Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 9: Kirk Minihane, Rich Keefe look back at informative Tom Brady, Bill Belichick interviews this week

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Tuesday, November 7th

Episode 8 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Kirk Minihane discussing the best Tom Brady interview of the year on Kirk & Callahan, Christian Fauria explaining why the Patriots have struggled in Denver over the years and Rich Keefe detailing a very informative Bill Belichick interview on Dale & Holley.


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CNN failed. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and Richie. Christian forty day. So let's get started with a man failed. It's Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. Welcome back hurt me and ran out and no more show this. Lasted a little bit different on the collapse we'll trade you guys are bombs you'll gates. That's that's brash boys watching became enough of the steel gate just perspective. I'm glad idea on. Did you hear. He was excellent. It he was you guys had a had a very good in every this week with somber yet that was the best of the year by thing you think it was the best of the year. I'll. Yeah probably I think probably because. You know he's climate unit talkative mood mostly in. Book by a record usually pretty good. You know easy we can use to get a little more like kind of off the field stuff between. You know the crop will trade. And via ESPN story really couldn't go out I would say yeah he'd probably. Back ought yeah I would say it was definitely a sure. What is your biggest takeaway have all the things of that came up. You know. I I I do think that the wicker and story I guess. I'm just. Clearly there's a divide between Belichick and Guerrero is it really matter problem not mean appointees rubles and three years six and two. But the way Brady answered the question about spell check in Guerrero is pretty telling and they'll. Oh why I expect more. So these washed them for that sixty years now you expect more. From the Belichick Brady relation that probably is so Belichick and Brady say yeah we're not that close for some reason why. I'm surprised every single time we just pray that question. In some former fashion I don't know a dozen times over the last I have over the last asthma if you're doing it with. Andy is you know as always says this thing. That kind of brought into my point of I was gonna bring out wide and a push my Malick obviously he says has some sort concise with Guerrero like five hours a day at least five days a week but is just because it you've got a New York in January is out light and push him. This answer and you heard Nancy what I mean I could ask it again. In that Blake to three. Years ago in probably a year ago I would do that so so like it felt good about myself. You know all of our trade ask that question regarding ask the question if you ask a question again. And dignity is doing so you can. He can say. It began in the late yesterday it just about check yesterday. A pretty good but like I don't want flawed and one prob IQ probably as you know first what was. We ballot check. So that they can use things instead be certain guys did Belichick right there were saying. Ask me another question. About ESP because there really are reduction the story big indeed not all but the collision course quote I would. Whip with Belichick says nothing like usually does he know what you say you know I try again he says no. I'm not gonna move on. Poet who adopt the Brady at first they assert you know I don't know it just like all right I'm what was strike and I did get a way to get there and oftentimes I think. But brace says nothing like it was Mayweather. Like you do with this piece saying oh republic Miguel set up you know rising up in east Al. Though so why will he ever call my Jimmy problem that this thing seems baffling to me every time problems name comes up he never gives them any credit like you guys ask me if Barack will push a bit on the last you know three happy years. And his answer was self motivated myself like to me why why can give any credit the guys going here. Because that's the way Brady operate very I think. Operate. Still still electricity and I are pretty. Telling little moment interviewed two was when we talked about it if the guys who get chances embrace some legal guys are drafted higher oil at its second and third chances. In mind. Brady is. Always think oh if I believe that so looking like he's six properties still playing an underdog game if you look at crop although Belichick shiny new toy. As the second round pick is is it would good it was playing well Brady was hurt. The break like rubble personally I doubt he brought into the Kentucky Derby on. But he looked a profession like about this guy I am gonna run him over competition. I am not your app that early on. After drop order drafted attic that pre season. And yet Brady is like the idea I'm going to be like you know mentor to disguise it it is only the sadly no chance. No chance at all but he looked at him. You know about what I think anybody who's motivated professionally exactly sure publication. I think that I think you're right in that sense I think that's something changed probably in the last year. Maybe that Brady realizes this guy's not take my job anymore and that's why their relationship maybe open apple up more and that's why he primed to derby this past year 'cause like you said you know two years ago there's no chance Brady invites goblet to the derby so I just think that Brady realized every camp point that you realize that. He had the upper hand and he you know not eat he'd be properly he had yeah upper hand there. And that's what allowed their relationship to get that that's our might to Google thing. Now I've and this obvious truth that and I do think you know. Alec Acropolis but I think probably don't know this Cuban patriot. Probably these two picks between their first trumpet in this fiscal. They're probably gonna pick quarterback later I ever. And you know that it could be kicked it it either Brady went out the point where. You know drafted twenty year old can hurt you like your outfit they are watching Tom Brady says they were your soul six years old so I mean guys can do it I don't. Probably. Should look at this guy. Which is what makes him part of what makes the greatest ever you look at this guy Barry this guy to. And it went up 4344. Years old. And that's the way operates. And the other big thing was that Ryan burst or the Golf Channel guy about saying that his relationship with Belichick is not great and you know Brady once again there really give much to that answer is well bakery read into it is is what you will. What what's shared feeling on on on their relationship do you think that there there is anything to that and DC report. You know again they don't want the heavily traded elegantly Brady. Is like leaking stories from our chamber I don't either. I look at benefit from Brady and Brady won the war we cannot see what seemed like. Agassi. Brady having Gehrig let's split itself Brady has spirited gossip towards the activists like golfer to play that call whenever. It got that beat like it but apple watcher for big first real it would bring your library. What culture like he got good friends are in Britain said I'm really not a professional. You know respect each other if it ever trade short luckiest cities said to a short trade. And then you know your speech talking to somebody talk to some of the Golf Channel I actually really think how wet it is divided I do think I do beg. That the one thing I've I've heaviest in short I think Belichick would really like an opportunity to win without Aubrey. Any stock drop closing he could win. Wet. And I think it'll be your weight so weird way it frustrates him. The Brady is still so good at this say eight out of benefit from it helps legacy as well but we can't wait almost. What it'll it and I know we could go to I mean I know we you know their for the go check. Press conference after drop portrait Roberts and Scalia I mean were you surprised. How you simply wasn't as great. Administrative crop or there he's been in sixteen years or bring are we so. No I agree before the Benicio bulletins and he's caught used via a lollipop questions as saying how great Brady as he won't even do that so. That echoed brick by tonight overall points I think that Robert Kraft was actually involved in these discussions whether it was directly or not I think Belichick knew. That Robert was not gonna sign off on you know parting ways with Brady you know anytime right now when he's playing so well whether Belichick went on directly or not. I think it was just understood. I think that with when you make a decision like this so big with an organization the owner has to get involved and I think the people that are dismissing that Robert wasn't involved in this at all are really missing the point because what one other weather franchise do you know. That has such a big move and not have the owner involved in these commerce solutions and we on the armed robber loves loves Brady's so. To me that you need to acknowledge the fact that that Robert Kraft was involved nieces ages and is a we desire to MB to Brady. And so that's really going gets Belichick letting Belichick would like to keep her up close on you possibly cut. I mean having to play. I think it's you know do you think that it. Jury right Israel is involved that they get it betrayed Michael Jordan. Of course I mean you'd think that you know you all would have been portrayed Wayne Gretzky course and united the level that Brady is that mortal. All crime level there is no chance whatsoever. The owner it was not evolved you're right out I think crap luck in the Belichick opposite hey you're never trading Tom Brady got that. I guess it is more conversation and I know I checked. We don't want to talk radio right now but he you're on how to hear how it yet the quarterback you like to get the Abbott hit the jackpot again. As a guy who he thinks is good. Across is Mike is one of these years. Great Alan Brady gonna see whatever it out elements and let you know one of these years one of them eventually Brady's not going to be is going to be right. And though Saarland vacuum Angela earlier yeah you didn't think dale and I did a good job yesterday are not doing like. 0000. Don't want don't want I get in trouble myself so I think had to fight and I think it's a much tougher much tougher assignment. That we need Brady's big people embrace that nothing pleasant conversation with a testament. Belichick could be big but those guys he knows sometimes I would have personally. I bought the collision course thing in at the end when he mentioned rock oil and how he was off the market for them they didn't consider trading him. I can natural all of there would be which. Watching over eight weeks of football where it became a guy. If you consider trading to a guy treated for a second round pick eight weeks later changed. Immediate sort of an actual question. And though I think there are trying to get that may be with a preset thing but politely said before I think that dollar checks and had that theme he wanted to off his mind about it being so called stake in news. And we just are waiting for that chance again to say and because his answer with the big news was it really directly to the question that was posed. We're not voting result he walked in there. Yup like that tiny Rick Charlie actually yours as badly with Glenn in in the big show you walked in and you could tell. It did Belichick read that story a bit maybe I'll have lowered the red. Or at least you know. Read enough guys out repulse certainly read enough to know what those quotes. And I think you want to talk about the use EU capital and and up. Every dollar check every week is not is how those got hit in a Belichick is not easy. Do you think you're gonna be a Brady would be different was in person every week it's at those over the phone. Yes the other weird things as a new person which most of which is even stranger yet we we don't want Brady personally this year in respect of the out we got a couple years ago it was it's fired at OK I mean it's a pleasant guys wanting to be even when you interview Brady. The weird thing though Brady Seahawks if you make eye contact with the higher. Which is almost off putting like no other athlete as I it had no act as sort of a weird thing for me. Buy dot I much is it easier to be. An actual phone person. Definitely it was a trip Basra quickly on this on my new it web site. This and you EI I just tremendous person. Vault not website to only Twitter account or at all. And tribute. But. For stolen is still highly critical of the snow this quarter count didn't someone back in the day have the job dating Michael bloggers mailbag. Well why are there Sony typos in there and. That's debt and it was a good that's why that's why I'm amused at what's still using that. If you look at the Internet and elaborate if you haven't set your ideal opportunity I'd vote. I did I laugh and I don't sticks down but I I I go long right. Their driver ever greater yes yes it does. That is such a big trip that Robin is so pissed I mentioned on the air that. Back now he he called. Yes that was mentioned over the air because he noticed that each quarter count 125. Dollars to about 200. So defeated and rob Bradford so he was updating. The number of followers are WBAI I boat toward. I was lull we go to work you know don't when we see ya which we're now told that's almost 200 port yes. That that you've got to do like you know the fact that I need indication. A light that's decides and I think there he cares about his job he cares about the site looks I found the site editor of course out there. Don't care that much it means a concede it toward other things for him that have been the most basic sort out there as we wanted for indicate. The level of anger with Bradford about historic. Seven. There. That is gonna get rid of the guy on the market by Philip could actually met in the couch. That being Anderson I mean I don't know what he would have to say but he's. Would care. But it's rob showed. The podcast this week is my Brothers my dad's birthday would be this Thursday. So I decided my Brothers and uncle and we keep it looked it over the weekend actually turn out Freddie. Well I honestly I wanna do it is so adamant self. Or or so are at it it turned out to turn up pretty. I don't wanna do any spoilers but does this suburban story capital. My god now I. I got that actual point they were all sleeping time. Awkward little white cat that was not at a chemical over the last eight you don't like why didn't suburban and not do what goes on a couple of days is that call. And nine over to our colleague I gather it would have been fun. Here's Christian Fauria Christian. How's it going how is your bio wage enjoy the games on Sunday would know patriots action. And I wouldn't really EO. It into Obama's we it was into and out of Canada integrate myself you know light. Like you always from that you literature owning you'd find out somebody's doing that somebody could their you know. If you're doing well and invite me go morality and EW. And you've got exports we gotta check out what I met a ballpark. The mantle where we can also. Paris so you should be good scared to go for the rest of the season strong hopefully going into potentially February. Yes although I do not want to go to Minnesota. Yet and yet like not. I've kind of done taking trips. No word I'd like to go out trick or go to Miami. Arizona California. Public hot. Political front bought it in the crappy call. Where I've been so I don't like Cold War. All right well even though Peter try to buy illegal lot happen lastly go on the we've talked you since the drop littering what we're initial thoughts. Obviously bought. Are almost it's I was curious to me. After hearing everything went on during Nazis about. Tree. Chapter really hurt. And you're getting rid of Coca that would let you believe that you're not gonna go anywhere. At all and it but I am not that Big Apple only expect about it. Got a that you earn a first round grade based on what he was capable of doing. And the amount of reps at that you already gotten it at the church you'd he was especially considering that. You know earth throughout their product out at quarterback will not happy at the amount of experience that you as. So you'd probably get you know just ought you know they got older and update maybe because they waited so long. You know the ball and I caucus acting coach respected by. Overall. I was a little but it got posters put up huge you believe that. Look at it recited it just no way to off. I don't agree at and you know we going to last and gets you market though only teams are in the running or is the browns of the 49ers. And report came out that project might of you know held album from dream to the browns because of a potential garage. Of what happened with them firing him you know way back. You know wasn't same franchise. No you around dodger for awhile do you think he would ever do that by you know hold the grudge against franchise to not trade potential franchise quarterback to that team. What are they little grudge. But I don't know that was. The biggest part of that deal. I think that the recognized that. I'm forty niners organization is a little bit more. I guess there and well are. Bill as early with John Lynch in the solid that you even here with the agents like it or retired. I think that can help you liking. And you know you want again ma did a good opportunity. You try to get the best he go and spot and he would go to eat that much but if it were legal and our embassies though. I think. You know ever since it was just the better shot of ember is look out bigger output or Cleveland. I agree that think that Belichick really he really did like arrival I want to make sure that knowing that the patriots get you know a decent return but also that problem was in good hands himself and I want to ask you a little bit about Belichick's relationship with players team like he really light drop low. You know a year on his team city ever have favorites did you tell that you liked certain guys maybe Barry another's. How well I let me. Well I regulars some. He had a longer leash witnessed are out and get away to spark a local. Well I can never ever felt they were any deeper than ever from Omnia. Undrafted rookie shoot you you know we each year it. You know no I'm able outlook in now our light. It's religious or not the music. Who gave her a lot. I was treated or go to you know like. He ultimately got that I remember ever being not even. Be much. Got a call that he coaches them like bill but I can't we let you got hurt older guys you really ego. Billionaire more area. Major goal. It called now. That she. Well. I want to circle back one more thing about drop below it seems like whenever Tom Brady gets asked a drop slowly he can't give many credits like on the morning show he's asked about whether he he felt pushed Saddam like grapple improved. Brady you know on the three nap here isn't anyone say that it always had come self motivated myself. They were when he was asked about Rob Lowe being you know a successful quarterback of the future in the week. He wanted to say there is editor of the Jimmy why do you think Grady so reluctant to give drop close embrace. Are deep trouble but I'll watch BP. Political beat all of Italy you know what like. Eight and drop. Us when he hit that level and yeah they are you know. These are due. You know like oh you're great you're Great Britain would be. Britney's record Mac he's in a moderate record on Google. Long argued just like. Like we. Your expectations are you not try to look all the great great if we want. Your opinion or. He helped a lot all these great. You know. What. But the same route and a lot of so you. Quote you guys you recruited. All so good that they actually. Control. Now like all these it would be great. Almost alum to guide its radar guided chop. It out no credibility because nobody's. But as they eat out. Because all the court. As much respect. Ike figured. It. Out now and work against. Looking at today's game game this week and amber pages of volleys seemed to have trouble out there that we aren't any of those teams that played out and number. Al a couple of it and why you guys only suck. Patient. Or. COLT that are well. People there or CEO. Role I'd like he ought. Give them any extra. Eight. Energy. It's been an issue. The crowd noise how much it would matter. Your year. Most important in view consistently you know. Get that. And clout to do it that you elect our. People that we lost like all of your interception better. Backdrop there have been eight. Quote it. I'll bet probable demise political beat each you. Well all good. Early. Early. Go to I didn't practice. Well. Being out of uniform don't let. You. Know that you do it and all of Michael Ball a lot cool. Never really good they're well coached. And they're not. AT war. Bought let it start. Not yet problems. Deep it's a lot older now it's still you know good. But they're not the same people were copiers go to market where Dodd Bob Miller is still. If you believe older. So if Shane great guy that I think it got more weight diagonally and worked out. Now they're all there are also like. All. But not. To combat that. You that we can actually repair. Your aggregate out yet the right time. And brought up well gotta get out or you'll you'll also been a lap that's the way it is. Play golf on this one year here at dot about Denver Miami gave me this one what was the toughest place he ever played in your hand bunker whether the patriots are not. Oh yeah and city lot. Loud. Also were good. Were good and loud. Were different so. Literally. And upset that their third player. Because you know. Satellite. Coach brought to light up when you back to one dollar note. Do you literally here if possible. Possible here in Iraq I don't eat meat you'd president. War and it worked out. You know you loud. That your play. The game you know all. So all. Always said it would agree game. Ego. Creature don't. What are actually played enough you'll eat you get so hot like that September and that all important state play. I have been under categories. Oh it's I think we were you well I'll let either don't know broke out. Physically. All right late nineteen in this league you beyond this corner after the game sampling. It corner JJ. And right things like personal projects. Last but not least on the knot Sunday podcasts rich keep threatens your right to a big big day gestured to Hudson and build larger thousands best interview of the year with you guys. What were your biggest takeaways what's mostly of yeah I just how opening was. On a lot of things in. And the fact that he admitted that he read that article and yes PMS that partnership. And then calling out then there were no real sources and it. Actually calling it fake news I mean all of that jumped out to me. But you know we asked about Guerrero we asked about his relationship Tom Brady asked about the Jimmy grapple we'll trade all of this stuff. And he didn't just batted away here he gave you some sort of Bill Belichick answers and their but also some really. Real information including go to grow up Lowe wasn't available when they were not gonna trade him back in April so some stuff that we've all kind of speculated on and heard different reports of he kind of told that it. How it is a little bit yesterday was drop below that that's your biggest neglect. The crop all thing. Was and and how. He said eight we knew that. There's obviously a timeline for this you know based on contracts and things like that I'm still perplexed. On how he wouldn't be available at all and April. And then you're gonna trade him at the deadline so I didn't know when. I turn out to know why did you know that you gonna have to deal many sort of have all we knew it was probably didn't say like a week to our weekly York. We we knew it was going to be at the deadline if we start of the season Wear them. We knew we were gonna have them and I think that's why Michael brought up Jacoby percent truth very well Peter there's sort of a timeline on this. What about the guide to strapped in the third round from a year ago. Oh why not one not him so that Graf will stop short but I think Guerrero stuff is adjusting to because. It's just it's so. Let's face it's weird is it than we earlier that's the behold TB twelve Angela besides their contract there are like a massage therapy I think both ladies figure of somebody if they wanted to see her for a second opinion or whatever but. He doubled down on saying. He does not work for the team you always always says however that this ends up always that's always and is and is keywords and hamburger comes as the work that he doesn't and Indian Tom and that's their their business that is literally their business is is what they have going on there. So that's one where you had it you gotta have to read between the lines but I don't think he's necessarily wild about him absent tonight it's pretty clear. They Beckham's down to hell of a coach mayor so defensive where they're training staff and we've seen that with barrel over the years and his strengths some sure that's. Somewhat part of Belichick's reasoning for sticking up for his guys you know because I'm sure. The Peter strings have isn't exactly the greatest fans Guerrero either because they're not they're getting and in their way of doing their own business. I that if you're here in the Guerrero is upset with if you look at all the guys he has worked for they've all been hurt with the exception of Brady this year I didn't Brady's been heard Regis period in the city games but. High tower element both out for the year rock missed the game and dole missed the case so it's not the greatest track record low over there and with the exception of. TB twelve salt re exactly. And not client to the NFL Sunday showed ninety in this week yes you got competition for awhile I'm I was looking now at the scandal at their home until after Thanksgiving just kind of scary. That is treated there'll a long ways away. But that's fine I don't I don't I don't mind that I like the comfort of our studios here bright and sent it will be held up good NFL Sundays. But without this past week so the heart and yet he still Eddie I was hitting her was great but mutt. Still decided to text to meet his picks will be two picks every week in this that. You don't particularly good to save yourself for weeks he's been doing terrible what these picks that I was gonna say any Hart's gonna pick for you give a special guest picker Leonhard. And if they're good you can have at the Vatican filled all those are my picks. But he text beat during the show I looked out. And he said it was like Denver is fair for Cisco. Both got smoked but they're both underdogs but they've both got smoked in elect are all specially Denver demographically crushed another I guess you poppies poppies textbook Soviet. Wasn't the weekend from mine and lost a lot of money he and the regional we did that have been a topic that's right that's right. I think our actual documents we are not good.