of light a lot of seriously a lot of variations of seriously. People laughing at it a lot of really good gifts. Words on my favorite ones somebody goes. Where and when can I apply for the soon to be open social media job. Is just. It's nonstop. At a did you see the or even its even mean but the somebody to weed out a picture of the green monster like extended Blake thirty feet higher there are a lot of credit crisis and that is gathered at a whole bunch of those. People dislike laughing out people can't believe it it's. That was the worst. Possible. Response you need to wait for the Red Sox maybe they know something we don't. You need to wait until you also acquire a really good player that might help is very won the ones headed off season to this point and it's not even close. And it. The only that you can get done that in in the matter is and I'll be uniting our food. Let rivalry Brad fire analogy fire motion fire rivalry. Idiots. Morons this is that the last thing you needed yesterday. Was to remind people that you had the rivalries. In great they got Stanton rivalries awesome you'd done anything yet. Now Al and NL right now they're big yankees are better in the Red Sox they were better before they got standing there much better now. You have Chris Sale and David Price and people run your seed who cares the rock that no legal or you just said. Girl glorious judge Stanton Sanchez. Sixty runs there all you wanna go illegals negative maybe 175180. Between those four guys. Yes. And your to credit card here inspire emotion to Gartner had over twenty home runs last year and this thing breed the Red Sox social media it's. To be real about. And even right now even now Judy Martinez to Meebo feel great because I know the numbers are somewhat similar but stint with the better players there is that more is an attack won't play them in Stanton I mean that was the league MVP. But Martinez's starts in a nice player there's actually that affluent nice player. It's always different animal outed as I guess. My first said that this is this could be a good move I guess the the baseball fan in me says this is a good move to the gives you more positive view of a on blu. Player alleged that social media marketing guy over yet oh good the Ryder reasonably I haven't I don't know the rubber is not out but based on the attention on baseball. If you want to Saint Louis when you talk about the status category cares if he goes that he goes well because good giants snore don't care. Because the Yankees sorry let's see what this guy can do one of the best players is applying a lot of really bad Marlins teams since his rookie back when he 120. Columns of Mike but that was a long time ago and he's not always bad teams doesn't have a good team. And Woolsey but no they they are miles ahead of the Red Sox right now. Well Jon Heyman who has been pretty prominent in this story last couple days just weeded out the only thing that's a waiting this deal now is the physicals were apparently Stanton is al-Qaeda. Officially had not seen official official like he's OK all go to new York and he was on the list they need to deal. But it sounds like now the only thing they're gonna look at is the physical. He is headed to. They're the Red Sox and again I would argue more so in the baseball. The question becomes did stick just want no part of Boston and is that now going to be an issue are people talking to David Price who happened to John fair is this bill. Which is it a destination for a player who wants to win it more the Red Sox are what are his more than Red Sox not be really interested in Stan. Dug it where did they sell monitor at all whether or ice got to how would the and I got a race by then I didn't want to stand. They should have been involved given with a priceless yeah once it with a price got you right on Friday night the Yankees started talking again. And by Saturday had a deal to those of us ought to go we're talking all there are reports out there. It was it was the it was the owner meanings of the GM meetings wherever it was they were talking on our meetings or meetings they're talking to duties or next week the the price tag for stand was through the rule openers and saying OK and then then don't make the movie at the trade. Freeing your starters and to your best prospects and take on all the money as much as I like Stanton and I get it. But if it's Stalin Castro and two. Minor leaguers that art you know top ten top twenty prospects in all of baseball for their top ten in the Yankees system but. You had to be involved there. An early they wore and I've not I've seen no explanation why again that the contract is significant the injuries there for stand I can make the case for not wanting to. The player at the price we heard about his rich had a couple weeks ago. But much like any thing they should have been placed producer price dependent aidid the only a couple landing spots for him we'd they can afford to get assigned JD Martinez or our cost anyway yeah offer that you can afford the player impoverish the move how are you nodded but how. How top boss how are you not in and on the player once the price goes down indeed they should be in on everybody's prices high. They should have been in on Jon Karl stand one guy trying to record a reduced rate but a lower rates stand when the prospects are as much and they're gonna pay 10%. That that's why I had the issue there the the issue why weren't the Red Sox involved late. And and and B is this a bigger issue about Boston is a baseball destination well last time that are really quiet offseason. They won the World Series reading of that. Sheehan victory knows out of my clothes and I noticed say thank you John urge he was the skeleton on fairly your wants Alex core a year one comes in that first our manager Matt but I think about it rivalry. Fire fire fire who's this year is Mike Napoli or Jake Peavy Mike Napoli freeagent immediately if you like that all Mike Napoli is that. I don't date Mike Napoli don't rule out and a bartenders in Boston involved about that and Alia. The fighting because the next guy they signed probably won't be Martinez or won't be Hosmer it's going to be some schmuck and end up organizing it ridiculed civic BA you've got stay out of the Red Sox get this guy Lucas gets on Saturday Logan slogan low ball. Although he gets a lot of dinners and take low Momo. This where you are as a Red Sea. This sounds like Milwaukee Brewers they'll show you like that the ball skills. It should look Martinez and Hosmer and trades for bright you increased Davis. We're talking about Lucas dude at Logan Morrison's. Horrible now. Resigning as in read Richard nice I'd like three back on a one year deal Hamburg that resorted back what about I mean and hustles Mickey 38 home runs for Logan Morrison last year. I have you know two to forty Chris Davis that some nice things there will Myers and say create an okay gaffe about how about what mired so there were in the show is called NFL Sunday but I the biggest story in town at the Red Sox have done nothing. An act and the Yankees have acquired the biggest name of the off season so far. And you you I guess you and I differ on this part too that I figured they signed Martinez. That he shrug your shoulders and say that was there that was their plan all along they like this guy over the ten year contract to stand. I'd be OK with that is that enough for Red Sox fans. My issue is if you get Martinez I think Martinez is a good player but if you get Martinez vows very frustrating because you needed Martinez. Just insert compete with the Yankees lineup before they had then and now they get stated earlier Marcie if they aren't and I need another guy. Here's a look at what they're gonna be able to trot out their one through five next year. It's ridiculous wolf picks that we come back able on the phone lines do you guys because again it's NFL son of wanna start with the big east news in town biggest news. In baseball today the Yankees gets and the Red Sox. And Alex Cora and some bad social media 6177797937. The phone number is Martinez indoor Haas were enough in your mind. If your Red Sox man. To sort count rack with the Yankees done he stands 617779. 7937. The phone will come back your calls on baseball early we'll talk to Fabiano get your playoff want to set fantasy football next report on the current. Christian Fauria. And will do football Arial we start the big news stand for the Yankees Red Sox had nothing your thoughts coming up its NFL Sunday mutt and key Sports Radio WEE. In my view. We have 25 and a little later. Excuse money and keep. NFL Sunday. Presented by health plans. WEEI. Three do. When ground ball the second out so they had it throws to first. And the 2017. Season is over for the Boston Red Sox they Houston Astros. Gathering on the mound as they beat the Red Sox five duke or. To win the American League division series. It back toward the clubhouse. Their season. As and they. Well Leo winter meetings have picked up this week and the pressure is on the Red Sox in the pressure specifically now on Dave Dombrowski its NFL Sunday mutt and he Sports Radio WEB obligated to. A week fourteen of the season an NFL stuff next hour wanna start this hour with a baseball with the news that John Carlos standings heading to. The Yankees John payments saying this morning the deal was all but done of the physical at some point today or tomorrow. Now become official Leo what you showcase stand there at the winner readings and be able to show up there and say look we got this guy Sanchez a judge in. Her glorious than the absolute powerhouse lineup especially the considering which power is gone. Recently in Major League Baseball but it does turn the attention now to Dave Dombrowski. Who. Probably thought he put himself in a pretty good position race she signed David Price. He traded for Chris Sale. And I think most Red Sox fans thought there was this three year window. With this group right before Betts is contract is up and Bogart's contract is up it's are paying these guys given this. Right now we've got three years or more a year Craig Kimbrel. And what a World Series in that time frame it will do more appealing all these prospects signing all these players. It's a lot harder now to envision him winning a World Series given how much tougher the the American League appears couple years ago. The Astros weren't the Astros. The Yankees were below he eighty puppy needs a pretty good that's okay. But the the American League is a lot tougher now you Anna wasn't a browsed he made these moves and the drug to reading typical BC's meet now win that World Series. And expect them to wins World Series in the final couple years Chris Sale. Doesn't seem as block is a dating or getting to World Series and feel as confident of those companies in a couple years daylight your rotation a lot but then he do you really irritation come playoff time but I know that's you know it's kinda unfair because there is some of these guys only had a couple opportunities are one opportunity. You know in a Red Sox uniform but. David Price if he's able to pitch all season that's great image of the questions about playoff time the guy wants item or two years ago kind of stinks again and and reports also. You have do you have price you have sale near Palmer it's good last year I don't know if you can. Guarantee that he'll be good again this year but so are you at a lot and he spent a lot of bowl money and prospects on a rotation. Or is the line out. You know you lose David Ortiz you don't replace Ortiz Hanley Ramirez had one unbelievable year and any really comes back down to earth McKee that's. Almost won the MVP a couple of years ago and he's back you know 24 fingers good play great player would you want him on a team. There are guys that can carry your lineup for a week at a time or at least for a series at a time. I don't know how many of those guys you have. Where is the Yankees just added another one and they probably order had to maybe even three to begin live. So seems like that gap now if you take the Red Sox rotation and lineup with the Yankees rotation. The regular season may be still at the Red Sox more. Slightly more let's assuming price comes back yet regulars are a lot of the year you eat but the last are close with the between the Yankees the notably Yankee offense nor the Yankee team is is better than the Red Sox right yes you know what you're gonna have their in the middle that order. You know you have the backing of their bullpen. There obviously they're starting pitching is a question mark but I today Red Sox starting pitching outside Chris Sale. Is still a question mark. And the offense mean that I had that they can they can run more they can bat that's lead off cork in. He uses metrics but that it's an off its lack of offensive talents. Top to bottom that it is you know all cable do couple things differently also will be a really good offense again. Not yet right over the here they get them from the base very aggressively as a grass is all that much value they can't today you need to be able to run into a three run homer. Every once in awhile you're gonna have to be able to do that to compete and we look at the T use. Elicited you get back to the playoffs which would cause that they give elicited do its armada a series against the Yankees or series against the Astros Easter solace here's an asterisk do. It's a good Jose a two day he just completely take over at you know what are Correia or springer their lineup is stacked you'll want your five. Can all do so much David Forrest the Red Sox. It doesn't. Feel that way and Shaughnessy writes at today is part of his sort of picking up the pieces he leads off with a Red Sox part of it he mentioned what you mentioned. In this Yankee offense now stand Erin judge Gary Sanchez DD two quarries Brett Gardner Craig bird. Erin hicks. He writes there at the and the thing that I again I'd be as concerned as anything about. It's trouble Shaughnessy writes the bulls show they go to Bonnie and stand. Put Boston on their no fly list guess not everybody wants to play here anymore and so what that relate to potentially rich. Is going to be JD Martinez and our costs more because the Yankees were never got a new ball leave those guys anyway the Yankees were expected to. In try to get by this year her danger martian yesterday with what Muster Johnson mentioned this. They're gonna recent luxury tax number anyway even acquiring stand at this reduced rate they reset the luxury tax numbers when they don't make any other big news today except. They were ever gonna be at a Martinez they're going to be in on a Bosnia. So your that did that same teams you're gonna battle with whether it's saint Louis the giants the Dodgers all these names that were announced and are now going to be an on a Martinez and Hosmer. Any of the money is going to be about the same by air and stop warts can negotiate the same deal the Dodgers as he's the Red Sox procedure eighty Martinez. The fact it's the end and oh honey said no. That would be concerned rally and these free agents because outside these to. You jokes. The names lap earlier this hour. Momo there's there's really no connection you're hoping what you and overpay Bryce Harper remaining which I'll discuss and make thirty million dollars a year that you actually get press harper by the way I thought. That's for you is going next year but will this change that as sort of a side story or do you think they could still get them. If you hit judge. The Yankees are back to being where they they are guarded guarded the eighteen years they are acting like he's a big bad yankees easy team to hate. And they reset the luxury tax number this year. And they're okay with a going over next year. Now whereas the rich why would they be involved that are with a price are normally like the Red Sox you saw all freaked out though he's got your your point about your. Two guys too big time or one trade in that want international freeagent. But look at all the teams that he wanted to go to there were all West Coast and I think he threw the cubs in there. Right upon you the NL west like the AL Lester the teams that you'd be willing to go to. So I don't feels bad about out on and then Stanton. I really think it was the Red Sox laying too far back did not. Showing a lot of interest because you had teams kind of hurt recruiting Stanton or talk about how much they wanted to admit I think that was a big pardon him. Waiving his no trade that you probably wanted to go to the Dodgers have but that's what he's thinking all along. But then these there are gonna open it up look I don't Scola I don't wanna be Miami for a year Iberia and adding their red. Sox fans were using that logic that the Red Sox didn't want Jon Karl stand is there aren't enough here here's here's the issue that. That fly so far in the face of Dave to brows ski. It's a 180 from we know the guy. David Brodsky loves big moves he loves big mean guy who brought in Tony La Russa as a console this offseason and what's towards something Tony make is a big name attic I think the Brodsky you'll get is it ears in Detroit look at a couple years here. Chris Sale David Price Miguel Cabrera. He loves the big name and he loves the big trade. Why the hell would that I not be an onstage at a reduced price that doesn't make any sense rich now it doesn't bat that budget or seems like Stanton told them flat out. I don't wanna play in Boston I'm not willing to waive my no trade to go out there but what is in New York feel pretty similar to me. But wouldn't you have. The video just missed it wouldn't you have fed that Davidson a couple of outlets feel like the Red Sox are really strongly want John Crowe stand and blood. Yup that's cited saying no I didn't even read those stories don't say like you know it may not clear that they were. And they're they're making their best pitch but it seems that he wants to go elsewhere and that's all find out maybe in the aftermath of this. Maybe that's what you'll hear but it but it sounds like they have their eyes. On on somebody else 6177797937. The phone number the other part I don't get an heard. Part it's a little yesterday not a lot is this collusion idea. With Derek Jeter and the Yankees like and John Carlos that was gonna get moved that contract was way too much in Miami. They made a mistake and and to reset the entire thing for that franchise. Steve it was gonna get moved. He had all the power here when you give a guy no trade clause any says knock on there knock on there and I might want well they don't wanna go there anymore. You give the Marlins limited options on where they wanna trade the guy. So we may not liking here in Boston if the Yankees provide the prospect necessary to do it. I'm pulling cheater or not and it is not today Jeter helping out his old team I don't think he cares about the Yankees the thing did that well average year there remembered the Yankees and Jeter. Was not the best standing so I'm not going to bitch about it and think that the fix was in a for Spain to New York this was. When you give a guy no trade clause. The result is your Stucco or he wants the yeah I are desperate young minor league did you have to get rid of home but I don't think it was that it is big conspiracy here a year but did they have to get rid of home could be keep whom they were way too public. Like they'd be edited this is this that a body double move by the Marlins they give the public ultimatum about three weeks ago it's at wal futile way you know trading you don't want it always teams. We're gonna trade all the players around you. And leave you was he when star on the scene which you probably said OK great you still pay me. The thirty million dollars or whatever I'm gonna make. This is just what do I care it seems it seems kind of doubts because apparently the deal from the giants are so much better and we would I know understated they know trade you're gonna predict aren't that you're staying in my area. But I don't know I think I could put more pressure on the guy got a lot of years left it on what's he's not only to our state or Miami. Okay you're gonna. I'm gonna so. A minute and we paid next year anyway yeah and I know at some point you wanna trade your not gonna keep me forever. Canceled one why not in Miami to keep you forever it's one more here prop thing anybody else shall we know they're not going to weed all the Marlins had to. I'm movements on what I'm getting more so while the Astro what's the worst case scenario for standing plays one more year Miami. And makes a that's a bad deal for stating it's paid anyway his eight it's not a fifty some odd home runs up. But it certainly I'll see us he didn't wanna go to a couple places and to maybe he didn't wanna stay in Miami new sick of being on a bad team so I don't know why that they. Jeter goes in their first two things he does he trades dean Gordon and John Carlson. Only two players who have. As bad as they were last year there were second in the division and they're like twenty games out. But they're better than the man on it would release the Braves are almost even work well rather than let's look at a couple of pieces to this team. Analysis is discovered her body and brain star Owen Castro who's I'd like a young player anymore yankees are still going to be under the salary cap. They double the cat a luxury tax numbers on seller can watch Summers 197 there's still under they still might try FL's very I don't they got on drugs. They may still go get a starting pitcher. At some point on what about Bob's Vermont next up here on NFL Sunday we start with a baseball good morning Bob. I tell you Bob. Okay it might take on all things yeah that it wanted to go to new York and not what is this. It's the same thing with the patriots. Educated. Why is that patriots from low ball contracts or. Because we have a history of what is there where the team that everyone wants to play for it's the same thing what the yanks plumbers. You have players that just wanted to quote shoot the lock our payment fortune where smaller. Market here in Boston. It's not that much more than I mean it's pretty sure you have saved and these are the same fortune I would imagine. Right right but what I'm saying is I mean it's just that glint of New York City. And I think where. Negative negative over this then it really is mean. As somebody like stick wants all the pain of fortune. Went home until the last. It's the other guys as an and products of the calls I have punish fame and force is working and I disagree I think it is a big deal if it comes out the next couple days in. At the winter read this is what's gonna work for for Red Sox and that the so if there's a story there the boss was out. We're gonna help it was because they wanted to out ports can stand it wanna go there with all the guys appearing gossip I mean they sit around these hotel lobbies they drink coffee. They yap each other all day level well. The next couple days whether or not it was fans call. The Red Sox are already there was stands call it is a big deal problems are my prediction or hear a story on both sides stands camp against their Red Sox never showed interest in the Red Sox are gonna leak a story that said hey we really want the guy. But he said he wasn't a come under incredible story JP's north Providence JP was this a shady deal by the Marlins and yankees. Well I want to know one quick thing John Sterling who's probably been subject you to talk to a idiotic wallet Lawler and also whenever. Once you can't get it like it is here now I am. Thought the guys are. Guys and all the what do you visited John Harlow. I don't know and you leases and I just get carried away. It looks awfully and. Believable ought to bankrupt and all I wanna play an expert judgments as saying that the written it would go try Korean by experts. I'm playing the young star big pitch so one of us I know the opportunities are great. Aunt and can you wanted to play the tequila to apply effects. Might want to play without seeing an opinion it's public all the way I don't know maybe I'm too old school. It just felt like yeah. It's that it is. And you'll also I think I just wanted to play would that gene map toward him and what else. Why I think he gave them teams that usually go to and the Yankees of those apparently four teams and and ten mentions on Twitter and he's right. The scandal has changed here at the end right he's willing or before he's made the LCS. We wanna go to a team that was of four wins away. From the World Series winning became Paramount for stand because the money in baseball. And they sent a whole different I don't wanna do the state but that the money in baseball. Is guaranteed and we don't like it is football's Uga football it's not guaranteed you can challenge these guys. Stands and paid a matter where egos so we said OK other one of the teams it was close last year. Coming a win on and get paid thirty million bucks by saw it. If not every single year. Doesn't matter it's going to be something my prediction something along the lines of Jeanne Monte Carlo. Some is going to be with their own goals some kind of Monte Carlo reference. Oates is definitely got a playoff the first and there's more things the playoff and Stan. But it time and the bulk order to bring back Mike even though he says his article Mike anymore there will be cue cards that are. It is there. No it. We get ready for that loses Sanchez a judge Sanchez glorious. And he's in home runs a million all right do you see air judged. What he was Sweden incidentally did not nominal fault it was the big gift of from step Brothers Will Ferrell relate to which has become best friends yeah yup. Pastor Aaron. Was that the Google or executed out so what's the good of that fourth fifth and prepared well yes it is. ED quite right Gloria makes Yankee. You for each. There's going to be awesome 6177797937. The phone number if the Red Sox acquire JD Martinez's services the service of our Oscar is bad enough Red Sox into a counterbalance. What the Yankees have double talk about that organ and the football stuff. Next hour of Michael Bobby Donald Tommy current Christian Fauria as well it's NFL Sunday Sports Radio BE. And. After more of the NFL Sunday with a money keeps running you might come Lansky insurance fund sports radio and tell. Sunday's POW. NFL triple header. Today on WEEI get a pretty interesting game early colts and bills that game. Should the colts go on the road and beat buffalo and neat Peter who will start today for the injured Tyrod Taylor all right Peter read patriots clinch the division without even playing with to be sold perfectly patriot yet to clinch it should the bills lose at home today it also clinched the win tomorrow. Against Miami Dolphins you jags Seahawks pretty good one there at least on paper later on this afternoon and Sunday Night Football as well. It'll be the ravens and Steelers all of our that's the patriots Sunday programming essentially get shifted to. Tomorrow you and I'll be on the your 68 leading into yes on Monday Night Football and after the game late night Monday to Tuesday. Real post game show with stuff Freddie England and all the guys who. They mighty glad full coverage which Allenby needs the next day Sunday morning the last sleeping Glen on Tuesday and none none. An account at that age should be any NFL and it bad snow I think on Tuesdays Wednesdays and good morning or not but I've seen some snows Naia. I think you're on an oil man from the that's could it be Tuesday morning at that went up plan and let. But we have Patrick Chung on lake I've watched the game I Kelly's and Amherst on Stanton of the Yankees Kelly good morning. Tell eight. Cal LA okay. Found now Kelly was there alone at all Chris and Avon crucial on WE yeah. They look at guys like this. Yet so they slip up keep your way to get to augment local guy Huckabee beat bad well thanks but I will talk army. About targeted money it would be yet. Kim sounds like a million throat TARP monies so. How do we know that lake you know the soap operas and talk to turn into turn people away I mean you get rid of that level is where it all now look like what you. Let. That would be the concern Chris I mean if if players are looking at Boston is something other than. A prime destination to get paid and to be seen on a national scale. And looking yet it's a negative in particular is that David Price scenario. That's a really bad things the Red Sox because they always had that their back pocket or Boston's Fenway Park big market. If they don't have that then there at a disadvantage against teams like the cake walk out your own to this all believe that if they. If they put an offer for JD Martinez and or Eric Hosmer and they get beat out by somebody else spells or to buy into I think these two examples where are not as convinced again you look at show notes Connie and where he wanted to play. That's that's on him he'd rather play for the Padres that meeting with the Red Sox that if you wanted to on the West Coast and that would that would stand and they were gonna find out. Just how in the Red Sox really were edit the yankees' Alex he chose. All you chose the brewers over the Red Sox that's be really concerned they are picking me Rick random teams over the Red Sox picked of one plays that probably is even a a bigger you don't baseball town. I'm Tony Bridgewater on Red Sox yankees Tony good morning. All right guys we'll have it all and so you know rival real well at all obviously. An actual. Or weeks old guys all all the all sorts out its spirit so that or that this was a market now. And honestly. Joseph compost bin. It lacks what it all all arms and played all I did well it's that was. But what that I'll actually. And let a 145 in those 142 the NDP at 7 o'clock we all look at 37 he led the league has done. Okay. All right Jake take some horrible equities are well yes historically what are those. Or post based. I'm not a it's not. He. You know what. The ceremony there to Jarrett does your hair out yet that they want World Series in the next three years Tony what is not worth that. Okay so we're at a much. And on Iran went yeah I mean yeah yeah or enter in rooms rittner. While I say it like honestly it's almost a lot of spots. That it is slightly now. All this poll that is out is that. Well Tony okay what you wanna really look at steady as compare Stanton and the Stanton and Judy Martinez last year last couple years Red Sox that did this yesterday. On Twitter and I was in the Judy Martinez camp anyway my thing is war why were the Red Sox involved in the stand not wanna go here. But when you look at the numbers. On their they're pretty close I mean it's not. It's not a home run in favor JD Martinez. But I mean it's. It is Akron is that really good numbers but you look at it positive or he brings up Hosmer. 125 home runs last year and the year before and that's a career high form. It is a nice player career to 84 so the the average is even better than Stanton but the power is not. Really there the last three years Martinez against stand out front is real quick JD Martinez in a three year average fifteen to seventeen. He's a thirty point better batting average to 93 to 63. All BP's little bit higher 361 at 354. Slugging is it stands they were 580 but it's 573. So that's. And and last year Martinez one better. And had a about a fifteen point advantage they are batting average so. He's not stand he's done sex appeal there look at the big name he hasn't happened that got the numbers not precaution draft pick can cost you money. And to deal Scott boards can cost a lot of money where you know play him. Should her. Believed to be wary of the he could and apparently just. 6177797937. The phone overseer baseball and the football calls on the board as well we'll get all those in the next hour and we'll get to set. And your fantasy football lives its play on strike for seasonal playoff baby and it's a big one in ideally as well as a lot of players like value on the board Michael Fabiano NFL network. Will join us coming up in this hour to get your lineup said. I Tommy cart and 11 o'clock hour 48 at noon NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEE.