Not a lot went right for the Patriots as they fall to the Dolphins

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 12th

Mut and Keefe are talking about the poor performance of the Patriots in which they lost to the Miami Dolphins 27-20 in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated. They talk about whether the Patriots can right the ship in time for their big game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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News he's Monday night. Absolutely you saw the forty year old. The good. I'm not one that sounded a law but sounding dialogue. The beginning of their nationals on the golden ball left my big looks like a forty year old who was the wrath of father. Now and they got him we. Well you sure ought to make the case you life it's with the dolphins whose occasionally. Rules if you ahead as you've mix for your phone call you tonight I can't do that these people will be line I can't do what Jay Cutler I can't do with his defense I can't do with his coach I can't do with the mafia old buildings there tonight. I cannot. Make the case brother teases you about rob tells you that the Steelers are a big NFC teams are right that you say maybe to answer a tough road home. But I've not seen that night this feels like. I don't know it was last times were 3517 about 3570 home now here's my. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. Early Christmas present for rich people had a day not. Leaving his final score would like 3114. Ranked 34. Teams have another call. I was 27 when he golf all I want the other way what mr. ever that during the past browser I've as early goodness that we we did that a lot the last couple days we did it does Sunday during NFL Sunday we did during NFL Monday at last night it was the question of what would be different Mott at night's Sports Radio WEE I mean clearly there were some of major differences in patriots dolphins week fourteen vs patriots dolphins. Week eleven week twelve when they played out last game at Gillette Stadium and the big one I thought was not deep sensibly rich. It was offensively I never thought the patriots or go to Miami and looked as flat as ineffective. And really out of sorts as they did from beginning to end at. On offense the offensive line the running game at the hall of fame quarterback all that looked completely out of sorts and of people they're gonna score twenty points okay. It was a lose a ballgame and I put a majority of what I saw last night in the game Miami. On the offense the inability to do anything close to what they'd done so far this year. Yes the worst we've seen Tom Brady certainly in a long time and just missing throws I don't get a lot of pressure signal says it back games for the offensive line but. The two interceptions he had only time those are just really bad throws and also missed a lot of open guys. Going all for third down is insanity. Like I you don't pick up a single third down and oh. Now having Rob Gronkowski is is certainly a big part of that but eager Chris Hogan back you still cooks in their rental and all the running backs. That'd be as inept offensively as they worm was yeah will be out. I don't Cutler look great defense all the sudden give up some points but my bigger take away it was. Brady missed a Sony and I heard you guys debating this part of it today was it Brady or the offensive line I ate into bulls which is a lame and I'll answer. But as far as you offensive line when they take the blame I thought it. Forward the inability to. Run the football I've heard some criticism today on our radio station by callers mostly not as much host. About the game planning and Josh McDaniels why did they run the football more they ran for. 196 yards rich couple weeks ago they ran for 25 yards last night ten carries 25 yards. In an average is two and a half yards per carry. My answer is they couldn't Joseph Tony got his ass kicked David Andrews got. His ass kicked out offensive line gave the running backs in this case Lewis and Burke are the only two guys that carries for the offense. Even at times they wanted to early in those first couple series the went three and out try to run the football. They are unable to Al it was Lewis or Burke gets full I thought the offensive line. Got caved in to the point where. They realize they could on the football in this Cambridge they have no opportunity to you as bizarre that Miami's defense. Look the way they did two weeks ago it and they were able the put together. That past performance last night I thought it was going to be more the stated it out rushed for 200 yards but. Ego may be a 150 eve but not not even close in mid and they just gave up on that. And maybe they should because everything else wasn't working either Madrid cooks it was a complete non factor. And they couldn't get anything going wave would anybody else a couple of drops in there but it's a lot of bad passes. And I guess especially late in the game. Miami time. No there are all these guys are running anymore America I'm gonna do that so that McKinnell a lot more political that was different right that'd be a big gruden mentioned this probably a thousand times last night that the Miami defense is much different when they have believed early on it was three now think six nothing and 76 when there were in the game early and still. They had a real inability to run the football and it was. I thought a major trickle trickle down effect he can't run the ball early offensive line is not good at the offensive line was a good in the passing game either. They got to Brady early and often pressured him they hit him. And that led Brady to be off organic some of the hits he took there that first quarter. I think he was gun shy the entire game rich that it's not to say. It's the offensive line's fault the Brady wasn't good because he wasn't good at that he was unit that Aslan there's no. There there's no sugar coating it it was a bad quarterback and he's been so good this year you're surprised when he plays at that level. Well I think part of that was he was seeing ghosts in the pocket he was feeling pressure that was wasn't maritimes and diving to the ground and running around a boring at the feet of his receivers and aim air mailing guys because that early pressure on Miami when the offensive line was in good. That rattle Brady doesn't capitalize thought happened last night yea it hit again a lot in that happened earlier in the season when they are too into select the offensive line figured out maybe some of the play caller I don't know but. He seemed pretty well protected for awhile and then now these last couple weeks even in the winds. Are you certainly get ahead you start and it you know on. Whether as a couple sacks here and there or just you know as soon as he gets through the ball he's getting taken down the turf and last night. Maybe even more so than than the previous two yea and just it was it never ever felt the rhythm they tried a couple times to go. No huddle they tried to. Speeded up above that point just felt too late and and the dolphins try to keep the patriots in the game right they had these. Three Al third on the football you're ordering one and on hitting the ball the Kenya on Drake over and over and over and over again or on the clock but. Thankfully they're throwing and you know Cutler had a first down run opportunity threw the ball instead and they can't give the patriots chances NHS. Man it never clicked and you mentioned the wide receivers and there was really no bright spot you with the touchdowns by. Ale Birkhead and Louis there was no real bright spot offensively at all. The wide receivers struggled and that some that is on Brady obviously when you wait the ten minute mark of the third quarter leader a pass to wide receiver. Than those guys take some of the blame as well for not be able to get open at all to give Brady look to try to stretch the ball down field so point. Not really wide and I thought. Branding cooks there have been one play though like that the second interception. At look like cooks. Had ball those guys be used double covered but that he had a couple of steps on them so you want without balls five yards further down the field. This cooks not break stride catch it it'd be run away from one monster play. That was in the case of an analog the other plays use is covered in just. He wasn't open at all and then Brady was early give him a great opportunity to make an honest in the qualities in his hand Seattle times he misled them on a plate of what actually could get out of them that was. Old geysers fall but I I'm I told you we we left you last night and I thought cooks and have a huge game because. He was so wide open. Right two weeks ago meat was uncomfortable and last night. He could break free until that 139 York catcher but I mean it's the only game it's like Miami was and even now audited me. Then we'll think he's very confident when he caught that either in the Catholic squeezed like against his chest and you know it Erica elect of the ticket but. By no means any of those receivers. Play well. But Brady obviously wasn't sharp it's just. It's crazy to me that that that dolphins defense is the same one that I was here two weeks ago. Let you know I know they just made their own mistakes but it's the same personnel out there with the exception of wrong and it looked like completely different teams. Yeah we we we again this goes back to what was different in the game and was in a couple weeks ago and obviously. Their defense number one their their front played really really well. The secondary now they had guys stand on the plane all Tron murder in that game but music as a your Howard. Who was the huge standout two picks a Brady is he shut down cooks a mean it's a guy Richard Buick. I see if you would ask these what his. You said as they on the show last night or Sunday morning and that doesn't play for the dolphins announced it would non no and that's on me because one he was so nondescript. Are in the game a couple weeks ago. And then last night he locked up cooks so your right defensively. They were a lot different and I know Burton's big thing was they play better when there there be get a chance to play when their league is that trailing. I don't buy that I put it they played well yes but I put a lot of blame the patriots offensive line to any and injuries in particular who just got. Blown up seemingly every other play they could account for our camera wake when he came in on third down later in the third and fourth quarter. And so the offensive line struggled the defense they'll look and it's your back now as an X-Factor. The other thing it was different you know what's gonna be different in this game and what are your thoughts and almighty here at 6177797937. I hate to give credit. Too rich Keith and to Tommy car and a threat but Jay Cutler is a much better quarterback than Matt Moore and he was old school condi last night. Ball and out there against is patriot defense. Get a pulse and everything if you actually in there like you care about it I don't know why I go but he just loves money and I applaud alert as he was making every single row if Russia had another touchdown late in the in the fourth quarter of their that is receiver just dropped. But he was chuck the ball everywhere. And yeah maybe he's not always that much that's the one of the best games he's played certainly all year but. The team is six and five with him their Owens who with Matt Moore lake there there is the difference between those two guys out anybody expected him to be. Carver Patriots defense special the pitcher's defense we've seen the last two months. We didn't think it is go out there and put up. 27 points but now he is he a talent he's always had a lot of talent he throws while any quarterback in the week but. Usually he's good for a couple of just terrible interceptions while we deduct now inning kept waiting for a while the patriots felt any. Even late the odds are ever going but every time he dropped back to roll. Eight Cutler pick six is always in play every copy Chuck Hagel did little ones are also green got Lawrence guy that it has been almost gave you that one. And then the ping pong one that bounced up two different guys and hung in the air for a couple seconds and Parker yeah if they said it. Phillip on 87 out of ten plays a major player is their ticket that can Arab. And brought back the other way sorry. And you have a good job a patio pullback clipped the open what talked about the coaching staff. That was an awesome game plan the dolphins rolled up against the patriots they had all these weird sets ritual they're stacking up guys. In bunch formations on the outside apple Landry emotion they put Parker emotion. They got Kenya on Drake couple times national Landon Roberts as a wide receiver you any see them all a land and Robert C and up with five catches for 79 yards in addition the 114 on the ground. They recognize the mismatch. And they look like a really Smart forward thinking. Dare I say adequate coaching staff which are not used to the AFC east now we have a similar offense a game plan that is there were onside kick in the hall and there are up 33 to nine last week against the Broncos saw I don't know what's going on whatever whatever that's what they got on on it. Oh drivers Landry is obviously a really good individual player and Kenya on trait he's finally being given two weeks to be. The lead back goes it could fizzle out put in those two weeks. He's a really good he made Patrick Chung looks silly at one point in and picked up a huge gain after Apple's bit move their ripped a hole so. A couple of guys in running backs. Above average running backs have given the patriots issues I don't know the rest this week wall will probably get in the Levy on ballot what he might go do against the pats. But yeah acting on Drake but a lot of Kareem on week one with the with the chiefs some of those guys that cuts them out pretty big games against the pats defense. All those are couple things that were different to me in the game last night that we asked for two days what's gonna be different and the dolphins defense was better at the patriots offensive line. Was a lot worse than it was couple weeks ago. And obviously cutting rich he's guy cutting Tommy throw guy rocket. Where I guess they music they they let Kenya on great plain as I do not play a lot and Alabama. As they highlighted again about a thousand times last night meant broadcast their idea and looks to be at least for now their guy and they've had flashes of guys before like JGI. Maybe he is their guy going forward he was excellent in that game patriots had no answer supports happily times by the defense spending there weren't as much the issue. As it was the office which was very very surprising won't get into. What is it on the national story today and that's the falloff with Tom Brady a lot of victory last being taken a public Nationalists and sound weary coming up face at 7 o'clock you still think that Tom Brady can throw a football further the Jay Cutler I do yes and that's I don't know we did not your big east we didn't exhaust from a deep throws he added. Kinect game last any deeper throws than Cutler throws that cut right spiral I don't want to acquire I used the I don't know what it helical uncle Rico challenge who control the ball a quarter mile an act Cutler went to add break I think it's Brady now you're wrong now to the road higher is that you totally highly talked of an offensive line that the play at the respect of lines last night for guns. Just a couple of guys out there are some shorts and see it cut off team. Who can throw further I'm still getting over. So I heard the guys say this there's one other point before we get your phone calls here coming up 6177797937. This warning Kirk and Jerry were hammering home the point that this this loss doesn't mean anything. And I guess you wanna preface it by saying if the patriots went out. They you're right doesn't mean anything but what it does to you. Is unfortunately. Week's seventeen Bakken play and if you wanna get into. Brady's her which still seems to think Gary Tang Wei is gonna be on TV tonight against say the Brady is hurt he's banged up and they should trading gras balls that AB like if you believe it. And they win this game and they have been the same wreck or Pittsburgh football the tiebreaker. They're gonna have to play a Pittsburgh wins out in the in the days but I think when this week. The Steelers after that have Texans on the road. They have browns at home they're gonna win those two games feel confident saying that and likes the RL's browser do show. You are not do their over these big you guessed they would do what I had a plus two and a half this weekend. Fourteen point lead the second half against Brett Lee and the Packers they are proud how crass act game away it was I can't buy that you don't you browns. Brown's plausible especially if it was those two they bought all that easy schedule for a slower so what you did with that loss last night even if you went on Sunday. Is make week's seventeen a factor week or you could if you would won last night take care visited today in Miami Dolphins. Gonna beat Pittsburg next week. And then one that next game you big week seventeen nothing it's a whole a game and a half. Full of rest for Brady he plays the first half of that game week seventeen year it's resting gronkowski put them on bubble wrap it's getting all these guys. An extra week of rest. Heading into the post season. That essentially got a race last night that to me is why. What you saw against the dolphins was a big deal because the potential what that could have men from two weeks arrests adding it's the post. Yet technically it doesn't matter because if they win now it's our home field is gone now and it's also I don't think it's a scenario where. And he must have home field to win out it's not. Like Denver is looming or even Kansas City to places that are tough to play if they have if they had to go to Pittsburgh. Which they do this weekend but I would still pick them probably to win that game bit you know depending on injuries but I would view it it does matter in the sense that. The jets issue's been able to roll the balls out and if you're second string pizza and great and if they lose who cares that. That's what is now missing from this it's going to be what rice paddy and who knows what's left of the jets. Should be an easy win regardless but you actually have to. Played out now you're on always saw that work against the dolphins couple years ago read we talked about that that season finale game against the dolphins and Iraq Miami intrigue the first half. As the Stephen Jackson experiment give the ball over and over and over again they kept the dolphins and it was like ice. It was Jim Bates. We see the intern hours build the last week for a last year last game for the guy was the coach was about to get fired an adult but had nothing to play for. You kept in the backing or that piece of principles that has. Yes yes yes yes the united Campbell yes let its soup yet I had it. They they did so there's some college normally as all day they would throw the ball all this red is is does it so you left that Allen play four weeks of the even if that a lot of it's gonna pick the patriots to go to Pittsburgh and win based in the history those two teams of three days did. The break it down starting tomorrow. You put yourself in this file back in matters that's the issue of losing that came last night at least in the bigger picture. We can discuss rating to double the offensive line but that's why it won't lie to me that's well last night was important because week seventeen should not be anything for a team. Odd that had a season they had now Nike might matter. Opt for blocking a battlefield in the AFC. So what was different last night or get your thoughts on the offensive line that he does one put on the defense or some routes on putting on the offense putting on Brady. Putting on that offensive line at 61777979837. On Twitter at much and UT WEEI and keep 21 a John Tomas he'll be an in a couple of hours we'll get his thoughts don't we saw last night we'll get your Paul called sum it up and reinforcements though wide receiver position. Apparently cover for the patriots they are on the verge of bees attack we haven't signed an organ inside. A free agent wide receiver. We'll talk about that engage your calls what it night's Sports Radio interview the. Long run. The good thing he would be teaching moment for for Belichick. Well I think you know you always learn. I believe you learn more from losses than win because you're more critically. There are no more critically evaluate where your back or expectations aren't working or if the job done so. I think it was this one pretty hard it was for that. No lock Cruz not very good spirits in the place by almost required. You know where it's also our. You know you go to for their work from in the folders. Over it and if you could I think we've always felt that one loss. I couldn't become to do should become restart order perturbed and that he's. Are we got to figure a way to play a lot better and excellent call for a particular requirement there's a lot of urgency we have. No what are canceled on the card for your best game of the year. Brady early early early today with personality cult like 602. There's no way you today. You're probably right in no way kemba and are they got into like five. So maybe slipped a little bit on the plane was driving home and said you know what amok now which is Colin Neely cookie called in at eight was 602 wise show basic just got under way you guys have. I talked to Brady today he sounded dead down you were Belichick today Belichick sounded typical rich I thought. Typical patriots Belichick lost mode today not much insight as to what happened and I'll move on a Pittsburg and local talk of the Steelers yeah he was. A slightly better mood that I thought would be based off of the way the team played but yet it was today. Give Miami a lot of credit for what for what they did Wheaties you'd better and Pittsburgh great idea it is more than. 6177797937. Is the phone number Charlie's in Rhode Island your phone calls all light here tonight it's what it night's Sports Radio. WEP I'd pick and through patriots and dolphins Charl it's one on the. Hey guys. I just don't think gates it's crucial for them to get the odd number one Peter Paul if they get that first from body. You know it's really. You know it'd been like recent years playing in Denver. Or you've been outlook in the beginning of the year meet playing Kansas City. Our player that I think that would have been really tough but you know Pittsburgh doesn't doesn't scare me as much as those other two places so I think it long they get. That first round bye they're in good position what do you guys think. Literally to set the thing they say yeah I. Right now the way the air sea looks you're probably right about that I can't IQ and I could make a case for the dolphins though so what they held the line spent two days in six hours of radio. Saying how bad the dolphins Arnie can't quarterback they can't coach that can't defend around the patrons ask. For three hours last night but based on what I've seen this year. They can win any world's in the AFC there's not a place they would go to. Outside Denver or that the house support North Miami opens for good does that and we had to go to Miami OK maybe. I he's probably right we'll see what happens the Pittsburgh this week and their history against the Pittsburgh Steelers in big games. Helps them out. But he's probably right bigger picture that there is no. Alpha dog in the AFC regal boy can't win there this year in the post season. Yeah like two years ago I was just so much more charm when you duels on the line you knew how tough was in Denver. That team just the history of the whole stadium wears Pittsburgh. Affect the patriots have. More great memories of playing Pittsburgh Pittsburgh bed the other way around you know soda I am obligated beat all that concerned about on that well they'll have reinforcements. In the form of a new wide receiver at some point Kenny Britt is close to an agreement on a two year deal. With the patriots and league source told my crease of ESPN Boston operates agent would not confirm the deal but brick. Who was way by the Cleveland Browns on Friday went unclaimed. Visit the patriots on Tuesday you guys said Bill Belichick on and no surprise there. He would not come on it comment on I thought for short. In the seconds after he left the interview that it the patriots would tweet out the official report they've signed it it seemed pretty clear. I've Reese has that and chapter has an infield Yates as it it is going to be official here and I. I think it's more about their guys rich than it is about what Kenny brick could bring. This feels a lot to me like Michael Floyd a year ago late in the year trying to add some firepower you like which are getting on the outside. And maybe you're known Al Malcolm Mitchell is not coming back maybe you have you exhausted your patience with Philip door set in my place over a different position. This speaks to were not rolled the the production we have now not hey we gotta go get Kenny brick he's got cup on Cleveland Browns. Yeah I mean I agree with probably no Malcolm Mitchell and it's also a guy whiz it's one of those stupid de -- upside here are no real downside you know Michael Floyd was a former first round pick. Stay with Kenny Britt Britt action had a great year last year was not to in really much at all. Very terrible Brownstein Andy gets cut and you OK there are all Rutgers guy hands. Wide receiver they couldn't use a receiver and few days later Pope there Erie is and I think. It makes a lot of sense you especially you look at the receivers that they have. The healthy receivers that they haven't cook that Emmett Till they just get Hogan back and I guess if you wanna include Philip source that great. Kenny Britt is you know 63220. Pounds so he is just physically a lot different than those other guys and worth the shot no guarantees obviously that it works with him a lot of receivers coming here and. Not hitter off the Brady maybe not played well of course Michael Floyd a year ago amid is it guys I thought it blocked you know let's not forget that they're blocking that. That's the highlight of his tenure here with it's an a for an equal safety. Kenny Britt at the same metallic by the way it one week seventeen can't I have no idea I have no faith people. He played at Rutgers so I guess he knows the system I act against Belichick while that's he just you know half the rocky. East a couple of years ago he a couple of recently said you guys at the rockers guys know the terminology like they come on rockers. Well prepared the difference or this this is not. They're not DeVon McCord beat this is not throw Hartman this deal with a rap sheet may you look at Kenny the history of Kenny Britt. Arrested in 2010 traffic warns arrested 2010 misdemeanor citation for driving a revoked license. On misdemeanor 2011 on my birthday day here by the way congratulate them criminal complaint alleging theft by deception he made a repayment declares name there. Hometown of Bayonne New Jersey after a car chase later 2011. Car wash resisting arrest again later in 2011 big year from 2011. Do you lie. Surrendered to police on Warren's worn out April 14 made false statements on his driver's application. There's a history here I'd get sedated. 678. Or nine depending on how much he's out for the different arrests. What there is not here rich is any of what's B Eddie assault towards women. And it is as our domestic no domestic violence and I think because of that. They're culpable signing this guy and he showed last year Michael Floyd Michael waited just come off that just it was a wild week couple weeks prior severe do you whatever they called it had that in Arizona and they were OK with that so they've made it clear you you're allowed to all mistaken this show has become a second chance show. For a lot of reasons so we're in the second chance. And it's not there's nothing on this does this would make you say why can't believe the patriots signed him because he did. X they had players who have been had marijuana players before had a rested players before. Without the assault on history of violence I think this falls it falls into. Okay were culpable signing it it'll by the way. You weren't the browns you think of 04 years and 32 million dollars right eight months ago no guaranteed money two year deal it's a flyer. He can kind of whatever you want. So that the arrest will come up. I'm saying at that based on what I'm looking at here. He has been freeing clear for a couple years and as there is no assaults as far as I can tell on here. And I guess I'm not surprised the patriots a rookie science guy even given history. This team had Corey Dylan and Albert Haynesworth and others so Kenny Britt much lower on the list of some of the guys they brought him before plus like you said. Most of this or all of this came in 201011. And I guess twelve so if I'm out five years. Where it looks like he'd maybe part of plus an early stage clean or whatever or every wanna say he hasn't gotten in trouble. Recently played really well last year has not been great this year prepared to take a chance of them. Big outside wide receiver who I guess can you know I mean if he figures out the office can make plays on the outside obviously. If the Brady cooks is not making plays and the outside and if they Hogan is still slowed they need a body it makes sense and but I also point to. This to me feels like Malcolm Mitchell's not coming back all see if any news about this week the exclusive roster space they have one more. IR to return spot they got to figure out here it's simple the next couple weeks but. I'd it's a flyer I have no real hopes for Kenny Britt and hopefully he's able to help go at some point. More than the one big block Michael Floyd had here at the coffins with the ball last February I trust me I've I I've benefited from now I'd like finery tweets. 30 did you of the vine when pat. Our rest in peace fine lol I get the rights from the NFL reloaded is that a I didn't and they never they never get down on such a small fish on Twitter and don't do it then I'm not a 100000 followers here I was for those guys to be an issue but for me. They really care I fretted situation on the patriots offensive line at 6177797. ID 37 hi Fred. Hey I don't guys. I know you know we're we're all try to figure out you know we're we're gonna put the blame my loss last night. You know it and I agree he is on the receivers. I would get this year and at this offered the line and I think that at this stage of the game there entire history. And when you tickle back at some of great performances this year. I think that is that's outings were probably when Martellus Bennett came back. And he had bought I was panicked and gronkowski. Army and help block whether base stated imply or block it release. By the last couple of gains without panic and then this week without without grind house. You know you can see that the against the Brady forcing him they're rushing him. And unless they date you know they can tricks locking I can't see their market scorching go oh. You know you'll be Brent Bennett squad for the scenes and I think that there are gonna be you know gronkowski will be back but definitely gonna have to be in there. Which is probably gonna take another receiver off the field but that's the only way to going to be able to protect Grady. With the way this offensive lines plane. Brock is a huge part of your Brad May get it getting him back and it's a very good point. He. He has he sets a told there was lot of talk oh about the game on a daily and asked bill about this of before the game did you realize that. UT did have the energy either of them eyes the Scots elect was saying they are flat out there on the field yesterday. Op grunt doesn't allow do you do that he's so physical rich inside the axes and a six offensive lineman and he's a hall of fame are receiver he's all fame tight end. He will help you and I am assuming there's no injured heir to suspension and when he comes back sellable long way to fixing some of the problems of the offensive line. I usually yeah yeah for sure there and there's so much attention that goes on to him and it's so that makes it easier. We literally everybody else right whether its cooks or M and solo or though the backs out of the backfield everybody is better off than it goes without saying where it went rocks out there let's talk to is it mark. In lol mark you're on WR I was mutt and keep putting government. We don't I buddy. I'm basically what I am thinking. About it you know Kono agree repeat because cutlery and I'm gonna believe but I needed good pay and it's called Brady. I know that's crazy after one game but I got one region and act because sleepy old Jones. It kind of accident you know. What what what country from Merck. Okay. Sounds about right there is there with Andy. I a normal Monday night caller. No he calls made blocked number which is always. You could sign and then as we started talking degree producer pat and he pointed out. Didn't have an accent when he called unknown none of those that there they must ahead the phone to someone else. Well that's a good thoughts though it's good tumble as those of the people within Brady's done better access but trust me there are people who think that I will get to them at 7 o'clock tonight at 617779. 7937. Is the phone number John to mossy will join us in studio there is some rumblings of some big things happening. At the baseball winter meetings we'll check in at some point tonight. I'll with rob Bradford WEEI dot com he's there will come back here on a couple of things that are not tied together not doing this on purpose bought. There is not only a major store robbery at the NFL network in sexual harassment there is also as we speak right now which Keefe. Our company's Christmas parties going on the holiday party is out tonight and those right now you do know that. Now whomever did not gonna and I think I got an invite I got some the deet tails on a hollow portable share with you and let us about the NFL network. We'll do it next here on Monday night. Hodding so far this year and there are wailing into your quarterback Tom Brady TV twelve we will. I talk about that place and sound coming up just after 7 o'clock right here on Sports Radio WEP guys speaking of TB twelve. A rich I'm sure you saw today that the TB twelve method apple. Officially available and the App Store and for your apple IOS device how quickly you download that bad boy I downloaded it as soon as I could yeah and I'll tell people when you download you get commercial. That has a lot of people exercising all in TB twelve gear. 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Choose a focus I at that she's a focus in the TB twelve method. And he can pick. This by about twenty different spiritual like I now give her example the all purpose athlete. Baseball Mon pitcher baseball pitcher basketball crew. Cricket orb cricket bowler cricket not bowler. Cycling diving field hockey field jumping field throwing quarterback football line quarterback football quarterback. Golf gymnastics ice hockey ice skating lacrosse rugby running soccer saw Almonte pitchers softball pitcher squash surfing swimming tennis volleyball and wrestling. Put me down for cricket ball OK let me clue let's go here cricket ball earlier and next and I'm all excited and now you have to create an account. And so that's why stop this is where I stop but I can't be I can't be the only one who says okay after you sign up and then it. You find out that afterwards you getting one week trial. But then if you wanna really get the good stuff you've got to continue on with the pay for play out which is twenty bucks a month or 200 dollars a year for ATB twelve app Brady is all in. On this stuff for an outrage at all a premium games you get in for free is next thing you know you just dumping money down that I will probably glad the time tonight like I I I always do this bag I get to the point in a nap or some sort of email sign up toward the analogue in our scan account I don't help not worth it. I'm punting on this right now. Al I will back to use it be good for the show to have somebody. Locked into the TB twelve now at least for a week yeah on the free premium and it's good contact right as it right off. Can you write it off or something we are ever really the full night ran a lot of in this business but unfortunately it's not like all I get this for free cooling rig the percentage of did maybe so so get away via a TV twelve gift card for Christmas. I think well one I think I'm good the book I was I was all Tom Brady and I got the board yeah and I'm not as solid as that was left in when he having anonymous on. Paragraphs at the end praising Brady did seem like here. Copied pasted out of what should a good review look like one rose from the month then himself that is as nice that is concerning Ali. I don't think he should not accurately it's you know there's it let's go incorporated and those books you know let's go to Europe. So to both series that's a shame. With our lovely song while. It won't hurt again. Let's go. Is a version of the song maybe eight. In one of the bad stuff yet that oh yeah I think that's like our area background down that day and a half and that. Yeah I did see as being part of mad when they're taking crazy train to they sort of they sort of sampled that well probably had done that yet. We are here on the air tonight in these workings and he's there he's just a late thank you Andy patio is here you're here I'm here that means we are not at the big WEEI holiday party tonight and I at the refresher yesterday. Yeah it's over Fenway Park is a very nice yeah it's a it's. It's ballpark formal Wear a much your weight it's it's it word for business casual jerseys for the chargers them that those like ballpark formal to me what effect that Tom Burnett ski signed Jersey again doesn't seem ball partner with the Jersey itself down you can sign of much do you want to you can dress and I think it's a I only want this one sergeant I got this or isn't a case at home. Alex your Jersey off Federer. Forget the rough again on a well known and around and either would there I Trot Nixon died dirt in dollar reduction yeah doesn't count. There were some ticket they were drink tickets handed out tonight. And raffle tickets so what happens to click the four of us aren't there night what happens torturing tickets who shall we double lot now sidled we like that was there. I think you need if you are steep heat maybe I did not ours BP is in the and it probably took that headcount from there. And made the appropriate size bowl of eggnog. He set up to the right salesperson. Entered that's probably true and I want us any amount willing to do that and Harold and he's been here longer some balls he ambulance into an Entercom quality party Indy. It's been it's been a few years the last. Year after Christmas pictures now of how wasn't good. And yours. Do remember the one and always there called one no I've not been into I was thinking off the air today it worked here since 2000 so I have a long time and had not gone to one of the nor I want to go so that would in the hallways here. At night. Apparently it looks like or to set in all of its. Italian please bring in food. Which are performing there. He said the food home. I mean. Why it was that almost every day. I actually I would I would technical muscle and fired up about that the last hour. Mistreated the party used to be so all my efforts there more. Than half facts I remember you and you guys that know this. Mikey used to hate this night always want to go to Lou would never take and I don't see is under he would pitch the entire show that we could look at why don't you take a vacation right that it Ellie do I just I. I admit. I hate Christmas parties I hate work Christmas parties the only thing worse. Is your wife for girlfriends. Work Christmas party that is eight and eight level of hell but I would not wish upon my worst enemy there that is the most uncomfortable. Awkward conversations you'll have. All year yes I U I I dread those I faked sick two times in the last six years to avoid going to a Christmas party. A my wife's friends were all teachers Levys every single year yeah I and a race IQ and maybe it says something about me and my will peccadillos. Yes I can't do it I fake sick also hide from people I know wanna see them on its stores to one. How are often full so that's sort of my issue itself but I. The the significant others holiday party Christmas party is worse than they year old. Or via though I had one that my the first year I was dating my now wife. Which she had like a new jobs there but a month. She invited at a Christmas party plus one it was open bar the entire time. Sore leg mid young twenties in the downtown Boston somewhere. Just got smashed drug other out of any of these people and outside enjoy I had to shoot she kept working at that job at two point that I say we have to go. But I just every time a waitress come over from a direct to more drinks to Marjorie it was. It was a great night but there are those are very few and far between. Ross is still in your twenties it's exactly I would never akin to that there was a chance here earlier she would not still been at that company right you we gulf war people you're gonna see the rest of rams use an open bar to treat it no it was or for sure open making sales people for no I didn't have to give no doubt. And also helps so they're they're tonight we have bulls are there there is any on air personality drama. We gonna get a call in during the show tonight you'll hear it and I don't went for on air personalities today. But if there's any on air issues you'll hear first on the show tonight that we're promised no more from all of Marcia. I know another producers of the morning show went I know it's not to let it glad. Clinton got it down now ever. Lose on TV right now no way Glenn is going Ivorian saw Maurice taken applause 10 really. He's now I forays duels like we got to go to the station it will find out. In any happens wolf and you're a regularly cannot exist. That is rich keep that Ohio program back to art to with the guys we see you guys waiting on hold thank you for your patience a bitch about. Christmas parties at 6177797. Under through seven but if you are in your thirties or forties or any HM is significant other and gone to one of their Christmas parties. There work parties you feel the pain patriots felt the pain last night of one. I've Kenya on Drake heat was also we what are going into this game. What was going to be different for patriots and dolphins rate the difference last night 114 yards on the ground didn't score there. On the net five catches for 79 yards a huge night individually for Drake. He helped pace the dolphins' offense 2720. What your final helping that team may try actually from beginning to be and it. Of acting you wanna make tracks to the next vehicle check out the 2017. Shabby tracks were talking a vehicle that can take you anywhere and at. Do it all sorts of ways how about a vehicle that offers eight seating configurations. When Rome for object up to eight feet long. Front passenger seats fold down the smallest UV has the cargo versatility for any lifestyle. You're just out of college you rattle like you work out your car you got a family the tracks can do it all lamps futon spikes. Kids stop what you go to games check out the 2017. Chevy tracks about right now is the time to join a the Chevy family with employee family discounts. For everybody. Part of the time is running out adding new Chevrolet to your list this season busier local willingly Chevy dealers today. 6177797937. Is your phone oval come back we'll talk more about patriots dolphins will talk about. Red Sox at some point this next hour because there's stuff going on at the winter meetings and back in ball short team we'll check in with. Without guy on the ground in Orlando and we come back. It was bound to happen when Tom Brady had a bad game at the haters come a calling it the national perspective of this at the end of Tom Brady next.