Not Sunday, Ep. 23: Kayce Smith on working at Barstool, Comeback Szn podcast, leaving NBC Sports Boston

The Off Day Podcast
Wednesday, September 12th
Episode 23 of the Not Sunday podcast features Barstool Sports' Kayce Smith, formerly of NBC Sports Boston, who discusses moving from Boston to New York, working for Dave Portnoy, Johnny Manziel connection and more.

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NFL. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and the rich keep. Christian forty. So let's get started with a man failed. It's Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. Welcome back to the knot Sunday podcast no Christian forward this week no Kurt many N no rich Keefe. The we have Casey Smith from Parcells sports Casey thanks for joining me. Yes everybody knows Casey Smith formerly of Comcast slash NBC sports Boston now is that are still sportsmen and telling in my opinion. I just wanted to start off and there's Laurie real easy place to start by guess what was the process like for you going from NBC the bar stool. I mean it was insane it happened pretty quickly too because around the Super Bowl when I was in at seven way to meet or Spock and I kind of knew that I minority and be leaving got a personal that we could announce that yet. Those legal or always try it can ballot vote by its radio at our supply there that we. And it's cool because they're needed that they've port without me would be president BC sports spot and it's not being a pocket guy. He banged his into the market so. A couple of years now I'm in taxes covering college football. Ankle corporate world is it crazy madhouse here Iowa backers are. Did you know what you're gonna do a bar still when you first started when your approach by the idea of like it's that plan for yours just sort of what seems like me outside is just get him guy gets in there and then see what happens from the. An extra vote I think I was at different case because he knew that I Harvard College ball at EXP and the stated I want parts of pollen did that there. Talk much about. Balk and obviously people up in Boston and actually care so he would. It Beijing beating apart their ecology of Austria which we just ones last week. David big tax a lot of fine but he knew that after my contract in the sport and I get me and immediately if you want it to happen for football even though. He knew that was. Part of the plane you rate it was partly obviously talking for three hours he ought to copyright it just. Early in the things but it is kind of get that trial an air where he bit wary now. The cool thing about him and he hires people can't hire them for specific thing he hired talent that he knows what specific things app arsenal. And I try to. Actually stand up comedians and sports people and pop culture people eaters what is much time at the end of the partial quote now. Do you Serra like that they are not limited to just sports -- time and you into our brain to opt in to order of disgust right tock anything I can't really in the news do you like that we're not just hander did just sports all the time. It kind of green right I mean it's just put whatever you're talking about that day I'll think about. What ever happened pop culture we can bring not happy like victory like I agent of change but whatever it maybe. However I would love the idea that my main thing is sports and obviously that's the only thing that they got his. So I'd like to their average age where there's more amity and they were actually thinking more about how it goes through. The crane accident goes on everything that's what people are talking about it if you wanna talk about something about others where you have freedoms you. But I like to stick to sports here but I think that that's what makes it different. Then a lot of other people here just like I can ever accused in the comedies but how streets in the media back but he does I ever get it try. I try to stick to that brand but I think we can walk in here chocolate more crazy different or anywhere else that government. Pressure did you get any push back for your friends or family or anyone heard you know going to are still. You know it blocked like that is obviously that aren't so far so well that's where it started it and at what we're in it. I cannot. People. Where are actually I think that are older. That it opens in those of personal controversies aren't well to get there and party and that secret. So that was more like it why are going a company. That had that reputation and my biggest thing that I look at me crawling our way they hired her as CEO to grow outside. Adjust to certain and the jets because those things that. Doesn't mean that the platform is that passive and that I can help grow our audience. But they're definitely there's fact that a lot of questions of why we've network television conspiracy but urban of the network. But at the same time I think once people realize how big course so it made. And then once you got there what what was well as the initial process like I remember effort I think maybe you're on section ten podcast you're like I don't really know what to do I just trying to stay busy in my earlier writer. But I guess it seems like you've learned how to write and now you're hearing your blogging every once in awhile like what what was the whole thing like he did you feel like. Not scared going you know it's doing just sort thrown into the fire and how to add navigate with so much direction what was that like. Yeah I mean. Dale like that exactly. Here right here are. Expected at four spot and the annual hot on the site active people it was as. Part. I've but like what you did you hear and I did not answer right off season or early Asian flights for me but output while a case like from the work and I was hired for the picture of the Atlanta right. And that's why I started blocking I'd ever actually in my life actor Kirk. Well. They've given me the in the basically right whenever I'm out if the guy I actually. Outweigh. I'm not a key ingredient is. Actually being a bit out sport at the same time. Like I try to figure out where I can and basically it means to football and we want to podcast. Come back seat which means I'll cut interest on those practicing to basically get my foot in the door. Football but there's no direction that the course. They hire people that they think can help the brand and and it kind of thinkers once you figure out here now that you're a part and parcel. That's they're releasing powerfully in the next question how did the comeback season combo was that. Anyone else's idea was your idea and then how they also ever come again. Don't return the collaboration. And I I think that the biggest thing obviously track is it like that that the hiring somebody like me was that. Not only how to cover college football I lived by creating a culture fox I graduated from damage up well. Which is the same year that certainly not one height and John they have a relationship. They're parcel because of course Parcells right at the Johnnie and operated while. And that kind of talk about why that look like it when I asked them look like and it just all got other things on it on let's see. All we can do because Johnny is trying to come back just hash dark sweater. You try it for an adult and get a package and are all the think he'd get off in his first and at all. So he signed it yet ultimately is I mean why not try to see where dollars. And the one we that he couldn't do lately it seem at all on the hot act the same. Bringing it like coming back from injuries are coming back from certain things occurring here any a lot of it's so they might get just like. Gaining weight without there and it un edited. Completely since her way and apps are much much much as they can talk freely without anybody trying to. Controller aired it is partial lock. And obviously nude. Johnny from back at school what was the general I any relation with them at school do you know each other than. We did so I had my first out of school I worked for a they expect dot com and I was right in here. And Heatley is very close to the person who owns effect I think basically that they Portnoy of excite dot com was like Chinese clothes are. And eat a lot of so it was really cool. To be able to be apart that even just act and act it or locally and I act stop shop with yet yet. Kind of sideways for Johnny because they lie on my first ever audition but yet C network. They hate you got an hour we're at age an hour to prepare. We're gonna Heidi talking about how Cain and the opposite an hour late and now we're gonna talk about college football ready to go and I guess but it is not rocket that. Took off and I ended up working Prius in the next couple years that you really weird it's. Roundabout come full circle with Johnny and obviously it is being I wanna see him do well because I think everybody is their second chance but as a football bad. Policy can be good as a professional football player we don't know that yet so it's it's a lot of different players but I know each other from the area actually work. For the football team his redshirt years so it. Along our relationship but now we've gotten closer just as I captain having a lot of. Yes it's it seems like he's very relaxed with with you and it's and as Asian interest seems like a natural fit what what do you think some of I guess it did do you think Jesse gets a bad rap like receiver like what is he really gets apart. I think I mean there's a lot of things that are thought about him that are fair and he's definitely at a lot of eggs one thing. That I only the people you know how in the world did you ever partner or something like Johnny ballot like. Well because just because I've partner it I think that with the Parcells doesn't mean I'm backing every single thing whatever that it. It just means I believe there are typically the person and Johnny don't agree with me we had a professional relationship from the beginning and I feel like. The biggest difference I like him from his I've and it now that he is that he sees it differently he realizes he has and the work he truly. Want to prove that he deserves that second chance you understand that people aren't gonna get it terms in the senate to block while they're at ease some of the things that went on their parents got a biscuit. And there are a lot of people hate it in the dark slate group that you deserve that second chance it's you. At the person who's known him for a long I've become professional and friends and I think that. The biggest thing I and it is a different person and he believes. That he does need to change and it is not all that out of there I don't like it at least two bella but he that we try he's making as. Right that's a positive direction he's married and critical. And doing everything he can't change that narrative that hope that people. And that to me I don't care who are here your act. Or hear anybody else I think everybody deserves as. Mean I completely agree with that. You mentioned the college football show that large last week I believe it was at the thing that you were sort of brought on to parcel fists boards I guess. How is that like to started that showed you enjoy that show you more complement shucks that's sort of what you came from and away is hosting a showing what what's that been like what do what do you like about the show is so far. It though a lot last week in organ most of them in the Italy or velocity traveling going on the road the first game. Console based in much of glee. Yeah right like big cat went it was hot and it. It was as in so decree that. But what I really like about attic and everything I've ever done in my career all in the wind and it. The basketball world like it did you basically get TV show the department TV a lot of background here. Talk about college which is my number one passion and an app that parcel. Freedom square where you can talk about their line without having to be scripted to a certain things sport and so we're having a lot of fun raging. All of those different things actually only one week that we. But I do walking away format that the debate it is what I meant to do that is where my back still that isn't it taking everything required. I'll stop on the way and what to pick my IL at this. It they're like into all out force that this is something that we're really excited about it and I think that I was. That was the real TV cameras then. They got the whole thing which is a lot of fun. How will preparing for her first show with Dave and big cat new from the outsized image they're all over the place compared being today in the newsroom at Comcast NBC sports Fords you know you're doing three hour show with people who that's what they do firm you know living in tough like that how is it different for you like how idea how do you have to adapt yourself. It's an adjustment. It is the majestic it I am way over prepare for this appetite you hear it happening like you mentioned in the stat and that's. The conversations that are going on with it everything I went out there. No way to run certain graphic that that you're like all right let's just talk. About why you and I think that like that it's a cool names are being on both sides if you really see how different things work. But the read that Parcells and so. Absolutely that. That's all from the very beginning even though it took a little effort to grow it is eight fort nor is it for nothing is gonna change when the cameras turn on. That's him he is in the cameras are off. Not so I'm wondering what that show. Is that a guy you have to prepare what you gonna say much talk about certain victory. But the real reason people union to parcel it should they wanna see it on doctor personalities are stripped it. The preparation allotment and either one might think are better position that they are hyper yeah. But that is adjustment for me I'm so it being so prepared with numbers. That sit back and all those things. That's how people come parcels for the mixing and matching different style but I think the big cat is a great job at that it's seeking top all the exit knows. They need him now but he also creeping personality and that's why part might take up. I was like working for gave it to resident Justin Berry was there a moment that you disorder I guess and deal with Dave is all about and do you know how how he runs things and maybe how he's a lot different than someone else you ever had to work for what's it like working for him. He's great working for David graded it different than I'll ever I think I achieved so much more acceptable. I mean like you walking into personal headquarters on the conscience or I'd walk basically. Right at the air security is the right call as well so he can get in that seat and any points. I think symbolic that I really realize how old working for it was going to be the first time I ever that would have. We grabbed it screened in pocket while the teacher is aimed at actually when he that they were in the cloud house in the culture. And that we heard it being hit it she just sitting here at about fox sports and I get. It kind of my capping out the ball. And the whole high intact but it is about how hit in a ballot itself are out sure I'd like this guy like. He's running 800 billion dollar company. Part of the green. Site con I mean if the content here. Any feeling like you know people being picked up from the NFL. Hours ago while I couldn't believe that this person would handle all of that alliance. But Dave knows what works and what that meant and I think that's again what they set successful. He's gonna say what he thinks. And that I think a lot different then and that works because there's structure hack that you can't determine sort everyday they would ever Y point. A lot of places as a sport and keep it locked in a corporate office stop thinking but he can and that's why. Partially edited but I love working for the company isn't exactly like I said it is the outage. And you mentioned that the atmosphere out dated and Carriker is so successful for people who really I haven't seen pictures will take us to really that's the way out of the office like that computers are right on top each other learn from what I've seen. And yours only has communication and what's what's stallion dozen different than you ever experience of four is a create what what kind of atmosphere does it create. So we have you wars in the middle of Manhattan as well the first or Brad is. All they'll advertising its professional exactly what you think could be locked and things like the pretty parts of course I like all the people making all the money. And the portrayal of everything like that and that you come up there's a concept which is where we are. The wake up and you've been injured understand the way I would describe it is basically. You take a television news around and you picked without frat house. And a whole bunch of people on talk to other that is what the places and when they start reading that played. Parcells look a lot smaller and liked it a billion people stacked on top of each other but now there it and it went into the it's alchemy there's. Credit it is crap everywhere and seen big cats are on social action. But people walking in but when we have celebrities athletes and they like how is it. 800 plus million dollar company but that's related to the budget do you think a couple of girls and and it just content Asia's hot. Coming out like not everybody is working on one thing which I think is the biggest car. And do you guys have set hours or is this are just depending on what you're working on that given daylight. And it's it's obviously on 95 job but does it that are depend on what is you make your own schedule yet. Yes don't think it whenever you are making your continent when you're supposed to be an athlete they expect everybody at the end baking contest every day and that's the cool thing is that there's not. You know listen they have to be here at that time to do that our radio show up at that and he's got a eater but that he know what they're here or are cast. For me and I can only speak for myself with scheduling but I know what I need to be in here. Are certain things that I'm not specifically doing something I'm blocking are collaborating with doctor submerged. We're looking forward to different things themselves. At that civic the world people are coming and going all day our studio. Actually it you know it in headquartered in the pocket he was well. There's constantly. Everything going on ones we've concerts in the middle of topics say it's cleansing agent like it so well and but it. Work like well oiled machine. That's not well oiled at all but it. I mean. And it. I guess going back to when you're in Boston and there are some stuff that you learn from being on TV for three hours might you can take and what you're doing now parsley word as some of the things that you've taken from your job in Boston and bring them to your life now. But sadly having that here's an early advocate people bought ailments I came. You know obviously working for yet and is doing all game but I like it like you're much pressure. I think the pressure working in box and really understanding. A city like Bachmann what I believe that wholeheartedly. That is the bad sports in the country and the pressure that packed house. Not only know talking about the but to it and being entertaining at the same time for two hours and I learning and learning how to really except that she's back. That she Parcells because they just. How to translate the same way out not network television. It's not that but you know here's a segment a commercial break all of that but it's the same thing Parcells and increase seen in passionate just like the people bought which is why don't fix it. So I have loved working box and I. That they need so much better. As a person professionally to click OK to accept that and the jet to put in the work I think at arsenal and ensure that as well and personality. And that's like guys like Kurt. You know he did you get on a product on apologetic and bought an app like well it was thinking here are so Huckabee who are our people can she quickly that it's an act. And those are. And you know obviously when you came to Boston you've really I didn't know much about Boston sports at all link on texting him being hobbled college football now being immersed in the city that really doesn't care what color triple and is all vote. The pro teams and I'm sure he had no you know in no real factual knowledge felt the Red Sox namely that. But it seemed like that you took that really seriously and made you know put in the time and effort to learn about these teams be now I wrote about those teams thought about it on the air. What are some of the things that that you did disorder become knowledgeable on the team's. So the patriots were really. The easiest for me because I grew up that big football fans in general in college football person but at the patriots since early 2000 were national story time. So I knew the patriots history with Tom Brady. And I wouldn't it I mean that's like. And I think it's great when they won the First Lady sick so I can the patriot secure right all the other team that you're that Celtics. That the and the NBA and that thought that he history of the Red Sox. Obviously paid into the sports you know a lot about the Red Sox but so are the team. I deeply by hacking them. Honestly I was in the sports talk radio just stayed on an apartment spot that I return on our show today and with and so what the people of fox. Really cared about what you just read the Internet at different articles are not really getting up holes. Of what people that wanna talk about. Radio easily do that so listen so a lot of radio battle lot of books. A lot of history and just let it spring Tony there's been like that understand it. Why it is elated. But I also commented I think I I want to extract all the people in the thinking I can rattle off the batting. And 98 Red Sox and I like excite you that is I would see. All that obviously has quite a spot I try to balance like I'm from out side of thought and I o'clock I'm learning art and as I thought that. And I think that's why for the most part I stepped it doing so I didn't try to pick but I. Our expert that I clearly what that I do occur almost. But it works really hard giving back some people don't like in such terms actions but I IIII all I'm back and box. So. But I can't get it yet. Could you miss most. NBC sports Boston. Contrary Japanese I think everybody I really I had a great time there are. Certainly make the decision to even match I think and the instructions that I've but without question. And hated you left after here that's not the case I really enjoyed my time but my heart I hear I would love bill. A talker. But he he was one of the first people there that really helped me turn it be immersed into the culture. And I helped me become comfortable with box and come to with the patriot since you never know what you and it sang my aunt. And that he kept slapping on a regular basis so I keep in touch with everybody over there I go back alive. But conquered like that's like if I had about and that that my dad. Current actually means a lot and he got me in the business the when I was in college to. Before to border like existed I would email Tom Carr and questions about the teachers to he would respond to that turn and and getting mean internship that Comcast. Doing like I. Production stuff. My current rate cards best Mike you said you never know according yet because he's so it doesn't take upstairs Lee never know what you're again but yeah current is. Great that you like how like he helped. People that he doesn't happen health I mean Europe private liner are like he he have to help me an opt out but he dies and I think that. Like it is the person like he's a good dude but also crazy boxes or. Completely agree for the morning guys which only if by then ask you about that time you went out with them at border Cathay completely with Jerry tang let. If you what are you marveled that night. But here and back to me he's not ever meant that he said that scene like you're going. Supporter taxpayers around Christmas time like how they screen like casually at the bar is not people economy are quite. Not yet know there are I think Kurt and I it spoke a little bit on Twitter by. Like even like it very council adding that we just kind of like an out. I walk in and like the radio as Christmas dinner or something insane it's like they have a share of the points I hear you really. But it would quarterly seen them in that setting like OK like this is also or anything that I don't like. It's going to be garrido and violent I know that that is what happens. But they're good news I think I think that that. Gave me the opportunity show them but I'm not just applauding that girl from Texas do they might well say that archer. But I think they got the record now at the end of the day Jerry came completely and back but it was Belichick. I actually saw the picture the other day of that they took of you there next to them Ken layered looks very scared what do you Motorola can. I'm. Being nice to make getting a heart. Right. Like Kirk giving everybody a hard time now that I I think I just. The moment that I it OK guys all really like each other is sitting there and are all giving each other how about things. But nobody was it your feelings sir what your needs if you work that sent. If you accept that but. Those guys are great and I remember looking at the picture later and being like why is everyone looks so comfortable with Iran that's not the way to you know what I thought everything well. I would. Like that. If Jerry would have talked into that and maybe I got there is global is that just like talk to each other I don't have like where. I guess you can swear in the like it hurt her accusing on the podcast and there are a lot of swears her. Well what that you know what that that she used different parcel and being out I think what you want. Like try to forget sometimes actually tropic really die. (%expletive) I thought as I watch I felt like (%expletive) But poster on fox Sports Radio the other thing completely forgot and you would have thought that I just like that they did everything but you cannot say that that's. I forget all the time but I can't I'm glad that I'm not into of one. Feels good just drop and a nice fire ants. So last monopolies what do you have coming up the bar so what are you looking forward to most as follows a going on the road for some big college ball against your show. Yes so the biggest thing I'm looking for cute is that going to be taking it on the road and it's going to be quite. Basically air recurring college game day or try to create at least. And they did that open last year and it's an important technical standpoint. But I mean it's going out and partying with all the Parcells and are in college apology being completely certain Abby are. Right. Thanks for joining me KC fans can follow Casey collar work at arsenal and quarterback pat Casey Smith. And I'm cherry pick things we'll continue as they always over their parcel. I'm hoping so much I mean any time things look easy the.