NFL Sunday Week 3: Michael Fabiano joins the show; Rex Ryan is not happy 9-24-17

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Sunday, September 24th

HOUR 2 - Our resident fantasy football Michael Fabiano joins the show to get your roster set as Week 3 kicks off. We continue to get reaction from around the NFL to President Trump's shot at the NFL. Rex Ryan was on the NFL Countdown and was less than thrilled by the comments Trump made.


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This leaves. NFL Sunday with a Mike and that's he had reached sheet and you're all telling pre K. Show on getting you sick. For patriots chances this afternoon at Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Cubs Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson McQuay architectural molding things and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers. NFL Sunday with money and keep. On Sports Radio WEEI. Hours to hear from Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah I've right up until Red Sox baseball at 1245 your phone calls. The route at 61777979. Be reset and as we expect that there is standing. A tremendous response around the league adult thoughts comments on Friday started with. I'll watch it L Bob Kraft is at a statement today it's being lauded as a strong statement against the president's words. On Friday night Tom Brady's take its program to say about that and leave it Rex Ryan. Weighing in today on ESP a lot of wrecks out where you coming up where it makes the president by name. And it's comic will not miss any of that will back we'll get too much of that here. In this segment will spend a couple of minutes are got Michael Fabiano at a film network. Couple I highlights of the week three of the fantasy season and Michael start the Cincinnati Bengals by Fred it sounds like Joseph mix in the rookie gonna have a big workload this week you confident in Joseph mix his role with the new offense what they're there at Cincinnati. You know I like to hear but I wanna see it first and I don't know that exceeded anything more work. That much better this week that actual and one of the most confusing him entirely hopefully it changes offensive coordinator will be in the mix it touches. Like today's one of those days are I would err on the side of caution actual action fast. Now another rookie running back Christian McCaffery it's in that they've used it a lot the first couple weeks has really yet to break through as far as big time fantasy numbers. Know Greg Olsen in other plan that saints defense could it be a big McCaffery day. Yeah I really do you think it will be he's not gonna talk regarding packaged in its core and be right now what. It peaked early I think he busts out in the eighties pop and running back. Cooler this sweetening the saints. I've given up nineteen to register running backs this year that are the most look weak if given up almost 37 yes he points per game deposition and keep your performance as well also. This is a very good read to start Christian McCaffrey and a lot of your Pampers. As the patriots here let's keep with the running backs because Rex Burkhead is not going to go in this wanna james' wife Nancy plenty of action you got Gillis these get the goal line stuff what. What do you do if you got one of these guys Michael how confident are you with got you mostly white heading this week. He I think both of them reflect starters. And clearly gains what is a better option PPI at least increasing the targets. On the back field. And that's sort of people drop in has in those PPR or mask. But you'll pretty spending also for me getting into the end zone a lot of people out there including myself project intend to be in next to clear what you're on the net sort of come coalition at least so far this year and because of those rights and opportunities that the patriots are allowing him. He's got it you can slacks and he he's an RBQ are you starting lineup and rushers super keeper running the Iraqis. Certainly in your lineup because of those written opportunities and the poor and because these tendencies. To get up and down. The Redskins back fields from the guy you want right now who's the for the rest of the season. That means of mass there really isn't wrapped everything down there's reports out there that that you might not play in this situation because they are absolutely right. So I would err on the side of caution and just consider Kelly guy slow clay. Chris Thompson's been the best running back out of Washington so Clark. I draft Morrissey PPR after their right now partly due to slept or eaten standard leagues he could see mocking people are start the game against a raiders. He's a flex arms Gator scoring leagues although last week yet 11 Kerry just yards per carry out which was well not very good at all. Bottom line here is he should he touches is Kerry isn't going to be enacted so you right in the mix is much harder to not keep your. We're talking Michael popping up NFL network is set for week three your fantasy season how about Russell Wilson if you drafted him. Are you had a skiing yet about his plate these first few weeks I've given weeks. I pinnacle over everybody typically played not pretty creator and a lot of those guys put if you look at what the track record career wise. We shall camber drink I don't know why but he economy keeps pretty slowly. A ration out of a quarterback who had a really good match or this week. I would probably and that's still playing Russell Wilson was a criticism but you have to have their opposition. In order to really put them on the pine let. He's a player and this thing with Doug Baldwin that finishers were actually ones start looking into buying low watt. Because if you look at your career turns starting slow. Funerals are better better better now without being set. If you don't have a lot of question much on my ultimate appliance and those question marks those need to be answered those need to be solved. Before Russell Wilson has got it you're talking in your lineup with confidence. Now if you were a Greg Olsen owner where he that you could turn for tight ends or maybe even if you're playing in the daily leaks somebody that might be sort of the middle of the pack lower tier tied in for this week. Yet it had a position to that right now without injury but there are some options from cocoa into its production great match against the Redskins. Jack Doyle against the browns last week. Paddy very solid team double but it from two points in dar reached and I liked that matchup. Against Cleveland Austin who perk is also clear with a pretty good matchup is appliance could give a double digit pin are you pleased to have an Ingram repeat for the giants. This past Monday night. So those are few of the players that you could potentially picked up off of we're wired or some other guys who you have as backup tight end Martellus Bennett. Is it is a viable option this week. And Jason Witten. He's the best part in fantasy football right now and I know that's that's not something you wanna say two left off in the audience but he kittens. At least based on points Robert Trout he cleared the guide but where it has been tremendous and it said Brian is not that gets Patrick Peterson on Monday night. It could be another Jason Witten made you call between night. Those two players clearly has some of appeal between more in terms or do you particularly. The Jason was known and feared could start for them sooners had. Europe and those they want ball within a few years at least from experience. Michael get shot this he gets you all the Michaels a start of sediment has breakdown. as the daily side of it I think most people would focus in on one of two games today they're looking for high scoring affairs at Detroit Atlanta. The Washington and Oakland which one do you think has the better chance do. Up be a bigger shoot out today for guys that stacked that game of the plane that daily this. Yeah you know what I. I do like the Matthew Stafford Golden State act as stacked in enacting. If you look at Stanford in his last twelve home you didn't NRC teams averaging almost 22 share point gain Internet crimes at 31 touchdown passes. Right I dig deeper stats it lasts. All. 26 touchdowns. Which is very solid and I legal agency a lot of targets in and offered them. You could also go Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and a fine keep it might hear ancillary. He's pretty darn good quarterback aired traits so don't be surprised. If Julio Jones what still have to start and clearly he's must start they'll be part of the numbers numbers are enormous. The display is is pretty tough out there easily shattering Julio Jones that it be a difficult matchup for JJ. Yeah and I like your lines it if if I would be playing 6710 lineups that have a lot of now would you heard Eric he brought it back up for Detroit Michael great stuff lay out what all Rico baseball have a Red Sox yankees a series coming up I promise you that we'll talk decent my friend thanks. I hope that happens it is that would be a whole heck of a lot of fun. What's gonna happen big baseball needs it we need it Red Sox yankees and nails. Lockett. Between no chance none. Octagon Michael Fabiano NFL network helps lineups that a couple minutes every single week 61777979374. Of your effort make. The Rex Ryan sound I can't wait to hear that quote but I want to. Here Rex go off the ice I'd imagine Tom Brady's its degree posted this less than an hour ago Aaron. It's with him eat James White is the picture on ninth street that's at least what words strength. Passion love. Brotherhood. Team. Unity. Commitment dedication determination. Respect. Loyalty. Work hash tag. An acronym NFL player. This Satan spell something now. XE LBC view well maybe I'll fix the that I have to act so those are the words so Brady who is not he. He has stayed as far away from Donald Trump as possible in the last 68 months he did not go to. The White House at trump did not mention by name values mentioning that the long snapper that upon her Roberta was funny last night is he there there's this thing about always the only that. It's a marquis was to jump off he believes this other people there. That Donald Trump did there was a there was a racist tone with attack on the NFL Indian. Italy ever to Brady gets about it when it all really. He mentioned the MVPs name in the White House the whole team was there he mentioned properties they look at this offer is Felix -- oh absolutely yes to answer by Brady has really surprised that her own talk about opening Maury yet they act as locker yeah jury now regret all. 800 that eating go. We think and I the confidence things probably troop its myriad analysts works like this way to go somewhere and product you don't go and he had to say about him and this today is it's not mention the president. But pretty clear this is in the top of the president's comments about this it's intriguing to see what's gonna happen today for the patriots and maybe it is just the law you know. Blocking arms thing that we saw a lot of the ravens and jaguars do although a number of those players were taken in need today and now dead. That's gonna take on a whole life its own and it's got a whole new meeting today but these are people already upset with the president gravity need. All this afternoon Al I will give them a chance to explain it like you said earlier they're players going to be asked why they were. I'll give them a chance to explain it. But going into public view edit a lot of players are dealing today kisses and it might Donald Trump stance along group out right the country it's no longer about this. Police brutality which some players talked about not about the unity but any of that's not Kaplan exports about probably. African Americans are treated in the United States. Today feels like it's about it president trump. Here's a middle finger yet that whole thing but I would feel if he's saying hey if you take it you should be fought fired or suspended. And that's he can't do that so that's even more refused to do greatly you're just gonna do it sues they are you can't do anything about it and obviously. The owners of those teams are the coaches of those teams. Are upset about it again it's a little bit different you know team has obviously signed call cabinet but on the on the flip side. We see a lot of players there's Jamie Collins or Chris Long or Marcus Peters Michael Bennett. Today that get released they have them they could get close to being released we have seen that yet see a lot of players ticket me and not want. Has oh on Monday you find out that players has been cop I'm gonna happen Jake's a card Jake you're up with but it keeps your NFL Sunday when he got. I'm very clear what you say. Note to protect our oil problem here than in the. No it's just not. When I sent them for you sound like you're going through a bit of a tunnel that an underwater tunnel. Thought sorry there are good people don't know about you sell better yet they are back here now. But I don't know what the NFL what they get to remember to do they are more likely to actually. Of the black and debilitated and move and nervous whether they lack of skilled people with Bill Perry holes. You amplify the connection that word. And turn players kinda you what you're doing which they are right you know won't arguing. If you discounted it will be harder than didn't have the other support it really kind of day that tie in this connection. And then you know part of wanted to make it up quite so awful lot of people. Go to the flag that activity at that you know he's seen the Catholic from back the flag draped over the count it didn't connection here that a lot of people. You know relay. And win. You know again if they're right to do as there was arguing now I'd just doesn't affect what people or people that they become overweight so passionately. Are trying to make their point them out. I learned a sharp and Jake you said you serve them just keep track of this day are you for standing meal and were just real quick. Aren't I'd I'd try to beat me but what. Our line and I I've modeled actually has talent as lucky I don't that aren't as Smart as you guys wrestled let me when I said I can't say that it a lot of country. Agrees with the basic sentiment that these players are disrespect the flag. When they Alia hospital mortality other and the aftermath on Twitter from Donald Trump I just don't yet and it it's it's it's. It it's it's all it's up jerked off script whenever. I'm John killing others hadn't planned for fought it the week I'm sure that he wanted to you know what this'll do this weekend. Will bet that the NFL fan base will tell it not to go to eat more analyst Jeff curry U can't come. The White House is almost a dollar and I have a hard time siding with the president. The thought that's part of it I do I do I he he's totally turned out that though I was anti kneeling now let those in the world not that I thought that the players should be fired. But I would never kneel and I would not wanted an automobile accident yesterday eyeball that I went to me today while you and I'll be out here now. Not a way I've ever yeah gravity you know it's though. Egypt what it takes to Twitter it sounds like that the in the rally we play that's out already down there and Alabama it's just. It's way too much and I was gonna push all these guys that may not have thought much about it. They are now that's just development and a half for the game and theoretically gave let's go through this Saturday and take that hundreds think about it now there's an RE screw you were all taking knees I'll talk to and is important and erupt without luck and keep good morning. Not when you are so hypocritical. It is not arguing about eleven alone legacy that's outside again. Sorry that the wrong name. You're so hip cricket hypocritical. You're saying that you want people in meal out even though I disagree with you Ellen everybody else said what did you did you not see that some tweets Jackson's assets change. Did you independent and bam the NFL players have hijacked National Anthem opens up looking for re back away. To disagree. There are many more differently to do that. Key players like mountain. When you see intelligent players are policemen. Disguised as patent on their side. I was one guys on the later or you see that one guy ugly anymore. So why. And I think that's turning their backs putting their fifth up and support adult content organization that it has is as. Perpetuated violence. When he's seen high school players without taking Neil. This is out of control if they're looking for unity and good looking for its support for their cause this is caused nothing but divisive now if you. It is not amongst the NFL teams though that is not in the habit of listening I am talking and that is not affected the feelings. They saw credit we today Neil stated doesn't matter we are unified in the slot are talking the other topic by Americans burning people drop these talking. And I felt and I have one of those. I have that the patriots tailgating right now but I that they are content to be killed. Its ease up on now that's really it's really affected year watching the patriots are at a game now got six. I'm that the patriots. But I have not I have not watched any other and knocked them out game a lot of pictures you do lots of pictures I was in high gear problem. On what the players are doing and how they ever attack yeah. So it a couple of players happy and they're not listening but if a couple players in the patriots they can meet today which you want them off the team. No I would not want them hostage team but I would hope. That we can find ways to come together. This is what did this is the way that they do you happen to disagree that but yet they believe this is for other. You're saying that more. Everybody 53 per side coaching staff you name it trailers. Your people in the crowd before publishing it Tomas a year rather neat. And thanks recovered in the game thanks to listen and ease off the accelerator just a little bit. Think it's possible Jonas about a half hour talk about as well you know I've never been confused response. Or that until today we you suggest that every player should deal today. That takes months yet there right. The fire a lot of guys dollar that's spent a lot of players but because there. No statue next week's stats I'd suggest the replacement next week I'll play I'll write for a couple weeks ago you know what I wrote it's the don't want to excellent players wanna stand that's one out of one belt in the last explore that a statement why. Do not seem to prop didn't listen to drop it in the suite either it's shocking. I think the NFL match you should kneel down because yes it just disagree if you agree with the president would think he should. I'll respect yet well as those guys you deal just to get along goal of the game. They edited that they've donated I don't want to be. Do yes I do I want everybody in every election he'll I'd want them to there are all going to look at it came across as no matter what you believe. Well that's up to that's what I'm things on it and everybody should if you should of let's use you strongly believe otherwise and out odd. Certainly not anti military I don't think all the guys taking in the air into military and know people get caught up in that they feel that that is the direct. In Seoul and and disrespect to them I don't see it that way. I I get why white many would. We take an artificial pull before it on the afternoon show with that active military members say hey I don't like that they're taking it needs. But I'm fighting so they have the right to do that in the freedom to do that. But it's lawsuits and apple Sunday at 6177797937. In your phone number eleven all your calls coming up and I promised we have Rex runs out Rex Ryan called out the president I mean today on ESPN. Will play it for you next one. Great stuff playoff. We drew no more of the NFL Sunday when money. Presented by health plans key insurance fund Sports Radio telling you we. Think I'm pissed off I'll be honest with you you know because. I supported Donald Trump you know why I sat back in now when he asked me to. Introduce him at a rally. You know win in buffalo why did that. But I'm reading these comments and it it's it's appalling to me. And I'm sure it's appalling due to almost any citizen in our country it should be. I mean you know call on our players you know SOB's and all that kind of stuff. That's not that that's not the men that I know. Men and I know in the locker mom proud I'm proud to be associated with those people. That's like trying to get introduced the president at that event buffalo a couple of months ago he the case stand today. I'm firing back at president drop as many people have whether it's in their statement or tweet or. The almost thirty kneel downs in jacks it jags it ravens this morning. In the game in London this is NFL Sunday of full calls all day at 61777. Night. Seven ID 37 the phone number San ponders now hosts in the NFL the SP countdown show. I'll went ought to ask out Rex Ryan what he would do what he knelt down during one of these games. As someone who initially supported Donald Trump would you have Neil connect the I think right now I would've supported my idea. You know I still believe in the flag I still believe in want to believe in however I recognize that the greater. They're the greater you don't picture of it I see that you know I am a player before pollen count critic I have prominent player for the New York Jets. They came up to me it's a coach. You know just so you know I'm not gonna stand. For the National Anthem you never heard one thing but I never look that player in any different and I certainly would never do it now. Never never look at the player different I don't know if he's your body would. So I think around about way Rex Ryan know he would not deals Tuesday but he scene that long for capita jets players that it wasn't Stan. I remember that Q or ten minutes on the Internet will find that fine perfectly that putt and ETW I I this is one of those I'm not right believe you Rex Ryan moment there's no way impact. Let me just remembering what happened there Saturday with a pretty prominent. But that they reject players that it's that we that we would have heard about that would disgust at the time but this is the age thing in the says that Rex Ryan. Has but our relationship with Donald Trump we know that Robert crafted a geek you know its statement turtle rally checked out Brady all these guys on. A lot. Not shad. Tom check out the older Jackson about it we are. Got there he supported drop big time he was feels you know locking arms with his team there jets are. Went from both his comments on Friday and then all of his tweets that and an exclamation points I wonder if he had any point thought. You know usually like this the owners that are there to support this or somewhere they had over the back left by the players ski you have to assume that but that he thinks. The honestly think that there via an owner out there it's like yes I am on fire somebody and Monday are we gonna find out that. Fourteen ravens have been fired in the jaguars had to get rid of a quarter their team yet letter sport that built. It is safe is he going to be. We understand that I that's why I don't. He went off script on Friday east time whether it's because he's trying to. You know. Move move the as the headlines from healthcare to this whether he thinks this is going to fire up the pace at some level. It's the stuff today. What is it I it felt like it shouldn't go to games what is that that's the powerful little girl he. I think we've supported you we keep you all this money and I tell your fans albeit not but he keeps trying to hurt us in the pocket for what. Don't go to games at that people will start stating that he had them that he go back to. I'll talk to Billy who's in Manchester Billy what's the comment. You're right gonna win today yet and I trumped by the way I definitely winning but I think he's guarding one. You get thirty players you've encountered a foreign country including a double murder of let's double murderer the only. In a foreign country that we want our freedom front you know 200 somewhat years ago in you don't think that's gonna play. With Joseph America I mean. Is it if you if you want to protest I don't know even where com impact on future I don't know he got you some big shifting some thoughts that they didn't do that. And I'm Sonya. All. The while climb the standing but the people don't. Ultimate being used and it. Well it is up for reelection you know of they know what OK you sure know OK at you say that after he's as comfortable McCain the guy. I didn't trust me at Atlanta that I'd I'd definitely at that I just think it's a little early to say if you get reelected let's get to read your first. But my point is that it is that this is what we want want action but this is there a reason why. And recruit to a reelection potentially if you think like that third player in one and the only the and any forgot being the queen. They didn't know days of wanna get out there isn't a lot of players here in America doing this afternoon. Absolutely and I an excellent thing I think people I think like you get credit report will be great I don't with a number 70% of Americans call me an 80%. Think that you should and here for the black you know. What in the democratic field that wants him out that we want and what he's saying you're. If you're in Afghanistan what color you are you being killed you come home red white blue. And Patrick you got a fair because of that pickup at Dover Delaware to apply to those those metal casket. They're great in red light let us as well. People and a republic I'm sorry you do something else. I'm just content than this story out there by our own big backlash let these players not standing. I don't know it's evident that Billy but I I think it's it's it's sixty it's it's 686 out of it but I think today I'm going to be technical in the radio thanks for the call I think today. Is different though or in the sense that. There'll I think probably a lot of people like me now that I don't know if that's true but somebody like me who was anti kneeling before it now that it's changed for today. Right because now it's not even about that that it should take our for the thanks for the rest of the year now players you know you're now okay with that. What Saddam did today they should take what the new we'll have one problem one. NFL games because they're gonna do this that -- your pocket. Tell us whether it be employed or not you're not our boss if you're player that in that so yet today our mall mall for so we've gone from it was political. And now let's just against the base of president way or the national it but yes this is where it. Yet it ends up being just because you political or yeah us right in the position Eagles I. It's going to be hundreds and I wonder Billy Billy saying he's gonna win the day because that's the recently players fifty at least somebody players that two week. To me. I usually say it's loses its relevance but we know why the role to teach them before it's obvious politics finished. It's going to be after the game. When these players talk. That that will be interesting to see how many. Have thought this out or how but he just say. He makes that it companies say I saw the president's tweets or any players work or are. Well they're not long awaited but there. They there's a long form answer. Why it's the beauty today what was the reason they did it during the at that would take Phillies like 67% of Americans think. Just stand up to Larry while most of stick up with a it I think most are saying and I will be itching to see what the players say. After the fact it is it just sort of a team unity thing they think. You know. Trump's trying to get everybody to get together it'll stand up turn them that's the only way to do things and Indies players are sure that there's another way to do things because. Ultimately it does go back to. Injustices in America now a week would still a long way to go in a lot of different areas that's how this all regionally started but now it's Tuesday. Trumpet attacking yet if ballot this is one way to have to respond I'll get to the NFL response as well Lou we should build the next couple hours in fact we'll see this news related to put that are Swartz says it's big news coming up. Are on this morning. On NFL countdown will keep track ball back lot as anything between now. It patriots and Texans are quite a football game today their today a couple of hours all wants 6177797. ID 37 your phone number NFL Sunday shot mossy. Let's expected waited on this on the kiwi yacht docked about what he can lands on this you'll join us at 11 o'clock or one. Once again it's money keep. And moronic NFL Sunday brunch you'd like health plans key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. From the shed here at Gillette Stadium this is NFL Sunday Sports Radio W guy or is hot hot hot for horrible Bill Gates of temperament he's stay hydrated. Make your way to the game down here on this Sunday past and Texans coming apple talked to a Christian Fauria at noon. About this game we'll talk to jock Aussie just coming up at 11 o'clock it's column WEEI dot com. When he talks about the MBA NFL players swinging back at the president Donald Trump if you calls here to second I was thinking during the break. There's been this tension on the players heading into today and before today. The players who were dealing got a lot of attention why did you deal. What's the thought process there I'd been critical cap critics I'm not sure what email or in some cases. The guys who were gonna get attention. And I'll say it the guys are gonna get the respectively. We're gonna have some balls today are the ones who stand. And then say afterwards I stick to respect the flag a six I respect this country that is gonna be the minority opinion today most. Right but they all of those one yeah one of us little guys but fourteen at a 53 or in thirteen at 53. But I'll Layla Ali those players rhetorically to come out afterwards and and defend the country and defend the flag defend their right to those players are going to be talked about. Right no but those players player Alec. And we're gonna get all the attention any player today I feel like who talks after the game rate whether them press conference at quarterback or they're just at their locker after the game. Is going to be asked about it and I have a feeling that a lot of sort of fall I would Neitzel made sort of between this morning that said I'm paraphrasing stand ordeal. Worst of it to unify that were our locker rooms together I feel like that's the case of you have to player who stand stood. Why did you steered there by their respect the flag but then that would follow questioner or or follow up answer will be. But I also respect. The players that decided taking me and I I don't think it's gonna really. Terror part locker rooms. You know it's it's a minute and a half for the game but let a lot when is there a player who's going to say I. I asked that because you should stand Iranian like that that's huge respect the flag went into the game. Those players that today. When the tire these talking about be linked to make a statement the players they stood because I respect the flag are gonna stand out right. I don't know how to get that much today at its get it like highlight for two weeks ago but yet and I applaud him because very few players are. Our will to go that far right now and I deal like today. Well I am. We'll see at open label like the only thing that way they have so each part of the earth do. Whatever they want to get you might not agree that it but they have the right to do whatever they want so I think that's. Especially the players that are able to relieve vocalize. Which is not always the case you know but if they're able to do that. No matter which side they're on they're gonna come across that. That's gonna players on both sides to that sort of I don't discuss this what I normally do when this is what this is what might just what my teammates are doing like those guys are the ones need to have a question let's go to shoot Joseph Clark earlier an NFL Sunday. Joseph oh yeah I'd stick. It's taking my call or. I don't believe me that they were keeping score so I got pregnant. Is in line with most of equality. And I find it refreshing that we finally have a president. It doesn't worry about being politically correct the concept of what we feel. And I think he'd keep putting it out and you try to demonize. Anybody disagree. But I put somewhat remote to your quote. That's why start the show that most the country agrees that the players that stander and the equipment they have something. To take you stand against they should do it. In different forms and buy out. I don't think anyone disagrees with that enriched excellent 5050 I think it's more. I think I did something about it I get confused I think if it for bird standing or nearly the majority of the country that you should stand hence why every time you go to a place. Whether well I just sporting event worlds they play it but everybody's there. But I think once the president weighs in so strongly on it you immediately split the country no matter what that people most polluted it was not what they say. He just equal tweet something half the country hates it half the country loves. But watching it yeah we're saying Saturday that saw a green of people should stay at. The president does what those people why you. Italy's palm players. Solbes and things like that I think that's where it detracts little promise. Truck that tiger he note this I don't think people like that and good luck you that are upset about that. But right at me and let's that you you know it is not there when everybody feels. Once that. People aren't I I just don't know the exact number on that. Ari I don't game tonight trying to when he went a lot of people say what I wanna. I welcome obviously a lot who don't yeah. I think that what you would admit that we don't even though do you guys from and it's a trumpet. Demonize anybody at a point in the first couple hours the show audit the caller that the majority of the calls that have waited it said. Yeah they they for stations and yes but it that there. They're also about thank you should be fired if you meal which is what the president said. Here's the aftermath you won't get his shot fired shots and a statement will get through that it was second. I'm just added I'm just dumb so I just thought it's now. I have fans annually today or tomorrow. There's going to be east is shots of that crowd shots and aliens at 88 emea fans who are art don't like the president. Don't like his actions. Don't vote his way politically. That's going to be think that amount then it and by the way they should be far from their jobs I whatever their job as the speech fire. Thank you they're not on the job okay suspended they're not on the job right now I know their for their fans that there are recreational but I think that those that's a bit of beliefs like everything flights in the stance and everything that I sought. Political lives at a date we've got a picture of the Philadelphia Eagles for the fans there today. Haven't I stand for the at them teacher Greg Adio. There's plenty of people like that. There there are going to be altercation with those were kneeling down because he beat me to thank the president that there be violence today that the or. The outcome of the streets right Lou says I think honestly taking heat for a team that started to run of sports not the players were stopping doing it but was less of the story. Like you do you find out on Wednesday oh by the way a couple of guys in the browns took Brittany or or or a Marshal yesterday Nokia. What was planned on Thursday as sort of moved on holidays is young they were talking about it or you know was not be it. Wash which would talk about it right. And then some of the guys we're still dealing union LaMarcus. 82 there not maybe because there was no patriots it was a big deal here but I felt like it was. All right again not that you nationally started to agree with I would suggest that but it was sort of get an old record. But this is really turn the notches up I think the last caller to say. Oh he says that we feel. You would certainly some people feel that's one of the reasons why one of the main reasons why he got elected. But is there a big difference between saying. I think you should stand for the for the implement if you don't stand you should be fire like I do that's the leak I disagree with a lot of what you Melville said that you know this should be fired. What she did that that was my portrait little light like I don't know mr. Whittle that these players should be fired. If that again go back to it that's why I agree with the president if the teams as a player. You're not getting the author the at and Eddie does that will be fire or final or suspend level that if the team. They are all these owners around they dig up here's our problem here shot confident that our team captains. I'm tired of the. Need to express my support for them all NFL players in the week following the divisive and contentious remarks made by president trump. Was honored to be arm and arm arm and arm in arm with them. They're teammates or coaches during the it our team in the NFL reflects our nation. Diversity coming in many forms race faith our youth and our goals we have a lot of work to do we can do it but the comments by the president make it harder. That's why it was important for Ross and personally for me to show the world that even if we may differ times we can and should be united in an effort to become. Better any people as a nation that's the guy again donate to try to go as a rock on Rex Ryan will play itself where again coming up. They are taken a stand here against the president and the NFL today you'll see. Will be taking your knee against the president for the next eight hours or so top of the hour we'll get you updated I used to scoring updates from my Jacksonville. And the ravens some dummies in this room not me now play the ravens defense this morning that it Campbell London games in mass would get to that land shots Aussie will join us elsewhere John will weigh in on this football obligate his take on the president and the NFL of course we'll talk to you at 61777. Night. 7937. Your thoughts on this weapon til 1245. W. I'm pissed off I'll be honest with you.