OMF - Amendola talks to Mike Reiss about Belichick and Butler; Fortnite is very popular, 4-16-18

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Monday, April 16th

Hour 3 - Danny Amendola told Mike Reiss he doesn’t know why Butler was benched but the guys think he actually does know what happened. Joe Kelly wore a tracksuit with a water cup design for the Red Sox road trip in keeping with the team’s tracksuit dress code for the flight. Fortnite is becoming more and more popular, with people watching other people (including professional athletes) play remotely.


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Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. The okay. And we'll look at who we're known to about these different spotlight stealing social media it's probably not helping you today with -- and Lou in Christian I was out there but my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night and one of our best players wasn't on the field. They take you I don't know why I did ask I didn't get any answers to act like them play. You know so it's not easy that's for sure you know he's and sometimes. On Sports Radio WEEI. I bet you know I've proven all over the place because every one of our sports teams really just got something going out to the winning teams obviously. Engrossed in the playoffs and you get the patriots go to camp today no grind no breeze and call it camp please we wanted to know what you wanna call. Auditioning go to the gym. Yes. Fly off day for the (%expletive) (%expletive) you cold forced. Criminals eternity planet players saw a something we that term we did know about forward to neutralize him the last couple months. The planet employers apparently will not be. The little low little workout today and then you've got the Red Sox who all put up a series out in Anaheim tomorrow night. As they'll play on the road away from Fenway Park which is good thing for all. Because the weather sucks here at home now evident by the Boston a marathon here and and we've talked about the bronze we talked about the the Celtics. Boy the they're the Cleveland Cavaliers improve to shake yeah. I'll call obviously you know for the Celtics the year that could have been yeah. And he went when you sit there and you're just waiting for you know the best team in the east to kind of tumble. And that's what the Cleveland hasn't been doing. They lost yesterday to the pacers and Hillis scored eighty points. Eighty points out say a healthy Celtics team is probably the best defense of team in the NBA. And and oh by the way the Celtics had average 120 points or more in their last eight games. And the only put eighty points out against the pacers at hole mind you yet. So they were they were they were trailing big early on beginning I'll market order was there. Ticket price they got back in the game put the that the great thing there was. The pacers put the pedal to the middle again and played great down the stretch I think that the the problem you've got in that series. And I didn't realize this but he Indiana I think beat him three out of four times during the regular beer all of people obviously is tremendous player. Talk about that deal that they made with the Oklahoma City that everybody thought was one sided maybe not so especially Paul George leaves employs it was a good play is a really good players to if he may be the most improved player in the league this year and he was a good player to begin with. But you've got crazy Lance Stephenson. Why swear to god is out of his free kids down line he's got some Rodman and if he's got a lot of I don't need to start colors there and you Bewkes. And you need one of those crazy guys who's just not fearful of LeBron out at this is a guy William blows it is he. Your assembly. The league. The file that they went in the nature it was a flagrant it should have been a flagrant the names touch in England but ultimately it's certainly funny it's kind of went down in the one I had slept for the ball it looked like it at all are the yen and hit somebody but he's got it is no it's not nearly as bad as the run all the guys those are all Oregon are. Iron ergo let's go look at always to all the way it is mind it you know it's nothing like when they showed the replay in the announces a silent. Policy here it is on the street he slaps down the ball and. Now I think we have a different different I replied I don't think you know salt thing yet at all now the announces Hussein this one was flagrant file. So that if everyone knows about it was I think it was right at the world's what was the RF this is a different government again and if I thought it was citizen did the whole game. So she is in will bronze grow the whole game so he's not afraid of home but if anything he's gonna drive him crazy. The only problem that I would ever from a piece of him right now is you never know when. Lance totally defeat Canada lives yielded any case how will happen. This I think is going to happen you just hope it's not for more than began to get because you I yeah I grew he you crazy and it won't need a crazy but you just yet again especially with LeBron James doesn't care like you said not intimidated. It's almost like Stevenson just. Looks forward to the match. And debit did the biggest problem and you side even it at home is you know the funeral and Jordan Clarkson. No we're gonna do if you're LeBron James and cast your line from his Rodney hood gives them choice. You know I felt like oh yeah love Kevin Love and helping Davis not Kevin Love of Kevin Love is not going to be put a close to twenty. You know he I don't at it's as some believe Ernestine they have answerable players on the LeBron can do it with this group. I don't and I still think they're gonna get by Indiana. You know and and again you talk about the missed opportunity what could've been. I don't know I do think Easter conference is very weak it is I I don't know who the hell is gonna come out of can be perfectly honest with it about this I don't. Could be Philadelphia may be in the NBA finals. Even even two thirds quarters through the season. Did you ever think there was a possibility. That the Philadelphia 76ers. Could represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA front. They went on that run at the end and nine of these winds now at the end if come without a enjoy him being active restored and they get in the back and think Thursday picking Hillary. And and Simmons and that's why is this that is annoying right now like he's been in the league for five years. Even even what the Celtics all these players hurt consummate and the Bucs are completely healthy body right could debates it's it was a good day yellow comes your way you see a new York and a is much as you were building and you know and get ready for the future and you know stabs in the young players and you know give them it's a breather and fine. We knew he had to go through Cleveland. You'd be cleaned it will completely just melts because that's basically what they're doing. And you saw a perfect opportunity right this unity yield and maybe get to the finals you know you play Houston mega play you know goals they would ever police are there right and and everybody is a year older. And you're right this is our year now odds and end up. Do you think that you think Cleveland's gonna sit there and I underway by fight their way out of this idyllic Kevin Love is Cleveland's Al Horford. I don't think an illegal act Kevin Love is Cleveland's Al Horford because here's a guy that's supposed to do all this stuff and paid a lot of money you've won a championship with them. But he's up he's down he's up and down nine points. It was terrible. You know I think so it's either LeBron James does everything on his own here or there or they don't win. This this gauntlet down and look at Lowe's probably better player than. Did a teeny drag them finals in the first time in Cleveland. Right is and you ever had great teams around him there. But I I just I still I just don't think I don't think he can't just thinking when I'm ready another triple double yesterday. Wrote the brunt 4412. And ten. And they were struggling throughout that entire game. He he he can't do one enough with the guys that he has around I don't lose in the corner sucking his thumb where I don't give myself a hundred. I don't get myself out of it is too bad that the Celtics were healthy right now because you're right. If they were healthy right now if they had carry and they had Marcus mark amid apparently dignity and lend you funds have. They could they could get to the NBA finals probably not what they get to the NBA is well I haven't of well anything can understand and millions that realization beat up can you be Houston. He never believe in Hardin anyways yeah Daniel it it'll never be. Hard to analyze and discuss art at 44. And I came yesterday they beat a number eight seed by three points at home. And I'm watching first take care and they get all excited about how great Harden is that he's the MVP or whatever okay. He should've won that game yesterday there's Jonathan Maine what's up John. And I got north does addict bigotry and a lot of Celtics struggled is because they are missing half of Iraq there in nineteen yesterday in the middle and kinda played over his head in that game also and a rush. Let them play I mean maybe it was a great game back. Coach my I think the guys got out this year he's. And hold a week we know that when missing part of the roster we knew there was no Kyra he can talk about a what he was gone gained one and you knew there was no market Smart right and then. Ice is gone not a big deal but. In all role play what are we talking we knew they weren't going the policy everywhere from this and this this team never had Hayward so I get about him. And and they don't have you know we know they don't have carrier ring anymore gonna Marcus Morris let's talk about the team that that they're here. You think there walked in the series John. Now not out there ought to electing a guy went for too dark and there and I got out here lately because Justine played straight out there and there is now at a they're not gonna let anybody on a roll over for anybody. Yeah what a way to our. What are the good enough. That that's a question I would have I think that we've all that of course that's that's a cell that's Brad stevens' team they played hard the metal who's got good talent here John. I think the Celtics yeah eight. Tatum and I and the ground are gonna stop but in this hearing that are out expel more talent and the box. Lots of the best player correct your honor I thought I. Where I ON and I that you gain edit my thoughts coach shall live to live to see you name do you don't have worked you have the second visited. Yeah for. You today of this do they have the second best. Now you can. There's noted that there's middle of our declared at Merrill at all let yesterday's. No question about all the pressure that was metals that is tailored to regain. When he won. ZLX. What does the average per game. I couldn't carry one I want I believe he really don't know if you don't know where's Middleton on these John I think there's better sound on looking at. While trying to log and I know a little jaded outlook but it better overall I thought. And our of course it's. Obviously it is a vascular medicine you're racing the obvious. Bring Eric I see I I will say this about the Celtics I think they play harder than Milwaukee and the that was obvious again. Yesterday their medical I I they're better coached team. I think they play their ass off they they they really find a way sometimes in difficult circumstances. To make something good happen. But I think if you're in some dream world here. If you don't believe right now that Milwaukee has more talent. Than than Boston. I mean if anything I look at Milwaukee and they were vast under achievers all you want. Milton has a really good play the Greek freak is one of five best players in the league okay Bledsoe is a really good player. I'm 80. Coming off the the the bench you want to Borg Parker was the number two pick in the draft. Nine hours after he was in Ross is an older problems he is indeed in duke squad yesterday. But a Malcolm brought them wish you were rookie of the year last year he's coming back from an injury problem okay. The guy that everybody up here in Boston last year or two years ago it was. He did it which rated for its. Q Mike Gorman I wouldn't trade him for Seoul and then my man who stills coming back from an injury but maybe if through before the series is over. Matthew delve a dove it's Jesus. Watch other offers the display at a. You do your blood did you see it's a quick shift of gears for a what your boy joke telling. Is when a fine else like it's like what does it sweat suit. So sweatsuit tricked us whats the trip say that three times faster looks at their cup how is it possible that with the stock. Thank your legacy to out of your winning the hearts of all the fans seek public David Price what does David Price weren. I wanna Ottawa Tavis what I wanna see the other sense of the word for Alan I holiday Anaheim it's eighty Gammons and as you are there critical little you know what is it he taken the easy way out middle school field came golly what is he went. I'm old school like DeDe is give me some vinyl like you know some eggs and Staten likes. That you talk to god that that's that run with it right because he'll coach does about the foundation. And apparently it's about it's it's it's raising money from human to human trafficking try to get rid of that the modern day slavery. So we sort of turned it into this hash tag JK 56. Come on challenge. You don't comes a month ago as. So tell us the well. So was it the yeah what is that the water bucket sounds and so is it ought to in my possible fight somebody like an end that you raise money. I think you know what is that go on as well let's send it videos to visit pictures of an eye on the back garlic final popular c'mon in whoever has the best video. Is there what price and I don't know what but it's part of Bocelli Brandon Sony's T shirts that Joseph Kelly fight club. So proceeds I don't know let's go to this is foundation the fight against human trafficking but. Knew JK PP six come on hash tag. And I just gonna show you know he's certainly sounded confident that Israel an entity that is limited come. BC is limited and Jim Buchanan and police are now now what about it is it's just and and so the settlers users and Georgia Tech I don't know I have no problem with his new found celebrity status. And I thought he did. What he could do the other day in the game I don't have a problem with what he did he throw throw throw the backside he didn't throw with the guys and he did what you're supposed to do in baseball if you're pitcher and and and you've got to. You know retaliate so of the got nothing against. And I've got nothing against him gone over to Brodsky and getting scant inflation and they're very Jumbotron on the big screen just. Very very careful about about this new celebrity status. Because if he continues to throw the ball blew the way he does throughout his career. Where he throws the fastball and he gets up close tonight he bloody it's you know flawed as convey. And he's getting lit up the celebrities it's gonna go south very very quickly. Affair so committed to something he needs. I always said the other guy's got great stuff I don't know what he wants no what does he need what's the next step by I don't know maybe it's a city that's taken him in a city that loves him from the Indian. Come on Joseph Khaled card I don't know I think it's a thumbs up for equality everybody let's get stating those becomes the game out of the bullpen. It's hysterical. I'm I'm still concerned with this'll hash tag come on it that it's gonna be perceived the wrong way by some group at some part of town. And all what we were not supposed to go out to a random person like go to a random person had that come on and I doable thing and Steve actually unity action. A little business right Digital's passport but with somebody that cannot. Democrat come back to Arabs are you on there are certain athletes you can look at and say that they're going to be able to maintain this new hero worshipping your status they have. The joke it was one of those guys. I just all over the long run of the season I now have to admit that they are likable guy likable club yes. Everybody had fun yes crazy slip what critics that they went that yes it bush years earlier this was fort. Yes you have the game. Now video game what is audio and video game kids it is a got a hundred people a new line and I are eagerly join like. Fighting I mean what they call. Everybody plays it it it's a point now where my kids my kids. Watch other people playing Oakland in order here don't want an hour and this isn't easy this area these good. This is their new thing is I don't know what it was a lot people asking me from day one. Why is that these guys are headed double that put a loser and a four write a bad look to units but to loses nobody likes of another big losers and make fun of us all the losers. I guess it's like from fort night of the loser dance. So they do that to L on the forehead big shake their legs levered. Yeah I I don't card that also I've not I've not seen it I tried to play the company's game until the day shutdown something about it and everybody plays the healthcare based on the demographics most of the people watch a baseball had no clue what's going on so it goes on the Toronto didn't wind dance repeat where validates and now doing now fort night elf dance. I'm elbit sort of but there. Mr. Nortel the Al thing that's efficient than a known we give teenagers than they they play them tick is you. Is suddenly the plays an ally needs is it's not Portland needed to demo for the steam this fall the listing didn't stay with helpful and I can't. I mean it it goes to marathons have played one game and make any to start all over again it's just a vicious cycle over and over and over again. And literally they they watch other people playing it. But that's that's part of I guess attraction to you could sit there and watch Gordon Hayward play. And like let's do those comments look at all our. You could be in a game this is gonna lose it and then next thing you know you're playing with Gordon. Hayward all of his retreated all MF on WEI. A little Twitter handlers want to repeat follows every pastor what did you 303 and out before they're the fortnight loser Davis this is yet this is what they're doing and straight up. Elegant OK okay. I had a good veteran midfielder Tobin President Clinton that we also Palmer host almost a grab every drink don't judge. Do you or way Murillo. Or hey if you like them or what he's a little bit of a fraud. And he's like totally mess he wants everybody else to be as good that he wants to be the nice guy standing in the back side group that a 1000% go much Sports Radio. It's cruel morning everybody he did throw back. I just finally solve a loser can't afford. Which is I guess I'm lucky. They wish to start doing that you know. And it every every day could you Europe did you do it I think I made here or something like some. And I'm not very pliable. I used to be but now on TV I all well all of its people to use a change. Obtains a modified rate that's. Whenever outward is to vote users soon Gordon. Children working out and Atlantis facility the bat the benefit of working out and facilities that you have food when you get there yet who when you leave the great. Ross on gun laws found if shower gifts open water so it was only the approval under hand or heavy lifting nothing. And you're W that's literally what you're doing you're lifting at least things like that part of the weightlifting process like it puts a stop on this thing called a bench pressed him and then you put both hands up there and it date you say okay went to 300 and let us they'll call up and down I just think of a squat rack. Yeah I don't like squat or no not at all like you go to the audience vigor of the bands make you dance yep yep because he knows that W subtitle like all that weight on the spot. There's girls and girls on the beach it curls for the girls yes that's always that's that's kind of like flotsam and accurate done deal some action in tracks for the B triceps are good what that portion look everybody's trying to get. And fly a kite and a senior class though you know you go. And honestly and as the screw things up and put them wrong. Additional highlights of this right now talking about conditional intended effect of just event anymore out of conditioned athlete in any sport is more told local long barrier really to be his 44 years of age for all the great things people talk about Tom Brady and going to TV twelve whatever. Would portola Cologne doing. He sure we'll hear no love theater in near perfect game this is sloppy sloppy. Look at that probably. To shoot the ball yes and it's sloppy it's all the depleted Houston all. How does he distribute the weight on a pit I don't understand how I'm not a boring it's I don't know most of doing. I have no idea. Mean at him he's enormous. It's all much movement is based off as a matter when it's fast it's ridiculous stories are these 44 years old for 21 years in the league. That would in any publicity that he's doing as a pregame postgame reds because he's doing it's eating eating. He's minding days that he pitches he goes with and show these days that he's not just you know dealer's choice is no word on your writers in Houston. In Houston. Yes it was like display in the marlin gray gray line arrays Bono you know that's what you've referred to her no I don't think gotta gotta start again so clearly went six innings one run he's hitting last night's 72 there's one running perfect. It was unbelievable perfect game seven is ridiculous so hot so that's the last Clinton showing him again and everything because I'd do it it is going to be Odyssey. Okay the one position you could play. I mean it's mean it's so it was loud position and pitcher he complaint where your out of she'd be argued that B attache I don't you know nudity pitcher he primarily only 16% yeah. As a pitcher in late I don't play third base pour les if that actually bad talk show back. I would say kicker until they look past genachowski was the most out of shape person I've ever seen in my life like Jerry he's he's gonna he's got he's back he's got a job CO what is legs and no joke. Mean he's got some new agencies you know strong not giving you its natural and he's he's got a shoulder into he's got he's got the best scientist on the world against the best. Well ask us immortality they show some film Hamlet pull. Now he has a lot more write it off I don't know at the half hour last year I don't go like a you look on welcome always a good day now an ally and alleys for a lot of different ansari if you see news to talk about him today if you see a picture that guy. So it's hard and desperate like that his whole career. He's been big like everybody has the look like Chris Sale late you know Kristen looks like you know the hijacked from a nightmare before Christmas like for other great pumpkin gotten Palestinian. Like Christian he may be having the longest career of anybody in the history of the game of baseball was disabled baseball bodily. And he's been like this body shape since his twenties how they held Zito. Policies like this. Always bigger now yelling and I was thirty she was they use him there. It was electrical big bowl ever used is that Kansas State the polka dots and see label on somebody fun but now is always an easy thing now he's happy. And he says seem like it matters have sent David Wells wasn't sick this guy's thigh and did well no he IBP's. Floppy immediate picture I mean it. David Wells but the days he sees a big big board yeah that's death as a floppy but those are coming around every amenity to our civil. Yeah I mean when you lost lot of weight sucked. Again back and especially. Adding yet again back against him he broke the ice control we're all pissed off when agency crushed epic seventeen ice cream today finally just broke. Why apple broke yes I'm however like not where golfers. Even be completely fat out of shape and you can't play. You know basketball be an issue you can and you thought. Record old guys battle when she normally go. Your right into it it's amazing to me that he's able to do because this is this whole lot of work to be able to pitch would need to go 78 innings out of work against that line. And and he is mowing them down and in this game. And he looks so let's hope so you. Get a Cologne jury prize you're not sport and I'm Mike is that if you got my similar bill are amazed that he's able to do this for all these years this is an email me. Talk about Tom Brady. This may be the most remarkable story in the history matter of sports. Otis stone is great but you know. Gambling and users who is more punishment. Is that one of those things that put him third which RO one Brady do the talk of third. It's pretty basic city in Fall River next appear to know enough what's up any. I Geist I wanted to. Thanks for your show I love let listening to you guys and all your professional. Everything you know you're you're you're your expertise is very very impressive thank you have a simple comment and end all over the weekend I'm sure you guys know the interview. The gentlemen Nicole I. Yeah yeah in in the car right now who the guy that interviewers like. Michael. Awesome I am gonna remember him forever now he is one of the best and I just now learned his name I'm sorry. But what what what ended goalless that was so eloquent he could've matched. Telecheck big time and any kind of try to what he's still that lets them. We got three Tucker I've got three titles in the process of a cold in the deuce in the that. But my main Koreans. The guy took a pay. Cut like three years in in Rome and belly check yet. Give him whatever it takes to see him Miami gets him but really broke my heart and it really I lost respect now all respect for for coach. But I I really lost a little bit of respect for him could stand you mean let let's all admit you don't have to admit what. I've been watching him play very well the last 34 seasons. Interrupt let him go and not match the money money and the offer him. I thought was derailed like I hit it straight like a slap in the face to go in and Lola and again he was very eloquent. Can I ask you this though anyone is surprised at any of this this is a the patriots have operated. For the last 1819 years. So and a Dolan was willing to take 88 or cut pay the last couple years. And probably was just in doing so but he wanted to be here this year he has an opportunity to be maybe the number two number three receiver on the depth chart. In Miami and more of a role and more money and the patriots looking at saying he's not that's not the role we have for him a year. And I agree you gonna miss him when you get playoff game at the end of the C. Said he was you've given him a half million guarantee whoever I was. Egypt is to try to have a yes well I don't have it well yes actually I I understand your point. Ever Billiton is looking at its same way he's looking at we don't have it either. Because we've got to do other things he we've got to move this run at a joint Matthews and of course health is concerned. They send him for a million dollars. A million bucks he got dead you know what 78 touchdowns in Philly he's healthy 900 yards a million dollars. So that state to keep the Iranian and they'll roll Greg Garcia all the receivers and it's like thirteen million dollars or less like honestly what are definitely reader. I don't know for those guys for an he's underpaid order form have trouble hearing officer at the it is for an out there. Yeah and people leap beyond the whole the whole lake quote Danny Amendola Aaliyah what does club face you do that was common. You do you have coming like it's it's obvious OK and an Amendola. Two's two I mean did himself a disservice I think by assuming that they were just gonna. A noted you know I did them a solid out and approved them madame. Legacy help he can contribute to meet those pactel plays. But and when the time comes you guys are gonna you know like you know you know pay it back a little bit for the effort that I've put out there right now do now. Doesn't happen. That they're paying three million in cash she's on the books for four points. Heath remember what the industry cash but obviously get the bonus if the beginning of the counter. I don't know why anybody surprised but I won't tell you this if you watch it any of the coverage in the NFL network is there watching all of this free agency stuff play. Nobody in the NFL network on stance on the patriots operate either it's almost like payroll fantasy football players and they see a big name and they get excited and they don't try to run. And it kind of pay I marches like Randy Moss knows it's not at all like Randy Mars. But they don't understand the patriots have been doing this now. For a long long time and people still don't understand it but just watching the Amendola stuff play out with the NFL network the they couldn't understand it. That the and there are ex players as you know a lot of expires on there and they don't understand. We all of the patriots cheap when it comes to paying these guys they're not going to get caught up into two eating a lot of dead money well it is not a. Nothing too acute our promote them. Here it's its multiple weapons regular thirteen million invested in the wide receivers and aerials that much lesser including growth OK but no lot of these teams that have sixteen tied up in one guy. And then maybe other it has a drop off of that second third wide receiver and and we all know is it easier to defend one guy all 345 different options which is what the patriots do. This irregular if you bought yesterday you know Andelman and and Jordan Matthews and Chris Hogan and some of the running backs and we're gonna hit here with 45 different wide receivers as opposed to just trying to stop one as we think that's easy to defend. And Belichick has shown to the best weapon out how you gonna be me goodies at third second or third option if you spent 16181000001. Wide receiver. Maybe don't have the cash to go around mostly don't have that second or third. Fourth option. So did the fans even the media and the NFL guys on the NFL network it caught up in sentimentality. That's the last thing bill's gonna look at the sentimentality you'd eat doesn't care he's looking at. Building the roster for not only for this year but for the future rough fields of Belmont what's up Raphael. Hey guys but but but that would are on target 100 moments you can write down. Danny Amendola we would be outlook would obviously in the year. -- good as he's a model liaison as secretive fallback and. That means beer of both parties and I want all of you look like quote about that because that would have been right here because you trade group that so you're better. But Williams. Wondered out what everybody Google is. The picture is where the picture is equal mobile app because in all those clowns. Call this one of these. Don't blow blow blow all those people everything happen. Is. It why not go pick it would also. Spot a little bit bring them rebel militia. It and it's where the boat what who win. And go to soccer team members of the thought that the hero doesn't want to I Venezuela and our revolution. Or revolutions I don't know it. I don't know what it was good but they don't look at bats in. Look at what side off. It until people is what in the world go out of all time exit side and get out it would not block it out. The funeral costs nobody. Aggressive enemy revolution things over a soccer revolution fans dislike. Bob Kraft so much it is it I would not even know why and it just watch this I don't like patriot fans relate a little little brother and only want to do it they got they don't make you don't do wraps. It's a look at the man in denial I don't all the revolution. Night time I don't cancel and a lot of people very upset with them is better fragile Comcast and other on god bless them. Com and I'll be doing reads a ticket the revolution is deeply you know Montreal impact. This week and unlike anything I don't I don't I don't know the I don't even when seasons going right now starting right now they're playing doubted that those tests are now are -- the place where you're at didn't play for a couple of weeks evidently for a couple weeks yes so it's eight basically what's April but it's. Based LC you know I know it's funny because people are using along not a hot down happily and any other concert are active obviously like excitement traffic wise. As they with the revolution dim like or objects can't go to the left ankle on that area comes out of soccer game revolution a place you would even know. There's no traffic there's no columns its unbeaten ethnic but this season so there's things that the baseball season April to whatever August of analytic and that's a pretty cold games games in the snow Alito. I've no idea I just know he didn't play tonight here. If you were driving by congress it's even got a virus in the two sides in case soccer games and be careful through that as recently perhaps a lap you motion based the article it sixteens. What's at Rosario is a record 31 and two. I was pretty good that's good right W blew up a respectable the boy Diego it's doing. To Diego for the gun go whatever is what is already in place right now all you want to realize it re bitch and we mourned until we remedy said they are voice as our guys as a you tell you get all those guys that are rom. Point in the exit signs that united theories that he would no doubt. And Arizona certainly hope that her order body count. Have you ever heard when you sit and talk to a New England Revolution fans think it's the end volunteers and all of it. It's just the opposite would you look at that the patriots and patriots hazel crest hasn't always been great don't. And I don't does he not care about the revolution maybe than they don't have it was an operation that's the problem. I don't think they have suffered a lethal they certainly don't have an older daughters being. Or wanna 30000 seats they do not only twenty. Two ounces at least 35 like a home people deal with a with a rams' rush hours aren't charged charges are way. 35000 student grants them lower themselves to play that. I here's child molester here and all of us whats out now. It. And I are. Going to go ahead and I doubt about it talking like he's trying to crowd thought. Logic in the last few hours ago. Who look I always the last caller okay. Let's call isn't it. Concerns and yeah. Coastline. And what I'd like to hit. Ayatollah Ali how exactly I'm okay I'm at the guy. Yeah it can go back. It is always pitted all at home you can. But it ought to get on the. I'm a similar together and Leopold an ad that good to have you will see what at a men more than you want in the bill. Allen got the phone was slow start and a sick and it's tough it is the larger reference I didn't think we'd feed here that it was ever thought that Danny Amendola is huge you know that he's. Limited shelf life because he does give I think it was get a good grass court in and I'd. We know what I don't even know why this even educated and more how he's come up big especially in post season. And it might be games in the regular season when he as a couple catches and game but one of usually outstanding. Stop until ground I can't believe we FO one without chip and then of course grows harsh response. Unity unity and now you're off you're doing community. Dan AM and all Campbell when they AM adult doesn't like so he's had some big moments with this franchise. But is he working half million bucks over two years. That make any sense to me. And he can go a lot of the different directions. I we we got more hair on. Marathon Monday no Red Sox game if you tuning in for Red Sox baseball the game. Was postponed they will make it up down the road as other Red Sox will head out of town to Anaheim opened up the series. There tomorrow against the angels eats the. And the F birdies the oh Christians you guys they're both bloody glad you're freaked it is the way Maloney and Fauria fund WEEI. Here's the amount. Yeah I'd like to read it happens. Ten dollars at the you know I had my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know. But my blood sweat tears out on the field that night one of our best players what's on the field issues I don't know why. I did ask I didn't get any answers. You know I. I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I don't have a great player and he could help this. Offensive player and the offensive players seems to be saying one thing and if privilege to believe that might Shia parties soars. Is a defense of player or players plural. They have a different feel that you refer to that earlier in the show Christie said. Makes Slobodan cents right. I think if it Denny a little knew exactly what happened. Is yes and you and you and answered that way. Yes that you answered. It's a totally different because based on. What we're hearing. Or what works you know assuming based on. Ball information that's coming something happened. Yeah he's done instilled in this is not your the guys I feel like in waiting because I still feel like Kuwait negate the real story but. There's not rumors out there recently. To believe that there was reason why he discovered in Poland and it wasn't just practice that there were some things out there. It made me maybe did wrong and that's why I was without merit. Sold well and it's a what I don't Aniston is like. No lobby and got you don't want to because that's up comes out doesn't it sort of change the narrative as far as people blaming bill. Is that still refuse to think it was just like a football decision and that's what they work and I affiliate there was some kind of discipline here. The reasons why build and play these guys at all in the game at all if that's all okay let's say it is Danny Amendola finds out that. Let's just go to rumors the speculation right that. What some concert came back high as a kite. Miss curfew and sure enough there's his position coach there's Steve Belichick leaves me just sit there right we form. And they didn't altercation. And there's issued all the easier. Do you think that Ammann Tola if he heard that. The next morning what one before they're going to meetings what do you think is attitude would be holy cow was he doing what an idiot. You tell me or he can starting can apply our public pleas of his attitude would be in his opinion would be totally different if that's what was the case because. Let's just say so much that happens you come down nobody knows about it but it'll kind of here's the buzzing this is going on that's going on. He wisely you know wise he talked you just kinda based on your experience and the and the root the mundane. The Monday this you don't beat a football player you just kind of notice know suddenly stands out. We're not alone or where is this guy I was a curtain what's going on been invented rumor mills are stormy start trying to get information. He's missed curfew is why was it a lot it was a little we got to fight. And now everybody started out. But you don't think it was like to reaction you got a social media right out of the gate there and guys were supportive of of Malcolm bot or right after the Super Bowl peoples and not say he did nothing wrong say they support. No player should be supportive of the players and I think they'd like this get so they're gonna go out of their way even if he did something wrong. A lot of their way to back. Got the ever he had lawyer I think like new I think you know it sounds like that's it resides exactly don't I asked I asked without adding it is the that generally comment on him but you know he's a boys' good player in Yangon in towns like Alba bloc. And he's moved on ended Dole's move down alleys of dolphin this has moved bodies at tight you guys I'm down the road that's what this is all about guys. Being honest nobody's telling you to try to don't get the bizarre protecting each other. None of this is surprising pierce checked Chris event wolf pack on the phone with senators to. They guys I don't know. Guys are electing the country invalid after a wreck that question. Well I will question without you know route and let the pleasure occupancy indecisiveness. Like conflict going on. Pick on Orkut I don't have any confidence in going forward you know I need you to program while it looks like it'll shut down kind of where that aspect though. You know despite you know crack of the bat and not walk in the oil and very. You know going forward down the road you know that I can offer could be an issue. Absolutely and it's one of the things haven't seen your receipt is have been beaten the hell out of team bill yes that's the nice job. But Gary media day on Cuba had a committed game six nothing. You know they can't close it out any airline and sales Walden but not I don't it's something to prove. That in the book they're awesome beginnings in in his last year you have to write it was extremely consistent. I don't trust any of these guys think it'll get another Dario read. At the austerity at the trade that. Exactly I was in the battle they had the guy in here and Nate you know so at least I've ever met one another question I have a minor picnic. I don't I don't hit we'll double BY Jackie Bradley junior leading off. What about what is behind that and the guy is to what they're pleading not my doubt on base. And I would have hopeful that we don't try to. My only thought is that the last week that the goalie and yes they Jackie last seven games in 356. Well it dust ice and about well. When he saw for the week when he's not go to them you know terrible that we won't last forever a witness who live though honestly sure every day. They defense he complained they can tell you anything anything it will be decent things. And I but the exit. Few days like 500 crush when news of rise and it and it looked at the six games leading and yesterday isn't good the last seven days last seven games and music like 356. There is only a small sample size but. They're putting Beckel and opening it pretty good three or four games in Iraq we've gotten a sports go to Kevin in New Hampshire Kevin. It guys looked up as the McCall. I had kind of a provocative take months and signals and Pitt Tom Brady is the bad guy I know that the the the prospect of finding the quarterback and plugging it into this team is it is very difficult challenge. But I would consider trading Brady at this point you know he's he's not out workings were. He's not Jeannie call in details Thomas Randy Moss. But I would argue that it didn't act on this team. In becoming this entitled spoiled players have more of an impact in orbit detrimental impact in any of those guys could have pat. So we got betrayed them who were all you know I felt all moss was high caliber player called restore I tell a player why is Brady's ten. Listen I think is a little bit a so much cash and by the way the organization. Supported him and unloaded traded. His replacement a case all of that I'm a good idea but when you say when you when you take it to the next level. Of what he might do to to screw up this team there. Relatively. Quiet at our squad won it that's gonna do what do you think he'll do is screw up the team you gentlemen. He got to go up there and sucked on purpose or are you concerned that he would go out there and and throw gains plus. So what would you do it okay you look at what crown Cal's were bucking this system you look at these Amador commons. I think like a lot in tomato on the weekend that this. Starts from Grady Rick with bella it is I think that include opening some of these other guys around it and his entourage to start barking that says. But nobody nobody nobody is bitching about that were were admitting that both rock and Brady the planet players are dealing differently right now but do you really believe. That by bringing Tom Brady back here this year because you don't have an alternative now. Right I agree that it's a battle to bring about. Glad he's he's he's sure he's the franchise. Most important. That's right you know an obvious a white so you're gonna deal away. Zack died because you series going to blow this thing up. I don't think it's gonna be like a one time blow it up but I think slowly over I don't. It's exactly doesn't have much time. What's he got two years. I don't see how this is that. Illogical to think that I mean it that this guy. Democrats took everybody asks a question him from there. I'm just wanna do you think that it was a serious issue this year. Look at this season though last year like yeah started to see signs. With Tom Brady feeling under appreciated caused this team to lose. No I can't. Are you think we all this stuff happened in the offseason all this stuff that we hearing now. Pat predicting him early in a year all throughout the year and did it look like a big deal. But Luke might might might. Ish out of these issues get better in the answer is they don't because it's not tied to winning winning does not solve any of these issues and they have different philosophies and how you win. Always it's just Brady and it's in ground at this point right mythic and that's as far as it's not gonna go. Have you ever heard the have you ever heard another player called. Belichick in a whole line. A publicly but I'm sure they'll fill them up. I think I'm I'm sure he would. Talk what Tom Brady best buddy outlawed can't or don't practice play and practice with them I mean there's something. Oh let's look at Kevin don't get me wrong I think Bill Belichick and Tom Brady hate each other right now. Well I think that could separate each other still below we hope all they did last year I'd. Well let's pick out the logic here the most important player. On your team in the franchise history hates a coat but yet that's not had any impact on the. I did last year the last seven point did it last year they went to the Super Bowl and it last year you guys that can develop. Well you can I could argue that that that that and it all those comments you can argue that rocks he. You're that you either side. Argue she lets on and the fact that I always thought he went out. Put all like this you have all the stuff that's coming on now it's like we just think it is just tapping an option for all the stuff. The reason it's coming on now is is it happened last year during the season and he grunt PH in camp in Brady's case probably in camp as well. This is nothing new was a little guys that can separate standalone win football's logs grow outside the play football there's there's no question that there's something going on with dollar check and with Brady and they were able to deal with the professional manner last year I believe the going to be able to do the same thing this year even though. The animosity may still exist there. And yet 234 years from now. He'll be a Brady is he retires and wonderful blowing things about college and never wanted to blame with any other coach and you can almost predict other stuff complaint out. But when you're in the middle. And it's going on right now this is the type of stuff that happens we got another hour to go.