Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 21: NBC Sports Boston's Mike Giardi gives his take on Tom Brady's offseason, details on trade talks involving Rob Gronkowski

The Off Day Podcast
Monday, June 18th
Episode 21 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NBC Sports Boston's Mike Giardi as the two breakdown the Patriots' offseason, including why Tom Brady has a different mindset from a year ago and what his future holds. Also, exactly what happened with Rob Gronkowski and how real the recent trade rumors were.

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Use NFL. When Brian Hannibal Kurt Schmidt and Richie and Christian Fauria these ultimatums football. So let's get started with the NFL it's Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. All go back to not done a podcast and one that haven't done one of these in a while mediocre man hand this week no Christian Fauria no rich keep the league you have my charity Mike thanks for joining me. A lot and I W yeah irony at its platforms anymore so this atomic. Well since I'm running the show he can do whatever he wants this like bright abort. Yeses with the way things are on here yes can there be certain things election making it on the Internet but. What's up having the spring and the patriots I guess what stands out to you is the biggest story lines since the Super Bowl loss. Oh it's I mean to me it still all about Tom Brady. And a volleyball where Tom Brady had of that you know that this has been. Or four months now headed for a month number five about this. It's sort of a change our mayor of the waffling about. How important changes in and it was committed to achieve. Which is clearly different that it has been. To me that his sister rated. And not gone away it didn't go where actress spoke to a demanded surgery yet. Didn't go way after there's so it'll greater real mean it's me it's still very much from them are. I would agree I order you know why do you think the sudden change I mean last year you know you after the Sioux boy Adam doing that Peter King interviews saying wanna play until he's 45 he's all land you know no one trains are that he does yet to be you know not known talents like him. And now it's you know I got to sent out the Stanley a Stanley is important to me and he you know an enemy time for them why the sudden change. And or question and you yup me and and it being a deterrent I mean we reduce shouting it from the rooftops. I think there's a several different ways to go there and clearly the first and that becomes the mind is just beat. Yeah idea also does that all play. You know whether it's. Yeah not really appreciate and and also what they do appreciation. Goes beyond Bill Belichick. Beating on him you know want to towards a region immediately in front of players are lower or productively and sort of look. The love him and but he he respect around his teammate that he would like. Or does that. Appreciation and the power play up to do it. You make him. You know what the cap value of the contract which is sixteen million baby round. Twenty minute for captive for 5060 million dollars or wouldn't bring it home. I mean it that it is it all the sudden you saw. It got it he'd be Jack to figure out what brought all get you know a ridiculous contract admit to not as big quarterback in the league and then back at Trump's. Like Kirk cousins like a child by Matt Ryan at W trumped by Aaron Rodgers. That you look at and say you know what I have I've I've given given given and now I want I want. I want something in return I want I want commitment from. In extension. Want to get just in terms you mean my number in the line you know I'm better than all three of those quarterback I just mentioned. So match and I'm sure you believe you but I am Rogers so I want I want I ain't got. Now would be obviously striking. Straightened term terms that the one thing right and at one the other get the other thing is you know did did. What ever reason. To be competitive fire yet. Dealt a little bit. Earnest here you know you start all that. Tom vs Todd will remember that because it was a patriot born of the aisle like you better be willing to give them life you'd have to beat me battery wanna give up yours. Q do you just somber time which is at the lady bought out not upon on previous. It's cemented for Brady but like. I'm you know I'm Lima Lima did that launcher and have a much. My Chile's in my. Hand worked on you know three days after the season. So much mortal. What is the net like what the hell between an important beat. And yacht urban people say well you are without prejudicing right after the fact. Well. You do your view that the emotion though on the Super Bowl awesome. Apple where all the different things and. You know you run through your head back to beat someone being downtrodden except the fact that deputy I'll read it after he did the interview treated after. But it's edit change part because it's older guy chopper out late and then let's. Now I don't do that mark our I don't want I don't want that out there. Yet no problem about it at all that it had no problem with. They didn't rub down from Alex by the stern okay and you know affected. Dole leaving him in the peace I don't know don't wanna be in the peace during the subsequent is just material than. Another Bill Belichick like me who. Yeah an editorial control map so. I can't even in you're buying and that lesbian or real possibility like. Had you had time to recover from it and change. What you said if you wanna do when you and you get so. I just think there's so. You know there's a lot of different during the play and you. Did not. Calculate you do. Open and honest about any of it. At least when he's doing wider spreads things. And I don't know how you can sort of interpret. We're told Balkan on this good movie and the fact that there is something happened between. You know the beginning of the settlement cumbersome time and Allen and and you know whatever meeting of the minds today added that it just yet. Brighton you know and that time was that Alex rarest stuff and obviously he's you know very important to Tom and they have a great relationship and he's you know. That's lot of crier for what he's done and some share. That ryazan and do it that my I come back to the contract thing legacy had a new contract and assigned to get got more money was signed past when nineteen. Do you think he's that OT ace. The question. That you certainly would have been negotiated Jimmy or couple here and other reported people reported out. You know I've been told that regardless of you know I don't like these bought into it. I don't current bothered to reflect on you you know wouldn't matter which year. She wasn't going to be here. Which I date. You know I'd like that we are smoking you know familiar smoker but I just I just don't believe that I don't think. That's who he is the city you know if he did that. And Jimmy was here and I would almost be like also further posted did the fire did burn movie is just not. Pain anymore. I'm actually worried that I mean a word body anyway urge you to. I think it's sort of reinforces it opt. Out. I guess. My bet that it or not I hope he got a contract. And how it goes really eat and Adam stated that he would be here are bought. I don't know I don't know I think he's doing Gary. Very coy about some of the stuff that he's done a very good Melo was some of the answers sort of the art that. Did did that part of the problem obviously are due to mention that you mentioned where I'd I'd just. Should have forgotten him in my whole equation earlier. That certainly plays a factor I think you heard him talk about it. It is interviewed Oprah about the idea like well you know you know continue to enjoy my training. You know that if he does things that I do. And the Osce gone out of his way to sort of make the point about how well you know they're they're very structured way that you're saying by the way it works for me. So I mean I might be the strongest pantry get out of ol' same. I got I just think that he he's changed though last year and I kind of maybe. Take his words for what they are and about the family thing iconic DC a lot of it to work. You know maybe dissolves the age and all of them more he sees his kids getting all there they're not you know young anymore they notice when he's not around is Smart they notice when he's gone. For the weekend he's not at their stuff and that night I think that maybe years. You know start to realize that he is missing a lot of his kids' childhood in and maybe. The ball isn't as important as it was say five years ago Manama saying he's not dedicated not to voted and he's not gonna you know try hard anymore but. I think there isn't it that the maybe he is you know giving in too much for with a bomb maybe he does he. Realize that there is more football and maybe you know as he's forty years old that it's about being around as spamming and giving time back to them I think there is. Coming to that I just think that. He's brought feeling more and more this off season than ever really in his whole career. The commemoration wonder like what was so so two years ago you know. She's. You do with a mother's illness. And he uses before me who's injured you're dealing with that whole part of the equation. And yet he turns around and beginning of summer the time until they're all still all in like him you couldn't have Sumpter chat. And he louder improper about that so. And we obviously know. Near as hard as ours and now. And obviously saw his mother Iran Super Bowl but as far as we know she's doing she's doing well. So we don't we don't believe there's any relapsed current situation airs despite what could have happened. You know. I'm sure I'll reconsider it wouldn't urban the year you reconsidered. But the forward saw. You know these said he got a jump off a plane and go to as it is on I got to go out plain garbage Asian. And and yet to see some things that he doesn't normally it's either I'm not September. And number twenty some odd years you know so like wouldn't secure than a year that that would all come out. I think what you wanted to. I says kids I think it's his kids there they're getting all there there you know starting today. Realize that that their father they just they just curled learns different and it's easier to play football get younger kids now is kids are getting older and older maybe they're nagging on and maybe it's not just his maybe it's the kids to I think there's more to. Are so that that's fair so you you go through the grind from July or whatever. Until all the way they play until late January early February. And then there's that period of what you never disconnected their pro athletes are paid to be in shape. And then. A large majority of them do that enemy they take care of their bodies were to get to bounce we're not doing anything at all. Although than it is training your reassembling them. Where you're free to go wherever and do whatever. And he. I think we looked at the associated situation in. I'm OK let him mess in the first couple. Weeks not going to be there I mean. They get recorder records you should be there but at the age of forty goal on 41 if you wanna tell me Ian Ian Belichick just looked at each other and you don't need. You don't need to just be back when you start doing real football. You'll need to be here for the lifting in the and I'm the stop overseen by most Cabrera like okay we know you're take carrier audit your door and you're saying that's fine when we start football star. Especially when you start that debt next wave what we're doing actual level model of the style of what you receivers. And you're you're got you need to be here. So that you could buy assault on another month but there so what. I know like a teacher's job. You're the sub par so I mean how many how many people don't wanna go back to what you. Are they did it mean to you don't want to summer school. Subject in this part of it to guide to I don't like. He's got no alternate though probably disappear but it popped our delegate changed. Now loud I mean look how much operated much McDermott opens and in general as a rule it's just like. I think there's enough down time in there that you can still be. Father America and a bit I've been. I think a lot of lot of those channels as well liked what we're trying to do those sorts of things. And religion as well as status of force and maybe some some more. And the rest of the yet but I don't know I just. It struck you need to change and and I am I'm a marriage is now it sort of protection and tax season. Hell I'm just some sort of chooses you really well what does all of it the end of the day. One file plane are handed Tom Brady hurt trapper up. What do you think this sends out more years do you think he has left me. If they won the Super Bowl one of these next year's I think he's done I think he is it to have a guy that might realize that might be best to go out on top. You know what more is there drew it dared to accomplish you know it will lights put your bite there for another year I think if they won Super Bowl in the next two years he's done. And I think I got a you know I did see that our troops Randall forty sides. I mean which I was a little crazy anyway. It's a complete real fortunate that secured your now I don't know what this you're gonna look like if you it is unhappy. But it seems that he was you know as you're sort of filtered out in that the end of the season. I don't know he and culture that again attitude that the U this year is similar to last year. Another big topic this offseason has been rob Marcos EU and Tom Kern are pretty much all over it you know last couple weeks or so. What what do you think that you know trade was all bow it will why were they trying to to deal and laid in what could they have possibly gone in or turn them simulate sort of draft picks marriage. We know from my understanding was that they were. Very much in conversations about getting up on getting up into the top tandem draft them. You know it step in even. Using another pitch. Another one of their first. Two source optics to help. Sort of make that happen it that would have been from the that there wouldn't consider. Or good target was going out. My understanding was quarterback. A lot of people saying go actually. Minimum mostly what I've been told was that there was. There's an affinity for a couple quarterbacks he has got the Maryland do it could you only imagine what would have happened then other way and they don't match. Inserted into the top ten and got it day I don't know chopper rose and and I wonder about Tom Brady what felt. Of that but so. Look I think. Didn't like minded area and the one who want and I'll barber crap all ot Washington but I think when you listen to call. In more hot watts was that you put the kibosh on the deal. It sort of serve real topic for a final pitch you want to be known at that guys what are not you know it does it is. I'm refuting some of the one on in the Britney drop below timeline. Last fall. So to me that's more what you loose issuing bluster than anything you look at the timeline. Unhappy. Got stolen in Belichick's based social media rich and yet about his training. He wants. We want money in the whole nine yards and are forced to read into the cookie and just come out it. Now and it was pretty clear we probably talked to him but that's exactly what you voted wanted all eternity which keeps repeating over and over again and the money which. Clearly want. That is so I. While this is gonna work we're not gonna do. Many yoga. Wear and have it ready float out that as people flood out chapter well you're exactly the kind of play this year. Well I think that's where you sort of get people Brady trick or are all Brady was. About those conversations. You have that than the monster press conference two days later have to come to Jesus meeting between. Belichick goes and how to crack house he ground not only reaffirms that desire to play but to play for the patriots. And that's all donated to hear amended bill Thursday the drought is no longer on the table. All are no longer in discussions and other also shooting Matt discussions are on the table which arbiter. Talk in order to you about. This player decisions estate ought to call those players all the time no this is you that you call. Other scenes and sort of and pick you you're gonna leave gentry Collins treatment. Put hand picked you to that you want talk to you and might be wounded to deal with. But it took a lot about you know that situation how big was PS I think this deal obviously bad air that. At that meeting and abuse. At least right now on the court ultimately. Assuming that kind of been that way although you did you never know with him and how we might act out he doesn't get that deal which has been rumored to be in the works awhile. Put. Interest. There was no doubt what so that that was that was real and it could have been garment spectacular and I'm always good bulletin if it. No. Certainly a registered on what has been an interest in the off season. I'm totally with the thing you know that ambush after we are proportionately April makes had a lot more sense now amended at the time because at the time we are kind of wondering what is his elbow one wise is even a thing. And it was pretty clear to me at least for right now that. Brady's camp I wanna get that out there and it Rob Gronkowski thing was right around the same time line so ailing makes perfect sense of what else can honestly then. So your ears. I am fully onboard with you now the question I have about brawn is houses and back to now like he's RD it's horribly you have to be careful around the begin with uzis you know sensitive to some things. Know how does he feel that they want to trade him in this negatively impact impact is you know. We actually approaches things like you know this this can all came out after mandatory minicamp women's you know Todd tumors seen sense. They worry hiding some impacts is mindset. I BP I think. He knew I mean look. For all the talk about Middle East market not marked as good businessman whatever like. Rosenhaus. There's pretty well plugged in England patriots they you know what you don't intend to go against that. Mystery in them and won't speak out about the impact on there. Remember obviously Super Bowl record you can either do or don't need an Oreo. I have a pretty good relationship and you wouldn't I'm gonna get into Markkanen you know Marlon I'm. Agent don't want to stop would be out there on top but now they're publicly. I think prop you know I think I am I but. Did you view be forced him. Think that it would be out there that it knew it would be out there is a guy like that. Person disorganization and Matt and Matt coach. And the way that could outrun this program even if you are special talent you have to know that you are risky. Arming yourself like Jerry can't find yourself getting shipped Allah. Other. Northern limit me to some organization and it is I don't think that it seems that they were having discussions lives. It would have been a punishment but. Made for drug LP not language is Tom Brady is all the punishment didn't need. And that's our I was leading into next legato. I don't know where it what current house he's future necessarily holds but I wouldn't be surprised it's tied to Brady mean it was say Brady retires now after one of the next two seasons. It's almost kind of making sense that Robert 'cause he might sadly as well because I mean there's been you know some weeks here and there that you know crock wants to play with no other quarterback besides Tom. You know they're sort of in the same you know wave length senior year. So I would be surprised if there's or package the other maybe went 111 of them leaves me the other leaves as well. Yeah I think. Yeah I would I would agree that include. David Rolf. Rapist Mike Brady closer to the end. Much closer than probably anyone would've thought you go with all the injuries because you just know how much do those opal what actually did. You you know all this other stuff that's coming up. The opportunity to get out a little bit early. An extra money. Doing some good may be a little bit less physically demanding a little bit more a little girl rescued you're old I'm on the early WW certainly. The potential to act which is going to be terrible actor but whatever. Tom the that that it might help make it easier to walk away from the potential to that in a million dollars a year. It's you do. What struck me even years ago for all the nonsense happening never struck it somewhere can't play those thirty side. It is speakers too much typically there's been too much there were pretty even exist probably viable and physically. And and I get. All the sort of power entry though the comment to some of those new avenues so. Expressing himself. While professionally to makes a lot of sense that when one goes the other way. Oh it it. Now some double on field and you know actual football stuff that they're a very guys that stand down its view that might be. Potential danger of the BN Yost price cut. Come the summer. After all delegates are recorded right I mean just. How bad blow to be. And not sit and reps. This at all during the course of the unit and an argument in camp near you didn't convert them future. That would be used to move. The community college football left them I think it is a little bit about what pro football focus you know what all you plugin. The leaders last year Cleveland and he played it pretty level. Minorities this year. That you're pro war no what I can use. Sounds veteran of all I have I have more sit in America wrote. More. Let me I don't know what they see unaudited he got a lot of Jesse Jackson. During the course of the this offseason and whether that. The real police which is a war this is just still. Try to see what he's got you know that got recorded you know put it out we're only want the few with a younger it can do. I don't know what I think you you would be foolish not just recorded recently are based on. I'll be off season went and you recorded in just a real good answer for for what happened and our seed someone I would definitely. Point to look at someone with a potentials. You know being in on our target point. We hired Jones makes is seem. But they're just like it and eaten well in currencies. Often. You wouldn't. You wouldn't do what is GQ to impress anybody but it really firmly. SARS is they're gonna come down to sort it all right corner. And you beat them punt returner. Yeah I just as there are. I thought that you were going to be because they can be gotten. Then you don't seem to commute in no brainer. I'm in it and he received in the play corner early in the pinch out from there. The connection dissent that. I don't know I read it that we haven't even I waited ten and elect and so. What UB closely watched I think this this summer to see if he's finally let's look to some sort of ability and salvages. The career that has certainly been. Littered with all kinds of land mine here the first couple years. I think enrollment is measured held Sunday Kazaa all yes I really do is prove he can in overturn picks and be just somewhat serviceable as as a quarterback can have his primary job be you know departure is they don't really have anybody else on the roster that can do police you know Chris Hogan doing intern no OTA's and mini camp that the nickel our very well. I think that the Braxton various poke. Height is is over heights I don't know you I feel and the diet I don't see him making impact at all. On team this year that he's more redshirt guy may try to speak Mon the practice but I just don't see him you know being on the team LT when we think about it. I'd like him as a player but again I wish we don't know the lead this year we didn't get in the mandatory. Part of the region and his or normal or field so I wanna see him I would do it looks like one. When a bad don't and you're a little more competitive during training camp. Like that sort of familiar argument people and talk that people and you know what would you see in the spring. They always says it is teaching dance. Or outreach to learn on all of what what's going on air. You know something like according opting out there are all okay that raises a little bit slow dirtier it under radar for her for champ. I attacked him really say anything about what he uses the player until actually see him. Start to go to work and maybe you can get reps with the ones you wouldn't go out. Mean my pastor went through all walked incarcerate. I remember like on day you might desert. Does not admit that can we could easily detected it Obama just not you can tell he wasn't pretty. He wasn't you ordered quick enough. And athletic and talks to be that guy Barrios as those. Schools and now the question is that it can eat chicken and secure bottoms sides even smaller than an equal to that. But it sickening adjustable speed which we won't know until. You know these a couple of artists. That if you leads me tonight next point we can do pike as though bring them Jimmy grovel enough he's seen. There reports France ever discover him last week but I don't know it if things went as smoothly as you might have hope it's there is that he missed eleven of the last sixteen passes in the final session. Made the offense all start four straight times are not impossible but it was a written. What are you what are your thoughts on Barack play in is. Mr. Regis you know not make any you know sense of this you know the struggles because it is mini camp and as the on the green folder with you stats mini camp are useless they are really matter. The what are what are you think is it you know a case of navy you know at that he might be getting a little bit to the new contract mapping to march. He was really big practice player New England maybe at that the saints have to deal what's your take. Yeah I. But he hasn't been bombed for sure in the practice that we saw. Well we. You can last year obviously a group which was a big topic conversation without the electric on the computer about a month review and whatnot. I think uses. I think use someone you definitely. Don't better weapon. The lights are on. And I also liked the idea. That commitment should practiced pardon my French but you know I well then. You made up of the line receivers like what are the right there in person indeed. So he may have been responsible for hours but he was willing to. Try to correct this sort erected as a group. So I would I don't. Its own went there and third that all of the minute Germany in a buy and and they bring you the very get. Day one where the college changed everything the energy changed and now we got you with the they're numbers like. Well what about Wednesday and Thursday about he was sort of flat there's a lot of ball on the ground war. Not you couldn't say oh that goes in Jordan is on the same page. Let conceit and Brad Arnold and page. Would probably be you know incentives if you. With a nonstop the last that we ought because quarterback football so I felt like I Wear or operated at summer. Throwing you know what I don't want those days were releasing gras floats. Five for sixteen. And at a bunch all start. Not really. I'm sorry you're about to me either. What's your over under for foreigners Wenzel what do you think there's going to be this year. Let's let out there and I'm okay Vegas had them at eight I think. Yeah Margaret York a man seven. Excited about but I'd really difficult and there's even a yellow dog person thing obviously. We still think this. Also while a separate best quarterback in the league so. I think that doesn't achieve that in their weapons there. All I'm obviously not lock it dispute there's some good players there they drafted in the first round it. Eddie what he's all about one in the past super let I think I think you overcome that and the bill would advocate there. I don't people like an Islamic culture and so there. With the way the year possible and that going he's good to let. To the bill would open. That this contract between the GM and and they chose to be seen how important that is. I think I'd like what they don't whether they're trapped fixed. There's still some strength up front. Like yeah I didn't want them going she'd help protect them to think that they're building that team in the right way. And you know. He goes again this year. He cannot keep current and undefeated as a starter. I think they'll be right around there and I'd certainly like template but those depending dependence on the user that is how they. How they transition and depending on how he does go to triple B some. But recent periods you know we're not gonna look. But they want to look like you want bullet but I think there's just too much talent there were back quarterback and I think it's a pretty good merit treatment Buick coach. Gonna do podcast though bring Kenya just and to well I part part serial that. Of course of course. I got for you might enjoy some time off and caves and some beach and some surfing. And Perino will be sitting on beach towels liking the patriots again. Remote certainly rough during Hannibal over the years it's it's celebrated the style and sort of blow it I don't want them. I think we're going to actually do it and we do right now we're smarter than ever live in general would result from it not turn out well how are in there. Does just because he's he's in the but. I got I might thanks a lot.