OMF - 16 days until Opening Day; Lou wants the Red Sox to sign Alex Cobb; Trump and Jose Altuve, 3-13-18

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Tuesday, March 13th

HOUR 4 - We're only 16 days away from Opening Day and we're still wondering when our first big Red Sox storyline will emerge. Lou wants the Sox to sign Alex Cobb, and would consider trading Rick Porcello. Trump embarrassed himself with the Astros as they visited the White House. 


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You read. Fort Wayne alimony and 48 women who comes under the air he believes that Al Horford is a guy that should be we can we get ten where out of bed. Matt this argument socks is not the same argument that it was back in the venerable OK good so you don't like look for who's a liar. Yet just I don't I don't unaudited I'm not a fan on the Maloney who I did like him as a player I don't like him now with cool and Lou and Christian. We are sitting very challenging. For him so many ways. And I think just let you know if he tells me I love it so much and I just I'm going to work iron. Sure appreciate it and have fun at first get the lotion on hall and CO. Your children back in the day or a good feared slugger asked them to want to watch out here. Appreciate it and have fun. Now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Let's say. The motion roughing arm last. Fan though where we'll didn't we ripped the crap out of Chris price competitive with James says that was that now is that different I was oversold Brady came on the show right. It pays a visit surprised that it wants to talk what liability in the size. It's his or academy HR. You you don't let him rub your arm around. I it's different when the athlete you know and you have today you replace commuter having the right order do it is a little bit strange that was that's the he's here is that they're defending the athlete has to do if you were athletes. Basically condemning the reporter because the reporter did pose a bit obviously disgusted they had lotion right there and television discuss anything needs screwed up on the beard on that deal on a much of it is that he and they don't let the book. I think he's going to really that you don't think it discussed. You know doing a little rub down on the forearm probably beat green probably took up the tree or like only few seconds it was right next film or play put lotion he thinks that this is this. At some weird light light col Baer was the human race. Cobra jovial lot and you artillery. Trailer and mobile is not ready for the incident that's correct okay that he was gonna give you a chance you know these shows ago. Give me an opportunity to take it back to just sit on that element out here yeah opportunity. France that was a hot line now trying to save you know fairly. Tell me that shows these was usually see that's what it is yes this is the only guy I like I don't think he's prepared know of this and as it is politics that's. Forget about all humor is Pollack some fine until today you know Ottawa. You look. You know as you know the Eagles a little bit creepy to do with Tom doing it to -- those very middle decree of restraint I that it is but I obstinate back into back and use on a plane obviously. In the water starters. Month the plot out the clock was there but those are the reasons I thought it was as close as these where it's. The ECB to look you know that the beatle she asked him what it was finally. I get an opportunity to tell you guys would face the cold here than I do I don't think he was prepared. A lot of nights he's not prepared. I don't watch of that off I don't ever I can't remember the last ones late night television. Really honestly actually stay up and listen or watch there a little bit Alan little bit but let's get well I don't watch on an 1130 and ninety in Boston sports tonight Tim yeah that's right it was better what goes on watch what happened. On my show. Want to themselves you what's on what's what's your what are your logic watch what happens life. And Colin boom boom. Boom. Let's take it back take events while. He denies it. It was just a little longer cared so I mention that there was so Larry's boulders and in New York but nobody. But he is talking any day now that we're sixty days away from opening opening day nothing but are some I want to do. What's that one son Ellis stopped. I don't think the dude I've wanted to I don't think they're doing that as it is is the last guy out there why wouldn't you right now Brian Johnson active Alaska's U starters you still need a fifth. The son Alex Cobb and exactly what he did you sign out Scotland and maybe start flipping guys. You resale price and in Cobb he's 123. Palmer and stuff the deal is deal and injuring acts upload Nazi payments it's in poor so upbeat copper three years ago Rick for two more. A even up the money maybe maybe save some bucks and replenish the system with a little bit with the guys that thing you have to trade or sell or you end up in the luxury tax have done. The deal ideal normal year Cobb. And again I actually actually sign outs Cobb two to actually get some prospects in my system doesn't rating board so. On a larger bombers go when you left so with all these players that are rapidly five man rotation and here's what the Yankees did yesterday either a zillion free agents out there. In Major League Baseball right now. And the canopy a lot of bargains. Wasn't saying what it was a bore general what do you went up 23 point 45 million at their talking for years but. When I wanna give him three years at seventeen because he's got nothing else. Yeah. Yeah what I mean it looks like we may go into the for the season the regular season with guys servicing perk that still is free agents. Right guys are assigned. Unheard of does that happen now with the product guys he's the one that's left is the begun left some is gonna get comforts the Yankees probably. I. It could. They could be rookies will jumpin. I mean I was kind of get similar sort of doing an excellent thought. The Red Sox right now I'm looking at it's great for the the barrel because I think there are guys out at Yankee certainly did yesterday. Orca made like seventeen million lines unit more desperate as this season and Igor is okay in a kick tires from a kick some tires here and you'll play for us or you still wanna I wanna sit around you gotta love the couple more weeks of spring training. Or you wanna going lifers that debris of an old story. But it's a local stories and how bit it was you know Chris. They'll get the star right now and we've talked about that and he's stolen visas don't gases like 9596. Right yeah. And it's like it's considered a big deal. Seoul is ahead of schedule should view of two victors suited to turn it down to read it it was a big deal because. We put the misinterpreted what the dial down waters. And not what he's still he takes the mound there's no dial down. You gonna get night starting under Chris Sale there's no dialing down the dialing down is the bullpen how we came into camp. You know he didn't start throwing December start thrown in January you know it's a good month there. The bullpen 30% not a 100%. Between days throwing program has been altered a little bit but he's on the mound nothing's gonna change so little reason why it's on 9597. And as I got so much for the Dow down. On it because you instantly element. We're talking about must see TV last year with Chris Sale more shows talking about this say about the Bruins and hockey and ratings obviously you know we've been talking about a for a while. Chris Sale opening game or bruins' playoff game birds play after. Playoffs always gonna Chris Chris Sale. Not only ought not that that's a that's a recently I love how often but that's a recent thing. In which the TV ratings have been higher. For Bruins the games than they were for Red Sox games that's a recent thing that's probably adds that 2000 balloons right. The Red Sox you know when it's. April and may need at the Celtics of assault of Bruins in playoffs the lake who Bruins play up the would be the Red Sox routes out baseball's dying on that is the way it is. In the realize that there's an April game meat myself all watch it but Dumars in game seven of a playoff game in game five. Whether it's a Celtics and the Bruins and an eagle and judge it in in your on Sundays in October Sundays in September. Patriots that they did that are Red Sox OK it's the patriots. But on to say in April may it's playoffs. But I bailed out of 1:9 o'clock yelled at all. Yeah well that and a lot of people will but I think. With the Red Sox it's a little bit different. This goal interest excitement whatsoever with the Red Sox right now you know I was like this there's. Because they're not doing a little let's do that and again do what you just totally miffed that on anything likable and everybody goes idea it is today. They are in a holding pattern being felt a lot to other sports and so it would say October. But also based on with the Bruins and the Celtics are going out there in America. I hope people and I told her I think you are not. I think so I think people are more interest in this team of JD Martinez signing turner and sale in price. It's just did it he said just like the other two teams and I think the Celtics and Bruins are exciting. Well what do we say they're sort of in a holding pattern as well right now that a playoff starts yup Red Sox and played game game yet but come April W I think about it and I think there's and an NNS Celtics may have just gone into a much more difficult. Here. With the injuries don't put atomic with the with the Red Sox is. The piece of interest but I don't think emotionally. People are gonna jump on the bandwagon because two years in a row. They've won a lot of games of the regular C haven't been there done that since final year 0:7 AM ET widget back in April may just emotionally to spin now but they haven't been able to win in the post season. They have to prove that. David Price could go through and have a terrific season he can go win twenty games. People are still not going to be satisfied until we actually see price go in went in the postseason. Yep and outlets that they're saying I mean their that are there more story lines and stop the war. But it beginning I think you're I think you're right yeah be more alarming Carol Taylor the her story line. In general got ripped torso Hanley Ramirez MRI haven't guaranteed and there's there's there's there's plenty of story Alex Cora and we talk. You got a funny story let's go to games yet it's like us to do and again baseball shows and talk about. You know army usually between the two weeks without an elegant the national multiple for Clark and I've already got his own drilling is stocked by the way it's gonna go from ninth tonight with opponents but we use you break down a week of gains and it's like here. As it related breakdown but it. I don't know if he would tell me that if the Red Sox glowed and it's just say they have a good luck to already get the World Series that's gonna bring interest back in April may of the following year I don't. Yes so if I don't doubt I think it's all right now about what the Red Sox can do in the postseason it's in the people aren't out of the games. Whether people are gonna follow that talking about pickax yes I don't think that people are going to go emotionally jump on the bandwagon you didn't think it. Because the tickets are jumping on these other teams right now you need to think cats. And I don't think that that people are going to emotionally invest. In in in the team even though illegal when 939495. Games which I think is very doable because I think. You gotta tell me how they do. Last year was tough to do invest in a team mostly go to merely doing that's all you have to tell me that you know. If price is thrown his ass off the sale in all these young kids that Bogart's have a good year bad attendee endeavors and JD Martinez's rake in late telling how they do tell me how to get in 9495. You can win 93 again and be a lot held a lot more interest and here's where they'll be exciting Louis they have a four or five game lead through good portion of the season. In the in the division. That last year. On very exciting. The sale last season now it's again it's an audit telling how you go about doing. And I think if it can be more exciting that when not what these games because other words war and likable team to watch how did they become excited. Kind of they take it to the next global from a year ago. 'cause a year ago we all agree there was no great emotion during the regular season for the state of affairs that's because you watched it a regular basis and other winning. It just didn't look right now but they are it's easy when you win a game of still bitching about that is still a three awful face right as you hated the main decisions and all I'm just saying a cutest. Haley was legal awful awful strikeouts. You know with somebody at a game winning homer you know basic whenever he ate the UN you here we just can't figure out. But remember you started blasting down with a guy that you claimed and I think. To some degree it was true that he was must see TV even over watching Tom Brady used that yes so they started last season. Anyone of the best pitchers in the game everybody fell in love and everything it's got us right. I don't think they're going into the season with everybody falling in love with JD Martinez though you and I are both on the same page and that's what I think he's a big boost to this game is exactly what they need and I think he's gonna hit a lot of home runs a lot of outs and that's albeit one every fifth day I think it's two letters. Because when you're not be blue TV home prices start. She withheld that looks like. Yup let's suppose that doesn't go well. Well exactly and that's why it's right and that's kind of applied it to both O'Donnell and all they voted for that will look at for the for the trailer what are you going what extreme or the other I'm looking for a legal looking for him to be lights out. All of it wrapped around a park I did you know that that's what you watch I think it's gonna be fascinated to watch this play out. Because they have a team that you could clearly project. Is going to be in the playoffs. And yet I hear zero buzz out there for this team and you can sit there and say well there in spring training. But this buzz before win the Red Sox are in spring train just negatives controversial stories. Much buzzed riverbed. All Jackie Bradley junior make the team. IPods there was some of that done on of the company insiders say it's that that was a big a level of buzz are able Blake's slap make this team I don't know it will it always worst retirement ready maturity you know what it was rejected Bradley Judith he better be in the starting I don't know today I don't think is ever really been. Bloods. Spring training what is known right now it is entirely. Did I don't think I've ever seen it this dead with a good team. Third good tee audience is hard kinda convince yourself that it's worth getting emotionally involved so early. No but I think a big part of it Christian and that's the point and try to make. Is that 193. Games over the last couple years. They have won the division but they failed miserably in the policies of Italy won playoff victory in two seasons. Yes that I think is keeping people away pride outlook and all emotional investment. Even if they going Whittle a lot of games in the regular season but elders of name. And I ticket if people will be even more frightened if they end up a wild card team this year as you gonna sit there and say one game play. Almost like it better that way. The no expectations I hassles of great value unit and it's almost like some teams are better suburban that's that this is the latest teams can rebuild. Other Whittle function or think it is silly some teams or or or like having the underdog role. Yeah I don't nationally a lot of people are looking at the Yankees being that much part of the Red Sox but I'm not sure I'd buy it I'd like to see the only still honestly. In the game of baseball as far as people looking at the game and the teams and where they're at the only places team really gets disrespect it is in Boston yet. Thrilled I mean you don't look at and say. You know if you listen people around here they suck they can't do this they can't do that you listen of people outside the city and it's like TC gets elite are pricing a post sell old pomeroys aside JD Martinez. He always great kids well down years last year. Man that's a really good team. Talk to someone in Boston they suck. And it and never gonna get it done I think this city's ball critical of the Boston Red Sox and anybody else's in baseball which economy can make. Point here when talking about no buzz out there even though this is a really good team. Some really good team and has no buzz out they have to bus people don't think they're that good believe it was an April OK give him despite the can be a good team. Nobody does that pretty pleasant spring training. I disagree with you last year I disagree with you I think that's Hezbollah follows a free trade it was more buzz last year with with Chris ailment there is. We JD Martinez right now. We're talking about we're sitting here getting excited about pre sale and I really was yeah. Yeah that's well I think. And Pablo is a big talker in merely been a big talker why because that did this on negative. Negative stories so there's no buzz that means no big negative story sometimes negative stories actually help you you're right helped us and help them come down a I just I'd I'd I think it's really been quiet out here it's deadly iso channel. For the other nine in sports final did what are you most excited about Bruins in the playoffs Celtics in the playoffs patriots offseason I think. Bruins finished first patriots for the second Celtics finished third in a Red Sox were dismal fortunately just a few percent of what their Red Sox should be right now. It should be that's not being offended by but you should be patriots off season just started up. Ruins right now have a chance to go to the Eastern Conference finals the Celtics before about 48 hours ago he felt like get a chance million BA finals. Solicit their say that nobody cares about the Red Sox not because people care about those three teams right now and they're all play and high levels aren't. We'll see if it picks up in in April when they get here unfortunately they've got a three game series against the Yankees in the rest of the month and you look at it. Is there are great teams that are playing well which means they should get comfortably really. Good start second week of the season they get a three game series. Here against the Yankees. Right 6177797937. Radio and all of that. Me we have lots. Get them the wonders when going come on I want to show up there radio I'm. Sports Radio WEEI. 42 minutes left. Good taunted real median home for hours. Samples of tree down titles through Lou. What you say tree down route three really if is it is gonna get rid of it yet declared I don't know. It did go back roads. That back roads and a good when you when you get a bad storm like this but you're right that growth might work. This potential vocals here here's Tom up a New Hampshire right down. Hey what's going on guys. An increase of bodies. Can just hear it says Framingham Luke could never catch up with this side cheese but I. On this and usually that's a lie you're just as many knows exactly go to the numbers he knows that boy and go to the numbers. Just kick it looks like it is really gone down a decedent or Crawford Gonzales. And all those were signed in the Osce and a blood that your. You know best team member and you know delegate lead and it was something on the news regarding that team obviously didn't pan out too well. But certainly a lot of blood either. Out a great little a little bit different than assurance yup and then the following you those lot of buzz but for different reasons. I collapsed the other when he apologized intricate beer and eat chicken on the hell happened there and get some answers so it out a great. 2011 probably you know greatest team ever sort of what we're talking about a lot of negative stuff and even 2013. The postal bonds until we got says. We single late August there was no I don't think you'll believe that team until. I believe it was like in September in Leicester Beecher originally won the right and you like music but it was like first week of September. He's just that the talented enough about it. I just remember a lot more blogs season to season. In the spring and what we're getting right now. I think nobody I do think that there are a lot of story lines sell me an out right now there aren't because it's spring training. But how JD starts you know and regal round in Italy Ramirez. You know Jackie is smokey still MVP I mean I get Nunez and in Bogart's in Yeltsin be aggressive. The kid devers betting attendees I mean just price. There's a lot there but until you play game either succeed or fail. This is much talk about just wait to see that previewing a season on a previous don't work. Don't regret not from stuff this medium it they don't work in in sports talk radio I'm just. I just think there's nothing nothing at all and the JD Martinez Indian you brought in it and respect the biggest problem Martinez is. People don't seem to know who we are well ahead of that like oh yeah that's that's the point so you have reason to go find out. Yet a reason to fight back and it'll it'll be interesting to see with the ball park is like specially when you get school nights the weekdays over the ball parts he but the instances like. I think they got taken it. I think there's I think there's a little bit of OK don't do something and a post season and a move really get excited. I think he's gonna fund TV ratings I think you're gonna find some of the the attendants of those weekday games dropping a little bit talking about baseball. This kind of a notice yesterday you know my feeling about teens going to the White House against in this. It's. Just a photo shoot for the president and it's goofy. But I did watch some of the video here of the Houston Astros make it a visit to the White House to show. To be told Carlos Correia. Carlos Beltran neither one of them showed up. Both born and raised in Puerto Rico. This doesn't the president as he did send enough connection either to Nixon had to deploy are as I was recently against Korea when it was trying to convince Al to me. Not a goal. Of two ways from Venezuela right he's felt like as a leader of the team I got a gold. Well he went but he didn't wanna be there he is so much this video was I think you should ask looked gave the look of Steen. The simple it was trumps during that during the whole thing and that would trump went oh row by row to shake everybody's hands. He went right around L tube it. Jose Al to a day race. I. Why aren't I don't know exactly why that title alive inequity did Tehran and shake his hand. So maybe he felt like yardage is in once I don't know it's wise I don't Verlander was jumping down like three roasted McDonald's and I get a clean hands on golf and all the bodies often bodies. The whole thing was just once again so stupid so goofy. And the truck goes on talking about the economy again at the economy's doing great whatever but is that the place to sit there. And it try to what Qaeda and the use up some of the Houston Astro crowd to be able to talk about your health and it was election yet it's not such a few months accomplishments. Such redolent. That's just the whole thing I just don't know why even do these. I don't know you hate him I don't know but I mean they're they're good the player it's kind of ever like Bob Hope their Bob Hope voice to visit all American special idea is the ball mattered especially that was like. A personal goal of mine. That like a sound would visit a celebration a day ago never never made it. Almost it almost and I think he passed away or stop doing nothing but time I was there remember he stopped doing it and there was like the milk mustache was another one. The American yes first. Who's first second. Cal Brady Mark Brunell Myanmar border mark on our court and counsel third team all American so you you'll like expressed in them okay zionist and a professional athlete in his. Like actually having the opportunity to have president not I don't know I'm gonna forget about. I would it's less about me the president it's more about hey here's what you differently championship. You get to go to the White House that's like part of like the package that's. As part of the gift bag that you did it when you win at the range Disney notoriety you know what is he should what this is this is just that old. If you think that the IT it's become political right it's way too political battle back. You know before this all happened it was like. What he was excited about it. It isn't out to Tom Brady didn't go on these are so many times and at one point it's like had been heard and again about right now it's different. It's the opinions of the present so what do we battled back when you like the president people like the president but for the most part daily cup so what do we do it privately. When we get the athletes the opportunity to meet the president walked through the White House and do privately. I thought we did a whole speech is once. That's what's over rate boss that's over it's you here's the president doesn't know the names supposedly was Vinatieri. Perils of bush who's won when their when the patriots on the first time. Does butchering people's names left and right leg that nodded in my reading off cue card to somebody gives them some jokes I'd hate this guy out one on the Super Bowl form keep Google case a kicker argues that guy he's White House and lessening. Got it a bit of a very little bit of a losing battle that make him only guys went on average guy I don't care what you say it's part of the deal it's fun. But it's eagle five times I can honestly see you know that he not a. On him yeah at least the media's get tired of it is we didn't hear a big deal about the Astros and about some of the Astros aren't going right. I mean the biggest thing we've seen so far is the spare. Us they helped. Anyway I guess he did indeed come out on Tuesday. That today would ever want to insist he's the president was talking would you want to do I was standing there listening. But it ought to outlaw would've gone behind the president probably the most important guys in the world acutely laughing and doing stupid they're always talk innate illicit. But everybody also soliciting and ahead late maybe electoral Smart to her client without it isn't just saw deadbeats yes. It just some stills of him much assistance that he looks like of African. What the murder of the guys try it means is that we're look at it and I'm a little Fella Canada does Barlow led VP of the league. Peacock has pulled ahead in blow. I 50. After all is fine. Our man from. It's so bad it's just kids it's just too goofy who's next stop anyway and whose nationalist well the warriors turned him down right I know that there though Eagles. Eagle Chris Long ago. Who when he'll go and you know that's the price that you haven't issue with it. And you should go and make a speech but I don't think they get them the opportunity to do you don't have to do it right it's all staged a normal you don't know but afterwards you Miller around you talk to people hold a sign of how does it play. And articulate that sound that Christian than units or don't they don't search. Yeah well I don't protest suns shoot I don't thirteen. If there's some sort lightly what happened here or or I think they search and a series species of giant bulls and his shirt protesters that are witty guy should suit what I did to me at the airport that is not a problem is probably do it sort of laughed all these people now open stuff can be you know they go through body cast searches at the airport why not have to do the things behind what's the alternative the alternative is I go on there was somebody that's got a wanna should be happy you're back then you'll have to when there to. Enjoy. We got one more segment to go then we're gonna leave I was director of. Experienced the land 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to more or waiver looming in 48 watch Sports Radio WEEI. Thanks to a quick 180 weight loss I've got so many seven. Israeli Olympic track. That way it's come on you and geographic about it read your eyes you're awake at 180 weight loss she won yelling. Do you good don't tell us ally and a Ramones just you know all over the area. And in Beirut via it is. It was these liberties pocket why you don't. Could you see I'm hearing from almost and you aren't all hello everybody. She owned. Like being hailed. Everybody's losing weight it's everybody who influence. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. It was wrong and stuff we don't know if fat loss that we have made it plain when your off that I am not that you don't. That would be acted. On how utterly real food why is Paul -- doing I don't know Paul I honestly I mean that's and he did it. You're you're struggling yours yours yours suffering. It's your opponent either but you're doing your own volume dropped out when acknowledging she'd appeared yours the Eiffel I don't want to what he pounds and that over a week ago I don't know at what else is doing knowing them. And he's your daily was really fat and he was really and loser thing. I just got in English and your hours routing and set its. Yeah. That's. Absolutely do you miss it you'd. And a Libby actually on that. One these. From almost every stop yelling at me is it more on pit stop at a bit. I. Big I have. Why you're trying to make over Paul you've been trying to make over Paul since we started shall be single. So you can care. I care about the people in my life and he's in my life wanted to succeed and be happy. Why do you want him to suffer it's not happy about and act like you just don't call. Television as is shave his peers on the highways and some. I was there a change shirt and it's. You've you've. Drag them right through the water well and got the fourth of the drink that's on what I have is firepower today I'll be able to watch ESP and the breaking down the women's tournament ball who and I don't. I just like in a turnaround you've got to take you've gone I tell you. Uptight like you can. Douglas ordered I saw that Bates over to the probability stuff. So in the first round Yukon and against the sixteen CC 99.9. Percent chance of winning their second round 99.9. Not nine point six and then they got to face South Carolina is down 86%. Rule pretty accurate if. Isn't it about these are clever yeah yeah wants it pretty good break it in them that they good good half court offense nice enough of Iran. Levels we got there is visibility is I was thinks. We you're right on the topic the use of volatile on the corner now on to really get a good at least I know he did come. And he's sweeteners. Though. He's been here you know where you guys were ordered to put an argument that attitude yeah it's an area in the the company sees as the build the biggest girls but that's the truth. The brightly Errol. Realized forty today about Malcolm Butler Davidson the the front lines how politics of that what does that tell him it's dozen doctors think simply. I would say it's no intelligent maybe Matt Patricia was on the same page with the title belts and whatever welcome Butler may or may not on the commitment that that. After long months ago that some of the football news Kirk cousins if we don't rule from her cousins they cut killing in life are. For being a mediocre quarterback he figure a way to do all scared five million anecdotal franchise taking a similar period they insulate into solitude that did his three years equal fully guarantee people wealthy you'll be free agent 32. In another and usually get it. The guy you guys aren't good. Anything else alone it's that it. Troubles that just is usually they're gonna get the third that you're gonna have a third guy drug it that are trying everything that's. I don't I don't at. Arlington beer yeah that's pathetic and we have and it's. I don't I don't want to do it again tomorrow morning. I guess me and everybody out there were out here well.