OMF - Alex Cora on Chris Sale, and Christian wants AC to hit him some “fungo thingees”

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, September 12th
We’re joined by Alex Cora live at Fenway Park as Chris Sale made his return to the mound and the manager explains how they’ll handle him going forward to prepare for the playoffs.   Plus thoughts on the bullpen, the catching staff and much more. And Christian may finally have his confirmation for being a Red Sox ball-boy… and he needs Cora to help him practice a little bit.

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At one point six pitches last night for us to us down the skipper Alex courts for occupy our own church going on. Cumberland farms the official copy of the radio network for progress and thank. I thought and I yeah. Look at that Tenet and now I know we're all right after tonight for the 100 victories as of right now yeah we're hearing that we don't do it. Though it was a nice nice though host right but when you clinch division if you view the strong and that bit and for a person humanitarian and thought. You admired him well and yeah. So we told you about Garcia 126. Pitches we thought it was gonna go to up to forty. More importantly he talked to feels it feels so. Assignment weight room. He's okay this race soreness. Will be and so. Do you know that now meet when you wait and see that made it opened a couple days from now isn't really a test as well as in the morning. Now I think. He is going to be on us and obviously compare him. You know his situation compared to. When he went on DL and after Baltimore. Even if feels it feels good. He's just a matter now obviously is now available on all that but. He'll play catch today probably and but I think the players he'll let you know right away. Because obviously he knows how important he is for us and he was very honestly. See that's the thing that day and that's why I'm glad you're here is that what you do you feel better. Because we all know how important news. And and to me like a month ago he was not an unknown you know and now I feel like. It's kind of an unknown like hopefully maybe goes full on Sunday that. Well more than that hopefully five his mechanics and hopefully he's Chris Sale that he was a month and a half ago so so Alex make me feel better. And we serenity and in the minor leagues that's the bottom line he's competing with the best of them it's my brother. Is on the reminds me he's able to heavily Tripoli it's not for MLB you know you know on at this level. Right away through to count fastball away double off the wall and you have to pitch right away and he him pitch for so long that he's mechanics were he was excited actually anxious. And you heard him he's his mechanics for a alive and that means that about him which is like wow that happens to the best of the best. He made some good pitches a passel was 9690 seven's like it was OK and it was able to do about it that decision was mine actually you know life. I'm like for twelve pitches I really see him open and compete over there. Not put other guys in and talk us through tough decision you know it's a second and third in 2000 framework for one out. And then the bullpen was going to be tough team to maneuver the whole game so. He went out there he was fine with it and now you know opens and Sunday which you know alert about the time it was our hope that three more starts left that he's gonna be we're he needs to be here will be wary he needs to be. Desperate. Stars Sunday you have a game plan of where he's doing him most likely three in hopefully four and then the of the the debate started is the last Gammons Baltimore. That's the one that 67. So we feel he's going to be of them and if everything goes so goes the way we. We've been planning the whole time you know we will let him up for October 5. And there's a lot of you know in between his last start and that start. Two mile house. Well what kind we count on this guy and in October and and we feel I feel confident that he's gone yet his I think most people don't understand the difference between rehabilitation. And it and. Pro team baseball global whatever as opposed to just go to your local trainer. And working out three days a week maybe get a little muscles that'll 2000 like that cold the healing process. Is tripled with guys in the major leagues and so three weeks that's a long time. The difference is going to be significant right. It's and we got time to blow them up it's now it's been trained for him. I was listening today it's them like watching TV now and there's their teens are missing situation you know a clue over now these guns can once starred. When that is done the and as opposed to non my callers with rumble opens up from Cleveland lute coming out our our hasn't pitch in awhile so. They did their work in the same way but I I do feel that we got playing time. So if you didn't have that long layoff is you envisions elect on Monday Symbian type thing. Yeah that'll that'll only nine I don't think he'll pitch in now if everything goes right and I don't think they'll pitch in the last secrecy urgency yankees. So. Will make sure he has an aggressive open either Sunday or Monday in America absolutely you should initiate a. President Ali you know what I'm. That if Oman and how exactly what I told him you. Welcome and high oil monopoly and you thought. So you said that Chris sales mention the fact gains that up and I heard of him pretty frank and honest. At the end of the game last night saying that the game was speeding up audience and to destroy it. You've got Mitch Moreland on the on deck circle. I'd. And I think it was to first get men on first and there is that correct. The it was it was halfway through him madness. They got the left the we have Brandon Phillips. We have made to Mitch goes up to two bad amendment beaches in the body's not a match of that we've we want them I don't wanna burn. Powers in this situation so we hear so how with the panic over I think to get around we need to get brought in and the exit is. They bring the lefty we got ran he's a good matchup boroughs they leave the righty will be fine and so it's easy to get to get your armor on Mitch. What's that conversation I'm explaining him why why we didn't sing in tune to match. You know like he said that's ours it was on this program and I'll I hope this. Looks at me because if you looks to the to the batter's box I don't I don't call. Just. I don't wanna embarrass him and that's spots. You know a lot of us work out but you know. I thought for sure it was gonna bring them the lefty for Brock. Brought his it's a Claudia. One thing for sure is in the wrong place. You know the home run made happen would have a bye we knew he was gonna put it about things writing. And I heated up fast on this. Yeah its yeah. Those order to look at the situation did change it too well to me or they're going to Mitt first and third one possible plea would prop the committee brought little but I think it was more about. And having left the yen. Us having the option program the engine and asked in this seat unit did a couple times you know that early in a year that was a defensive replacement left it to equity. They just registered that one out there. You and and we're talking about actually last night that that's evidence that the difference is is it from going to Alaska is that you're confident of where you war. You're confident of who you wore CNET afraid to make it you would make him make it a mistake because it and that's I think a lot of people enjoy that. I guess that you'll like it but I don't want to look too much and if and. I'm not. Is is well. Like now in September he saluted different than on news is going to be different in October because you have a lot of options. We go back to. Atlantic. It was like oh we got to this place to be your next could go keep going keep going and that's gonna happen October but we have to make sure we prepare for those slides. Cleveland I feel obviously the economy to a playoff that's a team that he would be ready for the situations with the food lefties in the bullpen you know who we gonna use. Which lefty we that would like against them lift the end. Now in September that the meetings you know advance meanings. Obviously awful because there's so many players and you don't know hardly match games. I'm going to let the that debuts in the whole season on the immediate is strictly lefties because they want axiom is tough September baseless. I mean if where yes. Yes that was that was so living off I'm reading this the right way base and he just said David this is it because. Is looking at the bullpen starters and you know what that post season roster is gonna look like again I'm seeing all these guys they got the pitch to get big play. Are you holding. Almost Leo double secret auditions with these guys tight series that you you know just trying to figure out who we held a wide to you know really kind of it means are they fighting against each other force by a destructive I know maybe that's not coming in stone yet but it seems like a lot of guys forget some opportunities. Somebody standing out you more than others. Yeah what I wanted for sure. We have them have a lefties now like a lefty lefty guys the whole season you know we went with a varieties but. You start thinking ahead and elect Cleveland and they Dudley indoor Ramirez and you have flippant to to the right side some of them and who can get those guys now you know and we trust varieties to get lefties out it's not like we don't trust them but. It's gonna get to a point that may be will carry a lefty for a for that situation and also when you see Bobby pointer against. Houston did. Now good fastball up in the zone good changeup. Throughout his career reverse splits a lot of veterans Fridays and lefties household and he gets Redmond now to bring out whoever was in on that's like oh you know that that's good. Yes it would bring him in because we wanna switch smoked to right side he gets them out so. Now though those situations. We're trying to win games are now but obviously I'm thinking ahead and now life here so there's a yankees and then in the Indians who who can fit. In this role in the sixth inning and with the seventh inning because. We know we get Kimbrough we know Barnes is going to be back he's going to be healthy we know what Frazier can do but. You know the other guys that Joseph Caylee on the ball better how we gonna make some match with him win if we numbering a lefty was going to be that guy so yeah. So it is kind of like a still the competition not just coasting into the post but still you're still compete with the guys are still fighting that your call situations I think it happened the other night you tell me because price comes out its first and second and obstinacy amid all year long he's going to Emory. In the city go to ranger was that just that hey let's would I know I got every you know the situation I want to see if you can. Yes and and it was more with whites. Henry has been amazing against lefties you know he can vote a slider down and in fast opens on. And then we'd lie would like I felt like velocity was now it was usually the real I felt like velocity was gonna bother him now open man and it was officially name he was looking for a hit the barrel on an aid to double by. We're trying to figure out a few things out because as he now you know the playoffs are unpredictable in its not like in the regular season where you go. Six sentences of seventy. Who can come in the middle of the game was slow who can slow down the running game who throw strikes who expands a zone with the use of fast of the break him all eyes. Is interest him because now we're in a position that. We gonna keep trying to win games when we finally now stuff that. Through other season it was immediate because you know it was very simple but now you know you you got to put yourself in the worst case scenario. How are you gonna come out of it and that's what we're trying to do. So along the lines of those auditions. Stephen Wright looks like he's part of that next four knuckleball pitcher gives you much different look than what you've got in the pan. What are the pluses and worse some of the things that concern you about using a guy like that different look for the other team but it definitely clear catchers will the middle game. And I think that's a key lights and the Christian mentally they're great and the play with them is not a situation like Josh Bard here man Powell. 050 yeah remember and it in this edition we Jason and and done united news it felt like. Doug had to catch wait the whole time. And without our catchers. Is the other way around we've as a matter I mean I'm amazed with the way they cast ball in other framing pitches that's on people out there blocking it. That they gonna miss one. Of course you know because that means that you know that knuckleballer is where is this word. But with Steve and he's close on the running game. Obviously it's a different look and you can feel his decision so I think the next step will be probably second and third two outs in the seventh inning bringing him in NC articles. So you use of all the comes out of their last night nice go back in the rotation next week in Tuesday. Who you know I don't know where you're at with him as far as they're looking guy I mean come out of that bullpen I'll long how many appearances do you think you'd statistic may be. He would need to get comfortable to find out if he can do that when you talk about additions is that something you wanna CPU comfortable doing it get into routine and and how long would that have to be the financial. In his first woman while likeness. And hundred please in the first and in the fifth and then parred the eighth and and you know we'll talk up we'll talk to him today to see how he's how he feels physically. Obviously you'll start on Tuesday and in New York. But we we have. Options now on I think all the panes where we go right now the only thing we have is. A 163 games Monday night game right now but obviously if we keep playing good baseball one. We can take of the position and will sit down. Is it open and the Yankees and Houston where it is how we match up and and we'll make those decisions those in the season. We feel comfortable with him in line and all these that you could have Barnes was the latest on him as he Giuliani's aides are playing catch on the off day plates that's. They catch it yesterday. Com haven't seemed to me but he's feeling better so hopefully you know he's still progress and progress and then you know he. And hopefully able Panthers in the week or early next week from the time that we got plans with him actually. Forehand and you side we we we use them alive the last month. And I don't know if move you hip for the users that he kind of struggle with command a little bit to stuff we'll see their but the command wasn't there. But I think he's going to be France findings of fact. I don't put the threatening in the dugout last night Saudi Pedroia. So a a prank right. What we're so rat what do you say that they did it work its way to block it like there's a hundred I don't Petraeus says that he was Latin hat at junior just a bigger rat somewhere there probably you know he's yeah. I have like PSU Suzanne malveaux at the right route that unit rat that is writings vanished at the sub the bigger one so. Iso. I got to see something I don't be nervous out OK but I need you to let me note this is acceptable and the and those. Here's my gloves is going to be here's my glove it's going to be an act of what you want you coat and of that awful good. But it's awful golf. I thought well I was just talking to Kevin commitment and a mine we we have to make things happen and he's a three game series of asthma and the Yankees. Sunday salon plug game there's a lot of stuff going on. Saturday let's meet key political editor will hold on for just the second and what did you find out of electricity it's lazy little that doesn't work. Did and I drove right if I don't let go Wednesday or someone now we want it happens community bank. That's before he's. Is that the right handed power and better crappy what I've had a fever a fifteen year to get used to play. Really wants to know to begin working them a little bit maybe in some balls and maybe we're gonna it's. Did you like what that before Andy who was a little thing he would that's a good yeah the fun. We'll look back we'll get to Purdue and Oregon don't I don't know that horse all the outlets and let's things Google. Let's. It's okay that about it Wednesday against Baltimore we can work on it and then. Friday against the Yankees you'll see ya you have every single thing I'll say what you all sides of the negative. That's all we gonna get right. That's OK so the last game against Baltimore he'll work with and then Friday to word of. Awesome. Outside the Cumberland farms question of the week for Alec scored questions submitted by mark trembling of Cumberland Rhode Island. As the regular season winds down is there a particular game or play. That stands out as the most memorable for you. This disease. That game and in Atlanta. We use. Almost every player every position players have sandy and JD do you. Brendan we we call him up on Monday lean back lean up and make rental. He's a home his family's there. And down seven to one Benson won and everybody we've had decades and yeah well Pakistan. Has it. The faded out of grade. The they. The president wants them so and it's yeah. And at home on those those fund reacts of them in the hole in game. Island and you give moved in it and dale DB OEU and a bogey. And start looking and it grew hats you know like a well and let's go let's let windows game and we post. All that's the Cumberland farms question of the week it's brought you by Cumberland farms farmhouse when iced coffee great stuff go to WEEI dot com slash manager submit your question. To first after Dallas outscored every Wednesday. Good luck with a hundred tonight more importantly. Good luck in getting that division probable tucked in excellent. Thank you thank you Alex core right here on all of that I always thought. Like wood Johnson instructed me to press congress who's trying to convince beat them Brownstein occupier that I thought well Austin. We're one of the most well prepared teams in the game a division team never give up there who are. You know extra inning record was a tight parking never quits and we feel we work hard that we care so it's like please don't fire me this guy's sitting electors I know on good arsenal gonna screw up and nick. They saw that early you when he hired every single coaching hire and the staff. He came out exit original I wanna hire coaches that want them to be big league managers. Your first year managers but a tough time with Ron Britton who manage in the big leagues before that and he wants his job he does appeal that will also mistakes this. It was also what Matt Patricia is thinking today hit Harold and get downloaded by the team is good sailor and he knows and so at least five star athletes honored in the hall producing region and a great first season he should feel confident in themselves everything and nobody's gonna know what he's gonna. Pointe Hilton is pulling the stuff up to this point that everything's worked other than this maybe this'll Chris Sale thing and we'll see what's going on there. But you're used to straighten out who thought the year remembered April given all these guys days off. Is in its gonna payoff at the end of the year and announced at such a big lead he's given guys two days off right Nixon with the off days so. He's able to give guys go off days' rest them and still maintain a nine game lead DA at least. Yes so it's as you pull starters after seven pitches early in a year and he's doing different things with it but his team is so damn good that cushion is so nice he's gonna slowly politically with. I took the take out of that was the interview without court is that he feels good with personal be spent time with sale here before he came down out here it's an appeal to do the interview with a us and he said he really unveils anything like my glove and off it was kind of I say that is often fall problem here with that. The Internet I'm here that you can't use them. All well and didn't get any easier he's ballclub this is basically. That's a soft well. You'll be guide to baseball the thing you know better shot especially with that right yeah ballot if it actually debate the matter for debate if that's a big Internet user has the better you jet. Used to. Fired up try to but. OPEC sort of nervous but he he seemed genuine when he was talking about he feels good area guitar and a crucial. Again when decreased sales start not feeling good after Baltimore was at the next day and I'm pretty sure when the media asked him. I don't think the next days and yet he doesn't feel good feels tight and we'll see just the opera those three days later right it was detectives go to the next day OK we'll put abolish it. Lugo throw bullpen. Does it feel to an ID handy feeling pulling back there in your shoulder soreness and tightness. So bullpen day in a couple of days that is going to be the real test after that remember you. He bailed out a day before that Baltimore start of the next not rather its New York yeah we know what I mourning in Russia so it took three days same thing here. Boy it's an awful lot in three weeks to where. It really it it is a novel isn't isn't okay so you're you're what you're doing JW percent believe go I mean. I I could it's gonna work its at the time will be perfect. Based on the at a mass starts that he has and how to read these you have left before and it could smell of the season and then there's a little break there tussaud's more masterminded the thing what is. Last thought that was the other thing is last are now scheduled that Baltimore series with the August September 25 or sixth. In the first playoff games in the August October 5 that's gonna be the hail yes. So you're talking about nine days that's Joseph amen you and eat your lap starts on Wednesday whatever it is yet next that's going to be on Friday whenever you know so all week is going to be probably liked little. Simulating game just to see some hitters for about three innings on Monday yourself like that. But yes it's allowed be another an opportunity as another test not to rip up innings pitches that's for sure but just get into the field try to battle anemic. I feel a little bit better the next time out what he said Sunday. It's force solid innings and he seems to have more. Command of what he's doing what spreads. A feel a little bit but let's go to the phone calls and we'll get into some football via pristine shape we are from tournament. Ramsey today down in Jacksonville and we're gonna hear from gras coming up in a narrow hello Doug Doug morrow and smoke will get to all of that get into some football. Let's go to let David first in Connecticut native. We've got to go out. I think particularly given Leo bullpen too much slack. Mean I don't there is bad as they are I think they've been way over years because of rotation as horrible. I mean BO Chris Sale who gives you six innings. Well wait a minute hold a whole whole month David Price I don't think it. Let the rotation. The rotation until she'll win now. And and they pulled them. They had sale going deep into games price was going deep into games yet know you rod for awhile but when he was there he is going five and two thirds and had four silo. I don't think the starting rotation was a problem. While we're so all of them they're everywhere academy in five innings five and a third. If you're looking. And now we have one good we got one good start once shaky start let's look yeah. The second half of the year by where what is the first half is not consistent. Healthy so comrades can't stay healthy so everyone's trying to get a cover all these buildings are these guys can't get through. I think they're glad. Would you say they're they're much different than most teams out there are good teams with starting rotation and number of innings up. I think it's very normal. I'd have to look around at the numbers but I think I'd hazard a guess most. Teams that are in contention has released tears started like this certainly get your six innings. Well these movies and do it appears the Indians or Boston at the Evian.