OMF - Al Horford is getting a pass; Has Gerry Callahan been forgotten about? Callers weigh in on Dino interview, 10-18-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, October 18th
HOUR 3 - Alex Cora tweets that he's "blessed" and the guys try to psychoanalyze what the hell that's supposed to mean. Everyone is saying the young guys have to step up because of the injury to Gordon Hayward, but nobody is saying that about Average Al Horford. We take caller after caller after caller about Dino's interview and Kirk's impact on the situation, but Gerry Callahan has largely been an afterthought. 

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On you read it. Beach Fort Wayne alimony and forty. Their season's over with gland Lou and Chris do you think that meeting and does a good job and rebuke I swear to god at at and you'll rise meant it was I haven't listened would you ever consider coming on the morning show now. And they asked him. No I just think there was some element of disloyalty that's all I did just what would want word to describe. Mitt if they all kind of elder minicamp I have been orders from on high. Can get to break that we haven't we go to break the break that pager went out of the store that right now it's like seven minutes after the figured it to me is that it come back to it. Great job I was I'm a finger I was going to tease and so that was sort of the beginning of how. On Sports Radio WEEI. Ministerial level you know. Minnesota start citing the ratings right. Benefit benefit. Look how many how many different names for all that we get it. Different names yet from the treatment. You have industry he said controller one word to describe and he threw him is it on movement a fan and they've been admitted to Kubel made an ABBA. Priscilla over so well and thing because they have got an Eagles as they'd like to say hello I was gonna say guys and Lula. Arrived. Midfielder kind of bell blues Medicare. Probably got a right Gardner. Get it to midfield I don't know we attempt I'd sell double check with the you know in the last hour. First time you've heard from him last thirteen months Rubin talked a lot about the Celtics as well. Susan okay with Fuzzy as we take calls heard from general yes simply cannot let us water you wanna open up some people wanna talk about the mountain area the reactions that included a finger and I'm right in the middle of it hasn't been doing it you know and and ignorant I know I just said I just asked advice as to where we go with the show and well guys OK we're like okay okay I can I inject. I'm ready to Europe because you have something that's held over for an hour and fifty I don't get really want our daughter and her office. Aaliyah but yeah wanted this one out in India it is to edit I've got to do it. So the game is over last night Houston has only yankees come roaring back I'd judge it's a big home run and Sanchez gets a double. And become roar back and beat the crap out of Houston again they beat up at the open again. And the game is over yet and Alex core tweets this out one word blessed. But us last night us and a bus full slide you just lost the team facility means the billion U it's his birthday. And did spurt that was and within days that was still less and less like to write the last 11 o'clock it's just lost the game in Yankee Stadium that I tutor to. Neutrino blessed so he gets into the clubhouse after the game the series is deadlocked the net to pay none of them and he gets he gets the phone call from Dave the brass text if you. Joseph I get to get a message to a New York Boston and blessed is good to two cities two organizations that want to manage teams blessed. Now decides this string that's kind of going to be the first question we asked as he introduced his estranged. He'd eyeball one I I think yeah. I thought I died I died in the Oval Office I'm Paul is a strange tweet ethics and right after you lose even the series is tied up last. A devastating loss making us less to still be in it. True against them it's not a positive way and let you guys. I don't believe feed off on his doctorate we're not out yet attitude at the leader now we're tied up your am blessed that this is the good series gets you closer just get his doors who's who's who's next in the Michael Vick and pitch and I think poured all of us blessed oils excellence to us through its okay we'll get docked. Amity you get pitching dual and neither team again it'll do anything and suddenly Houston breaks the game. Hope what you think this is it this time the cells on the Abu runs a little pleasures and bless their glass house in the past that's down. The last outing get hurt. Blast you know it was a freak my Obama. Don't read into too much I'd before last before the Africa. I ouster. Who employment data we did Wheaties and take as we've been very weren't getting credit out I saw every Amare I want to do this is it them afraid even to you pay not a good actor and John exactly yet on two or I don't remember exactly what you're gonna sell it and usually it's only can you Kenya LT UN right now. I recently going gets to take. And you give you were teasing it going into a break it's something has changed if this team is going to decide. And I think what you gonna do is Joseph gonna say an average L needs to move up oh land oh to be a yeah average ad asks why would you hundreds of. You know you sit there and you look at around you look at tape down look for all these players are young planet your locker room is a guy who's highly paid well Max player. And always did when he was nine points and some rebounds and I think there was another level. He's given you some rebounds Christian and even why can't you why can't we put the spotlight. On. Al Horford listen why nine point seven boards five assists. Sets the best screen in the NBA the blast the ball the best screen the best big man passer and acting in Estonia Equus a little bit too much (%expletive) from average speed on you know. And I got here I think you're you're you're you it's understood that the younger guys are gonna need to step up their game over that was why does Al Horford get a pass to you're probably why that puts it Jim Brown sub point five points a thought that was good game. I could. Yeah I was like based on its next justice you know with the image you see a couple of good move all who throw the ball G screen percent of all she's doing just that they've solved the tears aesthetic and strain that he doesn't spread the form of the ball. You know past Italy and I just think it had a five point yet it could get answers you. Why does he get a pass again taking sliding out and how he would be is he why does he already had this idea overnight I just I'm tired of people Buick you don't seem to gain. That okay I see the game OK yes nine point seven rebounds. Deserts that we saw the post season did point. In the postseason Denny at twenty points nine rebounds and edited a main points Diaz got them. You gonna be so forget why is eight and six not seven like that which I don't boilers would brings to do you. Yes so. Sony's not stories Packard contributing points since they do that Arnold on the set loose balls above sounds chirping at some other place. Setting other player like the original motion last night you don't you'd normally yeah get a motion -- dog is largely a dog us on elders of weird situation by the way what by the crowd finally sister is sister was on attacking people on Twitter ask what you activist who would you would you tackle well. Well you know he meekly went back. Why it's got no idea who that is you know exactly who knows what he's who I wish you watched what she would you tell me what she does you no signal the failure I don't go that and I don't know what he's kind of an old but it was a single. Is that what you did oval read your wife or your reputation and please tell me what musically as out of there and Khalifa. Yes it will deal with the lead. A Shiite a blogger capitalists as Christians and large she's a very famous sports all she's actress. L Harvey Weinstein any connection there. We Olympics soccer earn. Just curious spider look at properly. That candidate on the computer just after mr. appointed as a magazine with the history that pops right when you put a fresh look and I don't know I don't know. Stumble and I feel like Gordon Hayward was the sacrificial lamb united boss in plead for a minute forcible war broke out now. Doctors all over and it didn't Al horse it was are you Al Horford wife between Mac and I don't know where it at all cauldron at Columbia stumbled on this yeah we would answer to. Never met him look at why did you there's Jenin Peabody hagee and Peabody. It's. I've been listening to this station and it was a program director Eddie India had their own shells I want to tell you a minute here is the worst. Personality on this stations and that those sports at. I don't know I don't yeah what's the score on this patients. While you were on the older my issue at all unknown arsonist but he was initiation admitted. Yeah blue automotive I don't know which yet you overnight. I lights mineral and has EU leadership of anybody in the station just a morning drive where people stick. There are proud of the work boots wanna do lunch watching and they are captains audio. But what if you're not talking honey wanna find out about sports because that saves and that's probably a problem for a lot of people like journey for sports that are. And let's move on Asia also since mid January Alomar listen AME arrogant ignorant you wrote also people who knows perhaps I'll. I think you guys intimidation and that they should ask how I was gonna be totally guys that want to listen it's tough to listen sound to help the people on the market analysts somewhat less than I would argue that someone wasn't my most cap. It's a good grip and we also have the heart or else. We do all of a look at the candidates and edited the options and listening like you say you don't and apparently people off though. Julio Lily because I'm about your industry. I don't think you have choice anybody yeah. You know of choice if what do you do now on the streets. Although I think what we do announce its. Melodic area out of pocket no idea why I scored and what you guys. Are really not true and I thought that's an embezzlement. And that's not true they have a crappy much but a signal the week. Although why don't why Lou spacious. Depends what you are in Europe but Europe even in my years we have a better signal on the North Shore. But in the south or let our children yeah Sylvia and around around a four years household a non immigrants and a loser via. But they go ahead in your naval you're right we probably have better side of mountains to. It's like he's he easily because they hand out the corner as do you know it gamble tablet and there you know what you got him in front door locked up. Yeah he also keeps a good point and not just patient out patient a listener and all right I agree rental or out of court settlement shall agree on him. My start I agree outlets from Rhode Island is the station people that it's it's all Baldwin. Yeah individual not on disease like you can decode the. And few others walk up there the station great all right thanks to language thanks Jim I think Jim Jim from street she you kind of added that Tibetans. About a carrier at and I know you're not you're not you know with the dew drop off the mail was going on your house a pretty good policies in a college show. Don't crises are so that these are words out of the colors and as a physician disconnect the fall. See now why is technical we do have some stuff. Some zinc angry Lewis quote. Literally sell them shocked and they know what they are moved to they yes they do this stuff call it does show you all of ours is. Leading minute at the end game and I would boy took the stops and this can be. Things yeah. That's yeah that's not only eight. There's. Like what we do that want to do psyche cold day. And and everybody knows they suck a feel when I don't want to get another system and they can't call for the next month there are rights that we do sake called day via our yet and where everybody that knows that they suck as a sports talk show called who called the program get it out of their system will get like. Two minutes each letter got out of the system and then mechanical the next month when I tried. Here's Kevin and a car Kevin. All of that and without. While. Adams said he. Doesn't fault. Yeah me to create an. All this. Morning show. And all the hall that ultimate. In wildwood. We would never do who would never do that Lou would you ever do. Because nobody wants to listen to somebody who's like fifteen breaks their ankle tell you how it now how they rehab. Different you know I struck out there yeah him out of here to there having fun of their exe making fun of it people don't realize they're making films that kept calling and to tell their stories about how. You know their fifty years old that played softball took them eighteen months of rehab and that's that's gonna happen it Gordon Hayward to be Christian to that Sunday and it is Tiffany is actually like really an athlete playing in the league it's that time sort. Well known as a catalyst you know sometimes we get that Soviets are you know I hurt my back and play and it'll mess around all morning and it cost me like eight months lactic. I don't think he's going to be back in 23 weeks without there's going to be a month when I've taken disclosed little making fun of allegedly kept calling him a classic with. Take it any of schools we refuse to take. All of those calls. I 6177797937. Looking for good callers intelligent call callers that have something to say this is good color. Let's happily right in jail and how. G any influence on the phone from Cleveland. I'd say gave us volley. That's all it. With and we were all it let him go forward all. Point guard that played great been subject uniform will be compared. But you know I don't I don't know what we owe him. We gave him an opportunity we gave him everything well here everything they. Yeah. Cynics Sports Radio nothing three point seven W. It does sound like he you know gets a good night's sleep every single line is no question he just enjoying life enjoying retirement. Most of my toe he's got I must say that's about the you know he had virtually every product known to man. When he was working here because he had all these endorsements of the so my guess is as tough warm response bill terrific fellow. And the great thing about it is it's specifically. Made for you that's right there you get it exactly you know music all the pillows are alike but not true. Some are too hard so much to solve some are for people with sleep side some corporate people it's Packard for Easter whatever the good thing about my pillows you go to the website. 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Editing there. After that was Dino from earlier in the program we're talking about it interview we did morals are talking about the Celtics. The Gordon Hayward injury in this from next door follow the Bruins practice facility is located right next door to us effect right outside their window worsening. What is going to be the Celtics practiced this is treacherous there are other. Tuukka Rask had to be helped off the ice midway to practice today. It appeared that amber is Bjork crashed hard. In two Rask. And he never returned and was helped off the ice. Not good not good war injury no object of phone calls we go here's Bob Somerville hello Bob. They are glad I would love you. I'm when I'm on six. Let's said the sole Latino interview today let's I listen you know fateful leak out and he would appoint you as. I want from my. Sports page. July I was scared to do you know bad DNC okay. There is keynote talk. Even get a phone call from the guy. Overall the is very disturbing. Just. That many. I mean look at that show. I go I could give a rats that boating what I do listen to what I used to it right out there you know it's. You know what I mean. Glad when you've got you've got out. Few years back I I could write some people are that. Cricket might shock and a lot of the work to it hurt your. Yeah I don't know yet you never get right half an hour. Sort of good for everybody drove. Good everything's I mean in Beverly above you realize that the morning show the ratings they're doing right now say you know listen let's calls on global people assume that radio show that any shell station period. In an instant and I I end up just you know something everybody traffic sort of what I. Ever that was what buck trust anybody YouTube broadcast this unit you can be stuck it out there and tell me that their radio shows LT just because people stuck in traffic you're going to get good ratings from Bob it's not your taste I get. Sutton place you don't you don't like. But you gotta look at the success to getting tremendous ratings so why would they change. Why would suddenly Manning and commit tomorrow and suddenly beat it beat the kind person who's nice to all of these call the changes is intolerant it's working it's irritating. Trembling he tried to contribute orchestrate that other well and you got scripture in the capital and I got him in the morning. You know any practical gets it right. I mean I think I could do. They're such a confirmed he should should now. Oh degree and go to grant means more interest agreement everybody. That's what we want we should that we should we should we should we should we should we should start going against the grain we should all you know come together. At the same opinions I thought and I think gonna be good thing to be that it's not only did I took it out scores and extra energy and you took her out of the gate got to pick up. I'm yelling about. You know all of that low AM yeah about Al Horford and yes I feel like I took one for the team because I love Al Horford and I'm comfortable with and be an average I don't really need anything more room and hunter but we could be nicer to each other and think about that we could be guys the polls recently you oughta try like respect each other a lot and I wanted to join now I would rather we're getting ratings if yeah let's talk and we get ratings and I'll go and now if we were getting race. Then I would say you Christian. Well because in Manila for the entire program that's we managed to reach a few days days that was a year for these guys we want you to sit next to me why we cannot in my life and I'd get ready you gotta go over Elian's great oh that is very uncomfortable way interest rates might ultimately that's what we're pleased. That's what really. They're up. I wanna talk about what like Atlanta and I every person Russian I op and badly let down like that. You get that on the I don't know you you suck our young players gathered at a yeah it looked like you might eat in the end it's an act out room I am. And got. Hammered with you. One when you look at it and around eight. You the next I mean you can't be in all. You really work on it in and I heard over the op ED I. Part of that it was out last year's check it out well. I think you can alt a kind of second player. Doctor Gordon Hayward the auto you really know what you you could come back well they could make another move and being in a written here it got out. The current impression. He is he has he's wanted to play the psyche carried oasis 1618 minute player if you're a really good team but I agree I think he's an upgrade from what you saw with Amir Johnson last year. At the thing about about. Jalen brown to me is the worst week. Spot in his game when you're talking about her but he's he's but he's pretty good outside shooter at from the quarters he stole the wing I think it's still an area where he's got problems of those quarters are pretty got a lot. Actually eat in obvious he's very athletic takes the rim you saw that multiple occasions and in need to get involved it's gonna underneath that you defend the direction that's the difference and here's the other one and I love Obama so you talk about the athletic ability. All right fine you wanna use your five tool. Emphasis that he's a Smart player. Scott a basketball IQ you watch out there on the floor and beat it into the other thing is he knows when he screws opening makes a mistake he points to himself and he knows where does. Accountability act into law. We're at orange jump shots did you get along we go with the flow and along with anybody other than you our analyst Laura I don't know why did you -- Alex how -- yeah prior and then there and they are maybe that'll work out our show you'll never hear green team you'll never hear Lou rag on the manager ever -- -- -- -- the guys you and an ass -- he will be all mine in his back pocket. You know that John. I think second term in your direction I can beat him love you addicts items before this feel jealous of friendly gallery I didn't fold clothes are different labels like innocent I've got to follow the clock and got the only guys that got a dual all the go to Santa Maria callers Fred does and Somerville Frank's gonna be a terrific all right frank how are you click on them being nice that the club. Today frank today. Framingham Lou and the other guy I feel it's the good. Let's I don't got to say many in the best thing on that station and actually is garbage before he got on. And that's all he wants us whose toxic. Well now yell he's slowly doing Howard Stern impression which is great because he's gone seriously can't listen to on so it's a bad thing in the morning. So clicks government job title and loudly and Hannity and I think this is a bait cars get a call upon them. Once we get our audited or is. Look at our rating nights leading you've got to have anything Newman we got a call and we would be enough we have we think that every single day every day I thought and prayer I just ten dollar bill in the tell you yeah millions. We had a very good leading last year overdoing three's and four's well before we showed up Richardson is a little patent that you would with Tim bends at the hell was apparently some haulers and had a good lead him so that's the they give us an nicely and we thank them. And yes beta and is good because he's an ass. And yes you love the Aden any pisses you off and every six months of ordering his neck. 66 week he's on you have enough self control you actually doing a late yeah. Sure it's kind of ice and it was an accurate. And men. Nice we don't know Little John you know. You are purely political reasons. Regular bill I noticed night. And what does he mean when you have a set. I'm in this whole thing is well above many and it was million Armenian men in a morning show he doesn't mean admit. It's just along for the ride or you you heard what dean is definitely I guess mud and just be like a by the way its arch show late. What's wrong with me nuts is all Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk changes. He's happy with a to collect the paycheck yet so yes I mean why I like it did I am still I act I said hey a lot of show what is Callahan. Wouldn't count eating habits he believes and so Kelly and Kirk it's Kirk Allen was the name does show is on the wrist the farmers market should riser right hard. Right operate a writer and here's what they know he never he never messed up Callahan and also there's a doubt there is. But still a spark. They're still far I'm sure because that they've gone through too much there's still love this he has helped feed the good columnist. Should write more wouldn't. Northern what are absorb all job what about his and about a whole host a blue route now. So much of the scenes chemistry of it good chemistry together don't you think they feed off of each other they can brag on each other not take it you know serious again. That's what it's all about right. Put her through the person. I mean you put him for example there's not wrong for what without. Alex is back in it a more take Jerry out of the room and you put Kirk in there with sales. Or would they. The show last two days. Probably so he walks out exactly. Some New York so it doesn't work so that they have great chemistry together. That the tumor that we have good chemistry a year in. It is yeah. Shot out. She's. Show this market. Only you know I'm alliance. Actually my days they are all else you'd like this morning. We will have a narrative on and we know that it decrepit I think they are looks good column with a crowd of its rooms so brilliant it's extra floppy that. It looks kind of zip on new front news block model chronicle and the older blue mock new products new product and Lou Lou I was proud of it and uses Wallace running the here's a here's Bill Clinton and how did it out of my out there I think it has its. And we've got to get Miguel in the long battle out that's been operational dislikes it. Lose Jason you know who is like let a lot of profits and you know he's really missed a bottle not a team is a lot of product if you didn't hear it's real problem is Lou and. What is real problem is it good here it's still can't get over the fact that we called him out. Bite because he took the wrong right all of all that bad that so there's this residual in the rotation that he had and he can't just letting go down so we somehow has done. None none none none I say see they're that I'd it puts on the calcium shows that just shows that on the foreign aid cut its fair. But the show different type of how the shows that had nice kids as host would never do you would never do that to one and we can keep you on almost. They got it I think the other we'll try to half inch taller than me. It was should be nicer if we think we know there's a call if they shot at chocolates I want John is John lol like John Lowell. A the last call their frantic search at all analogous to ticket yet so an audience. Arts DN Dutch shell in the morning. Curt get that bully he so while I'll I'd love Jerry at John Jay John was very very tight. Lots they talk to talk a bit politics and everything as far as I'm concerned Jerry become a little cart many. A White Sox saw a little external. Solicit bids and enabled it. The list. Of censored. So resistant. Walk. Like the little things looks like at this morning with him lacrosse street. It's. Not like to hear something that was initialed it sock. It's not like dean than most sought more crap all urging. Partly your social enlightenment and we were not sophomore now we know we we're not in your area material like this are you familiar. I page where the adults that people don't stay. Shot at a lot west and politics to talk market share. Up each other on the back what you. Opera Jeter mean to me for a either slash. Feature. Guys and it's that it is the year that comes out shocked yeah. I agree good. You're very energetic it's all it's all an act that comes on after his musical guys toward you it's just all an act committee at that might got to get time not him Paul now. I might I might just called is amazed that we're adults. And we don't know where older boy oh. All right we hold on become the adult table that it doesn't mean I think he was referring to Louis may not well necessarily you don't have my list I can't keep a little more all that show that Paul 2 o'clock in the morning enslaved children that's what war is healthy column it would it would erudite area that didn't spell it did. The ball in the people's kids yeah yeah yeah it is absolutely I think the concern out you have children. Yeah. I think you flooding saying something else that you like I'm not sure enough on tablets and I don't remember and I'm gonna take a break so let's show because we hate we don't stick to the clay when Elvis has come up and has that OK you've Saturday key to success would have been sentenced to the clock. 67777. On threes. Or we were lonely and forty clan. Christian college Sports Radio telling GI home. Now do you talk or have you talked to count and since you left cheaper. Now it is or is it because you're not present and he's averaged out do you do you feel like there can be ever there could ever be some sort of reconciliation you guys didn't get it together and talk about your times. I don't think there needs to I muddy did admit I don't think he's interest that we get out we get what we gave. Our art nineteen and a half year run stands on its own and that's fine but I'm I've now moved onto another portion of my life. Don't know what Callahan order Callahan went off but what would he say that's the same question indeed you gravity but are you curious do you wanna sit and incorporate some Brent Nicholas and tomorrow morning through the bring them up tomorrow more see I show there's oil the tapes from this thing I think it looks just like the Malone. I think there's a great opportunity for all do it together and you just and I could have gone on you can have a Jimmy Fund situation you could only to go to charity you release involve in the US sales charge people's server to let you know. Put on an airplane sent down there chore Fort Myers is that we are neatly in a commitment to make an extra fee your support that adults for the kids make it up off of its. For the kids who theory of revenues if advocates admit the mistake of type and format for less than just a word. There are probably pretty good but they're advice I know is that if you guys said you I Gordon Hayward the injury was like you know late you. Did you the chills and to stumble that does sound like Jones coming back to the station some tip doesn't but he's gonna hit you you guys are both gone during Christmas. Who you you know I think the most part for the most part I'm the one who stuck yes usually. Keeping up treaties Mickey shirts for saying I don't think you know it would mean body if you know Ryan Atlantic Canada and the hornets try gitmo and I try to enjoy the epicenter of the holiday spirit and I doubt about it exactly how many of us I got a lot of football pocket I you know there that clip. They don't think he has work to be good hadn't done the cross over 10 o'clock at either. It didn't say. A little bit. I'm a yeah well yeah. You're doing good at doing good and you know I don't want to comment as you know if you're working with someone for like almost twenty like you said. Quote lacked what about Jerry if you have been out of its output hammered W out of reach out. Yeah she reached out to each other that's the right thing to do that in other more than his father like you know and Jerry's mom passed right. I I don't I don't want to I don't know if they had any committee notional so that wasn't even a little unnecessary and now that there's no doubt there will make a ball does not call it you know mid air and raised. Our value that everyone. Do it anyway if it does say though that it is it is more prevalent in the business that you think. With a lot of people having a lot of people do we show disturb their shows it right now we're there may be some people who are having some true difficulties Nazi dealing with the cancer in dealing with. Lot of our ballclub right now a lot of people out that stands at each other emergency now. Has built pretty good right now that they think it's and is building right now I think this building is is pretty good I'd already had a limited to the believes there might be. So they should put it happens in the business of having the Mike and the mad dog and just ought to be quite. On the ground right now you know what took them work that side someone quote without Juan is a fun thing I'll put the ball for probably won't. Reach out and saw the way things he's. Yeah I see you run Muslim because it's OK thank you got that straight people that's great college yeah definitely tackle Sam and that usually seems to be. The open door policy right there is there is the one stipulation reason you know right now. Ominous swallow all my grudges Ullman reach out and just broke time sates pay. Heard much dad or about your mom I'm sorry. Oddities like and then Betsy go back to Haiti racquet. How it works. Yeah I don't like it either of those things that signing on to tell I have to kind of just suck it up and relentless abuse the day better per I don't guys' total. I don't guys that have but I didn't happen we can focus right casinos I don't know then you don't see. People. Who. And how will he do that every day those guys were coming in her Dino admitted. You coming in you're doing a show with the only time they would vocalize. Is on the lights were on the microphones were on they were talking to the public every break nothing somebody knows what sort of break. What would lead and they would talk actually aspect only last a solo. It lasted for monster golf knowledge eventually and an X five of them Ryan and I am afraid that what you mean Lou Ryan did you press that show I was coming specially made sense. But Lester Sola and yet your neck not years you know alleged couldn't less than thirteen months. It's already bill is already full 56 months six months whatever waters that was gonna last year. Don't the chance to right didn't occasionally goes along Qaeda have. Did you do that. I never bitterness situation that you have remaining college where you just you guys are not friends when you were weren't we when you started living together than like you were unhappy and like you've got a few of those I had won over Christian number I think really you never spent time but usually yellow legal move friends now right you find your friends. Oh for enemies what you do here that was you've got to speak you've got to talk you've got to. Even if you can't stand each of the you're gonna have to talk with you all the I don't know how guys could do this I never knew I I was listening to Hubble I'd listen to it wasn't all inner workings of hobbies like when I first got those guys just kind of started. And I've listened to show all the time and I couldn't tell you I'd I'd I'd sort recognizing it. When I would always CD and went on every break. And then like he would run out of here so that's that arrow glass is you or are Arab Joseph Williams an ad deal gets the hell out of there so African facets like Disney. Here's the thing about anybody. He's just gone gone gone gone gone and announced that lots Wii and don't usually later whatever and I don't know. I haven't I have a reason why we shall as Eliot football what we normally happen and we spoon in the I'm good at the end seasonal flu and I pass out T dot. I don't but that we I don't know how you can do seats in the I would blow up at the other individual to be a blow open then would be that we would come to something I don't I don't know how you do that. Go to for a beautiful this is purely on the Portland hello Phil. Hey good afternoon I'm Gloria what's up. Hey it's our it's our pleasure so. Yeah well. Don't quite are actually try to. What should I shelled or shot meant it for an idiot I agree. We all agree cannot be aware that I had and range really no insight no meeting always right and we are. You know so what do you would want or are you look at people that it is too. Like that badly there it is this storm called. And again it always wanted to Annika or. Everybody or Arab. At 2 o'clock just destroy it and order show that you thought that that we're. We got a visit pick up on everything this is at 10 o'clock ball yeah repairs and horrible leader and a couple and we got to try to get more people listen and I agree. I would appreciate it HL if you would do us a favor. May be at about 101002. If you call your friends because a lot of them probably on the same thing you've done. And just alert them that were on the are now if you like just like we were right. I think it would appreciate anything can divide all your friends it would really fill it would really help it looks like gonna talk more sports and mourn. But they're not a sport and politics. T everybody says Donald tartan in time once boxer are sports that. But the morning drive a most sports stations is not necessarily Brady's future. Did in late seventy teams and beat everybody to know that you should I talked spoils go to call all the friends attended until almost Annika. What you are inevitable so yeah it's gotten that all of that same old original launch of the point where I actually and a US aid over what lies duties Byron Johnson bozos get away this responsibility is charred failed earlier so you ask your original shot and puzzles three's figure when he realized that he is all about things shut up to it's there's still fresh and it's inevitable Hadley doesn't have yet. You can't get out of a jam you're done it's often as I did this in Boston on the map prevent that. That's hug a loved his computer when I don't. A and I agree cool. Should. Shortly no big suit for years. I saw I wanna state shall thanks in many here is. What I immediately you're funny. It called an insect. Like pathetic all the guys went high school because they open market stock over that locker took a large. That might affect old rock now he council working meeting or. If you want to take it out all little opportunity at that time. He's gonna do tomorrow I don't have tomorrow right Alex is back to your bully him a lot of bullying no data or the Alex yeah you saying you don't like them all you like that part of bottom or you hate him so much you have to listen which is. I don't miss it at all any longer I no longer looks. And there's a lot of people call and say known to me mothering continue to go up somebody's somebody's line and you. Because the ratings are theirs or somebody's lined him maybe it's meals on the other people would take the service may be they're lying you know many has got a few bucks. I don't even cried a little and Harry is him paying people off and possible pain for me. That's what it is and because they're getting ratings are getting ratings and somebody nobody says that we always calls nobody's listening to them. So he was a doors and says it didn't fake race. All we. Expect quite adamant that they. There's smoke all you science and opportunity. You guys aren't. Alone beautiful don't you wish that that Maurice it was more like us. I would just grow our resume I wish we would just work from sixth to get it which you think it's a giant. Trying to let's try to glance he just could be less on his right now that once Alex Alex sleep I like going to bed late at night sleeping early dual sleeping in now and Clinton trying to do you know not on you early now those YouTube I like those guys I would I hope you guys are literally I would like to do show those guys because is Dennis is set I could probably realism back I had no control. It's her crowd here. Jeff going control what we're pretty pretty Lego group and well I'm like you always been a member of the panel line number five. I noticed them back to sports. And shut case doesn't get hot sports. Nick is an east Providence let's get. It. Predict an hour you know you. I'm doing well according sound and hand here on I would do that shorter once while usually on a Monday morning. But down he's a great guy I mean that's kind of what you want more I'm in the boarding fees. That they are entertains you not necessarily there if you take or kill apple. Tanks or whatnot anyway as Susan takes. But let's put let's look at this logically there's at least one that we didn't show where he goes off on aliens about a particular sports topic and then there's the music in the background. One mock Obama does that happen because I've listened to all of the show what times that. Some fifteen in the sports when you talked about is using your goal off a Michael Holley and we're going off on me now tacky when what does that. When he goes on and visit us with a disability from him is is one of the reasons why people listen yet. I would think Austria that I never thought that he's put he's unpredictable unpredictable Hollywood LA tell what you think about Gerry Cahill had a feeling we're not title and she always says that if you don't a sticking up for Jerry springer show time for Jared Allen is nowhere to ask her petition nick tweeting about Jerry. Well I've yet. Like yeah. That's luckily next January I think and Gerri great chemistry and it's Jerry understand yes Kirk a great guy stance that he can just kind of jerk has changed agrees things. Eight. All money airing bill is. Brought to market prices iMac is why the ratings are so huge because Jerry. All kind of beaten and Sweden pulled in the evening and acting to goma if you stress a setback to Kirk was. Basically didn't know how impressed you keep a pop up police yeah if you look at Gumbel what Howard got he can't. Gary it and you know our picnic area where Gary you know Gary blow it on YouTube clips up there that can prove that. I your little political move and we don't soon completed many and so. Now again. Little that I says I senator a little bit stuttering John little bit but everything from the old school that he's got a real. Lumbered integration that I I think it's good you know I so you don't so you like you like and a morning's Euro on Boston won in theirs in their Sports Radio that you like to Washington. But to love us more than anything you like honesty and you if you like us to write levels more. Absolutely I would rather let her take and hit them. Because I think you're a little bit more depth now. That's a little drill a little bit higher while a little bit more nick a little bit more you know much more pleased that cycle and it's just a little faster. Further shorten Islamic I how'd that turn that no we actually watched the game it's K a year ago. Are we got another hour ago. Teddy covers is going to join us coming up the winds are down. Doesn't anyone want thirty removed Fauria at his what do we did when he moves that we ran and won fifteen of our arena actually. That's what the item and I'm like I'm toss a flexible concluded on cinema flex you've evolved to a liable of what you're libel and you're liable if I am I 6777979. Threes and.