Not Sunday, Ep. 5: Kirk talks state of Boston sports media; Fauria rips Dwayne Allen

The Not Sunday Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

Episode 5 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Kirk Minihane going in-depth on the current state of Boston sports media and what has gone wrong in recent years, Christian Fauria discussing the struggles of Dwayne Allen, as well as why he liked Thursday games, and Rich Keefe looking back at the win in Tampa Bay and ahead to Sunday's game against the Jets.


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And have failed. With Brian Hannibal encouragement and rich teens and Christian Fauria and these ultimatums football. So let's get started with an NFL it's Sunday it's now here's Brian Hannibal. He's proven wrong area after you want to stay still going. Yes congratulations Brian it's quite accomplishments make it five weeks they podcast. According to walk around you know. The report that's the point is so gonna keep this stupid name is dumb name it and it. Now the name's gonna stay and we got new open in the annual we had to take out the old ones and copyright issues so we. I heard there was. I heard the first four weeks the auditors. Some foundation does something. So some some quality issues with the intro substance thought we can't use but it's it's free branded so were kind of the rebrand them than not funded by cast. OK I like I was a relationship going with via with a missile good. Everything's good everything's good heavens I was old. That. We need read too much I I agree too much I think that we might but I figured out. Now now stand that are through the Greg who lineup I was heard just I was told you lord my. I hope someone someone from the station. Oh. Rob Bradford. Okay that's why you would anyway. Obviously right I think we're you know he's right we do agree too much and again that's on me that's on me. By just saying I just say stop and you could agree or disagree on the really I don't think you're saying I can react to get a hoax that the. Mr. but I wanna get robbed and stuff besides besides Tom Brady your. You know you've you've been so highly critical of you know some young journalists in this town there really isn't in on an up and coming notes sports reporter. What what makes a good one and why isn't there one you know one that's in your eyes. What we expect net charge so much reporters. Upbeat about it reporters are dead and topic of the reporters are real word anymore I think. You have to be sort of I've heard a lot of things I think generally the generation younger than me. The next guys Allen had not shown. A willingness to be disliked. It. I couldn't get along with that but any you think it's because of what your true grit. Not totally but I know we I know we're governments not it's not or disagreement do you think that's because of Twitter and you know you wanna get the tort laws. So that's great times I know. And I understand you know 89 years ago when I was doing weekend that was just a Twitter for the first time. I remember if you go back and don't use people like older guys do in you have the courage like oh I like this guy's expression different body and always good right where he's awful and boy did they want to work but what I think apple and what say. If you don't have. Of course. And what stuff about regular. Oh what some want your comparable that you don't error. And it's I mean that there are paying your bills on the other they did they don't bail out there Iraq and me but they're certainly welcome out there and all that stuff. But they don't matter much you realize that put her arms are a bit like trot trot their biggest problem affecting you dislike. I would which relative that category he's a guy who's younger than me like a year younger whatever who doesn't mind me despite rejection get off. I give you an do you think it's a matter of him you know just not be afraid to ask tough question do you think tough questions. Are getting asked there's a more of the style of writing. I get more of the there has been at some point I don't know what happened. This sort of the sports writers. The guys and radio artists that were in this battle against each other and the sportswriters are the positions thing. They were around every day in May know more than they usually they say this thing about the manager of player we know without Trulia. Defend in their if you look at it. When there's a battle they are always defending the athletes we are critical via the opposite is never true. So you know I think over the course of a year. With the budget guy if you develop sort of relationship but some of them there's no doubt. And I think that the I think that this sort of you know. What I mean you think you know a report so it gives should have a Jason Castro you know of course. I think overall at this Red Sox Ewing that's. Not correct I think that you know the media isn't fully defending the Red Sox this year to look at David Price Dustin Pedroia although all those guys I think that that's not true with this year's Red Sox seem merit. That's sure to some extent but I mean you know I don't know might see a lot of criticism Pedroia and beat writers that mr. Ozzie wrote a good call on him tell it to what it called beat the guys who were in there every single day I heard rob last night. Fifteen minutes after the pocket fees that is on the radio. Which. Would the guy that with rich east and he said you know he's probably hurt charities are really hard part is partly hurt he's hurt. Oh OK okay we get any other excuses for those guys. Who would then they're pretty good yesterday you know kicked off the year by selling his teammates out. Was part of the group and applauded adversely but does manage to get Doug yesterday saw in the playoffs again means. You know. Immaculate but I all year. You know what what you know heightened the. But I think that just the sense of you know being around him in dealing with that the backlash of the of a of a player Pedroia is specifically every single day you know you know how it is if if you're right dot com or any piece critical player. You're probably you're probably getting here but it and that's obviously why. You know maybe some reporters me included are reluctant to write some of these things to appoint her but if I I think as a whole if if if criticism is fair people are gonna do it is about to happen with David Price this year site I think the whole narrative that people. But I mean they are ready. They had to pick a David Price though he treated me there I'll (%expletive) this guy. Adapter like after it defended him independent that heated story. The ban them defended Eminem what they realize though he's actually treated as a pocket or going well. That's okay it'd be different dynamic I and that I can sit there to studio. In a lot moms and criticizing that's left and right never historical walking in there ever writes seat. David Price and Dustin Pedroia John Farrell what's the year or at most I'd never seen patriots and Celtics. You know I don't see whatever owners which I never have to deal on the different position but somewhat like. So never understood the art and so I just want to a couple of one. For what what what purpose I I don't mean I agree I can make you better archer yeah I don't know if we have different jobs I mean I understand most. In most of the guys in the past. About a bill that's now a lot era to I've noticed certainly. Figured out a Florida. Miami much for your relation between me and be just fine I'm you know my life will go on. Whoever. Offered as a pocket you know I will go. Well I know that from from their point of view that their criticisms you know you hear your heart on the media people here are free to call me people out in each other and the media people write anti tether and that's that's the thing I think bothers him the most Alvin they care. Do. It right had a lot of conversation that many people. I'm just around and I know I'll I know how ignorant you you use this. In Europe. Guys IC a bit problematic but it open equality a coworker somebody who frankly right. You know put money in your pocket my existed teach you that you ought. And you don't you know you're not defense yup and you did. I assume you are good guys say that you're offered. I do and I I do what I can and it's it's appropriate. It's interpret. Are right but when you're right or demean people forget people don't really realize that you are out in the field you've covered considerable symbolic actually what are at. What are you like him as a writer. I would call us the right of the beauty of never going to be got sort of stayed out I very rarely ask questions. It was a way I always you know you may disagree that aspires to be mostly a waste of time I think garbage yard your body you RT it's certain. Think that was in that you associate with this backup rob Wyman says the program and it's there it's a I recruited that don't. Lighten your poll you'll get thing we're talking that's why you don't have athletes ought to do we got guys but I acknowledge that not. Two point I think that you get some good stuff might adding that the Gilmore after the game was telling saying he's better off covering one guy I think that was telling trying to armor against some good stuff about defense after that the game to be a year ago so a lot of pictures but we are talking to a to an offensive linemen about you know. The object of lime flavors diva DeVine Unita gaining out of it but I think if you pick your spots there's a please him to get out of and I you know I have this debate all the time is it worth going down. To Foxboro I think it's also a broader. While target guy aggregate value I'll tell you I would. Colorado I was in charge of the web site which I've asked you several times in the crime against a backdrop to our charge of the of the west side I would all the turning your press passes you're not you know doing you're not waste our money you know wasting your time right destroy it televisions. Do you think there's some beset prefer being married in now. Just that to be there in the eyes of the team to realize that now your parting now now now. Easy I know. Don't show earlier putting the time and effort into covering the team I think there's on beset her credit that it. What we're. Now for the team to realize that as a whole year parting that time. You're seeking games except putting have a great big supporting him so. I would say we're not now we're not we're not putting effort. I mean that's that's how you hear your opinion from the talk radio side that the decide comes out. I love it figured out and I think there's a writer I would tell rob all the time. The way I'd spent sixteen hours of talk a bit of fox or you get there and it ought to sit there you do nothing did you know. You wait for inactives. You get inactive sheets that they watched that dumb game it's much better watching the game on TV in this depressed fox. You sit there after the game you wait you Beecher public -- your apples in August so that eagle on sixteen hours later Edwards story like what what the hell that just yet. Well the one thing I will say about that is people do fall in the trap of just going you know and and focusing on the store whatever else writes there is some beset for spotting something that's different than everyone else I think we as a dot com site have made some sort of effort to do that as they get with football league guard the other locker him try to tell us. I got a team to talk (%expletive) about the patriots and. That does not the not not to pat myself on the back I'm always started doing I mean when the jets beat the patriots and what happened what the Bart Scott Bart Scott went crazy like. I would never so the tickets bought from and never went anywhere that would sit there like it's obvious that I was like forget it. The other guys have some personality to go Michael Marty I'm Bart Scott go fight for real you know. No I doesn't agree I think I think you know I was doing that's a lot of callers and it was sort of eye opening that I was the only guy in the Boston market almost to be any opposing locker room when you have. Five guys from the globe five guys from Harold. Comcast you stand on the patriots locker room and it's like you're missing out on the street opportunity when guys are actually you know willing to sockets speak their minds cannot be monotone like the patriots. Most of those magic feet. I mean that's why did it right for The Herald suburban papers for 25 years they sit there and all of a pack they sit there and wait wait for press conferences for. For Bill Belichick and Tom Brady after the game we did get it transcript anyways get out. Question just say it's just say it's a poet greatly. Perhaps Farley go got to ask you a little bit about the breeding every this week or what are your thoughts. The radiator this week to try telling that you don't have any thoughts that wasn't again. Well yeah what I was not I mean I don't know where there are good games art. Especially you know the other stuff going on yeah I don't white beans about the other Red Sox you know what's weird stuff going on. That third decade by Monday or brown is quite a fight actually get beat by week's sort of question. You know I wanna talk but we didn't but Cuba three years ago. Conservatives in between spot where you know it poverty totally eat eat in the mystical musical act is that okay well I guess for you look right. You'd have been like Jim Gray and asked me if Peyton Manning texted him in in this match after tying the wins record you know let's not by you guys got petite don't blame. No it's not I think Brady you know is so. Concerned about saying the wrong thing out you want to say if you like in the music like yes I grow up that's very. To me I understand I do get rid coming from a I don't think people think gum. Bring it on my right Natalie he's forty years old record hammer but he's so he's two years younger and I. Richard Grubman I'd rob shall I say it and you're like top Eddie. Like a guy my age is age and like pump idea like that or is it like grocery bill like rapid beat people like you do. Or whatever whoever Burmese in Pearl Jam. Your bottom banning it. I mean this no this no and you know he didn't. I don't know what that may be is that money into question. What do you think and shoulders that it's bothering him. Army ISI are Erica via. And that story there are mode you're there party. Which you are here and scooby these are optional. That's that's stories or lower or far from enemies he was actually on the podcast last week spore aid bill. Sure assured us that her arm is up Brady's shoulder all of that is probably the worst flooding hot right now may yet get a priest as a minor injury and a these bigger pouting is sure to believe it out for a bigger way that the shoulder but definitely. Well laid at least on the bring up next weekend well you know some some life back into the Sherman Abraham Guerrero in the work he's been. I guess I'm stuck I think it will up port secure. I would say that you know you get a Getty you're getting a break with it and you're. I think you're great and Peter Brady is why which means you might get more the lock it up and I haven't accomplished. Yet all right well Leo I know you beat you got to go out prepare for the the body issues in the league at the gym some more. However I'm keeping a mailbag podcast mark if you're any questions feel free and we demand. Kirk meant. I had a that's right that's right we duties of familiar like so let me tell. You got any good questions what what's the just a lot of Jim Roemer and I'm glad. Are neighbors would be John dentistry or Tang Wei he's amassed. Evade. Up from my daughter from the jig in Joe's night. Club I don't I try actually look at tweet government rhetoric there was that I've looked I brought governorship spot. But. But we we we show up yet wanna be the point like you know your bag in question. Order of people or what about guest on line anyone you want we might have on down the road thoughts. I Capel and opera couple weeks and actually pushed back future traditionally produces right now on every new producer you're going forward so. Or pictures from the issues that right now. The article won't. Well look there are a couple of guys I would give away yet really honestly because you know I actually have that sense yeah that Lyle. Guys Ted suing. I'm a picture this now we tried for catcher and pitcher and not. Audio oldies Mike yeah Adams Eddie Eddie Andelman Dino Arnott in the podcast money and why Arnold Arnold podcasts. They don't I have audit you know yet any relation reporters and. Now he shared a flight home from Tampa but no no relationship heap he probably ought Riley again. We don't go on right. I mean great for years and last year Q he's not had any art argue that's kinda the same stamp on the same breed. Yeah I think so and X but it'll orbit but you'll go wrong yes it there. But by and but yet that we are buy it but we always a lot like really a lot of Comcast together. An outlook that on projects that could be actually to be really good yes but. It is turning down he tried many parts huge county that could be. Well you know what's the big merger happen it. Our anchor will a go to our week. I. After a week hiatus Christian Fauria is back welcome back Christian glad your film better. That are bad about being literally back again and you go to. And well I paper. Yeah I wonder why nasty couple specific ones they gave back a couple weeks. I want to look at Dwayne Allen in his brawn and you play tie in for the patriots in the Tom Brady offense. Is unusual for number two are tied and to not have a catch through five games. Yeah it is and it's very. Curious. Because I'd see Allen in college at the end when it Indies so I know he can do. Now. That we got the skill and the some good lesson in out all these check out. He'd get about are related to our. Or just taking longer permitted to figure out then you know in that great about our. Yeah well on every. Girl he. It's seem like. Can go wrong whether it's ready to about a Alpert wrote shortly at the double covered you know. And you've you've got to be got to make the age old problem riddle solved. Maybe didn't have any design plays it buildings have a leg work like right. Where personally. Designed it for you want me because we're really appreciate all our work. It dedication. The work ethic during the economic gain in order to make sure we thought that they need it. So. Well. The other red zone stands out to me when you have a guy like Rob Gronkowski who demands dole team though a time you always valid Deb the other tight end to have you know a lot of characters in the red zone discuss the match ups and and that hasn't been there. So you imagined before is it's a case of just Brady kind of phasing him out realizing you know I I better options I'm I'm Ella here way. And I picked away I didn't really great Britain and really not look. You've got to make one. Want play well down there are more. About a lot. Are. You about bill you know. Don't you can't do that. You're all gonna scrap. You're you're gonna get it checked out your route to get up for. Again at the number one that you did it happen you're gonna block block block it out and you will grow up act there. Sort of back the night on the year and right so. I note that this could have been good up and under or maybe catch up surely belong actually won't let them down. A little bit more ball he should be more ball. Yeah I mean whenever you go under a game with tight ends of Dwayne Allen and and and Cody Wallace Terry and none of those guys even get targeted sometimes up. Yeah I agree and now all we've played itself out. You know what slope arm out and really it's all ways where it. Now to the other side of the ball and I think I heard you talking about this late last week after Stephon Gilmore as comments after the game about being able to just yet he had his best and match up against one guy. To me that a sort of bad look on his part because he got the most money bill budgets ever given to a defensive player and you really want to act you know go on record saying you can only cover one guy that does doesn't really seem to add up to me. Yeah you know it is the best bet where. And the money the money show you don't really tells the story. If you got a lot of money you know much of the multi expected. So I don't feel what you do you're you should be like. Iceland are. You can cover big numbers small acutely cover or less I on the right side. Who had their best lawyer the guys in the end. Try to help you need to government. Which ready. So. Well it that we got out you know agency. That. That should be decreased should be there in all of you maybe opposites. You know maybe. He's just take longer bigger and how. Bigger where you grow. Up are not only like. Quite well but you are you know pretty great motor way and they want to April again. It's still more we got Smart steps and out the OJ. You know don't edit needs all that it. So our epic I think it will be I think you'll figure out but that we use. But it like it did a lot of good paper in the court record. Regardless it remotely without our marriage between. Back and into the back. And the backs pressures like is that although and it. He had a ball out the other this year the occasional bad grow. Oh they are always merit it. One as a Lamar question about Gilmore the pagers and bring him in turn off sees per visit before they signed him. You'd think that played that plays an evening and damn you are not getting things and maybe the patriots not realizing that because of of that visitor do you think those visits. Are sort of meaningless and they sell everything they need to see on tape. Well the only one agreement for me to make sure I'll law is actually got a personality you talk. You'll look at it as well import it and seeded going to be try to get your new gig at least everything you want it here. The ultimate test. You'll get it I got to fire is what looked like bill. He blocked quarterbacks see whether he got great weather who covering the circumstances. You know outline how he recovers. A parent I know it's it's due. So. I don't think that that you know ball they do bring the well isn't ideal candidate it won't be huge doubt they are not big enough girl read or ought to look at what grade but already. Children or not at all or are. But that's really pretty legit corner. And they obviously. Because it. I want to ask you about rob Marcos PE you know playing what the patriots in nine all things work was it a sign that they brought him to Tampa was that it was a true game time decision and they really didn't know until Thursday that he wasn't gonna go. Ali got most guys that are on or probable and you know one of those situations. Where you know going to be really close. Ticket edit every single week being mulled she could not your didn't treat. Our bigotry. And what you're not intrigued you're you're out you're getting back to you gotta we. Are. But he also object gates Thursday morning ready. I don't know your coach a or is there around one you know you are. So much year. Ago outward. Any more days. I don't you go there it brought you gotta be happy at all and archer activities he was at age. Of one so. You know like it is that they thought I mean every lap rugby yeah. Did you play Thursday games are in the league they cannot do that then. I don't Bert again but it worked Thanksgiving game exploded like one vote and a lot like surely spread. I threw me a bad it's much that they report because we saw you need Iraq. The playbook which EPA to look and light it up but Wednesday. Beaten to really short and then. You know we played well why don't Obama like an extra bite. So I like you are doing a lot of denying it. I agree because you watched you as a reserve is nine's are so bad. Added a pair of all nobody ready. I want to hear or don't like Detroit and Dallas look at it first read read and you can really. Manipulators you know talking about really Portuguese. But doing it every year or he did do it. Well. Watered down anyway oh. I'll put all the other up on BP. It's not a good products. To break out. Before really go on and ask you about this Sunday's game against the jets first place on the line do you think the jets are for real art it is a case of who they played the first couple weeks and mostly. You know the real jets in the real patriots on sun now. Now now now on the met its. Not real. Odd jets are terrible. And seen a way. Around all you look at each world while what do but Colombia will be. It's. Local law go out there and smoke this scene. The bigger side and how much trouble there. I'd be a good they don't law and look back thirty years old age well they are real weapons. While Powell is he is being. Fortunate in the last couple weeks. They're big plays charter should debt in another rookie. I. Feel bad. The game they should not is the game it's all done it should be thirty ordered. 36 to ten. And encapsulation because opposite that we should not be dealt balked at 1088. If you want but what I don't get it probably about a little bit Outback Bowl. So horrible. Orbit and the pay to the table patriots. Everybody beat them up there at the ball at all. Did you make proper couple quarter until the speaker really hit it and not. Now. Almonte. You never know right now as is evident evident in look like or are out. It would get it figured out. Harry was good to have you back this week my journey to replace last week in college a pretty boy. All right. I. Acted it all well and our mayor do about it and he. Did you meet her up. Only to reroute all bush. Arid banks locker who talked about it. Or it seems like a long time it's patriots actually play the game it's almost ten days ago. Words thoughts and came. Surprised by the defense I mean I think we talk about this last week after what they allowed against Carolina Panthers I was assuming Tampa Bay is that northern light it up you know James Woods it was come off a good game it. Bad you know Doug Martin was back healthy they're two really good receivers a couple of tight ends at the if the order. So I was expecting a big time shoot out in a polio was one of those kind of crappy Thursday night games were neither team could score twenty points but. When all the criticism that's Stephon Gilmore got an and really the defense has a hold out that was the big take awaited me was just holding Tampa Bay two touchdowns. Very impressive you think they'll stick to that. You know that match up with the quarterback's. Progress this season or do you think that you know Tampa Bay specifically was just a team to do that again. Yeah I think he. I don't do it all season I mean it it worked or maybe they should in no way but. Not every team has a Mike Evans or DeSean Jackson or certainly the combination of the two so it take on the jets for example this weekend you wanna. The cement Robbie Anderson added maybe you'd maybe you do just because at least then it Gilmore in the right place if there's not just these open holes in the in the zone so. That that's a good question I wanted to go go back to that or they declared the first four weeks. That's what they wanted to do just didn't work out and so you change your whole defense because potentially one player wasn't getting it. Now I worked and so maybe they'll maybe they'll just you know have to change their way it'll. Violet they would Gilmore as comments after the game with saying he's best reason match up with guy you can really wanna have Jerry guy you paid you know the most money ever to Bill Belichick saying hey I gotta cover one guy that's as much like India. Treat it as Tora with a little bit about what ram does for a guy Malcolm Boller is done Harry in the pages of masked and yet he's still sitting there with no contract. Gave you you've been huge content of it that give more deaths in regional play one way which is very strange and it's also it seems like a misjudged on the patriots are I don't live in five games in and alas it was probably his best spot. They usually love guys that can play multiple spots you know it offered to liven Beckham's play also response or or guys in the secondary second play a couple of different roles. It's it's it's been that kind of money on a corner that's back into one thing but yeah. That that is strange yet. And it's I think will be five we find this against the jets what you said they don't have you know much Talbot then in two weeks to get the thousands Montana football right I think that's sort of a big reason why the patriots Brian Gilmore as they saw happen this admirable of them having some mismatches on the outside so. Maybe that's begin and we truly to see what you know the real stuff on humorous. Vasily that if he gets matched up on Julio Jones and is able that the hold them down I guess. You never know what Julio Jones is health and what that's going to be about the benefits if those two guys. Then yeah you your kind of frustrated that he can't do everything you want to do but that's why you pay guys that kind of money is all these top police receivers there's going to be a few more on the schedule as well you'll probably see some more in the playoffs. He got a deal to hold those guys down. Offensively do you look at it as a team to stay now bribery cows he was just you know authors in nineteen he has is that the reason why in many points. Yeah I mean that's it's time you know there probably have to play another day without Brock at some point this year too but it was weird it and he he made the trip them so clearly they thought he was going to be able to play at least they're hopeless Gambill the play. And then it was sort of vote last minute type of deal where OK he's not gonna ago. And Aaron expect them to score 35 points every single week so they're gonna have some ups and downs the you know the office of line and it was it was just really great. In that game they've been kind of up and down at certain times but. Note if they're gonna win a game. You know by five points let's say against Tampa Bay the fact there was lower scoring actually feel better overall fitness the defense played well I still believe in the offense whereas. If backing was 42 to 38 it's eight aired here we go again near the defense is the broken. Apparently got here normal Sunday that we that the team on the road 1:1 o'clock game so yes nine to one NFL Sunday we are back no more Red Sox either separatists are full show as lethal follow her acts foolishness guests are things like thanks.