OMF -  Kyrie Irving compliments Boston was it a dig at Cleveland? Dave Portnoy goes off on Elika Sadeghi "We're not Harvey Weinstein" 10-12-17

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Thursday, October 12th

HOUR 3:  Kyrie compliments Boston, was he bashing Cleveland? Lou describes his time in Cleveland and how it was empty on the weekends Isaiah Thomas says he shouldn't’t have played in the playoffs. How will Kyrie Irving affect Average Al vs. Above Average Al? GMs need to be good lairs  There are stories from the Red Sox locker room that Dombo and Farrell got in screaming matches.  Dave Portnoy’s response to  Elika Sadeghi contract issue in relation to sexual assault. How this relates to Harvey Weinstein


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On you yeah maybe. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Great sports or use me as cocaine clad terror so guiana when you send it out what was your mobile basically explode. Any qualities that in the pit stop it. Really really that he has alliance that get Tate not yet. Be it either dorm below where we can't act people that door there quote do you know the black. With Glenn and Lou and. Christie AT&T had ended the 69 jokes what's your favorite speed limit out there you chose to change. Well it's heartless sort of like a Russian gymnasts. Martina never thought we'd do you play yourself. Our man this is really. And Sports Radio WEEI. So I appreciate decide one of those that forced the sportsman's. You know deals before you came on the ocean had him yet we have had our own personal bets so you know he knows this kind of which again this is there now it's not called me. The uncomfortable question of the week because you want to feel nice and he's opposed to ask you much unease with him we might ask her you know a little bit deeper yeah we want an all Russian athletes exactly and I could write guarded and well we'll get to all that stuff coming up there goes the rest of the program. I don't. But you get to see the Celtics the plea for pre season games four pre season games are over. And yet Democrat I mean it does nothing to have to look at and say that you don't like what you see. To this point at a pre season games don't mean anything but. Carrier Irving has kind of altered his game somewhat playing more as a point or. Market Smart is tremor and seems to be able to do more things appear on the floor. Charlotte and that there's nothing bad I mean is it it's always good to add to this point I carry every man (%expletive) off some people in Cleveland and he paid the price when he goes there. On Tuesday of the people here in Boston are going to love it. Boston I'm driving in and I'm thinking I'm really playing in a real live sports. Different cultures food and people. Get at all especially in Boston. For money jones' beginning while go to some of the. Is but he as the African American right and he is an African American and somebody help them like at Lexus car earlier yeah I first got here out of me and most people good samaritans all owe a lot of different cultures he says food. And people great diver you all especially in Boston I guess you get some of the suburb poll when you get asked added at all. I you would go to Cleveland. And it would be at night. Things have been going on it's you need to see a vast difference Haas is just playing the crown. Day that's it first topic for me really interests. Editors of people Cleveland their own. It's the truth. I mean idiots in let the people are out there playing out there but that city. It's the only mall you walked in to Wear one at every third stores actually open. It's actually aged poll like buffalo is just empty. Stores downtown a couple of anarchy the food court is running and that's about it they pale in public one. The extort the into the ball the other ones nothing's there. Closed for the said the fly to Cuba over the flat so yeah of the flights and candidates had lived in Indiana it's flats or are they gone in the past they would -- than they had the warehouse districts on the field but I guess it's like us opening up seats in the suburbs and stuff trust you know suburbs are nice it's just that downtown it's just. There's a couple of bars near the Arenas and ballparks and this has nothing memorable and a breakfast places in the city were closed Saturdays and Sundays. Don't. Don't think about the. Now and I Aaron I don't I don't get that that was the that was a lot of for bracket your bar that your Friday night and I breakfast my heart goes out Cleveland for years there of success sentiment they're close to get just that you know. Mid week. Business of people who god is no one's ever isles on a week or so has what's fascinating this offseason trade involved you know two big names. Instead carrier Irving is sitting here in great Sheehan himself with the people of the tournament is a summary about it off. Opel Wright story that he's he's playing at this where maybe he doesn't it was going to be a little bit of heat on a Tuesday if he plays while. What differences that make and he's got a shot of winning that game now because LeBron James looks like he monopoly and again so no Isiah and all the brought. Eyes on the other hand does his first extensive interview. With Sports Illustrated and now. At times he came across as being petty I understand his emotions. I understand him being as he loved the place. They embraced him he embraced then it was wonderful it was terrific he busted his balls he went through all sorts of crap including the depth of the system to get opium play an accord now we sit and say I should apply. And now he's saying you know a market ever talked to do anything Julia hanging. Why why why why why why why say. I'd I'd. I amount I understand it is true emotions he's the best. It's like I was accepting their place that's I thought I was going to beat Oregon area that was going to be the face and we got a lot of years ago he got down got done. He moved he committed to the reason you bought into the your your Hisham is future mother in other airlines has bought and everything right. And they dumped him because they wanted to a newer model a better model. It is just. I. To me if that's not surprising I can't tell you mean that most guys that it that that do it kicked out of town especially a place that they wanna stay. They you can you can get to say all the right things and you know put in the and do it they get a chance to play gets a team they sold badly wanna beat them. Based on his mop the floors up of them are just as teach him a lesson because you made the wrong decisions. It would scare me he says he says that the interview you know didn't pay the price of would have two years from now let's see what they say two years from now. He scares me if he gets healthy and the second half of the season we get into the playoff. And you get matched up against I had to be roster he'll be amongst you don't you wanted to be only wanted to be a hundred or so I'm like that's I wanna see it that. But I'll look at 8 Eastern Conference finals of those two and it's totally understandable. You know get it you know you're never gonna amid never ever talked Gainey again an oath. I get it that he's got the traded you you know and so. He's gonna be pissed at regular chip initialed this is the way this guy has lived his entire life these characters professional career. You know and you talk normally left Sacramento sick at Sacramento and Phoenix and showed you mean this is just now it's I'll show you Boston. This is why but I didn't want to stay here this is it when it this is why that attitude is why god that's what 5758. Now he's turned himself in a professional basketball player but an all star. A key don't just that just doesn't happen dude wired differently he's got a grudge now everything and Eddie plays is gonna see dating Ainge. You know you want to be part of it every single night he placed and that's gonna drive. Is it a great position there with LeBron James and that things get some depth now so that team can. You know the problem they gonna have is right out of the gate they're not gonna have that depth thing going to be playing guys should be coming off the bench that are actually going to be starting. And that may be an issue for them out of the gate but when they also. The that team is going to be he's with a really good team and he could actually stick it to the Celtics in the Danny Ainge in the India. Evil and and then edit and even if that is a game seven in Boston and that he does somebody like that the band stand up and each year. They cheer him this is the one exception to them for a guy leaves at the end of the game I guess he pleasures of ascent at all yet game seven gas sharing a big about I think. Home Alia below. Beloved will give the respect clapped a bit late and I'll tell him the respect Clough when he froze. All of Boston we now know hey nick it is he's enamored and anything it's always been he was forced out. It's different yeah lead because he wanted more audience you lead because you want to join some other deal Big Three. He wanted to state he was politicking he was showing up and advance who's holding a campaign he was out of the box. Borrow or think you're no longer in Southern California. After game seven. The emotions of the thing here in New England in Boston he's not gonna say weren't you don't see any ovation at the oldest guys and it sounds whenever it happens that the game is over you're down twelve. And you know. And it's game seven. And tyrant who pulls Isiah Thomas for thirty seconds left walks up the core. Stay something like battle game is over yes it's all over and he comes out of the game that you not already act like it won't happen no -- that in the heat of the game he had agreed on nearly 100 chance that none that would be the scenario a scenario we're gonna start channel needs now lie well we know a win I want you back it's like a back and you know you get beat LA their team it's encouraging another team wide because it was over and they new it boy that's the only scenario if I take a party to animate the animosity that exists right now between these two franchises because of the swap is going to be phenomenal. Like every Irving is going to hear it. Tuesday night in Cleveland he's going to get it right shift to these comments this with you now works it'll be blown up we would've done it here Shaughnessy what. All I doubt we would have blown out marry this girl Boston and builder and he's you know again as I stick better idea so I might act so. And that's what they gonna do out there and he's going to have to to deal with a simple to these guys carrier ring and Isiah Thomas are really lifting. With that trait. In the living with they have to go out now and you know step away from all of that I mean there's a lot ready for Kyra you're here. Tremendous amount as saying all the right things now. Question is what does he say. Because the price saying all the right things initially. Say when things become a little bit more difficult couple guys develop an injury. And he is out there he struggles a little bit of they'd lose a few games out on the road. Or they get hammered by a team. That stuff happens in the course of an 82 game. How does he react horror because of because of his involvement average out turns into below average out. And you get less permanent knowledge and even they got less he's still doing it and sell it I don't have to Sarkozy called average or is this average. About six points and four rebounds but it always that little thing above average Al looks like to be the little things a point center now. I don't either he just above average child goes hopefully points ten rebounds the post season you get seat he's looking now. Yes it is that's above average out that's who we thought we want to now we have a weakness in believable concedes live alone feeling you know don't you understand this. As soon as they need I ask you either live with a low ceiling does in the hunt I don't like what he goes for six points four rebounds likely goes fertility intent. Is hard to figure out did a lot of people are. Are homing in on that that this team because there are only four guys coming back from last year may have difficulty. Our early on in the season. Sure that's necessarily true I'm more concerned about what happens when they get to the postseason through a long regular season. And what they're like when they get to the postseason. Against the the better teams and the reason I think early on even though schedules not that easy. Is the younger players seem to fare better. Early on in the season it's with a game gets more complicated in the games you start to hit that war. And a veteran players who are able to voted dated and pacing and and so patient themselves all along and make it into the post season. We've seen this. Veteran players win in a policies scheme is still very very real. Very very complex. Sees their very loving they had to do is to Needham and around. Brown & Brown have mean those guys but I. Irving it's young in years as far as age but he's not an experience still don't know one of the most experienced guys hey we're actually doing so is it you're mean. Hayward and Horford they're they're they're young guys. As a young team. If you look at the overall age in the guys that will play in the market smartest on a first contract doctors line I get it but I mean this is the guy he possibly -- gonna get your minutes now that's another young players want to get into Europe that are always got a great year at the bench is real young. What do you ideology and that really tells you you're you're really contest yet you're you're depth the year year your subs yet those guys don't know so. Actually think when you've got young players and you've only played four pre season game so we had a short precisely this earnings season early. It to work on to say you played Wednesday night they for pre season that's hit opening days explain acie played last and it's a guy admits embassy is opening day it's Wednesday when you're. When you think that I don't know maybe another one on Friday or Saturday. I think they've always done this I remove all of our last left into an entire week yelled Lou I remember when you played eighteen so you waited and waited waited as the way to like a week alone all the time yeah I don't know why they do. But I I think you're gonna find that because they're young and they get the young legs early on. Vick and and they're going to be pretty good because these if you're still establishing what you want your of a kind to really develop everything you wanna do. So I think it's time goes on that's when the veteran president I think they said attends. Dave young they had to come together so that might be some games. We played team that's band together just outclassed and right and you can sit there and say well yeah we gotta figure our thing out that's just the two units but how many of those teams are out there. In east especially acute lately Michael state San Antonio again Miller and it pitchers they just clicked you know but it needs how many teams are like that to where it's like. Even Cleveland you can't sit Bucky sick is I say it's gonna take allowing when he comes back in Cleveland. What's teen sit there say well you know what that's sold like a veteran group that's been around together for a while. That right now of the united they beat us I think talent wise will be better than him eventually it'll click for us. That's one reason why I never felt like they were gonna you know have that may regular season wins and it better playoff team but the more you look around east. It's a Thursday. I don't know if that's the case I won a lot of games regular season as well because the east of me just doesn't have those teams that you wary about that should be of. It doesn't put out of the gate. They're playing twice against Milwaukee pretty good team to John figured out though there's still there's still much healthier they still look healthy. At Miami push San Antonio early on they play at Oklahoma City early on. The judge issued wind. They should want a lot of those games early on only because. That it's it's more of offensive game and running well beyond that that was the Washington is we didn't play me like you know what they've beat Andy beat the Celtics up early years something like that and equally adamant their group back together for a little bit. You know like Atlanta may be two years ago that group that was together for a little bit that I'm talking the team two years ago Toronto last year. Those types of teams maybe you struggle against that they can't beat and they will they just. The defeat and played together they get Toronto on November the twelfth but he does a lot of teams are just normal day of November November 16 of state. I'm making one of those games you've you've been concerned about but I I and I take offense kicks in early. In the season in the defense kicks in later on it becomes a factor obviously India and the post season and this team is gonna be much better offensively. And they are defensively. I think defense is this is going to be the question what they do the mission quickly rose year he's got cuts he's. Wouldn't call them over Comcast he goes and that angle of windows. That definitely was Steve Rosen is this has much to gain the sand and create our basketball out of federal Orioles exactly yeah. And an error in our good attitude GRE GG agencies like that. The female version of Dan roach and he rose and I think she is she's the always yeah always. Always positive never never always is always a silver lining that's your choice Apollo months social media yet since you. Yeah it's. I will continue to talk baseball focus on the table he gets about the stuff as well some wild stuff going on would bar stool sports have to come enough. Supported by my good buddy. Help president they might have to do that today experienced lane twenty force yet. Him on Twitter right now. Now back to more importantly remote euphoria on Sports Radio yeah yeah. Whatever you thought. And so what they want yep what you look like I'm glad that you guys that you won not that I didn't play our allies and. Apparently it's not at all on or two days like I was literally on killing his own logic which is the fact that you are talking about you don't have any on more than fifteen to twenty minute walk her out there and they thought I was lied on. David yeah we were starting out. I put together voice out loud and I'm not knowing. Lou I think he can lose moved Qaeda Luke now Luke and a brokered so that we both could be in the same room to present idea. That was about it at the fight yeah that's why not get over if he worked it out with with him by Stephen A Smith either way it that would only had to do is listen to the curtain and him podcast from here Jason Wolfe on wolf said the lawyers got involved and then. Right away we could not only had to do. So I was right about that about well well of course according to partial sector. Let's get to fill in Portland I feel. Take all of the much let's let's say the call by stalking you guys can pay real quote. Even want actual content Brodsky is. Is that I actually. I dish it out and out and especially after the press conference of terminating Earl. You know he's just. How much adequately checked. Gary. Gary Condit Gary you know just didn't want missionary thing and I don't think that guy out ought. Beat all or trust BI RR management or the direction that we're gonna let. And try to be like Paul Volpe got killed at eight. But it surely want eye opener should be all and quite frankly if you compare it to change. Between bought into New York where a whole New York or like okay that often seen as Qaeda. That scared should I'm not a new York and our. I like actually a lot or that I like I don't see great Al and that that you know that sell well at the end Gallup poll what you got. Yeah I we we just talked about it could be total ratings the ratings how how how how the increase was. Agreed to increase rose for a for the Yankees 54% to 4%. The it's sold because of one person you all get to select the all star game when Aaron judge what's that old ball like for him like nobody else. And instantly became to see Bruce yeah exercise there is anyone on eight weeks maybe we could hit anything. Nothing in any humanity. Means he's up and down by a strikeout journal brand and honestly conflicts tank the war correct yes also. Well like Lucia at. You know yeah she's OOG I don't know I give it. The FB Luke. Like guilty Yankee Joseph judge what they've got a few other guys that are. Who really acting here that are you stepping away from the rates current management. Always. Is still in it. When will not just a normal regular that a president all of that presidential candidate that signaled really supporting and I equate your present unique the podium. Was that last spot and I got an. Boy to death yeah that would be up. You know and out and making goat broke. They don't just push her just I'm I know that's the slogan like that so. So that's the slogan like don't count like your version to build that wall you run something about the browse the we talked a little bit about advertised on the city you know the the him saying he did a great job formative season and then he fired two excellent so it's like well why which was to believe anything he says. We really have to believe everything a general manager says in the stone we have known they'd line. Queen actually know they're lying I think if you did you know actually live while smiling. You know because they know they can't always tell the truth and that's what they want to browse skis that. It has cut you off guard because he always does. He'll come in Arabic what he would do this offseason always starting pitcher when he to close and bull bull he trades and colds get we need a fourth outfit a bomb Chris Young but everything. He wants to do he tells you and then he does it feel that means that honest my used this. And he might you know be honest are you trying to trade away its own so. Isiah Thomas absolutely not. Cornerstone we'd love Isaiah we want to be a full ever and for obviously the trade Isaiah that's what I expect but I don't care. You know it gives us as a GM I don't tell me. Everything you're thinking yes you have to if they're not lined they're not try and Clinton but cynic here I'll trust them you know I'm. These puts a pretty good odds are pretty good talent in here to be honest with the critical look at that rotation rhetorical war. They're cynical look at their rotation we took over. We wait Miley Clay Buchholz I mean it was. This will be people that sock and remember the name's Michael look at it at that so I don't care fees. Lies I tell they're pushing us and he did Jim lives. It's like what we're talking about before with Isiah Thomas he claims he was totally caught off guard why because Danny Ainge didn't tell you pay. Once they found out carried Irving was available and that he wanted out of Cleveland. Did he can tell you hey we may be they cover your into one why president Danny Ainge is best interest. To tell Isiah Thomas eat it wasn't. So when you talk about Dave Dombrowski. I was not surprised at all to read the dreadful thing where he said he thought that cut kind of was a cool period of falling out between the brows ski. And Farrell was a pretty obvious with the answers he gave yesterday. He could've handled at a different weight could have come out said Ollie did a good job got a bit. No he he was not gonna give you any of the facts so in other words there's stuff that he is not going to tell you that exists. Tell you there's a monument we came in guys that I was wrong. And you should see you finally Smart and a and a set thought that he went division and not getting swept considers job acumen though is wrong about some people's. And I was like it's over done the general stating he can save his job and because of that he travels on the road all the time now because but one of the things was. Those polls because he travels on a road. And and rob brought this up in the article. Is it yet as many times it's been loud arguments. After games screaming at each other the door open. And guys that team on what the hell is going on here that there was an obvious disconnect. Between the GM in the manager. Which I'll say doesn't help the manager. Does when the players and that locker room build it they don't like the manager or they don't agree with some things going on it and hear the GM whose new more than a manager. Who's in charge him with airing out the manager he's this you know there's innocent. They get sick at. Dave knows. They get so you eat that's it he can't wait for that got out and done exit interview to actually explain to to to prosecute which is over there's there's no question. But in I'm surprised that stuff didn't come up during the course of the season but but but so be it puts all of the brows ski now. Known as announced and now the way to get any good I think it's going to this church now British artist you know early on what you wanna blame anyone doing president job you'd in your call at one of the reasons that you brought up that he thought that just winning the division. Would get Carol Chu next season was he thought to browse he wanted to hold on to the fall guy Cris Carter's always told the junior pulled through and more when everybody ran out of time with the fall guy because I think the owners and others in the organization. Did not like various things that happened during the course of the year like when he didn't know about a certain thing you can do funnel it up when he didn't when he was out there trying to put it just talked to his pitcher. And I guys walking in from the bullpen. When they whole situation with acres week. Blew up in front of their face. They they pushed about stuff like that let's go to journal a card drew. They got paid on. Well I mean you guys look at you on that the last called them mama like all the Yankee go which they are. And some of them back to read such ratings are down 14%. And is that the utter excitement around the thing I hate there color you'd been right all parked. About one. Share at the top long at all. I'm a huge city that's. I heard that they write every month over her every month overheard loosely in China claim that every alone I would throw Lou every month. I would throw Luo and on August 1 June 1 July 1. How the home runs work and how they were gonna happen. Though he'll get hornets to a outscored Atlanta told you that the ratings are down because of the office. There's chicks I used that we use it says do you shall set I think it's more now there's no we watch watch prices and blues 3215. To two and just manufacture of aren't you don't want. Some meat on them. I spent money on the bank you know because that gonna tell all I have to say is a package. I'm watching a game every night under the Arctic and the cigarettes are bad there as well now holding calls I've barely watched it people are extremely some. Com recall for regional Forbes as your car. Hill was a whole I'm I'm I'm down Pennsylvania now look at I don't pencil and he's got a lot out there well. And like now. But it does that lets one of the things they after what college here and it's in the off season June they've got to get some part you can't beat last. In the league in that ballpark you get last at home you can nine year where they set records. That the the game's going in that direction when you're you're going you know just seeing you seeing more home runs or more strikeouts. That's for the games go well ideally you want Houston bull run that last rate cuts and anybody that insight that sets. Cynical and that's the goal of that all the best lineup in baseball it's bombs and doesn't strike so. He beat you can have it both ways with a guy unloaded do but the guy you've already mentioned as the MVP. Not only hits those home runs pull when he goes into you know periods like he's in right now. He'll strike that was struck out seventeen times in the series I agree Rialto is unbelievable player he's a great player and he's been he could very well win the MVP I think there's a very good team. I think that the New York Yankees meet. Where they were the all star break was I don't say just because the one guy but of pretty damn close you or us. He changed their vote he changed that day when it's a little bit rot at the Austin brick why because she shocked and and why they get back in September because you fifteen bombs in September I mean you got to be kidding me now the heat with the Yankees went as Aaron judge went. In Dallas at any ALCS and made the playoffs and nobody thought they would because of airing judge. He's the MVP the American League in my mind I am not gonna argue that point is I think single handedly the Yankees or nowhere close to know where posts pieces if he doesn't do what to what he did. And this is something this team has to think about the young season if you wanna get people back to the turnstiles you wanna get people gone all over TV. You're gonna have to get one of those guys. One of those big bop she gonna have to get one big big bumpers side 617779793. Civil adapters are still sports on its servers. Portland and L again. Do Jay Portnoy is favorite radio show oil lifeguard could tell the tools they go to spew lies and all of this thing but what what normally have to offer me enough. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Just that quick aside support going to hear about a half inch taller than me you jerk for a 61777979370. All of you to help us ready to fix it ships always there ready. Curse. All right so let's get into this Portman Stephanie first I I saw a lot of women reacting out there. In social media occasional was prominent issues although there and all pissed off so he was the deal apparently bar stools sports. And in his case David Portnoy. Offered a job to Rica. Said big key here is that it is that America. Please go to America now it's elite only could I think it's a leak is look at look at the last the biggie. Church today you'd I don't Australia that's goes today a sheet sedation ever look at college yes I like he is in use at a much of that Scott sharp that. So they offered urgent and so is part of offering the jar it was a two year deal they forced her to sign. A waiver from okay which is really pissed off a lot of females out then I'll just read the first. But apart and I understand that bar stool sports is involved in the entertainment industry. I further understand that because company's business requires a creative working environment. Including exposure to offensive speech. I may be exposed to conduct and speech. That openly and explicitly relates to sex as well as race. Sexual orientation. Gender national origin religion disability and age and then you acknowledge. You may be broke privy to conversations were all of this stuff happens what is is is just protecting their yes so that you can't come back after we had. Have six because there's one thing about sexual harassment. I don't think this Cobb resisting lunch specials are not sit there and say is you'll agree to be sexually harassed this and grow its it has cost does that now yeah. Lied for a job at bar stool sport. In a cesspool environment this is what we did this is what our business model always Portnoy I would do the exact same deficit thing because this woman nor anybody. Guy a guy code now going to be there for a year. And then come out and sue bar stool full what he so called went through yet what he saw what he heard for an entire year. And just try to go after this company. Because of the sexist remarks and because of the jokes in the in the making fun of that handicap the music bar still sports. You applied for job. How would you think went on over there in ninety try to turn it into you they actually mean really if you saw the following on this online you would pick. Import coordinator sign a contract is that you will be sexually harassed and you need to be fine with that but you you're gonna you'd be touched. You can you need to be fine but no it was just here's some bad stuff. To come back in and. Sue Willis is for hearing stuff like that ridicule me handicapping Zhu said that Ben Affleck would okay if that's our that's what it comes down to so. I don't get this on the last line is expressly agree. And represented I do not object. To being exposed to such speech and conduct. And do not find it otherwise offensive or objective noble. And that I am willing to work at such an environment. Listen she made a decision that she did not want to work in the environment after this was put in front of OK fine. And then apparently you made a big deal about it yesterday because she's jumping onto the bandwagon. Of the Harvey Weinstein thing which I guess it's a sensitive issue right now out there. And support noise goes out and does what it was alone in a Wii doesn't hurt his press conference emergency this conference Eddie starts is in a screaming and yelling. Just because fraud she's trying to make herself part of the story she said. Two blocks she never feel we treated this is that she hit the there are some ways she know now legal clause legal clause we know. John Edwards who is blessed are. Are we sexually harass or to trigger the suspect known. There's power in our present in people but what are connected off this action to act and that's just like. Charity wool from you powerless to Vietnam and use not harm once he. And that's and and by the way barged into the fact partially sports as a female CEO. Yeah okay greater than our CEO bill this has got to back fire her right reduces this I don't know. On this we currently if you know hack farm because when you think about what she's doing it slightly pile on the BB. Let me let me act like you know. You know rows of the river that I'll hopefully you can do is gonna put a picture beyond his act it's the farm on it because because this is this is when looking endless. Women looking at this right now you do because you can see the comments that they're making. They're sitting there saying well it's a trash environment and yes let's get a grip and let's say we hear an opponent isn't okay keep our asset exactly yeah. So let's say we go along with a that it is a cesspool. Then this is only a legal document. Saying that you understand that you're working in the cesspool that's all it's going out. That's still so you make the choice somebody is making the choice and you you make the choice that's. It's okay Greg grabbed this this guy might who says that contract isn't even legal I here's Mike and what's your Mike. Garrido the yeah there's no contract which we don't have reached some morning roots and liquor and yet. You can't do that it is not signing away her rights. You have a right to a level rectal workplaces. Spoke. Whether anyone in particular hospital or not that that that's not the point whether they heard this talked political respect partner which. 04. I I had I I would go to hire hired somebody at a construction company says no you guys. Work listen here there's still a lot of stock. Monetary incentive. You can't make that scientists and you gotta Smart what does he call it like this and where the girls you talk and sexist your beat back. Yeah is what's your debt but what is the thing of is a difference though what's your what's the job. Construction workers there. Job. Is actually to offend you yeah inappropriate. That's that's creative probing that's their business models job yeah it he did but that's why don't hold on it's a much different in the in the environment you're talking about. Because Mike that's not. Acceptable behavior. In you'll workplace it's acceptable behavior in the workplace that that she would be working under and I think the only reason they never sign it. Is because if you down the road filed for sexual harassment you can't sit there and say well I didn't know that they were gonna talk dirty. Around there I think I was gonna do that there's a difference between sexual harassment. And working in an environment where the language is is racy suggest you've adjusters profanity stuff like that. That's what the model as that's what that that's what. This is very unique that's just washed. So so I don't know which one you guys know where the construction crew. That is the lower construction crew though I know a little perk like that I call. Where I want my my communities to have us. We had to take our guys aside and retrain them and tell them that they can't react like this anymore of virtual. Arsenal's. Sports stops the media smoke shows and stuff like that there out of business. There is is that this that's the difference you're building your business what they're doing is they're building an image. It it and in many cases it's a raunchy image that's the image they're building. That's him. It I think it's a lot differences. Guys Israelis that they threw that out there's basically 1009 grade would seek to live through it in sued them because these following which I. I didn't know it was going to be ups eat meats and all are still sports and you can you believe that the till we have to be offended by the stuff when it's just that's their model. This is who they are and I don't. Did I don't see a problem with it if you lie I wanna be involved in it and don't apply for the job. Yeah. It. It's a lawyer and as a yeah that's funny is that celebrates sheet she's in wanna be part of it and you know be part of a group C I do think though did you use that as an out of these kids that get it signed with another company and today that was -- has the right when she sees something like that since you know what I'm gonna pass a remarkable amount of work here. And important a good price donors and think she's do not know the problem is is that she uses this. As like as a way to light shame bar stool sports while she's why would you want would you send out our FaceBook are into Gramm big contract. What's Resop explanatory and you know what they're doing it for you it's okay so you're trying to look like you're bigger than them flaw I would never work for that. Yet you were about to take it to your deal that was paid pretty damn good. And now you're gonna like sort out their like odd just I don't that's. Beneath or meanwhile he's right Portnoy is front that she made herself part of the story because she wanted to take advantage. Of the Weinstein started his breaking and she wanted to take advantage of it isn't as good as the other champion and champion of women's right at indoor and important got a new job at its next VR type of a day later the importance of the same thing. He did the same thing the emergency press conference was so he could get attention powerful fit because his people were gonna be supportive of Yemen basically. Come on Oprah's let's do what he did the same. Did he not wishing at this job next VR so broadcasting live sports events and concerts in virtual reality. So they sent out tweezers work cited that this woman at stake and stiff armed. Services. That's as they enter pit arm the leak. Since Becky there yeah heard about it or is at stake in stiff arms and does decide to join us as an announcer. And here ago. And two inspired by her courage in sorrow to voice her story. Yes I mean that what was the courage with that I'll bet that is to me that's a cheap shot. That's that's a cheap shop that's that's X somebody's actually applauding that's. Or release all pay and make girls and there may you be too big guys do it. Big girls do and at the Christian based on what's going on hall and how she and hero the well she's a hero to women out of my color GA hero to women women. If you understand what you're getting yourself into. Then what is the problem it's bar stool you applied for job yeah bar stool Hampshire some. Making sure that some porn stars not offended by citrus act hip and oh yeah it's guys are saying it's okay. Dude I just a difference this is where I think Porsche tool sports was taken the proper precautions if compared to Harvey Weinstein situation. You can't everybody in Hollywood new. That he was groping women on a regular basis he was he with and that was that harassment. In the respect that if you wanted to move up the latter in Hollywood you wanna start these movies you gonna have to put up for this is okay that was pretty won't know. But let's put it this way forceful sports head her. Signs something in which. They laid it out to this is everything that's gonna happen. So that would be like Harvey Weinstein Co. Miramax putting out a a thing in saint signing yup. If you work for us party will grow as the horizon there's a right to yeah. That's in your shot. That's the difference yeah parcels which is telling you this is the environment we'll let you know what happens here so you you you can't after the fact in my site. And directed personally I'm sure you could sign this and you feel the U personally being sexually harassed. The net doesn't know this is just about five dudes in an office in Manhattan. Just talking freely leg due often enough being applied to about not being directed personally view that oh by the way I'd also like to do league. Of that's a different that's crossing the line I'm not a lawyer does not sit there saying that that's never come up they don't sexually harassed women don't touch women. And they're trying to compare to a guy that raked in groped women. Again it's just it's ludicrous to go to its hawk but there's this clear. Cut definition of sexual harassment. And I don't think reading this I'm not a lawyer but reading this I don't think it would protect anybody if somebody was sexually or us or somebody that's completely different it would that's not what that's what they're trying to protect from a what do people make it sound like. If you sign this we are allowed to sexually harassed you I don't see that's that's not it at what it might do Lois that might in a court of law if you're dealing with that. It might say see she signed up and said that we were gonna have that type of language she knew that language was there because in most instances. I think if it's somebody brought the witnesses force. And they were telling about the environment they had smug shows that women half naked and they did this and they did back then that would. Furthered their case certainly strengthen their case. A sexual harassment what they're basically doing here of protecting themselves as the environment we work on it but he whether it's sexual or. The author of the line coach. In Miami set view was she's creepy he already had a Harvey Weinstein. Church strippers who went immediately to its its amazing thing. And then from that and you have the shrapnel effect we have been thrown Ben Affleck of what I have read and be just an age just eight. But Merck I don't know it was worse for me to watch from the Ben Affleck video what do you do like oppressor a movie presser. Or Chris Ford which forced her off. Flying coach now they're both extremely weird creatures justice and it's not what what was well after this one. What also I think Hollywood serve again you don't want to look. Because most of the people that they go to these movies. Hearing about it Jimmy Kimmel is is one of his best friends Ben Affleck Matt Damon's best friends right they do skits on TV all the top. Does he mention if there's any of those guys that are on at at night. Of course things that army once and does he does all that don't does what he did and only woman and now coming forward. Nice to see people come to bullpen shown him videos of groping and things like bats and it's almost like he's being. Okay you know this can't happen again I'm gonna taste horrible Ben Affleck was like holy smokes nice I'm just Andy's he's gonna get rid of it will set when you think Saturday night libel Julia let's get this week about it. When it that did did it do a skit about Harvey Weinstein note if you get it. He's not yet he's getting it where. He's getting it because the Justice Department made that coming up talking about a -- hospital said a lot of boatload of more than a Hollywood hypocrites I mean that's that's the problem I have with him right now is many of them but if all these guys by not bringing enough. All of singling him Ben has skeletons in his closet and and and feel and with that one TRL that video that we're seen off this now people who come full board. And the you know on the year more than with these people and doesn't matter press and others don't dispute on I think it's bigger. Issues are RB artist and I'll skip avoiding an old TV talk shows that night that are appealing to the the entertainment community. They ignored. That's what's amazing Access Hollywood isn't talking about this and I'm only human starters I don't know if you're in a barrel ahead but. Doesn't matter if they ignored or not hobbies and some crap and I think he's had a lot of crappy golf. In that there's a funny thing is a funny thing about this. Is that this he's gone as he sees his sex addict who's gonna like Sex Addicts Anonymous or someone that I mean really is that really a thing. To me to say he has a power issue not a sex addiction clinic today. It's at that as the title so unwilling to that is the biggest fraudulent. Disease are never heard of in my saying you have the same is yeah I think every man died I was just gonna be Everyman causes an addict. Here's a surprise hit a control issue. Usually we're all people aren't surprised there aren't more these rehab clinics like on every corner of all throughout America agree with you always got that problem is amazing I've got another hour to go here.