Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 11: Ian Rapoport breaks down the Patriots' turnaround, Jimmy Garoppolo trade and going from Herald to NFL Network

The Not Sunday Podcast
Tuesday, November 21st

Epiosde 11 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, who discussses why he isn't surprised by the Patriots' turnaround this season, what exactly happened with Jimmy Garoppolo and some old tales from when he covered the Patriots with the Boston Herald.


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CNN sales. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and the rich keep. Christian forty day. It's let's get started with the NFL's. Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. Special guest this week on the podcast and a phone networks Ian perhaps sport you follow Ian on Twitter and a rap sheet in housing gone. Number area. Pretty good pretty good let's get right to it surprised at all with the way the patriots as turned things around this year especially on defense. I'm really not and one thing and starting to. Priced out of a tree maybe it's something that the Long Beach. Next to their think it'll be done. And if it. Trial here figure things out of a couple of years back there. You know rotating offensive lineman more than anyone else in the first month of the season before settling on. You know what they were gonna do and I think eject them this year they just they tried some things they put different pieces in the air taken out what works. In the in the running back position you know. Starter in week one was healthy scratch last week. You know so they're willing to say art and get a little bit in the first month of the season. So figure out what works and you know every year it seems people are defense and not stop in Iowa than anybody in October. It figured out I think that's what we've seen this year. Do you think they look at those are first four games is extension of the pre season and elect. I feel I really go out and you know teams shall say that mistake you know it is insisting that folic. You know their defense is terrible the first couple weeks. You know they were like you know defense hasn't played together. And I think that defense hadn't been together for one snap. During the Kris is like you know what we're gonna just make a bunch of mistakes and take it without them and really. You know panic and calculated in October when things are you know that she's a really gets going will be ready and you aren't the really good coaches are starting to say let's just keep their goal helping in the preceding the first month it figured out pictures on the next. And then you know really kick it is year like October. And offensively for the patriots they've been banged up these last couple games with Chris Hogan missing the last two and also on the offensive line two starters this past week. Do you think deserves the most credit for the patriots still you know performing well Josh McDaniels or Tom Brady. Yet so tough because you know what you don't get it inside the building. You know who is trying to make a change but you know Brady is everybody knows pretty great the level that he played it played. You know really he's probably as good now as you got a forty. As it was when it was 38 you know obviously the patriots seem believing it trusting. It probably didn't betray Jimmy droplets. 49ers but. It's an eight. Somehow jock and did not get the credit he deserves it just. Figuring this out I mean against Brady's great. Different pieces moving guys in and out you know Martellus Bennett comes it. Two days before they play. On the road. So it's even shorter work week and they somehow get him on the field ready to let me in you know things like that. You know they lose. Two really good receivers cattlemen's Mitchell and. Don't they should be you know. So I would say send out just probably did not get as much credit as he deserves. Speaking of Chris Hogan what are you hearing from Hammond earlier reported. Back when he suffered the entry of it was a shoulder Andrea Anderson AC joint sprain potentially what are you hearing now what's the latest. And Chris so yes yeah yeah. You know I think that's really a week the league situation. Ever described the he's defending. You know on these sorts of things can be. It could be one or two weeks EST what a guy can play through it saudis is a little more serious. I would you know I would say probably about. He took four weeks maybe all the exit injury. So you know each applicant closer. That we're getting closer Leo. I know that. Just because the patriots have a lot of somehow still on the a lot of depth to that decision I would not expect to rush back at all you know is. He's he's going to be incredibly important so we NC until. You know early mid December I would say that I'd be fine each other like couple years back and help. Your idol announced that play out like that on just be ready when we're not like a month. Daddies are a look at is everything to the patriots point starts at December 17 game against the Steelers and they want to make sure everyone's rating go for that. I yet. They don't imported oil well I mean there will be a way you know you're really really so I think it'll be important proceeding. These are not you know I mean they're gonna take a ticket to get by now it seems pretty obvious but. You know so that game is important. But I don't think it's going to be treated like a playoff game because it's you know pretty soon after that the actual clips on the absolutely. Yet of the Jimmy der upload Allen the dust has source terrible a little bit. Beating the patriots treat him at the right time and then secondly do you think the 49ers are a good fit form. Warfare with the patriots. It was interesting because he was not it was simply not available. On gender you know and the browns. Made a better offer than hatred that taking. But he just not available because the other one tries to do with Bill Belichick late and tease the lead better. It's eat did not make any judgments on them so they come to training camp look at tendencies. Where they. You know us are our member it would be charmed couple years back when I was covered the teachers. The Belichick about a guy they know this summer in the ill late in the spring he talked about a guy and you literally would not judge. Player that he did not he wanted to see the but he came. And sometimes he saw veterans. You know I just think it was a good example who showed up and it's really no longer write anymore and that's just. You know on their guys sitting. For me my first year. Irritate receipt showed up and was basically countered. They just don't know he got in the field. So I know they want to give Brady in. Watching him make sure that everything they thought was true which he is it fortieth he did it thirty. And so they gave up a drastic the insurance. We're gonna keep Jimmy problems that we make sure that Brady is what we change. Brady's play confirmed easily so them that it is good analogy that repaired. And so they choked the best deal they could at the last possible on the and straight into the niners in you know about the that they're out in terrible. On the technology can be terrible acting or really well coached. And you know. We we have seen this year middle and the start of play that we've seen especially early on Alistair and lead seem to get worse. Either a very very good offensive coaching. I think droplets can about it. Then. Do you think back to Edgar up blow it in the patriots do you think the franchise to I was never an option. It was. If they sort of had to like I don't think you'll lose. Oh I don't think it was ever really happen. You could Davis sucked it up or are we. You know they weren't doing what they want was to get a contract stitched up. But the problem is like the numbers you know he could have taken sort of hometown discount not a good deal wouldn't like that franchise. I'm eager to take meant that items should make sure at eight for the major problem is. You know what. What money is good now. Where rob or assistants aren't cool like to play. Three years it is that Ike who go to Brady and stop being. You know Peyton and our at all and capital facility. But you'll see any warning signs and Brady how much with the pitchers had to take a lot oil to where he was OK with not playing well. And the answer obviously lose in this you know they didn't they didn't come close to that so what they couldn't get an extension bill within. They really do that you know it was revealed the and take. How much did they tried it to extend them and others the roller port to of them negotiating this this don't try lawsuit. The nature how how long did those negotiations go as up until the trade deadline or did it stop what. It stuck in my understanding was in spray. And you know I mean the pictures there in the Navy SEALs. Tom Brady's. Agent dust in the rubble agent analog as nature. To need it sounded very quickly like both sides you know to an app. And yelled some deal can be reached some deal cannot obviously there's a million deal that it talked about it never happened. And actually this is one that did not have a chance app. So what is drop the elections play at the 49ers. Darn it immediately. I know whenever seagate that's it kind of opens the nearly eight to what they did this to say an article is stolen cars that are. You know why isn't rubble played like it was the big deal but here's you know eating your building you have him. So you know basically they said he's better than Andy. Second round draft they would take a major that's that's the decision but it looks like a gap that we ever purchased quarterback it is there is a it is you have to use Internet use at first round of form. You know and they basically just gotten in the building in the fact that. You know our idea that you value lies. That. Now our towards the end of the season obviously seems like every year these guys come up and and head coaching you know vacancy openings now to treasure and Josh McDaniels. What do you think is gonna happen with these guys do you think one day both on one of them water BBA head coach. I would think both of whom will be the judges at some point you know I don't know it's going to be this year. I don't know it's going to be bought at the same time about the you know significant loss for the ages ago we've seen it before. You know there's the year when Charlie Weis and Romeo look up straight year. But you know I think both those guys. Are ready to be at which he never quite shell. Because until it looked like a player you know that you saw the light of mine you'd never quite know which addict those popular that pitched this past week. You know by. I think both of them are going to be ready to be at George it could happen any time you know trichet are caught on. It'll kind of caught fire a little that is had too much candidate Josh is always there you know I would throughout the night job that he wanted. I'm so a lot of those guys are ready and we'll be at churches pitched well. You know replace him and then I'd be okay. And where the good Josh and the giants the third and ruin a lot of it this year at that beings to historic franchise and sort of potential good fit for him do you think that would ever be in the cards. And they don't have to fire their head coach first. And I'm not convinced that it is. Ill now. You know the the giant. Ocean always almost always hires someone with no direct connection in app. You know in the packet it didn't but it all coordinator before he took over on cell. Eric so it's only sort of someone and am I. Mean I think keep your job odd. And is saying historically that's now what they've done by you know I might be crazy that I'm not convinced that our market do the good news. You know they are patient franchise there's a reason they battled like Lee be hired that he also want higher. Yeah Ali is he didn't he also got into Lebanon last year and some not so that they are. Switching gears a little bit bouncing some people might might not realize that year with the Boston Herald before it have on network. Was that always in your plans the wind to via a national reporter how did that sort of work out they use in switched it going national in a on network. It was not in my plans at all on in fact I never thought about it I'm really really like arrow. Ill and colonel mark murky war. Credible bosses you know we're really cared everyday and gorgeous. Work it was both you know both those guys are insane that I love so stale. It was great and you know at that time that we are living alas I live in south state which is still you know over the best place we've lived. IE was fine being held Earl Long long time I play and I thought anyway. You know I know what. That job was gonna change at some point. Satellites cover in the patriots are like Darrell I was I was good. You know it resist at the Super Bowl that year. It's actually against the giants. You know the cement a follow in their network executives are called me. Wanted to Neil and dean got mere rumor talked for an hour all the different things and you know said there's and I wasn't expecting anything effort to beat casual conversation. Eventually they say they want the army. And it was all very strange because that would do that all. You know obviously is an opportunity arose as to just about. That would not unveiled the people. How does your job change from from being the rhetoric one team to now being a natural border like well what's a typical Sunday like fear and I Iran on in the morning on Tivo when did you watch you try to watch many teams as you can you pick one game you we wanna watch a cut how does that work when you're not focus on one team. Well. So I go to the city I go to New York City every Sunday morning and obviously a lot of the work during the week it was breaking news in. And also just after a week injuries and everything but there's so much of sort of the big news in your building toward our Sunday frigate. So you don't work for that I'll get to this city at 6 AM. You know mark come on until one. And then in our head home takes about 45 minutes and I have a a pretty nice to reach CD set up. At our house. I put it on the red zone on the big line and then. You know local game usually ejector guy on Warren and then whatever they give outs on the other. And accurate is you don't watch red zone doctor Arnold became that I. I wanna see in quarterbacks and the players all honesty and the other one to collect our galactic it and others in the four cart or more. You know focused then but. Unity he deftly I didn't watch games differently now. He's sure looking for news injuries quarterback change which coaches are in trouble which. Store argument focusing on. Rather then. Tried is watching the result watch him play. Do you miss it although the of breaking down the film of one team's game and you know getting all in on one team did you miss that dollar deal likely gare now. Well I love my job I really do but I I I do miss. Understanding. Why he's good or bad struggling. You can that was once they believe like patriots like ours they ran her you know 250 yards this really how they do I concede. He get into that you're watching game over and over Easter. You know he really take it down and I he. Knows sometimes look at the large gains over stressed that it could go into the big goal in the knowledge. So I I've really missed. That part of it. You'll because I'll I'll report on the teams are good good genes that are bad or whatever but. There's definitely deeper understanding I'm just not able to get. On the short light Sheen is is doing what it dust. What was your favorite part of covering the patriots what was your least favorite part. I would say my favorite part was probably understanding. Bill Belichick is not at all. You know I I think I was probably the most amazing thing for me because you know before you covered in police beat you McClatchy C article on people. Writes the only good post game after a loss in the water one word answers or you know on the Cincinnati here you know the sort of very grumpy press conference clips. But there's obviously so much more in what I really liked was you know either either at a press conference especially at Friday press conference or were. You know he asks for him one on board and unity it is then ten minute talk about whatever edit that real well also who really Charlie. And that's something where. I was that we not expecting that and. In I didn't expect him. Create any injuries when you ask that you know you are to be you'd start out entertain and. Next thing you know you know he's getting ballot checks for ten minutes talking about offensive line player. Or how you handle you know when you have a situation I think it was a warm water. You know I would write the story and it was Sebastian Vollmer. Was playing left tackle now like the so I was an injury where we spend like ten minutes. Explaining that dynamic. How you handle the other good young player. And that a veteran players out when it does the activity job or not just the dynamics of that. Our left and I was like that was made. I think that's part of it understanding that if you ask. Built football question it will really answered on dot are like you know that the bad part. There's just at the very could beat double. You know what covered Alabama for carbon agent that was hard artist of the hardest job I've ever done. By your hatred is it's tough because there's so much institutional knowledge so many people are sorted in greens. There are so many people have good sources. And it was just it took so long to break in nearly. Get the start breaking news so I guess that's our lives especially the first year which is getting people. Do you ever story you got beyond that you've. Sutter you know it yourself or now. I mean there there's a lot from especially early I would say the most frustrating one. Was. When. You ever win at least late gate he called. It was when that snowstorm. And like I players' Villa on the mosque was one of mom and Derrick Burgess it was apology guys too worldly and simple. There's also the Jetsons close. Got that yet. Yup it was the jets and quoting that exactly at the jets and vehicle on. Just because things will ever want him back they felt it was great. And just the beginning at the end of the else arms anyway. And so I'm driving to Foxboro it would. 845 or some in the morning and drive and one in the golden pressed. And I see on. On Twitter fanatic I gotta you know about it actually or forty. That players are ready at all come right. Now that I'm driving. Anymore. It was snowing I'm just trying to not die on the way to air. And she's ready breaking what turned out in such as it is today. But the news of the. Week and month and he's in. What do these players percent omen actually the first time I was like this is not a great locker room and see that is not going to let alone market and it would is a would be so badly on it. And I didn't have a chance. I think that was the one might need to change because this cannot happen you know OK that's it that's how bad it was obvious solution was too great. Especially players are you really. But the fact I appliance so badly. Probably the worst. Does having the the connection with a working covering the majors before the end of on our help you out now with. Covering the pictures from a national side. I mean it doesn't the other Serb. There's a lot of different ways to break stories so even society. Didn't have stripped Ager it's not an Odyssey others. Were also. I'm but I think the best thing is it helps me understand. You know from a business. What they can it do like you know they trade Cilic zones. Couple years back I the outcome. I'm actually a member ID and that was and people close to him to come by and I told them that it is going to be trade. That is right. You know I'm an Indian and and a break in that story but I news outlet that I understand a church are checked extensions talks had been not good. I need to value and timing is so understanding. Them. Based on my time covering has been incredibly. With your best Tom Brady's third ending violence. You don't really. I mean. Great Brady stories that I mean I guess are hated to think this and that to me it was the first time a language is Bristol and beat thome had big shoes to soak Mike at my job which by. This particular remember it's actually like. And the widest in let you know an overture is myself you know it's you wraparound mr. cover in the pages that are however. And he turned around and I put my hand out to shake and they needed to and shall face moisturizer. Spitting on the state side stock goes in Italy and balanced. Love you more strident on gestational like I socially awkward for. And then the other thing is remembered for some reason is always say goodbye to the practice squad players in that guy's the bottom there must definitely. In all their names that are now like here. But all the day's an illicit I don't advocate. I noticed that those when I think about covering him. For whatever reason that's sort stands out. During a dollar check stories. One. A home and. And always tough guy here to really track. Yeah I mean he's you know he's he's. I don't have anything that did that I can say yet. But I won't say it was incredibly. Congrats I I definitely enjoyed the the kind of amber urges the they're kind of behind the scenes stuff they eat ya get more. A Thanksgiving plans there's a working holiday for you. Working holiday. Pre game show and add to my mom's house and we got three small kids of the ages four and you're running around it would accept any far. All right a thanks Margie for joining me by the in on Sunday mornings on half an hour after the game they morning starting at 7 AM Ian thanks so much really good to have you on. All right thank you haven't seen.