NFL Sunday Week 17 - The best fit for Josh McDaniels; Fauria talks coaching vacancies, New Year's resolutions 12-31-17

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Sunday, December 31st

HOUR 4 - Christian Fauria is ready to start anew when it comes to the midday show. Number one ratings be damned. Fauria also discusses cold weather games and how accurate Rob Ninkovich's scouting report of him was. Also, with what may become a record number of coaching vacancies coming up, where could Josh McDaniels thrive?


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This news. NFL Sunday with Mike went nasty and Rick's team. Did you see it. For patriots jets this afternoon at Gillette Stadium. NFL Sunday has brought you buy a cup plans key insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified checked out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural molding things and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers seats NFL Sunday with money in cheek yeah. On Sports Radio WEEI. Final hour NFL Sunday we seventeenth admission from the death yet she had crossed Gillette Stadium but it keeps Sports Radio. WEEI patriots coordinators in the mix right coaching job we'll pick through that wreckage. Bottom of the hour at 1230 blocks of the week coming up. At 1245 Ricky has been on fire all year CPU in a meaningless week seventeen I'll throw a lot of teams across the leak joining us now is our guy. Our Christian Fauria normally of the or wait Bologna and Fauria show response to buy cars for kids now be great not clean out your crotch. And donate old cart cars markets dot com CO easy it is call today at 1877. Cars for kids all of that on line a cars for kids dot com. Happy holidays Merry Christmas and happy new year Christian Fauria Christian boarding area. Noble laureate they're New Year's ball yes I did you check bottle or repeater. But all it is too hot here now. Doug giving credit to here Richards I don't. Nice well why can't I have sweated so hot and yet it's still comfortable not get a great jockey but let's walk. While auto kudos to our Ali trump and I do. Elian is not shut up off the last four hours but he is Zach Giles warned here in the boot won't get at the patriots jets that cold out affects this game but we start with. The beef holiday programming here on WB EI feature a lot of new names basically Rob Ninkovich sitting down for our. With carded a mossy yesterday and of course version for your name comes up. I'll Rob Ninkovich explaining to me a huge Boston radio audience how he would scout. Christian warrior how we defend Christian warrior ride we outlaw it's Friday. We did just a back up for 12 what's the Fauria type guy how would you classify Fauria type guy. That. Very handsome somebody's talks to starts you know it talks a big game. But he can back it up. You know and then. It's it's kinda attempts to block you know would rather catch footballs you know like he'd rather run a route that might stay in there and smash yeah. Well no I think is that a fair break out here sounds about right. What is your of our big. And so quickly got back he would go. Play well indicative of you know I would notable blocker in college and the pros I didn't become lady oracle. Pat sketchy. Receding tide and white older. And yet got an audit dignity more or should be correct partially wrong but. Don't count well let me tell you know. Is our second break out of it which came before a game yeah being disciplines the more there's a good axle let's hear it you were able Fauria who had the best in the three. It's forty could really catch ground four because he doesn't every thing was really he's really good hand it really good hands tall guy. You know Vrabel had really good hands through in his arms are like day long lines. About the big also think you'll credit there are sitting at the hand that would really separated for a release that you go from blocking tight end to catching tight and is that jump spike between the legs that's really what what what what did it warrant. I don't I don't know what it is about these guys Wear number sixty. On this team and that they like it just like they are all book about it. I as for this one today take me through week seventy work team. Christian has not played Freddie thing at a high balls to be back next year for the jets seek to make the argument they're they're about what could they help there. For their head coach what its rice heady. It's Christian Hackett berg of the jets just counting the deep minutes until they can that get on a plane to somewhere warm after the game. Well he'll get better re side coach. And achieve them. I would say they're gonna roll up their helmets and they're just going to be you know to get her car running in the parking lot right. I know I've I've actually done that latins Seattle. We took our stuck somehow they're looking guy allowed to bring all of us but we can't see your completely out of it and we all just forgot about that the team playing. We went directly to the airport I went back to LA city at my ex. Biblical while I was walking to capitol doctor I was fine. I would say you're gonna get that would suggest. It projects like there might come about it might still be evaluated. It to coaching is because apple leaving it that you probably think. I would say you know I ask you guys produce and a disk. Pack it and it just kind of show up. Not this situation outfitted giants' improbable. And we don't appear to shouldn't take it's going to but I won't pick up a great job the old guys mentally into it you know it really. I had no quarterback account it is very best he could but ultimately. But it really work you know played at a disadvantage smoltz gave I definitely. Respect what he's been able to do with Betsy Soviet your question no I think you'll get a good effort out. Going to be actually freezing today rule. Who is affected the most by that is an offense defense is their particular position that it that is most bothered by you know single digit temperatures. I want to repeat that because let's just say this slick track. Well there are secure are you so. They are in and gotten no where they're going to a halt peace here. Pat blocking because the deep end up the ball slower it was always you're running route in the U random slower. Just because. You know what do you wanna let that lack see you would have. And they act YouTube so all in bandage. At that often where it's cold it's wet. You know the field is slick. The advantage goes. Two two to the opposite Peter and it's not quite the ball harder edged a little heavier. Well all district this coal. It's somewhat unique that it won't repeat well radiates late it's not only right that it did all these. What we're here you're just still acting are you still grip the football so data off that. Event offense. The patriots try to commit here Christian on the football you get the wind. Against this jet team and try to make it easy he's possible Brady the running back situation today. Does they backed interstate because I'm not sure they wanna get Dion Lewis that the what do you what do you got touches he had last week. All he had after that rated Bolden and we have teams that want what's your expectation offensively by the patriots approached this given that. They win their but they're also trying to protect. This guys heading to the bye week. I wrote a column won't refuse to deal Lewis who's. So travel back and old Richard back out the old and for everything he's done. You know specialty lies they a couple of years ago everybody was unbelievable that you got the reps it would open when did and what is sure handed guy. Oddly gotta gotta wrap but he didn't do it anymore but I work with his old college coach Houston now and whenever I talk about granite boulder to him. The first set but they had tremendous back at it look at what is the best he's had any yet but when you bet Ole miss at all console. He could set the main thing about it was either under achieve. What he could have gotten a lot more out of the body out of his athleticism. That he actually and actually pitted. Well these counts it. You know and that one brought so well on special teams and Joba what he wants you run or you'll see it pretty much do everything he can. The episcopal all do you know lot of middle immediately outside. So you need dispelled Dion Lewis because upbeat. You wanted to I easier you can belt out right now are so obsolete that would mitigate some rats. Boldly didn't talk about it. What are your expectations not just for us today but James Harrison with the patriots the rest of the way here. Generic debate so it usually the day at a without needing treatment at all we. What I mean I didn't play a lot of these now. It probably hit spots which had good. You want to stop. It really wouldn't really ask him to do. A careless in Europe big physical guys. I want to set yet and it's really easy responsibility. Yeah yeah tide and the faculty get a bottle everything inside absolutely you do we need to shorten that edged. Old guys try to get around you try to deepen rout. They're gonna lose ground Gergen creature much greater good according to seek deep tackle or law or at least you know nobody. I meet at an all week. But if it's in their opportunities. To go after the you know after the quarterback. What we can do. The signing. What what what has me scratching my head was just can't stop everybody is dig about. In the lead in the Steelers that you. It's odd how weird people object are one of Irish lead achieve aggregate through Easter opt out. We've seen some of the the and that is bad and powerful. It is really its cookie to me ever. That's that that's derby line today like that somehow a professional athlete who was promised they roll Christian. Eventually asks out the team allows him out no other team in the NFL. Always have a contract in east policy thanks I don't want to go there or who might legacy that that sounds like something a dumb. Sports Radio caller would say vs looking it always try to get a job trying to get paid the final ball of the season. Yes I've worked so they're. There's and other personnel called us responded to some that Brady Bunch and I have a question or comment about Brady. This is driving me nuts. I edit items. I don't see the emotion of gay people are too much into it and it will stop. Clearly. There are all week. He started as an amateur a look at and say you both grew. This history of the at a an emperor and build and integrate them into areas where the jets can years. Years went to check. And they'll never say anything about David air. Commitment and being in it and you sit there or not it's everything about that and that's that the baker arch nemesis they object okay. So I don't know it's just. Just look mostly like this you know shook people's action you know on their inability to. Look through Dicker you'll still retire. But steeler they'll still put as number but it may not there I don't know babble rejecting like speaker either but we'll have some sort of. You know platitudes did that stadium that you know. What to any luck what the big daddy didn't. Over that since I've made more rival but either way he's. Yeah I'm sure he'll do welcome back at some point that's why you've played in the divisional racquet against the titans back in 03 which was insanely cold without the coldest game ever played in. Yes yes it was quoted so miserable I can't it would wasn't windy so I'm sure couldn't work like I remember. In that game. Q every single. Ski shop every single. Light just figured I'd and so they. Back just dispensed bad project strong group well all bills of the eighty's and ninety's at least always mortal like old Alpine skier suits. And while I adore Talladega and now he went up and yet I gotta get one of those things. I didn't get it there like all school you know launch multiple hole a little buttons and back. Like seek it but it will be nice to have you yeah yeah yeah but there's certainly love that. Bodes. I like cleats no. We were melting because that looked into close jingle little cheaters. Mini jet engine that thick smoke which are likely. The British could have played some sort of it's called a scuba suit today. A war in that Tennessee game while no tricks on the field I don't know wait guys did at the pre income that it wrote checks on the field. It's shorts and a at at at short sleeved T shirt. And a short sleeved sweatshirt that I just mental mind games but the head coach put out there it's that you guys about the cold cold cold cold cold screw it I don't care. Although I try to witty Getty mental point it is yet to be seen. The editor or all of our. Right is it principle to a news. Our I don't know but all. Also. The. Kilometer an attempt to gauges all throughout the field inside the locker room also that you got to get what we got to Colorado. Who we were sitting elevation. You know whatever the ovation wasn't all over it out and eat whatever but it didn't catch your breath trying to get like some sort of mental advantage. All of let I am proud was battling. It out to grab people I know you. On the let's say that it is better. I'm sure the special kind of wet suit them should probably. Get TP twelve wetsuit as my guest. The best scoop everybody at. Right it probably is a TB twelve associated imperative that after the game to see you get one of these cold blood alcohol quarterbacks have. Yet the Ourselves or not. Real quick mortgage idea that the coordinator talk is gonna is going to be jury big topic for you guys this week at the patriots on the bye week. On the aperture is Davis come up in the Detroit job David fired Jim Caldwell yet they probably will the giants apparently have. Well the heels and George at the top of their list is third spot Christian on the teams either fired their coach are gonna bother code to report a fired their coach. Is there a spot they make sense for either one of these guys heading into this offseason. Yet it's all about interests in this ball team doesn't get religious but it spot because there were about Jake we don't at all. Now you don't you don't wanna you know what you get you don't wanna go through I'm not a group. Jon Gruden. I think jobs again it will be corporate you know. On quarterback. Mold them and he got a great arms here that she's try out this team loves I mean. That's me anyplace you're goddamn you don't go anywhere unless you haven't established quarterback young quarterback. Don't then you're then you're gonna have to deal with Eli I your state but what I can be done these are great route. Yeah incredible so. Been hit it to court records theater at walker on your picture like that he had in your bolt got a your livelihoods. Revolve round. I don't want it be due to giant but a Matt Patricia. It's I don't know if he kind of like more of you know and East Coast mentality guys had a negative and he's got Portland coach. I'll let going to be viewed at can be read it not been the coordinator. You know what got the gender who want to get that to me Oakland is the best nations in liquid led. We don't be able or former pitcher coaching bolt Cleveland. Now don't do it waste time. Now it sounds like your guy Vance Joseph might be might be done what do you what do you you think he deserves more time there. You know what you know and out of it but what it's like the second behind Matt will look at my diet primarily got hired. I knew you guys are great coaches and some guys are like I'm abatement and so what. It would be cut corners on but I beaches. I thought he would Wear Olmert led in that situation this way I'd say you need a certain. That you. And that locker room really strong specially be deep inside look strong personality. And the deep as a coach I edit a light. That was a long situation forum 222 I had expectations. That he got Kubiak and you got Elway there yet got. Matt Russell they got all these heads the ball a lot yes. And I would be right there in a Smart move if you don't wanna you don't want reports issued a bad move from local bus. You're gonna get a lot of money okay on shared that'll help a little bit he's still did Coke or something that coach. I appearance. So yeah it back repair like. But he added it. Elegant gold Purdue coach themselves likes was called up there on the field which you pick you pick the patriots big this is a competitive team exactly old. It against him but now you know or start off. They used. I'll speak I speak you speak I speak person. Trying to work on New Year's resolution. I've never aired again but we're here we're trying to keep the spot. I will never speak as somebody again. Little less like you're never gonna battle that I'd take down notices the rule and regulation obsolete and his. I don't want to implement them party Tuesday he ended June well you heard it or not. Keep your eye witness that witness and respect bullish on its own right right you're the best predict show them that they're. In the world and the world. Yet. But I oh quality. Follow up though your your ratings last I checked out this week are actually really really good so why would you change what you're doing if the ratings ago. Why do you figure now. And it's still so much about Art Shell that all about general so we're doing great now what will we don't we. Right let somebody sit on that too much to ask. I didn't decide how I hear I don't know try I don't get out we won't know that the doc now. See here's the issue of vote you have to speak over people just they ought Marcello because glad they'll never let you get any work done and I'm an online and I'll talk over Iraq. Oriented I'm gonna come out of line you heard me like I don't know what you can beautiful. All the exact bet what I'm I'm I'm oak tree not sound like you're not there though or is going to be is going to be glad towards. David. Well it. I wasn't visible during that Red Sox say bye to I don't know nobody glass I think you would let a little concerned that it will. Was and how loves fishing and get any better he doesn't challenge himself. To get better with his practice I think this is the perfect challenge and shall listen more to get better. He's a good listener okay good. Great credit rhetoric and he socket. All right we'll enjoy New Year's Eve direct patriots jets we'll be listening to the new. Polite not taught already what Christian Fauria comes date January 2 I think zero unborn. We'll see if they're here Christian Fauria joining us here as we get set the patriots and jets. I'm rob Gillette Stadium your thoughts on this gave you missed it we got the injury updates we'll get to the patriots buried in a and running back today and the coordinators as mentioned are rumored for a bunch of different jobs at once avid. 7797. ID 37 NFL Sunday it till 1 o'clock here on the best yet shed across what's the. Let's take you back to. NFL Sunday. Plenty insurance on Sports Radio guy. We're trying to keep it bought. I will never. People apply again. Ali has really now I'd take the dog better suited little regulation and actually that is. I am going to implement them talking. And it didn't look it don't matter what you eat your equipment. Hash tag it. And good luck getting your word in edgewise on that show with or way you're gonna play the U taught I taught full crap right I talk or say. You'll see eye to NFL Sunday probably let's say the that's yet death broadcast shed will be here till 1 o'clock that after the game here in this very same. Shed. War ship thanks to that later it'll be a little way for its pearl is it your phone calls go both teams show. On this New Year's Eve edition NFL Sunday at the ripples Ngo here. On WEEI to 1 o'clock your calls the point 7779793. Separate so the big story to date in the NFL is the envy of firings and affect. Well already we already know the giants job is open at a shift to reporting this warning that the colts are gonna move off chuck McDonald no surprise there. The bagels prior to today's wheat to pass Ruth Barbara Lee Marvin Lewis talked about enough reports say he's gonna walk away they're gonna let him walk away. They're gonna go a different direction. It would pit bulls job. Like the car up my like Biloxi Hulu. I'll reportedly going to. At the country's job I think that they make the playoffs he's he's if they missed there he's out and I all I saw one report today say yes to win a couple of games. Or what it is well. We put also next week if he's gonna keep his job there at Tennessee. The raiders like Jack the real plot report they gonna are we willing to pay Jon Gruden. Billion dollars come out of the broadcast Booth that sounds dumb to me now. Are the cardinals Bruce areas according to Adams shepherd others is coaching his final game and it's the court's job can open up. We don't know about the bears or lions although Lazare speculation apple jump clocks and Jim Caldwell are going to be out but they're not really talking about that. In many of these case Broncos as well why all the job well they are up for getting the breaking news today and how close of chapters eight. He's hitting it doesn't really say it seems increasingly difficult yet. Brabant Joseph to keep his job they're Denver after just one year which can quarterbacks are a little bit surprised. Many in the second year that. Limiting access role in Florida rock rock us while for Christ's sakes former our college teammate Christian Fauria this Joseph but he is saying that is. Not not everybody is the head coach at. Well hopefully he remembers that game forever because that could be as one of his last. Well maybe is less money they get rid of the writer wrote letters some of the U I think maybe it's just you know be a coordinator for awhile and then. Probably have a nice career doing that slowest I've back in the wake of the current started the show today is the story NBC sports The theme that this season the split this this season has allied finality to pounce on it feels like it's winding down that. He always the cowboys boarded 2019. It's been the year that the breakup maybe your post Brady. Post. Now it was Belichick both coordinators have to reset it caused by the recent gonna happen a year earlier the people expected op that lions jobs not opened yet. Mike's over says though they do fired Jim Caldwell now Patricia will be a lead guy did you keep Jim Bob cooter the ultimate coordinator. After she beat echoed throughout the defense. Let those guys won it Bob when is the guy there at Detroit. You hopefully work you're pay considerable telecheck. And that the giants job pull mcdaniels and put your share are the top of that list. That won't know which seems unlikely for either guy because. They just hired a GM there yeah and I don't envision either commercial or the NATO going to a place where. They don't know that GM is an apple Detroit in in Tennessee they had that. Or off debris that guy can stereo with them so. That's the examples cross off the list this point diesels that as a viable place for either one of these guys I think its. Other it's still more viable for mcdaniels I think there's a there's a chance of it because I think the franchise exit itself has been more successful against Korda. Coach Ford Jimmy Irsay is not a top turtles the first hour that you sort under control now is still there and Arafat's. The boss that you want. So the new York at least provides you with something there that the pub as you go figure out Ari. Glad to be the bad guys in debt you have and a half of this presidency without getting get rid of them ahead of time or get tell you one more year. Where draft a guy amend your two who's it gonna take it not to pressure that's the other figure out yeah I don't know it's Sam Donald's looks terrible so I don't want him to him. But I don't think that what is I would ruled out about I do think Detroit. Might be the best one especially if you're Patricia because you go there if you keep the office coordinator into quarterback whose it is pride in is good. And then you can obviously your your overseeing everything but if you give all the more hidden in a mad defense that could be a playoff teams that you. If I'm mosquitoes especially. And I and installer has not come with me I would feel comfortable going to Tennessee now they're not available yet but it all these jobs giants colts Bengals titans raiders. Cardinals bears' line we'll call those eight we found out the Redskins the jets the bucks they're keeping their guys so all these jobs are available in and I'm. Josh reveals an offense they focus I look at Tennessee I I think I had the quarterback jamarcus Barry go to. I can do some things that might Malarkey regularly right he's gone backwards under like Milwaukee this year. But I potatoes in there with at all but it doesn't go right back won the Heisman right there can record highs a couple of years ago. For for Alabama. Outlook the wide receivers of the it there's some that that's not perfect. But at quarterback if decision maker are the top my list. I have baucus Mary go to John Robinson. Who was here into it looked Bill Belichick he is out there Tennessee. If that job opened up that watch planet that because doubling expectations in New York it's gonna be expected to you got to go went right away. Expectations that Nancy they've had Jeff Fisher and Mike the lark you know these are retreads over and over in Tennessee does get to the playoffs at Heathrow are you out there. Earlier if we're likely the other stuff that's the good one. I've ever to court records jobs really high they disagree receiver Corey Davis this year the first round who was heard a lot of the other out but he was really good lashed idiot he could be really good for them this year or next years of say so. That's not a bad spot to be and at all because today the familiarity was summary of the front office is obviously a big part in that. Any of the Jackson looks really good this year but the NFC early AFC south is a very winnable division it seems like every single year so that that it could spot. I don't know the law put up about a spot there would be Tennessee and look at this point. It just feels inevitable that you may lose all these guys you know doesn't feel like they lose one of these guys this year it does not at least 80. Opening look at that right as they admit it this season I thought they're both gonna backs at all Brady back there ought to come back but that also have a closer look dozen teams are openings and Ari. If not now when if there's that many openings. You're not gonna have the perfect job a job is not it's not going to be available so yes the Sierra what's the best there. You were last year it was just a disaster of opening slate and those teams have quarterbacks of all Massa Eric you wanna go to San Francisco you wanna go to. Denver you or Ed mcdaniels obviously wasn't about to Denver it was a bad group last year worse this year. Go coach staffer or Mary go to. Maybe Andrew Luck although about the big injury factor but how little resistant but there's some legit places to go now. And distort Rappaport to date that should reference that talking about the Tennessee job. He reports his big. List today where guys could possibly go the reason he hides mcdaniels. You Tennessee is that. Titans ownership has grown frustrated. With the development of thirty quarterback Marcus burial. And they can is it different offensive line if you look at what quarterback whisperer. There's nobody better right now the NFL in the sense that he won't put Brady you see will go up always started when he's working at San Francisco who. Who better that's available to coaching young quarterback you look at it Nikki the sport here you know. Into the backfield last year Kyle Shanahan be and there are about Ryan helping Ryan get to MVP level it to the Super Bowl he was the god day. Was obviously a top candidate it's I think. With the candles. I think the grapple stuff helps him even two of lesser degree of you think having decode percent at least he would NFL starter. Half or let it out yet because you look at it if it's just Brady. Arafat outside of that wolf Brady race of it like you know you're to have success the futures were a lot of points but some of the other things that have happened. I think it's been good form and honestly even get that little argument that they got into on the sidelines available that I've helps them Brady apologized later for other that makes McCain look a lot better I think Brady apologized it was directly related to jobs the general perception of Josh Beckett but he's not waddle back. He's this he's former predator Daniels that he is Brenda Belichick right now current talks about the employee employer relationship we'll bring that Belichick needs its Olympic Games like you want to be yet. Means that that was a five days after six days you didn't talk at all it gives the wheel Saturday Ryan's right it's it's it's. 56 days after that whatever it or not he apologized on Kirk Callahan but he apologized to squeaky chipped greatness that it once would want scratch and it doubles now scratchy sore he apologizes on Saturday morning. It's weird that John McCain is weird but obviously there are the reason behind it and so yeah he's he's got his back at it that looks great and it. He's he's into one of the top guys for sure some news all the major -- we come back rolls into NFL locks that's kind of beat him like that anyway if you had to gamble right now. One of your hefty paychecks your mar our our record it to come. The tournament get asked you. And you lose one. It's do or zero of their coordinators just a plot hole this your homered this docket are not gonna all of us up and down for one. I don't know what to do both now I gotta buy all car rent than that though there is changeable what. So they've suffered abroad you have Ryan Flores and Chad O'Shea. As reported next year ago and I broke or Steve orbit Steve Belichick the all you know. So do that that will come back except Mike recent observation about the patriots running backs. It appreciate portion of patriots and jets look at that you know lots of the week as we count down. The patriots at jets 1 o'clock here it's NFL Sunday Sports Radio that he we back to. NFL Sunday with the money and keep. Viacom class can't short slug Sports Radio telling you. Oh yeah well a couple minutes here NFL Sunday week seventeen edition's Sports Radio WEB iPod and keep the weather expected to be. Eight factored into the page typically would not know what watch them warmup. Bill Belichick came out early today shorts and AT shirt with a cut offs what your goal Britain to yeah. Kind of a horrible but set the tone receive he reportedly also according to ESPN put the big blocks. In of the clocks make the bombers in the hallway that yes it's the tiger hits walking out of the field read our back ask finding out there does he's become accustomed to put open notes call it comes your patriots put provider hate. I guess eight a decrease of several beats that cold I feel today you're right Patriots offense is volley in the footsteps of Bill Belichick every offensive player in warm ups. Is all. No sleaze nice short sleep at a ghostly Freddie but he except. Boyer and Brady and Brady where Eric's via regular public TV twelve sponsored. Scuba gear like I would what was he seemed pretty hot bike race reports that it is part of warmup it will likely in his slide they've taken. Brandon Bolden a wait for a lot of special teams duty he's carried the ball and they're gonna make him the back up your today. And probably see some extensive carries I would expect to litigate that here is that I think there's a chance to get more carriers that Lewis but I just think I could just stick so it get a big lead at halftime that it might be Hoyer and Bolton trying to close this thing out. The brilliant head out early if you want to get bigger New Year's plans don't knock Google recently draft. Have to bullet hole that are pleased hermit lineups are let's pick it gave you excellent all year LSU. Go persons that we pick patriots gave it one other game. You like to pick the patriots team is a monster line here today I got perhaps what is this team will go up that in week seventeen you want it will. Little pat what Nikki plus two touchdowns here against the jets. Go. How about a go with the patriots are well that is just just so about it you know even if there's the patriots are able to sit some guys obviously three of their running backs are in active today were just talking about. I still think they get up big in the home with a condition from the game down wind would bring emboldened in the second half. I see them when we're 21 year or more points than jets had done that just they wanna go it is it's it was that. Tom current talk about how you just don't wanna get. Hurt all of these guys that they know who's going into the offseason they don't wanna start their New Year's Eve don't wanna start their off season they probably are trips planned to back story ever and they don't wanna be hurt this season. Is there a long season for the jets they want to be done so I I think the patrons when. Public blog about. It's just one of these things where activity points yeah because this week seventeen because the motivation the second half the motivate the patriots going to be. Hit a ball or organ a credible that the jets couples he's back next year so that that the final score. Sort of battered him it was a lot with a game it would be a backdoor cover due to the jets lost sixty. This is a tough. Week in the in the league team to that obviously if it yeah feels a little like pre season style we're trying to figure who's playing do they care what teams have something of a lot of what teams don't. Someone go to team that does have something on the line that beat LA chargers. They're at home to the raiders their seven point favorites. But I think the the chargers won it seems that their plan. Better down the stretch here I think they could find themselves in the playoffs if they win or get some help so give me the charges by touchdown. I'd like that evidence taken similar approach to take it in the heat that we indicated there's all sorts of different in a playoff breakdowns that it would go through this but now you probably know. What many of them are. But the Baltimore Ravens beating winner home against the hapless Cincinnati either and a half point favorite to pick up where but. I can win that game comfortably. That he had nothing to play for their coach has gone. Give people the war at home once ate half against the Cincinnati angles that the staff and that is one of the doesn't four point five games yet has added ice nine facts. Of the late games that's an excellent reds don't afternoon with no primetime game tonight. Did it what else it as a thirteen degree kick off so they're gonna call it the coldest regular season game the patriots franchise history. Of course the right Hannibal Mo got doc now you can say now. You tell your kids what he's not I. I was there I was at the cold I'd never pregame show for the coldest game I've ever try to rarely sees evil Portland is rice paddy it was Brian Hoyer and it was glorious official game tonight that it actually might do with the which you bet your last July deeply that we feel true to that actors it we'll just say the world's temperatures of minus two aspires to. You know the chance to ensure what it feels like what it really is once it was a feel like minus 20. To some people know what's at stake this afternoon as they it nice handy list where you to have below like let's falcons ravens titans clinch a playoff berth they win. Chargers clinched the win and they titans or bills lost more titans and ravens loss off. Bill Clinton all the way to it ravens lost Horry win at tight to charges losses. Seahawks went for the win and it felt its loss got to that part the Carolinas ultimate vaulter at some point it's welfare enjoy it enjoy and it happened near rapid. But I mean well NFL Sunday of 2017 were back when they buy Wii edition. Next Sunday morning not AM right here it's what should be put ready WEEI and from the patriots are they on a Tuesday. January 2 here on the station as well thank you Ryan garbage bags video thank you Doug played. But it's warm here what the shed its host entrepreneurship Rory be heard and rich keep I'd like that Antigua pats and jets have a happy and safe. New Year's Eve. Wherever you are watching endless sea.