OMF - Al Horford is better than Kyrie? SI thinks so. Lou Merloni? Not so much.

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 13th
Hour #3 - SI came out with their top 100 NBA players and somehow Al Horford ended up higher on their list than Kyrie Irving... and that brought the Horford fanboys out of the woodwork to attack Lou, before he even weighed in.  Lou believes this list is flawed, and we break down why.

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Steve's afternoon's little masters my gloves. What he's really listen no it's working to belittle these machines are all and I think he's an idiot that I want to let her forehand he's it was a fun little thing he would it doesn't worry have the attention span birth three and a half hour baseball news I saw bear swimming in pools Samoa or someone society start doing their hot convert house is pretty physical bird house note with Glenn flew in Christian right that Taylor and kind of put at target on you guys all that by speaking out I saw you tell you got to apologize on and on Twitter don't apologize date announcement and did a phenomenal what part does sort of you know what I've there. I haven't really been my teammate but he and that means that. What. Doesn't doesn't that just took trips were tortured and had an you can we stop the stumbling trick question thank goodness sakes. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Season for the NBA they can start here and and if you wait. Just embarrassing Sports Illustrated it's up to 100 players in the NCA. And the corporate sites here in New England are all excited because according to this list validates according to establish your Celtics. Have 123456. Guys in the top one eyebrow I don't. Rumor. Five in the top fifty. Five of the top fifty Terry Gross here is number 82 that may be a little bit too high he is on wall for him little tool for him. I'd judge it a round of 47. Adjacent to item number 39 when I Gordon wood to 25 that would be the markets mark. No markets one of the list I think I'll I that you would be an average year but that's just I would agree never seventeen congress Irving. And number sixteen V best player on the Boston itself that guys are five time at all starts. It is average this Alex nodded surprised absolute guard by that time bodyguard prize. I zero credibility it's an absolute troll job yet and my Mancow Draper who was all excited about this list week Nittany. He couldn't he still hasn't he's been running and hiding and haven't seen him since he refused to answer the question guys really aren't in the know simple. It possesses no credibility to go was there is no okay. Is Al Horford a better basketball player in the carrier but no there's a fraud in these people. They think he has any steel known as an answer to you doesn't want to disrespect I re Oreo now. Now ultimately team. You know this is the first pair of people think I'm an Arabic and magnetic barrier to out of that although it goes three hours just read the first. Excuse me the first two sentences. Of this breakdown of each player tonight celebrate you're looking at the box score says it Horford is is a patron saint of the top 100. And that he embodies so what do you attribute we tend to value hide it within me he plays well conscious that he plays both sides of the ball without condition and a way. That makes everyone around him better and great passer too. Great passer he's gained his game is both reliable enough to anchor team and tile enough to allow for changes on the fly. He fits the modern game. So that is basically your team leader slash battered slash role player whatever you need to do Coke. Channels on the all the little things team that's a question about differently as he is a coach's dream but he's not won a match like this how corporate. That make me get on Al Horford okay because he is a player that people have over rated I never said that he doesn't help this team win. He's a well rounded basketball player. But I'm sorry if you get a you do have to bring up salary. He's a Max player. Okay and on this team this year do you think he's the best player to Boston Celtics this coming season. If he is they're going nowhere. Who is the office gonna run through Al Horford and yes it well because they'll run down to stand the high post a passed to a new turnaround. He was a bit offense couldn't run through it right it could come back or to somebody else I'm reading here from people that old for the state my whole trust so I'm guessing they're favored big save or metric guys yet. That'll be the best defender and ask your own as the last line of this thing he was one of the most important players in the entire league last season. And this ranking reflects that. Now if you surely going to yield if you surely carry Irving you you know back off a little bit because of the injury. It can give you a little bit if you gotta back off on Gordon Hayward a little bit because of the injury maybe I can give you that one. But when you're telling me outright. That Al Horford is the best border and asking first of all I would rank carry Irving higher in the list of seventeen but he would be the number one Celtic Courtney would would be number two. Al Horford would be number three what at what Lou just I'll take one step beyond that. By the end of next season certainly by the beginning of the following season. I expected Jason data and Jalen brown if you wore going to be a great team noted that surpassed him. All of that list and here is the fifth best player is a perfect role for him. On this team this year for now. Who's Talking Heads back in Boston they ripped my guy out. In this department team because he'll be able to just do all the little things. Inlet Tyreke duty and a sacrifice shots you'll take the twelfth that it is capable of by the way which he did it in the post season just to prove that I was right all Tom about this guy. How we can elevate his game and and they're regular season there was nights was extremely average and just stretches. When it was extremely average but with. I read with Hayward with Tatum with brown. Boy he'll be able to pass and set screens left and right to be Jackie Miller at a different level envoy unity outstanding hey I'm open back Q I am open back to you you don't a lot of tissue that you don't helped his profile in all of this and certainly help Terry rosier as you see him on the list at number 82. Is that there was no carrier ring in the playoffs and most of the country was that their goal amazed that the Boston Celtics were able to do an answer could appear to do. Al Horford goes down. Now weeks before the post season can't play. However you look healthy carrier. You still make these conference yes. Did you do you know why because kind of disappear and wrote right carries Bender before carry carries teams were well I don't think you'll watch on the road games with rosier because. Eighty different from I mean just a guy that's fine yeah. It was a nice surprise. Okay that's what it was that Rosie a place of some good games and home crowd behind him. He was okay but soccer career I thought let's let's let's hear the guys so these two guys who are these guys drive yet their names. Odd that voice you hear is all all big Oliver never hurt you but as the struggling through a good golf models and apparently that's different than. You really believe. Al Horford to better baffled by it and carrier citizen gets to the heart of our list it's a one year exercise to would you rather have in a vacuum regardless of his teammates for one season now who would you rather have playing a one on one tournament. Carrier to no question who would you rather have to sell sneakers to be deface your franchise Perrier and you know Al Horford is not really moving the needle nosed ways. But they still got to the Eastern Conference finals last year with how I read it to me Horford was their best player throughout that run. He wasn't talk on trash like you Terry Gross here he wasn't really making headlines. But he was going head to head with joined beat probably winning that matchup I think most people would say he's doing all the little things on offense and scoring. Also reliability came into it it was carried there's been a lot of injury issues for multiple years you know he's coming in to sort of his age prime. We think you know you can really only pencil him in for like sixty to 65 games a year and that's a big hit there's not many Al Horford out there right if there were those seem to be in the Eastern Conference. So when it was stolen be so high up on his list of Italy and ultimately recommended if he outplayed by Al Horford actually. And edit it today and yeah game play games is Angel in MD is an average each year in the NBA but again it's expensive. I'm pretty sure Carey was healthy and now wasn't there and all that's that's that's avoid there's no question about it now offers very valuable to this team. I'm pretty sure Tyree would have gotten there too he was great in Milwaukee. A gain of Milwaukee series though he was outstanding. Good defense certain occasions yes you know wouldn't be it we know that but I just I just think they completely over value this guy. That's all I mean and this is the this is the perfect example. Of just over rating there's not many Al Horford is out there right it was there where there seems to be in the Eastern Conference. By the way it's RD at the board then they go again and it trashing Al Horford beating up the car are always I feel like we would like yeah. I'll tell you what if Al Horford one or two and ranked improperly in my book. 27. Third on the ski. 273. And is that eating Howell for a disease 27 best player putting him ahead of Hayward put a handle on what their securities and hit puberty plea last year so okay he should be at a civic rights years and rightly so you've you know about it loses team. And I don't know you tell me these guys put a list how valuable they are to their team. Or the best basketball players in the leak. OK guys valuable team to a question doesn't lock any is a modern day big you know that he can cover the outside he can shoot the three again it. But yeah it's army right now today for one year if you get a chance to correlate any towns. When you move on from out over for one year. That people would argue the age thing but he's got all the little things on offense scoring. Isn't always tries draperies cut out for you to be at camp Weaver having little plates Hamburg is great Thompson a better basketball player than Al Horford. Well I mean seeing here you go okay were started debates that they threw it out in weather outlook bulge in the great here's the thing with Al Horford drives her crazy. Is Yokich Louisiana flair that a whole lot yet it's your your your floors as you heard you sort of enrolled in the number amount over rating Calvin owing. I guy's SEI. LK I am not vacate because you're you're reading on therefore we kind of have to defend if they know he wants the bat. Highly rated in the first place he is right where he should be that good role player consistent solid player that you can count on I'm good locker room I've probably okay. I'm Mormon too by the way that should be no magic underwear all that subs and play. But for Al yet apply. You've beaten a mob. Because people all rate him and they shame you if you don't believe them or agree with them all you don't know basketball. No that's the pin and. That's what's always vent I mean if you that's one way for users to sort of validate I have some Mattel you know basketball. Is it BC AV dock while great Al Horford is I was the best player in tick off. Video have than you have all agreed steamers and everybody else that there's no one is that really knows basketball because you appreciates the things. So that that's what it's come down to you know he's one of those guys that looks the boss or a new I mean I'm already begun to hear from Armenian and scouts at a nice he looks efforts. Al has struggled at times this season even said it through communism a lot of people Chris meant that it would add to try to quarter McDyess you get the right answer for manatees have values gotta admit there are nice three disappears if there who. So maybe so maybe it make my points I can average. Aaron at her or hurt so that some part of this is the carrier he's not getting the respect because. He didn't play last year because a look at that the people ball than Al Horford above them was clogged arteries are better player he's yelled number eleven. But I look at give me at all Damien little okay played. He does that help one of the healthiest guards last year in the league. I believe Kyra you're being as good as little ideas. I Riordan is a better player you're looking at the box score. Rudy go bears number fourteen. On the list. A trademark green is number thirteen notice I'm not telling you that that congress should be better than them collide take a back like number twelve. And at the Bob Susie took what they are better than that this. The NFL this is best player in the league. You know a needle case tonight and there are running back wide receiver when it seems the best running back with the best wide receiver who's the best big was the best guard. That it could sit there at number thirty DeMar DeRozan. Second team all NBA last year. You know better than they now always better if you look at for school or on your team. But if you have a bunch of scores do you look for some do little things. So it's green spread the floor beat make the Smart pass and details very valuable but is it better basketball player. And depends on what you're looking for on your team right. Larry Irving needs. Carrier ring number seventeen Jimmy bumpers number ten who did today. Jimmy Butler which once it was out and carrier and an onside aces or Al Horford no apparent I would take every absolutely butler's number ten on that list. Every should be tested that was MVP candidate before he goes down you have an unbelievable year. And it put out this list they put in seventeen next to his boy Al Horford. Of how corporates that whatever about that Chris Paul number eight which read that carrier here the ball close. Close in ninety let's not not nice 17228. Unbelievable. Right we open up the phone lines of what you should you too sensitive without beating up Al Horford 617779793. Cents. My town fair tire town fair tires. Landed at guaranteed lowest price and counter offers more free services than any other tire dealer. On tires nobody beach town fair tire nobody is now back to Ford way Maloney and 48. To me Horford was their best player throughout that run he wasn't talking trash like Terry Gross here he wasn't really making headlines. But he was going head to head with join me probably winning that matchup I think most people would say. He's doing all the little things on offense he's scoring I would tell Lou reload eat them back off. But as far as being obnoxious and not being taken out like that. But whatever. I. The notice that I yeah that I do. A ways off they go ahead my is these talk to me is not talking trash one of the criteria of being a top 100 player if you don't talk trash so if you're quiet and respectful of every at the play remotely. The sell your opinion is awesome and at Milwaukee series and an NC were up against and beat. But was it paid him and brown after that Milwaukee here's the sentence him. Retain a respect and evil these guys being rounded the same thing and wrote a few times. I don't know what how many how many it's yet how many people did Lavar ball have to kind of grease. To get lump the ball on the one number of bought. 200 and you do to make that it cannot load under you know didn't make the job on April. Little is little tell us a little and a guy that's really just a never all I'll never say yes well cliff never seen guys fall that's what's left yes that's the actual mile I don't know anyone I don't know it's. Self induced phallic. I guess you know they hit injury was a thing obviously is gonna take him he's gonna have a burner you just because and take a while to get used to it. But man he's just he noted is he's better in a completely understand he's extremely bitter. Based on the fact that he had the most money as his own the most unbelievable season of his life. I don't think everybody that was gonna disagree with you I don't think it's self induced. I think he's on tweets and and you know does then the wolf that's his only it's like act look at me look at me listen I got screwed over where you just better blame. But I don't understand it it's up and do Soledad well for he went up anger he went out. Played when he shouldn't apply it. He was through some really difficult times that he got traded off the Cleveland and it did not work within that system plus he wasn't healthy I would say this. If he's healthy this year and apparently he is at least Easter and that he's healthy. He's going to be one of the top 100 players in the in the NBA playing out there in Denver. He will. But you know that the he always wanted to with him and you never know this or not but. If if he did at the end at a regular season with a week to go in the post season so he never played the postseason. His hip was bothered him. They're gonna make him a 100% the following year always it was surgery inevitable. Right I mean you got bad hip you know I don't primate playing on it probably hurt didn't feel good but it did it damage it further. That would we've not had surgery be stopped too soon. It was in the don't know that he Blair don't all play through it but we don't know if that's the case and he gamble and he pushed through because he thought there was this big giant pot of gold at the candidate. Because he was doing everything humanly possible to prove that he belonged to deserve a launch you know wanted to be bear of this so badly and the content Lofton. And you were shattered love everything they were chanting MVP is not to let it was not. The the MVP let's say is somebody who is zero chance. I'm scratching anywhere close to the top 2000. India of NBA players and that's Jabbar bird buoyed when you start reading some of the deep hole. Of this story to girlfriend of Jabbar bird telling Boston Police. He choked her about a dozen times during an argument last Friday he stricter. Held her against her will. And then he began to suffer medical distress. He knew what he knew bottles come reform in that stress but you go to jail he was arraigned in Brighton municipal court today on charges of assaulting. Kidnapping is kidnapping his girlfriend. Who prosecutors said attends a local com. All tribute kidnapping is you know I'm I'm leaving in drama he's a Ewing going nearly does that leave the house. As Robin don't let her call the police that kidnapping dates are all that that's I don't that's kidnapped him but that is enough and reviled in an argument no you know. A kidnapping police in this kid's done twelve times he's trying to strangler taste that I think kidnapping the throne trumpet take off. That's old school that could hope that's the synagogue are I don't know. Awesome movie you take it right a moment we have legal and it was another league there's got to crosses the lines. You know. The woman told police she and bird began arguing inside his apartment around 1 PM that he began strangling. Her. During the incident priests bird allegedly choked the woman about a dozen times sometimes with one hand. And with two hands at least once. He also allegedly character a number of times elderly against her will for a significant period. The incident took a term when Byrd began to experience some type of distress. He fell to before. His girlfriend then called nine on one day help which explains. I was confused as she's at the hospital. Any you know right away from last couple days and today your deceit in the court but he was being hospitalized there was like four last. Because he had a panic attack Islam particularly common apologetic emptiness and because at some point don't get the relies holy crap this is gone to fall art and now I know at this is gonna look like in the next couple hours or maybe even tomorrow is what I'm not I'm not a professional basketball player and more plug served jail time ago I mean that's. Arie or maybe he's got some other issues what whatever but that did this thing about it the Celtics up out was I guess of. You can rate at a pretty well here's this era by the celtics' most importantly our thoughts. Or with the victim of this incident Smart right up front that's why France every team should do you know the details now this is bad really bad. We need to show support for that for the victim they did Celtics organization deplores domestic violence of any kind. We are deeply disturbed by the allegations. Against Jabbar bird pursuant to domestic violence policy in the NBA labor agreement. Matters of this kind are handled by the league office not the team so the Celtics will be working with both the league and local authorities he's done to assist in their ongoing investigations. The team will have no further comment at this time. And I would add if he's lucky he'll be playing in Turkey into a three years. By exit and one of them but I wouldn't read somebody slowly gonna do without it is an average summer it was just like oh my god that. We've got to keep our party so it'd be okay are we gonna be okay America though are puts for a moral quick go and I don't wanna deviate much go Iraqi stock closed at 83 dollars and 47 cents at all time high for the companies they. Colin cap predict that they go against that another slow moment congress yeah. Yeah Rex Burkhead okay limited participant in practice limits implicit statement he did not with concussion. So does that mean the past discussion pro well not place outside concussion oracle. If you pass and then they then you're good to go right you're not speak to swallowed a halfway past. And OK you know like you're almost at a lot of percent of your senses so beware what you got out it was. If you don't pass with flying colors you're not even stepping on the field so I guess that's a good. Amid a maybe it's one of these are you gotta go work out CD get a headache. Figure out at you you know if you don't get a headache and yet and you know check and see how you feel very next day I don't know. Don't get it concussion like it it just seems quick. Announcement ceremony with a slight concussion and knows that I believe Ross concussion both as they say there anymore so I'm reading a British and I'm reading some of the other details here back to back onto the police as unbelievable. This this incident lasted four hours. Bert allegedly choked her threw up against the wall whenever she started to go limp. He let her catch her breath before continuing to choker. According to police at one point she said she lost conscience and consciousness. And woke up under average bet. When she stuck her head out bird allegedly kicked her multiple times in the spot. He also allegedly grabbed her ankles at one point dragged her away from door to prevent her from leaving. Eventually the woman noticed the burden to pass that was displayed seizure like symptoms. Woman then called police she told police. He has anxiety issues that he struggles with. So I mean does it did you rather have a president scaring him because if he doesn't. Pass out. And you know because a bug in a panic attacks if she's got called police. Medium or maybe she was so scared so frightened there was nothing she could though he was overpowering but when she finally went to the hospital there or cut marks on her neck bruising on her left ear. Her left it was blood shot she noted she had bombed senator Ed. And I believe. Also hurts Burris lawyer all right Roma at the right Poland he Kelly said during the hearing there are always two sides to every president conceded. But the athlete understands the seriousness. Of the allegations he noted that his client is gainfully employed he is today. And that is high school coaches agreed to come live with them. While the case is pending the prominent lawyer also complained that his client wouldn't be able to get 50000. Dollars cash. But the close of business Thursday of coney him. It was your idea and you know Kelly said David affairs help it review episode of for the courthouse only accept cash for dale. Judge David dummy was unmoved. Were in a major city he said. Seems far fetched to suggest you can't get 50000 bucks from Boston financial institution. Well I mean was it after closing I don't know it's or if the Celtics had bite their revenue stated other legal practice facility across street from us. I'm sure they may be they have like a in ATM there and that probably does is out hundreds. And thousands of other ways of the time. Attorney he was the prosecutor. Who prosecuted Whitey Bulger. They got. Trying to Killington seeing guy well he's handling occasionally we'll hear from Barbara Roper and oh yeah he's under play. For this team is not a place for any other team I don't think. Let somebody vote kite stuff. 61777. Seven 37 right here on element keep up with the show on Twitter back ON app on WEB. EI before during and after the show. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading in 48 right now much Sports Radio. My bet you've run all MS let's get to us from phone calls here here's Neal in Middleton what's up nail. Got a lot of alt or I. He career free throw percentage. 45%. William they're on base percentage first career with 48 for. He's not a well thank you Eric. There are there. Yeah actually in Africa where he. What are your from the free airline lap and will act act for their computing where all acting in our report where libel law. Should not even eat. Seen it yet yet. This should be at the top 100 and I don't know making a big bird yet maybe he only did. Got to favour of a LeBron may be something we'll city employees can do greens and suck. Exactly how long you'll see I mean honestly is kind of are that the and Simmons mold. Its image can't shoot did you watch a hates he's longer slasher you know he does he does it differently. But and that you sit and cynicism bluntly either I think Simmons has been on a better player. In the one year even though he was out of the draft two years ago in the one year vet Simmons is but about a player but he's played for vanity. So he's playing for guys that can score this kid was on me you'll see it a little bit more this year. With LeBron on the team I still think Simmons is about a play although saying the impact actually and machinery and hi here's Paul Russia odd ball. If you can just. This this and tragic reminder to young people that this guy's second round pick out of California. No real major priors in. From the description of the incidents. I would ask if they respectfully submit all requests short hair follicle sample because. This sounds like a classic black episode what we need more violent outbursts like that. Some would undermine McCain and certain is particularly so that girl a 23 game suspension which. Your coach you don't state your house that was neither you or some or what region league look at its intent. For me you know what states to Beijing Alley coddle these kids. I don't know if it's it's so he's booty as you've been arraigned or what what what's gone on. I don't know I don't look at a hearing today right yeah today they had their range. Just aggression that was it and he he could probably catch. Against the odds but it was a whole lot of money to says the defense. But he's done here green is that going to be. Indeed suspended all we want the league can do whatever they want but his Huckabee mirror the Boston Celtics now he's gonna be a member of any team in the NBA not good enough and it has backed them. We said this many times if you're great player may be you get around some of the stuff. You know Colby certainly did Kobe get themselves into trouble in Colorado are not right and it's very eerie to see an affair. Or she said she and noted I don't remember right well yeah area don't know them now. So but Kobe got into it but Coby got around it because Kobe was one of the greatest players in the game but the dot. I write this he's got no shot zero. Not nobody's gonna sit here and think twice about it he's got no shot in this and not complaining India he won't know he's done he's done. Again violence that not gonna happen. Command lieutenant quick and another scroll all goes on more ceremonies were Muslims and again you as far as silent over there I yeah that's right it does is give him I'm all right you guys look fast food yet. It's odd Taco Bell voted best Mexican restaurant a twenty ET it limited practice for fast food restaurant this is it for fast food restaurant chains. Yes so terrorist full release it's findings Wednesday we never got to couldn't talk. So the poll aims to find the strongest brands based on consumer response talk about beat out modes which topped with flash or to pull a with. Was the topic old restaurant in America at least sixteen. I pulled over 77000. Consumers. Get like taco Bell's number one contagious Ebola after 11 o'clock at the sure like. That experience that's a lot like well I eat your colleagues drug dog or what ever your editor email your life on the Taco Bell. Sober. Yes yes I have. Half and what I know they taste like when I'm a girl like I for the kids there at night it's it's you know it yet that you can't watch I'll never putting the the like the top and yeah the pot who shall you keep the local Manila never but I can't I can't remember having a bad experience at taco to well we usually over he probably would have. It would be saying no but I can ease my point is it's an emotional connection to Taco Bell. Il from college from high school college you that your young adulthood feelings about your. The West Coast union del taco dinner they'll talk was another one yet but not quite as good or you must not quite good but we also had no fat burger over to you know Tommy's we have in and out there is a collection of options here on one street a matter of of one mile radius but. I wanna saw the of course to these kind of you know I'm comfortable pale site YouTube can I love but I'm more acute dole the guy. And I love subway related all these at a McDonald's on my starts and comes through but you don't have a bad. You never have a bad experience atop. About supposedly after it was pulled a done deal with all restaurants this was just asked for just a Sylvester is there another time. Russia could very well in fact that's that's been the best pizza was bleeds. I'll plays pretty good veteran that's Tom Warner around LeBron James is one over and Arafat it's basically a typical thing is well above but yet he's he's there they roll dough out there onto an isolated. Eight to put it definitely goes through I daisy that's the new the new business model for these fast food places you go through a line you know like on a fast casual good plays fast casual I was don't Yuba and another one that has popped it sounds pretty good college. And the ATA. The NA OK it's good never heard of it edited Greek restaurant. It's answering him. OK Richie going dual line and you can eat salad or bulls were only policy pillow with a yeah off on the argued talk about credit for it every year really every six months they come up a new way to dress up the taco. They really only have a couple agreed to re fried beans. Hamburger meat basically uncle meat. And I think what other what it was they have what would you expect them. August saying but they could I do regret being creative maybe creatively at ways to address a Mexican nationals with. If I brought in a topical right now right now you're able to Mexican. I'm not gonna talk about it nobody on the street Q it's a private organization I I think I command to bicycle in the air it out rolled you can eat at least fifty tacos as it was Lee's really want easily run into good you know gold or we use or. We're by no one early but I did this the other night on that yet and maybe two years ago with him coming back late Hungary. Went there had the worst reaction to it just my gut is it like it was when I was 22. There's an old guy. And all guys always want to talk about my limit up at the bottom didn't experience a moment instantly formula. It's still. Taco Bell. You wanna grab this one of humor and I graduated David in Connecticut that is very dead Taco Bell experienced guy Dave. There is terrible what happened. Now in addition we're sucker out at 2 o'clock in the morning I was tacos too. Yeah you know it you're not saying. And they had no talk can be of any kind no chicken that goes no beef tacos and to go to solve tortilla shell would let it Conchita all they had built. Impacted even though that Woonsocket topical goes Lou the worst on the grounds that it is here and they they run out of pro team room food. All the it not to. Let you know. She's she's chimps well did they charge of the same price. Now I. Obviously it's the hydrates are about that they did windmill best restaurant best Mexican rest of 2018. We got another hour ago.