NFL Sunday Week 7 - Christian Fauria joins the show; Final predictions 10-22-17

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Sunday, October 22nd

HOUR 4 - Christian Fauria is wondering who the real Matt Ryan is. And does the OMFer have the Pats taking this one? We look at the challenges this Pats secondary will have to deal with. And finally, we make our locks of the week.


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Grace it's. NFL Sunday with Mike and nasty and reach teens. Shearer. Can you sick. For patriots falcons tonight at Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Come Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplifying it. Mike Anderson Moakley architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers. So NFL Sunday with money in GE. On Sports Radio WEEI. Final hour here from all along side Gillette Stadium and amp L Sunday but yankees Sports Radio WEEI a patriots in prime time tonight we'll talk to. Christian foray here in about that ninety seconds first though time for. Sunday football injury update brought to you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates that badly and her shoulder. Is keeping you on the bench it will orthopedic associates get you back in the action quickly. Visit NW always dot com and W away expert care meat he's jewelry got four patriot. Inactives rich well we article about the font guilt or Eric row in Harbin lanky so joining them on the list. LA at Roberts COLT frost and geno Grissom. And camp slamming those are your inactive. The starting quarterbacks will be Malcolm Butler Jonathan Jones with Johnson battle most. And it theory not a great senate tonight for the patriots offensively. Let's talk the Christian Lori he joins us announce week yet set a window of the game. With Christian brought to you by coop meant longer Christian tuchman lumber excuse me three quarterback's name Butler. Out of policy and Jonathan Jones out of a slowdown Atlanta tonight Fauria. There is that it is refusing. To preach in one particular. Play that we are. Mann act like. In like circuit and Robert. But there will enact all yeah. So and so while it would be corners NC. Ordered Richardson's partner played equal parts changers like you play the role. Because it uses glued to wide receivers to stick out like receivers to got a Julio Jones mama and what he's playing tonight. But it covered the back our ticket is one of the biggest threat to the defense of speakers due to his back out cold in Sri. Running well all running and checked the patent patent outback field. I'll spread formation obsolete passes slips screens on screenplays. You name it. When you start you know you were well Britney looked out Jones. Tallied get worse or their you know that certainly cover exporter so it it. Broke out in. Guild or out. Which of war. Sit it out quarter. It below average to below efforts and their act for a while efforts so an and it's about. It hit the picket bill screwed up I think it's gonna be challenged the. How similar is the falcons' offense from last year because it seems like it's a lot of the same names although the production does not speak. Yeah you know you can hear so Kyle Shanahan was runner which so last year and Matt Ryan and liked the best years. And then and these are easy comes over and he's just turn it over it looks sloppy really that this. Or like a better interpret what sloppy. So who's the real Matt right. Is it the backlash from last year Hoosier BP was that this guy I'd be kept order here like this surety at last year. So I think ultimately be here April of that. And I don't wanna like you know. Go weird ego. Yet we are very pleased that we are. Eight. Is. A lot of credit what do that it go. To hell we we. You doubled to cheer you like I think that the current spirit there were shipped between quarterback. And it all the record there which is the most important relation pretty lucky according pocket where. But doctors coordinator who's who used to hide his future is likely to tie the quarterback. And it they're seeing things differently here and it sort he doesn't really kind of IRE. They don't all the you know I think that's significant I do. We saw how you really hard and Richard all the all the internal records slate you only like seven last year he's also look at the same this year so. An obligation to see what they do but I will say there. If he doesn't throw for over 300 RE. May be the war corporate network equipment. He is should be able to be with the injuries that you mention you know that that the relationship between nick pets are key CNN and Matt line. The reality is our keys Ian has sucked so what you know Ryan's not been good but Christian Julio Jones has one. One more red zone target that you do this year. Like that that should not allow that cannot happen with that type player his size advantage he has pretty much of every other quarterback the fact I don't target of the red zone. Tells you all you need to know and you're right date they should show up today and score you know 35 points in their sleep because they're all there is that good I'd settle this guy can. Coordinator offense you saudis in college football trophies in coach anymore no idea. Now it's gonna because you lecture the Olympic Kugel jones'. Community. You talked a shortage. Liked the second not kinda catches that time the dark after catch but you know what sort of arrogant or what biblical. You know our president score mecky national leader. So you get them here in the back with two or how to tackle who would do it or some who would do it. But you look back which is Wiegert. Now maybe it's because what it will also doubles team and they could say look this guy that score will it. On the other guy at the back on it yet I mean what last year like. It on Turkey and an important issue are a lot to not for all everybody is at Butler everybody does I don't care who wouldn't it be. That or like like receiver their economic that we hold the number two weeks so not just try to repair some. But it would Butler is pretty good slate makes. You know there's a crappy play are you know there's another critically at all I ought to again. They got the survivor in every sense of the war that we cannot calculate got grows. Well. Just the wage place. He also beat it beat. You can bet your money that he's up there aren't way to make up for but I do you who who don't got that big physical back with that's all star. I can't I can't imagine them not a beating right now I'll look out of options that they have. Just overall. For the first time since week two Rex Burkhead will be out there are so he's playing jealously Dwight Lewis all those guys are active what's the best way. To use those guys. Rotted out he should run on personally. And we'll see what will it work or how late output. I thought that that running back corps was. Special this year going to be kicked out. You look the league who I get just by caucus that would nation you could hear what he's become code that when you he's a purpose but it down guy. Some verticals like garbage or art but all the back and do it. And you know but Berkett peculiar effects. Kind of thing. Just a couple. Running inside and outside of DR Lewis you Carol that you want more rookie talking about politics or shovel. What sort out their legitimate couple routes. Last week and had mostly you're being quite. You know you call chamber in you column that all you want but he's got that ability. Or what I'm really look deceit. Would be like a rock. Dion Lewis Rex for their genes lights. Likes sports nation where all skill position should I throughout this debate radical small. And they got a bigger way it recovered yet they are all beaches in their own special way so. They. Slot are right it's it's good what we talked about the earlier Christian Torii joining us patriots falcons just over an hour from now. They have three these guys now he's matched all three between the L Lewis and and Rex Burkhead and James White. They they have a lot of the same thing this one of these guys become war based slot receiver crushing to name make. What are these guys more dates back slot or does one get traded here before the deadline a week from Tuesday to try to go get all I don't know somebody complacent defense for you at some point this year. Yet it. You defeated about you know those Mugabe and out as well. James likely eloquently written look at them beyond those who have better back then you'll sleep like you'll. I got but I think you. Back to back. Overall. Rex Burkhead I think it or and he's purposes any. To call also but I figured if you look at these flex out and beat Burkett. He did it how did in high school in Texas did a lot of that went out of the summer. I mean it was I don't react real well there were like are connected to camp played once back in Texas it can't. Slot you know I think I'll be rewarded with Nebraska. He did everything also like a doctorate position coach. Which Fisher is the position coach and declared that quarterback equipment tailback program wildcat the couple times you can. You're. Big field. What do you think this game is more important too because I look at the patriots if they lose it's three hold losses in the first seven weeks. Where if your Atlanta. That's all the sudden three straight losses Anderson there are three. And I played orderly and this they have offensively now it's always you don't need or place that on a car. There are deliberately order form reform have like yeah. Aha you up all all all it through like your little bit in my personal note. The more port to other people quarter falcons but not so you. From what they went through. And it talks all of them into this is the Christian leaders like. The shrapnel packed like Jerry god the Yahoo!. And then it would consider regular fees and at that school are what happened lack. There were beaten back a lot of mining the upset people to read aloud to come back it we have. So I don't know but he's gotten so fret job. And just go on the advantage of just imploding. I don't know according to I don't know what it's saying you know to death to them to compare them that. It can be okay. You know okay like like. It's like we can't let it go late it took a group of so badly that lead you to this year so hole. Yeah I think it could well its fourth quarter two pockets. Because they get that won't he on the back in big cannot get it up but it it was in the war obviously. Just got to that a teacher would definitely what we will give them a lot more confident. You know justice or look it can't do this week. If you were in that locker pursuit used to be talking about. That deemed to be over 23 at this point. You know we talk about a week I'm not sure. Regardless of which which use I I don't even went so if you. If you're like an emphasis there's not you know we're not hide it from what we're audited that 08. Basically that's about happy about it but nobody will talk about it. If you make a statement wanted to listen up pocketing about it anymore and what are they gonna say well they're run. Iceberg but they're there in denial they're delusional so I don't know what that calculates. They know what situation for anybody on the attack on the TV talk about it they say you know it looked hope it's the talk about a better but what you ID so. But I think the bad thing to do it I'm not locker room. I just want what are complicated because it was gonna want talk about it. It's obviously don't expect it but but on Monday I'm done a vote on this week the met then that's it. You. I so badly want. To get and a quicker so badly want to get and a. So you. I sat and what's the problem. I. I really need somebody like the third one is our current car a lot. Carter Kurt victim I'm picking them even third person that. Opel towards packer had a couple who. Yeah but that's what role if you want it felt like let's play this game. So you gonna let's say you're gonna go on TV whatever picked the patriots what's the argument you make what how do today. Slowdown Atlanta and up to witness schemes what's that scenario. Yet you're opening up a monopoly on lionized a slight. I know that there's flaws. And it's bound to kick up to them later I just feel like this is the comic who got a long. And elephant in the room that's that they've been just trying to look at all and all the people have better you know look back at that would keep him completely because not too bad. To back up quarterback. We're talking about I know out to about 20/20 or what you want. I at the highest court in the Japanese credit you picked artsy. You have heat post game to what like 3 in the morning four point oh yeah believe. We'll be watching Christian I pick in the falcons all talking actually that's what. Odds Christian warrior to drop down you're at Ryan's I'm not sure the outlet at the phones are back on working here you'll be three at least of at least three votes in the falcons game and it's not. The patriots don't sock. This is not eight this what scares me game but you'd just mentioning was the game wore thwart the patriots lose this game tonight yes it's eight or loss at home this year. But there's still that visual of buffalo Miami and the jets they can still won the division if the falcons lose this game. The seat to thwart to look federal sudden. Like Kimberly Caroline equipment to it that there are more competitive conference right more competitive division the patriots Islamic it's more important for Atlanta to what. What last year in the rear view when an important game on the road. Gained some confidence going into more important games in conference in the next couple yet that the sue me that it what their backs against the wall play well. And I'd leave it when the that I saw. That would make he would play well they hood so. I think they're fry I really do because it the first three we think they are psychologically game yes I asked I think there are fortunate. The heat indices the Reno. Go back to the players the bad there statement that it he beat the Panthers today. But this was like what it does. Before that it does not the Mitchell too risky bears out that he's a sort of with the game where you put Clinton had a pot shots lately games now six collectively to pass the could have like a walk off win. Could get it done there are some great calls in the Detroit game. That may be Detroit could've one that they're three adults that are 12. With back to back games. The AFC east. It usually if it's him. If you're playing is the Easter here you go art will grow green at one you know we'll get a call at worst case or two worst case they lose the bills. That they lose after seventeen point lead in the office now I think the real loose here 333. That's sort of the the beginning of the end of the death of these bird. Yeah we'll see if it's gonna if it's what happened it's gonna be the way that you would forty sort of scribe here tonight that was not on this poll last week. I thought you get up early on the jets you thrower early and then if you want wrongly go for. This week as the high power offense. If they come out with two tight ends. And they wanna run the football early try to establish the wanna keep that Atlanta firepower off the feel annoyed sound like every caller now. One football don't turn it over control I'd session. Reports Q what he's. Is that that that is the big one tonight news but now we do feature an upbeat we were gonna were featured up to the rim of the I would say that that's gonna be the way to win like if I was trying to make the case tonight the patriots it would not be in a shootout late. Force of 2421 falcons. Yeah that no offense and that's as stupid school he whispered it to him yeah anyway here is guess critics say that rivals guys tomorrow patriots roll by thirty now or is going to be a lot of fun tomorrow on like four hours of sleep. Like that way please. The hop up to the score that's what port 21. Tell the score the patriots when the game in the twenties and thirties. That's right I think that's. The pictures that would in the thirties because it might want those crazy game that whoever has the ball well Abu. Right corporate or so it brought well global 5 eastern time in the game bombing ends I agree with you. And that's it for us if you've seen before whereas the winning team. Has the ball with five minutes they score they leave it two minutes left a touchback ire at Atlanta go eighty yards which they could you. But maybe to equip or deploy other about that maybe they get the ball the fiftieth and if so what you're just down heavily in their gas yes that's that's sort of that I don't think it's. Crazy against the patriots with this defense. But I just not not honestly here. Walk up backing your thoughts on this game pats and falcon 6177797937. The phone every pick the pats make the case how does it get done tonight here. Are excellent stadium would be plenty of 283 on the pregame party reminder. For the falcons really deal with that we'll talk about the Super Bowl hangover we'll get you. Some of the highlights of these late games that are now going finals while the deaf women implication on the AFC as well NFL Sunday mutt and Keefe. Sports Radio new media the whole. Scratch coverage. FL Sunday. Do you buy health plan keep insurers to slug Sports Radio telling you. And I'm content and. They bought and yeah. Sports Radio WEB out 6 to 8 o'clock that it off at 830 patriots and falcons your thoughts all of the game tonight we got. We have plain old York knicks coming up I was well behind key you know lots week I've gone. Three it won the last two weeks it's been 66 on the year but the world Keith let the door open with 884 record so what something's gotta give me on the opposite ends of the patriots Monday night game as well what if your picks. Pats falcons till 8 o'clock your 617779. 7937. Affordable for getting into some of the other games that it's one final year in the late slot. You mentioned the an actress here today obviously to a couple of these. The two quarterbacks. Apple going to be out double row and guilt or. That leaves you Malcolm Butler it leave Jonathan Jones we know is that slot got by nature. Legacy beyond Taylor Gabriel or slot receiver route or hardy over slot receiver. That's Julie Johnson battle bossi matchup on that now on its and it was not donate it and all the all receiver. That's a match of the falcons to win eight times out of it and that's that match play patriots having hard time slowing down now with them. Yeah they should but again here's Matt Bryant who has just played Texas this touchdowns you mention a few times out Julio Jones does have a red zone target so. You they have them for the matchup going in their favor. So Garrett Steve they try to exploit it or they've they've looked to do that it. You'd think any competent quarterback in office coordinator. We'll take a look at the other side oh you're down you're second third best quarter who's there now it just wrote him the entire game. But I don't think they're gonna I really don't doubt they still have plenty of other options of their running backs are both really good and that's another matchup nightmare for the patriots. Know who's gonna who's gonna I'll take time those guys and that's that's the that's gotten them. A lot now especially earlier in the year to promote Korean onto unbelievable game or you outlook tomorrow was pretty good. First McCaffrey too much recently if you place here there fought just got a knack mediocrity is wide open spots you Whitaker about one point two where'd nobody on the outside the field. Have a call but I forget there was not return or forays etc. but haven't this feels like it now BA pretty good temple when Tommy turn wrote it. It said it here with a couple hours ago Evan Coleman is going to be pain in the in this game tonight as we. Neither one of us we disagree on the game I guess in the approach buddies who teams you know it was a lot of respect for the middle that. Patriot defense that's about it it's not a guy will get to tonight only Anna Roberts won't play. Even care act. David Hale like. Daniel Russo is gonna fight it if David Harris is gonna play it's gonna be active all this game of let's just say active. I'll be honest it's not the match I thought boy that it really is David here because they're gonna have to live back that I have to defend. On the spot to freak out of the back field and out of the backfield all Hooper pre receiving tight and the this Oracle's one relent Roberts probably would help you. It's a big Kyle mentally night. I've seen a lot of the picture beat writer speculating it rated Ceylon Jordan Richards in your face in the middle of field that you were a lot of guys who aren't great anyway. Covering out of the backfield covering some pretty talented receivers were I think. It's the time for better or worse. So those extra guys in the secondary you know they only have three quarters but the playtime for all three your out there. Yep chunk yeah Chordiant also throw it Richardson may have three safeties. In there those guys that I tower was obviously the loss now and then. You know one however else you could patchwork that they. So Rex Burkhead. Also act that we talked about him. A little bit tonight and ask what Matt Ryan. You think you psychologically damaging not had a great this year. A case not been great. Does have a couple BC games on the schedule at Chicago to start the year 70%. 321 yards passing touchdown quarterback rating 116 guys hold the Green Bay. 68%. To 52 and a touchdown quarterback rating of one await in this war that three game cents. Up. Not good at Detroit three picks. Are home to buffalo let's read better that we thought defensively there are two picks last week Miami. There's no excuse the 248. Two letters are sacked twice a turnover. And Yeltsin to quarterback rating at hold against Miami. Of 86 point 4776186. Last threats threatening get the wrong direction and that it would buy it the ticket but that all want him. Just at the Super Bowl not all on him but you know he's the breeze or lead against Miami. If you've got to go back out that happened or you could solve that thing away by the wind picked up an extra first outer to a decade ago. 6177797937. Is the folder but in Keith NFL Sunday. That's the patriots inactives here tonight Dick they're game is it it's important it's not and it's candidates seek games so it's not the most important game. I don't make the 32. Saints won their fourth game today so you think at the beer game for the the past. I think bigger sockets and I just thought they both agree on that day I think it's bigger for the falcons do you know it's three straight losses of 500 at that they're looking at but a lot of teams that you know. That's the division but in the NFC east or to look at the playoff positioning things like that. They might start the epic slip away a little too much patriots there are fine they can overcome. You a few more losses. In the year. 115. They still with the division that it might out of home via the route but objectives the obesity these spot or falcons. This wicked could really fault harper quit or so here here's how it shaped. Today I local every game of the games that would mean summit the patriots on the week seven's scheduled every other game is gone wild and risky we've patriots and falcons. Let's an hour from now the Steelers. At home to Cincinnati limit the angles to 179 hole yards on the date including any dull money for down late. Throwing the ball out of bounds and throw away on fourth down ray Dalton Steelers 29 bagels fourteen. They get to four and two. I could be some people laughed this week saying there the main threat games plus a two weeks ago Roethlisberger throws five X he's you think the teams. But that they have since come back Beatles they've done they get the ball lately on bail you guess what would they give him the ball and don't do as much kind of works out for our David Bryant asked bird trade. That the story today moderate users of office or at the box score yet I don't with he's here it's Victoria brown that touched two Smith Shuster that's a favorite crazy for my problem route fake pot. With what safeties now queue for students group now is the story you're telling them on 35 carries 134 yards he caught three passes very. Mark Haiti's Bryant. Two targets one catch three art yet but it's that is the first drive of the game I think that you let go river around. Are you. So I think that I've from a from a into actual things that happen pretty not ignore actual happen Thursday night the chiefs lose it with big for the patriots because there was an. BC team and a half right now the raiders go oh yeah they that game had the most of but I take Pittsburg winning today. Registers as an AFC win the chargers. Out that there with his big with the fact they shut out. Shut out and armor but what you want nothing that's next week's that's pretty surprising there. Elsewhere in the that's where games that might meets the date buffalo gets at their four win they want it all those crazy big lead early came back late. Thirty to 27 the bills are forward. And I want us there are their defense was not good defense has been good. They found a way it works its way all year I think when he was the high a lot of teams or over eight points the books were what he said. And bills were up there were at the league for awhile teams with play hurt by the way yet Justine joint sprain but throwing shoulder. They torture who's gonna play play play well and he hit Evans from monster touched down at its touchdown OJ Howard the rook at about minute to touchdown throw your perceive makes a big back in the game but then the the bills. I give significant level adequate use of the playoff team. I still don't get it they feel like a wild card okay yeah they're defense it may not a waiting game but offensively they have enough. Expert between Taylor and call it it just enough to be. Scary offensively we know they're good defense they could be yours Miami. Yeah I have gotten the playoffs though it much of a threat but he buffalo they'll fight for awhile are not putting any team in a while Korea accept the deal might at a quarter titans get their fourth win. I'm all political goals I don't Johnson mossy snappy jumped Hamas in the huge. All of that data pool. It was started as a football beat you might I meet you might not Metafile ally today it might appear DO. He needed the titans today he's there's on the like I wanna say. Seventeen people. Out now 3000 really some crazy Albert tight yet I was on the road I he asked my advice is at all Wednesday suggested titans. He went there are taking credit rating covered now on the greater the need for live sort of duel today to a fourth win. I don't I don't I'm not gonna go to Kesler back. That's the route bigger story there's the browns are aptly dubbed by hue Jackson knows his job hours that's my. Oh jags win on the road beat the colts 27 now thinks that jags defense against him ads hurt right here of sport for your WE mails currently with Bill Polian as the delegates was the most if it. Or all of the I mean that was wonderful or like I Kevin winter with the school board trying to give bill points in life that there are times that I have the energy. The other game that meant something today. Dolphins 31 jets point eight seed now have. Two other teams in the division with four wins dolphins and bills and the jets have to be within three or wind stamp. It's probably the the most wins of any other division of football is the eighth that is that is the surprise because it would never believed it even the jets now are immoral. When they're going would you welcome woody need to Cutler went up to color. Jay Cutler broke broken ribs broken going to be got a couple weeks that sounds like if he threw two touchdown that now more if you let the Indian Wells along. More updates lately thirds the turnaround not to play at least they're the earth that's very that's for sure. On the other bigotry today about it Siebert Carson Palmer is going to be asked him about any other injuries Europe. Always going to be out eight weeks of the broken arm Joseph Thomas Albright who played like 101000 consecutive snaps. Feared to have a triceps there MRI confirmed that on day. Likely going to be off the strikes the guy who would play if they let it but at the browns. There's no need to play the joke go home make your money. That I think it caught up on the page individually. Pressed four touchdowns. Now at the start would it be a bill that there tonight it raises the it was not credible other romo's pretty funny there the study was good. A cut and catching up to the madness of it some color guys don't like it how crazy is he. Understood how ridiculous like that Oakland those three or four shots at the end and I favorable line when. They got that they volley at the score Crabtree. And the raiders running on the field and Tony's like he's all right guys ought to gain at the bar them he said and I quote. You better be careful that they they may want to kick off way far back if you get as the year went way to far back are legal stance of Tony professional. Good so good in there and I guess you're you're trying to say good weeks at 13027. Deals that we are ethnic word at least on paper Gretzky. Obviously actor's pocket that this ship. Through the ratings look like that has been in majors story line the other big story line is that out of chapter says. I'm Roger hill's contract is being slowed down. By the fact they cannot get the yet at the protests worked out here so we shall see how that plays out tonight here to let the falcons and the patriots go back to the game. I get to set for the game itself here to point 777979837. NFL Sunday Mott and Keith here at the shed you'll Sports Radio did you eat. After more of the NFL Sunday with the money keep. You might help Lansky insurance on sports were. While a couple of minutes on this primetime edition NFL Sunday but any key Sports Radio W we got our school we got the picture of patrol job by a patriots being put together an Atlanta Falcons. Super Bowl first half champion's future. And is wearing it around the stadium here tonight that's part of these psychological. Outlook aspect of this they got to try to. They got try to get through here not just tonight at this season tonight feels like the easy one to not let Bobby your right so focused on winning this game is so focused on trying to. Avoid any talk about that come out in your good ago I think later on in the year it was couple of games like he did these last couple weeks it could snowball on him but. Well I don't. I don't think tonight's going to be an issue of global what a favor by not making the opening night. What does that obvious Thursday night the office he's like we thought that yeah we know why they're not doing right. So Carolina points Carolina plane because they added. And it will back that following for a team and thought it was too much for them mentally yeah so so it dates of them we got patriots and chiefs in the Puget Lucio. Write those big Jesus wants their season but commitment falcons years that a third 30 is there Ol want maybe. The demise beat you but I I expect a lot of points but it's fascinating if they Atlantic if that fourteen. The patriots or all let me get the ball back ever got out of the game times have you ever figure patriots fan you're not leaving early on matter why not stick your seatbelt installed because you feel like you're always in the scheme against the team. I'll light the falcons' other cold out optional showed on TV tonight. But a good job of the patriots there were 200. I'm military members there and it's thanks the patron they've bought seats up to military ever good job patriots. To do that. Are locks the week here we have the program would this work. A little bit different this week as we go to games left and sold through the patriots game and will do Eagles and responsible pick the same games. I am six and six through twelve games you Horry and force he's still up you've left the door jaw really for a comeback year. We're gonna go patriots the current line of minus three here at home. You know the opposite the eight key when like the way things have gone you know which way will ball going here but I've majors we did it right around outline adults rotting away with the game but it in the pocket Q with the spread. A big game while story. About what point do. Keep the patriots. Like. 35. On on and take the falcons to win and to lesser it covered this game all take the three and it's higher scoring game. And ID. Tonight as a night where we that the clock tomorrow is. We view the pass defense is bad we know that my projection for all radio plays requisite good game Brady's gonna have a budget touchdowns and L. It will be track meet but Atlanta has too much worse that this patriot defense give me the falcons. 3834. And it. Your Cleveland Stadium lock it up all. As for the late game or the Monday night game I Eagles minus four to happen home. Against the Redskins Eagles are two very good start this year yeah all Eagles there the the rescue to a point for us at this season but Carson. When it had a year together our fears. Is when he's good at that. Hole to weapons there. A roster that played pretty well it is really. With Philly where I'd want right now though. With him by. I I am. More. You're more. I don't well I don't like I doubt I'll like the number given the dog Monday night and it's it's not it's not a but the pick here in the next four to happen now four and a half estimate in bigger a bigger cut got 33 keys of the game please the garrote a football. Which time possession. Not turn the ball over and over our own. As I should know this is the host of NFL Sunday I think I should know. But there are weary colleagues color color uniforms. They are bad ass patriot local Russian reforms and the falcons I think all like I only saw Julio Jones this topic I think Europe's big uniformed guys like that all white they're going to be on the uniform tonight and I do like the old. I don't like this month belliard that's what it was that the vote that it if that's who will legalize. What. Awesome thank you share one thing that Burrell. Hear us like doing a great job with us here wanna thank the WE BX three team. Oh here doing a great job including Mike guy up like Mike our stores here on the court today good job like. Paula thank Ryan Bakken studio rotted out healthy back there it's executive I got and Charleston here at your screen calls thank you Ben Ben thank you buddy let's thank Tommy her for showing up. Late as usual but he was here. I guess we'll thank Christian forward if you sir have you. I got the falcons. You have the patriots something again. You're here when he frequently here a lot on the broadcast. Thanks for listening back at it next week. Post game show real close to neutral or away and Freddie after the game right here. All Sports Radio WE Yuxi.