OMF - 100 wins for the Red Sox, but playoff match-ups are still a concern

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 13th
Hour #1 - Lou and Christian begin the show by locking Glenn out of the studio, but it doesn't work out the way they had hoped.  The boys break down the 100 win season for the Sox, but still have concerns about how they match-up with NY, Cleveland or Houston in the post-season.  And can David Price be relied on to be the ace of this staff in October if Chris Sale isn't right, or can't be ramped up in time?

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It's afternoons with the masters my gloves. What analyst notes you working to belittle this disease miserable and I think he's an idiot that drag out there that before and it it was a fun and hoping he would that is the worry I have the attention span for three and a half hour baseball you and I saw bear swimming pool Samoa don't someone's ID start doing their hot bird house is pretty physical bird house note with the gland Lou in Christian or that Taylor and kind of put at target on you guys all that by speaking out I saw you tell you got to apologize on and on Twitter don't apologize date announcement and Dana you phenomenal. Art does sort you know what I. I haven't really been much inmate believe me. Okay. Doesn't doesn't do that just took tricks were tortured and haven't you can we stop the stumbling trick question thank goodness sakes. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. He was doing me. What you like. But joy that you couldn't reach some people yeah I like interest rates. Pretty good he solved all the Idaho it's all season that you're like up Mickey Ken doll and I think that night I. I got older and that he's bored and it all Obama. Right wing what were you kissing babies and take it hands aren't five won't we feel at peace is unsuitable audio to your will come from no no this was that you really we lots about you broke like a big giant bear. You can unlock is he must now be our president put his stick at the door secret walked in collier is crap. Ousted through literally did is that he uses blatantly don't have. Our LLC Arafat steel rod strengthen alzheimer's that's what that goes to his work there was some merlot and I'll usually I didn't do you off. So I was I was over at the Brigham and women's hospital for me I'm a doctor's seminar and my wife's book. She's whatever else you were unbelievable it is terrific unbelievable Harvard. Medical oh look at our bigs are good we dug up a dog owners and flowers I. I don't need your you know I for the next four on Dodgers and you don't kind of savior you're biased got you right here that I don't I don't look oh yeah I'll let you know once you come as good as talented on gagged on things that oh yeah I don't even though they aren't you won national clients are star. Vibrate at I know there are certain times that you wanted to do certain things he gives it don't matter don't wanna do whatever I want. We have a lot of how long and I want this site you need all the dogs all the kids all that stuff regulate build everything I didn't think everything sometimes let's go past nine. They are really. If it. And volley that Robert Duvall my wife also but my wife was great that she editor isolationist views absolutely brilliant. Something I couldn't deal and so I was a couple seconds let's put Lou bail money yes that's laws that would threaten heated trying to Qaeda any calculation much like you got to match heavy lifting up and I was late once I was not full time here early if that were you may have been off that an area where I remember him not late today I I certainly don't mean. I think we're gonna make some changes you whipping Christian. You know I don't know was duties like cattle in at least I don't you must do if he really wants to do this I'm not sure he's really committed you don't we'll see what happens the first and they put on he's like half volley. It was back there like a half hour later like that Dolores has some cop got Chavez and the noise that this group. Yet it is for a now how are bound it's got no snow at the Johns guys and ask. And that it that I had driving it validate with I was taking pictures. Of the traffic can act like people they believe ought traffic traffic I don't believe that everybody had an issue I got a flat tax I don't believe you shall we the tire iron shall we hear your car you see somebody I've. They're the pop died. I am Leo finally yeah the next day with all the information that guy you've earned investigation at odd times. I'd never emblazoned family or sell her badly he needed to get the evidence did you did not believe in yourself and today so you miss like every organ talk about your. You're gonna jump on the shouting I. Alex I go kill myself because I bogeyed the second post ago you. Exactly and a lot of our lives there and by the way and he's having some problems in the Indian blanket planet I can't play commercials so maybe go 4550 minutes it is not just. What is this Saturday night as well after I looked at him at eight you know he extended yet what it would we take a stalwart David Price. Why no economist David Price because I'm here to tell you he's good David Price is the savior nobody expected. He is the one that everybody who follow us crap all over saint the funny man you especially everybody there's at least on barrel do you. The way UV. I did this guy could not have been dessert I'd write him when he makes to become a satellite but okay but let's not put its magic bullet gun related being spent weeks that we give the past Dallas when he did what when we say we were gonna get David Price the past. All the stupid stuff we what we anyways it was easily career coach yeah. W that's the question who wasn't gonna answer Oracle's I had to jump in what might well realize I was tired I'm never about that I. Always try to figure out talking about like. The other did this happen like a month ago always up you'll get a pass or elect Glenn points out it's it's it's a great what do these scenarios to where. Think anybody can be limited situations everybody to their medical people the root for him to lose the post season but. I don't think the majority of people don't think anybody's really wanting him to lose. In the post season elected to the narrative view might have fun with that but everybody wants cynical wit. So because those are good game. You know it winds above him in the post seasons and that now he think of them. Anderson that you don't mean it's a to B it's a bit like a takes into Leone that's like old for thirty. Any of that guy can hit and he goes on its head and it got hot what caused the ratio of thirty you know it it goes good reason not to believe it so. I hope he goes up those are good game. In the playoffs I hope he wins nobody does it should be and how moment for him if anything else should be monkey off the back in just do that okay I'm good I can move forward Chris. He has to show what people have to see it that's all. Now and not here at all lately you have to almost whisper we Stevie tries it out loud. It is Iraq. Well. It isn't sure hope so I don't certainly didn't pump yeah that's the docket it's a dog image any beltway and blocked blocked. I think god but I don't. Don't guide the all star break it which one about a amen you know carpal tunnel whatever it is done go back but to me it's a it'll if if he can finish it he could be the reason. That they keep going in the playoffs it's a great. Story I've hammered away at. It's a great story it is and I'm Brooke form she's behind every great design OK he's been great since the ultimate for Hanley who saw them. Is that there isn't a bad days Friday slugger for Jackie so I editor for England although I don't know he's out of that almost a little bit. I think with where and when it comes down to the David Price it still comes down to what he does in the post is what I was it for actually what you said two days ago. The most honest Eagles beat the east talks on monkeys every year though nine you should always I'll post editors about dale he's had he's had they don't play. He has said that before late when the post season. You know I know literacy I have to win the post he's me this is up and he's admitted any senate before just like a set sometimes that message gets lost. Because all we do is play ball pitcher we you know at the end of some hope that joke before. Two when reunions every not as a starter if we do talk about that for like the next three hours but meanwhile earlier to sound bite you acknowledges that he knows he's gonna win the post season. But what he's doing right now. And it is fun to walk she's not doing it like sail with 9899. Slider changeup make guys look foolish he's freezing guys because he's all. I don't see it all over the map but as an army hitter he is all over the map I don't know what the hell he's gonna do to me. He might come in on the one at bat and a Micah is set me up with a changeup that paint in the fastball. Well my thing is certain yet what this cutter rate of two fastball and a paint down away with a backdoor cutter he's pitching out but that's what he's it'll be changing it up this front pattern. You know Maroney got bombed by the Yankees and it was he was kittens be against the Yankees those five home runs. I I still say one of them was a bad pitch. The other would you go looked O'Connor's debt and an off the plate fastballs down and it off the plate up ball eat he was predictable. You know there was there was hot zones red red zones all over the place down and in its and he eventually he's gonna come here. And I think big I think the Astros do the same thing eventually he's gonna come here you know he was different document opened but. Any any predictable now he's not. Like for example could be a hitter they're right handed hitter gave look at the outer half. He could throw a little too seem right there get a pap report seamer that angle cutter let's start off the plate. There comes in on a big change at that seems to be on the plate. And fades away from it so now I'm just the outside corner he's got suddenly comes in on you the summit comes away from you it's up to go straight by U. So he aegis. And then the next step that he'll do the same thing but. To the other side of the plate you end. It's just it's it's about a gallon he had won a came back into the strike zone last night that the umpire missed in that last out I think the little plug it up. Terrible. But he's just got out. Christian he's been great. He's been tremendous and I think. Were all feeling more encouraged to bottom of the post season Maloney let's get his but it fell. Would you go to Vegas and got a few bucks found that he gets him wins of the season yes about how much shown us before death and that he gets to the post season okay and something happens it. I'm so lucky thing I think our I want you iPhone owners lock I into editing out the top of him on about it in years it was a great team won eleven of the policies he's he could not have great post season numbers again it great when you arrest it's okay fine OK I'm I'm I'm here as a spokesperson and it also when you met with him method me I dared to ask her okay. Do you is there any correlation could you draw any correlation to the amount of innings that he's thrown. Over the past whatever for five years from Detroit to Toronto to two Boston. And look at some sort of fatigue and this year may be being hurt and maybe having the carpal tunnel and maybe being beat by the ball is a good thing for him. He's fresh and I know how scores been talking about it. It's beginning of the season we're gonna manage these guys or he got the benefit of not being managed by courts are Rezko but all giddy days off because he got hurt. Give it as he did he do he does the public got a real injury like. Like Chris Hill where he has maybe needs an injection thirty some stores manual therapy he just had to just single. So his mechanics in his shoulder or not that's not as effective probably stronger than it's ever been used in a movie the rookie which it falls down when I am actually you know like her aren't. Let that surprise you and I know there's a problem we update it probably not anything with that. Well that there's one flaw in your argument with them and hit it into the rely yet he did into the search hitting it's bad that. Understand 2015. When he went 185 of the 245 Vieira was runner up the Cy Young medallist Michael you straight to Toronto now and Toronto's in a pennant race so there are some big games that he had the kitchen it's not tightest in a post these different low what's that Emma for trials of some big games. So his first ten starts for Toronto he went 801 with a 195 yes that's your 2220 innings. A lot of ending this old arm rest fatigue thing it's only two years ago I was regulars this when he got traded right yeah the regular season anyway attendant you at 81 with a 195. Nose last are I think we'll just more liberal way low pitch count that he would hit give up four runs and inspired but. The first ten. You know he had a 195. Gary for Toronto militants in all my god we hit it rich. Like we have got there I would go to the post season we trade for our race. We are bunch of geniuses for getting this guy and he rolled in game one of the AL DS. Against Texas. And he went seven innings he gave up five runs. Gave up two bombs in and by the way hit you guys. In one game she's done bullies you rattle you at three guys all year that year. Three all year book and at 195 for this team down the stretch Iberia any role in. And he gave up five earned runs a thicket the first five or six in five innings and gave new couple schools after that. Two bombs so the guy they got. The guy they suck down a stretch. The guy that they sectors sets this guy's money out it was record's been in the past he's pitching at a different level right now watch out seven innings five. I I understand that part but. When I look at that I think of our I figure our boy Max Kellerman when he says this about poverty here comes the cliff so that was a regular season cliff into the post season. So they both of these it's I'm drawing a comparison I'm trying to draw some sort of comparison to work and it was well I mean it is it is cliff cliff cliff is such a fight you fight the blue jays gave you one yard just want to give you a few more and hear the company's September's events were really good. So if you're gonna hire anybody which I think Chris hail fellow well let's get but could still the last this year for what is don't look at. Don't compare this year I think actually this year is an outline and be different only do we one up only because of the way wanted to. This is what he needed he needed this he needed this this. You know self imposed break with with getting hit in the carpet got an apparent about their data's changing to being ashamed more than ever and it forced him. To be a little bit more resilient and want to beat it wanna like you know get in line with the media really wanna like the one I can visit than our panel are sort of an. Well a courtesy that don't work would say countering your argument I'm not sitting here in saying that he's gonna get bombed in the postseason they'd be great if she I have absolutely no idea. But I I hate I hate what I hear people say dumb but he's throwing so well right now it's gonna translate. If that's your reasoning why you think he's gonna do well then it and it's not a good reason. Does that just told you like you said many times when he's gotten ugly U right in the late in the month commitment September's right now as the elderly ER he's been great but remember how good he was after those first seven starts his first year here in the area lakes three only 28 starts 3.2 we've when he was really good. For the steamy 2016. Three quarters of the year. And you at three in the third gave up five runs against Cleveland you know three run in the second inning give a three run bomb which is ought to make it for nothing next game is over. He put your guy out there's been told the ball well against Cleveland sickening yard doubtful for not the next game is over. So I'm not saying he can't deal. I hope he does nobody had any pitch at eye level right now but if your reasoning that you think he's good for awhile because he's told while right now it's its debt. Don't go don't go there we can't we please let me understand there are no signs right now that tell you that he's going to be a pitch well on October because we've seen it before he pitched well down the stretch in September. Once he gets to a game that suddenly is not on the 162 schedule regular season schedule. And it becomes a postseason game. He flaws I and he's got semi three former career innings in the post season eight starts he had five points or three ER rate again I'm more should get what you got again without him there now he obviously I you have right now he's the only guy based. And one of Chris hale we talked about yesterday I'm Eagles out. And he's going to be only get to 166. Or seven and he knows. David Price especially after yesterday's reports at this but this is another Q another sign actually out spearhead this. So us fox have had. 311. Nothing wins this year and prices started every single one of him. So why he's been that we look at that to me that is a you know high circumstance. Typical situation no room for error type of situation where. You need to be focused the entire time I'm not saying they think this date beacon of hope. But when it comes to that's all you read the signs. Are you doing he could of and I think you'll he and his huge holes bogeyed the hole Britain before but he's built on the tenth. Out of or the people bought they did the argument you try to make. Is one that of an interview. Jill who was hoping and pray that this will be the year that he can convert what he's doing in the regular season of the policies and and a guideline. Enjoy your hope and joy out you know on the brink of what David Craig that you need all our daily for a crime is the newest get off my you're my lawn not guys you haven't thrown. Any evidence out the they'll there was zero evidence you've thrown out until they gives us an other than hope. The gives us an indication that we're seeing David writes if you don't know and I'll mind. If you are you David Price the stock. Okay he's he's not performed in the past you've been you've been losing money left to right. And you've done all the forecasts and you looked at is it that years before trying to drop some correlation to do these therapies why. I think it's gonna debate are you not I'm constantly. But I'll ask him a question guy. Okay what what what this does and what is happening this year that is different tests and valuable at all options are of us are personal all but bring everything in his life okay. You gotta read you can't be sold just closed minded Lou okay like look at the big picture and tried to try to force that your stock is going right now there's no question about it. People love in the regular season is over. That's October 4 the night before the first playoff games begin it's game one. Think of stock with a bad financial report comes out and prepare and hurricane as a recruiter for of one demonstrating classes a one day to the stock drops the socked just plummets because this bad financial report. That's odd I thought October 4. Does the next days game one of the playoffs. So I'm pissed he needs to get through that and I'd let you know. I understand that this the past he is overlooked as a member of the Boston Red Sox like I said it is fun to watch and that is why people say this is different and it could be. But I tell you that AL DS man and in 2015 is still stuck in my hand to submit what happened in game four down in Texas they were up two games to one. I believe all or are they were down two games to a go to Texas. They are up seven to one in the fifth inning and now. Seven a one out there about to force a game five back in their own place and they brought price out of the bullpen gave game game five to mark stroman the rookie. You set a goal in seven I want you can't just gonna maybe win the Cy Young or at least be runner up to the Cy Young you're 701. You don't want him for game five. Vitamin and against him give up three runs and made actually a ball game there and acting but an arsenal man they don't want to give the ball. They don't wanna give in game five is up seven what do you three detail is in a it's three it's like god I understand that you go to price is they got to shut down big failure at best pitcher we need to force a game five. But seven to one. And you use them because he didn't want using games. Crist and that that was damage yeah I was it's got nothing to do with his physical ability clearly as it. He when he wants to be is a great pitcher there's no question about what happened to the postseason is all between years he's got to get over that. That's on him. Well that's why physically I'm not doing nothing and that's why like the one not only do so that that that is a good idea to the police got involved between the season against a gallon pitching dual node either team was getting any hits. You have to keep going out there and keep it where it is that you get the lead got to keep in just. AK it's not perfect. OK but when you know to lose point is the best he's looked at as a red and of course there you're toxic or this maybe this is partly the reason why. Have gone through this Johnson went through this right where Randy Johnson was seven great regular seasons and he was struggling in the postseason. And then finally bill you know the ball went off and motivated and that's what this guy has to figure it out. The what he's done is you've he's reinvented himself who was talking about senator earlier so question he's reinvented himself he can't throw with the velocity he threw a few years ago. And it's working. But a postseason. Listen we can hope all we want and that's all we have right now but I don't think you have any evidence or at least it is they are on none of them are just just. You aren't a lot of you were found box and about there are more questions knocked it up and it's awful high now you'll thank you time I dream on him and I I don't know that are quantities of these guys possible wanna believe I believe I assume that well it's great. I am it's you know because he's gonna be the reason. This team he certainly does some. He's got a few you know he's had a few good starts you know like Randy Johnson recently matchup Clemens and you know the Kimmel Wallach you can rip that apart because. There's a difference between Lucy I think it David Price goes out there but he did one of these games that he lost the thing in Detroit against Baltimore and goes eight innings two runs. You lose 21. You should praise they've yet after the economy is fall I must say is that there's a difference you know it's old Roger Clemens was struggling winning games if you remember that we're talking was era it was like under three you're trying to bring petrol price again and so Randy Johnson you know he had a stretcher and lost like 456. Playoff games and Roloson what is going on the unit. You know seven and a third three runs eight innings three runs eight innings two runs six innings one run. Pretty damn good game he pitched well I mean he didn't want to be while lose that's that's one thing but that's something borrowed six ERA. And you'll win a game that actually throw the ball well this every game. Your dad that that you're talked about 2015 he came back and threw an ALCS against the royals and if you remembered not but I think it'd no hitter. All one hitter after six. And then it was a little blue first hit a baby was little blue the right to drop it shouldn't have and they scored five on his ass. You know remain so all of that now it's six innings five runs but he did he had a no hitter to get the sixers he's thrown the ball well. But not consistent as of these other guys that so called have struggled in the post season. The radiant Roger and they struggled there you are racist it's aired on three out of six. Listen it's a great story. And it's the only story no idea is that you can't sort out he could be a great story while it is a great story either way I don't I don't their price which he's heeded. He's heeded SI mean. But what though it's like you don't feel no longer and it all dirty don't want. The Wal-Mart though not all of he's been a legend so heat not to say to people that. You know the fans are differently you know there's gonna go with with with them wherever the mob going to keep on our dogs I don't care certainly yes he's he's he's just he's all knowing and you know based on the way in his press conferences what's first address how this is poised and in inherently just kind of ability. And I think there's less of that now and a lot of it has to do with the fact that he's pitching so well and he juror your best hope in the post season do you find that first year. Authorities find the first few people wrote them and rightly so we afford oh he's 40675. Misperceptions that wouldn't we don't. But I think we can sectors that lord of the price guy's track records and figured out any dead. And and I don't think there was much hatred towards David Price you're one. And in game one happened. Three to 35 runs you know and Andy sat there and and it was all offseason that's when he was more active on Twitter. And that's when he started kind of fight back on Twitter a little bit. And it was that next year when he got hurt that's that's kind of what bearing is still trying to get to know this guy. And he gets harder and he's distant he's miserable he says some things he pops off they actually thing happens and it just it's no balls on the kid so. Yeah I think there are some people out there it's still like things are bad do. So there might be if it's all pressure and that's what gets to a when he gets for the playoffs to be more pressure on him in this year is plan. B you know once Gartner. You date once starred in making they're looking good ones out there and as well as opposed the sale going down. Pitching well in that first game you winning it at home take a little bit of pressure off you forgetting to. That has more to do I think with the health of Chris Sale. Because to me. Again like I said game one game two starter whoever that is can stock gained five. So in other words game two was on normal rest to pitch game five game one it's an extra days' rest. So I need to Null. You know how healthy Chris Sale Liz there's my game one starter. Mike also need to come out of the pen in game four. Can sailed through that. I don't know because of price pitches game two and sailed can't do that. I don't know price can either in Notre Dame might might be able to and it got to come back with sale in game five and you don't know with a health rates so it's all about health. With Chris Sale lease are talking about strategies and who goes game one who goes into mental last year was the Terry Francona with the with Bauer yeah I think it was but he started Kimball deemed too. I mean a good part yeah clover gained two and reason Willis is just after the game one starter Colbert come back to pitch game five. And after game one by postal rates in Japan is on could recover. So he was going to be a reliever in game three in game four in game five and that's why he did that. So there is some strategy game one game Q and how you wanna use the guy are you able to use to guide the rest of the series. Are we get to your phone calls it 6177797937. And down to Jacksonville this is the biggest game ever apparently. Populace and miles Jack that's what he's talking about we'll get to all of that as well 6177797937. Right here an element. Don't care tight. Landed at guaranteed lowest price and counting offers more free services they. Dealer put the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody now. And 48. Sports Radio go. My back there knowing that we study would David Price hold off. God everybody we should smoltz. Race under woods that we get David Price in the post season that you're getting right now but how confident. I think I'm gonna you know I think it would definitely his first start bombers don't with the board nothing but white. And an elemental regulate these some inspiration right at this right at the perfect time on the stand out. Hopefully he'll just be just right look at him like thanks bro. And go in the game gives inning oh yeah and it's like a natural due to hear about the arts and movie it's not realize it are gonna happen that's your foul territory that saw ballclub viewers. On the weakness he throws yes in right field seats. Su player fighting about but that'll that'll they're still working on right now budgeting a ball girl down in the third all small man. Whatever I mean what's in my hands candidate who was not doing this I don't wanna do this you are very quietly to sort of I think that we plot elements include all of our audited put it this way you look at who wears a lot more to lose and I. So low pressure that the vote comes down there in loomed as he handles it can you imagine what the crowd's gonna be like. Like the that the quality village idiot you're in front. I totally totally in on payment you know. That might only ballparks have a lot of clowns come out there and entertain read tabloids aren't on your laptop out I thought I hit it I don't know whether it's a jewel. I think that we should give you. The patriots held sure take the patriots emblem off and put a Red Sox won't. So you can be done it with a little softball glove. In beauty by the way phone you know why is that why why all night why Alex you're a Red Sox in the autumn it doesn't matter if it's this public just yet don't look is College Baseball games for men in Major League Baseball she knows I. I don't formula that's all about unify the claims okay men and women living together in harmony let there by the Israeli bug that just Mendoza can do if she's a softball player conduct or acute need to that's all we do yeah I'd talk to the bigger the better side of prob right okay and I'm here than there is I was at the garage was it underneath. What was it appropriates it would lead or was. It was a ball is weird that that's when you started looking for odd paper you haven't thought about your glove like a bullet aero. At night with no aero. Horseshoe. Hand grenade. And a pelican is that we hear that. Look I simply of poor pick up a that's about I I don't know. Isn't there is gonna because we actually didn't re use Google that let me ask you is that her disease you go to the Red Sox 100 games last yes and they get a break the franchise record 1912105. Right they go six intending to break the record. So I think people confusing. You know the trying to downplay. The excitement of of 100 wins means. Because it is what it means to me is that this is a very good team that you went under gays by taking care of business by showing up every single night never get too low. And beating the teams you should be very personable but yeah I mean what are the fifteen should be you'd better than anyone which is impressive because. Every year there's always teams it is better they don't they don't win those games the Yankees threes whether they how they are. But I think people looking fusing it like all of a sudden. It guarantees something in their fight this argument doesn't guarantee anything and we showed you. You know what teams under wins doesn't it show you what a team to clinch its first does this again but I don't. Is anybody out there thinking that under wins guarantees you a championship the. The cell don't usually got very good here here's what it does when you went under in Europe got a 10810. Whatever. When you do that the expectations suddenly are ratcheted way up here. So as opposed to winning 8889 Reeve in 93 straight off I don't know that they can one of the policies that. Well when you are have ten more wins than the second best team in the American League and fifteen or eighteen. More than the other teams that are in the post season people are gonna look at expecting this team to go to the World Series. And yet. I think views. The zero guarantee especially when you look into it who they have to play whether it's on your expert whether it's the Astros loaded with a Yankee indices. Started you said they need to win of winning the World Series. This team can get the post season I mean at the beginning the I thought that they were just a step below. Houston New York in Cleveland but I thought they were playoff team you know and you could argue that maybe they could win the American League east who knows right but. Now and in the gold that was all they got to win a playoff game a playoff series. That's not anymore. We now it better when their first playoff series to me but I. People saying they got to get to the World Series says it's very difficult when that first playoff series especially when we're talking about the uncertainty right now of course. Why yeah I understand that of course I mean you don't know what's going on with him vote. If they don't make the World Series is it just this whole year is the huge disappointment yes yet will be isn't. This the only let's face it that's all it's all expectations and it may be. They may be phony expectations. But we're treating it differently are we then a team that wins 93 games. Yes but I but to me when we. Well it's not what a disappointment it's when your team lose the team you expect them to lose to a but the news that they lose in the first round of the that's a huge disappointment for France and it's huge disappointment obligation lose them all the rate of five and they only lose in the World Series I'm not gonna sit there and just say the only under achieved elected two years ago it lost the Indians. And hour before he has what is now you know younger kids struggle to find it just common circuits of the way they should get swept by the team that was a huge disappointment. To me if they go to the Ailes yes indeed lose to Houston Astros. That doesn't that's a huge disappointment to them and act like I don't know how it's gonna happen I don't know if I I hear how many games are very similar don't know how it's gonna have also loves to be that disappointed or shocked. Well I Al Ross say so it's it's just because you see doesn't have as many overall wins in the regular season. It's elect the separation of wins and losses between those two teams doesn't tell me anything doesn't tell me that that the Red Sox are that much better. Then be used to national I still enjoy gonna be the favorite dog might I wouldn't let other than Red Sox OK even what the record okay great. Great regular season. But I am I close look at them as as another upcoming team and oh by the way the pages should they just kind of the other 124 but he lost two games and it really should once so there the record is to see there's still better team than you like picks gonna go to Jackson and they're going to be favored. Even though Jack's mills got a really good team a great defense and you would think they would have Yiddish. They're not so but I still think it's closer with. It based on just overall. In general. Shia and I'm not I think if they would lose to Houston. The disappointment. Would be in Dave Dombrowski. Believing that there wasn't anyone on the trade market that was actually better than what this revolving door has turned into in this ballpark. If that's the reason why they'd lose. You you are going to be disappointed in this team in the personnel in Alex Cora. Always gonna sit there and say well what what did you expect. Yet you lost in game seven but you're had the lead in two of these games going into the seventh inning the eighth inning in the bullpen didn't hold onto. You don't means so I'm not going to be I don't think they have to get to the World Series because I actually believe agree with climate they get the Yale suggested might be. Under. Now. I don't think they'll be underdogs to Houston. Apps along appointment but still and that's communal wanted to go to the quality of the real world starters all plus they won the World Series last year Clinton and the Red Sox have been bounced the last two years and arouse so. Of course going to be favored the more you know for the reds are beatable field. It'll be one accident even if nothing else. I just I don't know hours and I'll be disciplined losing first it was used to use yes I hate to lose and a first round they better it is all leave town. Is it would have at least if you pay doesn't matter like nobody cares you think you are. It this year. Is does this team is lashes out at night through winds is thought you know poke a stick typically right that's not impressive but it but look at person we don't even know he's going to be like three weeks from now you're going into postseason where nobody. None of your starters had ever won a playoff game so they're trying to get over that hump right now and tell me that you think that it's gonna be easy to wonder at first round. Against a team like Oakland org a team like the Yankees slugger and admitted that I would say sorry it's never easy that's not downplay it a case. But they should win the game. If say they're if they are under per day are a better team if he had no line with the person. No way while I mean now who. Plain and hate assume everybody's healthy okay. It's how I don't think Philadelphia now prices are cheaper style that's part of the equation you've got to add that in no I like right now I'm on his way to being healthy and I kind of unhealthy. I know Oakland's got a unbelievable bullpen. Olson not evil allow that the loud get to that point. It admin i.s done for the year gay he's out bodies of the best pitch you know it's your grass. You roll in a series and it they're gonna go with Mike fires is their game one starter. Edwin Jackson. Or Trevor Cahill. You better not let that opening Italy understate it you know I think they're all okay. But well at any of those guys being your rotation you be citizen a Q which one of these guys pitch game four. Broke with no Purcell Mike fires might be or number three starter well okay it would no Christian of the with with with Chris Sale. They had to say that that's starting Daniel meg didn't I you know it's like those four guys are gonna come you know. Like now there's no excuse not to and I respect Eldorado the weather Dell and apple tornado it's a strange ball up all six through caucasians I think you know and it's not that I'm just saying is that they put more wallet the bullpen and what Bob Melvin is done with these guys and a protruding and situations and everything else I mean. You gotta respect that but that team should not be the Red Sox in five games here's a public that rotate. It's the folk also wants a 7797937. His injured on the tape I enter. I guess so I just want there hundredth win. And you know if you look back on this season and how many awesome moments out there and I mean come from behind win offense has been on fire most vocal seat and while wanted to win the World Series of course tells us is they gonna be a disappointment now I mean this has been to Austin sees it. All the what does the first round and our eluded first round I mean yeah I that's going to be disappointing you don't think you can take away from what they see what we've seen that he didn't from a rights are. C'mon Andrew you've been a Red Sox fan for a long time you know it's gonna take away you know how the fans are gonna react here. Do you really believe that they lose in the first round a bit close in the first round. You tell me that the fancy organ recipients it was wonderful honor. Games in the regular is they only way. I think yeah you got a point but still it did this how many walkout when it says they've been in this heat. It's been great regulars yes there's been phenomenal everybody else like global now that is fun but I don't got to win that at Sunday's game against new York at the end of September. And we can sit there we can celebrate. The regular season. How memorable was at a lower auto. All of that and then realized you wake up Monday morning that what just happened. As a matter anymore. Tell me how they laws. Because something funky will happen in that first round of the playoffs you know it always does something happens and you sit and say oh my god. Now that if you're looking at blame pie the first guy and that list is probably Dombrowski. Probably at all they lose a yes. We are we're eighth it was September it's September 12 yesterday. And your manager is out here checking to see if the knuckleball pitcher compared to negate that he's experimenting. With an experiment with Alicia key for the birds that. Again I've I've been talking up Stephen Wright is a huge member of his bullpen not eighth. But I've been consistent with that you know not just coming in the eighth for needing if you what's the pitch the eighth it's only because he's come in the sixth he's 123. They came in the seventh. And it's 123 media walk somewhere you know. Now it's like you don't want two good innings let's give him another one he looks good you know until. The second time through the water comes up. And then we're gonna come back with a all the under you don't say and so. I don't mind given them one time through yours if it starts in the sits but the commitment just the eighth. That's some that makes me a little bit. No he was experiment that I study told us yesterday he's experimenting and that's what that was last night. And that's what you're looking forward to when the postseason and it struck a tree and affecting interstate a money game is over and post game. And he said you got to be patient while those that it turn the other way low but it should go to. Well I know but that's that's that's in the wake you know on the cool he's got all these got to start and at first inning you're like holy smokes bases Jews won out in public dollar B Dillon. And now sitio one run annular. All right next you know his six zeroes put a path of death or two runs in the first of these six zeros up after that so it's that's that's the. Always give you that the cemetery you do the first and yet I know is there is that there's a little bit hurt you know risk with him I get it. But and he always seems to count out flounder around it furs and everything is like a crazy situation you don't click paying area of the guys on first and and third. And he can't be can't buy strikes mixing you know he gets outage and death and like how the hell did you figure this out. And that's why does that course say listen I got eternal I close my eyes because I wanna see you know I know how it's gonna end him but I don't feel like going through he. He can get you guys scored position. The only eagle at last night notes at first and third is in as an all need to fly ball right and it comes this floater. And you become overly aggressive because if they can just flow wanted them therefore we put in a deal with all that do not mean you become. Over aggressive. Looking for that you know I in any maybe usually a bad pitching you pop it up or whatever might be so it's. Again I liked him in net in the fifth or the sixth inning one particular difficult 67. And if he's cruise ended maybe 88 may be but just flat out the eight inning guy an issue. I don't have to learn how to plug away and and knowing that he's gonna find. And then after in an outstanding job and can't do that is sitting on the policies and I'd say it's a sentence of seven on seven 37. There it is one of the best pitchers in the big news if you struggle did that that talk about him in New York. And then he went to Kansas City and so making adjustments he lost his control one and then by. Then after that he's been working and I'm a database is too soon to be this occurred and then read what he had to say about it. This guy that the organizations signed a few years ago that he's here now he's been amazing man. And I'm he's been very important. They're wonderful he's been great this year he is so reinvent itself. Is done at all and he's even saying quite rational planes down the last few days all of that is true it's that the adjustment policies. And yet in what did you did you business other than hoping distinguishing an NBA game in bail out you can I say it's the only thing you've got right now. It's like little things you can't be wishy washy Campion offense that either yes or no he's got an economy in the book is a yes or not you're careful scared. It's yes or know on record right now Glenn normally you believe and and in the post yes I don't know I can't use that term and how McLaren did. He had does that nobody has answered is do you want I'm glad you are now you know actually you know I would think rich wants him but I've backed out of the room. Louis what. New yes Leary a lot to me an answer yet you know I wanna I wanna know right now OK I told you page it's gonna go eleven to five sticking to it. Even though they gonna go on to feed of that with a eleven to five so you tell me right now we've got tired in the punch well I need you to work this properly. Not not even you and why are you even have our dog like I. Aren't I hang out and I don't get a yes or when it's not. I don't know he's really scared of you you're right of baseball he rarely simple. Like trust David Price in October. The answer is no okay well I just a lot similar Australian. You were heard this payment is around GA you know you know many many dolls saying you've had and I can't thank god I can't do that didn't answer. I don't know who trust him yesterday to say yes and I don't know and. I. How are soaps aren't you can't is being negative on it saying no you were you hurt your efforts. And his late. I don't I don't. I'm out of your fan boy today you're only nine did god I think what you've done today to ask you have nothing to back in not only hope. Let's begin this petty and easily that's now now I outlets and I think you're you'll kind of touched on a little bit. OK it's just the yes it's the same way he's looked at past September and probably season how ever I would say it's different smelled so it's now. It's not like the biggest amount we spend far got a and it's not that well there are targeted I don't really get legs it feels. Ever to know what are you candidate I would agree that it's a different smell first three years in Boston this the best he's thrown he has locked in right now. So I should but given his history I got to see it first pretty sure those people 2015 in Toronto and similar smell it that's. Last year was a year and that's all so it doesn't. I don't mind you sit there's and I had confidence in him that's fine symbolic but if you real thing is because he's thrown the ball roll outs right now it doesn't really hold much water because of mr. It's funny you normally don't usually you're Red Sox cap I got my cap to take the bottom among the others on off. I'm an official member of Boston that's the junior not to let you talk about to be about under about two guys are gonna end up playing for the Red Sox one guy in his room and I never played. Talk about underachieving there's nobody no team that's underachieving more than the Dodgers right I thought ultimately their play. In those guys they're you know you know the Dodgers have dialogue LA saw what Elliott can't literally science do. So the Dodgers were the hot ticket you know sign a bunch of you know big name guys spend a lot of money it might want to go to games magic involved he's there at two games sit in front row. You are right behind home plate. And LeBron James comes and let you know let. That's all season started you know there there were kind of down with them. Football star and the rams are good charges are okay. They're big they're they're giving up on the Dodgers and that is what LA peopled by the way to pay anything for those Tommy LaSorda and Magic Johnson conversations. To miss his uncles a lot of come to a yes yes he stood. I met him near once I met him here like maybe you know Boston yeah interesting that's I I cheered him just like. Just like I skewed the affect you know. East of I went out of did. You. Cook again for me perhaps I said pat months and next appear at all and have it up. Or. It's like colgan. Aren't you. That there on the young yet on what they want. And growing up I always the fortunately it and I already did you. Saw you on that every point I just felt like you know implode just knuckleball is I don't trust in my own home. Eric I I wouldn't mind you know competent people want at least got. Well eyewitness surround within the inning last night he saw on one of the pictures on those in the united solution. You know might just barely caught the and second it would put the government like Iran and I think there. But what I understand that they're doing all of this out of necessity now last night eight thinning I think was an experiment. To see what he'd be like in the NBA I think ultimately it's probably going to be Barnes or maybe Kelly if he gets as soon continues to. You know get his act together here in the next few weeks but this is out of necessity. I think there was ever plan of using the knuckleball pitcher out of the bullpen but look at what else they've got to. I I would I would rather he pellet or you know and a monetary got well it's a good luck. I liked it a hundred but it did not I don't think. Unfortunate souls and their routes to. And that's probably his biggest fault to be perfectly honest with you. Really comes down to philosophy and from what I understood what I was told was at the deadline there were some good pitches. You know that he was an inch and it isn't hard and wants power any look at this open it's put together with power there's no question when he showed up. The rest of bullpen was the softest all bullpen in all of baseball for you remember any brought back in your comes all the power and that's great. But if all you want is power we do owners to meet you fight net streak in you choose Jason because every once the power. Everyone's got what you got. You can't do anything great I put guys all that gold 97 to a hundred everyone's got those. That you get guys that Dick Dick Dick guys out. You know you guys that can you at the moment. So when you're. Trying to shy away from a guy the might be a good pitcher but she goes only 93 with saint changeup slider to give you different look. And you don't point your duel and this is hit the gun. You know to me that that's a philosophical issue. And I think that's when I heard there was some guys who just say I think shekels one of why does taller now. Love to see that some of pitched only African breeds through side I'm whatever it is just given guys a different look right at Alex Sergio Romo. Addressed in the close now but doubled split those ladders up different inning but you appeal to all while we when you. Went out and got price she thought price was going to be the hard throwing guy now as the guy that throws 94. Throws that cutter finished changeup is tremendous. Last night change it was tremendous and as a hitter for one inning on to inning nine. Everybody I've faced those 95 tolls and looks aside. Never ever wild as I say it's impressive that you never uncomfortably cruises visit visit is 97 rattle me. When all I do was faced 9596. No I mean what he does use a split. Just don't got one really good changeup there's knoller and pens got one. That might rattle me a little bit but no one's got a let's go to Chris import money Chris. Hey I actually cut it yeah that's how our pitching back. Alas I only good work Richard Cox. Well I yeah reason I stay away from. What society gossip you there's a lot of things going on here's fires so. The general residency most important thing for him to get that breaking ball over strike. Enola under the ultimate. Amid Nazis the spring training game but. You know he he himself and it's that curveball for strike early counts is very important for him musical for strike the east of Berry won for the strikeout. So you manipulative trying to find that terrible. It was chaotic I heavily last night but. Agent that I got a lot of outs too is wrecked our. Error let me sit under ten games are well paid this year. They brought back. Or post you. Help it look at last year. I just can't go. Indians. Astros. This year. And not how it stacked. Right into the bigger and. Yeah here's the thing that list and I'm an American League the American League playoff teams. Head to head against each other against those where teams are all around right around 500 it is no Cleveland used to thinking of oak Glen there's nothing cleavage is nothing crazy bosses like right in the middle ball what do design. Red Sox are fifteen and fifteen against those on the fourteenth post season. The Houston Astros are the best the 22 and eighteen yet so early that you know to me there's four games all 500 your rec 500 yankees are 1815. You've still got Cleveland New York left. But you gonna judge them. On this Yankee stuff and it's all right you see what they're doing now that they're bringing guys in left and right they might not use that to me. The last week of the season the Yankees sweep the Red Sox and at the Wachovia but then their records indicate went well. No because Brian Johnson at the bust isn't for a. And drop rates for start. And a becomes worried about the hitting and and even last year when he's talking about hitting it really was the starting rotation that blow up but the that the the stuff he was talking about the breaking balls felt it was mainly when a smoke came into the game right when he came in he says he pitched around that's what he did nothing sinister. Excellent view areas walk another guy Campbell tells us fastball a gold real the first candidate right but the smokey you saw that coming a mile away no one relief you got smoke up there and you look at on decks in a controlled this other guy I'm not proven small. A 31 fastball it is 98. And it kills the fastball. And he's done it is hit two home runs against them and that's what that was about it Fisher Steve is finish crews boring escape. We're right or guidance does. Are gonna go up portrait when it it good seventy's reference. We know we know where is saying you know I had a seventy rooms in June. If you can't be what one of love on love the one it was the you know what I mean none of prices got us this far he's been doing this great. Right now I feel more comfortable about important political season but I do presario. You don't know Chris tells them well now we don't know if it'll walk according. Okay what you currently if you just on the obvious how steep pitches or one guy I know one guy one guy is probably about one guy's probably going to start the post season at the other guy we still don't even know if he's gonna start kaposi's. Right right but I feel I feel more consulate now in the process you know number one starter and he's going to be our level in order. He's an ex Soviet we have to embrace that we have to get our. Nobody's saying that you're not gonna get behind. There's a Villanova. Yeah it is yeah. That's a different question do you feel confident. In David Price pitching in a post season this year. When it may sound like. It was okay. But everybody's noticing that you're doing enough I was fail why did not know solo and it will be successful or not yes or no knowledge yet although Jose are no that's not on our object of our make it easier for you case you don't you're referred to Bartlett little odds are with sweet Lou good people who will he be successful. In the post either yes or no. To change the word no bucket load. And history to adjust and you live it. Now yes OK we'll see who's right we'll see if we gotta we gotta yes and here I guess whatever we got to the got to get by Andy okay all the Smart people think yes. Just trying to get into the break six months so it's not the it's a.