Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 20: NFL draft guru Tony Pauline details combine from Patriots perspective, including insight on potential QBs

The Not Sunday Podcast
Tuesday, March 6th

Episode 20 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL draft guru Tony Pauline who details the NFL combine as a whole, but also from a Patriots perspective. He also had some interesting things to say about players who have been connected to the Patriots.


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Please we use NFL. Sunday. With the Bryan Hannibal occurred minutes and rich deep and Christian Fauria at the ultimate sort of all. So let's get started with the NFL. It's Sunday now here's Brian Hannibal. Welcome back to the knot Sunday podcast with the and I thought come by just wrapping up on Monday no better guess to join us then Tony Pauline a draft analyst dot com he knows draft deprived parent anyone. Tony thanks for joining me. I know it was Friday a busy last week or so what your general takeaways from the Carmine. I think it picked up our week has about it that was and so aren't where it the best prospect. I think partly due up close to being got talent really helped himself. Palm. Like what does Paul Davids of Auburn did today. But we don't NFL is turning the compiler which is what I'm rich got event. It will all belong immediate you know let people that be bad news is that every complected to doubt want. It or more. Commercialize their a year that nobody does not very happy about the whole situation. How do you feel about that do you do you like you know the and I thought periods and all the fans being there and and all the media in different rooms do you like that. Not at all I mean you know because I am doubted our debt that I what's clout game not what month year. Have written about a couple. Disparity is I went about it and let used car I. Actually the players in a desperate call I adequate demand period. Because what big deal when it you know they're basically. Market they're marketing it never. Monetizing it. The players you know they have basically everyone does but watch it. Had no luck networked it as great over don't want their piece of the action so. You know IE Heatley. In my Clinton back when it was more Ottawa political block out he'd he'd be at bet. Get information. Out to the other extreme where you know you got crowds keep their curator at the bench press. Yeah I think that's our report today that there might be they might move that's no different cities every year do you see a scenario where a moves out of Minneapolis. Certain parent current hot we moved to Atlanta next year. Because. Well let's start up that back and it's always been an Indianapolis because Indianapolis is centrally located. Every year Florida tried to get the carbide down. You know what would be. Basically been back at you know it's it's nice weather in February that were of the come out so it felt that that he did audit aren't. And it gets picked out we might get me that actually located. And it went the way they have and all that out where. The hotels are connected. At a BP oil well wait you really don't have the walk outside you know they'd like back you know it they will be. It get it again beat because it on it. Commercial reasons as opposed to get ecstatic readers are but the reason that they did eight years and he would I mean bet. AP I think it Egypt epic happy about it I can't and a clarity on start. What he'd appearance beat because that we mud. What they're paid pot. Exactly right let's candidate this draft class and for from my perspective it leaves it feels like the cornerbacks they're running backs are pretty spur strong group from. Talked top to bottom it's pretty deepen. On the other side of the spectrum the linebackers maybe up to tackles are are pretty weak do you agree with what data that's been in you know what are UT has the strength of the draft made it weaknesses. I don't think it'd keep quarterback got that big YouTube has some how the you know you've got you up or maybe I maybe because got. But they've really pulled off. A good credit back it up right back Beecher running back. You can get situation players of what the ground. And it it had a class. Ballot it's not great at beat you to get productive tight end yours clad. I don't know there's a whole lot there's not a lot of people stretchy but you have to get picked up the number to use. I think yup and that McClatchy did not very good. Pat structure class. You know linebacker classes not dad. You know you you got. Outstanding linebacker like well once meant you got tremendous to reach out players. Like late and a rash that some mortal linebackers. Now like created man and you've got Andre guys. Does it lament that Carter and there's some depth there I also think he got the quarterback at this really eat. Maybe not a whole lot of them got beat number two quarterback start next level I think erupt or safety class you may have reached one big east but there are very many. Read each field appreciate he's available. And prop majors perspective did you hear anything. This week that it out in your mind that you know what they're thinking or right thing painter related. Topic but yesterday they do my job sweat I had to pass rusher up. Yeah edge before but linebacker I have heard early that it like. He complaints special yeah well they dig deep and as far as what is it too early on. KGB unit did anybody yet. Yup well let's get get to the cornerbacks or you think the patriots might be looking at as a quarterback has obviously they're not gonna get you know that the top three or four guys. What he's either of them duties to give them maybe waiting to go to the anchor Allen may have to stagger around pegs or maybe a third record they have to use you know off first round pick to inserted to ensure they get a solid guy. Got a piece of art throughout that predicament today you know big org Jackson. It is Derek got that they can develop so really. Yet geared up or down. Because well let depending on what you feel well well rejected quite like that he did not do well at YouTube well. I mean you guys to keep it might Whitman's third round or they're built. Yet you guys. The development I'd actually like Mike what what you're not Smart guys got. Well we did eighty. You tear up lions the Kyl a lot of hype. Patient at strategies don't believe he got the physical skill. Well out or something like that got a couple people think he knew what that did not pick up one. Prior Tamils and they could see him going in the second and third I think a lot not not a possibility. From my perspective now it will only take one game a book my perspective now the court that usually always go right the draft. Great about it well potential. Weight it would create on the road is not that much raw read don't it would. Now another guy connect to the patriots Luke thought what are what are yet if Andy didn't you just eat you see him slipping down the fourth round even there he's the M going higher maybe the majors just don't want. You know I. As a result at all over the place. Walking usually very good again this patient trial or we get to twenty years good job with did you read. For the most part date rape bed. What the dead date. I was surprised by it'd I don't work out more like that. A lot and at any gap are written let you would they not at. It kind of up a quick read well so I don't trot would not proper fundamentals could make oh. Your heads into the throughout. Eight at Indy there may third at that would be consideration he let it get. You know decades coaching at eight and a big oh. Not me and you mentioned Mike liked Agassi LA cannons are not my dark horse pick for that potential major traffic what are you like got a panel what stands out in. It is game in your mind I know he was call our high school pitcher I'm Gerri yes strong arm that ends up the world's easy. Yet you get bigger bucket truck based book did get. Opel but you know what we watched pop gun he'd like get beat the heat in a lot of ways. Don't let it go out every bite Tom Brady went to a great game and it'll leak this round pick him. Geared. Hear a lot of great intangibles. That the automatic radar and I think that's a minute or physical development. He could be could have a much harm to retreat years down the road not at all night more hot. Graphic cop I mean really not but he's probably comp I was one of the best there while Republicans. Polka dot Josh it just frozen baker may feel quite Jackson. You know my wedges snuck up on people and very accurate which he would not be well he's just not true vertical. After yet. That they eat it at the guy that you did not or you're if you could have a player. Is our guy and yet. NFL league compared to right now. I you know I usually don't like those comparisons. They. You can ask not a big deal to create pay back at buffalo because crop what's quicker at least. Much better off in the name up there yet. Accuracy is that all there is uber quick yeah that need to be comparison. Yet to beat a girl garrote laws on the book compared ball letter to droplet using any of the same things there in the court released maybe and maybe give love it the athleticism the DC anything that stands out between those him. I'm sorry compared to the letter to rob. I'm out crap. Is pretty special got a problem now brought it. Watching the shrine game. It was wet and muddy from the get go and meet you Kelly added that we lately well I. They're very parent advocate I think well that the you really could do you know every a good edit a quarterback that it should be protected and get what you just need special. Did you think it was strange pagers and having their but the coach is there maybe put some look behind me. Everything he's prospects are you think that's overrated and they did Terri get whatever they need what the the pro days in the official visit. The patriots do a good job and that you really. Really got down. And you know the bottom line is Belichick quit there that he makes them well. It's strange to hear it it a little bit strange but you delegate. It ended in 2008 draft if they don't get up at the players that did take turn out to be not very good but that they'll as the wrong well but. Democratic critics back anchored that the patriots considering that process how. Yeah out or how rewarding it's been the rich guys. Did these years. And I signed here. What are your mock draft he would you'd Rodney Harrison out of Alabama guard the patriots in the first round who are some other guys you could potentially even taking you with that pick number 31 days mother. Edge rosters are linebackers I'd be available there. Why ADP dependent which could pressure. I I think that read that Carter a Georgia got. Ready in my opinion he did richt speak. Back prospect eat he had to look they'll wonder what that game. He got really Oprah. He didn't get pressure up the deal I think he's calm I work out yesterday really helped him. He Nagel an early lead agent the result. We're done. Trip down to that I'll let that result being that medically wreck like him. Because of prior prior issues so you gotta wait and watch. I think that really eat because any urge to get it over early look like later round. You know maybe Hercules ma pot I'll follow Obama last state would be a good pick somewhere around third round eerie indeed that there. Here. Watch it but he's a guy I think Pickens give up a lot of deal. One to Louisville you don't let AJ aren't. It being it would be consideration would be probably bill they can get it up get a quarterback. Do you think Carol Landry Obi got an attack that injured spec. I think you'd be all on I think he could go to the Packers could go to these dealers I'd be very surprised yeah. Exactly because you were medical red flag up the bottom. Rat right. What about a running back Sony Michelle Yeoh a lot of buzz around here than in an area when he said he met with the patriots obviously you know those meetings are kind of overrated but it deftly got a lot of buzz around you're eating and any chance he could fall to them. Interviewed him a shell game they go oh well I heard that show and we basically you don't bill. Well played that he was awkward. Do you have any idea what was going not where it was at what was gonna happen which are delighted he's we did basically give it out all carry. He's got tremendous quickness good at getting together that he'll. Be you know what I heard about the abuse kind of disturbing. Red flag. I think also that they surely you don't know how he's gonna react. Each back. The next level ever really was beach back in Georgia. Let you do debate yet redacted the big job and the freshman that they have. He got a lot of potential you may have that you put it and it sort of play we're out playbook and the system. But again you know we're talking about page original one being the because players of the get the maximum out of tires so good at Laguna. Most studies show that it would be Bill Belichick company. Do you see it as a strength of this draft being you know middle around the the third fourth. Fifth rounds like could you potentially see a snare the patriot maybe trade one of those thank our routers to get more pick and those. Leo middle rounds there is this a draft where you should stay up top and pick the guys up top. Dead at what position you look. If you wanna receive you can figure out quick because now really all your outlook multiple running backs you could potentially trade back into. Your team like the pitch did you get a ticket QB don't you know you want it got that player available but one of the best player now a certain positions so. I think the patriots did or did you wish what condition that they're gonna target. Decision as to whether or metric that one thing that they have not so incredibly well a year you know they trade. This year it get earlier exit it following you pretty big here trichet could address. Get multiple picks earlier picking in future so you know that may also be consideration based on their pets history. If you very thing at the Cobb high above rapidly now being you know what what the patriots group and anything you know with with my wife his stats might be what the future it was a marked as dodge and maybe doing in my favor. I. Look at it so my last one it did. With your iron up the had a mock mock drafts since the calm winds are working right now who do you project the major to pick him in the first round. Eat diet not what I really haven't thought about it. At any averaged out to them together but you are ought to wrap it. That we could do you know you ticket decree is about our trip especially right now. I'll bet you can't really great about my got a good one trait will open up. But you know we got read that he Garrett at the stage and about the that date. And and that changed everything in animal noticed. Then at last I'm from me how much. Did dubbed the pro days in the official visit to win to you know the these decision a does a lot of things. Changed with team sticking when they get these people into the facilities for their official visits and go to their parties and you of these players are. And they get a good idea you know and that fifteen minutes and watching guys on tape what what they have. These so I'll look a lot can change between now and and the and the actual draft. Inaccurate. I mean let's get shaky at if they submitted it did not look like guys. They all of my life and let you have an eight there and what have the you've been to visit do you remember bill to medical. And that we're seeing now or retired Kirk you know everybody up about forty in the vertical jumps out I. The medical remote support and medical and that the democratic visits are also very important busy but not deeply into guys that were not calm I'm mighty. And there are got Q what nick automatically haven't but think about rotate it Alter. Prodi. Specific coach he's well at quarterback. Make it to bet it is your receipt to the routes. Or defensive backs did you know these participate specific techniques which they're not. Do they usually don't do a comeback dictate the umpire erupt and they'll watch it but. Again. Coach maniac cornerback. Take that did get beat pat. Pertinent relative to Iraq that's and that will go all the way determining whether or not that player will be up in court. Margaret pace to Tony Simmons thanks much fewer greens I ever could follow you on Twitter at Tony Pauline. And check your average stretch out the eight everyday at draft analyst dot com thanks much. Yeah.