OMF - Angelo Bellia, 19, Hodgkin lymphoma (a white blood cell cancer), Saugus, with Dr. David Shulman, pediatric oncology, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Angelo was diagnosed in September 2016 with stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma after being taken to the ER when he wasn’t feeling well. His treatment has consisted of chemotherapy and radiation for several months. Angelo's treatment is now complete and he is in remission. Angelo is enrolled at UMass Boston this fall. He enjoys spending time with his friends, running track, playing X-Box, and hanging out with his pug, Rosie. He has a large extended family – on both sides – who are his support system. He has 2 sisters: Kristina, 24 and Julianna, 22.

Dr. Shulman has been at Dana-Farber for two years. He has been taking care of Angelo since the fall of 2016. He thinks Angelo is an inspiring young man who has faced his diagnosis and treatment with great courage and poise. He says Angelo has a great sense of humor and has a remarkable way of putting both his family and providers at ease. They have become close throughout his difficult treatment.


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Talk right now with enjoyable. Believe that paper pronounced that correctly yes there available like it was nice to meet you nice of you to and one is addressed the I got a little ground that they that they give you addressed voters that don't know we he had called me yesterday it says it's okay. What you want aware and I told him exactly I I already had some that in my mind exactly what I wanted to win and as you can see we match perfectly coordinated there's this often is that we do have one other time my last. Treatment of chemotherapy yeah I dressed up like him. Because I always admired how we just thought he always had like. You know the the beige loafers debate though the nice tie in that he had the striped socks and I always said you know mom. I mean that's stuff that's that's the iPod okay yeah well that's what I wanna just let him as doctor David Schumer. Pediatric. Or college you root for history to view it as well so torture story. My story well bomb. The summer of 2016. I had a very hard time swallowing food. And them. I didn't really think much of it until it went on vacation on my parents at a very pounding headache and it was just blasted the entire time. Probably fourteen days just the pounding headache with no team this fall so we went home my parents that are right enough is enough of a lot of darkness. And down the doctors checked me for all the normal stuff like strap you know rock and a solid stuff and it and it. So my parents and they tell my parents nothing was wrong and they say now. Something's obviously Iran we want puts this fairness though. Can we have played another test that something and they sent me a four day ultrasound. And when they did ultrasound they found masses in my arms chest and neck. And that is youth or two where. It's that are now when he tests this more that we got to pet scans to cat scanned and revealed that there was. Substantial masses in my neck and chest area and they gonna. Biopsies scheduled hand down the biopsy diagnosed that I had to stage two putts in home. So where you know with the treatment if you look at stand making it you're not you're styling news that he looks like a younger member of the Osce possible. Today because it could be a member. Com where I am now I am I'm done. I would say I I have a finished had six cycles of chemotherapy. And a boat a month and a half of radiation. And down acted alone in first grade next these people that Gary. Them dudes are assuming it's some you know he's he talks about his symptoms. And which it for any parent would just view our knowledge is so we'll deal with them later you know you're not to an atomic payments on vacation mrs. have a good time. Earth early diagnosis is important correct. So it is the easiest is that something other parents should know I guess you know be more aware of you know and and two hours or any like you know just direct signs of this maybe this forget about your regular pediatrician head up to Boston. Absolutely I think it's challenging. And fortunately in the grand scheme of things Pietrus cancers. Are relatively rare Angelos really now a young adult. But I do think it's hard because often these things sort of present as relatively common signs and symptoms that in some cases are called. That you know I think Angelo and his family were really on top of things and said you know exactly as he said this doesn't this is not sort of a normal voters not sort of a normal thing. In and pursue that further. But you know I think absolutely right. Creating awareness is really important. You know both for families and pediatricians and other doctors. And that helped sort of bring people to the proper in the proper diagnosis more quick. You know what hole were you when you picked I mean 1818. He tees or what what is your reaction of an eighteen year old when they tell you. You've got serious disease here. It never really sets them. Until you start going through you know treatments and stuff like that when I first heard it. I said a poster to the back of my head and I soda just. I tried to be strong because that I know if I looks like I was really upset that it would just make it harder for everybody else to digest it. So to me I just sort of tried to go on my late at first and then cross that bridge when I needed to do I guess you have jeweled sisters who have you will be paired year's world. Most Bernard project pulpit. Yeah I was there was. Not easy for them. I could see that every day that it was not easy for my family access to all of this kind of thing. They had they they were always there for me though they always gave 100% of their efforts to make sure that I was OK and if it wasn't for them. Like I said I want them. Got the right treatment as quickly as I did I my pediatrician told me sorry that's okay. You know I mean it's you don't have anything bad that they were persistent that's the reason I got a the people attain. Fibers acquisitive mr. words I'm done now sanity and good luck to you. Could continue to have great health and doctor thank you join us as well we really appreciate guest night.