Not Sunday Podcast, Ep. 10: Ken Laird discusses all things K&C and Rich Keefe breaks down most recent Bill Belichick interview

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Wednesday, November 15th

Episode 10 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Ken Laird offering his thoughts on the Tom Brady interview this year and the glowing feature of he and Chris Curtis on, as well as Rich Keefe reviewing the Patriots' win over the Broncos and breaking down the most recent Bill Belichick interview, particularly Belichick's thoughts on Martellus Bennett.


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CNN failed. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and Richie. Christian forty day. It's let's get started with the man bell it's Sunday now here's Brian Hannibal. Special guests from not Sunday podcast this week can layers and Laird makes is not Sunday podcast Steve you can Heidi feel. And by special evening her was not available. Carter is not available and Curtis Curtis is not a they'll learn a lot of local artists are all are going to be shifting he deferred TM. I mean give a reason not to sort out his wife's on there now. Expensive I think I heard able to add years. It's an offline it was crisis that's right people on notice that we we go way back that you do yes the farm report podcasts. When do we hit it way back we've we broke down the the Marie so Dubai and the we we wait and activities today and attendees were -- isn't a hot time via around around the miners to follow the affiliates. Was great enjoyed this it would be tough to do right publisher of Forbes is the last this is true but I think that maybe I should take some credit for for where you are now. Sure if you like to wherever. There are budget you're the senior producer of number one rated show in Boston in in New England thank Kia a tablet to hit piece that it does. Look what PC type action on bring that up today or what what did you think of we see verges feature are you on Ewing Chris Curtis. Also he pleaded at us as we retreated it made its outlook almost human person. I guess I have to agree. To be honest that we had no idea what was going there you guys were rated as some might hit piece also strange Lucy came in you know losing ice. Young lady she's been working here she was in the mix for the producer jumped for the DNC. Experts job but he Europe half the she's she would issue or official. Right or she she resurrecting web yet. Com so she spent a cold day studio with me cartridges is weird to sitting on yeah I would liken it in the Seattle game so inclined. Take pictures him. Jerry wasn't here that today. So that was strange yet Kirk didn't even. Kirk must hater he sees definitely ice are out in public cal blues like if you get too close to the show. Kirk has a generally negative reaction and sold Kyle has been back in awhile to process. Jet was in for a little bit we evidence yet that while jet the producer yet. And and Lucy was suggested as a phenol. Post for mr. brain loss couple expecting and Kirk put the kibosh on real quick and so she was in for this story that she was which it I was at peace. And still dead probably until came out I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop this kit the it's a mean. I subdue she quotes and I guess. It'll calls the dream team for nothing and things of that but ultimately it's a pretty favorable piece I don't know what's. I thought it was a great piece actually told this story of the show I think the Bosnian. I think over the air you guys get you know (%expletive) on it and this may June humid and showed what an important part you guys are to the shop. That's the way for tomorrow will be some. Will be bludgeoned of the other than the other issue will faults. Are it's a wide incurred talk about the peace and all light on the road today they did sort of mentioned in the end it's tomorrow. But do you think that he has a thing it's a Lucy's ally he he has not bring up I think so I think seasonal atlas were you in incurred as a mad you guys and again this positive positive publicity on the show today here I don't know I prefer never be mentioned in the I still feel comfortable it's not like. Again missing something that. The joke is like or Anderson and the there's no sheer drop I think this is just a positive piece Lee is a good person she wants that they showcase UN and Curtis is talent OK well. Great club following us into respect and split. It's been awhile since the since the farm report Russa was drug degree views are usually I asked these guys in this spot on on the pod cast their thoughts on the Tom Brady interview each week. I talked to Brady this week by the current drop the ball hung up. Yup I'm why Colorado when he blamed the phone is snapping get back in action the caddie units T talked to Tom at the start the segment. Problem one year. Trying to tell Kirk who got Brady talked to Brady. It's on its schedule but he ice I can you know could you be okay. Hang on itsy it was very awkward nice guy uncomfortable. You know 52 conversations it was nice drama friends like chip I would yet. It's. Michael Smith. This this week it seemed the guys and have an idea that he's coming on. That's kind of we learned there was a chance he might come on Tuesday right as the late great yep it was 502 what do you think. By the way you had some. Harsh critiques of my friend Kirk litigants and questioning to Brady pass that was his response yes yes to not a fan of but of course go ahead unity. I thought it immediately. It's it's hard dummy like there's not much to ask the guy after a win especially when he talked you know to the media eight hours half but for the fact. This week I would've like to see me a little more Martellus Bennett questions at thing Bennett. With Brady was actually involves a lot in the recruitment sort of speak of a Bennett he apparently symptoms of text messages. And of curtains you those quotes after the game or Jerry after the game from bands I would've liked to side a little more on the ice didn't think there is that and that's the one about getting the speed right off there wasn't much to take away this week I mean. It's hard to ask that especially after these wins like this it's hard to really get into and stuff like can't really blame. Blame them. As a whole this year or forty thank you think that you guys are getting the most out of the quarterback. You can tell when he's on with Jim Garay. Those guys are so buddy buddy now it's actually comparable but he'll he'll actually. Opened up on some subjects a little bit more I think the Mayweather questions. That Kirk cannon. Answer you proposed to them a couple of months ago. Would say it's that awkward because Brady is he admits himself he never holds a grudge but it's been. Modest chummy which may be better I don't know may be needed it's needed it's for the better he would Jerry guess this'll. Chummy enough we've had some pretty good weeks of it as far as likes of viral quotes with the yeah dropped two dollars and this week Vegas the cap predict thing was the probably the biggest takeaways. Yeah actually I eat is an ass like her old Kurt kind got a lot of slack from some back backlash from putter for bringing this up all the stunned. You're from Kurt keeps going back to the stuff that were like the capital makes stuff that you really know that knocked isn't gonna get much reaction. No I mean I think that's a great question to be honest I mean it's back in the news again. He's a fellow player at least Agassi still somewhat. Mean a lot quadruple lawsuit still it's. At behest of the PA right now I don't know legal beat those out there it's still within the league parameters and he's he's a colleague it's it's it's in the news. On. They just picked up Brian Hoyer. So yeah patriots were in the back up quarterback market recently and I think it's totally fair game. Yep all the it was a sites went below him he did answer it much that even. Usually says nothing people still make it something yet they could ask them but can delegate this week but he is in great god cut that rate did yen got a little bit yes. Yes I get as much and again. Via its brazen he's the stock market it though they've tried a couple times yet. I would say this week was fine it was the even the guys admitted after it was not a better pretty appearances. Do you think over overall this year though you guys are making good use out of the spot with with what you've gone. I think so I mean the ratings show that it's still a blockbuster force even when we replay it in some people and I have runs up wants to be on morning yet people's you know. Gibbs of the original Alice in new content but people do your pre as the saint in the Charlotte so it's just that. It's a numbers game it's replayed again today and Tuesday that some of them. This actually got anything you guys gonna bring back the talk over Belichick segment on on Fridays. We got a lot of backlash from corporate. Or upper management the army. We are sort of management sort of management you know that's the late Kirk inject. Curtis and I didn't ask for it's believed you. But you'll back to the the crypt the Belichick they have there were subject to like the cacophony of sound I think it kind of backed off that. As our ratings have been good and analysts do what we wanted to do you. But I don't know that's not to be really taken any Belichick press doubts now I've this year at all. For whatever reasons did you like the better. I don't it was took them actually Belichick. Prescott's liking it here. It's I think it's it's entertaining thing that people get so pissed about that that's that's the best part. Yet it was sugary and maybe keep winning in life as that doesn't that's actually one of the question wanna get two guys you guys don't. Spend much time talking about the patriots like all false that's a that's. I mean I OJ criticism of the show absolutely falls we talked Mattel's been for full segment today Bob Kraft for full segment yesterday both very good. And I did you guys do get the feeling that you just don't you title of the team just as there's not any storyline or thought about what what's talk about tiger and what what about the patriots is compelling. I do think crafts did elf thing is compelling him ourselves and then yesterday yeah. Martellus ban. And then we dissent and but yeah you're right I mean besides the area Bobby divorce is to get to Italy and of course not of course not. And I hear I mean besides Jimmy droplet tree this year what what really has accomplished it's patriots the last week the trade down last week in two weeks. Two weeks in your Friday guest an outstanding this year. That sincere isn't the that's a little bit close at. Is that the blood together and we have last week all mad mad dog vague I was a big box but he he's big football I don't occurred is criticized midnight to skirt just loves his care. It's almost like it's. A little bit mad dogs better what is ranting and he's he's he's upset. Is when your security team your ear off Friday guests who who had that. Well Charlie why of course doubly seven yeah the most memorable chapters in good Florio's fine it's a decent spot it. With the new merger Jerry's which pushing hard for a Bloomberg moves U. The comeback. Aisles back in the family. I don't know blew over that well. He's on its last year belittled it yet. Kirk for Kate's I think it would be good be good once a week he had. At least try counted him that Friday. Yeah. When you were hurt in rules would you suggest it. Repeat Sheppard got six. Speaking of heat I'd try to get him on this podcast today. He would debunk tell me now game keep saying it's gave me the same line he gave Curtis corporates told them he cannot do this paving the eye because in the merged. Mr. Beasley yeah he said that he misses us though he's upset about is Curtis last podcast yeah. Said. He told tales school and he is trying to get his partner Craig should I did hear that she did back beat them like that. The penalty. Supposedly told doc that so who Pete's a little upset. And understand that. Closely along Miami Hurricanes like Hillary now he was wearing the turnover chance sure yeah. He's been at the bank seventies as equals oh absolutely bringing down that's the Fort Myers high school and between that he'd be back Sunday Pete never goes away. Program and the beatable is Tampa. Clips departs that's. Thousand forward to the Dino and PP geo over over Christmas break yet we duty deed back for the weekends or for the holidays coming up. Still stunning that those were human ideas now. Would consider field at work with you guys in the somber or over Christmas but he wouldn't go heap. Legitimately would be good for a week. Who would you pair him tree and he trio to mossy. He must he it would easily about it is a shift for that obviously but but trying to you mean when does she work on the weekend slate once a once a month thing now. New York you'd preference gambled mr. everybody's down which accused get down on training at stake just I did see that I did see that and you. Do you chimed in too I think accuse someone knocking off its one idea. Off just. Make public aware what was happening. Laws as senior yeah senior management part of the weekend programming is your duty is anchors. Curtis in mostly temporary what is what are his thoughts on on training been going on on the weekends. Teach Freddie. Tree is all so. She should fought back with this to Bradford. Bradford attacked her little. She responded with a win you know the day like I need to get my voice or czar approach. Or she really had to say laws. This company cares so much about compared to use I only have to work. Half the time and he still beg for him there meanwhile Bradford lost his job with the level of rob did you RD get axed for popular. On Sunday morning's Bob let's just that's just like a one off on the leaders earlier on day rockets still that was that used to be the sun it would show yeah. So maybe Kurt Russell think about three. He's got some power if Bradford it's it's it's an advocate thank you there but I think Robin Joyce's on the morning sleeping in idol thinks that he's annoyed. Deep down don't you think. Now I think I think he's he wanted to show now I think he enjoys is his Sunday morning to sleep likes to be part at least the feel it it doesn't. I can understand his point of view he's upset the tree. Doesn't take his job seriously but the reality is aren't that females that are willing to do this job and do well she does yeah she's she's pretty. How's it I do way is they had to get in there. Dean it would be perfect that we are great shield Dino treat the 33 people on the Austin for a weekend show Saturday afternoons canceled plans in from Hillary com. But that but it would be it would be it. A step up because those two largest they're easy going to be sizzle slow yeah. To relax so. The bullet fired. One more poorly ego big hot stove show tomorrow night huge you'll empowered expletive yeah. Well it's a little bit of an awkward situation is that it is because mark doesn't wanna do show there. He's doing it. Urgency doesn't want to do that I think he's pulled down he's a little it easily he wishes it like 9 o'clock 8 o'clock yet. He gets heat from Kirk for talking Red Sox all. So he does one of the he show. Brat that's got pushed around guests. Good guessing what's wrong with I think that's what makes the show good. You know wild is right out like we got this week I don't like Brad has given back from the Aegean a lot of I think packaged on the just thought that the royals GM is but he drew more today so. Able get some of that and I don't. Would you want to. The Brodsky and corps is great core all week right. The Bronx I was busy down the GM meetings and shared. Effort for our show little pig you really need it yeah Brad for like Stan guests that he can totally package the layers this. This person joins us to listen you know I concede that. Dependent on the week I think right now there's there's enough going on as far as. Start free agency I think counts is this is likely she needs. Jon Karl's standard TD Martinez opened follow. This is that haven't Arnie as the breakdown in all its not my show so. I. Elected those guys he would they wanna do. It would seem to needle went really over think this news. What's The Big Talker this week. Stay acts that although state Scotty pushed out quickly bread prices divided as brightly that's that you could also you could tell you breakdown prospects there'd be enough that to acquire and allow that to the bright and for I think all the funny says passage is GM. Lobby go about that. It would be apart cup. Member of the Red Sox broadcast team. Yes and his response was gushing you said. They talked the minor league guys shore it taken that he can give your your tickets. See look look I did a big endorsement yet well look I don't this podcast back right at one knows he has done entirely in our little niche. Mean Ryan Ryan it'll be that's right Jerry Jerry's gone are guy Ryan probably leave their handled. You're entering. All right so tomorrow night what is it 8298 to. All right it's not just the point guard. All right Bradford and much of the stars aren't wills has been dropped him. I you'll we'll look forward to that and maybe we'll have you on on down the road if you know artists that they appreciate jeopardy if volleys guys enough but I think things going on to. Last but not least rich Steve rich warrior thoughts on Sundays they went and Hamburg patriots. Really impressive up. The patriots at the same time IE. Denver being terrible that they take away at a Denver being cooked and you heard. Guys like Derek Wolfe and others after the game like they're embarrassed to be playing that team and against Joseph is in the way over his head they've allowed 92 points the last two weeks bill also the giants like 45 weeks ago. That there on the long losing streak so Denver is terrible but the same time. To see the patriots kind of put it together. Everywhere I dispatched teams with obviously great. Defense once again held that down even though was about offense who cares. And the offense was able to have to move the ball there'll run the ball or throw it Brady looked great again so it was a dominant win that. But Denver sneaky is one of the worst teams they've played well here. I'm I'm kind of with you like ma ever open web sites and yet the defense has been our rightly lead by you have to look at who they played and I think that you need to see. You know one or two more strong performances only team last and then you know say twenty points but in the one thing that's nuts and he was they still allow these big plays five plays of twenty yards more. I think that some and it could come back to hurt them in the playoffs so where you at the defense each do you trust them pretty still need to see more. I trust them enough for music I like the offense and I trust them enough to. Now let these guys want except the plays Malcolm Butler led up at a middle Sanders is is a really good route runner and he gave eased a tough guided defend one on one. And so it's certainly it was a good game for Butler but there're there were times where he was on and he just mated and Sanders made a better play. I trust him in the sense that right now I think. Points allowed they're somewhere in the middle of the pack yeah that's all I need that's all I needed to see and I think that's at least trending in the in the right direction and I'll single back it's an area. Yell Pittsburgh are gonna face in week fifteen. They already faced Kansas City and if we're just looking at the AFC at what offense even there. Would skip it what office I think is automatically put up thirty they're probably isn't one anymore but I'm sure they learned their lesson. And they're better from when they played Kansas City I don't think that's gonna happen again. So the defense because they have such a great offense the defense now to me is is good enough. What's your take on all Martellus Bennett situation it's very strange it it's. The Packers are are content at fault here but so is Bennett but I wolf at fault not the right word like edit. Found sort of a loop hole here because he's not breaking any rules now it's so I think Martellus Bennett used it to the you know he. Basically quit on the Packers is Aaron Rodgers got hurt. And he and his agent were telling other teams don't claim he's not gonna play for you and then the haters claim of is that on the west who bullet lead their last year I'll play for them. So you could say it's kind of a bit dirty move forward every wanna say but. It's within his rights and in these teams have there always is screwing around player so much so I I kind of like seeing it it means. It's with the patriots though I'll take it he started you know I've group more so Gulfport but. I don't know if maybe down the road they're gonna make some sort of rule I wouldn't be shocked there's a Martellus Bennett rule in a couple of years. You know if teams are. Our fight over whether guy's gonna need surgery. And then. The Packers are sort of fall too don't you think for. If they want this money back Macvicar just kaput because I don't know there's. I honor moved on they are exactly so I feel like they kind of screwed this up a minute just landed right in the laps of of the patriots had it worked out. And the other thing that do is every team in the league at the chance to claim that even if even if they knew that there were told they weren't gonna. That wasn't a play for them they could have just claim them for Brett what actually happened. Outside of the goods blocked him right and it was like Edyta got a ton of money exactly Sosa especially with some of these teams have a lot of money left foot for a thousand dollars from the event. So that they could have done that and that if you sit on getting the surgery is there will finally show up in the pitchers lessons. Alec if you like the Steelers that she's on any competitive team in the AFC just you know you wanna look at the patriots and and do anything you can rent them from any match. Click that they I know they're out of it pretty quickly jets at the bills just to screw it though is still like Iraq and Iraq I'll let this happen even though. And and neither one of those deals but they're make the playoffs now but. That's in that it would have been a classic maneuver on their part to snicker not gonna get the guy that you want for doing it doing absolutely nothing. What are your thoughts when you asked Belichick about Bo did you like well as responsive playing Steve that I guess that I wasn't surprised. By the first response to that I followed up again and then. I I thought to myself I follow up a third time. But I didn't know there really gonna it yet and maybe I shouldn't admit yes interviewer I'm sure people listening in the cars there aren't what one more likely it one more volley and it. He wasn't an answer but just make him. The more specific as he eats a pit where. I'm not talk about another team aren't they about it that I Follett that was my first question he did when there was more but how do you. Feel about what that it is saying he's never once players' injuries no never and let along go on it's a gram of gold I have a ton of post event even top post game a little bit about how crazy this whole week is spent for him. So that we know what the answer is by. He wouldn't go their at all and then he does assault on his own view is that it's everybody asked a question where. You ask him a question and it's seems to be pretty clear and he'll just focus on one thing about it while not gonna talk about another team but baskets I want another team are asking if toggle Bennett's though. Maybe I could have had one more. There's also early in the interview so I didn't want him to be just super annoyed the rest the time in the day we would've gotten anything out of although I'm not sure we at a time out of them. Anyway that. So normally we are in person were adds a stadium and the four bus dale Michael myself and bill are always in the same room. And that's how we door to resort to somewhat rare for radio summoned him over the ball but with him he's always studio this is the case where. He's in Colorado Springs RVs in a hotel room RO visa meeting are aware of the Alley is he's out he's on a cell phone. And I think we we you know try to do the best we could do you think I should ask the another. I'm kind of with you you kind of an order again you know you're gonna get an ending you party kind did follow up with a more guys have a question and like you said it was early here you don't want to kill the rest of the year. So I mean maybe you could see the bands for the and drag in and done it but I mean like it's up for what he really and again. Like I was the most interesting thing to ask him this week renowned as a big story originally is talking about it what. Soviets they were or got Peter King on the show today get his thoughts. On that walls well is all commissioner Jerry Jones stuff but with the bad stuff you know our our teams really annoyed at the Packers you don't get anything out of this or. They say whatever but. As far as players on the patriots they don't say anything and you know they have opinions and I think it was. We talk to Matthew Slater earlier in the year during the all the anthem stuff it. And he's like yeah I have the I have a strong opinion about this but I just don't manipulate sharing your ever was and a team. Some guys sort of spoke some guys didn't and then that was kind of it for awhile. And Martellus Bennett. It's funny if you look at his answer impose it literally must've been between practice and the flight yes suicide attempt to. There or is he was with the he was in the Compania de delight the literally in the locker room probably answer area all of these hosts out news it was crazy and I guess they'll let him stay where he wants for now which is. Sort of on pick me he kind of did last year but but I think with flash or was it wasn't really about football he went off on the east agents about his daughter being involved or knowing them all politics and in that Mac news agency right he went off on that case it's at the weird stuff but it wasn't football stuff doubt this is this is football this is football stuff this is he's he's he put it. Added the Packers on the bay news saint doctor McKenzie on the thing. And then how about the blow back to from all of the current packers' Jordy Nelson Aaron Rodgers also in the skies the vast though. Martellus Bennett has never left the team. With the exception of the patriots last year on it targets are everybody amendment nick how Jason Witten hates them that didn't work well with the bears the giants is I guess about a one and done of the regular there one year. So it's strange G seems to be a fit for the patriots I don't think. Says the patriots drafted at Hollywood and benefits for you know eight years but for one and a half years that I hear you're getting on your body and it's Super Bowl and then. Aslan and knowing that he has a great quarterback knowing as he is a great other tight end. You know it's it's hard to crap on those guys right without looking like you're a lunatic. Last muffler go just you've been entering dodger for a year now yet how do you feel do you failure of the guide it. Ass it's so called tough questions do you like having that that. Role I think I'm necessarily that guy I think there's definite times were both pale or Michael and asked the tough questions and it depends on the week to. And you also goes the only ago a week ago. Where were talking up a separate urged him article. It or it didn't matter who is interviewing that day like he wanted to get that information out like you could have just started with any kind anywhere in that ballpark. He would've taken and gone. Like I I tried to the best I can on those interviews bought a lot of times. I think he makes up his mind for a walks in the door what how funded how much he's got to say how much he wants to share and you can be the greatest interviewer. Or pretty close of the worst interviewer and the legacy I feel like you do have in that I've talked of for years of dale Michael talked of for a lot longer than that but just even talking to those guys about it that's sort of the sense. He gently heat. He knows what he's gonna say and that's I mean you can tell out of all the guys interview will be asking a question. He more than anybody else will really stop and listen. And then formulate his answer and go from there whereas other guys will immediately try to answer question Andy might like John Ferrell for example I think was maybe even finding his answer as he's talking and acting that you outta trouble and an idea too there are a lot of people do that. But Belichick doesn't do that Belichick. Weights thinks about it and then have they calculated answer. So against some days some days he's great other dates you doesn't give you was much and can be kind of frustrating but that's just the major talk about. So this week. And so much more vikings will be called before a studio yes. Didn't hurt for the raiders where it's at the beginning of the season and we all circles a great game and now maybe not so much. I'm retired this.