Not Sunday Ep. 22: Casey Sherman discusses new Deflategate book, how it may have led to trade of Jimmy Garoppolo

The Off Day Podcast
Tuesday, July 31st
Episode 22 of the Not Sunday podcast has Casey Sherman, author of "12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady's Fight for Redemption," who details how the book came about, inside stories and also connects Deflategate to the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo.

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CNN sales. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and the rich keep. Christian forty day. So let's get started with the man failed. Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. Welcome back to another version of the knots on a podcast this week we have a special guest Casey Sherman author of twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's play for redemption. Casey hear the coauthor it gave way to you know we've and I think jointly. Now that read Arab. And I'm more interested in how this book came about why did you. You know get the idea that to do this book game and you know hot and it you know get off the ground. Well you know would we first started to talk a little bit of both the book. You know at the height of the plate gate where Tom Brady was taking. Arrows from all sides you know Dave wedge and I were just coming up Boston's strong. Which really wasn't very weighty and obviously. Incredibly important story the Boston Marathon bombings and we were looking for another project that I would equate to two but at least. Had some some world draw a cure. And gum you know the ending of course was early air little forced brought it up but when we were watching the Super Bowl unfold out in. Dave and I started that we back import OK this could be at and then suddenly. Suddenly we get a up phone call from our holy wood Parker. Screenwriter Paul Campbell it's the he says you know guys. Would love this is the movie if you guys to write the book. We'll make a movie and we got away from their. How did it go to today you know get in all this access was at summing up the majors where are open to doing these votes a good amount of poppy players in the organization you know. Organization dedicated. Games is great. You know they're providing us access murder you know well a lot of into. Training camp and in the locker room all. You know we hired Matt Chatham as a consultant to Lilly leopard summit is relationships. Whipped up some players to get there got to open up because Brady has never gone on the record for any port. Besides keeping all the obviously but. He was able to us speak to lots on the record for the book early got to open up. Maybe not so much well the afflicted stuff but certainly know what it was like to be on the outside looking in the when the season began in 2016. And obviously. The Super Bowl stuff of great. How on did all this take this order come together are you guys know working nonstop with the sense that. There rear door you know we worked nonstop we're just literally coming up another book we'd written in between the export to challenge to vote. Peace treaties. So we were launching that put it right into the water. Simultaneously. It does get a little crazy. When you're trying to figure out what story disposed of the early working on dated date but you know you sit down and you start to let these characters. Walked over or you and as a writer that's I have to approach radiating your crowd and I especially like it dealt. You ought to be able to tell all really interesting. Story that anybody could pick up and get something from I think we've done that would do well. And now. Who is I guess what was the front for you personally what was that the biggest take it day you got from all the eateries the you'd it was a sign that stood out most maybe surprised you. Yeah sure I mean the UB infighting between the Brady's wraps it was it was quite interest in the NFL PA lawyers did not necessarily agree with the strategy of dog eat birdie agent. With regard to deflate gave them things like peace smashed all in the and handing over evidence to Ted Wells. All of that it was a really new information that we hadn't seen before alert before. And earlier. I'm getting ourselves to where the people like the more Schmidt that the NFL PA. Or. Our. Heroes that debt that protects. Brady why side off the you know and that tell their story was was a unique challenge brought. Was it was where they. Very forthcoming with with dodgy digit Gerri I pushed back from me those evil. Now Barrichello talks really are deliberate thing about it. One studio up and those are the project in the film we're now simultaneously. We get a call from me tell you say they had a story to tell. We sat down with them listen to what they had to say that it death material and information against other sources and don't you know let the chips fall of the match. Then obviously I guess the biggest thing to do acts or debtors releases or gotten a lot of attention earlier this week when now with. With Brady hearing Robert Kraft you know sandy used and I not know president Morin and you know what the (%expletive) Do you. Was that serious like Condit take them it's you know get the early should matter is in the book you're going to go or where'd they get their rings and doing everything was fine then. How do you think their relationship went with that. Well I mean it's been a relationship that that Bob Kraft has worked on you know since he had to make that very difficult decision and I think. You know craft needed to make that four. You know the future of the team. As much as he loves to number eight Doug let's spend some of them they organized spent time with Robert Kraft job decrepit received. The love that the owners have for Tom Brady you'll also see the anger. That they still have against itself. Even though they that would make their peace to this bill will really pissed off. At Intel all over the stiffly kids situation. But. Kraft ultimately he didn't wanna be Al they just needed a lot I have to assume the NFL because what you do that. You are persona non Grata. We you know we've that the rest of the NFL ownership that mysterious a little about it if you will mop up. Us sports owners in America they roll. Box you vote Mitt you know anytime Kraft wanted to do something for the good of his team that you would have had an incredible challenge. To do that so he pulled back. The last minute against going forward most laws etiquette in bell you'll probably that it operated. So Corey is watching this simple like you and I were on ESPN or CNN. Or what have you in San Francisco Kraft is basically giving up the fight on live television. And pretty ticked up there on Antarctica is raps on the NFL side PA side says you know what the flock like why isn't anybody supported. On this and do. He was soft obviously put you know crowd has supported because you were there and I think that he's done the the Kraft family is gone you know above and beyond the over the past. Couple years to really rebuild our relationship I think that was part of the reason why Jamaica proper role problem was jettisoned last year. I'll malware is something that Kraft felt like yet that new to you know. They continue to build a relationship with Brady. Yet that's our led me into my Internet the next point do you think that this is still you know craft still has in the back of his head of how you know he hurt Brady by stepping down like that so is he going out of his way to mixer that you know the quarterback had a legacy. Is he doing more for Tom Brady now they did before the week. Yeah I'd go I think in years and I think it might buy him in the ass but I think he. You love the guy you understand that there wouldn't be a patriot place without number twelve from there and a million other Kraft family OT birdie a lot. And I think they've they've shown that. Armed you know what Kraft early went after Goodell would be wells report contacts and everything you to join publicly behind the scenes and at least the initial few months. You know that's the crap that. Debt that we sought Dave wedge in there and we sat down and doctor lump in Jonathan Kraft. You know they they love the guy they believe that a lot of side to I don't think Kraft has that relationship that was coached. I'm always speculating on that I think is respect there is a law of and I do think that Brady who gets zero look for belt object. And a lot of that comes back to the way that Belichick handled the plate gate as well really putting out on the this quarterback as opposed to putting out on his own shoulder. Yeah you're leading you're in the next question do you think that this tension in that we've seen Aristide and heard the last in a couple months started with the play gay and builds that are. Throwing Todd Wright under the bus that first press conference. Yeah I mean and that that first let's start the shocked everybody that shocked Brady's wraps it no doubt chart operating as well. You know did Belichick has never buy is always deflect the attention away from his his players and he put the onus right on boring to you saying that. You know he wasn't always says you go from My Cousin Vinny there's a little. Being yet in the in the block where we talked to a few people on the island of Nantucket. That'll tell you that. Bill Belichick knows everything about tire gauges. Because they've had to pop desires. On the island day and it's. Eight he carries around attack agent is in the pocket of a short so that nothing that happens in Foxborough would vote. Is oversight currently is in all the so Q. You know stiff arm weary do you in this. Situation I think really. Stocked up Brady obviously they continue to would be Alex Guerrero situation. And then carried over would be. Decision to bench welcome Butler in the Super Bowl. The simple all that. You know we're Brady threw 500 yards and kept them in contention to win. And you think that. How much is it. To your knowledge how much consulting did Brady and Belichick do that whole week you know back and fox were before they went to Phoenix for this terrible and had you know they have this Marlys at the oppressed optional how much interaction did you get there between the two of them that that. Weekly I think there are a lot of directions call it a Belichick did is saying Tom Brady did inside. So I mean you know they only interaction lows in the game. Obviously Robert Kraft you know at a news conference that the Super Bowl defending you know not only is quarterback but don't break. But I think that you know Brady was really left to handle the media crush and a lot of zone and I says you know that. That I did believe that really pissed off birdie after somebody years. Loyal service is no longer the you know that is the company guy anymore. Bodies can speak his mind and incomplete firm himself just came into this bill. I'm not a person I've been around Brady for personal whole careers light and bright five years I think that the flaky press conference that that your product policy though was the worst performance he's never given what would you agree that he wasn't so it and he wasn't fully prepared for that. Now our and he because he didn't take its errors. You know divorce Smith told him. You cannot say a word we we have to get in a in front of this figure out why it is a little behind it before you say anything and Brady who literally was very nonchalant in outside it would. Bulls weren't you know this is the pomp rock such conference where Brady is nowhere to learn about. And just kind of you know there were deer in the headlights answer is because some very serious questions yet that he'd come out. And just say you know what I like my ball sort order I don't know what. Is being done behind the scenes. Or what not being done odd since I got the ball I can Wear them I can program. You know that's all I care about what their violation. Maybe four you know I didn't have to say that but this would of resulted in a 101000 dollar fine I think and nothing more but I think it's just. Steamrolled into. Capital murder case and step. Yeah I just merit Bremer being in that room that data was not the typical crowd pressure at Gillette Stadium there it was the Boston Globe and Boston Herald is ABC news CBS news all of these people that are used to covering football. Anderson I don't think Tom expected that like who. Difficult plays response that is it you know Stacey James the patriots and is it is only able to source say hey like this is a really big thing like you're walking out here with. You know of room circle or reporters like gauges didn't seem like he was fully prepared. Now we won't let and I think it you know I would imagine that's Stacy try to prepare my know the more smoke. At the NFL PA certainly did but. You know Brady again did not say violation was wasn't a serious matter we're good equipment violation you know at bats to. Didn't see that you know there are people and agendas behind the scenes the NFL really pushing forward this narrative. That Tom Brady will eat what was achieved and that the patriots had a history. While cheating and it you know goes back to the spy gate scandal very legitimate. You know controversy and situation. In my daughter's that was got a white washed. By logic it delicate time and I think he. Other 31 NFL owners held that over is that it's for a long period of time so one the opportunity arose again that go after the patriots. Alcatel had to do that you know would vote yes. And and you and your estimation do you think get Brady handled that that Wednesday press congress have really this might as you might invigorating writing a book about this. I don't know that's a question that I had to grapple with a line because sometimes that that that's the case. But I think that the NFL was already so that will be yet in two paring down Brady at that time. That they would have just continued. To do it I think he would. May have who you know might soften the blow. If you will but I think they were you know they are the written their conclusion awhile before they investigate it's okay. Did you reach out to build dodge guy that he caught try to do you try to get him to do anything for this vote. Well I didn't because it off that's what didn't but the market didn't say honestly everything's like give us any information that he wouldn't give anybody else we want to Cuba's. News conferences that Foxx Barbara writes I felt so bad for the journalists that were in the lumber older. Journalists have worked with many local and you know the way that they treat these guys and women. Literally count those obnoxious companies wouldn't I wouldn't put up put that I don't have to do is I don't have to go out there every day. You know aside money here or just the typical Bill Belichick (%expletive) which is kind of what he spews on a daily basis. Do you think that. There Brady and eligible ever have a good relationship again. Maybe you know I think dole dole you know ten years after they've called. Are no doubt they'll look back at that time the girl was. Each you know each minute each man needed the other to get that at that level of six that I do thank you there would have been successful. You know without that partnership to what degree but not to the extent do you know the last eighteen. Plus years now of unmatched success in the NF element I have to acquire that. And you know this book is the national book it's been sold. All over the country and it's. You know we tell. Readers in Salt Lake City you're Oregon her or LA you know there's as much to appreciate about Brady may not like him personally you're you may be jolts. Well there's an athletic ability but. You know appreciate discard looks like. We appreciate it Jordan or you know these. You know. Transcendent athletes that you only do you see once little. And Alec I'll touch and that. With one mile last questions about that but I just wanted to get one more question about breeding craft do you think that there. You know back to what they word do you think that Brady's still is gonna have in the back of his mind do that he you know left left left them alone obviously do you think their relationship is ever gonna get back to fully well 100%. I mean I think their relationship is pretty strong now from what I've heard the I'm not sure you know beaten Tom my under the Cilic okay. Well you know. Will he take out the floor under me again that if anything happens you felt like deflate as thank. You know craft station owned. Brady you know with the Jimmy drop below trade it's going to be able going to be done. You know the true love that the Kraft family has more from Brady you know get that Belichick obviously. To bury you in a businesslike relationship. But I do think there's great affection. Between Brady and Grafton has been a lot done that to repair that relationship over not. And then do you think that. Driving craft had a famous quote this curable actuaries had base that Toms in the right you know handle when he retires or is it seems like the air. On forward with job and what he says it all to me they're gonna allow Brady to decide when he was on the team as opposed you know made Belichick trailing the crass and allow it to happen. Yeah I don't I mean after drop auto Democrats will allow that to happen and I think that wanted to birdie continue to play you know Arnold and I leaks MVP level. You know they're gonna want him behind center he's the only real stable force. That the patriots out on and on their roster. Right now so why wouldn't keep the best player in football for a little longer as he continues to really play at a high level and want to play at a high level. And in terms of selling the bug and marketing deals the marketed differently today entire country's posted the New England region. Certainly you know I think you know. Across the country. The one yeah universal theme that we've been hearing is the idea of people maybe you know not like Brady here like Brady Airbus. There's a universal lot of distrust of Roger Goodell. And that's you know big part of our book because you know they hit it Dell computer down Tom Brady the face of the week it. You know that they'll just you know bode well for the fifth round draft pick on the giant so the falcons were the chargers. Probably you know everybody vulnerable the long and get Dell has the political power that that the NFL. You know players are quite frankly given him unfortunately route article 46 and other. It's things over time. In as Casey maximize your time really pretty jedi to give a plug fervor were wary wordy regular get the book Amazon bookstores. Yeah you don't you get to all Amazon. In Milan all its. Bookstores all over your way in order right now majority you know the number one selling sports book obviously and it's only been on the shelves for a few hours sore really excited about it. And you know this is the book that's going to be adapted into the feature film we're right now talking to do some a level factor is that. Are very interested in suiting up as Tom Brady for the movie so that right going to be very interesting at all. Yeah send them to. In our players do what are going to be a lot of not going to be Mark Wahlberg it's not going to be Matt Damon up front here those two names. Again I think I'm gonna puke I mean I'm a short guy in the air you know they they look like me and shoulder that's basically so. It's really challenging to find somebody that can really pull off the technicality. The public operate. Thank you from all of all going on is there a date that you might the year expecting this might get released the movie. Yeah all army were working on it right now trying to locked up Barak during our studios so. Once that's done our screen writers the guys that wrote patriots say that road by removing the finest hour they'll sort of fighter. Will Mark Wahlberg girl Olympic boxing movie the Micky ward story out there working on on the script as we speak. So I would say about him a year rap that's how long the development processes. Usually pay but I you know I think we'll be seeing it sooner rather than later. Accidentally ordered banks against the much Casey. I ran secular.