Not Sunday, Ep. 19: NFL Media's draft guru Daniel Jeremiah details which QB is best for Patriots

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Thursday, February 22nd

Episode 19 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL Media draft expert Daniel Jeremiah, who goes in-depth on the NFL draft and which quarterback the Patriots could potentially draft. He also explains why the NFL combine is so valuable for players and teams.


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CNN sales. Which Brian Hannibal per minute and risky. Christian forty day. It's let's get started with the NFL's. It's Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. Welcome back to the knot Sunday podcast the first episode of the offseason and what binders right around the corner he's figured. To dig deep dive into some of these prospects and potential featured ten. No better guest to have in the NFL network's. Daniel Jeremiah Daniel things are joining me. This must be a pretty exciting time of the year for you know you you a pretty pretty and that's what these prospects and Mike did you take it deep dive into is this is just really that the best time of the year for you. I enjoyed it's like you know if you love watching football player. I answer it grew a little awkward guy every year sort record 400 little presents. It or did you learn about these guys had connected the talk about it. Also the next couple months so our Kara right that old apple but perhaps we point guard. Or players watch straight now. What that with humor or go so it it is a lot of work but I love. Tired of hearing that what's good the deepest position in this draft. Who would be the position an extra I think you could probably say it in just about every to a doctor or an out that we had collapsed by cheating habits is wide receiver. I don't think we are the top talent for food policy does produce so many wide receiver so I would say. The terms of reputable breeder later. It would be a wide receiver position but I think this is one of the people or wrecked groups we. Running back as well there is good. So it if they're pretty good reference to put this year. Speaking of quarterbacks and you know for looking for a from this from a teacher's perspective did you think it's reasonable they could potentially get a franchise quarterback after seeing the top half of the first round. Yeah I mean look it the there's been several guys over the last. Seven years several you know starting quarterback global Carroll or are now outside first rep so. Yeah you know hitters as potential record via her that the child neglect and or who it is. You know I think there's. A couple really intriguing players that there are gonna go for trial Karl a lot of parchment is secure or Buick. All I don't think Mason Rudolph vocal in the first round I think you know those pre injury there. Mike White has been vocal one outside the first round so. Their retreat players their again and at what it's harder to partner if not hopeful quarterback in the top ten. Yeah even longer when you go 41 outside for travel or picking. I ordered pitcher throw that in the colleges are. Mean nothing if you're the patriots do you. I mean obviously they have other needs decides you know a quarterback but do you think in order Sig GAAP potential successor Tom Brady they need to take a quarterback and in the first Sharon may be their first taken cigarette or do you think you know they could wait until. And you know maybe the third order even layer in that. Arctic could we are I think it hurt pretty good luck. The last few years and Specter are well. Are now while the girl or her skull. But I think in the end order or are there or third round I think that they're spent one of those three on our. Our guy so that it got that out of a conviction I've agreed to have more. If you got a great I have no problem them what they want with their earlier second round pick here and over the Celtics. Sent me an epic beat guy. I think he's just gonna continue to keep climbing. He's indicated in your bowl Karl a lot of our that the pain got to keep I don't have reversed or. Yes they give him he's done a lot of comparisons to Jimmy arrival RA just playing you know at at a school. Played Richmond and into some of the things he doesn't they had the same career completion percentage is a lot of comparisons being made is there a guy in the NFL are now you can impairment of. Yet funny you know the or more on live but first our art. I thought OK it's remarked you know the car park view little political soup that hurt them understand. You know the standards as. Third in the league in miracle won't Paramount and out of that Michigan State and the more watching it very. Urgent that is it just in terms it. I don't think he has one particular. You'll want your one trait that is gonna blow your weight with. Art art street athletic ability. About accuracy or not I think he's he's he's just solid and really really good. Across the border Rick Rockwell and a little bit more pop couple are now the little more which overall as a lawyer lower house where I don't think. Or aptly. From that import that that Jimmie was put there are similar and there are that there are no no discernible weakness either. What Laura Luke fought a lot of comparisons. I think it now Khyber compared is his release is Tom Brady see anything like that the points that way. Are there for awhile to you and you watch them curtains. In the pocket he goes around like Auburn. It would get you know to get to know more. It with them several parties it that was an idol growing up as a pure surely quarterback property right. But he he's yet to be studied. For a prolonged car you are you here. Adopting some of those mannerisms now he does onshore pop out. That the one imports between two put up and so the pocket he got and and release and mannerisms and movement very well I'll. Would you say you know what with whoever quarterback the patriots take a lot more needs to going to that decision than just their part here performance on the field I mean when you come the wing and there's obvious can be a lot of media attention on you and things like that so would you say that you know the the make up in the you know off the field sub is almost just as important as on the field stuff and you know if you can handle a big situation like potentially coming stealing and then maybe replacing Tom Brady. Yeah I think that that pretty much here factory no matter where I am. I think you ought feel that his arm when you look at guys that habit it. You look at the street from me a lot of it is. These Garrett struggled to deal with adversity and they're out and virtually become a lot different ways whether or not. Performer and he'll also what you can get in the media. That your old Arctic it kind of speaks in the air it would keep it open and count power through that now. So little bit more which talent at a place like off. Or. But I think nowadays and so much pressure on Garrett. That exist there at all urge to eat so. Our I think you've got to have a quarterback with the in in one of the most important questions asked if the art you know look if you could cornerbacks on. On the Schiller who were trapped weren't and course but I always advise people as they give me an example. But some adversity your life and how he got. A lot about those kids. Now what are some things that patriots fans should look for is that a clues as to who the teachers might be buying on or the next several weeks is it in after meeting with them at the com buying is that if they're going to their pro day what are some of the signals that you can to order of that you've seen over the years and Mika and young gives some insight as if the patriots are truly don't accident and not only quarterbacks any prospect that that. Yeah I mean look you're either going to be we're. 64 players. Formally at the he can't buy them they're gonna. Probably at every egos. Are our error audio and in order so I don't cracker like its report artist he interviewed such as where in an aerial. So don't go nearly that. I think you can look into somewhat. Who shows up but he's pro days you know the patriots are. Or for a lot of pride or outsold those Austin. A side. Well that probably most important piece of information. I would be looking secret agreement further thirty there's a lot occurred thirty players to believe. To the facility and those are aren't they wanna get a little bit more sometimes it's because the character concerns about medical concerns but all this because there's quite interest group it's approachable look better so. All the different things you at a track. I keep on who makes that movement to visit them and so it. It's a bit away from quarterbacks elevate your first marker after the patriots taking in often to tackle enough you've done one since that do you do you still stick with that and and what's the reason but was a reason behind that. Well it got appreciated their positions. That was re there and turn this character you're pitcher whacking. Well up to corporate partners for forty who has been more or were these these are great but still. Are actually investing in and his protection. It's probably a wise move all or certain industry to all our choir so. That's what had been bought up a tackle fortunately I have not as do other they're. It might be steeper a part of the Colgate but one there right out of the Khobar when the next one will speak about who we're older but I think. They're the wave maker. Is another plate that would that would keep an eye out there are especially if it's real or passer would be would be much. That at least he's my next question that's sort I have pegged as their sort of biggest need what are some guys swords and the first rounds of new athletic outside linebackers offensive and that you know people to keep an eye on. Yeah I mean the amp Robert. Really intriguing for me at Ohio State whose directory. They rotate so equator they're on line so. He hit the perks you know Rick production they just now or. But he's either really really treat clear. Who would decrease occurred when McCarron there are similarities too little too Chris Long what he was capital at all that persons over more dynamic. But that parent to parent or acquit her pain. But the one particular do their homework on our CLU. Because he's. Probably double if the it structure in the draft one he's right. But there are a lot of the sort of up. Walker the entire brain. Had an issue came back this year which you have the did not play well this year. Or report different player but you know Arctic Al wired corporate partner or Allah Arctic it in the that you probably like the first round. But I could he team unit they route it over and over here at Connecticut. Up until tender let me give you one name. He. It's kind of a little bit over rated. NC state news he's 62. 285. Pounds he can play inside or outside. You can go to our mind and he can just short to Bernie Fine how you might run sports section. A father and earned doll that stuff so he's more than. He beat perking up and an intricate computer regarding apple. Austin I have one question you've you've you know been in the league for awhile before doing this. How important is the combo amp for these players and teams like is this you know that the foundation a potentially being drafted to mean oftentimes you hear. Of you know players' meeting with teams and you know they never get drafted by by that team and other times the other guy that never met with the team wants to get drafted so. How important are these you know meetings at that the that take place next week. Bob how are you. Talked to couple there right. Last week in their territory drafting right now are part of air each. The talk with the players and and they have Garrett that they've. Totally removed from or. How what what was the background was a good character were what was it that we interviewed him at the year. We interviewed about Senior Bowl and he's not he's not that he's not art you know art that regard as you know or Barbara or added that it anymore. Or what he did on the tape in it maybe he tricked out clean character wise with just. Sometimes we personality help where it's Saturday it in our world and at that position or. He's not really that the Enid it would look or for that room for that side of the ball or. So yeah average on those interviews are critical. What are some of the questions review that might not have any idea of what these are like what are some questions that team's ass these players from the get them in the room. We're gonna get some background information you know you find out you know what. And we background and find out there you're headed in trouble issues like there are becoming a battle that Europe. It than that circular or so of course and well armed will put our tape. I am playing well abstinence what do you see here your you know what what you are and what would there are awful lot. And then and then you're gonna shook up big plays the other rare that a these virtual much effort here with the deal it angle on that and now and you keep your personal. So. A lot aren't you wanna see these guys just have a passion. Or certificate they're put on. A little bit or they independent disinterested. And and the whole process so. There are a lot of different where you go umpire it has character are you might spend entire if he meant to you can issue. I would argue because it clean you go right into the appointment book on the board position coach and our and your off camera and just pure football so. The kind of depend on the kids. A dale thinks overtaking the time you know ever identify you on Twitter at at moved the sticks and and follow your work and Ethel dot com. Things lover take the time and look actually dumber. Or are you very much.