Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 8: Field Yates breaks down Jimmy Garoppolo trade 10-31-17

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Tuesday, October 31st

Episode 8 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features a special edition with Field Yates following the Jimmy Garoppolo trade where he breaks down the deal, looks ahead to the rest of the season for Patriots and what life is like working in fantasy football for ESPN.


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CNN sales. Which Brian Hannibal per minute and risky. Christian forty day. So let's get started with the NFL. Sunday now here's Brian Hanna special edition of the knot Sunday podcast this week you know we have the special guest this week steel gates. Usually I have hurt many and Christian Fauria and and rich he thought but as we get so big that we just need feel the eighth. Take us through the whole way so thank you for joining me feels great to have you on and help can move up the expectations. The bad you know like in. Imagine it will be easy ride but I personally am beyond very much. All right let's get right to what are your initial thoughts on the Jimmy droplet trade. Well I think it. There certainly some of fraud involved. Only because yet felt that not all lead to major trade. Although the patriots probably straight happy as any team that side of the Philadelphia eagle. I I did not totally done that you upload it straight in the sense that you know whip yet. Eight regular season games left on its current contract. Obviously there are going to be some sort of action is BJ weather wise in the agreed to an extension would seem whether it was a seemed budding acting. Agency branch site. Or that seemed to allow him at the open market. And potentially recouped. At Torrey pick in 28 IP. Go to our options immediate relief option a lot of it is bad. At that point that it should be able to stop the most is whether the patriots got adopt. And whether or not it could've gotten more they've treated in the drop earlier on a bit ot these. If it's in top players that question. Up I would say it is that. It seems mindset toward strategically dropped below it's not something that has been stagnant for the army odd. Think do change over time. When you are building up in March or April at target building them but what you are at least receiving them. In Korea offer every wanna call them. You may have a different approach when you have Tom Brady who I was 39 but was turning forty. Albeit. They did a year off it actually makes practical business that. Do by the time and ugly. As he turned age forty and third what is largely unchartered territory. Because they're so you quarterback immediate impact in their decade. And playing in the NFL. So at this point now the patriot yet hey I expect it out X. If they continue that they do right now I'd they have been so far they're probably going to be owning it 33 or thirty or pick in the upcoming draft. It's a piece of strapped capital and we know that what is helped by upbeat would result in. April. The agency could certainly turn that around into multiple export their flight. I was surprised. I don't think it's okay. That deal by any stretch which. Maybe I missed red amid the reactions but I felt like they were all but. I'm do you think that there's ever a possibility that they Lloyd signed thereof lower even franchise and still that the team wouldn't you know pay forty million dollars or so it to the quarterback position you there was ever a possibility. Yeah I think the possibility if the way either didn't get it operate like right now. Or Jimmy didn't and yet they're inexpensive. Which we understand like the idea behind it one your bench it was it was it. If you didn't anybody here or apple is basically. Actually they've got a designation. In only yet. Com. It accordingly. Let it cap it over two years go com. It it seemed at the public and better. You know Ryan Howard look like it is people wondering why they were so long hold on did you opt out. And that would go around yet pal lot Thursday night game in which Matt Moore and the pulpit often look. And that in forty nothing blowout against the ball moderated. Right now after the game Baltimore in the Arab Bible course it'd have to throw the ball on. You can delegate count you reliable. Quarterback options there are in the cell. It is being motivated to keep it legal problem potentially and the guys. Sort of recreate a market or bury me added backup quarterback and play. Maybe it. And and there's probably some rumblings dating back to the draft about the browns potentially being one of those teams Anderson and him and I think. On us on curtain Allen this morning Adam show after. Implied that maybe that Belichick didn't want to deal droplets the browns. Partly because that. That there is still in the conference but also that that they fired Ballard checked you know whatever 2030 years ago do you think there's anything to that that Belichick still holds a grudge against that franchise. Up at Atlanta I'd Adams won what at a report that it's real it's new it's the holidays there. I don't. If it's out of reporting but I figured they need depth that you are not reported though I did a big difference this year. Here is. It that was a factor in the scenes. Wanted to trade human droplets equipment out of match. It don't look back they're involved. The fact that he'd play a round at the certainly a more important I would think it like dictating terms right. Straightaway. Illegal upload to a team that you see. Once every four years it was their. And one that probably took two or three years away from heating with regularity. In the issue now teacher he talks. And sending young and up. You know I help but note that. Ever since they'll hat on your resources. They can certainly straight in the drop well until it's and they have an excellent shot for any long term deal you know the same case for Cleveland but another quarterback. Frequently. Frequently been difficult to bat and make. I don't know where Berkshire. Artifact offer from Cleveland. But. The deal I can imagine their war and should be old but he's. Was weighing yesterday when it but it straight up paper. Yeah now moving forward for the patriots I know. It's very early in new thinking down the road of how Tom Brady gets replaced by just just your gut feeling do you think this is a case where the featured you know look at the draft the next year too and try to find their replacement there. Or is it may be a case today potentially you know at a young free agent or some link that war is it. Does it have to be where the Peters the bell there their future quarterback Kirk could you see them potentially just you know signing a free agent whenever Brady retires. Yeah I think it's probably more former actor acting like that problem is urging quarterbacks. Read the free agent market obviously right in the quarterbacks to reach created it by notable contracts over the past couple years. Including Michael has already been there except I believe I gain has been their starter and their pay on average fifteen million dollars. Brian Hoyer Lou good by the time that ought not upbeat back in doing Herb Alpert back for the remainder of these. Was signed a deal that guaranteed at around seven million dollars. I did not work up at 8 o'clock a lawyer did you adapt their. Now a lot. Of them that there. Also lacked pop rock rocked our warriors that two million dollar deal. He had been with three teams in the span of about one calendar year. We intend to like quarterbacks. Literally. Make it to create that are truly players you either. I mean art or players that you can sign and develop but the picture it like it's much. People have. And I right now hatred that is where they're back up quarterback play. It's like you all probably out and truck and the infrastructure. It would seem that it sounds to me crop land in other you know people that work. He buried on the line wide wider due to drop back. Well I should note that was they've worked violent. And certainly struck the prop eight which I think. You know what they're acted on topic and I think they have that they can find it quarterbacking what is what is regarded it in the you know the Halloween version when he eighteen draft board that it could. It then last push up on the quarterback's no way we look at the patriots back ups they traded to Coley percent and Jimmy drop low and only got back filled doorstep and the second round pick. Now I think if you another gem and other coach ran a week made this that that swap the day beginning you know a lot of crap from that from their fan days. But here New England you know a lot of leeway as our goes to Bill Belichick do you think. That that that's swap was was fair value or do you think that potentially they could have gotten more for for those two quarterbacks. I mean. I look at that you've got to respect. The Olympic and myself well Tracy Burgess they'll be. A golf history vertical perspective what would you patriots fans more. They're getting a former first round pick who has a blog that you like it like. Door that was not merely if any do you in 4017. If Ford gets in I guess I get production up in the air. Like that the flyer next contract for next even in the daylight. A year from now and Danny Amendola contract expired. You've got Britney got up you've got Chris Hogan who will be entering the body here that deal and when he at least that is currently in like. I'm not the don't don't that deal as early even close to the folks in closed. The patriots. It looked like dot. It's a respected and it started her. To an app marketplace for an app in last year and I have a match respect Byrd got that. But I think or what it probably isn't the backup quarterback. They get a player like the pipeline. And port. Up and bird dropped a well. You know I think and I think to be straight about what I do it. Once. There's little or a book on them. So we'll look at it becomes the as of right now 33 averted fourth overall pick out that. Are not ready to really practical raid on I don't wanna be. Fair enough fair enough. Move moving to that the non quarterbacks you know over the years we've seen the featured senator you know next man up we see guys like Kyle may knowing our placing Donta hightower Johnson that Mozy or replacing Stephon Gilmore. What do you think goes into you know having these guys plugin and really not miss a beat you know we talked a member talking to drawn Armand. After the game on Sunday at we mentioned TE said that he believes that the patriots prepare more than any other team across the league. Do you think that has a lot to do with their success of having these guys just come in and she meets Dylan seamlessly just because of the preparation and all the stuff the coaches give them from from your experience do you think how much different is in New England across the leak. Yeah I think if they're part I think it. I think they are there any team in the ballot that situation what ball we're all the patriots. Did little things right in. Com. I think they communicate the big part of it. You know Alex Jon and most. Noted. It probably was the last thing hatred and wanna here during the first month even. When the defense was surrendering 32 point per game over we won the war. But as a note paper says. The first month LP is an extension of the pre. Compared to where they use the and in the NFL pre games like it got ninety player roster so it's not. Getting players are going to be your court offensive guy to where they need to pay it all so there's been through. 37 players aren't going to be under current deciding under the premier during deciding. Where they said. Practice squad player like a lot of elements that your juggling in the great and I think they may need it most important part. The patriots expect. It got time to Allen and communicate and become more familiar with each other and attention on it felt over the past four weeks people have. Noted the competition might get it the competition it's not been playing. You know B Aaron Rodgers let everything. But I'm telling you are to hold teams to consecutive week. 220 total points. Including a Matt Ryan lag out and pop which has been locked in Israel relations somewhat here with seven points and Willie seven point. Of the game out of reach. I bet that the patriots defensive player probably Prada. Yeah. Would you say it's fair that that this featured seem isn't playing at the level that other agers seems of played out in the past and going into you know whatever it is weak we gay. I don't know I mean right but it's I think the offense in you'd need to make. Significant steps forward. In the red built specifically yet not yet found its way maybe part of it is. I dealing with an early season injury law which limited in the game they're idiots is still finding. If I. Rhythm and light without you know maybe it's because Mike Gillis hit an opposite perspective over the at the game in the blood during the first two games. I'm not sure I think yeah. The off at the strides to make. But that's the way obviously you know still not perfect. But they'd have made some strides bullet fire or if the abstract they can get on Gilmore helped eight. Know the jury just wanna see global etiquette you know obviously compared to last year I think the standard compared elapsed yeah. Major are not clicking right now on the level they weren't flat even. But I also think the bigger picture standpoint. Indeed the until going into the body. I think the early healthy trajectory they're on. That the air force at second after their it would all be you to get to that schedule that we only that they. My bigger picture point was that you know the league as a whole I think isn't. What it was last year I think maybe the teachers to get away with not being exactly where they were last year at as a comes as early exits the post season and potentially vehement that number one C. I mean I think of them you know right now other regain their but it but until Pittsburgh in the city of New England. The opposite patriot but yet quite expert due later on in Pittsburgh even it played seed obviously in the law that impact ultimately flawed. A bit of work schedule really lined up favorably in the second app that the but it got a chance to probably win in a while we're at thirteen games. Up. I think there's a jacket and that was a different view Ali Al looks. Get to eat my bank got a pretty good chips or stake Philadelphia an excellent team and dealt an excellent team. It's very very good major to bury it seems like added that made it an era how the league at all. Will be different. In January 1 at a post October 30 Ers. Now getting to hear stuff with the ESPN near the coast the fantasy focus football podcast. How much do you do you enjoy fancy Obama not only now obviously you now but but growing up where you into fancy football you know year growing up in high school and in college. Yes there are no longer completely but I let it along it is. Twelve members and apps are my current term lightly and morality college app are. From Williams College where that the commissioners are Brothers partly so one Wesleyan grad one Williams Brad. Up up up and a football is that it is outlet on Sunday. Bad. Certainly can in Ottawa emotional. Reaction to get people don't like to lose their matchup that we operate in action on Monday night that are. Output for me it's always been an opportunity. Do I enjoy the game a different way. I played for a long time opposite in the industry has grown and changed a lot. Not believe it yet been introduced her ample we being. Different iterations of it belonged there that become more popular. I don't picket them hey yet of belt popularity has grown as we have also grown over the past. Decade or so. But I love it it's a great outlet for me and I think that and it is football certainly aligned quite a bit. With real football not in two are. You know perfectly parallel when it comes to the let me use related to one person the other but I think a lot of crossover exit. So it is all of my work on the political real football side after my experience invite burst. Yeah does that does he like do you watch game film when your preparing for thanks for partially does that do anything for you. Absolutely. You know I don't I watch on Sundays I'd internal watch that many games possible. Understanding that. It doctor operation football radio show that I goes into pocket. I watch you want that and watch. Every game ought Odyssey of the state that. Every single later date. But then you know during the out of there the way the article gave back. Activate significant resource for me. He's a player in the navy nine area is you know eighty yards or the and Jerry when you are just really let go literally that bad. And you might find that you walked. You know like. I doubled it to me that no 160 yard run where the defense that and that appealed. That that eighty yard day isn't as. Spectacular and I believe or you know and Jerry are you looking like. And they're playing their backup guard and couldn't put. So I pound acted in good game I don't watch. So I leaned on watching gain. Throughout the week we watch it throughout the week as a way to elevate my Intel. Very odd that it all on Sunday morning. Not how many teams does the steel gates avenue and how you doing this year. I explained why we. Needed long Lee I trim that down a little bit from year happened chart in my bed. A dictate but on the whole. Solid eight of them particularly strong about one and if indeed you're right next. We need the good thing about a way that want it. It's been been calming. So. You know like I was there earlier. IE use it people all. Playing it's not good job playing it but it an outlet for me I don't let the emotional all sort of where army too much. And that's not a that'll take my job very seriously it's just because. Ultimately. Yet a lot of prop up the result comes at a football. I go into the air every single week I'm willing to rank Tom Brady higher. And let's say. D'etat. But their ideally this year where Jay Cutler out course operate it and buying that area were Jacobs hurt my back up. And I didn't play or operating. And other course lightly in great scored eighteen points. I'm not gonna kick it up for that. And Ayers and you know that. They're twenty in variable and every single toward a player in the field. So much that I loved at all for cap what happened. I understand that there's only so much it actually in my control and by Sunday at 1 PM most of that started it there. And last home for me do you ever get. Untreated did you get a lot of crap on Twitter maybe someone takes your fish is the advice and doesn't payoff. Yes and you know open Brian. I okay. This article on the board about that people do beat orally other letter. I'm not that people do. Players. Verbal they don't expect a matter of fact and a lack. It didn't. What in my role I'm uncomfortable. In our role how I do my job. Erik days where you get that let time bother notification. A little bit more time you know enjoy that are you know yeah yeah yeah we liked him you don't feel like looting and down into it or not. It's your your tweet shot though I have their system. Mock it throws your way I would just. Or that these large majority of people that. Like football. Happy Abbott. My gratitude. Sort it all. Or if it will all. A lot that I loved your great all of these guys just like I am grateful for the people that are experts in fort. Game I don't cover like they. All our basketball I was grateful for their country. And I'm grateful for the people that are grateful for mine and we'll put. I awesome if you can find feel that Danny's book Peterson's focus above my guess is it feels very much for joining us and now we'll talk dumber. Drivers thanks so much.