NFL Sunday Week 3: John Tomase joins the show 9-24-17

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Sunday, September 24th

HOUR 3 - We continue to take your reaction to Presiden't Trumps comments about the NFL and the players who have been protesting the anthem. John Tomase joins Mut and Keefe to give his perspective of the situation.


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This leads. NFL Sunday with Mike when that's he had reached team. Isn't this season. All tell it. Show on getting you sick. For patriots Jackson's this afternoon at Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Cubs Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified checked out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson Moakley architectural molding things and buy your new wing come voted tractor dealers. NFL Sunday. With money in secret on Sports Radio WEEI. But night midnight to eight minutes from now patriots and Texans. 2 hours now 1 o'clock at Gillette Stadium this is NFL Sunday Sports Radio W we got my pinkie here. Up from the shed at Gillette Stadium bottom of the hour 1130 love all these reports. All the active and inactive you hear it here first on W week yacht were expecting it. The patriots aren't at their big guns that are questionable any Amendola Chris Hogan and others. Ready to go wrong this game today rocket Robert Kelsey with a groin are expected to play a little officially. At the bottom of the hour the game has taken a backseat probably here to win them but across the country. What the comments Friday night the president dropped suggesting that these sons of bitches in the NFL to kneel there were almost the slow morning. I'll be fired and or suspended and whether your trump ally or trumped by the tractor. Every once come out of the woodwork and the president and is this taking. Take a lot of heat today including from his friends Bob Kraft rectify it and others as up and a friend to the president Johnson Osce was a segment called. Raw red dot on Saturdays with the electricity is Eric that oftentimes want a serial. On the president and his tweets my guess is if there was an idea and our world gonna die. Yesterday John you're on the air this would've been a focal point of about what you guys are talking about. Well obviously Avant I don't even know why you need me today can you get rich he could there and you do have a very. I was called Tomas at one point it looked like I don't care about politics a little don't you know I don't at all and I know what my wife saw it you probably shouldn't I don't. I don't it seems like whoever's in the White House my day to day life might it do it better and speak for everybody. Is not usually impacted and I tried not to care but John this is the case where even if there's people like me who try to avoid it who. That'll you'll stick to sports and movies and can you give a very simple life John but this is he's attacking the NBA and NFL two of the loves of my life. I never thought I would see the day even we have. The things that trump is done I did not think you would attack bull professional sports leagues. Why I mean they're both black but I hear that right there it it but at the bottom line here that's the guy who preached. The politics of division of the entire life even when he was a registered Democrat had nothing to do a party affiliation. This is his own personal. However you are wired I mean remember his career at real estate started with it being sued by the Department of Justice for not renting the black people that could be. He wanted to Central Park I act the muted after they were operated. He wrote the prominent son partner that I mean you go down with the job done at the end of the day here talking about him appealing to white grievance that's what this is all about. Now it's it's about well I don't summits I can't defend it did some of it what happened last 48 hours even I can't defend. All the sudden this inviting staff Corey to the NBA add to that the White House after he said he wasn't going to publicly that that's that's that's what I'm not sure where that comes from. Eric he ripping Tom Brady went on and I had to battle. Got shot even if they pick it. Next to Tom Brady he got. Mention operated by name all week broke down a whole Super Bowl he mentioned the player he mentioned but he imagine Tommy Abner he thought they. After it was talked about it is breakdown of the got there he mentioned Brady by name that was as yet as much as ever but it out there that operate as. Mike and we agreed that. It's different to not mention Tim Burton is calling out stuff curry Burton is you know calling out to melt. No doubt on Saturday called Birdie Putt and I know it's not usually what they cannot trump would say. That staff Corey it's actually called him out first by having a press conference ID. You were saying that he didn't by skipping the light up I mean he anyway in my third and agreed to disagree on that one but eager for a pattern of who the target and we cut. I see plenty of white people but he's hardly what I don't see it just target though like. I got a whole list of people he's gone after it got gas results side. Whether it's been Ted Cruz and all these entity global re order the owners. You've been and yeah that the market a heap of serial offender he like say he. He's in our is that so anyone who opposed to him he will lash out act but they're. It distinctly a pattern. Who he tends to go out there and people look broken it down a Washington Post broke out between two insult and we doubt that and they are disproportionately. Aimed at you. Oh well this'll become the story next hour or so just have to breaking into our counties were Johnson mosque he's called WW Wii yeah I'd outcome might hold what Mike Tomlin telling Jimmie heard all. Of CBS. This morning the Steelers will not participate in all in the National Anthem at Chicago. They will stay in the locker room so we wondered to be more than just the only Steelers might it take part. In the nationally at them today. You're called suggests that the players the NFL in the NBA should swing back. So I'm guessing you're rich you want every player that and deal today when every player to state blocked from John is that a statement that the present. Yeah I mean. I agree with the leverage put it in terms of the day like whatever you believe it today because put them we're not solving any anything if we demand you have to neo you have to you know because of what you that but I think for the one day. And they show of unity at the side. If they recognition of the value of free speech and the idea that these players who were kneeling or not doing it to disrespect the military are not doing it to disrespect the black. They're doing it because they feel marginalized or they feel we all know like I'll have predicted it. Until you stand with your teammates just for their right to do that today I think that's a big powerful that. Well what if you it would appear Tyler Wright for John you stand up to any say I stand because that's what you do I believe in standing for. The American like you said your leave the players are offending. People always taking calls for days on this as you know you've taken them were people. They they were spending people I didn't I know they're spending. Exactly so what do all the players who do you wanna stand and and respect the flag and don't you like that's the place are they now the once were wrong because they're not kneeling down. With their teammates in this. Now it would be hypocritical of me to say that you can't get out somewhat important LA and then turn around and today you have to. I I if you don't feel strongly about it you should not do it I would just my preference is as a show of unity like at that. Stand with your Neil with your teammates in recognition of they are right. To protest in the way that they accused but now if you don't feel strongly about it or or more to the point that you feel like it's an insult to the black or whatever. Of course not you should still there. But I think we are gonna be we've already seen in the game today. With the linked arms in the morning at thirty player knowing I think you're gonna see and now the news out of Pittsburgh. You're gonna be more players than not I think taking a stance. You did trump had any idea. That so many NFL owners who he was sort of try to appeal to war he was urging to fire or suspend their players. That's so many including a friend of his Robert Kraft has come out so. Swiftly against them. No I don't think you get involvement in the way that you can tell it the way he's fired back this morning acted now on the saying boycott the league basically trying to hit got them their pockets which. We know that you know that's the most important thing to an NFL owners their pocketbook. And so the fact it eaten him back so hard tells me that he thought they were gonna be on the back of the lottery got a good buddy trio are crap on the apprentice right. And so. We donated a million bucks to good front John Connally yeah. Yeah so. The deeper it people keep saying and I know I get in trouble and I'd say things like that but for trump I'd they're great plantation mentality here you guys they're the owners. And they are your servant and they should do what you tell them to and there's probably Arctic and then are surprised. That more owners won't it be publicly feel that way. CI. And what I would love to know I got a hard time trying to figure out the basis for this job I. I I first thought this was just him getting caught up in his base and rally in Alabama and since then. At least part of me believes that you he thought that he is gonna get this great feedback that people are gonna forget about health care this was some sort of diversion tactic by the press and because. This was starting to go away is an issue right we are barrio that they're going down the at the was starting to go away into the president spoke of. Yet it became sort of way knowing that you abstract it would devoted to let that you don't let you. Like that though it yeah you know I mean rich earlier you not and the politics and I made it quite in my column like. If politics aren't your thing. And you're not really aware you know what as trump stand or exactly chip just take a lap 48 hour. In view it solely through your prism of the sport and and it will give you all you need to column how are you from the country whether trampling the constitution whether it's missing science in terms of the concussion. Weather and blaming white grievance and bigotry whether you like it debt Burton act is that the need for loyalty so. When you ask me earlier what started it just pandering to them that they maybe became something else I think that's exactly what it is. He's at an all white rally in the deep south. Trying to build the you know vacated by Jeff best and who would benighted judgeships are being overtly racist in the eighties. That's where your starting though he is just growing red need to debate when he says that. The reaction probably backing him a little by surprise. Now we're dealing with the narcissism in him which is like you commit me I'm gonna hit back quite art that's how we don't then back to me back to me. It's not leadership but maybe that's just me. I eyes sometime I read every single column beat you whether it's about. Red Sox for the Celtics played three Celtics columns at the other day guys that emerge or this one of course. And sometimes I need help so BJ explain this line to be about halfway down. Odd couple reflects we dismisses the needs of experts because he believes in what quote here common sense and his gut. That kind of thinking not only eventually produces extra in a category five hurricanes. Rampage across the Atlantic it's also going to lead to more Junior Seau shooting themselves through the hearts of science can study what they'll happen to their brain I get the CE part. What is the hurricane weather connection to trump what what what does he ignore would have week awarded it to the president create these app. There isn't simply trump because obviously that predate them but this resistance to decide that the consensus that the world was warming and that warming ocean can't. More violent weather. That kind of thinking or you deny that that it's happening that's how you end up with a string of back in the intellectual anti science kind of thinking I I know there is probably not a conversation expected to be having. Andre raising my ankle. I've watched one of the people you're talking about that looks in roles that rises hot. How could possibly art treatment the EE. The or. Have a let these category five working why is it easier Abu Dhabi my. Ma we went there and if I would argue and our villain and I know America and we went through that 98% of climate scientists agree that human you know. It can't yet and you're. Lost their climate science that they don't make any money at stake in the climate it's fine. Japan and they can affect the whether they can stop storms efforts were a year old and I'm sure you're doing okay we discuss it years. It Buford weeklies these typically like now. I'll not recycling things you're not recycled air recycling recycling like now but good discovery that could lead to the murky. Well not enough people all. I shoot low smog thing like yeah in a class action and I don't know. I'm gonna buy a Korea. And I'm global warming will be over. Altamont departed. Mudd did start the show I think I agree with some of what trumpets that over the last 48 hours the president nicely with the basic premise that if they if they ordered her record Trevor what if they accidentally if a team owner set to eight at the team or just Tina said. We are not gonna feel the at the U wanna have a political statement you'll do on your role time pre game post game. Not currently at them and personal down. Fire but you put on have a you know he added to what he says knowledge not not exactly what he's saying no discrimination is fired that's how it's that your your anger or give him too much credit by adding another player there of hey if you were told at your workplace not to do something you did you should be fired. I think he is today you should be fired or suspended immediately for taking that's what we don't let what. There's been a proper context though this is the guy who when a group of neo Nazis murdered someone and they did they ran her over and murdered her. The best ticket they would there were buying people on both sides. And yet when you yell and silent protest before a football game he want to fire them all the we have. Find people on both sides Burke is fired that one group happened to be all white the other group happened to be mostly black. Draw your own conclusions. But you see you disagree with the ideas gosh we'll do what they want during the at them no matter what even if the owner and ideas. I was in I thought he was inferring. If a team told your daughter to doing that it. Are reading more and let's just stick to what he's set. Anyone who else should be fired is likely that now an owner art institute a policy. I guess we can do that and you gonna be condemned or. And an article like Granada and ask well why should why should be condemned what if he says our team is not gonna make a statement during the quota to keep them why shouldn't he keep them for that. To. Violation of free speech as far as I'm concerned but let. Korea again on. Well just where the better I have a rule for this and it's way too late now because they screwed up words I wrote before how. These guys if they were the wrong Sox they get fine but there's no ruled place for what you do during the intimate now switching late you can't turn. Now. And the other thing at the pole like military vision of the NFL on the idea that we have to you know show respect to the troops and all that. The NFL wrapped itself the map at the shield you know at the shield against criticism and we should not forget. That suggests that the vault that Albie. Reunion in dramatic. Events and flyover that looked like at the end of I was charging the military for that stuff so they're paid. If it's a pretty golf lovers though that got it written a little all of you UK it it didn't ring hollow in that the week after September 11 will be Andruzzi Brothers out in the field which lets it that ring hollow with court and said he opposed the Iraq War but that's what. You make it seem like it to pay for that and is replaced a lot of times it is though when I there's billions out of it really is it it actually now at the end debts then one of the rare things are done well is point out that the league and that the predicted it so but the way. The wait John you said advocates and it its its its paper play event that sort of plastic and does he and gotten plenty of anthems that meant. A lot you know in in it it brought the Bruins game has been a lot pretty bare boxing her. I agree that quote locked and bombing post nine elevenths post Iraq War. He's very different than from some random Sunday. I think it I think it needs it as much now as ever met given the state of our world and what's going on we have the freedom a lot of people don't so. John you are looking at different. You're the problem when people like you say respect the flag in honor the flag what you really paying it shut up. Yes during the at the I'd say Iraq I. I would it's a once thought of rich literally took stalking her and yet I find it annoying and basically yes I know I'll take it literally put it in essence. I don't need your political stance during the idle I don't think it's the right place fort before or after games your podium your locker gold sport I that's that's what social media sport. You can't work for three minutes in the at W can't decide. This is a time for the country I'm not gonna make a political. Yes I would say that yes. Change some of the most impact will moment in the history of sport go back to the 68 Olympic army men and John Carlos the black power salute. During the anthem on the podium. After winning gold and bronze in the Olympics. That is that how you look back changed that way and that's. Ecology effort expands the locker it has Bartlett impact then if he neo in the he's not doing anything violent gonna know you could say that they well. If you want to you know make a point that way then you can do something outrageous now this is. Went protests it is far more impact of the duke the lead at the NFL player chosen to do it at what you're. While this can be hundreds of them do it today and I will give you credit you have for you trot out that. The NFL wraps itself in the flag line at least ten times and every time I'd love America it's there if I go to my wanted to gritty. Last thing I got is I think sneaky good it kind of lost in all of this is if were were all talk about it kneeling or standing. Bought trump kind of dismissing concussions I also felt kind of a real gem in there. Oh my god I mean think about that on the day after and and say what you want about Aaron Hernandez and you know I think there's a little bit of the he's making going on like this guy. Had a history of violence that extended well beyond old Lloyd. But that's you have that bombshell that it rain with more scramble by teach you that any 27 year old they've ever examine. And the very next day you have the president sit in this is again is how these liars just eight currently being like that it and handy dandy game or else. Ardor anymore so it's a darker are being ignorant of the fact it was so stupid me got big cheers from the crowd hours of course is so dumb enough I tell you I'm not I'm not not that tough on this staff curry won't which John touches on quite a bit in his dot com there is quite honestly it it there's noted that. Your your fired I quit it's the only thing that there's the reason outlook this time I go read John's call but WEEI dot com they brought him in for emergency spots Molitor Callahan that locked in. I was half expecting a but I think the diplomat to hold their fire until Tuesday. I'll be listening John thank buddy appreciate what Rick keep right maggert right I've got up thank you by hanging out great I can't do another hour of ethnic. They do that segment on Saturday April and it's a government that's very that they have put immaterial the river searching for. So an update we told you Mike Tomlin. It is told CBS the team is not gonna about the the at them. Andy told that ESPN I believe Michelle Steele has this right now that. He does not want his players have to make that choice up there in the field. They came to play a football game it's not about politics and so instead taken its players in the field and saying you decide how you wanna do this is that he goes the whole world is watching. They are to sustain that locker room for the national it is that's his reasoning yeah I'm. Interesting because what you're saying before that is that is there a chance the could split the locker room like if if your guy is so out of it but Tyler Wright for to the world as outdated you're supposed to stand. And you know aggressive on the island I wanted to deal anyway than we have others that formula now. After the comments that trump has made. It's totally to a lot of questions you have your student beat writer you don't walk around for the game but what would you dongle isn't gonna get to Italy to this the football zebras guys split the officials Twitter account that the far. All games must kick off at ten minutes of the and the visiting team introductions ball he's must be on the field. Nationally at the title games but they won't be so new so here we go get a visa to find the following week respond to this that it will steal it the only you're welcome back and if you're playing the Steelers. You elect to kick. You hope that they're not up there's an onside but you are inside you get the ball at you sort of button over its. We'll hear it might topple we have Mike Tomlinson out we can back you were Thomas had this and continuing to fall to guys that patient as we talked to. Tomas he slashed key lever that one's about 617779. 7937. Is the phone number it is but in key NFL Sunday inactives we get back as well. It's NFL Sunday and win money and keep recession Viacom. You insurance on Sports Radio WE. From strange to. And sprains to concussions in surgery besides the injury report on Sports Radio talk. Yeah. All the managers are out let's check on them brought to you by our friend that in WOK if you're on the bench with a bad shoulder knee elbow or back it will be Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates we'll get you back in the action. Quickly learn more at W away dot com and W away expert care made easy we have three big ones but no Donta hightower. No Marcus cannon no Eric role. For the patriots today along with of course Rex Burkhead we were in new about that political props there RB lanky but. No market scan against this defensive. Fronts no Irving roads and playing really welcome to on the in my life today that retail plumbing or Walpole yeah. They got against clown in law merciless should be far. Should. Not really. I don't like them covering now that's it with as I've got a winning by I don't like discovery of its Arctic double digit favorites last ourselves fourteen OK there's. I I I added it's a low score argument to yeah I had actually close Tom it's twenty to 920. That's about Texans horrible. Set it that they have a chance to break some plays down field we've spent exactly zero minutes talk about the accomplishments minutes here and get back your goals yet what's the 779793. Cents dot com current rule the stories we. The Texans are able to create pressure without evidently that is by far the way to attack the patriots giants to audit the jets did it. Broncos Broncos have done it and now the Texans game because they have. Why we have bought. Lot and they are now get to the quarterback body's been awesome last yours they can do without a blitz guys we drop guys into coverage and it's a get fresh from Brady. That creates pat we talked about water hole or can't flooding playing that game instead. Marcus cannon. That is concerning but the keep extra tight end in to help lock in that spot. I don't be low scoring game anyway and I guess because their whole level I will pick the patriots to win. I would go on record as saying the state I think it's a lose ball game for the patrons could envision a scenario and it does not very often platelet stadium. But I could see a scenario we're talking tomorrow not only about all the rabble leak stuff yeah the Steelers are coming up the at them. But the patriots haven't lost the game your socialist I can't go that's our only if the Texans offense is so bad they have one really good player in counter options but pitchers usually do pretty good job. Of taking out the one really good option on a team. The Shawn Watson. Not there yet but he drove it on her 150 yards meters first two are related start the first game became an but he saw it when he came in that that the running play he made yeah. That it's actually it that's all screwed but he is he can't throw the ball I don't think right now and we know Belichick that's dominated. Rookie quarterbacks throughout his entire career so I don't know how they score but the picture offense has quite a challenge you know that the chief defense was pretty good and then. Limited them to a certain degree but it's worked point seven points six defense all the worst in all football. Texans we know it's a good defense and then when you take out one of your best line and in two years ago you never would've said that about him but last year he was great that six people row. Now he's gone that's that's a problem that affects it also be adjusting but see what happens with. Malcolm Butler a lot of been discussed about him throughout the week and he talked about this week it would no Eric row. If they start Jonathan Jones over Butler you know that story is even bigger than that we went on or maybe he's back in there like nothing ever happened and explain. 99 dollar percent 61777979374. More talk more about the game. Top of the hourly game itself Christian for you for couple minutes let's go to Lou admiral Allen waiting patiently brought NFL Sunday. Yes I did not actually it will. There are others it was natural to listen to the political politically correct sports writer who are regrettable work that was the great job loss you have to really that snowflake jobs it's bad about it for a the bottom line at. The bottom line it is a big of a lot of their reaction direction or it shaver trial is that nobody had ever come back. Against all this political partnerships it is balanced. Through the NFL through these players for years you can you can even go back to beat ya chase in a tight top halftime show the Super Bowl. And they Kapanen. Taking you need and it also wearing socks and that the cops as he saw in their immediate. And then at that than Dallas I think wanted to do something attribute or Wear something whether uniform. For the police to fire at least there were killed in Dallas and they weren't about the Dudek. So it seems like only one trying to free speech is allowed while another. These bad you can't criticize strike yes I feel lucky put aside and not just kneeling down booked over the to a far left wing. Groups that they stand for which include black lies matter which includes things like any fox if you want to talk about a group. That was told to shut down free speech at the hip is fine. And they can black size matter all across campuses around the country. People can't express their points of view of her out to be a bit conservative because it gets shut down. The police are attacked by these Atapattu bankers you take back to blue. And your patrol with the police and it's owed a major shut down a free speech I've noticed it from the Democrats after. Internet via Virginia. Attack. And as they say no the first netcam big waited I defend the First Amendment. They can taken Neil if they want but I can also actually that there ridiculously stupid I don't have to support them their budget would total football players. Just as well as we have a lot entitled entertainers around square criticizing people calling deplorable calling everybody racist when we're when we're really not. Think that you Lou I am I accurate the back part socialists and the back of these guys standing here at the it's gonna be easy to heal that it's going to be hard stance that's why it like all things. I guess he'll get credit for this some circles. Players. Went in the league is going to. If players get it is probably. At the players out there and let him make a decision these are these are people right wise you know adults why is he. I protected them away but there's going to be asked of origin there's Archie solidified. Oh I don't know it just like how the image of them standing or sitting down that's just what he's thinking. Right wiles as a 31 other teams that. Mean we we ourselves want it happened some players stood you know locking up. I think that's going to be I don't think you're watching the Steelers in the view this is what what's gonna happen to the guys who. Are dealing you're standing that is maybe he'd I don't know proper Bagger should take back to Peru. Why whoop what. Was the NFL title there that the rules on the books you gotta be out there. So we'll see if the NFL whilst you should be whether I should you. I want them the only sure if for the G yet. Hide the locker audience and those outside that quick kick it on the old quick it. At the last outbreak that I would knock out their plea at that is what to make a decision what they want of these analysts. The last caller brings up one of my finger points in this owes its product it's sort of the the chasing your own tale I have the right he has the right he has the right thing. Where players at the right meal you have the right data about it I have the right about it you about it he has the right do this year is it that at the art. That that that America does keep you it's been energies into. In this it's. They start at the core of this this week that the guy. Who want to support Fidel castor the mad at least some stocks. And now everybody Lee is now at a time excitement in the league I felt my favorite things stock footage that CNN at Fox News musically he's the only guy doing it. There's so many players they need it yet humor means the face of that Wiki or what that ever done he's the Little League anymore. Trump and cannot get the word himself would call Catherine he's back and take me on an NFL sideline today. Let me take you all day I don't know no cameras on contact let's talk to birdie and right birdie on NFL Sunday. How are you won't let her. United to stand up I wouldn't it could refer to the holy Grail Chauncey bikinis pretending he came from the British and the cousins and I'm not asking a lot. Who I say. What the National Anthem should really sat off. It's very be incident. What is this thing that we are all like hurt supposed to get up and stand for. In. We got a good answer and one entity that is what it is so sacred. It's using that would I support the players. I think all the Croatian tank interviews including on likewise. Over in the over this idea of. You want what you wanna see them you would meet in together their trip. Why don't what do you deal what do presents and everything and he got a party with respect the at an apple want us or they should sit for what reason puddle on Capitol Hill are. Modest. Watson who. This army this thing I was. It's sort of settlement a little bit in my control thing going on in higher in the world. I don't know whether there yeah as propaganda. Propaganda a lot. I'll flip that kind of passionate about our century yeah military industrial complex. You know. There have been rampant in flanks. At least it. They're all around them. So vice if I if I wanna support it if it means to be I I'm supporting it and it anyway Cink thank the folks to you fought for this country. Of supporting what what again Bernie in the terroristic. All the people that sentiment of people this animosities or ridiculous was Vietnam and Iraq the illegal wise where people butchered. While a lot of corporations. And that the weapons when it comes to money country. I you know Bernie I had that way in about a big party would really enjoy trainee to mossy Saturdays beginning it eleven knew when they got it was burning one last night. It's let's get have been nice collection north main town north of Maine writes him. GM and but the mile oval or a no it sure. Let's not mean well one thing that's all right twenty yards on it thanks to you out. Think that I guess I gotta go to moderately Yasser was. Our. Letters and doing nothing I think the heart of the way if you're putting it up just wrote in the week that you look at. You're torture achieving your weight yeah. And it going to continue to get barker you know it's not a done well I think it's not weighed down. It's way down on the. And outsell brought the race not weighed down it was down a lot week one G and its week two was was pretty close in week three is going to be. Give a what happens this weekend is going to be above and beyond what happened last year I think I don't think Alaska the last couple last couple years have been down the collapse of the cut. Like I think the player or just you think this is that they don't think you'll. Thought I don't have a lot of what they're wanting to take a skater or I don't think national PP. Where people are watching to tell if a ball game is the place. I don't article we'll be back you know this whole. For so bad. But it took a look. Must say. Yes. What was sexually active shooting all that fighting machine but they're triple. And that Clinton being racially profile. If it were looking back at work. Yeah Nazi or cut back to rewrite those those so they I would say. That's that's holed that for four hours ago that it wouldn't happen like them or not you they'll be court Opel will find out whether or not. What I said not quite what I have a hard time and I guess there are people who have to who claim. That they're gonna sit down they wanna want to say patriots accident. Major a major sections and CBS's or is that there shall be which they never do either 1 o'clock game they have never do a lot of the playoffs that it was I. You never laughed or happen to be in in Foxborough but you're watching on TV audience the army their people. Who will see players let's and the Texans taking in the gold Wheaton. Turn in this off I. Watch in this anymore. Shot the remotely take out out of gonna watch the six are the football today now gone outside the goal you know rake leaves notes that that does not happen if you rate die die die hard fan. You read that what I want our heart I'm with you have a hard time he had just like. At a hard time believing. Bit Susan he's only six stop watching the patriots well the press that story about your story hours Tuesday that he is capable watch the game anymore right bull crap but tonight he's violate. What a what do Atrix sports seasons he's picked what to be a fly out all the league six watched the accident on. But then of these people Oprah parties in the league Adrian Peterson in the league. You know that that's sparked a lot he's seen it and that's why. I shipments of its earlier. It's worthy I received the the NFL response from. Was a little. I can't think of the word I guess they're our rocks at the right portal uses them my card like it is very very. Ankle were at the well the president said and yet. Nothing about. Great party like nothing about it's likely that of a abuse that's the lately but also Barrett the giants and the speaks statement rightly. But Josh Brown applicable but Josh Brown plate but it's also a big is a big part of this sort of ball and avenues for it's a little hesitancy the accurate but the little yes and it it's it's a little green before you know it added it is that they'll also be there at the worst things. Going on them and now again there goes the position beyond football. Presence of the tea parties more hard hits the line I sought to place the day AFLAC this is that the USFL. Fitted to bring up factor that's raised is that I don't shortly that I felt games of the week. We sellout at eight. That's called acute spears here to call it fifty. The rep. Our penalties in this new trampoline. And a fifty yard. Out. Like go back it shows wow zapped there. The that we a pretty supports efforts are Jarrett was here he had a very conspiracy theories saying. He is trying to help the NFL owners he Watson the race go up to help them bulk them up and he gets AC. I talked about nearly eight supplies. Look at the rate he's got that depicted a win win ratings are going to be the roof this week he's gonna take a huge victory lap to win win even if they're not that big go down the Israelis ever they its way down at voted out to Washington wants or goes up I just because I talked about it talked about it they do get good ratings yet to admit that. We did put himself and when would be football is this hour patriot fans are not going to like markets canons out. Can't flatly LaDainian while lit with the Adrian waddle to start the patriots are I can't take it one. So today out of those guys model or flattening against watt it's a very game. What the patriots or your fault calls coming up at 6177797937. NFL Sunday bought and Keith keep the home. Scratched numbers. FL Sunday. Do you buy health plan. He insurance on Sports Radio W. Radio W. Read news bill markets handed a note on I hour. That's intact with the latest the line is that's 1000 patio with little. You know. Fourteen and fourteen. To four yeah it would now all it's not be it might be interested in given the injuries. Jack. Our let's get a little bit jacked it went back out right much with the number was there but that 89% of people picks on the dot com. The rates that's where there beat 44 nothing. Across the plot so once again we've exported crappy football game one and if you're curious one that is negative points for the rated defense wounds would you take. The key to Jacksonville defense right know Ryan you didn't have the ravens defense and that. And you realized you know I thought they fantasy expert Richie fraud. You know they can't all winners guide keeps you humble level. About the note that one. There and I heard a fantasy showed that they were the hosts at depth could go either way that's electorate like those struck me chipped. That's it we're not football question on lawless delegate bush. Yes Hoss. The all pro celebrity you know it is right next months ago Freddy's and yeah false yes they have the cleanest port a potty and -- it every week they're all there clearly spectacular it's also early in the days and but it. So it poured upon yes they've got obviously. The important part shore sometimes the faithful left. Yeah do you suppose that you know one never knew that. Right what it would and would figure that I didn't have it there I tell you I'm out. Well I think that I didn't tell the whole thing it's like their version of the Euro is what it is sneaky you can what I like. Leslie is if the people or you're nice I don't and he got this let us live here. Looks much the lead. If they are smarter of the people party were courteous enough. To shut the lid there's no need to go in years even during of the region with the issue here the issue all growth ice by an outside thing nice so that's I don't touch anything in there I didn't touch in the handles for here we go. I epic return of fault but a Porta potty. He's from a lot of time there are what did you want you look at pebble that you wouldn't you think what I did it with others the other hand washing broken. Honestly thought that I thought may you rest of keys but it keeps their quota there relax. You're okay that would make sense that what helped you I thought that was for look at all the ugly it would a little kick it wallop lit up is that you had to be so close the key. Your face he's so I'll get a little water a kid I thought I'd have to go out there. You can agree with that. I did he glad there are now than that they are out there I don't watch the games. If you don't know right now none none none none. I'm not jealous of our elected joke. Yeah right they just showed it you know the thing at a portal pottery and left resource in case that you know that. Yes I do that and know that you are a little bit about that being. Well actually I would bring up more point both from a brush our charts that's absolutely. Also the game kidding yourselves all anybody's gonna talk about the next putting. So I think people are missing one thing and got it you are. Feeling that yeah generally the most respectful way of application and honor a couple of examples. In the Catholic Church. Big round you're not that solar on the rest of the country. Ultimately nothing church. It's it's considered the highest part of the match when you're dealing could you sort of following before god now in this case. If you look at when you're dealing most of them are not turning their back. In fact yesterday in the baseball game if you remember the players' names. I'm Marist Maxwell respectful as the Oakland days yet if if you watched him he had his cap. Is hand over his heart looking at the flag deal. Okay so what people are forgetting is that prayer biggest form of respect is Neil and secondly. When you play. Sport soccer football as you've. Especially football if you notice when someone goes down on the field what are the coaches on both sides do immediately and. Hi circumvent the York you're being very I like what you're doing here you're moving the goalposts but so he's taken a step purveyors try to get the point so. When you go to sporting events Joseph. You kneeled out the at the show I suspected you stand. I can look at an okay that he did your dad when every I that that your year with yourself into a pretzel. To try to vault that kneeling down as somehow I higher form. Of except in the standings is undeniable let's not. Like that that Whitman by that that I'm just saying if you're going to approach to. It's the most respectful form of protest and as one of your callers or one of your I think was to not to mention probably wind you have a stage. Like the national broadcast that the most effective way to protest if you wanna say they get midsection that's for sure. Think about the military personnel who come back. From Afghanistan several of them I've heard on various programs including chairman of the afternoon chose somebody called in and take. I would the marine. And what I am fighting over the airport is the flag it is the National Anthem for everyone right and freedom to protest whatever way they want. JoAnne credit we at the war we get that and for every caller he brings up an caller probably call your show rich yes we've had. Callers today at equal value that it said. I was in the military that Jacque in the first hour call I don't military or maybe I want people to stay right so we can you. If you would like you would apparently many people there. If they wanna twist this into. In their mind they're not disrespect the flag actual personal. I feel certain white beaches and during the nationally at our president feels they certainly should standard nationally. And it got players aren't exactly which Imus obviously. It's pretty crazy this thing not pleasantly illicit owner coach and again for the entire team. I don't get the twist it or pretzels to say at some level you're not. You're making a statement like it in the auto but I adore that kid overall point was for those who were super offended by it there are many who are I think his point is. You know just sitting on the bench or keeping your helmet on war. You know putting up double bird or blue poignantly there are other ways that we would be far more offensive because. Okay that you think it in the right in the eye target we will with the balance story that rating how offensive well yeah because capita as African border Kapler had a conversation that hey you know if you want to still protest but you wanna be. You know less offensive to military members. Maybe sort of sitting on the bench you take a neat then after the yet that discussion that's pretty good the rest of the time show is flown by today Greg participation that you folks whole half hour ago in fact last quick critique the Irish jokes have there. Our state you'll get you updated pat text books Christian Fauria. On the gave it your fault call 617779798378. Keith NFL's.