NFL Sunday Week 17 - The reaction to James Harrison, on both sides, has been odd; New Years is the only holiday to reign supreme over the NFL 12-31-17

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Sunday, December 31st

HOUR 3 - James Harrison went from being a likely Hall of Famer to traitor in the blink of an eye. We explore some of the more extreme reactions to Harrison leaving Pittsburgh and joining the Patriots.


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NFL Sunday with Mike my next. Getting you sick. For patriots jets this afternoon at Gillette Stadium. NFL Sunday is brought to you by cubs clinched the insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified checked out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but we've architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. But the best get shed here across the Gillette Stadium hours three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI at. Actives and inactives bottom of the hour Christian for you'll join us afternoon your phone calls. All right but the kick off the patriots and jets six point 77797. Night resettle get your polls here in of this segment I promise the I have to admit about all the patriots story that it quite yet this week. The James Harrison reaction. I really did not get specifically from Pittsburgh as a patriots fan. I have no problem is not in the works dealer parts of those calls hockey it's time yet to be like I'd want to trap about that stuff. If I I'll be honest. By Harrison. Feeling is always been down because of the domestic. Assault issues involved with apart better eleven years ago now where. You know he hit his then girlfriend the mother of his children she eventually. Develop press charges going forward he instead of being charged with it. Went 82. Counseling program and it's been a long putts that happened but be as evidence resonates on supplies from that standpoint rich. The patriots odd given how versed in the design those that the guys and he does not that. You know on his seal wrap sheet as he admitted to accidentally walked into. Argument over what their rights to housing baptized or not and hit. Out of Oliver child across the face in the police were all except for sector so put that part ID. It necessarily get it. Here's these stealer like to pick your pits here that weird you're citing it jet or steeler. Org giant dump 2007 Davis there were David Harris when they brought him then on I don't think so later throw it out of the about it they weird ones I did like one of the the conspiracy theories that are heard or us on Twitter was. Because Tom Brady and Guerrero in the pliable stuff all the fires on the part of then you bring in James Harrison who's that old he is and nobody lifts more weights it takes more pictures of themselves lifting weights and just a true weight room guys. The James Harrison's may be that sort offsetting but hey there are more than one way to to have a long NFL career I like that theory and fitness of. We'll theory is this he wants to get paid at the end of the season. You always get a get paid is spice team advance poll has this today I think it is it is notes column of war games that is a team we're signed with. The board games that team what's the word gets paid and they like eighty something thousand vehicle roster today and that as the team advances you get bonuses. The best chance for him to get the most bonuses. With the patriot that they were to get the Super Bowl the AFC. And yes an opportunity out of makes them more money in a year where he was not playing this quite I don't get. Guys like up policy and other players of Pittsburgh Ricky James Harrison's because of what they did. A look at a story asking about what James Harrison was sleeping in meetings he was mocking. I its former. Teammate opposite coach Joey Puerto near Pittsburgh by speaks boring birdies vis a he was the whole thing was gonna play. Right when he fired jobless Syria he played like thirty snaps all year was not balk calls most of the season. They what they haven't said if you're not gonna play me not me. If they didn't even have to do this critic at the mother roster that will ratify it won't be inside contracts arts wouldn't see this played out they cut them. That patron to go if you don't have a contract. He signed here how it's worked then bitch and moan roll week. I'm siding with the patriots. It. If we can be so good on you about playing well lately and I know he he's had some really good seasons in the past this is now one problem. But if it's steeler fan that said that he's gonna comes to wiggled and play well for them that they never should it come to begin with yet the whole thing was it was very strange for a guy that knows how much is gonna play. Now he has said that hey they told them baiting the patriots told that it was gonna play he's not just going there are about the bench but. Who's to say and I'm sure you he would love it referred AFC championship game against Pittsburgh won't either. That is the biggest thing possible for James Harrison. I'm low expectations though are very very low expectations for him but also wouldn't shock me if he made up a player to go to guy who is. Very motivated already he had left Pittsburgh got one back to Pittsburgh had not gone as well there of them this year is based speech the loss season form. He was getting frustrated and it's got a chance to play in. We'll find out I assume is gonna be active for a find out in what what events are so there. That they were always he acted well why okay yes get out there about guy sitting for the second half Brian Hoyer get extended look if you're up big. James Harrison one actually play so much as possible live list at least right now the web site have not seen that the actual game date depth chart as well though it at 1130. They have listed is that the third. Linebacker at one of the two linebacker position they have listed they have been away flowers and Grigsby. Alito Roberts David Harris and James Harrison was it after the guys that position. I guess it played a lot of that outside the patriots airport men's event at a given as the caller said earlier there inconsistent pass rush why not why not. Why are you don't see accomplished a couple things you met the guy who is played a big gains of four and adult double what would be an issue for him. You advocates and some passers at times this year and clearly based the reaction Pittsburgh rich. You pissed off the Pittsburgh steel out there all week long would you like falling over each other sport to get the story of while you eat it get at least he asked her release well if you promise or about playing time yeah which the exact same thing if you're James Harrison. It's weird it's very straight it's not as wet now OK watch guys have done. Yeah I getting it either big name but based off of his playing time he's probably the fortieth or 45 player on the steelers' roster. The fact edited lower. It's so hard that has gone into that you're you're a freak out that it is classic Pittsburgh they do a lot of things re sick. Well that's gonna mess about you know that that's not gonna play whether San Antonio Brown doable FaceBook live. In the law provides had told Chara talked the team whether it's how they handled the at that stuff this year knows how they had in the Indian against the patriot all the stuff. Geologists that's just the Steelers it's got general rectum. But it doesn't like they're still they're they're twelve and three. They have a chance at home field throughout the pitchers get upset here today so this team that continues to do stuff opposite of the patriots but. Would a lot of the same success. 6177797. ID 370 is the phone number one actives and inactives here coming up at at the bottom of the hour. Optical one guy will not get a chance to see play today is Malcolm Mitchell who practiced all week. Was not added that he active roster so he's not gonna go. I guess get the sort of a practice yeah a couple of exit to make himself back that he could do that. Because he was so port of the patriots last year duplicate the embassies and even a Super Bowl. But you made some big catches this team I thought for sure he'd be out there playing today get extended look to see what he has and always gonna have. Apply we can attract this week to show them I don't know feels a bit at a point what we see Malcolm Mitchell both. Dating it's gonna come down to how healthy is Chris Hogan and how confident are today in either Kenny Britt or filled doorstep of doing things like they're need to have the Whitmore because wreck is that outside Malcolm Mitchell piper right so if if Hogan's hurt and now like well this is currently working with Britain maybe we will see out Mitchell make his debut in the playoffs would be crazy. Brother that. Probably probably now we see them going to games with. You know three active receivers that they've been able to make do sought an opera. CN for the first time I'll likes the cards 6177797937. Point like. And what that guy thinks they might call you the real quick real quick guys talk about clinical and is if numbers in December and you eat you used the term under its. If I. I respectfully I'd I'd bet the little a little bit of a simplistic view because they have a lot more factors than jobs. What he's doing Beckel in Q whether or not he's making catch are you guys reference Chris Hogan being an out and end that in a positive that you should be that cooks should be getting more numbers because it. Well I'd argue I countered that they that. Hogan being out did the only other legitimate deep threat wide receiver make is so that people repeat that skin. You'll really blanket brand Coke product east peace stuck with their number one quarter on them and Yoshi to figure over his side of the oven and basically take waited eked out. And the other thing you have to look at you have yet or looking at the offensive line play of late have not been great they'll build deep route that you are winding cooks to run and those you know. Homeland catches that take sides develop and if Brady's got pressured its faith after a second half. How cute that can you not gonna say in her pocket and wait for brain could get open on on a fifteen yard EL fifty yards flyer in or whatever so it's like beat those two back you got to really overlooking. You know Hogan on the field. Now you've got hold on one side you got it cooks on the other young squad got the middle eight opens up more opportunities for the the place for cook. Some like you don't think a whole lot I'll let you finish you know you all think the combination of of what just leave let's just say Rob Gronkowski. Shop that opened things up for cooks by itself why does he need a second guy when he pitted number one pick for player and a headache he said he Goodyear grant cook has that. But the biggest month of the season when Brady struggled. He I feel that the widest part of it. But it's got to be second part of that that second part is that he struggled with this press coverage and they have seen united not expect that radical that Ritter aboard the should across open things up for him should he be able to beat number one quarters is now Whitewater here. Not not necessarily though because what you're doing digital clock familiar yet have a linebacker covering him in and you have a you know once safety helping cover clarkin. Grudge against it could be you know matchup nightmare you Q do you think that if you blow all anywhere. In a six yard rate I think radiates a broad you've got to you've gotta get gadgets. So yeah once they over the top on Guardia had the other big sheets what's called a satellite cook more traditional you know deep. Deep threat wide receiver you've brought the ball you hope that you don't get that much like Randy Moss and and he's Eldon B operating model. So I didn't think that having that. Not having the additional deep threat of Hogan on the field is really limited what they can do on offered in limited beta they can get opened a vehicle to be back in just. To blanket camp and dare you to beat him where your am and dole and running backs. And maybe that's the case likely to honor made and I'm not saying you're wrong thank you for your call. I thought the what you vibrating cooks you're getting more than a one dimensional. Down the field receive what is is is. To paerson was was pretty cooks I stand by. I think he's very much like Derek one. I think but Hillary Clinton. He had orderly scheme that just came running straight you know nine rout downfield get Opel portable the he had other parts with game and I think it made it. Cook says it too I think especially this last while it's been marked what Texas and I think the caller actually is. Really cast speaks to cook has limitations right because if you're said. Ali in the Chris Hovan updated yuck why I think she does believe they need all the stuff whereas. If you're Antonio Brown you go up there are ten other guys in here dominate your younger Hopkins it doesn't matter you back is it you still put up crazy numbers as you go on down the list. And then maybe there's a drop off after. Eight of those guys in the league and that may be coaxed to somewhere in the teens or something like that legislate. We're seeing that there's a clear drop off from the east d.s true number one corner or he's number one wide receivers. That it doesn't matter who becomes literacy receivers are it doesn't matter what the dolphins want to doesn't matter if they have Tom savage storm on the ball those guys can still. Put up numbers that would get. It's the career clinical that Drew Brees and Tom Brady. Right that's a quarterback putting him good and in a year where Brady's gonna throw for whatever is that whatever he had gone to today close to 5000 yards. I'd Cox's without taxis and eat at a very very good season. But he is is certainly not been great helping me to puts herself in a pretzel to come up with a reason why he has. And the call was saying because hope it's not been there it's a technical Seattle looked at differently I thought with guys like Hogan walked out for multiple game of rock out now as he opens with multiple games here. Rex Burkhead who see a lot of action of the back field. James White has been some time here. Target share for cooks should go lot. What would only with less miles to feed the offense yeah Redick cooks rich shouldn't be less involved. He should be now horrible yes and he seeks six targets a game and which which which appeals. It feels good but they're not ready to catch and he's only caught fifteen. Of his last when he got target and I understand it. The way he plays offense it's not going to be the higher that I could element eleven older gentlemen let's welcome area there's less percentage gonna kick those passes. But that's still feels blow and I I I would put credit cooks is lack of production his inability into. Inability to get open against this this last while the war press coverage than ever. I would put that on the list as to why Brady struggled at that ball goes a lengthy story today what's wallet with Tom Brady. Its conclusion is Richard the budget if money's the offensive line. It's not a cute they're trying to extend plays but not there at that brought the ball away he drives the forcible to coax or forcible the Murkowski it. Is that we take away is. He's not pulling off a cliff if not physical. It's just a much different little things and I would include myself. The lack of production by Brandon cooks yet as he wobbles reasons here December. You study and Getty you don't wanna have to go a full season. Without Hogan or outgrown or some of those other complementary pieces that's gonna make it is gonna make the team better overall but I thought that there'd be certain games. Where are drops out there may be illegal to more heavily on Cox or ailments out there you can lead a little bit heavily on on him. Well it's the last four games certainly as far from the case. Let's talk to nick and wave at nick your rod NFL Sunday with what it keep you on WEEI. Will they let so eclectic. This. I look at happened it was negatives. It will let it what is your best. There he got the now that. It won't be debt we get in Egypt is Limbaugh the guy is not actually the you know you are so. And there are already beginning you know all right well that is that this short it yet very good track. So I Aggies question that note you know network will be what you currently which I would don't do well absolutely. By the way it began to blow to the I don't know if they get Greg pages it would. Break it to action. And the guy who is obsolete best quarter corner exit thanking god wouldn't sign it right we get me so tall black correct when he well. Okay yeah and you'll be an element static text while. Because Matt Hughes was chilling Butler net. That you look you know what you and yeah yeah I'd like in. Yeah so I wish Butler came in late night and we talk. About Justin and I love Sarah began in the play he made but others didn't kill the color you don't think you'd think. Well indeed I got into didn't get beat by connecting. Court. Whoever UK he ability immediately he came in late inaccurately. The second half. But it does go out as a grip you plot you're right now billion. What does it did yesterday that and it would tell you are what was the last game you're not why can't he catch it tomorrow ball. You know late nickname. Who's right yeah yeah he was out it. So absolutely had to go blackout he consistently. Right to win their games like I beat this impact is this just chilling at what you get this are what happened with what the captain nick. But let receipt then and I feel. Our thanks Dick yeah I'm not sure. Abolishment. The good not great this year I think they'll look at what else we'll tell Butler is they kill war is not equal good I think it's that it's they would actually better than that what he's played I feel like I've mentioned up cooks is underachieving base of expectations I think it's pretty easy to say. The the biggest. Culprit that it's a popular yes they acquire without question Butler looks better. Just in comparison. To Gilmore about your gonna go back and read rewrite what he did in Seattle about your way back there I don't. Maybe embassy maverick but what you thought to keep him later in MacKey did was I didn't work at a heart and mind yet not a doctor towards him on the field. Lexus dealer thing Chris purchased wood itself. They have trustees Serbia does this NFL the pearl of the skull today. And he says that Benedict honorable war. James Harrison because the first thought that a how could he do this to Ryan she's here how utterly how are you kidding me professional football wasn't playing wasn't playing he asked for his putt he got Cody silence the only team offered a contract. How is that being a Benedict Arnold and I tell him practically back came back. He did he do you blame back. To the pay it in England patriots also put the Cincinnati yes at one point in Cincinnati division rival yes it's work so wouldn't that hurt his legacy more than a signed with the patriots what a year wasn't playing I guess he's gone every irrationally rival ultimatum. 6177797937. Is your phone number excellent ball pollster for the final NFL Sunday we'll start yes on the press will see both continued between now and what clock we need to take those small goals you're the best you shed. From Gillette Stadium went come back an additional small calls. Actives and inactives the world the street is this. Patriots will have Dion Lewis. Red Bull that James Devlin as a three helped running backs available for short wake up accurate NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah. Once again it's money machine and more of the NFL Sunday talk to my complex. And it tells Sunday body he Sports Radio WE yacht brought to you by complaints insurance went up until patriots and jets at 1 o'clock at 617. 7797. ID 370 your photos or your phone calls here in this segment time now for Sunday. Football injury update brought to bite you Wellesley orthopedic associates of the badly hander shoulder is keeping you off the bench cute wells that orthopedic associates. Get you back in the action quickly is at W away dot com and W away. Expert care made easy running back is a theme to the position for your patriots to favorite yet shares we knew already that Rex Burkhead Mike ghostly we're gonna be out. Hours earlier reports today were no James White that is correct so all three running backs are down. Also know Alan Branch Chris Logan coal crossed and or David Harris. Which means who will in fact at the patriots debut James Harrison you'll play by play a lot in this game patriots could get up big get to some Bryant lawyer. In this game so brain emboldened to pull back action. With James double Woolsey able they've definitely start their guys they get to gain the support ticket if we're approaching it Rappaport says the sporting. No Roethlisberger know late yellow belt there essentially conceding. This win here at home against the jets the patriots because of the pictures and I'll lose this game. And that the Steelers beat the browns. Didn't want to see your that receipt but likely halt its planes yachts here they already get the by essentially wrapped up. They don't the pats beat the jets to prop it pretty pretty fair breakdown of what's gonna happen here to let's see that's a fair assessment and also. Did it the Steelers back ups they're probably still beat the browns. I don't know about. Rounds there not I just I don't think I've had so even with the without Roethlisberger it's that what does it. Plot is that one of the right back together and that's that's it's not been greatly Syria Ridley that's. Are sure. Lately my jokes aside and come thirtieth college Florida State team is not good he is also when the grounds anything. This sharp eyes gouged out regularly Josh Cornell big did I do adjustments Joseph paid out of Zurich that would provide quality better. Yeah they haven't that's their call a lot of big week seventeen this is the ground Soledad S yeah it's like topple the browns. That looked oldest copy of this weekend and they'd always back. That is it is funny how the patriots both teams are playing an absolute trash opponents to wrap of the year but it's not like there's a big important game on a wild one of them has you know. One of these wild card teams they showed the chargers and the titans. You know cigar and I know that the pages have a number this year bread and every year but it's like that that is playing competitively playing a must win games that don't. You get to browse the jets that are already looking forward to next year and it's official Pittsburgh Roethlisberger. Now hole. Policy. That Castro. Hayward in Antonio brown and six or seven inactives today they're portal now today with Bo Landry Jones and Steven Ridley inactive as is one of those weeks. Where it if you are playing daily fantasy like nothing else not to is that most. And most you'll be natural thought if you're playing on the seventeenth here about a week sucks get out of that league you play daily if you pay attention this week move. You can make some money is there are guys who want to play significant about a snaps at sea targets carries and they are. Rice I'll like there's so backups didn't play a lot for example in Kansas City hit the expectation is. No green Pont. I know chuck can't request and I keep on the other half brother rice is the all the active running back that tired team a Communist China Japan homes quarterbacks OP do your work today. You should be able cash or draft a British boy the wideout did that led to that I don't because I think you're so you put your gambling that. Oh yes rock live what you gambling that they get enough points in the first half that played Brandon Bolden James levels that it's a close game competitive team. The Lewis is gonna see what he thirty carries 12030 touches either catches that perceptions out of the back yeah I'd prefer that it doesn't I would I would hope there'd be a little better. And that. You do get a lot of second half Hoyer Bolden may be pulled it and steals a touchdown for area. While those that again 61777. Night seven not seek re so we'll get pats and jets breakdown. With the Christian worry just after you'd end. But erotic vigil at the guys yesterday on the show. Rob Ninkovich with authority and the Aussie Aussie gave a scouting report. On how to defend Christian for. Who shall hear what he set about worry we'll worry here. They react Whitney which happens Anderson I Josh it Ludlow joins us here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah I Josh Howard you. Did you gears a little yeah. They so all this talk about you know getting value for Brady's. You know traded him away that it is really community is an area that. Well we did move on from Brady. And let it Brady went and won a Super Bowl elsewhere or elsewhere or that would check. You know the next year won a Super Bowl. I wonder whose legacy would be more. Kind of in question were not in question but you know what they like we're we're sure to check if Brady went 12 bowl or what you're sure Brady. Belichick were suitable after he moved our. It's a go back to that debate where I think both of all your right side that are hurt either one they're going to strengthen the other reticence that. I still think certainly marred our greatest head coach of all time is right here and bears quarterback of all time is right here so one album one without the other. They hit probably the leg up in the ballroom argument but it doesn't mean the other guys won't worst quarterback or worse coach Josh I think telecheck would benefit more if you're asking be in the pantheon of The Who asked ever where they rank. Brady is already right there I think I think Tom Brady even boxes haters is considered. Black and white and that may best quarterback Kabul another is this there's nobody tells a hater is sold out the guys don't myrtle. OK if that clouded your writing on her case of that they're still hold out that never gonna be convinced. With the check. It's tough to compare the heiress to people are or more. Unwilling to say he's a better Coachella I got off bodies Lombardi or Paul wow what is the yup Bill Parcells look at a lot of credit one of the best notable I Belichick passed him. Yeah and so I have no but I think it's more to pitted at the bradys the best ever its position at telecheck want with a rock blow. One or pick your ex quarterback not named Brady. It would help with argument or in my mind it. It can't be out the best best ever whatever the hell that means yeah it helps Belichick more than three upset obviously has more of a track record or actually has a track record without. Brady where's Purdue has nothing in the NFL without Belichick's there's there's literally nothing other Reza made that doesn't have that overlap where the Belichick you go back and say. They want the best defensive coordinators of all time when he giant gets the fills the super pitcher go to the browns which was certainly warm mix I would say and then and then obviously distraught that he denounced the one season with castle but he he got all those things were Brady. We don't know what it would look like a Brady played quarterback would not belt second without that we have no idea that it has also been with a bunch if office theaters though it's been with technology is excellent with just I can't read Charlie Weis light spill might not just death three different guys coordinators but I mean it's still associate head coach. Do you get that would help greatly more. You Al Brady's legacy portable although Belichick thought well I mean they studio is making. Why because the court because it will because you're saying that you'll Brady's never done it without Belichick you have right away. As they head coach is our best effort that far. That's not what the overall what is the best that so now it becomes. You can't even debate. Brady vs other quarterbacks and certainly knowing that you can't indicate debate Belichick it's other coaches so that it turns on each other and he said Thayer who is more important. And that if you're just taking the head coach ankle bracelet you're not saying he's put together the roster to look at that also gives them an advantage over other coaches agree and how important he has. But I think just the waiting game is it built. You probably have to lean quarter crack. Rods at Charlestown talk about ready cooks 617779. 7937. Giving once second rob as I try to manipulate this a very tiny. Laptop milestone that rob. Morning guys I wouldn't be too great job on the double figures that talk what would help. Got to tip an element and a little while ago which kill and Brandon Cox and the numbers in corporate news the fact that you know you're not getting much production out of the back and allow what I'm saying that. You know the big paper route slipped from clerks and that we or out coming out of the backfield. Shot and not all not at all not eating from the backfield on the swing out out of back there. Yeah black get all and let it go. Oh. 00. I. That's what I thought yeah. Oh. Like into production outlook in order to spill and not a call or met. What trait rocket developed in it beyond a linebacker didn't blow you blow up wiped out or are out. That's that we're honored that rolled out a lot all the local or not. Too little. Local come all. Yeah I guess rob thanks for the call I thought cooks his ability his skills that would be injury group here really believe that. And you think that he needs other people around him to really be a factor in the office because he many not factor now for weeks. All the hatred of one picked that guy Elsa I tried believe that the running backs have not been. Part of passing game we've seen it white's required to we've seen that with some big Birkhead games Lewis got it there Leo here's catch passes last week so we've seen those guys. Performed pretty well I don't think that's one of the biggest problem. Peterson JP at 6177797937. Reported Peter. They got a I almost completely agree with the last caller that. Along duke very. No element no Malcolm Mitchell an old goes from beginning here a bit Brady kind of so Barrett by throwing. To the running back James White and expert currency take Paramount. You take Hogan. I think and who who really did you have left to throw to amuse debt and and though it costs. Cal state and our goal cooks Kenny Britt yup they are that's why wait Alan you're making the argument. Aaron had ten catches but that's a as you said sarcastically. I. This is why would give Brady MVP bad poll does is big story today where he's got hot early want to rock house keeps you it Brady three I think the injuries were Brady. It'll be out of the year rob being suspended hope it work kid he is put up MVP numbers with a offensive group. That is below what's on his part is contemporary to plant where the Pittsburgh Steelers have a much better skills that. What healthy then the patriots Q right now banged up I could do better probably I think Brady's the FBP. Because he's put up all these numbers would what you're saying if given the injuries except throw a eight day got off its you'd almost all year. Just one more point yes but it I think that they were the Brady slippage is issues that directly connect what they abuse and a little bit. But to his lack weapons are being. You know ought to throw our you know put America quarterback rating of eighty farmer whatever. Considering what he's got to deal will Pickens is it's because you get all the I think that he's he's missed his weapon. I had Margaret I think he I think got the office of law and overstated mark pipes it's part of the latest hideout of all time political folks to really should be like a whole bore pipe. Player right should play should should be. He doesn't most of the year December about the horse of the year he was such a real number one receiver again he's not Antonio brouder the other Hopkins but he's a top fifteen receiver out of 32 teams do you call it took Singapore receiver the best tight end of all time. And they are running back field I know they've gone through injuries that's a big part of it but. Most throughout the season those guys have been very Dion Lewis is playing as well as he's ever played. Do any of it dole as somebody who I'm a huge bit of but. Pretty can rely on remedies that big playoff performances forums and that guy. So staggered out that's a good point that's not -- brown but nothing else really in the league hits the leash. To. Also based on that that's not the scope that you guys the last we'll rate five touchdowns four picks quarterback rating of 81 which were mixed polls say please. For couples are almost there. Night uniting of the NFL there aren't accurate what what what you war. So all walks up the rich keep a Sports Radio expert yes it is what what liberties issue some sort of injured out of this and sort of passes. All of sudden when he started first played poorly he popped the manager for the utilities so maybe it's just utilities or maybe it's something else that was hard for me to get hurt. It was our decision and I'm proud god Allah so then that's out. Outrageous that that we wash he eats up I think you might be knocked out hotter than it is this acidity level what does bodies perfect. He's Rick electoral lights. Bold flavors or talk about lust for quite last though do you what injuring more than anything. I could put into play that night I will say I'm not a big volume veteran players approach you but if you wanna make an excuse for the one you were brought was hurt I'll give you that because that was not a who's who of guys out there with a grunt makes such a big difference like he has. He's he's just that good is as good of an individual offensive player that a quarterback could want in the entire league with the best individual plays her plea. Yeah you know moss is a better player I'll rockets well given its audited yes receiving eat ready bosses not to go out as the best wide receiver. In history to go to about the second robbery occurred people go down as the best I could replicate that thought it would have a good receivers have more more than tight ends. This put more great ones that tied at that should say what or that. In history leaked yesterday that they are the I thought I don't know I think that's full of all time of hope you'd like to connect height Eddie 2000 I've got to tell them more. Very tight end a fullback they like the cold up here that like the electors if I had my lawyer is now a star opposition leader was you know. Why doesn't make you more wide receiver yes and exactly as well receivers at celebrity really good blocking Tenet inherited an outlaw walked covers he got a reply that's an important are what they do that you put their equities outplayed this out of the pockets of quiet part of what goes. It's about her about one game v.s and other injuries and played great about what's out there David game for craw has played well. So I think he's not at auto percent that in my guests so ready to put you on the the one British Mon I'm excited with what I don't think it's one thing I'd want they'd offensive line is number one stop. It ahead and talk I talk of the toys like. Our I thought I was freezing up at 6177797. ID 370 is the phone number NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance right up until 1 o'clock patriots and jets for your phone calls. Sunday's win money G force dot com. Shorts on Sports Radio W. Broadcast shed bucket. He NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI as always presented by the plants insurance let up until 1 o'clock patriots and jets. After the game go predict when or wait it right Sproles. I'll be here in the real post game show recapping all things pat. And jets keep the other games where there are dying at 4 o'clock games this afternoon it is they reds' own us. But ends the about the game this afternoon they it smartly. They realize there were no there's no real marquee locking up have to have game even Carolina Atlanta. It's not going to be attacking debt problem so they took they know primetime game tonight opposite of what it back in a week seventeen and just sit here we go. Here's not even yeah 4 o'clock here for Utecht had to sit and watch it ignore your family. IQ during the New Year's Eve after work even NFL fans won't know how for the players on the field today. No well slowly there's a player. Who's gonna probably. See like what he carries today. For the rams you don't bigger star running back who's somebody Malcolm brown on undrafted free agent George who's gonna stuck. A budget maybe I'm not sure you do is it that it was shot in order state that's how much calls from all vehicles on the stuff it'd be you have a problem. That though we budget audience here today but if you're playing it daily Tennessee chance he would take advantage of that. Because the game here today sitting in traffic the patriots and jets right now please no pat all allowed people to bring. Not like it's into the game today is going to be so cold could be at all time low. Regular season games thirteen to kick off that'll be the all time low of four patriots regular season temperature at kick off. On a brick like to advocate in the beat bins set up after the game you want to put those in the gonna donate those few nights a local shelters which. They're gonna need here not just today but the next week or so people to be extended forecast it is going to be cold and this type of cold here. Opera large portion of the next week so he can bring a blanket cities keep order of the game but help out. Some of the great facilities that help alcohol was. After the game here today at let's deep seeded New Hampshire joints but it keeps NFL Sunday as the. I don't say let's. That he gradient got a technical great but I don't think Britain would be who need it today without totally. Under Bill Belichick. I mean I know Belichick the great coaching. And well past and other quarterbacks. But greedy I don't think he's ready without you know the information that he received from Belichick. But he thinks. But he but now a check without Tom Brady would want bicycles here. We beat the saint we think of the same way as head coach. I've ever think you would want probably chill. Yes yes I agree or did I wouldn't know the quarterback I think people I think that whole group I think both could win without the other debate neither 1015. Ready get beat that combination that is made them them the most successful Walt time. I think if Brady what somebody that I still think with the quarterbacks and you look around the league if you get drafted by the wrong team. Let's put you on the rounds early in his career but I mean the lead early wouldn't be in the league right now that I feel safe to say that and he could be gone at that it's it's all about where these guys end up the kind of opportunities that there are legitimately be out of the league heated up here. There are thing if you want to that he was trapped by the rounds. South a couple of years any quarterbacks about it's that clear once the police were quarterbacks go to. I don't know we've got to dissipate before it and it it's a circle that nowhere but if I hate it if the choice was Wi does with Joseph Flacco is the choice was. Now let's check into Flacco. Orthodox gradient Harbaugh. I would I would take Belichick that maybe that may be 88 to it that the united don't check it war Portman Brady I yes. But if it's just a good quarterback. With Della checked I wouldn't have taken that companies with a coat ready yet since it's an estimate it's a tough. It's a tough one to figure out because the other thing too is early on birdies career. If he wasn't playing with the kind of defense that Belichick was coaching up. We've had those early Super Bowls or did you one of these quarterbacks that was was good but that didn't eventually get into it prompts her to win but just what you said it the best. Tom Brady. Was not in the first fire emergency letter and you did a Super Bowls late in the third period 07 and ten he's wearing the MVP set in different career sports papers was the key manager were to those receivables and now always bit. This record numbers like you'd better you. And it's this is even a debate but use a better quarterback in his thirties but it was in his twenties yeah it was already launched into that top tier of quarterbacks because he had full receivable three. But if he didn't win those you couldn't take his stats. And it put him up there would would Peyton Manning now are going to the supposed. All year she represent any debate right at Rhode Island on Tom Brady Brady cook dictated rebels who are. I cut bread I RI. In the Islamic. I just wanted to talk about radicals a little bit I think that his skills that is outside the numbers and much of that of Tom Brady I think. Throwing outside the number is that it is. Specialty. Icing cooks them back on a lot of roads and he probably be better with through restate that wrote. Brady seems to be very well suited to throw inside the numbers. That's her bread and butter as we've seen him do it the past thought I wouldn't call they act is it has become. Is again part of the story Tom Brady you know beating is career that not was not a good people roar. The story out and it reminds us that he has become last two years and a deep pass the ball quarterback for the NFL you look upwards he'd look at some of the deep ball percentages that hits. He is now number once I don't think. That's been the issue us on connect the Brady moss plenty of time on the outside yes red avoid. Credible fell these guys work household names at that point he's fine on the outside I don't think. It's bradys are strictly to keep it from being a good at its keep make cooks are having the ridiculous. The whole year but he's not a person just the regular portfolio by you know not mean neighmond. They're glad to hear that Chris Hogan in the league the league in yards were captured or religious Soledad that he would ever summit that was run after the catch but even so there's a lot of deep plays that birdie would just pocket down undated to Chris Hogan they go hoax. It's not entirely sure that that that's it either I think he can do it that's another case where. You know we watch every single snap of every single patriots game and you probably just can't pay that close of attention to every other team. So you see Brady you know throw a couple passes deep to break codes that are incomplete I got asked terrible putt. Look around the league that have to have everybody even even in a great receivers or or you know good to great quarterbacks like that there are having that same problem I chose that caught talking Brady yards Sports Radio WE E. i.'s NFL Sunday. Well it's up. Yeah I haven't. My opponent and you thought you are. I I I my I kinda wondered whether or not it was radio Belichick insulate our documentary. On Brady when he played at Michigan State Michigan and AM as if they're because we're business machines are. Was at Michigan. President in this you know that's the fact is the backup quarterback for what the other guy the effort you know bad on you as and and they were continually down by two touchdowns and the post said after like it's patently Grady. And watch and that footage. He looked very very similar if not identical to the way place for the patriots. Now and you'd get respect men and in half a light that he had just stardom and you know I just wanna add debt in the commentary that didn't know what I think I think. That the patriots successes. Not wisely but solely due to you know Brady's. Great effort. Date you know who's not old until you hear is not a four year starter at Michigan. No I would not hot. Not earning our respect for Rick. You lose. I don't know its union actually found what does the bit overstated not out I guess yeah the relatives of the back reporters when the Orange Bowl loses a little overstated about how we didn't play well again. No analogy. He checked into that one out of sexuality saris and it's coming into Michigan is union here of the backup quarterback any it would continually now what you're touchdown. Answer Robert Brady and want to talk got a. Argued document very distinctive to lot CIV to go watch your show I thought he was listless as can't miss prospect at a California San Mateo. And I thought he went to Michigan played all four years there as you state. I don't I thought he just handed the job that Everett battle for the opposition in the first round we're in the there wasn't in the first round. I want expansion draft other tech sector to break we will guy gets some thoughts on patriots and jets thank you glad he'll be up after the game don't you all bought Tom Brady's career. We will come back it up patriots jets with Christian forty it would be with 61777979370. And next hour multiple ports now. Multiple teams like Dolly now Patricia but Josh McDaniels it appears. That there patent to headed towards losing one bowl. On some combination they're coordinators in the offseason we'll talk about that ate your Paul calls what and keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah. At that. Opponent. I I I.