NFL Sunday Week 17 - Still waiting for Brandin Cooks, Stephon Gilmore to arrive; Mut gives a PSA on urinating outside in cold weather 12-31-17

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Sunday, December 31st

HOUR 2 - Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks had some hefty price tags attached to them when they joined the Patriots. After an almost complete season, what is the opinion on two of the Patriots' biggest offseason acquisitions? Also, Mike Mutnansky wears many hats here at WEEI: football analyst, Red Sox reviewer, morning show punching bag. Today, Mut takes on his finest role yet: pee expert.


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This news. NFL Sunday with Mike went nasty and rich teens. Getting you sick. For patriots jets this afternoon at Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday is brought to you by complex. Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified checked out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but we've architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money and keep. On Sports Radio WEEI. Our USFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP on his final day 2017. Weeks seventeen. If the NFL going to be called what it's Richards said they're expecting a high around thirteen or fourteen at to let that could be the coldest game. Ever in a regular season game is with its Miami back in 1977. On a world war disease so that's thirteen degrees here click on rap. And so that we've got to get these shots all the East Coast today of big thermometers yeah I love ally NFL's not let people dress well are bombers helped pull this out here all of them feel a little better demographic could see that brought the patriots well let fans know you're making your way to the game here today there are blankets allowed in the stadium across gonna set up. The bins were after the gave what donate those blanket patriots to donate those blankets to. Our local shelters in the area until 1 o'clock to kick off of these a week seventeen game your poll calls that's what 77797937. And deal about him waiting patiently hour QNFL Sunday here from Gillette Gil good morning or you. It was sort of let's. They yet as well to talk about from our present what a great coach. I think he's haven't achieved in if you look at the way this season on quote like wearing that you don't see. Oh you're not there and it is not in the when I was there when the Indians to remember numbers you have yet to put those numbers alongside her arm hope you have an okay game you can't have a little kittens. And I right now on the last to be Brady in for the rest B and parks seems to be like on fire legal ingesting. Cooked at a couple drops yes sixty catches by. He's left the movie Gotti got a look at the waves you couldn't get the ball. He's armed you have to play. Avail I agree with hikers all what you're saying but it with with with this whole get out in raw investigate it no settlement. I think Richard Wright sixty catch a thousand yards going into seventy he's probable. Brady they'd probably get on ladies let's not. Now he can't pin out we don't get. He's gonna be interviewed so we'll see you blame that on any facility at the potluck 31 of the six Priscilla who just OK but it played they played fifteen it's fourteen delegates are or what it's been enough I. I think he's the Iraq we'll go on and he had local competitions large columns job lower taxes such loud that you got where. I don't know how are like that the numbers went down like the king often struggle actual grant that's. Smoke looks just like production is on is not is on Brady knocked books. Don't know what they're just cook I haven't had come. Any numbers the last few games has been everywhere and. Our Dion about it at our candidates. Are able circle back to that was your drop little flop on the trade deal. I would check them Hamas wanted to straighten and the opening it quietly yeah I want to keep in grade because. I'm not saying that it integrate with the younger than gradient from Brady Belichick experiment. Why would you trade and so I was more Belichick magnet at a player that he is able to life. Bring up under Brady and the other quarterbacks tried to do that way they're not that good. You know. Yeah I mean they've had at some back ups deal next the call obviously group castle. And I play that one year and we're able to trade him well it's significant charities say an apple lawyer now overall terror but the look at at. Now if they were great the rock. It's difficult let's circle back to cooks or taken well there's a lot of them I didn't that they that you say. The cook is only have a good year not a great year. That always Patriot Act yes but I would ask you look at the higher seas for a long stretch it was explosive player. We stretching out the deal would help help the offense that was with a well Chris Hogan with the without wrong. Elbow wasn't there at the expectations of rock it by the way this was not. Turkey ready to bring it will keep separate blade for nothing off the street by Barbara correctly. You paid a first round pick what political Soviet with the assumption at least my assumption. You could fit into this offense explosive player. Year round if we look at recent C again this December for Redick books for 171. For 38. What for 62 for my team buffalo Miami put Burke in Buffalo Bill Chris Hogan or those names of one of those games they'll rocker calcium rich. I expected or the year he's had a good at not a great year to you by expectations going in. He's underperform while I thought he would give you this all figures are talking boat Lloyd or. We'll sell or some really bad this shouldn't be that because I those unfair but it was say they haven't had somebody this explosive since Randy Moss watchful acquisition rights of those guys wrong. It even boss but nobody is expecting two point touchdowns from a guy but you just thought. Look what he did it in a world that's another team that throws the ball Todd could you be a guy that you know gets 12100 yards can you get close to eighty catches. Ed Gelbard some crazy game this afternoon he's he's not gonna get there is just over a thousand yards right now and sixty catches. Which I thought would have then the higher he's truly a what some people think top ten top fifteen for ever in the NFL. I would think that if cattlemen goes down he would've stepped up and other games are different must figure of the same routes everything else. But I thought he would have been maybe a bigger part of the offense he's not bad by any means that I want to come across that other guys nobody he's the boss he has been good. But as you pointed out this month. Has been a little bit of a or are pretty pretty big drop out of touch on it Pittsburgh. Brother that's been really quiet month. If you matched his career stats coming in new world this essentially. Outside the receptions could end up. Where is getting is that last couple years 8470 catches 11100 yards nine and eight touchdowns respectively. You know 1516. Plays of twenty plus yards five or six plays of forty plus yards 451 downs. Those numbers are about the same with the touchdowns Alderson was he's at six look at the eighty year ago we at night and all that really big second year. Re 84 catches the average you know almost 72 yards per game. The difference being he was sharing a lot of those catches it awards he was yet on about your other area you've had in interpret it different. Running backs they've thrown cubicle meet with the that it a year ago sought out there are other things that we'll let you what what police need was a sane decent wide receivers are spreading the ball. You keep your mobile went down at your right. The talk of cooked into it ought well. Looks like Brady so what you want to beat at beginning of the year right really all of ya gotta respect him but he's got to get involved because he likes the work ethic you saw that Burt. Or three months the last month. He's not that worthy of trading about one pick that that that to be at what's the difference then. Is that teams have played more man press covered so is he Alec guy that he could still go deeper you can still make a player who now Neil. But he does have a hard time getting off their press coverage they can't reliant have been a big spot plan. Yeah for somebody that it was it was billed as being so dynamic and you know that is the work a game changer. He seems to be severed their defense is wanna take them away they can do it. So it doesn't media hasn't had big moments in the big catches throughout but recently they really kind of locked him down and he'll come playoff time he's more affordable point Samie ugly if you have a big impact in the divisional round or whoever they play as he have a big effect elevate. Where the rocks on the field and yet he well he he definitely will the way DR Lewis got at the plate but yet you will build a big impact on the game. That was the it would callers that nobody's played well. Raucous at Providence same thing last month the L Lewis that big. I'm Reynolds circuit before he went down conference to mark evidence that both I support them yet and Brady struggled a bullet breaks it down today. I don't put. Riddick books that Brady throws to the open. And I Atlantic looks get open consistently these last bought this last while the December. Keeps you more targets yet or catches it we're getting to that would you agree that it last well there's so. Brady cooks it broke the whole year. I don't think Brady could avoid the same page that there was now behind him now that's drops he's not vehicles placed consisting of a sideline right Briscoe as that chemistry was beginning of the year. It's not hit every snow I think. Even early on I think there were times where they seated just missed each other genres yet that that great touch down in the right you know right. Don't want out of bounds early on this season which was incredible played a great throw great catch in the were very much in the same page but even the first few weeks. I think there are times where. He got overthrown or you know ball hit and it is the answer some of those yet go back to the caller point. Are definitely on Brady but what you think about how operating cooks has sort of made a living in the league a lot of deep ball stuff where the percentages don't matter anyway. So you know you're gonna recover it's one of those things were target you're chucking it into taking a chance but it's not like you normally complete 80% of those that now Brady is is struggling. By the way I'll give cooks credit for drawing a much what the number is a significant amount. A pass interference calls this year we gotten big plays now feel that it's a huge penalty it's still spot solve the NFL forget the fifty yards automatic for now. You get PI of forty yard play. That's a forty yard penalty if Mike gets them patriots would say in it and analyzing cooks they might give him. More credit than Nancy both past and if you're surely yes those are chunk plays that are on the score sheet but it your ticket sales up. That's as good as cash essentially yeah I have that right Charlie exactly so no he's definitely been a of say I'm from these big solid part of the offense is no doubt you you want him out there but I just think we were maybe sold. Oh. A bigger bill of goods on them right they got close it even better I grew the 6177797. ID 37 quarterback these calls PTV's David. NFL sunny with muck and keep aborted me. A it's not let you go and on good morning but it could talk unit in Cuba are what would you call that's part of what. I don't want to things on the go really quick acting coaches great radar we shall we keep very Smart on the label pretty insane Brady if they analytical in. The white. People who would seek seek our cause you guys are intelligent we know what to get open where to be wearing a great opportunity about the probable cooks. A deeply you know he's got good I think exit only Kabul look at our greedy colossal. Trade. And what we talking about I didn't wanna they should treat calm Brady you. There are a host of a state should mean I've heard that from post stations and the patriots through the wrong guy. What they do with how many stick to a Rome inject their intelligence you guys. You're talking at a critical time you don't produce six. Super Bowl win so many compared to Michael Jordan when Michael Jordan Michael Jordan rock or put it at the age at which it's. Compared to Super Bowl can't compare. This is more like. I have matured a whole lot of what's that George trades to meet Jordan I don't hide that I can't put into words properly Bjorn transcended. Athlete in two. You know the the every day like be changed the game while they I don't think radius changed the game the way Jordan. You're talking quarterbacks in football game rather than any I cannot be bought one of my flight there. But they have Brady's little hole actually and yet there's a good deal but let's not look what we're not we're not quite what it looked. Sure you go out below is where you look great right now. Right and I market compared I didn't he's very close. I would make it at that particular night well look at it it would record so would it work here it's like a guy who grew greatly web apps. I would take one more all the way. With concrete. That I would pick re couple all wins which can be awful. I didn't get to be alone while all this attitude be alone they got there he thought that your call quite plotting out. Outtakes that wanna strictly the beast David Diaz is a wall there because napalm I think in what is that your Brothers and I. Not a guy have a thousand patriot band would take. If there could take three with a one guy or what what Brady. They pick three point lawyer in this Hollywood Michael. Shot over aborted robbery yet that'd get I think is gonna say something like hey one more Super Bowl which is Brady. Is more than ten years the drop below and don't did not know what he's got to get out say yep sure on that one. But if you're guaranteeing the remorse and couple that you make that deal take it accurately as we're trading Brady I've what you I think it's become very easy now to say. They committed the wrong guy because grapple has been so good in Sanford suspect he he did take those for him that we we can play pack rocket replay Tommy curve if you listen closely to Tommy current today. It is pretty clear Tom Watson people. He says it based on his conversations it's safer fact. Bet Belichick never went to the crafts. And massive trade Brady and in fact if he did. All of those unequivocally the answer would have been no and it's what to meet with its more than a deal. Liking tomorrow for a few doubt that crap that they are you doctor Bob grabbed thirteen crappy talk to what the Kraft family. They were rocketed straight Brady you know what. I get that I understand if you're the craps looking at radiating heat built that building it by the way. He's a business partner there Richard principle I disagree that that. They should Wear a football works you know. Kraft can't do that rich he's got to keep going well until they're about three years I had a terrible and other investment deals are made as public and solitary quarterback the greatest quarterback maybe it will not multiple time. It's tricky business partner partner and it's trading. You know one of the most important players in the history Boston now that's ever trading now it's not it's also not a guy who's coming off his worst season. But don't make the only little last year part of that sport utility and they would they won the Super Bowl it was the best player in football. DR all the guys on the the NFL power when they they pull all the players they voted him as the number one player still. In the league this year I don't December hasn't been as strong for him what. But Carson went out with a Antonio Brown out. You're kind of grasping at other MVP Jason is part of the MVP this year is the favorite with a Super Bowl so how do you move on from that guy I had biggest personal time it's not. Derek Jeter in his last year were elect okay we look we gotta move off this you know the threat that we tell on a serial we're gonna get it to be a great amount of who we play at the position. You gotta go with Brady if you move on from him. You know I mean I'd people love grapple right now but. Who's to say how quickly rubble even be as good Brady these last couple years I JP's north Providence he's an NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah I'd aborted JP. Mark before him nip this morning right away and Nicole will make more apparent that. Didn't rates. I thought that once it. No you didn't JP you know what today as you possibly years the emblem and it would jump to the ball at odds are you you'll walk out. Got JP exit door. I grew up a point seven of them are actually. Good thing. Untoward rabbit. Now we get a nice tribute we feel like yeah month. Go back. And gore and at work at it till he gets all have gone with that first round draft pick. You can applaud their net Enrique but we always do it we've received the report demand. Like to cook solid but I needle I'd like but we're ready if we were it from there and think that weren't mean law. You know more. And unfortunately I've become a bow creek I have. Don't receive medical again from the government still and video looks like you've got to play in the end at the end that you are. An important about that sort it certainly but I think ultimately the coaches that I haven't built a GM Cilic at the Park Slope there. Let's another guy viewer ranking JP the almighty god at all if you could talk Gilmore if you were doing the under achievement thing up aunt cooks and it looks not a virtue but you gotta battle December. Stephon Gilmore supposed to commit to be locked down number one quarter and consistently. You see him behind the play Richard C opposition easy to have it run down into his great pretty good tackler. This could make we have to many guys attention all holy saving tackles. For a guy whose position at the number one cornerback Malcolm Butler is veterans that popular war that's pretty clear to me. And if he's the guy you build a log on board and you want from Butler. You've got worse deposition next year bill Gilmore is bad and the biggest disappointment and again you know like with cooks you you have to bring up. One it costs again I don't Gilmore you have to bring up or Costa bring admitted he's the highest paid defensive player in New England Patriots history. I know as years go want to pay formal white guys that silly look at all the names they've had even the last. Ten years and to think they spent more money of Stephon Gilmore that anybody else. He was brutal early on the season that I think he got older and better and then I think it's kinda come back down a little bit and I think. That that is definitely got that scares me come playoff time that he had to give up a big player to what's the plan that it was just last week the top of the play yeah. In the court at the end result out eventually they got it right or wrong we look at that's called the complete. But that's a play 88 number three quarterback should never give up and the cavs brutal back at the core the end zone he's a big physical guy Gilmore is anyway. Vick played body else that. It was hopeless Teddy look past the audit that scary he's looked lost a lot that you know I don't yet as we talk all the time bill would GM built a coach. Guild wars what that at least through the and Goodyear wanted to get the playoffs looks like. We have this financially but what did you SS vs yeah best that money back about. Right now Butler I'd be out I'm not an old ride fifth and trust at the time out rather have Gilmore Bryant but still but but Gilmore has been a minute mile down billboard it's paid Butler Gaza. And Butler walk yes that's much much we all downloads the public for great. I don't think butler's been great yet this year either one of the contracts get dome a little bit because I feel that's now opened his best year but one all one. How Butler on the cell that butler's been on the shut down corner of the 61777. Night seven ID 37 before Robert inactives and an hour expecting some big time. Patriot injuries at running back today we already know Birkhead and ilsley are out reports warning at king's wife also cities that could be the L Lewis they could BA. Brett all the season carries it sure does feel like fullbacks I do like the the liked James Devlin. The duchess today he probably will as well patriots jets have won your phone calls until that you're NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah. My blood that's key and rich keep it basic tees NFL Sunday brought to you like health plans he insurance on Sports Radio W. I'm not G. I don't I don't know just the perfect answer yours but it's just part of it and I see you got this really talented and I said this. Months ago miles I. Just like Malcolm Butler. Alum Malcolm. I would have us who boring if it wasn't for Malcolm violently he is a tremendous ballplayer. It Malcom if I was if I had Malcolm let's say Malcolm. Who's the best receiver on this team just strap a mob when a man to man lock them down. Everyone else who figured out you know it's like if we're gonna run so here you just from me if you don't say it's like he's so good man to man he's owned in that you know. Like earlier who's talking about Malcolm and you know we're gonna do with them I wouldn't I diplomacy and go to New Orleans you know. I wanted to hear because he's a great football player. Very high praise of his former teammate Malcolm Butler from Rob Ninkovich whose studio for about an hour yesterday our product he'd be with her to. It's a bossy NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah I've brought you by plants you jury here for me very cold. Gillette Stadium itself level they can't do it patriots jets review talked some bigger issues. I at this point 6177797937. It's always I do that don't they were looking. What are matches later and talk show I think 2008 unity give that couple together bill Jett died after 77. Jen says local hot take for our latest lot take from local Sports Radio village idiot that's. Ya if the radical Sox wasn't worth it number one pick. Meanwhile Dick what the stats that uses the very. But what he's is that a step brother what an eighty gift know what it's very bad about the value to that very much good yet he can't you can't say guys under achieve that helped beat yourself reverse that sucks up maybe you said I'm not saying he's out there that people wrote it says there are lots of these thoughts. But the rays that part of fan base that wants to. Not acknowledge some guys have a particular video expectations for Brady books but no adult league rock out for appeared time. Have a civil year last year I thought he would I'll vote for mark in that if we catch all monitor your eye sees big explosive plays it for. We're reported a year he essentially was that. The last well I wouldn't say suck he's been invisible yet. Fifteen catches well let me know about this last fight I assistant. Is gay law is is fewer that get catches yet in this last month. And until the end of the year with Chris Hogan outlet to work it out rocker koehlke basic game. I would have expected much more radical that it you think that means the Nazis sucks but you'll think rob he's not. There for seventeen on December 3 what kept for 38 yards that loss at Miami where he couldn't they thought that they couldn't pick a showdown that he did not. Even gold there was an interception output is bought duck looks that would on Brady yeah Rockwell that people wore for 62 for IT. That's a lot what the red cooks I would say that it's being that's not sucking. That is being essentially a non factor for full quarter of the seat would want more. Eight years ago right end again in and Brady was Brady's yards up to it some bit and that's an insane numbers have finished it with a with a big time total apply quarterback rate up but yard get somebody to that you might look at it still critical styles are receivable 41000 yard receivers that okay. Daughter of all hello to differed register out there every week he's got a quarterback who spoke for a million yards of somebody's gonna idea I just would have again. I look back to element going down you look who else got a deal to step up in the offense I thought cooks. Would be more of a guy that could shoulder the load and go back a couple of weeks from Brock serving the suspension. He says apparently still a big number one receiver right yeah. Well you did I couldn't tell that he played that game. So not but I wouldn't want him not that he's not a bad player. It honestly about as strongly as mud as far as I outbid you still give up the number one pick form because I still think there's an opportunity for him. To be it bigtime playmaker. Just this year I want to all the more I don't think that's crazy set 6177797. ID 37 fold upper Thompson Clark. He's next up on NFL Sunday not abort. Whether it's yeah you know somebody called in one in Egypt are pretty is that where more than three or practice lap a mop. I wanted to say hey I agree with that happened in and it's. It's the ego to me that about. Let it be your theory. Witnessing the great career in probably all sports. When Brady when it burst you bubble it was 21 years old college two weeks ago. I guess my seven year old son what he did against the Pittsburgh Steelers so. This isn't something that. This may never happen again in football at all so I don't want this. And I want this to continue to go on for as long as humanly possible Edwin Brady down would re gone. A small part of my love for the peach tree won't quit it because it all I've known for normal sport watching career. CNN I think is the top maybe it's so good the call though just reset what the call wasn't Alexei in the take one's. It's not that you might win three would drop low is that you'd rather win one with Brady. Then don't you go to with brute to be rob I I I think you are in the major major minority I told you get Brady's got a good run this year but next year. Such a stretch where that next guy guide you group to back up Brady is gonna win three I think most fans would that would take the three. Vs the one year you sound different but that was the call with guaranty reports guarantee. I would I would equate it to guarantee what we get sick possible. Thank you. But with Brady better than in three with jet on a bigger guy and we've never done it it's always. Please call back I use. Eight for the franchise seven year old subway at the rock wool Jersey got the Brady Jersey got public high five every grapples I'd be great public that's. Carol yeah. The pressure adds that OK so. There are very great quarterback. At the end of the day he'd know ought. She's not transcendent like Brady it goes with it or you'll probably haven't been brought bird but you know. It's Super Bowl. This is what it says one thing about that out that next guy could have won more than that Roethlisberger or more than somebody other core racks ups with. So to me that is a guy interstate getting attached to. A player and have everybody beauty by the judge especially rape special Brady especially to it also depends on how old's your world when a certain player or rupture over the listeners and audience it was but when Larry Bird. Willow would when he first or put the Celtics now hold rotted and it was probably a little bit different. After he was gone. Or Paul Pierce for coach Eric or whoever. But it's so that's the team. So I understand resale it when Brady is done whether it's odd five years or four years for tenure whatever he is done. It's gonna be different if you're just so used to watching pretty good for for two decades what Brady every Sunday. But are still pictures there right so that you're sort of reverted for the team. If you want the team to do well the public to bring all his teammates that this energy for talking about cooks now or about moss or Welker Troy Brown about. You love all those guys are at least you know home. Of emotional throughout this time. They move on and then you yet that we're. The next guy we'll get to the calls are second at 33 Jeff now actually some there's some pictures out there now. 86 degrees in the field at Gillette Stadium. 66 degrees. Belichick just walked out of the field in shorts and a teacher should have to. Hillary can we exact opposite message right now. That you can you can see that the pictures now out there and television talk about frost by a moment ago he is out there in. I want caught a T shirt but it short sleeves like our short sleeves he is way Asia tour this is yet to see the picture out is that this is your head coach at six degrees. On the field less they heard a call that radio LL model they loved you got very those guys got to choose what I thought absolute. Football guys that Nobel detectives seized that temperature all the talk of our analysts today. Yeah sure Mathieu was asked about the weather but what would be guys that can't stand the weather out here they predicted once they know any six degrees it literally kill Pollack deals. All the that. Telecheck is all the that you may think white sneakers. The poll up White Sox did all that debt socks up shorts he got some seat at least one receiver global and we'll work. And then a T shirt with a cut off sweatshirt over. I'm on blues six degrees six degrees while the wind and I can't imagine their words leaves today at the big one thing. I could see that accompanied meanwhile Brady is where you scuba outfit radios this this group outfitting whereas other games this woman goes over his head wearing that today talked about it yes the idea of Brady's go but they'll check the short and it GD FF. He showed us what you're told they're more word of Steve it's cold outside somewhere I Steve. Steve from outside this state. Of the morning yellow sleeve or I'm here are some of you know every. Cold up there yeah I wanted to talk about you and Abu. On add a little bit of that conversation on Gilmore. The deserve he's he's been driving everybody crazy black mark me included they kept the beginning of the year he couldn't play zone so we took a market that. Now it looks like he can't play the enemy and he can't walk down the thing that drives me crazy and what your take on this. It appears that there is an effort issue after this man makes the catch. It looks like I like Butler. Becomes an actor and actors guy catches the ball any larger shoulders eutectic I don't try to strip the cool. Gilmore told iraqis' shoulders come out and you stand up a little bit wait for someone to make the tackle where there is their effort thing going on here. Yeah. I I have I've got a beautiful bald guy fire zone. Had I wanted everything I don't know what Tommy Cordelia you play football. This is a well they do about guilt or I don't like these that I do think is different than Butler early years right about Butler on butler's that he's a tremendous tact. Clearly you're defend the quality safety that would be. Gets hold of Florida has the move positions clear his career but. I didn't know before I've not seen Gilmour at first issue that takes notes today aren't into your scalp this upwards of certain again. I do but I can't it's a way to track it. Effort don't show enough of about watching the alt keys afterwards that boy whose body language on that play tickle a lot of the body language. Be sure Gilmore is not that good but I I service based on effort or. When asked who do you thinks he didn't do I thought what his point I think is good about how he sucked in zone early on that a bit of play demanded that he looked pretty good at that now that he's not gonna valued. Stuff like got to go to do. 61777. Night 7937. Affordable we take your calls on pedestals they should know by now we have full multiple back get to them. Well the official act. Actives and inactives and 1130 Christian or you'll join us at new at a lots of James Harrison next hour as well boy the the pomp and circumstance of this outside this guy and put it. That's all year straight they'd some big deal of Pittsburgh to that as well it's NFL Sunday at present it like to play its insurance portrayed UWB yeah. Let's return to more of NFL Sunday with the money and keep. Presented by coupling its key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. NFL Sunday presented by the plant's future in broadcasting. I was still occasional game the best yet shed. Across the street from Gillette Stadium 6177797937. I will forget the this idea of the show. And that's what's important today wanna make sure we credit and think that lane are on site producer. Because the best yet shed. It's got to be 6570 degrees here now we have it why don't like how Jack your daughter is awesome here right now. It is cold outside. And yet there are still people all around us this parking lot party party on New Year's Eve morning I don't think Dudley sort of predicted that. Also public service announcement yes this is those who were just getting to Gillette. And are planning on use it outdoor Porta potty craft here's how cool that is. You're getting the urine steam out now. Back up your pace when you go to the bathroom parents standing up it. Urinating airport body a lot of it is so called the it hits gap in the steam comes back I don't. Just be aware of what you can. It's a public service announced I don't let people get ahead I had to pull back after the it has come back right up. They've. And you gotta be careful that so that's a Europe Steve at issue is that if you want a little more fire right now that is the opening statement. Now it but you could see your breath when you're outside I don't know why they're late into the seats down you settle things on the side and another for the because. It. I would suggest. That you don't even do that. To hold looks like he used the one side. That would be really defied if I go on to the British Open or the thing in the middle diluted everybody's team would be my yeah. You go outside today yeah that Betsy if that law probably. Most likely maybe you don't tough day for about four replied that's your public service of another good thought thank you Bethea Chad but keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio W we. It isn't over nick you are next uploaded a full Sunday aborting. They're good morning guys like that you know are you guess I am I gonna start with what graduate recalled. To say that I love Tom Brady of of what he's not the scheme are. Features typically to the couple calls. When when breed might have a little more value than there trick now understand it's a little overrated yeah. I don't think he's the MVP not be happy commuters are cows here you counted here in congress because if you pick. Just a few bad calls. Or overturn called what I've read that you would have been considered a New York you know way. Mediocre effort and stretches it off. This second grade the second pick it gonna get or not that is a very low percentage that this guy will give us. Equal value for what can you couldn't get an. And these caller that are saying that or would have taken one what would greatly no guarantee of great etiquette there's one. I think their immune system. May have been prepared and at least one. Oh god you can't think Brady is not a guarantee would give it and that they grapple with the guarantee you can't have that. A bit over. Or returned. An independent. I think victory if he think he's gonna play five more years you gotta you gotta give you wrote a column in particular armor that used to record. If you get delivered in play five more years better at a level at least. I'd go up low level that we're gonna see. I think a lot of that great you know greatest of all time is going to be a little part and again I look how great I love what he's done but I think predicting. Sort of have some understanding within their state you know what the end of the year you've got to go he had gotten that we've gotten in a caller to call. Earlier on or what. What are you don't have outline how they help us what do you mean he has to go he would have been after the season you're although he is one of the puck you're glad that it be you right now it but he's a top three candidate. When the job is yours you're supposed to do. Is supposed to walk away from back I. Yeah you want to click to click the 49ers. Are like the Green Bay crackers here that Joseph Montana is not coming up to Super Bowl win and MVP. C'mon he. Stories upon our under Clinton are being picked arm and a very different here. But you're open. Don't bear ball you'll be home Barbara couldn't pick it on my golf courses some bad calls about this quarterback out there is a course. They were celebrating a mobile is if you if you look at some of the callers. Didn't do it the perfect quarterback Aaron I'm pretty New York. The soccer world what our callers on the say I don't think that that is our quarterback you'd rather have this year then Tom Brady. Going into next year when I feel the same way and then they can always change it or somebody else can pop up Aaron Rodgers can actually maybe. Rudolph together I feel he's the has some issues sure Tim McGraw blow again bullets when they traded him. You got to remember he'd play started two games last year when he got hurt and want emblem every little bit to be durable. And everyone's making out if he's gonna definitely win a suitable scared you that you would assume we'll hear why why he's played he's he played so well these were yet isn't right it's coincided. With Brady's words were games of the year though right Hekerob this broke on red zone here comes Jimmy G touch is now being thankful 300 yards he's looked excellent. Radius don't buy touchdowns work Nixon quarterback rating of 81 would not get up. What about but it was a several callers ago mentions. Crumpled up and motivated anymore is that steel like that theory are they come out all right I put that right up there with the I'd rather take one or maybe. That that great with rock. I saw that that's I want ice it I. Who doesn't like he grew up around here or your patriots fan you always can remember Tom Brady is the guy for this organization great. But three vs one before it keeps the streak going three and keeps the conversation right and they talk about another guy if it's the same quarterback for three if it's it's it's problem that's there for three. Now he becomes the guy who is on the you know a top ten quarterback 6177797937. Oddities in Springfield Obama. My favorite space for taking my call still got. Yeah I appreciate because I feel like I don't know everybody's trashing on Gilmore and Butler. And it's totally not fair because the pass rush for the year we lost sight out of course we know we lost river I'd Howard Baker it's all these guys. They're Latin. QBs and in the pocket clean pocket or 67. Second of course people are gonna get open. Like take a look at Jay Cutler you have the best game of his entire life because we couldn't get past were scholar we need Kyle and or back. And I think they should spend maybe two of these 31 pick they got on edge rusher. Because I mean I can't stand watching this anymore. You know that anyone else and. Yeah I have to go back and look I don't know why did urge shared their ID definitely will talk about coming up in the next hour the pass rush is being. It's the tickets just I don't know it's been a bad pass rush statistically. But there are large stretches where they don't get pressured the quarterback he watches at a Goodyear up on tree flowers but it feels like those two guys are what senator. And when he lost the pieces. That Bobby consistency to that end oh Q we're not getting there are lots what's left. Our quarterbacks are the but it does seem like it's a bit of an excuse for Gilmore or in the sense that they're Gilmore went out and all of sudden jobs about a mostly gets thrown in there. Pretty easily go to an edit at certain times Jonathan Jones looked pretty Good Malcolm Butler I think you spend a bit up and down put more up. Certainly this year. So Gilmore look at those guys can make plays Ed defend whoever they're out there whether there Arizona bad would the same pass rush. That I still think it reflects poorly on Gilmore. 6177797. ID 37 fold number it is a ticket or your phone calls and diving into the week that was when it comes to. James Harris doubled to signal an entire thing while any locker room at Pittsburgh opera I was a play. Well Pittsburgh Steelers would do that with your calls but icky NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah.