NFL Sunday Week 3 (with Tom E. Curran) 9-24-17

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Sunday, September 24th

HOUR 1 - Mut and Keefe are joined by Tom E. Curran as they get you set for Patriots/Texans at Gillette Stadium. President Trump had some pointed words directed to the NFL and the players who have been protesting the National Anthem. We get the reaction from the NFL and the rest of the sports world.


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Grace leads the NFL Sunday with Mike went next he had breached TJ and all terrain pretty. Show getting you sick. For patriots chances this afternoon at Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday is brought to you by coupling. Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson McQuay architectural molding things and buy your new wing incumbent voted tractor dealers. NFL Sunday with money in key. On Sports Radio WEEI. Heights they allowed her of the sun screen but I read the book this week you know Ernie Suggs redistrict a lot of water today I protection from the sun burns according to your patriots quarterback Tom Brady. I says NFL Sunday here from Gillette Stadium but keep it not be current joint us to start the show this morning with the ball boys they may not not a picnic. What the game's feel like they do not. Matter. It's a State's starting NFL Sunday with that but it just. It feels like we're gonna spent that day and the days after it tomorrow after that. Talking about our president talking about LeBron James talk about. Step curry. And it became this way at last when he worked forty hours a boat and a lot to celebrate sport today I don't. I'm afraid of what they get it the president will put the lakers who. Leo the at them suspended or fired in the league is fought back the players have fought back this feels like it's going to be a crazy day around the NFL a. Before the games you could start yet and it's interesting when you just look at. The mentality behind it Lott why would bill lines be drawn on Friday night and into Saturday. Beating the sitting president. Against the NFL and its players. Not just the ones who have decided to protest but really anyone who would. In any way deviate from. The message that seems to be presidential we approved your autonomy. And not on Saturday but it's it's a very. Specific. And I believe it away thought out process of which he said wells Friday night you know what's bugging me. This and this is good economy and in demand. Attention throughout the week and I mean it's been going on since. August of last year and so there was ample time previous. To say. In articulate these words why September 23 of 2017. That the rise to the level columns sons of bitches if they take it may which is. Again. And I don't wanna go on a whole thing I don't think acquired go to the whole thing go. Also I don't I don't think I hope I don't think this is a political discussion because I don't wanna hear politics and I'm not well enough versed in politics to sit and talk about other ball of the outlook you can say that illogical you've seen this pop culture what do backlog may soon get a lot politically this has a lot of political discussion on this is sociological. And this is cultural. The protesters sociological. And economically driven. Stop with the political to mean means but honestly she means. Processing different philosophies about how government should be run this to me is much more personal. And it's a result it. Rides to the heart of the conversation with a bit more quickly so that's why it's on us to talk about it. As opposed to discussing politics and not discussing politics with discussing. A sociological. Issue. Error are when the president we have to be if he's taking on two sports right now yet his feelings hurt by staff curry in the Golden State Warriors. An idiot abroad sweeting Adam I hate abroad but added a lot of people enjoy the brought to week's column president trump Obama. And now he's going after the NFL it's saying mallet players but that should be fired or suspended. And I think the earliest he more articulate this is not a place for him it's not his territory. To say that paid the NFL owners should get rid of these players they do that that's that's not it is eat the most powerful man in the world we we get that but this is about its jurisdiction. It is getting an astounding level push back from what will be conservative small government billionaires could within the week from Robert Stroud awarded him correct gave him money as part of its campaign we found out. And I don't think that these owners are just paying lip service to the notion so that they can curry favor with. Different facets of the media but I think even up here at the northeast which is a fairly liberal or liberal area. 7000 people cross street I think will be ideologically. Fairly mixed probably more so mix it would be Carolina where. You know the different stadiums around week. But I don't think Kraft is particularly curry favor. With fans on one side or the other with a statement when he speaks doing as respecting his players. And people say you don't have the right to freedom of expression and I tweets up last night saying what. This is about freedom of speech freedom expression and I had a million people saying to me will lot of the work place well absolutely the workplace if Euro. Boss says it's okay skidding with two fingers raised during Vietnam. We're turning around and laying down cover put things in your ears and humming the entire time I think would be more fat whole Lotta it's about taking a neat. Forget about what forget offensive forget offensive or not. If a this is where I do I I and the minority understand that's OK but I agree with part of what the president said on Friday. That's why I believe this for months a buck and change just because his own is better. Was brutal on social media and other idiotic battle with the Twitter with exclamation points and went on that makes everything so much work I can't defend it but let's ride let's just let's let's play. For people in under a rock the last forty hours this is what the president said Friday. Ott has wrapped responding reits are what do you what do you agree with Bob Bob Kraft yet we Linux with Bob Kraft has statement this morning commissioners got a statement this morning this was the president Friday night in Alabama. We do love. To see one of these NFL owners. When somebody dis respects our flag. To say get that. It's off the field right now our guys. And you know. Homeowners get to do that. He's gonna say that guided this is thanks to our flag. He's fired. I don't. They don't know what they are not their friends of mine an idea. That don't not to be the most popular person for a week. They'll be the most popular person in this country possessed a total disrespect. Although our heritage. But take total disrespect of everything that we stand for OK everything that was going. That was the president Friday and now Andy since balled up on Twitter this morning yesterday before 7 o'clock and it's going to be tough to defend. That the part on that I I agree with the idea of is he said if it was offensive. The player on the field that something offensive it will be fire when I get the team sent to a player you're not going to be over the at them and he didn't. That that is that's how to say that it's that do that. Would each pay per hour well he said it would be knee jerk. If there with a knee jerk. Ownership decision to say you know what that guy this Neil he's out I think there should be discourse within these things here's the stands of practices of the Cleveland Browns green bay Packers and patriots. William we're gonna see at the via okay you won out somehow express with a raised fists instead McCord has done. Go ahead and do that but we will we appreciate stating. I don't think anyone would be fired if they didn't like you're you're out of hijacking viewpoint finish actually put up. A good game he started going down this road capacity offensive I don't believe that and and I hate to take it outside of sports for second but. You know with a place that what the get coffee if I walked in. And the person at that they've sort of Michael offbeat at some political take on but I agree or disagree with laughter than it. Discern what what is that about and the boss comes au prince that you can't Wear it out when you work here they say well where it. That personal lose their job right. Correct yeah of their shows different industry that's also I think that's an apples to apples comparison we're talking about something that has nothing to do with the game something that interestingly enough. Before the NFL start leveraging their relationship with the military the players weren't even on the field. For the yet for a long swath of time they were on the field in all one after nine elevenths that again they disappeared probably out a literal nine extent of that Virginia again. The jingoistic nature of what's at the players on the field for vehicle that would on the view via before. But the NFL has outlined in being equal and really since 9/11 I think. We have come to. Reviewed brow beaten into the notion that. Military and anthem and flag are all in two related. And to meet a I look at flag is Euro American means to you what it might mean it represents the constitution represent the community we freedom of speech Earl though you know. Peaceful protest it also part insult you're an owner and you are concerned about your fan base you know here's not a little Tommy current. Is in the stands and yes and now discern what what is that player dealing now with no doubt it's the flag to anyone doubt it the president which they did not know that players what to do that they. Kneeling down today it's gonna be more commonplace that not dealing doubt it some of these games I'll call them a particular player Neil I thought it country and it's not. I carried out. I think it's gonna mean F you to the president I think that's what yet I feel today yet because he cannot mean that because I said this about you know whether it's called cap and accrue. What was driving me crazy was the notion that once the anthem followed Andy we would have due to see you on Twitter here in the announcers Booth. This player that was spewing his play now yeah okay and we take attendance on you know I'm all set people protesting in the world's outweighs that's terrific. And I said this before. If you want to use this is a platform you don't necessarily have to be making it about police brutality that you perceive. In whatever swath of the country your end. You can make it about the old Buick crisis you can make it a blow. Water inflate your donation of well so. You're part of that people Buick I doubt at all or part of that is of the fall to a right so a player takes me so I don't think it in the patriots won the player did take it needs. You guys all the beat writers in their right after the game you have to put that player right you'd have to ask that guy. Wanted to do it it and that's sort of their chance to what's going on out not to renewable cap record of the things that got sort of lost and it was he was not. Out the other greats. Response right away there right now he is right he is a terrible poster child I didn't think I'd awards for whatever the stance in the battle it out. Tablet is a terrible poster child because at first he said this is about the oppression in the country for black Americans. That was about police that he supported Castro and it was any chance vote it's completely yeah honestly unraveled yet then. His agent told everybody he's got. You this year you saw how he thought that that was the call cap predict our and so he's still postage all of it. And it was so that particular if you watched it on our big talk about it he's the only guy. I've been shut out and how much good about what but it's the other team of it now he's not only stock what they have players they can meet more players about it you get a picture of Michael bets sitting on the bench get Marcus Spears taken either or cardinals once you guys have done it at all they show. What they're talking about trumpeted stay at snout is called Africa and author Catherine there are other guys doing it yet. That to me honestly to meet the sitting. Is. What and I believe in freedom expression through its feet above all else but the city to mis use. Feel borderline affects me what you think it's worse than the at least he's in all of wider yeah because I'm going to be invokes a notion of reflection. Prayer or hope or. Meditation on what I would like to see the country be about that's why I thought that neat. Was actually not disrespectful but highly respectful about a concern for the country you're gonna sit with a towel over your head. You don't like it now locker room and up what you and that you don't have to upfront it's at a bit exacted a few basic players that don't come out. They may not come out now under this target capita early on average actually sat on the bat first all the the right visuals now it's a mile but he sat on the bench and any. Had a conversation made border over the the football player who's also in the military and they sort of came news the agree that aid that can be a little bit. Less disrespectful let's and I think that's honestly when we get away from. With the president of the United States. He's talked about that's that's more along the lines of what you would hope would happen you have a mixed race kid who grew up in a fairly privileged area who has since cut an awakening above the racial. And police brutality that he senses on the West Coast and I think it's important to. Look at the difference swaths of America is racism everywhere when you look at the level in this. We're probably talking two tough weeks and weeks officers on what's been swept across the street were on the way into the game right now. When you look at the level law enforcement respect given to. Criminal suspects or people pulled over in the northeast and win would specifically by law enforcement it's three games battery. You look at the numbers in the Washington Post police related fatal shootings that they have chronicled since 2015. The trying to bring to light what exactly goes on in this country but 2015. There were 990. Police involved feels shootings in America. In the six New England states. They were nineteen. So there can be suicide by cop that could be whatever nineteen. There were two involving. Black individuals. So seventeen. Waiter espionage too so too in 2015 in six New England states so we don't experience. The same level of this hunted in the street notion. Again I'm white guys why don't know what the feeling it might be different ways we've from the people who matter in a feeling that I'm currently. What. What's going on in. California. Louisiana Arizona Texas Florida is not the shared experience. I think that others have been different parts of the country. So my waist and that is we end up happening dial up on the same when when I can go to my fortieth say. It's would be feeling when you think why why why. I had a great conversation with terrorists might walk up apartment. Potter I'd never thought I mean he played down it would Denver yeah. He's from Connecticut he lived up here he's experienced league Jacksonville it is experience around countries to so. Different from place to place the place so we don't know and understand the call capita meat where conversation that. That occurred but that's capita first statement asked on the bench and in the Puerto conversation with a it. Get a moving to the middle of the two people and that's hopefully what's supposed to. You have your top what city we're talking about me when we're talking with a for pauses if you mentioned a couple a few minutes ago. This is why I agree with the president to an extent I it is so. It's so many cases it is such a gray area about why you guys both sets in the end them by opinion is it will always be you can do block were rich as you said. In the podium after the game. That should be sacred. And that's the that's the fractional what I agree with when it comes to what the president said as for firing a player. I certainly wouldn't. Start firing guys the way that that the president trump. His own balloting presented it has put the fate. That's the right of these owners now the way they responded. Then shot fired anybody putting your guy across the street art Bob Kraft that this statement and our goal and it is being lauded across the NFL as being the strongest statement so far. All of the what we heard Friday night while the president I'm deeply disappoint about the tone of the comments made. By the president on Friday and proud to be associated with somebody players who make such tremendous contributions. In positively impacting our communities there after apple on and off the field helped bring people together make a community stronger. There's no greater unifier in this country that sports and unfortunately. Nothing more devices that politics. And our political leaders could learn a lot from the lessons of team work and the importance of working together towards a common goal. Our players are intelligent thoughtful and care deeply about our community and I support their right. You peacefully affects social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impact let me state for patriots chairman and CEO. Bob crap this morning we find out on Friday night after the president's comments that. Bob Kraft noted a million dollars. It's part of what eight million dollars that was noted in total by the NFL owners to Donald Trump all the last a year and a half or so in front of he's we know we spread that he supported him. And because of that the statement speaks seen as the strongest statement. But NFL owner today among statements by NFL teams Major League teams the league itself players. Kraft it's getting a lot of lot of patting the back this at the end of it and at least make it pretty clear. If it's a peaceful. Their right to peacefully affect social change is it that the president I rather think of guys Neil today in the at the ideal so that. Pretty clear and I think that's where I I I would not agree with withdrawn and you do only and a little bit but. If Belichick craft don't have a problem with any of their players take indeed. What does it matter of what it what is from. What does he give override that the -- the bodies she should have a problem that they will they don't it's not affecting the game there were at their forward about the game than anything else so of those guys do that needs holder at a tweed today twos thing about you know standard Neil. It's not gonna disrupt locker room and awkwardly on the same side of that so it just seems late. You know he's go a little far here he's gonna say that this what was what owner should do. Even though it's their right to employ the people that they wanted. You know what's interesting above to hear Belichick's. True feelings on it. But you know given his background now with the navy now because I alone know that his. Portion of his time when he was with Cleveland was spent. Trying to figure out what the oppressive Aniston's the real culture of of a black individual is by spending and innumerable hours. With Jim Brown. In his American and charity. And trying to figure out what that experiences so. You know because you with the eighty's I think that. That's to me is what cuts two ways is very much in nature notion that military means. Well. That you would stand for the yep and while there's a lot of pride and I understand why the sacrifice of people make of time and family and risk to light the lamps serving the military there is a raider. Thing they fight stand for the military. In the Naval Academy and and that's. I will fight for your rights but I don't have to agree with you but I will fight to the death for your right to express it is. So I don't know how he might feel about it I think that he would say. Probably would rather people be off the standing in. I guess last year but if they had Martellus Bennett Chris Long on the team last year although I know Chris plummet too little bit different. Aberrant Charles Philip how is that now that affected him but. You know mark tells that them core unit with another player of the fists raised in the year last year at one point I have a feeling that the the decision there's not that's just my stance a lot of teams that at least a player taking the over the last year lost the majors of not. So my guess is they'd told them hey. Let's not do this about how about the thing that's my guess that might get it whether it be addressed at some point it was a Harvard photograph in I want pre season when Cleveland did it in the coaching staff and the ownership of the did not know at the time I can't imagine that happening at what they need it or not today. They feels different and don't feel I feel I have our data for sports in this country. Maybe a little bee today but I always felt. Same idea that he would bristle at the notion that somebody would see it. Warren Neal perhaps. Or hijack the anthem for their own. Particular message but I don't know if you would ever say. Don't do this where your pants so I think that he would appeal to them to not too bad. What may your statement however you would which would there be Chordiant Bennett. But I you know I think he's. Think you know a little bit as much as you've aligned with trumpet as much as he has in all aligned himself with a lot of conservative views. I still think that. In a way he would be supportive vote people's. Ability to express themselves and she's very much a ski hero only kinda guy. And it it would I'm gonna do you do yeah yeah it. Weird way. Some of these owners and Robert Kraft won a lot of them have come out you know it gets one the president says that keeping it a weird way column. At a group. Only because Sonya are the athletics not on a guess what rich the fans eager and that's the other part I half we we really think he says half that we ordered them out of people to Obama isn't done this and you'll take phone calls and ball sports like we've taken. Countless hours a light day of my life now has been taken just a popular area for a national anthems skullcap Riddick in the end how to approach it. And I would say that the majority ever for me he can that you totally disagree. Majority of those calls have been a do not affect the national do not Neil there the at them that's not a time to be political do it year old yep but I think it's authors say that you know the people. I think they felt the need to really call it and they say that yes there's about some shows for example the afternoon show it week. There wasn't really somebody saying what really bothered by hence why a lot of people would call a statement just get the other side of the story so I would say about anything that from tweets. After people like half the people hated is not get anybody to agree on anything that's just that's just house vote. Yeah I get the impression that NFL fans in general which is why is tweak this morning is the dumbest thing he's ever we'd possibly get that after the break. I think fans in general agree maybe of all all we're gonna take phone calls the show does take phone calls. NFL Sunday at 6177797937. Your calls all up until twelve point red bank and the phones or the course the next three plus hours. But it most fans might not agree with the procurement. But if you pull they ends and just ticket eight X standard poll. Do you want. Players to kneel there in the at them. They would have a similar reaction trumpeting now do that new LP fired everything I felt I wanna see that during the incident football Amanda. I you're disrespecting the flag the country to get its gray area of what I said earlier. What the flag needs to vote. Yet he's still amusing is that now there's this notion that nationally intimate professional football games. Has won in this place in Rina. In which we all shall our allegiance to a flag. And the NFL didn't even have the players on the field. For decades the shots he did have a playoff we're gonna have it which he spent their time. You know finding pictures of players were out at me at them in the 760. They didn't even do it but now it's become this notion that they have their route there all the time Detroit beat these days delegate ballot just gone down this road. You know it's it's again it's this. It is represented above you virtue signaling whether you're right yeah or on the left. This hey I have to demonstrate how. What might use our adult lives I have that I I gotta be hurt by this conversation with dale. Few weeks ago while the implement. Cities awesome but he had a wondering implement stance. Overs it. And that's what I think didn't take off what was which are reports that content to speak only option right out you know somebody is next to me and they won a meal for the Atlantic and as a whale hands and ability campy eighties there. If jumping jacks during the anthem. What ever. On the to do what I do during the at them you do which you do I don't let people talk at them. We lost but it struck yet I could I do so hush. Yeah just add and I'm trying to stay at that little area days they get older non interest in spent less time during the boat you ordered them. I'll probably continue to eat. Because it's work time for routes and again I covering all the flaw with the current radio and apple fell Whitney at them you know was you know there were players on the field. The pension benefits won't work for us like how far. It's what it was a pole vaulter at the Olympics who I don't to have evidence of I told Walters and American pole in his view he was running down. The shoot music there's the simple. Random Hsu at any there was any of them there with a medal ceremony going on someplace else the key to a screeching halt. During the twelve hours with him over that a false start. Delta development cannot win a whole ball that's Celtic tabs so you got. But then you know we're preparing for the game and that's. How far we have to beat you here the at them anywhere and you come to a screeching halt I'll probably be the quality of that era. Wanted you know CBS just released a statement saying they were all at 1 o'clock games they will Schulte. Of course so nations. Marketing half of leniency saying you're gonna see their work. Which they normally don't do by the way get a playoff game the big deal went. Yours elated Chicago two years of the super bull does it goes or C but at the game that's what I wanted to make that promise how offended some people got by it. And yet the picture afterwards I'm not easy but I wouldn't watch the game how would you now. Potent outfit didn't mention it during the broadcast them that they don't buy find out later in the day oh by the way up Marcus Peterson in the border watch the game you don't know. They cut they go to commercial we come back point policy river that your. Special teams out there right yeah. No surprise you guys are lined up to talk about this will talk about all morning long 6177797937. NFL sunny but keep current hanging out as well welcome back we'll get he's gonna be effective program football game you know who we caught up there say staples topple whether it's gradual outlook to five minutes of football before 10 o'clock that plant out of I looked up after the break the my dad sure amateurs they're not playing the national well eight. As the oil. You went through what slaughter an article given and war was pretty good drew hill who's there they're getting better playoff tech wasn't correct. I we'll come back get your ball while Janice I'll read the stuff I. I could offend some that this that the the some of the theme from that Donald Trump on Friday really care if he's the guy I can't defend these weeks it also makes good. The tweets today our last ten hours have been rough for the president not the NFL Sunday but keep current Sports Radio W media. Two more of the NFL Sunday and win money keep. You might help Lansky insurance on Sports Radio. We have freedoms that we have freedom of choice and many many different versions but you know what. It's still totally disrespectful. And you know what they NFL ratings are down massively. Madison. The NFL ratings are down massively. On the number one reason happens to be that they like watching what's happening on. You know we've here's. That is that not only play it on the act of accidentally which did again today he can't see it in he can't hear the audio there NFL Sunday but keep current. But he points to himself. Of course it does. As Welker but to be fair view you guys are real these articles wire rate is now one of the reasons they said last year was the presidential election wanna watch a card so people brought fox well. You is how did you that idea if you investigate a little bit more closely those numbers that related to the income protests. Their. A little bit misleading. It's. Within the number of people who actually. It's a watching last. How many of those people are watching let's because of via compliance so without doubt you really have to Hartsock and all statistics and it's still the best rated having that though that's what he's getting that call that of this that they love is point 6% they're down 26% of fans actually out watching as the protest but if you're actually glorious it percent. Although one or 2% of the people who are not watching now right after this 1%. And all of that it's 26% because you know we talk about ratings. How many people are watching it on their phones how many people watching you on the app which were computers. That's with the ratings are bastard guys. And not as well understood so we about television ratings yet I just went out of vodka and a hip replaced kind of question primetime games. Because the that you want Thursday's earthquake that credits and they got a lucky a lot of my ten games last year on Sunday Monday night's given what they thought they are gonna get what they get. It's not a great at that that's that's the back plate socks and yet every valley there's pretty easy for years the September October products right. Edwards and now area there's just more in showcase to now we are ready gave a surprisingly rams niners have been very entertaining game Jessica ratings were up 20% out there that lasted from last year as the game was bothered by opponents are game was good in the election. Conversation was reduced. That until Friday I do it back coach to. Backlit which is great fight from who says understated freedoms that falls but I don't understand for. I got freaked out about freedoms. No I don't I don't like certain kinds of freedom. Here the last three weeks from your present who wants to get off to. Not a president. Eleven hours ago let's last fifteen hours. Rocket element FL just put out a statement trying to justify the title this respects are players short country to stand. Exclamation point the experts point tapped. Will last 03 of these wall that I don't that you just heard more minutes or North Korea speaking UN it echoes bought a little rocket man. They won't be around much longer exclamation point on three hours as the one nights I. So when asked explains that. If NFL man you're used to go to games to players not disrespect to our liking country you'll see change take place that buyer or suspend. Dot dot dot NFL and it's a ratings week now boring games yes but many still it because the love of country. We should back the United States and now he suggested. All these orders this dispute is this in a country. He wanted to. Do poorly because in adults. There's what the or they will stand the he says this is why I had hit the spot is not stock is an act it's not the reality TV Starr is obsessed with trees check out the ratings. That's like nothing to talk but every news going on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold took over it shows them ratings are way down. He was during the whole election always talked about what now. All of collected the news stations ratings were way up segment yet they'll rate the way down here. Bigger things that you right now but how do you mix in a you know NFL flux all this sort of North Korea and now back to the NFL like. These are not equal things that you should maybe focus on on one over or well other you argue though if his goal. Say his goal was to get people not notice that health care that some reading an affront that John McCain stepped in it and definitely the current version. He knows what is gonna play in this country and for now days it's gonna be two days of this we just watch jaguars at ravens they are nationally and it wanted. This'll be the discussion on an as were jaguars ravens at least fourteen jaguars revealing during Vietnam. I'm about a dozen or so ravens and shot on the older projects that much on the field you were dealing. You are standing interlocking arms of both sides it was coaches it was players. Awesome they were dealing with payroll to block including an owner I don't mean to you outcome shot I don't. So called jet over too many owners beat down on the field our our plant life yet. That it does really well apparently that's so that this. If this is any indication you'll have if it's fourteen player what is it that once explorations were dealing backing up. You're gonna have hundreds of players the only across the ultimate NE patriots. The next mogul Dele. Yeah and look at what. Or mission is to me. I'm actually he's getting close to that spot which is too bad because we have this now of course beyond not. Yes and we'll have our preview watching the U doesn't you sitting in front of television secure way it's written both of almost I'm almost. If the doubt. Yeah I mean there's only so many times you can make your point I'm OK with freedom of expression the president has insinuated that those expressing themselves. In. A respectful way. Against Vietnamese into people say I want those sons bitches fired. Well. I don't think that's gonna happen with ticket holder after a runner is making it clear that they are not. The white line earlier how he's not a team. And as it is that it's got its us want to its us do things but if you were Martellus at a level that would it be right -- on a football but I bet it's I I'm with you to a certain period I think that that overblown because it's not 32 teams don't want government they're two teams don't want. Every free agent they don't fit the scheme all those that don't fit the scheme and they're too good to be a backup so that we're there this year is can they still look at a handful of teams say why are why. That the jets can't use them or you know some of these other two they can't have it that the backup because. If you wanna stay healthy starters either they're better or their younger yoga be your. They hate John Cutler got we wanna start of wanna see you then fine or Shawn Watson today it finally got to. But it once he looked old team beats a lot that back a quarter. That and that's left but the likelihood would increase the cap or nick would get a job once teams started to say OK you know what statement making time he's he's is Oprah for us young yet to try to win some games. And that got provides a better chance to win a football game. That's what tools team which Kobe percent no shot please. Although I thought the Soldier Field you. And I would I he's done yet but I think you'll enjoy it I think the greater problem is and it's been articulated to. Is he's. Reading a V can lifestyle. And his body now compared to the body of a guy named when he twelve. Is he's more slight. He doesn't seem as strong and you also have to with your quarterback no matter how often Jim Kelly a different ball excuse me. Chip Kelly or Trent bulky which only signed off on. His passion for the game yet to see what he's passionate enough that he's gonna set it could tone in the room. Where these guys I've often said. Cap or nick. Needed to somehow say look I understand there's some reticence about him playing me. Why don't we do this. I'm going to encourage any of my teammates want to steer it with me to come ahead and steam would be on Tuesday night and it you know. The green hall in downtown Cleveland where we will have dialogue about. Police brutality racism in America anything else but we're gonna try keep it out of the locker rooms so that. We can just strictly focused on football my teammates on NAFTA BS about. When asked about it c'mon down Tuesday night you'd think that place house out in you would also rule we've been removed. The notion that sports writers like me. Who tested you know at some point. It's we're telling our story to a mass of people. Where are not coming to us to talk politics with politics but he you know you'll put the show erect this has become me more than political issue you would agree with that what does it has although. So all it against the NFL and the NBA in a matter for 48 hours it. It's past couple open but the notion of people well one what Tom Curran has to say about sociological. Or cultural issues. I've never seen it IKEA that's why I've pushed back to school motion yet it will pop culture stuff the commercials. Let's brewers with tweeting about who cares. What she kicked which producer you clocking it Comcast. Should affect. Let for the through. Let's go to jotted that thirty joins us here locally open at what Super Bowl halftime church on Iran NFL Sunday what occurred to keep what he got it. Yes I'm doing my job went to the Vietnam I think of you know the kid that was. You know you want to get off the vote on. And that means you so disrespectful to these guys. Are making millions of dollars in order to make him hundreds of millions of dollars. And at least they can do to support the country the country where they can make money that you can make its way North Korea. You can make this body in Russia. You know I'm just totally. I'm not watching in in so. I think job when you let me stop watching it it as you're really not want. Not I've watched I watched back in the days when. Doug Flutie would play Arnold patriots so right I'd love to drop in the last sunglasses and what you John itself was to see you that they sport that. Look I've watched him a lucky last week I like and I expect and honestly. And I didn't really think I'm out now on what I've watched electric when I'm not watching it today because the people at the plate in the presence the leader of the country. You know like you LeBron James Comer bomb. If you start Joe's play with those individuals and ask you this targeted yet a lot of sort of dipped solos that some of those individuals stepped off the boat. At Normandy. Or fought in Vietnam. To help bring democracy to different places. They did that to provide. Defense for an American way of life. Which provides certain freedoms to people. Which you don't have in as you said Russia would North Korea so to me. As much as you might find distasteful the notion that somebody would Neil we're seeing it would disrespect the National Anthem. In those people somehow fight for the freedom to do that as repulsive as that might be you. Jump. Just gone on to he's watching the Jack portrait of the rank and I had I didn't hang up on that apple iTunes but there's no way they'll respond about it. There's no estimate of people. And convince you that the ignoble. Which college and that's why don't like getting into this on Twitter or a conversation people are that didn't pull him we want to convert somebody. You fight. He put on your powerful ways evasive I was conversation with the amok and get him we were trying not to get a beer I have a conversation riot that with him. Marks the Cambridge bark here but not Z. This stupid they called us on Marcus is utterly Wachovia slaughtered every show over the last two XWB at the new call street not saying it out outs in the war. But it looked latest message you want okay that's true I'll go to watch over that hurdle I bark a gash on. Potato juice into to date there's a lot of the last caller who said that he was upset that LeBron called. Trump Obama wonder where he was when conservatives were calling Obama every nasty name in the book including VMware but that's another punch. But all you need to know about trump is that here is the leader of the most of this country in the world. And he calls white supremacy marching with Nazi flags some fine people. Any calls NFL players peacefully protest and sons of bitches that tells you everything right there. It's a weird it's a weird look for the president to Vietnam on this issue thanks for the call I get it if the goal is let's move. Topic of conversation let's let's distract let's avoid. I get it but to dig in this part of the NLL and NBA. In a especially NBA is so. He heard today it's the it's the you can't fire Rick I quick it's edited. I did you guys take very got invited to the guy wasn't going anyway why can't you get it or not or I haven't yet yeah it gives it like you to the our salary stuff that's happened a team budget which team not a White House that's who we're talking about to start currents here 6177797937. Before Robert jacks ravens already kicked off that level keep you updated I got to see what we're American men. Can we can't talk about a comeback picked up prediction he's gonna leave and Keith I'll be year we got toward plenty of your vocal Salt Lake and jobs the Aussie what they suggested. But the hurricanes might be Donald comfortable and it's called what a bad guys are mafia I don't know we'll fight at 11 o'clock your WB yeah. Big squeeze money and keep. An NFL Sunday preceded by complaints key insurance on Sports Radio WEP. It's not just the act of not going there are certain things that you have to do in the back into actually push that message into motion. He could talk about a different person that it's that things and done things from cabinet to. We're having mark my toes that it is all sorts of you know examples of of woods has gone and our country that we need to kind of changed. And we all are trying to do we can't we use in our platforms using opportunities to to shed light on this and that's kind of where I stand on it. Reality that's not going to the White House is gonna miraculously make everything better but there are things that that's that's this an opportunity to to voice them. Hours after that the president does disinvited the warriors definitely TV show White House never wanted to go back anyway. Your fire quick accurate what's the second half and get Harvick you just there there are real I wanna bring guns structural. We're broken out. Not we have to go organized by topic for time goes that's what I say that I thought it would restore with very good this week I think it'll probably would have thought talked about the taxes that defensively. What that they'll do the patriots hold them down your expectations for. What you see today given the draft borders it's awfully lot of guys gonna play image dole out hold it Gil wolf patriots seem pretty healthy for week three after a lot of guys. Question did not healthy they have to play because everybody else's hurt but yet that unhealthy it's it's a problem it's part of Paul's vote there. He can be all that. It's this is a team that helped Brady with cattlemen. And the Amendola etc. on the field last year of 47%. Passing without JJ watt. It's going to be very hard to them they're gonna be able to get some pressure with three. Meet you occasionally for man rushes they're gonna work matchups who's. Indy and we drove really well Sports Illustrated earlier this year and they're gonna make it hard for Brady to throw easily to the middle of the field. Settlement had eight catches for a 137 yards playoff game last year. There's no one threatens the middle of field work its openness suddenly settlement does Malcolm actually care you know normal that. So it's going to be hard for them to throw the football. To open receivers. In the time that. He keep you won't normally would take for Brees set up what is back with throw doesn't mean they're gonna lose doesn't mean Brady was born in 1977 is falling off a cliff. Just means ago when he gets tough team. Wouldn't it or not is well honed as they will be. Come mid ought to what you final score prediction was like 29. Will score or shoot out yet it like it or not cover push that dale I ask Jimmy Jimmy what it would be you guys again today. Or bridge equipped because Google has jump waist but don't expect to see a lot of balls get around flying all over the place and just via rock for your high purity of water so. The somberness just walk over yes that's the problem is that of a big subscriber to a lot of the stuff I don't care. But it's it's that 3% of stupidity that if you're fifty partisan event now that moves into the conversation they didn't it would like you you little jive chalk one. Monica category winners or at my next flight healthy right now Christ. Because I didn't read the book if you read the book you. I thought it. You double up on the you'd go against the law. If you double up for the H two a waiter your OK if you wanted to Rick a violent and it's sort of like off securities. The attic by. Unthinkable broke. It's typically much here. We'll see here rating like that he'd be. As Ford the the NFL ratings comet that made. This is getting that gays and push back on this will probably still see Ryan now Wexler. Somebody's and it fell these media guys in the Roland felt a point now will be ratings are they keep the but riots seltzer weed out today. Opt for the record. We ladies I. We NFL records are at about race and not wait now at some modest decline but sometimes the ratings remains strong. And Mike Alden who works for fox what's up the ball. We want they were down 12%. And that's our aired it again he claims that was hurricane or like outsmart that from last year of what we want we want it was now well percent. We it was only down 4%. And post hurricane or war with seven and it felt windows across all networks are quickly this last Thursday it that we I. I was the lead that they I've blocked the crap out off it was a good game it was like all schools should get out of 39 out of the balls are. It was up 1%. So even the president's getting pushed back on Friday. Which backed the idea that while the tart it is down. Educate the Bible the plot it out way way down out of the product maybe or at work or theocracy. As the experts from. Ten years ago with the heated and team played there that a quarterback play if you quarterbacks for the week Netflix couples at play right. But you ideals are you definitely got a lot that the depth at quarterback is a stroke is not to. Walk you. Without walking that sort of what it would you hide those guys better but my point and Monday Night Football. A almost never have a scrap or it would finally pass the football. That's what counts on the ethics matchup better than money especially later in the year like the games. Those numbers. In the plant. So that apple calls a second like about. Fifteen minutes and that'll beat Japan that mosque at eleven and four news. There's no. That can't if not can get punishment for the fourteen jacks to Dario I don't want ravens went remittances just buy it. The al-Qaeda this is why the trump thing Ebert rightly understands and I agree with summit. When he's at fighting doesn't make sense because what he's done. Now for these owners including. Autistic their bye see you agree with that only in the sense that if the corner of the team. Felt like it was that far we also sell a lot of fire he said ultimately a fire missiles stupidly fire football player. Lighter synthetic if if the teams that had a you can't do this you do. I had no public team than punishing that player if the players picks and cap critic ask. And I get that part of it but but from the alphabet it's disrespect the flag at my personal paper that's a horrible to ride it's like group that I grew the idea the owners. Should have your right of readers feature to be shall apply basic roles you have some short on. The people comedy on listeners and the future the boss comes to you it's that you got stuck where that no this is about the old. He has a right to say that you're working at it okay and I get that that's fine but say the Boston OK with the shirt. What's the president of the EU should aren't far that not care how. I don't care Butler takes me out of carefully Wear a shirt out of your whatever so let's. Let's stick to something else talk with them an opportunity to commit there it says that all these players need to be. Fired or suspended our product like you Rhode Island Mike W we ya. Yet double wager I don't think. It's never gonna play again because he's not gonna not be jet but by the nightmare that you can bring it any team in the PR. They inspected. Haven't seen people there are. Just spending cap Burnett weren't you know taken in need are the ones that were checked out absentee vote. I doubt it for a cure what the other bells didn't let Monty both hit an eight QL about my. People were open arms about that at that another day. You know loud it's Tuesday what you wish one coach broke yup well. Commitment and we expect the bears were to have it and send it quote know what not would not let him work ahead bit. So at a local crazy over it man where'd it at the end. Well I did not. They haven't I don't know if I was still right right thirty years ago and nobody right about like a player if you wanted to Wear certain cleats that if you want to Wear socks differently he could not physically technically you could but they knew gratified for later on. But we'll work our right you'd get fired at the shirt and talked his Jersey was on talk it at 54 so there are certain rules there but there is no rule. Right now that's that's what's different but the caller point there is. There's no NFL rule that says stand for them if there was that yet that those guys what did fine if they'd be. Clearly breaking or ruled it they never address this and never had addressed this before and I. Leave the owners want the league to make a rule or making a ruling go for maybe we are giving it L statement yet but maybe it L statement is that yes we let our players with a walk. They've made it tough on the owners because you're right different fan base is built differently depending on where what part of the country there and and it's not these owners are left at least these players are they see fit after today. Again I don't how can how could as a team. You say go to any that your players wanted to do. I I mean today sought when he gets on the 26 players dealing with for him that's more combined that it now ever the first of which the season so. Orcas now with the president has doubts about from now it's all about trouble that it did excitement about other subplot about necessarily. Police brutality or some of the other reason that players they did ease before bay part of that is still in their dates of these guys were planning a ticket in the anyway but the the increased numbers today throughout the league and tonight it tomorrow night is. Just going to be about. The president if you are coming of the game this is not a joke. Do not Wear a lot of close it is ha I don't know hot right now were a while the basics the pavement is looking at a high that tailgate exposed to be hot all day. Get up to the ninety's. Get hydrated not mocking the Tom Brady's they get hydraulics and they want to stay hydra now with that hydration your body that the axis on which I think is running a refinery where fifteen game a lot of them rubio who will. Bank advocate that. All the pulpit circumstance. That you advocating trek. What is it. Op ought -- 6177797937. Photo we've already at 26 players yield the the first game they've that we dozens more your reaction with the president that say. Keep track your goals were courts or article seat bro Neil verses it. And a throughout the show without official on officer tells us they ought to keep these guys up until a twelve point five your. Ankle broke.