NFL Sunday Week 7 - The Super Bowl Hangover 10-22-17

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Sunday, October 22nd

HOUR 2 - It sounds like both the Falcons and Patriots have moved on from the Super Bowl. Is the idea of a "Super Bowl hangover" legitimate? Roger Goodell's contract extension still hasn't been finished. And we shift into a little Alex Cora talk seeing as the Red Sox might have found their new manager.


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This news. NFL Sunday with my goodness he had reached team. And you sick for patriots falcons tonight at Gillette Stadium NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Compass Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplifying it. Check out complex deep down. Mike Anderson mode Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers. Ex NFL Sunday with money in sheet. On Sports Radio WEEI. Joined by the great hobby car and NBC sports Before he heads out back over to the stadium to do while the grown up working escape the dude today pages three games pregame TV. Today we tell people what's hot what's the what's the big TV. Theme today let's walk this part of the production meeting what's going to be the pregame between UN the hairdo like York. I just think how big of a tent the two thousand seventies he's the sixteenth season left in both teams especially the way it ended because. If you listen to Neitzel there earlier this week we spoke on quick slant in if you listen to the patriots after the first game of the season. Their offseason and the optimism. And propaganda that we all engaged in. Absolutely hating negative effect on this team as far as Brady was concerned as far as Belichick was concerned. It sold are said to me earlier this week. When I mentioned support those who don't want. We get caught up in that before the first game of the year and that didn't help anyone. It to me we've never gotten a solid. Single example of what happened to me one instance where it hurt you guys simply not watch film. Guys have been around watched the do your job video making fun of you know now Patricia what happened. But it still obviously had an impact in the they're success in 2016. And the off season. Somehow change them and awaited data and anticipate meanwhile you have may have took was not the team that they. Had been last year because of not only with the patriots if they also had some other field. Heart crushing losses in 2016. And this year they've lost two. Buffalo it was the Miami additional loss to Detroit they almost lost to Chicago. And there in a position right now themselves where. There are nothing like the team we sought for voice of the whole thing is these two teams Simi tonight are nothing like we saw eight months ago. And it's funny because bowl teams Tom to your point a bull try to pretend like Becky never capitan where the patriots are saying we don't want talk about anymore. Ought to shut Arthur Blank talk the rapport NFL network said flights not about. That or beyond that Dan Quinn spent a budget cut this week intervals same sort of questions like no that's not gonna define us and it it it it subway gets I believe them because. They edit view of what's happened this year back to back games a seventeen points they can't think about I. Super Bowl right now they're a much tougher conference the patriots don't you think it's harder for me to pretend. Yes last year but has nothing to do with the issue when doing the same thing they'll never be able to forget that and then it anytime you lose a week. How did not correct path that leads the team ahead. The biggest choke job in the history of the super. Like you and it's a lot of the same guys that won back the same potency quarterback. I don't know Heidi is that it's got to be deja Vu watered down or your seventeenth. Against the bat dolphins team. Eighty pop that thing. The big they have to think about it again the Super Bowl hangover thing is real that's for teams that didn't give up 25 point lead to imagine what it's like what it did. To me it's always funny to it was a guys like Arthur blanks and look at those in practice and I guarantee we're not the plank right you know. The blank pages the memoir about their blankets and it was incredible how it about the code written by Tommy current yeah but that's that's every single thing that we ever suspected stands or beauty or observers. As to what will actually impact the team. In hindsight despite the fact these teams say as it's going on that's well within about that's not affecting us without fail. Those things that effect and this is affecting both of these teams. It's pretty clear that the quarterback the last couple weeks based on the waste throw the football and based on sort the results of those throws. He just he's not had it whatever it is last weeks or is it as simple as I wonder guys that left shoulder banged up he spurt. And so he's not able to do certain things and it's not morons like Meeks say that it's guys like Greg cosell. Who I think probably still guys all the time. That's all he does he's their watched only breaks down he was going through reading completions this week that Brady made the last couple weeks where. You in the completions were crisp and so I'd be given all this credit. The worries that give all the changes they add to the softens the way he's played. But Brady if the advanced metric guys that the guys who all say last couple weeks now that it is best simplest we given the entry pass. And not an eight state would Pakistani and Adriatic. Operating I think it's the shoulder the pick that he threw against Tampa Bay inexplicable except for the fact when you think about it. That's kind of your pull through shoulder any. My daughter wanted to when it sailed on addicted Pippen mrs. that are a byproduct of they're not easy throws they're easier throws. And he's so into the perimeter aboard those are harder throws stuff in the middle but additionally he's thrown behind Chris Hogan often. One crossing that McChrystal it's on the injury list this week. Because he got his ribs exposed on like group of every. If it would be it a settlement last year's target federal habitat of the game and for the most part of the boutique every once in awhile with them but the most rose across the parents are quick passes that. You're not really at risk of the order pick up those are really you know you're gonna get your completion percentage up with those they don't really have that guy facility. Right now but I also think some of the is sort of bad throws. Throughout the whole season not just last week. Coupled border Brandon cooks couple were to Dwayne Allen again it could very well be Brady's fault but there are also times three wonder are those guys in the right spot and we've worked what you guys are never really sure. Think what's also important that I. That I think a lot of advanced metrics improved football focus and analytic people don't understand is. He doesn't Friday complete every single row they're it throws that he makes it goes well they could get rid of the ball. I'm gonna go there. I'm gonna throw it so that maybe you'll catch it but he probably won't. And that's what a lot of downfield throws people look at some of the misses on the downfield throws at you with throws everybody that's because after 2002. We have picked off short about five times in the season tees it. That's never gonna happen anymore five missile along ball a missing ones went to a set it was an unusual one that's what picky. She's Blackburn at the 20112 bull. Those are the kinds of drives you crazy things like that. Now feel rose have to be over everybody's. Except my receiver. Because otherwise it is fatal to recoup that he's got those throws in there as well as it were stuff you get at a. Let's see you measure Brady cooks earlier last hour. I don't think any of us here this were things that most great eventually generate petty that yeah right okay audience that he beat they they are asked to be more consistent. Showing a critic looks game in game out with dark times were you forget. The patriots humidity number one pick explosive wide receiver could you will go. Series of plays or series of downs and he will be invisible so that never happens that'll let what he was there. It really happens Rob Gronkowski because that first round pick capital Tom operatic cooks. He sat out that year he has a more consistent EST shoulder or. Audit what's called a series of series LP. That accepts you say that he has to do we know that's not really that. The model of this defense was shooting offense with him for the differently this year has had a in actual literal battles and get to sit on the free sidelines watching that crap on defense played well it can't start throwing outside a written question because it's a first round pick guy. What do you have to hold the ball out to control at least. Those of opens and throws even for it Alec Brady. To sort of a guy who's you know my height your height. Even as fast as he assist on a high percentage drop. How good this looks at your mind there we the fun game last year was about it here one can hear applause put up these huge stance and it. I didn't uses there's stats where we give the arguments in the afternoon we use the word leaked into the whole debate in adult court for Earl here is just as Joseph Flacco even the F the fun game. Is pretty cooks but how good it's great that we're talking about a few bullets are fifteen that's it's easily. But we definitely 815 so yeah I think cattlemen to at a. Wide receiver than him Brandon Cox I think he was. Lester I think he has been for the last two years regardless statistics that you put up because everything has to be a remote play everything by 50% in the world's office. They're behind growing. It's created in their downfield team. But I don't think and I don't I don't think that and all of us an idea but I don't think people might hear it to fifteen I think what's that's under supplemental thinks so. Not all but what we saw we were Weaver accidentally it filters to exit on the team like he'll I don't know the key. Yeah I think that's I think he wailed betterment TO but I Heidi how here's the top court you guys are right. How do you judge. He'd like Hilton today. Who does nothing against the jaguars which caught a percent a quarter pack right verses what's it pretty cooks does with Palm Pre I'd. That's the hard thing I have judging is who's the quarterback what's the off it like for being with cook's unit not making catches. The ability to get a pass interference or put pressure on the pits to get other guys open that should be more plot which it before like wow. Redick cooks is doing this for this patriot golf that there are times where. He just seems invisible for Geist atlas rocket. And there is there are other aspects of what he's doing minute I would say. But it played out. He's Smart. Brady would not be useful for the pop gosh it's yeah he's an appreciation for his efforts. If you wasn't really to work. And he generally. Doesn't get hurt. It'll be interesting because this is something that I you know at the book that with settlement related comes up Tuesday. When I talked to bring Russia match earlier with the target. I talked to Brady about a for the bookings look this is something that people don't understand what settlement. Came into the week he asked on. UCL AN three network. Brees and I'll be there to keep Brees number. Recall that once the entire summer. Madeleine went back the next series Stater again Reid called them three or four times by the time. It was 2012. And Welker was. You know franchise to get married then Brady needs them to throw to and Adelman was there he goes there every. Wherever Brady is settlement goes and I think that Brady says look there's other guys that what it now. Were willing to work the week to week ones were willing to just follow me around. Like terrier. Like Julian and I think he tries to sell these guys like cooks. On that Sophie does a little bit say this guys unbelievably so we worked so hard. So you try it client he what I. I wonder if any outside receiver Malcolm Mitchell Brit any of those guys got the report that Brady had with. Deion Branch Wes Welker to an element is even a really good. At rolling in those small areas middle of the field before we got here you pick the falcons to win this game. And just based on the defense high scoring game that's the Pitt can't keep with a you think about that just have to which office yeah I think this is too many match yes I've field grown round to climb back from level. Didn't reappear via our CO ITV it's the book out Tuesday 20 happens. I have to publish the money and name that you had a story nice this whole bottle of port 221 army colonel. That's not a current topics thanks guys I'm 61777. Night seven out of every seven affordable chris'. Doubt the cape what's talk about the patriots. It offense Christian next up your NFL Sunday. Hey guys thanks for taking my yacht bull call but he she gets a great together. I really enjoyed the show thanks Chris Watson. Arm I don't feel like. The patriots last year. We're very successful on the street game. Thrown bubble these greens that'll men and and and dole and look at it than this year you know with a lot of battle men you know it really hadn't been part of the game you know you see it and screamed the game like but. You know they're not run anything out there to greet the coast or in mental and want to. You know the I think that's really you know has come into our lack of you know continuity and fluidity on the offenses or off. I think it's up to the actress because this office even though you but it scored points at them. Little long but we're so used to just be on stop global just march right down the field. You know hit elements or maybe it you know rock in the middle of the field mix in the running backs it just seems like. It's it easier thirty points of view well. It's so. I do wonder maybe you'll see more white or Lewis also Rex Burkhead. Finally. Off the injury report haven't seen him for a couple of games you saw catch a nice passes pre season in the middle of field and take it to the house. Maybe start to see him brought some of those some you know some of those routes as well well so what I like to that is so I would one of these guys whether it's Dion Lewis or James White or Rex Burkhead. You're now a essentially. Each back slash slot receiver yet it is critical literacy ought to know I thought it was going to be Dion Lewis but. The L Lewis has emerged here as their best not want running after all he's better than like you mostly right now. He works close particulars leading if you getting a look at advanced metrics in that at some of the stuff the pro football focus does. He makes people miss that much any player in the NFL. As Betty it's not Louis maybe it's Rex Burkhead your lap of the slot got to go play as much TV carrier to. But you called a slot your screen game guy your slot receiver got rich because there is that there's overlap at that position now what all those guys are healthy we have now seen it. They have one extra guy so what do you say that it different roles slot receiver. Or your trade him Tommy current at the deadline to force somebody regulatory draft capital. Trade one at least three staff receiving a running back javits a popular figure it not populate the NFL. It's become a staple NFL offenses you better had they got you were off the air. This off but you guide Joseph makes it Cincinnati that starts that gave us from its fuel Bernard there and every journey now have. Asked multiple guys one of those guys and so you have three you have James White give DL Lewis yeah Birkhead. Either use wanted to different role. Multi purpose some or you trade him for. Yours quarterback or middle linebacker or outside linebacker. They need those things more than they want those two guys it's or two of those three guys yes sitting on the bench every office supply. And if you order of street Louis or Burke had yet to do it before either one gets hurt again to go to guy and that's the nature of that they're fragile but. I would love to see. You don't want to sets today we're yet to those guys up there you have coax him and in a goal or Hogan have brought in that to a front backs out there. Just to throw some more weapons that it's up they have been able to do you know because Birkhead spit it out for the last several weeks so maybe. It has to be even more creative. That's the guy today right as rocker counselor talked about this offense and how the gonna finally to score thirty Kazaa I gonna have to score thirty to. Keep up with the falcons today 6177797937. They have brought the Super Bowl what Telus that it may place an act game. Walk should be held a happy day here in the middle to feel what you're looking for that match up that that docket that's his. Julio Jones I don't know who slows down the Celtics the patriots. The same sense I don't know who for the falcons is gonna want width. Our Rob Gronkowski out at a players that he feels he matches up well. With gronkowski but I gotta run stopper up illegal IC that should be the money matchup tonight the yet and I should I think a lot of you know that's. You whip Tom yeah go figure that the falcons are gonna win and I think the exact same fears are on the other side if you think if you're in Atlanta fan. You're looking at crop your seen Brady you're seeing cooks into Ohio although. Cook has not done very well in his career against already seen them twice a year ago it Zoe he himself has struggled that was also in the in the world's office but. It's a look at some anyway I thought the Patriots offense more. But I thought it's off. That defenses right now are pretty similar CI I think got like the falcons' offense or right now. Because. With the patriot offense and maybe and just. Out of romanticizing Atlanta little that I you think I have are better and they are yeah. I see the patriots struggle like you said struggle to score 44 points it doesn't seem easy to them with Atlanta. When they're right even this year earlier in the year. They can go to a three drives were to took just if field goal at seventeen points and a matter of VO three elephants that drives worth the patriots don't seem like they're quite it's consistent. Offensively this year so I'm right I'm in a slight edge to Atlanta offense we're probably defensively. Kudos here let's apply a little bit better defensively this year with the patriots is banged up as they are because the pat they're not pets are healthy. Fuel or go wrote tonight you or worse than the patriots they're the colts. They are on display once again this afternoon heard that yes W yeah I'd go with the colts' defense is an absolute. Disaster. Now the last couple weeks they have gotten a little bit better not that you should be filled with confidence. You know the jets had that controversial play where that would have another touchdown that would have been more points the box. This three field goals one of hope was announced who bombed so even if they make two and three talk about that when he points there but even that is a step in the right direction. From teams in the thirties. Though you can wait until morality with rollout I feel like they have gotten a little bit better. There's really nowhere to go after the first four games yeah you could it got worse than that but at least the last two. It's it's gotten a little more of that and don't break which they've had from a subjective. 6177797. ID 370 is the full number of the games going on right now for gets the break. Cowboys 23 up on the 49ers CQ Elliott couple touchdowns there. The big one of the AF season Pittsburgh Steelers and thankful that what does all squared fourteen Ben Roethlisberger. Apparent touchdown that late in the second quarter. Are also in the second quarter charges of fourteen definitely home. All over the Broncos. Good start what that charger team. They'll rate touched down there. We'll rivers excuse me the giant just got a touchdown to edit Igor was very popular tied at ideally Finnessey have any good rookie year of about seven nothing giant at home. Against the Seahawks though the four games going on right now. I'll get your phone calls it here are tonight's game patriots and falcons make the case for the patriots here. Slowing down the falcons at 6177797. ID 370 is the folder were able come back and address what has become a weekly got conversation on the show. That's shoppers at the NFL the protest we did see many of them because TV networks will no longer showing them prior to these games but. It is affecting Roger Goodell in his contract extension get to that Porsche calls NFL Sunday here let Sports Radio WB. Mike Mudd nasty and rich keep at least he's NFL Sunday brought to you might come Lansky insurance Sports Radio WEEI. What little political operation since it is so short the. They see me. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Six. It's been. Wow. Okay. Well that was so what you heard last year in the Super Bowl 283 it's been on the NFL network got all weekend long you're really at that. Have a hard time of forty return on NFL network and it wouldn't last couple days this is NFL Sunday but it keeps Sports Radio W we yacht certainly. One of the headlines this week is the rematch of the Super Bowl patriots and falcons story lines in the NFL brought to buy cars for kids. Your trust a charity for card donations also accepting donations of boats Arby's motorcycles and real estate called that 8877. Cars for kids the other story line this week what can deal with that Donald Trump the NFL. I am protest that's been. Four I saw today in the opening games even though the pre game stuff. Very minimal coverage of any of the protest the players already players that protests that are all here week sevenths. I don't really see any of it that I know that they said they're not gonna show it anymore that's typical one week thing that they were done and even illegal back a few weeks ago where we thought as he wore the store yeah as the networks were saying. We're not known though you suited for kick off will go from there. The numbers last week were not very and I've seen the poll today but I can't imagine that's it's not even from a week ago well. With the networks not show on. As for today's news tied into out of chapter. To Dell's contract extension has not been signed yet because he's expected to be completed in supposed to be at some point. Are going to be taking care of but it's been slowed while overall majority of the NFL's attention been diverted to the handling of the it the issue. She defected TV ratings merchandise sales and the country's feelings about football quote. Of McCourt a source quarry two show after the information was all written everything and I do mean everything's a show after reporting that day essentially. That because they've been so much focus on the spot on the scene. They can't ticket sales contract on that owners want to see how this is handled out the next couple weeks before they sign what's going to be a contract. Here now when I first saw the headline out excited about it that thought it was riveted to it that he would get the sense that quit over the went yeah hundred hits it out this is preventing that happening. That even in the first paragraph or so apps after says they all soon this will. Likenesses yeah it basically or even prepared it's ready to go except. All their hedges that on this obviously yet that beating. Hillary's read the Boston Globe during and in new intensity to all articles is certainly talking about today at five clicks the EU looked at all all sorts of good. But it sounds like unfortunately for people who can't stay though. This will get done it yet another delay whatever there's the story couple weeks ago that Jerry Jones itself. Was slowing things down this mindset area and he was trying to prevent this tyranny is particularly stuff. Which by the way he's playing today to set the that is that is back in there what the dead. But no itself and unfortunately they'll will get the extension it's it's really matter when. Rice you can find little Willie Cologne sound from this week key he spoke up on daily news live either Tuesday or Wednesday. I should be in their jedi pull this up because this is. Tied into this get dealt thing because what they've done now riches had these. Meetings in New York third have another one scheduled in fact I edit their. I pull up here that there's now they're now doing coverage weekly. When the next meeting is going to be and if colors gonna meet next week to discuss social issues with this end game I guess of how we need a week from Tuesday. He will eventually figure a lot of this stuff out. But the league is trying to portray these meetings as very. Open lot of things happening. It good dialogue back and forth the fact he released a joint statement the NFL the NFL yea. Of having those guys together on the same page. And they did before player Willie Cologne. Goal on New York Daily News TV. It basically give you what you can say yeah nothing got accomplished in the meetings now I want cap critics name came up and went for about the break. If no other way to commissioner has the speed up read the Boston Globe. And the weeks trying to spin it I'll read some quotes from that Ian Rapoport these here a few minutes. They try to spin it as positive. I'm much more likely to believe Willie Cologne yeah talking to a player there we saying. This is all window dressing the league is looking for a way to get us to stop protesting without putting in the rules hates not the only downer Vietnam. They think these meetings are. A good way to give the players a quarter a quarter voice. Instead of saying please please please stop dealing during the. I can't believe they thought that this wouldn't you know. What if your Adel Hanna did you for our for tenth at three total leak though Rich's yet is what changes there should be native Americans worry about it but. That was one of the things that initially it looked lake. It was promising and the list of all the players are tending most of those guys epic got them to take these targets of opportunity talk with the week. You know see what maybe could it happen for that going forward but. There's discount a talk show this was Willie Cologne former player played for a the saints among teams right offensive line that you are longtime Steelers. He was on at New York deal and NY daily news live these were his sources told them what happened in the meeting last week. He had talked to multiple sources that was in the mid and it fails and nothing got done is pretty much a waste of the Tuesday Dave what do players actually is they are all the ways it felt like nothing's. Was it was a accomplish such in metadata owners just wants to go away but they don't know. It's for the school they're nor how to put up this far so the players are sent back in his right now standstill even when a border to talk of the top of column capita I was so it went straight to a bathroom break and that was being talked about. You should appoint a wider heard Roger Goodell who was in the meeting was actually reading the paper because that inning today when I've been trying to tell the world the owners run NFL not Roger Goodell also a bit. Have full what I expect to be done nothing and is this is a shame at this point. I gotta say it was the Boston Globe that it's Kevin Burkhardt asked what what what do you. I was reading a paper and I was the Boston global online for Rappaport piece today here are two things that his NFL sources tell him. Came out of the these meetings walk. One of those want to discuss with commitment for the owners to let players meet with lawmakers chiefs of police administrators and others who make direct impact on the local communities as Eagles that's backed out of tickets has said. It's one thing to make a difference in the country overall. But the tangible differences can be made in their own commuter beat players have participated. In while also police but some want to take the next epic Greek community programs. With local police. It great awesome idea sounds great. They could on this about these meetings they could hit that right this is I guess that the owners considered gonna get more involved in this but. I guess there was a pledge by management. To help do that the second. Example given was it legal wife campaign aimed at stamping out racism. Or a public service based campaign aimed at promoting equality. And if we see David with the PSAs. Here at Boston. I don't think that's really cool world every everybody because that seems like you are pandering to say hey. Please don't be races the people that race is unfortunately and they are evil vile sick ate holes probably knock it in there. Not gonna change their mind in the week I wish you stroke looked all want it say racism abolished. It's not gonna have one up there a PSA about that and he seems like. Some all choked pandering by the NFL let's just say hey look look at us we have TSA says yeah stop being. Race we're also at the recovered it guys are ever see him back up problem solved this black players in the TSA Falwell. I thought it missed opportunity was if the president still feel that with the big issue clearly does you represented we what the east formed an online petition on Friday we know those those work. That's a little stand and yet we should check that out what was the house bill signed yet but why can't he host this meeting. Or watch it here that are near and I don't understand is this the idiots that miserable golf order operatives but he here. Post this big obviously very important it's been a lot of time. Hockey in tweeting about the matter the white heat heat. Meet wit select group of players view with the commissioner Ed just talk about your their side of it that tell him. To their faces why he feels like they're doing that's wrong going about it wrong. Now maybe it would have been that Tuesday that he could schedules something though. So don't count but say here's a day that I am free and I would like to sit about it discuss this via I don't think that your dad gets. It's not it's not gonna happen because I think that with the president he knows that the longer this is a story that's the better it is for him. Because he's gonna have thousands of people signed its online petition. I aimed at pressuring the NFL in ordering players to stand for the at the innards or society at. Right from the other page itself which is that was issued this the petition was issued by the twelve make America great again committee which he trop pence fundraising Alfred. The president has asked for a list of supporters stand by the national let them add your name below to show your patriotism and support. This is available the Republican national committee's website. So EU SC still something he's looking for I'm sure. Come one day assault thousands of people signed up board. You referenced that again on Twitter on Monday or Tuesday. If someone meal tonight and a falcon or patriot he'll reference a big primetime game he. For him it's an issue to get his base. I about and it's worked for him he's not gonna wanna such as his base through if you get pulled from the other stuff but yet turnaround this is bad radio. Look at the paint job. Although major battle that is from get a better get a picture that we have as well not over rating stands alone isn't bad radio folks at but we ascetic guys that didn't know what though what's your name sir. Away from that. Go back to the doorway thwarted because going back I get the right like this paint job on this patriot fan. It has great followed up and I want to take what is literally the front couple hours. It's not a. What about this rituals we wells out down at night so. Event that covenant that's about material why application after of the ladies can't own national he's got a speak and they had them. Yeah you know I don't I'm I don't know if we didn't know bikes which the military and you're right thank you you were the five top of the battle flag he's got the whole flight audio. Job done. I'll with the patriot logo and that. He stands in right up right pared bets for America it's great ratings getting along a route we just talking about the at them and for example Brady did not stand any kneels down. To upload a hard time would that. Because Donald this war it's that the standing Brady says guy. But if that happens again trouble certainly beat boating and again and be making sure everybody knows has become a big issue for him. Shall see as for slowing down Roger Goodell. Yeah he's still gonna get his contract extension unfortunately it's not going to be something that the rails Cadel as far as I can tell. I'll but the week is still talking about it it's still one of the major story lines were talking about here on the show. I it's going to be a story line until I get zero people. Are kneeling it was nine last week I don't know what the numbers this week but dumpster will get that at some point during a short story lines sponsored by cars for kids trusted charity. Port card donations also accepts donations for both Arby's motorcycles. In real estate call today 877. Cars for kids are also store lines with the gains today weeks have come back and it. On some of the big games here today including a major injury in Arizona that's next year NFL Sunday Mott and keep Sports Radio W media much. We threw him more on the NFL Sunday with the money. Presented by health plans key insurance on Sports Radio WEEI. An hour away for inactives patriots and falcons but it keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we got lots of guys who were out already. Between Eric row and Stephon go one will be short handle sitting surprises here. About 7 o'clock with kick off at 8:30 until 8 o'clock your phone calls here at 617779. Seven ID 370 if your phone number on Twitter at key point one. And it mutt and UTW week yeah I could see the picture online right now that you treated well that Matt brought recently as well that the patriot than him for North Carolina who stepped into the Booth. That is all painted up for Brady. It the American flag as four weeks seven. In the NFL we had a bunch of them down the balls are gas the bills a whole lot of wind at home against the Buccaneers 3027. Had a big lead early. In that game which the Bucs came back and eventually was Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy. Making big plays to the bills in your division they get their fourth win of the season as do the dolphins. They battled the jets all the came down at the end twenty seconds ago. Dolphins get a late field goal 3120. Eighths at two other now four when teams are in the division the dolphins and bills looked up patriots obviously this. Osce that come with the dolphins really ugly games this year too but they came back seventeen down to be to stop him last week that the speaker of real comic roles game. With the jets they were able to come out on top and that the bills bills tropical ahead toward a touchdown yet this season. And New Zealand that a couple times. This is the most points the bills' defense allowed was today so it goes this year yet still there all the way together at the top of the league's first few points. Allowed out of that means that the best defense and the they've been playing really well they're able you'll hold off via the box that. Other gains the ramifications across the league today rams went to London shut off the cardinals thirty screwed up and that's not the story the story is such Carson Paul Moore broke his arm. Gonna be at least eight weeks or cardinal team that a lot of people high on coming into the year a lot of offensive fire power Chandler Jones have a big year defensively for them at. He's going to be out a significant amount of time probably not enough to wanna trade for say Jimmy drop below. But if your your high and the cardinals you'll want to downgrade them as over the back of the next two months or so with that airs on off. Then after that we lost David Johnson off of the year will read Chris Johnson of the derivative Adrian Peterson was great last week form. This week though I want to get shorted the rams you know the ribs at least. Offensively I don't they had to shut out today but we know what happened with the cardinals offense with a rare privilege it turns out had gone not terrible Jarrett golf doesn't suck now he's up about it talked earlier at another big game they got painful to receivers that off grossed and so. The rail out one of the this. Rise team so far opera hotly sought to place Aaron Rodgers that's the story line itself flies one report today out of chapter says that. Aaron Rodgers might start throwing six weeks everyone else is up for the year ended up chapter speculating you might come back that be huge for them Brett Hundley. Odd nothing special this first game at 44 rushing yards and rushing TV TD but. Odyssey through up and down that Green Bay defense Drew Brees threw 31 yards in two touchdowns. Marking of already yards and touchdown a grounds saints go on the road outside another offense. Not as good outside. And they struggled early. There what a win 02. To start the year. Yeah after all the way back to 4822670. And held greeted seventy points agreed that. It's a bit better than I thought although it's profound chord is Brett Connolly united certainly Brooke Hundley but any time the the saints in the outdoors are no one's going to think like that at Lambeau but they have a get a win outdoors you don't take him so. All other games that stand out now would you want a bearish and it bears Panthers. I'll go what but the bears game is mixture riske got the start against him Newt blows you'll play it for a set that's good also got sent seven. What's all that Jordan power at that last point theories. And they want the game they get sued offensive touchdown of the same guys with Eddie Jackson had a fumble return for a touchdown in an interception for touchdown. Immediate durable and they hold him knew that nothing they could not support touched on the Panthers and once again. You go back and I don't you just match up my own team Packers team why you plummeted. But with the patriots played the Panthers. That they Carolina's offense looked yes they stood they live well also if they're not as if the bears the goods were touched on it yet so talk about growth of the game today but. Chicago take that went all the facilities standouts in weeks seven brought to you by coop meant lumber. You mentioned it to the bears defensively with a two touchdowns they'd beat the NC state today. Our people are dead ended at some point titans twelve rounds nine the browns are mess they're a little sad they're always seven. And they're doing this ridiculous that your quarterback where they said that's it we will for what we did what ticked. Don't catch Kevin Hogan. They feel like Kevin Hogan they went back and shot Kaiser. They picked Kaiser in this game here today they have no idea what's going on Cody Kessler got it he got some playing time here what John Kaiser got benched they don't know who they have a quarterback they have no real quarterback Kaiser stakes. That all of seven against the topic again. You have got to another quarterback at the top of the strap about a team that comes down to the final two minutes of overtime. It did not have a touchdown it was too well denied you like field goal is that out I got Ryan suck up riots look at it seemed Gonzales the rookies so that is. That it was was that a problem. The worst in months from now vikings 24 ravens' sixteen. No real effect there on the patriots I would think ravens don't know if factor at all. The dolphins gave their fourth win of the year 3128. I still I. I guess this is why go back to talk about Tommy card that opens up for wins they're not it. The dolphins are not team right now. So to sit here and try to hit it there the patriot should go for the majors the all in our country yet line. They'll put four wins you agree opportunities. On the east right now or. Wins that you would expect at the AFC east is still not that I don't think there. Adults get a win at home like you know jet started. But they're not good for fantasy purposes Jarvis when Andrew was good he had seven catches 93 yards and a touchdown and stills. Who is a part of that eating. Oh with the commissioner this week oil weary at the city treasury the globe theatre 85 catches and two touchdowns for Kenny stills but. Now these are two teams that you know the patriots and they had it there issues with the jets but even the dolphins with their record I'd I'd feel like that is to win for sure that's we. Seven so far will keep you update on the games are going on right now we'll get your scores here at the top of will keep track these games as they get into the second half the other news here locally that day. And I could make some weird timing on this. The Red Sox officially announce about two hours ago. Alex Cora is gonna be their manager they chose Sunday afternoon. During the NFL season of football when doubts it via Twitter he's not going to be here because yes the beat. With the Astros and they're now on the World Series they keep back one game six game sevens with Astros and Dodgers. And they picked Twitter to announce it. Until the Sunday. Couple hours repeat the top president of football but it percentage of your the have to Twitter. But it seems very odd thing and if they did how how many were paying attention to baseball what are oddity. Sun that ball goes unnoticed. Yeah I very few I mean now it helps that this was the worst kept secret Golan and everybody knew it was going to be out score of war. Solid week plus it we could after it was going to be out for a but that picked up its your tweet about it can't it be here in the next week or so because the ouster is still the World Series that's going to be weaker ten days before. You see out score in Boston. Any thank John Henry Tom Warner Sam Kennedy. I'd date to browse even in the opportunities that statement that day returning to the Red Sox in the city of Boston is a dream come true of me in my family. At the same time auto express my appreciation for Jim crane dad eight in Houston Astros. Very special season a credible organization looking forward to the World Series and winning out with this group like ditzy Alex Cora. Us lucky but happy during the celebration for the Astros last night that's good book yes for the Red Sox manager and I it's like to hire all the other record that I'm saying like the higher certainly better than he retread like Ron guard higher or Brad offs miss. We'll see how it works out the Boston Red Sox they've much bigger issues that their managers want to be wallpaper. Good hire they got a got a lot of teams wanted and a guide it seems like I eat it a couple of nicks the old school approach being a player. So the new school analytics of of 20172018. Its. Good start to the offseason really because as you said they have other things that need to do that medium that they need to needed to stay another veteran presence or or different kind of personality to bring him there. But Al score of all the guys that were available. Seems like the right choice the easy part of that success you Claude you vertical orders that would would see Puerto Rico the World Baseball Classic. Our former player and a player here so you know it's not gonna be a surprise when he shows up the Boston what's going to be looked. Solves a lot more coverage of that that you're close to him actually being here but again much bigger issues for the Red Sox figure out. Alex Cora will be the next managing the expectations he gets a three year deal. We are couple hours away from kick off here to let stadium patriots and falcons that he feels that patriots fan. I outwit this Super Bowl rematch at 6177797937. The phone number I'll what I'll be economists. I don't see how the falcons are slowed down flat with the patriots the page you make the case. If you beat the Patriots defense cannot slow down without its orbit is that it's good issued out. After the patriots went 61777979837. Its NFL Sunday it's much and keep Sports Radio W we.