Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 16: Jay Feely, friend of Tom Brady, talks Patriots-Titans, QB's mindset following ESPN story

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Wednesday, January 10th

Episode 16 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features CBS' Jay Feely previewing Patriots-Titans and why the ESPN story about the Patriots should scare the rest of the NFL. Also, Feely, who is a friend of Brady, offers his thoughts on the story.


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CNN sales. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and the rich keep. Christian forty day. So let's get started when Matt bell it's Sunday and now here's Brian. Special guest this week on the podcast with the patriots and titans beating the Saturday night divisional round game Jay Feely who actually be on the call I received yesterday thanks much for joining me. Now my pleasure but the border should be nice beautiful weather rainy or. Perfect. Definitely a definite football weather. What are your what are your initial thoughts on the game to the titans have any chance at all. Roddick yarder as a person didn't look like the eternal word Malarkey. And who has currently play on special teams and that's going to be their Montrae you know the play solid if there are terrible. I order something and obviously the patriots historically it's so good at not turning the ball or not allow the state to beat themselves. Our impetus here Turkey and forget to do that you're Dick LeBeau you can find a way to get pressure. On brain didn't. Disruptive not on the peacock on the pocket at any time you can't completely to Asia are. And Dick LeBeau has had trouble doing that of course this current. Yeah do you think decks are asked to change his mind that I guess going against the preacher just because of the past history with with Brady. I'm a little time you have tried something and how that worked on. And again you have to look at something different you also can't go away from the core concepts are who you are what you talked guys that when you go up against Tom Brady. You can't allow him to the cup and a pocket. You're around him think Kris Matt read and know exactly what article of all if you don't vertical the bulk of these are Smart and he'll tell you. And he's seen everything in his career took nothing you can do the trick can insert he knows article with the ball before the Japanese cult or a pocket peak. Deliver the ball at the stroke or that you're fighting an uphill battle and they're gonna had a hard time ever would have them as a technique in that Tom Brady you gotta keep them from don't what you gonna increased net. Have to keep them uncomfortable the pocket you gotta get pressure the middle we expect them or throw or they're outside of the pocket outside. What do you see from the titans defense the potentially stopping Iran during coast and how would you have February you know if you're Dick LeBeau Heidi go about stopping him. I would I would. Focus on land and articulate our country not yet to double team them yet don't look. Like the much supplement the jet ski -- let Welker you know we're not let let let that plane and and he was so dead. If they put two guys they're in that out that African allow each there is nobody else via and that's why are we with rob. I think he helped over the top I have somebody underneath it nine under pat. You know and try to bracket density in each you. You know a couple of other other speakers and other players are you looking at you Peter that aren't we can live with pepper and take away your best weapon and drop Richard. Richard Mikey yours set that. The that almost sabathia though sometimes like I go back to that's the end of the Steelers game where it almost seem like that the the Steelers just didn't do anything to stop right Murkowski magnolia yet give credit to. To Brady and strong for that drive and is almost like the Steelers just like it didn't know what they're doing injure or just you know leaving that Merrill to feel the wide open for Gradkowski. May as well why do eighteenth just seemed so at ten I don't know how to cover this guy. Well I think he's such a matchup nightmare because he had such great ball goes up the east still big there he can't get around. And well on when they'll. But I I think you know you gotta take a little bit at bill Bill Belichick Belmont Tron. And you take away what they do that and ostensibly no regard Cutler tick or crack how we can live with the rest. And that's kind of beer that's got to be amount recorded back game been and mica that your that that behavior at the not eat you take quick what you UT we try to do it. And he's one of the best all time raise healthy you know it looked at the matchup. On the other side of the bothered the titans offense to seems like you know they're they're obviously. With markers Marietta's down near they're relying heavy on on the running game and Derrick Henry obviously. And your game against the chiefs and I guess we look at the major defense maybe their weaknesses stopping the run I think there are second to last the week. And yards per attempt on stopping the run. Do you think that's the best way the titans approach the game is just our stay on the field as long as they can and in trying to in a grind out. You know 2117. Went. Yeah you gotta man had a baby could not that I support arts for them you know try to keep it as low scoring game so they let the big game like that Jack's ago. Well look game last week if you can keep that weren't or give yourself a chance to Wear at the end of the game that's a good work. I felt like the fact that the Marc Emery was injured Derek Kennard gonna take. The Balkan experience that was a big advantage or protect the American heart and I got a lot of people thought well you're not gonna happen mark rumored that. They're interception of anything back in using her purse that are active weather game late a year we get a production re getting beat him. And he looked like a peak middle linebacker. You know it's amazing that he can move as well because it was a hot time of the year top speed. For any running back and had a foul a lot of the long run that the patent that he could be that they can not bat so. Itchy all we cared I think he should either. And at its intention to go public next year but. But he still currently has the ball a hand because these so are all so. And he can take a bit distant yet run through tackle. As well so he thought about it in either game plan. You gotta you gotta root market where mortar round got to get in my back pocket use play action. And take shot on the he'll try to find the law. He's our all. And and take your shot when you get up but don't turn all that have to be in double. Grind it out on the ball or they'll either and they have excellent ash all peaking at. Our top adamantly and special teams in interest bust him out there have to whip that's great for your record net. And I'm moving on I know they you're really close with Tom Brady going that your mission in days for view that that don't know what's your what's your back story how many years were you overlapping when Mitch with with Brady damaged and what's early ship like now. Well we're there for four years and the wedding group. I think tremendous retiree. In and I think just the more he had the best record that you become the iconic superstar. The more at ease. And that's an hour and about. Though. That you haven't guarded publicly at times but. When you beat Sonoma a personal level it just such a good data cares about people in it is are not afraid to show you who cares not afraid to have to say that. You know I took that that's who I always know I know the person not. And and you know I am sure you read that ESPN's story in and to me you know being being up here it's almost like that he's painted as the bad guy in this story when in reality. All the guys done is just went around here and do everything that he's been asked to do in Wisconsin we proved to improve. I ever wrong left and right but yet. Somehow it always comes out that he's he returns and into the bad guy well I guess what was your take after reading the piece. Never kind of hard for all of those very much land it they're. Point him in the picture I have met at the back guy and if I think there's probably some things that broke. Back. A long way were equipped that are out there like it that way. I can't I don't particularly like it directly to protect repealing. A secret that they have. A very professional relationship between Tom Brady Bill Belichick and you know that's what it is and I will tell you he'd always defer to the team and he'd always defer to Bill Belichick and every said he. And put the team always first you know and whether that's taken a contract that sub standard for what he could get. Being the best player of all time and he could leverage that he wanted to but he never. And whether that alone bill to be really hard and repeating what you've always done that because that that the tall for everybody else on the you know well on the channels comic and actor Arnold what does that mean for everybody else they've always had that relationships that are kind of try to. Or that anyway is really diction generals to. My and you know it seems like every time someone does like this comes up Brady and the teacher for that matter uses almost as as motivation. Do you see that starter for coming to the coming coming again this year and and as they move toward their playoff front. Well we'll find out that it's you know I'm ready you know always something. To kind of motivated and South Korea held on the where you are strapped interest well last year. All the plate and everything gonna happen now what that suspension and how fulfilling a white vehicle at a championship belt. I think you're you're there at the end probably you'd like everybody else to stop doing that like to talk about how great he talked about how. Don't have anything to screw up my father about the ball. Don't get any motivation here heat index that go back in the go back to the grinding and brought transcript yourself in the at least people have to admit you. And we're being noticed about him I guess in the knowing him her for so long. How'd how different he is now compared to to what he was like at Michigan is raising that that stands out. Magazine more than what was he like image and when it came to like his fitness and doubling that and now you look at him now where Maurice so ingrained into the TB twelve method. How how does that change from your perspective. Well I remember being Pete is that you're in the mornings are and put a lot of things and everybody that he we're competitive. And that can interrupt me. Passion and the drive that he had the Olympics. NATO when he would doubt that he was always going to be the hardest workers always gonna be a guy that you you count he's always a great leader. During the when he was the third straight damage in games still a great leader at that. Magnetic personality that the people worker on here and you know and that's why you do it never got a chance to lead a team that it be an unbelievable leader and echoed a lot that. At the center piece the year and are currently there do everything right. Or herbal route connecting. All work ethic lines as well leadership like Rachel and all the time and that's why he and bill and such a perfect match for all these years because. Everything that built preaches. Comic who they're the perfect example the embodiment of what what they'll want. To be like. Owners who are more question about Brady you know we looking at the numbers you know the last month of the season they're not in the typical Brady numbers. It I don't know how much of majors scares you were able to watch the last month but is there. Eighteen that you've seen them might stand out as to why you know his numbers aren't the same stores specifically the interceptions. Well I you know I mean he's going to probably could get it view rated so. You know you kind of take our agreements don't you look at the minor gain to pick. Howard had in that game were unbelievable place you know he he jumped around I don't want to beat the receiver took a all that the credit to him and his film study and in the second one. Was superb record from all that's one of the bat like that you know what you're where he just goes up allocate from the commerce. A book or section also plays they're gonna happen went and went directly played like that there's nothing you could hear a quarterback I think. Part of it is good that they report grass rather eat all. There are subpar job spectators talked about it beginning you're the woman were poor rural Quintana on Thursday night that they want their people shot to be. Two law and so bring them back a little bit make them more skeptical which also you know brings in the opportunity for error an opportunity interceptions and I think you'll and you know Tom Brady go back to. Being very protective. And very selective with the passes that he makes in the past not turning the ball over especially when they're playing a team that you feel like you're better than and they have to be something special a speech you. Don't allow them to make a play to get an interception to give them a short eagle to get that opportunity that's been. The patriot Ankara. How long they believe that that law in version which now we're one start went to avoid losing to prepare for will not mean protecting the ball with. Play mistake free football. You know that they look at you especially later that's then what led him to success let all the championships or record. That one question for three personally how much have you enjoyed you know working for CBS and you know covering these big games. I cannot find you know the whole progression for me in goal kicker to look it up in the Booth. During game as an analyst really learning the game. And I became a study and get an opportunity to start out in that this year it took a lot of popping up on the but we were then obviously they're a little bit of a laugh about that I've panels because you know the different role you're you're there to support your guys are their support Jimmer or what they're talking up. Root them by a couple stories and and help them but anyway you can but it's fun and I think the argument mostly to complain as if the relationships. You know the guys in the locker room and get a little bit about it when you're doing and she typical and other. Practiced a typical and then use some of the production needs of the guys the coaches that you know. You know last week and I got that I in the pocket top cop. Beat him or not. At a record earnings helped build up or it's you that's when an opponent. How much is that how fun as a band dispute with Tony Romo in the last couple weeks and to salad he sort of analyzes the game in almost seems the anticipate the play had an even happening. While that particular night against the beginning of the year we get that Thursday that kitchen you know. All the world. Being without jumping on the web to be how I'll call and only her. And I thought that because you know not that I heard your children nine of the old trying to figure out the kind mean implant that they are and how does. It it let it wait for the right. And and that's really an art and you have to try to figure that out as you go in and he'd do it on the fly it from everybody. At eighteen and get me. The top criticism for better everybody around the country I think you can edit really well and I think about the you know because of the great sense of humor about it and laugh about it I expect a problem keep going forward it. And yet enjoy it allows for the game that. Come out and has broadcasts and it got people respond like. They thanks much for joining me jail hopefully the weather is holds up for you annoy the on the sidelines actually you're here hoping for. For not deathly degree and Iranians and in the forecast that aren't certain degree every hour or aren't prepared I'm well I'm with you as well I'll I'll I'll get in front of the warm confines of press possibly that you on the side. Arabic butter on the fact that every kid at that things are gonna get really appreciate. Take care.