Not Sunday, Ep. 6: How Chris Curtis crafts Tom Brady interview; Fauria fixes Dwayne Allen

The Not Sunday Podcast
Wednesday, October 18th

Episode 6 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Chris Curtis taking the place of Kirk Minihane discussing the Tom Brady interview from his perspective and the state of the Kirk & Callahan show, Christian Fauria discussing how to get the most out of Dwayne Allen and Rich Keefe looking back at the Jets win and recapping Mut's awful fantasy advice on the NFL Sunday Show.​


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It's NFL. Sunday's news with Brian Hannibal the current men and Richie and Christian Fauria think the ultimate sport called. It's let's get started with an FL yeah. Sunday now here's Brian Hannibal. We took a lot of discipline listeners right. But I'll do my best I don't think so people don't know it you talked to Tom Brady where they talked to Tom Brady. But I just wanna get the backseat of how this goes the biggest her how you know restarts from your perspective so. Won't begins with the there before a Sunday afternoon evening I'm in contact Stacey James who is the pure rhetoric for the patriots. And he gives me a ballpark. Of when Brady's gonna call and usually it's 6 o'clock hour. And then we just sit and wait for the call wondering beacons that sort of hard to dictate the property exactly when and where and the call usually. Disorder when it gets up in the morning a roll call us. On the Regis call the hotline. Sometimes we need to break you know to reset the schedule and give backs we have at least fifteen minutes with them. And you know politely asked Tom you know can remove the Specter he's always pretty flexible and briefly maybe about ten seconds or less I try to get across what they've been talking about what the topic of the day is sometimes ask you know. What are they on Tuesday or if there's something that we brought up whether beat trump for. Ex husband from but if there's something that we've discussed all try and tell him about it from where but generally it's it's on good morning Kirk Canterbury. Where did he went com personal friend make me peach effort night. I would not call a personal friend I would say it is an area and you know it's obviously. No matter how long media would pick before we talk to robberies like analyze prequel thing to do but obviously we have long conversations via. A little bit of arrogant did hear how largest city and reits have gone as a whole this year. Well I mean we've probably got the biggest. New moat. Reported the most newsworthy moment this year when we had via a reaction to the protest in front comments and I've been with the show since point thirteen. I don't think we've had a radio interview maybe post the plate gate stuff but. In terms of where the climate is both politically and with Brady's stats from now verses in twenty and fifteen that was probably the most. Bombastic I guess common even though wasn't that night Ariza are eager I'm that was the most. Newsworthy moment we are in this you know Kenner fire in the control room and the second he says you know I thought those comments Radenovic divisive and I disagree with them all of us which use of coal ship. Let's like him ripping it is right you know it was a and we knew that that was the white report that was going across the country written within five minutes regency and and producers varnish show we said Fox News opinion season and that is part of the web site. Story on that very hard part picked up I think it was pride of molester its third month at least you know it was and he you know that was you know other than that I mean I think. Are obviously the Mayweather stuff. More is icy the single least with him with the guys but you know that's example worker and Jerry talked about something after him you know. Asked the questions that there electric there was a fair question. I just think that Tom is an appointment power. Human I think it was a music order what is favored like 32 weeks ago. A few keys just afraid to answer anything because it feels like if you associate himself with anybody he's going to be you know. This off half of each audience so. As a whole I think it's been good and obviously give us the number one line with trumpet Monroe went around the world. Now you've been what shelf for a long time before even Kirk Kirk resigned with this parade do you think it's better with cart and Jerry's palace that would support you know. I was never on the show with Coker. So I I started about three months after Kirk during the mid 2 in the morning guys. But no I would say definitely without you know it's much. You know John like to make the about himself. And I think during her to their best of make news that's the object of everything I mean you wanna make news of the time you have with the most interesting athlete in the world so. They do their best but I think jump try and bring questions of around two himself. But too much and try and show comedy currency readers are told what the play action you know. Audible was going to be so. I mean these are a little bit more geared towards the audience and. Parents should years the show is a whole. Are just say what you think makes this the show so good to know what what's what's been the key factors. Key factors. I think the rotating hosts is just a huge dynamic I mean you know today we can really do it. But we could've we could have done another couple hours on the fumble controversy. Because we had to moss and I guarantee you had some Aussie not agreed with Jerry Kirk would have done it before it. Anyway tomorrow who knows what is considered I think the fact that. The story doesn't become stale because of the different people we have an everyday so whereas. Because it's human nature for was gesturing birchard Terry Curtin John. You might move away from the biggest story of the day because you're tired of talking about it and the three of them a party established their opinions are not gonna change it's become a move on. Whereas now we might stay more on the hot topics of the day because there's different voices and different perspectives on them within each. A bit about the. Is it also fair to say that you guys are all you know into it together you know I think you guys tied on the boat filled by guest you guys are banned for. Whereas before sometimes needs some producers currently has and has invested as you know you guys are now. Absolutely and I think well you know I've won't speak for Karen but personally I mean working with Canas Austin is the best at what he does and we have agree relationship behind the scenes and the cheering Kirk I think it's now more inclusive and minutes until the same terror I mean because John costly errors at least I do and you know it's fine but it's. It feels different than it used to it feels like the show is all moving in one direction it's like you know your Big Brother giving you a hard time about something not a guy who wants you. Dog you know it's it's just state. You can sense it when you listen to ditzy it's an. It's and it's a fun listen I had a guy come up to mean. A couple weeks ago and he was saying how. The show. You just always used to listen to moderates for whatever reason was just. This thing is not politically aligned with the guys and so he's just if randomly put us on his what you guys are twenty times funnier than them and I think it's just. The actual the dialogue guys get into the stuff the people that Kirk and Gerri we'll get him through. In terms of giving each other hard time and talking about what and the big sort of topics or other shows are afraid to get into really put pressure words how different is this show for use in here announcement of being so over and being so. He failure more. You better drop all absolutely. Without a doubt I think. Or especially with the recall what you know with the partial podcast going back and finding sound that would have been almost impossible back amateur and Billick and remember anything. From show to show so in terms of recall and you know especially with a different guys and whether it's trying to moderate mossy on the on a dime Kirk or Jerry could bring up something and one of them said recently. And so Ken and higher than charged with finding that as soon as possible turning around for air and so that's something in terms of recall much better now and I just think I don't ticket is personally anymore I think. Before I was depressed miserable and you know about a hundred pounds heavier and really unhappy with everything going on in my life not just to work. And so now with. Most everything else going the way I wanted to do when you know you get an argument with co workers and you feel like. Arkin and proper credit for something it's just what it is it's not this huge. You know make it a three more than it is something that's our report things you know work in between. Now how do you view the show going forward do you think this casting couch there and no one can cause cats that would go with Korean accounts and anger and even I from India and I go from the Kirk followers it is now just wrote it Inco do you think the rotating coast with the same you know cork for five nation could run stale almost AdSense and do you think. The show needs an eighty a ball a little thing to something more. Does the show neutral ball beyond the current yeah like this Disney did you think you know keeping the same same five guys you know for six months could potentially run its course. I think were always open for bringing in new and different people I just. What we always say you know. There's just not a ton of people in this market that hey you wanna work with Kurt and Jerry. And wake up morning wanna wake up in the morning in our bore most of the good. Who can handle I mean. What the training and in a million times she's been counted out or you're gonna come in this weaker and whatever and you know she's. Comes in she deals with that she addresses it and dog and we move forward there's not a lot of people like that. And that worked comedians to purchase the way it is they don't wanna deal with Kirk. Don't wanna deal go head to head that your they. I think be the preparation of those guys intimidate some people because you know entertainment which is. The total opposite of the start we just don't do any preparation coming your fine but. A lot of people don't want intranet debater dialogue about a topic people of prepares there is in the one guy at a youth Friday on yeah multiple times just am I'll do it. The guest or yet again Palmer called Brady's dad oh auditory as a guest Tom Brady's dad. I liked what I said on the podcast that it with Kirk which is remarkably like him about while a bomb last August. Column. I said the purpose of luck to get Brady's dialogue and in and I'd tried and tried and before the Super Bowl this year made comments right before the yum that we are in Houston yet and I just. It's bizarre I I talked to him a couple times he's always been very friendly he politely declined when I initially contacted him when he fifteen and after the comments about the bell. I don't know whether it's of palm thing Reese told is dead not to come don't talk with Kirk and Alexander and you know not that he hates this but he sure knows what he's entering into words when British senior made those comments about the dollar was just a local ethnic separatists. So that's been frustrating. But in terms of rotating co host that I wanted to get in. I wish you know like Portnoy is good and you know I like him if he's just so big now our room and I was thrilled to have him in on the you do the home opener I think that was a good show. Our friend Richard sites from on SI is good news good it's just. He doesn't have a car and he's not in Boston area off column. So. You'd guilty I think more this week we've been talking about getting them on and I am just as a call in but no I think he was though he was in for two hours and it was really good yes I'll last was where on this final usher thanks so our. A couple of guys but I beryllium in ought elect it sure does as it is and I also really like. The Mondays with Kirk and Jerry that Brady you know dynamic I think that's worth worth keeping. Current boy go I think he did a good job. That you think we've probably your form. I never know with her it's it's all yours are on their toes. That's right and I needed a good job main lobby back later on in the year but expense account and on in Nam will talk to him for a next up Christian Fauria Christian last night we talked a lot about Dwayne Allen in his involvement in the offense and then. This week against the jet fuel is oil appealed for six maps. What's your take do you think there's a chance that the team could potentially in a company with him at some point this here. Well I mean all of I think you've got to continue to work on. And a maybe just you know it kind of why. Repeat you get up. But I'd just feel like there's something there were working. This epic error. You know you haven't yet. So just gonna take a little bit longer and are. Not go just a slow learner. And now I don't have time. Wait I am solar or daughter die or you know. And they're they're more just got the old mark I'd lie there are blocked its route you know ought lag. You know like you don't special teams I mean your body your bid to call like you're being. You you would not reveal any important you know are off. But I ought not. To high level. Uh oh I don't look at it we're that streak along shall. Would you question their their decision to not reside Martellus Bennett at this point. Now I think I think all done and they're actually pretty. Directed pretty happy that it did I'd initially to. Two year you'd ever tried actually and for. Longer a one year deal he wanted to do it I want you don't know. Bat out of Goodyear and better off it you know a lot of that it shouldn't ignore or. You know another key is green bay Packers and or but read it and why. He'd been out to wonder if you would really. They weren't really able to compromise and work with other well. What BP went beyond public teach somebody would they don't need to able electoral. We want to let. You go out somebody you Arctic what are shell. Thank most kids you know nowhere Chile and got a lot from that regard I don't want guilt anymore. The opportunity. You know we could do opt. But yes more or a lot. The work. I think reality. So help me get going now. It could be comparable wire but it that is about. It just seems like the past couple years they've just been trying to fight a guy compliment rob mark cows' feed and they really have mailed to do that what's. Why is that is that is a tight end do they really just that did not very in the league right now Hawaii is so hard. What part mark held at a minimum rate. It would read yesterday that they are they is on the field like your. Yeah but but. Yeah. Well spent a long a lot harder to. Our. I'll. Well I don't know why you guys. Better or. Got data. Well. This year outlook does not mean at age. Already know why. Because I had an app the only boat walk out UDY. Rock tunes out the app. Rock eagle it didn't. Matter accommodation. A prediction that there. Will be. So how I did not be open outlaw. It might break the current. It's got some great but it sure. What's typical. I demand an expectation that really what you heard back. Into law. Learn to do or why. Do you really need it if you could understand what topics are to do. Ought to be opening. Jump routes accordingly. Lou will accept it opera. All that is understood. The ball. Bears battle so. You know. You can't bet Al Arab bloc pocket work. So. I hear people talk about it didn't go out and didn't get optimal typical offered. By. All. Doubled up off. Well. A lot of it republic issue are going to be. Up. That's been. What's your take up on ballot checks message this week it seems like yes very on the conference call it was. No you can't expect to finish prior to after weeks six. So why do you think he he want to get that message out there edges team Mikey he had that the job is Chastain and wanted to get that out there and Al costs. Number probably they Arnold Arnold built this and here's a ought to ought. You know week I don't know and airports ready because you jet on the road. What are regardless you know and but don't gore beat bill. Just so much so much. Needed more and more black sure. Sure does not reward a hundred homes but compared. Purple there behind schedule now people would it work. Out as part of that they're making issues that are coming up blatant. You know. You know it's a flash so. Our RPG attack. It's. It's maybe they ought to. Just you know the Whiting. Oh are the concerns that you skiers on the media. And a lot so it or not they caught you on something that he's hearing a lot. People like you said that there are a lot there's a lot of things that the seeming to be off at this point in. Little things the correct and we are moving forward toward the end of the season for them to eventually get to that finished product that we saw. Then get to last year or is it a case that they can you know pulled together. Are all in its history albums that. Well. I did occur behind schedule light. How much how. Are there but there are trying to pick our. Or an issue but don't get it out it just a bit and it never. I hear that it would not. I don't care how much more got a broad you know are out of the law it would be good. But you're not begging your editor at law opened it plays. In the pamphlet that they make don't comment it will be their. You know the really urged all we have an up all that you can you know make up for what it's what we operate its goal. That are ready to better let Peter Gordon or it's more. Purdue in the third didn't like he should be. And you'll see that defense should go to become an actual proper complimentary book although about. Net you more white because the opposite side of all the public will be more desperate ought to take more chances. And that's what you feats that's what you each couple mistakes. And they go out all of that was so. That they put so much stress on the other team off the that door or the good there in that it didn't want to do what's led to interceptions which let you do you know big plate for the people. And that's when he gave a discrepancy. As far as you are allowed to point out or rubber battlefield we don't care. That it would score but got better over the past few about really and the and the most important thing. Well that big prime time game this weekend the falcons what you OB helium primetime on fifth correlates on a night. Oh yeah now playing well net that late night game where everybody knew everybody else all. Oh or now. More hours. You aren't like them gremlin territory about them not. Do you did you like biking or as a player you get did you get up for them more. When did you know are. You know black top a in the beginning yes. Brett seven years in Seattle a one night game one like plot to primetime game through our very good. But what good does it that the major failure Guantanamo I'm. And ago. Who are out there like 1 o'clock. He got buried global clean out the rest your big I it's sitting around watching 1 o'clock game watching at 4 o'clock game. I hated that it ought to wait you know. It was all right at the beginning what we never had a shot but after a wider collection or sleet and you're watching your home whites or you know all relax. Yeah I got older to. Out out of the summit of group had the stroke but it back. They're all right bags lockers in regard to next week. Yeah last but not least on the net Sunday podcasts rich keep rich you were down their Cilic stating yesterday with Bill Belichick what would you strive and do down there. These and a pretty good mood and it is fired right away he starts out by saying heads have competed division opponent it's a good day. And Michael had predicted earlier that he's nervous at one point in every say any that he beat the jets it's a good day and so he used pretty he meant that I think. We've seen that I got to always been a rival for ballots actually rewrote the history is between he and that franchise and so. Whether the jets are two would fourteen attendance six or your home wrote it doesn't matter. If they win by 45 points of they would buy for it's still a big deal to beat the jets and I think he got that's I think a lot of fans were probably speaking. As the bad jets he maybe should handle molded should be down fourteen nothing at any point in the game but. They'll take that win I think he did he could sort here that his voice yesterday. Now do we think this week against the falcons is more of measuring stick for the team especially that defense were going up against Matt Ryan and the hype our offense. Yeah absolutely for the defense you know him I know Atlanta just lost the Miami and Atlanta doesn't McCorkle world beater necessarily but. It's a Julio Jones the so that a much much better offense then it. The jets and and maybe even the box like I was really let down or surprised by the box office James went and did not look good at all. In that game I guess you're you've crept to the patriots for. Leo this is a significant test an amount rise and having an MVP season but still they can hold. Third straight opponent under twenty points particularly one that that is there a really good offense and they go be a huge step forward or. What do you think of is what's your take off on the defense do you do you think this defense you know has potential to be you know one of the like lash or they turn it around. Are reading this can be a defense all season while where you know depending on the offense has scored thirty points. I think it's more that second thing I do feel that they're more a middle of the pack defense I don't think they're the thirtieth through the 32 or. You wherever they rank and yards in points allowed they're not that bad. But I also don't think they're as good as they were last year even though a lot of the same personnel is back this year and the can over achieved. Last year and that may have also been the Soviet participate they face. You know sometimes that gets blown up out of proportion but. They didn't face lot of great offense has been faced a lot of good quarterbacks. Where this season a lot different already in the early going it's been a very different you don't yet to face the AFC south right away. Are outside the NFC south right away there's four quarterbacks that are pretty good than smaller guys that are that are sprinkled in throughout the year so. They should end the year both points and yards I'm guessing more in that you know. High teens area and so still it is long as you have top three offensively you can still win at at a really high level even with a deeper. Sort of in the middle of the other side of the ball the offense mean that they put up some points but it doesn't there's some feel like the old Patriots offense really inconsistent. Why three you know it's age doesn't really feel like the old. Featured led by Tom Brady authentic is that your take is Las Vegas. It something seems off. Yet I think it is maybe it's over simplistic whether it is that'll currently it's just. That's why there is there's great debates about you know who's more important to the offense element of rock you know we saw them win a Super Bowl without crock. And nobody's in a fit at all the better player than Barack but the way this offense goes in the when it's looking really good it was usually cattlemen like getting targeted 1012 times the game picking up third downs and just move the chains and maybe congress were a lot touchdowns but didn't matter your between the twenties element was. As important players there was also may have played a factor Brady not getting hit as much involve a quick release passes to him. So. That means got to be the the missing link like the running game hasn't really gotten going this year but. I don't think it was great last journal plunking a million touchdowns public it's not like they can really just hand on the ball met era when the game because him so I think it's still the adjustment period. Of note join Al public got the M on dole can pick it up here and there but did that consistency is is gone and then obviously it's icon back this year. Did you do look for them to potentially make a trade I mean I know we we always title of the trade deadline and you know how the Iraq and improve the team but do we really ever see a trade made it totally changes the teens you know complexity. I think your main trade for a team to leave a few years ago that's as big of a mid season trays are probably get a fine so. I think they do make another trade it's probably four defensive player. Because there's definitely guys you can work in their David Harris has been a non factor. Cassie is martian cemetery for the beginning of the year he's not been very good so if you can find. The the next McKean hicks morial somebody like that like whether the defense lineman a linebacker. Even a corner you know would Erich Roland Gilmore both being heard this past week does that add some more depth there. I think though that I think offensively. That personnel should be good enough for the days they should build a figured out with coax it would prompt. I know Dwyane Allen's been a let down but who I don't know if you can guarantee picking up a tie at tight end mid season like how's that gonna really help but my money would be on defense. Poehler yeah I think that will probably Selig scenes with the rest of the years rope where it Beckett strategist at the right depth I mean yeah that's that's exactly what you're get treated like you know. No teams trading away their star player. But now it's part now so what's your take for that the team party think that this is what they are a Bill Belichick talked this week. On the commerce club it's unfair to expect the finished product after weeks six. But it's kind of obvious. I just don't understand really why you try again that means don't really criticizing. You know the team where the Ari now it's is that their teams feel more laws. And the team this year than they pay state last year that we puzzling. Expectations for this team at the beginning of the year were higher than they've ever that I got out of that while the ninety you know people Ed. I felt pretty confident that human element went down it's certainly not ideal that's a big loss but. So that they can do actually get that much better than everybody else in the see them lose a couple of games winning game or when a couple games close like it's his. They have not dominated by by any means they definitely feel like they're in the rest of the pack. And all those issues like the sports illustrator rails like that the patriots and everyone else and clearly that's not the case and babies getting a little frustrated with the with that. Watching the jets and oh it's only week six or watching the jets in the first half and an even when the certitude. That menace has one of those. Blues in the divisional round type of deals to let you know I'm like I know they make the conference championship game just about every single year they make the Super Bowl. You know half the time apparatus played but. They also they can win the AFC east they might get a pie put them at first opponent I know they're great at home but it is has one of those feelings like. They could lose they could lose to that team that that maybe played really well wild card weekend shows up in Foxboro and beat them things can change they got ten more games ago. But it seems like a playoff loss before as a global company you are now. I'm kind of with use it's just that sense you know of jets had the ball the end is currently well. They could good for you right wouldn't shock me right now that really got that feeling with readers use the pass those teams this feels a little bit different now. We're protected with you about my how's he doing on on the and a pulse on the mutt is. Doing okay on the NFL Sunday show I still wouldn't take his picks we do two picks every week we will you pick the pitcher's game against the spread and were allowed that whenever the game you want. Right walk it just for your Maalox of the week type thing Agassi was sponsored debate the whole big deal the end of the show we do. Mott is I don't know how we did this weekend but going into it that you like three and five so he has struggled there. And then this debate in the best moment of the weekend we have Michael Fabiano on our show from Arab Americans or fancy guy. And I asked Fabiano now that Adrian Peterson this before he went nuts. I asked you know now he's been traded does he have spoken about it is you have those is a very neutral question on input and opinion the highs that. Does he have value and euphoric and finish the question. Mutt scoff doubted that of course not Asian Peterson nobody should have him on the roster he's not he's not any good he's done nobody to take up. Fabiano said yet the premier starting lineup but he should be our roster than it goes up the horn 34 yards and two touchdowns so. Don't take much fancy advice he is very quick to give it out he also spot Kevin Hogan was going to be a pretty good play. Yeah that's right Kevin out of for the browns not personal note dockers Hogan he was he was high on the McCown. Austin some varying Jenkins jets stack which actually wasn't the worst thing and it could have been even better at that that crazy place the itself. As a hitter missed more miss when it comes the month. Predictions also far while BS to give much fancied basically tonight's game I think think things the show changes we most of it should be out there grab a rock for eight so I think both want clock games he you can't screw up anymore social begun. All right well we'll talk to next week thanks zealots are.