Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 4: Kirk breaks down Brady interview

The Not Sunday Podcast
Thursday, October 5th

Episode 4 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Kirk Minihane discussing the latest Tom Brady interview on Kirk & Callahan and why it wasn't their best, Mike Giardi filling in for Christian Fauria breaking down Stephon Gilmore's struggles and Jimmy Garoppolo's future, as well as Rich Keefe discussing how to fix Patriots defense and a bold prediction for Thursday.


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Short week this week Seward Enright you're here's Turkmen and right off the bat. Turkey come off the loss on Sunday I would probably say the brief interview wasn't you guys is best effort of the year but I don't know if that's your fault either. All. How does a good heart. Sacred art graduated and graduated. But it degree. I guard degree in sports. Management slash communications. You guys consider him. Yes I did miss out on the player and credit secret part of why we're Michael Bradley. It earlier yeah. Larry I'm married not married not married I do think our Puerto Obama all right. Okay. Don't well a lot I date for. Oh Lyle. Well what does that will blow political pocket here pocket you can ask me all the tell you that. As well this is my podcasts. No wonder we want to get into my stuff I'm gone above me. How so I don't that you're quite there yet only. I don't know Mary about this this is this is this is. Have you been dating as well before long song. I get it Kagan make an honest woman out of what. Woolsey will say and I can't let. This this is that this is the sports podcast now is the. Our shot. Shot a pipeline goaded. All right the previous week or warriors sizing you do you agree it wasn't the best. Epic ought to have a good week guys as best interview to be honest with you but I think. I think given obviously all in ought to exciting given what was going on in the world at that time today. And give it my apathy of the day before it was not a perfect. You know perfect option for Gator of them makes. Is that one does rear slander that says you know it is what it is it's not worth getting into anything and animal you know do that at a later date is that you know what you guys he went into it. If yes to some extent but yes it did it right answer quickly that would say like it's a weird one obviously. Personally at issue in which was dominated shall Russians were buried that story secondly the patriots lost between Brady's going to be old grumpy and third. Particular slot but like what's really great fault it was. You know the defense system going to sit out great question but the defense. You know I know Brady never ever ever go whenever the defense ever not gonna happen. So it just sort of this this this bad does that make sure but to help. I thought sort of a quick interview outbreak I think gave. Usually corporate Chris Ferguson the subway cars talked to Brady or. I think new Brady gave curse I am ILE evidence Iran goodies so all that. You know. All the one thing I thought with him was that he'd he'd play in the arrest not only once but twice brought up the second time vote poker it's true you know calling more penalties against the majors than any other team into me. I know we really don't see that much of him so maybe if he was you know Matta the referees are potentially costing them you know but that last drive again for a chance of winning in overtime that was my take away at the I was sort of weak on Brady's part to play in the rest of music haven't you government. Yeah any judge did the Brady who they were just you know maybe get figure anyway we are in no doubt if you better as a tight group. Jerry did a good job yes that question any at all. Jerry definitely the stronger unity performance I was definitely not. Not my best and I'll. So is there anything else that you guys you have on your your back burner for Brady is it going to be too late to go back to the booklet what are your thoughts on that you guys seem disgusting is that you know on your radar. Yeah I think so I think you know. I think at that we have by a weaker you know kind of maybe a big win. By thirty points in a kind of you know. Talk about something else I covers initial get to it I think somebody at some point we'll sit down and write sort major takedown you know it is to two weeks if it's a month. That's not gonna go away completely when that happens then becomes. Topical again but you know having been trumping an ad over and they've and another struggling against such an issue. If they lose again on Thursday night in that becomes. Sort of the massive story that I think promote stand toward semi should the Brady but I think. So that we in the media definitely until it does make you more action in the great book and something. But I don't for short of pages of George street struggling and Erica on here about you know bring exercise. It in one note. What what page are you in the Brady but exactly. Ira debris exactly the Brady book are our easy start to finish to cannot. Not like a buck you know and I've I'm curious is how Eddie Guerrero was in terms of putting the book together. I expect very heavy. It's a pretty good insight to Brady is here you know. Not even like that Bob your beat patience and a big Brady and it's worth reading certain didn't break my. Interest. I wasn't here podcasts with current last week and I. I mean I'm not one you know criticized current many here but. I was surprising go item above the Cabrera stuff and he said on the air that that car is not a fighter but you know lighting you go at him. I think about it and I know what side to him and he said he wasn't aware of the Guerrero. Stopped. It was an awesome magazine story I am new were. I would be generated or all right there. For me if you know they look or arrow and you wanted to defend imagery I feel like we are dead date on this saying yeah this one's not for me. Think our study Eller is screamer and you might not clear dramatic treaty with Jerry. And you know current I'd just like the guy I was used to the heat worked well or. I say don't mature be that big going out early GP well he disagrees me. You know it's sort of you know I guess legitimate disagreement. Yeah mega biker press them harder and Allen much aware of combat it oh record. Then he mentioned that he doesn't want to write a potential Brady but he's the of he'd be afraid that you messed it up to and from my perspective I think our nose breed better than anyone else that's covering the team for years I think he's our guy to right the potential Brady but if there is one. I know if you've got I got that vibe from from current or if he had any thoughts on potential Brady but down the line but. I think cards for every guy. I think it the actual you know he'd write a real great book I don't albeit a robbery biographies going to be actual real. I'm ready biography. That's a real operating biography out yeah Brady and it says okay here it is. I'm gonna spin it like this right like this or that could be damaging Andre Agassi by our futures of the best sports biography. I've ever read as everything. Very very very vertical. Oh Vrabel is going to be like purposes that be like you know 95% of these more so. I Paris or will you go and you have. Prepare for your big data Jake NGOs tomorrow you try and be gone the Red Sox media guy breaking down the match ups with with you yeah you. Maybe any questions or register right now that. What do you think of Houston's bullpen. I think it's back to edit their arms and other pitchers have to mark. They shoot the throat only one of those arms needed breeze together pitch. The Red Sox rotation loser game three starter. Like I like knuckleballer but a way to deal. If they're well I typically don't dig down low. They could stop folic oil he certainly durable I don't beat you don't want to go. And then lose your X-Factor in the Red Sox batting order who roommate who replaces David Ortiz in the clutch. Stop it is it's stop fighting got replaced Big Papi. In that situation. Boy that's a good question. I am gonna have to go ahead picking guys it would surprise appeasement price due to lack of success that policy as we get price. If you get right. Right pitcher and he he deliberately sought to assure you gotta earlier this year. I like it and move for LA go prediction on the series that he got. I think it's seven. And sons illegal yeah I think this I think this series could aggregate of one division goes seven games. Potentially. I get to Houston in nineteen series. It picked them seven games it's. Thank slugger looked like do it. No Christian Fauria this week so we get a special guests might GRB I'm honored to have you with all hard Trotter battles maybe put those behind us some iron to have you on the knot Sunday podcast. It really is an emotional day at me Ryan Miller buried the hatchet and you know pure on this podcast mean. It's not my light school at two record territory up there. Damn straight. But let's get to get right to even breaking down the odds when he tees even and that there in the film room darker room breaking down the game on Sunday what do you see from Stephon Gilmore splice. I completely clueless in the first. And that clearly in my in my mind now led to that was no equipment during a little sideline there was no. Late coming out of the locker room you're clearly are embarrassed to start the third quarter and then Eric wrote. Rips up is growing and yet they're sort would put Gilmour had that in there well. There are so many times where. You know two of the regatta on that side. You know their plan out of punt formation are doing the right thing and you know he wonders. He could be guilty of doing the wrong thing your lined up on the far. Right side of the defense opt out of last and you put the outside receiver. Run right by re outside release you can jam at tight end on the inside of the bunch formation that makes absolutely zero sense I can't electric me believe. That Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick throughout the different in that regard that you thought about you coveted don't eat and we're gonna have. Yeah it got corner Erick road run across formation motion to jump out over the top two different from the back. It's the outside just Ike Ike I can't see it I just think they are there other examples. There's one where the top of me to go his way you find out but the numbers. I believe is on on just outside the numbers on top of the patriot guidelines there's no safety help over the top all by himself there's no. One back or walking out of the Pentagon want yup because there's nobody there's nobody in the plot. And you'd gesture in Oklahoma Cortese from 25 yards away that day what might look we don't hear. And according to communicating with their 25 yards led by second in the bought it now and the next thing you know it'll dagger down the middle field. Well and I can't help but think to myself an accordion somewhat burdened by the fact it is trying to coach. No more through region that we played just. I'm I'm not trying to install according to that'll be played great but. I think Beers. This guy's place state not a burden. On the rest of the secondary and you'd be common denominator in so much that it happened. At this point the. You the government team along time I've ever seen a guy that just just doesn't get the defense like this no talent aside is there clearly. He has some talent maybe sneak out I just doesn't understand things. Well I mean yeah maybe for a little bit and so I guess that's the one thing that you all about 04 okay. It's just four games in preventing it scary to me and should be scared ever well would this would regard this is. They dumb it down after we want. They realize communication with terrible and I target Turkey neck in Lubbock you know what we are and what the hell out of these aren't. And we're not even our quarter are down one by Iran the other. Do not think about it Miette dot aren't the big about your feet. I you operated strictly you're on the side. You're on that side armed and the rare time to remove reportage to receivers on the field and you're across racial and them. And you know our current after the game we're talking but I don't stumbled by I like the typical fight anymore. And an arm and reinforced that you know after the game on. Did you can't get no more simple flatly that that Coke and I think that's probably frustrating her abductor because they're capable of doing more complex stuff. That it it will quarterback like candor is not dead yet the plate on the beat. To try to hit twenty formed the scenario here and it's not open any. The woman I've Brentwood Kilmer is a guy who wasn't brought up this week but he never came in on a free agent visit and never sat Dallas them. I don't watching him what with the bills if I was a decent cornerback blitz immediately I never thought he was you know worth the money that he got. And I kind of wonder if maybe the patriots did themselves of this terrorist might not bring him in for a visit. And maybe it got to pick up on some of these things that we're now realizing four games and that he he just can't do. Yeah a couple things you know are reported that right edge I you know what happened but it probably torn partly due to you guys just. You know here that there was no conversation Gilmore are completely. Taken aback by the patriot they just because. That legal temporary period. They weren't also of course you know don't get a brand and Iguodala Belichick's been a money and that is great egos would want to do that god is another example and in the bill pocket and you know got good lap and they can almost no Latin they'll say it odd years but now that he's struggling a Dartmouth get a little bit more broad. I don't know if you could necessarily picked up that he does not seek. We need to save yourself. Look we can even play and yet he depressed man corner. We played don't they got a bunch of different coordinator stared at go to the argue gonna look at different system. You know they'd love but he does stability excited and you know that I'm operable. Ballmer you don't want them all in the family and married and all the not down. Thought I think. Then that makes you believe. They realized. We're not getting bomber Don or knock immediate term and maybe Uganda the bleeding at some point during the offseason and we can't be taught going into this schedule. The number of quarterbacks and receivers were facing without penalty corner and it's in the got to go out there at the end and we can sit. So here's our leverage we're not recall a camp down when somebody makes an offer Obama that we can't refusal or whatever all the old now likelier scenario it. And and you know yeah I'm unhappy barber. I Eric Gilmore or you're in you can keep it clearly you're not comfortable doing more than picked up in your system yeah. And it is in the unmitigated disaster are quote do it. Let's move Martha Gilmore two guys that I know it is big in your heart Jimmy drop below. How do you think he's beyond are now watching to deliver set. Over what they're called skin all these starts and look them let them pretty damn good when Graf will probably knows that he's much better quarterback than 10%. Yeah look I think you topic for Kobe because I think you know they'd been spent a year and change in the movement and you know Jacoby Utica new kitchen he can do that and they were trapped I think there's a parliament got it on. But then as you mentioned. You know bay quarterback or penetrated the even there was going to be drop law and and Purdue quarterback was gonna get it don't seem it was going to be drop below inherited a note. Gawker kept peeing because Andrew Luck gives. You know that this squad did keep the franchise quarterback. Like the fact of matter is. It's very likely that gold numbers that start a lot more games than this and you drop load does this year and the you know the patriots still control is bait in the off even as well so. He could be a very highly paid and a lot of people think that that's our job Blogspot all the people on insult to be a very highly paid back up quarterback. Next year the exact same spot but he was. I am. You want to play. In the yeah I understand the situation here is good but you'd like anybody else. You want to play and he looks at that trap you look at the moment there are arms knows one of the top young quarterbacks in the game. Do that. I can do better at that and now you're warriors and Andy's story got the opportunity do that if you maybe five years and without a real opportunity do. It's going to be even more frustrating if around you know seeing Brady performed the way that he is this year he could you thought that maybe it's he. A lot of them a bit of a slow ball but obviously he's on pace to have one of his best seasons if not as. Best season so what do you think drop below what what if here in his mind what you think he feels do you think he's now starting to think you know maybe I'm never ever gonna get my chance here and it's gonna be somewhere else there. Oh what do you think. I think you felt that way during the dignity and which has led to some of but military that we saw in the first week or ten days of camp when he was erratic and it didn't really charm for him. Until Jacksonville came and we know there's something about implanted into the kingdom did juices flowing and Foreman picks up on but it ignored a Mac because then you got there in any of the guys the triggerman and each year. It looks as good as they did last year you know he looked already looks better than he did last year and you know. And then you also know them they hold the trump card the patriots they don't they can do. They can make like difficult to view. They don't franchise here that that was structured marketing and would you try to charge you an all these and so. Probably meet our worst position the brand. But. When you really want play and you're not getting an opportunity. At that difficult. And I you know you know you know Graf looked pretty well do you think there's a chance that you never take. A a contract. To sign an extension with the teachers or do you think he's just gonna go along with the right. But the franchise tag and then explore some rows because he does not a patriot system he knows he's in a good place for charter jails that has offered to coordinator. And who knows maybe it's worth waiting though 34 years just to be comfortable or do you think you could ever be that. And yet I can sit there and like yeah I look at DB. The franchise tag or look at the idea. Hey look. Yeah maybe something a little short of that. Oh with a promise so we're not gonna where what our campus where you have to that you're there were making your promised injured as the next guy or you're. They're getting an opportunity to walk and even down I think that's. Am. Probably not as tolerable as people think it is an idol. I'll picky. Certainly like that you already understand that the stability here is far greater than than any of the players and that you know it in another organization and you know when you're the head coach norm you know I'm on the offense coordinators on and essentially start scratching you know maybe you're not in guide. Maybe. An opportunity to go on that you got on and where you feel like when your year. Built not going anywhere Josh isn't going anywhere I'm you can just don't go somewhere. Chatham chased probably next in line and then chat for years and measures some stability in the organization that's not something that. And he only did even come close to them in terms of a coach brought stability of that part defined. Life. It took them down the end of the day yeah topics you'd play you know these guys. They're copper copper and up to believe that if you give me the opportunity. I'll make the most of it wherever it is was Cleveland. I real quick even the patriots bounced back this week to think they somehow figured out against Tampa. Potty. Yet. And I could that was about. Yeah but not outlook conference but I just. I wish you to meet god the only two game road this is a different scenario for this football team. It is. Always you know the first month of the defense not exactly. Comforting and he's just imagination. Short weeks marked urgent task I just I don't know you know figure out some sort of I'm sort of like some sort of dented. Fixed it in the full ten days are really into it 44. Six. All right thank thank slice you filled in nicely for four and I AM play in the NFL a year and a sneaky decree yourself. Yeah I did and you know we all afford it but rob the pretty boy. The unions just you wouldn't you know the goal line now that you want to block in what do you dirty. All right Mike things look with the. Last but not least we averaged Keefe. Rich let's get right to what are your general thoughts in the game on on Sunday. Obviously really concerned about the defense and Heidi can't be you know lass who or talk about Cam Newton looks hurt the first three games of the season the panthers' offense was. Terrible they couldn't score against the saints. And then they go in there and they laid it up against the patriots so. Stephon Gilmore got a lot of the attention this week but it's clearly not just him it's not one guy that that's screwed up the defense but. They get that figured out because they face a lot better offenses that Carolina the rest the way including on Thursday night. What's here what's your next interview at one. That's I honestly. I think it is either make it as simple as possible for Gilmore and I know. Go withdrawn Harmon motive and over the mid day guys say it is simple what we we actually have a really simple thing. Auto artist is Gilmore I don't wanna bench immediate padres' way too early for that. I just think. Whether it's a point man to man this is your guy Ed just figured out what you it's hard to lose track your guy Europe to worry about what side of the field or what third or what quarter of the field. Maybe just put him more and in man the offense is fine I think governance and a score a lot of points and ovaries didn't hit a lot. But I think overall they're still score a lot of points I feel fine there. It's just defensively they got to find a weighted to come up with the more stops and stuck give up these huge. Chump play like guys do wide open and you just never see with the patriots and we see that now on a botched the these first four games. So maybe they aborted on this but I guess my answer reader sort of simplify things. I'm also wish. Eric Rhodes did get her in this game and started second half overstep Gilmore. To see what would have happened and how that would have played out I almost worse than I wrote it again hurt and then we get back to see what they would've done with without Gilmore in there but we're obviously not misty that. I am not yet this week. Ray young is now rose. You know probably not in a playoff on Thursday and Jonathan Jones has been pretty good he's been given a chance but. Then you're going to special team owners Israeli you don't really have any other quarter so. You'll war's gonna have to play as if they want you think they wanted to send a message they might they might up deal to do it is based off of the of the deficit they have. Thought I heard much with you on the nose tackle Sunday but he had to take that he wants it Trajan metropolis. Or defensive player who do you agree with them I can't see it at all. Yeah I would that is only if bother I would I just don't I don't see a team. Trading for quarterback now I just don't know how that makes a lot of sense having even a position player or have a hard time picking up a new system. On the fly you see trades on the patriots have been big. Player in that you have the last bunch of years bringing a player or sending out a player like Jamie Collins. But very rarely is ever quarterback Eric Ryan mallet was the quarterback you're treated. During the season but that doesn't happen very often yet because I still think Tom Brady's going to be the quarterback next year and the year after that so I've always been a trade drop low guy. He mutt brought up the Jason lock him for a story which had just these particulates straight. No he doesn't want I think importantly what does without the Pebble Beach and the union doesn't happen right exactly so those were earlier but those are on the table that yeah I think you absolutely have to do it and find it back up somewhere else because they also think. The way that this season has gone. If it's not Brady. Otter and how many games you went into a bevy of Brady goes down then yeah Sarah let's get very for next year at least that's how I would approach you know they can't do it that way. But if you're getting a legitimate impact defensive player which again feels like capsule pipe dream if that's the scenario than the I would. My thing is armed fighters don't know what what team is giving out you know a big defensive player right now for a guy like a problem the only have bird this year really for team control you have to Cesar whether or whatever but I transformed you know withdraw upload EC supposedly could gone for first round picks form and I it's we give upper one defensive player I think that's sort of you know taking deathly buying load your pride better off just franchise him after the year and then treating it you're gonna. If you I gold arrow or you just. He poems guiding you give more form that Theo but it must again this this some stupid fantastical trade is is available. I that you get more formed his franchising at the end of the year where military deal Lewis putts that Saudi that's have REI. I just think every time he's out there and he's great in a couple of years ago is that the sky was amazing is that he's been the Kevin Faulk is gastric. Then late he's done throw his entire career he gets hurts you just sort of waiting for the inevitable injury were Dion Lewis. Plus the way they've been using them this year. They got white hopefully Birkhead can come back positive closely as well if you get Lewis for somebody that can help you defensively I would I would definitely do that as well. What's here. What's your biggest need on defense if you're gonna climate treaty is that corner of record you maybe think it's an Edgar edge rusher linebacker won't what do you think it is. I think on that you wanna beat out both the house. You say. Again athletic linebacker like somebody that can that. Match up that you feel all right whit whether it's tight ends or backs out of the backfield I don't think they have. The right guy there and I'm still hoping it. The the corners in the secondary can figured out the talents there the talent is definitely there. Even the edge rushers affiliate with flowers and wise you're getting enough pressure on the core racked. So it gave me another linebacker the size Donta hightower that you feel pretty good about beckoned back and run around and some realistic is better than then no Lloyd Robertson is. Very yeah very I think that their stock almost with how they annoyed Dina got the green dot yeah played every snap now that he's very good I think he's the only guy that's capable of common defense with Itar point edge to the kind of stuck with the mayor and that's where the most Favre I think covering his backside the back. Yeah reminds you of the when they have like Monty Beisel and Chad Brown is like just linebacker is through that gap in between having a bigtime playmaker linebackers you know which. Would bring you his first words durables look at that linebacker corps is off the charts and an even more recently they've had some good groups as well in this one just seems like. It's all hinged on high tower and he's played half the game so far this year and he's just he's always kind of major concern as well. Then Simon any day any easier this week with Shawn Watson Mike Evans and John Jackson that the Dow does Buccaneers team is pretty good and I think that. It's not excited overall iron and they're not they can adjust this week it's pretty good teams so what do you expect this week I mean I guess it's short week they can't really do much game plan. Now they can end. You know this is one of those games that the patriots. We'll find a way to win like I advisory you know it really did just do because there are gonna lose back to back games it's hard to imagine goes back to back games. And you know as bad as it felt a few years ago about Kansas City ever ever say another Rivera gets smoked or Cincinnati and then no they go out there in May and they beat them up. I still think. The other pages are favored to argue in Vegas is involved board Vegas and other still favored a but most of the bucks keep really close that maybe even win my guys I just think the box offense. Unless something drastically changes later this game was even on Sunday they vigil will be different the fact it's on Thursday. Jamison Winston this year. Is a lot better than Cam Newton is spent and Mike Evans having the best receiver in football DeSean Jackson is going to be a match up problem they get too tight ends that they proto. They just activated Martin's it was Rogers is decent so. Their defense is a great and so it's gonna its public enemy another one of these shootouts but our economic times are gonna stop the box and so that that kind of scared I think is really really close and I guess even though I know I'll look stupid later on I hope to have a better win Wu yes. Interest in the box you're stigma the body of the blocks like 3835. Some stupid like that. I like elegant. What do you think that would change the whole course of the of the season around here be here do you still think this team you know can pull together to get the 115 when the this year I already think you know this this might be. A dog fight to. No I think two and three I think I I'm not sold on the bills and certainly the jets you know the jets at Stewart's you know we saw that common but maybe their goal in sixteen but I still think they cruised to a division title I think the bills will eventually fall back down to earth the patriots. Also the player they have that in division games yet so there there it still to me would be. Six wins and ten and six will likely win the division. I think at two with three. Still finishing eleventh five is not over grown possibility would be surprised if he saw another one of those Bill Belichick in season trades. Now that's gonna be a cure all but if you move on from Dion Lewis or you can trade a pick like maybe billion aren't they were gonna turn a future pick. Which are the gay love to do or they do that stupid thing where they they give you pick in the get a pick back and I get a player that might be something like that just. Add some more bodies defensively. I thought faith and in Brady impelled checked it to be fine but. From where they were at the beginning of the season as the big time Super Bowl favorites like now they're back sort of in the in the pack with some of the other teams are elegant. Patriots doing three of its still when you disease yes and you let them wanna Thursday. I do I have a wedding but I think it's going to be close I think they'll cover that five point spread out you know I think it's going to be game comes down the enemy rate needs to lead them on a Bradley you hit and against the Texans back I think he said before I just think that they don't lose these back to back games and all somehow find a way they they always did. All right so we'll start Thursday night. Yes busy busy Thursday or Friday or Thursday breezy Thursday but even what the pager off on Sunday there is an apples on the show. NFL Sunday at 9 AM so law and so will have a lot of reaction about the bucks there two and three may be may be it's though entertainment experience exactly are you noticed Richardson and everything and yes right things like Greg Campbell documents we are slipped.