OMF - Anthony Scaramucci with some Brady weirdness; Kyrie has us looking forward to the NBA season in a big way 9-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, September 19th

HOUR 4 - Whether he admits to it or not, Kyrie Irving has some unspoken issues with Lebron James and maybe even others in the Cavs organization. It should make for a contemptuous regular season for the two teams. All of the Boston professional sports teams are joining forces to combat racism. And Anthony Scaramucci has some odd takes on why Tom Brady didn't attend the White House visit.


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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Hi Irene Erving yesterday. Brought out all wheelbarrow full of BS took out a shovel and thrown on this table and expect to use three to eat it up with a smile more they lined up. Let him kick the ball. If airlines don't you lying. Big bump and block team he's got to try and block it at 56 nothing. He's a horse's ass but don't act. That's a political and Lou in Christian series are set and DeLia. But but Hillary and it took. Two for our area who are well organized and confident that the little Feller aside. Does that mean you say you moved he moved. Them into society but also to try to re populate the world for example a sex would have wanted a great idea. On Sports Radio WEEI. Are we to think what speaks German and judgment I. I took the phone calls we gonna we get a bunch of other stuff here on the table here's Mike in Dan Hurst which a bike. And Doug. And I think everyone's really missing the point when it comes retiree. I think really what it is Saddam. It meant there and the gravity entertainment and spent time Kobe Bryant they're both gym rats. I think. He and co the think a lot alike and they all are able to work on this physical side of their games. And take it to the highest level boat will be told him in Kobe talked about it in. You know in interviews and whatever she couldn't take it game to the next level. Until each on the coached. Take into an elite level you know is coaching and the the back basketball acumen and Brad statement and that guy and I think that's why I'm in the south. Yeah but also remembered remember Kobe Bryant basically just did wanted to do shack he wants Shaq gone he is set said he liked the fact that he was sharing the limelight was shackled shackles that financial bigger personalities in Kobe in his own town got. That's actually side of it like all the that's only part of me yeah. Yeah I think this coach distances that you. I really ought not figure exactly out there any and he sat in an interview we talk about it. She's gonna sign a bill Jackson was a pretty good coach Franchione is our view news of the celtics' season said he was excited to play for Brett thanks Alison what's gonna. Which they're the only reason I've I've followed you. Equal find out. At some point whether somebody interviewed Kobe whether somebody to be whatever key eat Kobe told them less and if you wanna take it game to the next level you wanna be the start that you're capable of being. You're gonna have to find that coach start seeing nationwide break. I think it it's more about this more about getting out of the shadow somebody else that's bigger star. There's catcher throws people senator that is of it's Shaquille O'Neal and but although Shaquille been retired 22 numbers that he wore but that was. A bigger part in a good idea started like remember Kobe tell him I asked taste yak away that hype from it. That ESPN poll of top hundred players India they had carrier ring at 21. They had Kyle Lowry ahead of him in the Eastern Conference hey John Wall ahead of him in eastern call on the ball or I'll just say when wouldn't. Larry Irving wasn't a member of the Boston Celtics. We sat here and constantly repeat talking about how they're not gonna be Cleveland this Cleveland only as the best player needs to commerce but the second best color. He was ranked 21 by Sports Illustrated that's part of it he never got his due he's looking for is due for it's all about yet Ed but I do think it. I think Brad Stevens is treating him. Don't these had a coach. I don't think he's our coach he is coach has been the Ron James. The last three years he's putting NBA that's been his coach but he's cares she would a coach looks like that's our guys playing. Well let's find out who we're gonna find out because it's Ira Lewis coach. But I think that was a coach. About like I let my daddy to think differently of it. I think coaches vastly overrated in the Indian. I really do I think you've it's so close to tell about the managers all razors or else we saw that Eagles beat anybody coach Nichols they were. Where did all that that's true everybody I imagine if you had. Pick up game right and you're set I had a good game and you know you have the gold states starting five it think it would it would be easy for them to count adjust to each other's style of play would not us not look good out. And witnesses about talent I understand that but you take a Cleveland team to give them Popovich. Handled differently. The better team a little but it may be because he may be the best one in the paint but not much now it's all LeBron. Or not obviously when you but it. Yes I get the talent is one point India aid to the terror Lou for Christ's sakes to Christina finals one championship he's awfully just it's there was mouth open. Bogey which if you have a talent can have a coach. Right it could make the player a little bit better. A little whatever it's a bit of sugar wants the country doesn't just for your minor that there might well you'll have a bigger issue. Because the way he plays the game because he likes to play iso ball he likes the palpable on the floor. And that's not what Bret Stephens got its movement movement movement moment so we'll find out we'll find out if he goes along with that. And goes along with Brad system because he does not playing Cleveland. You know maybe it it was because the cavaliers wanted to play that system had nothing to do with carrier and the way he played it's it's totally the opposite. Of a Bret Stephens systems so Wilson. But I I think the coaches are vastly overrated I think Stephen's a real good coach but as always so much you you can do here's Edna Karr quiet. Hey how are you guys won't indeed brought the great point or who hopes to be in Cleveland guard him run. Who coached the recall. What should shut up and come from Cote it's a couple and we kinda. We'll begin that he. Could shoot. Everybody's. It because if you watched polite but I don't think you watch a lot like I think two years ago they would can't picture and I got our work. I think you can't look look like Baylor coach look long run and everything he can run the co limit our culture there are twice on the bought. But here's the other one he wants to beat that guy. You know what it is mind he's viewed and not just in his mind that in a lot of people by she's been in the 41 player in league. He views himself as a superstar at the problem is in Cleveland you're playing backseat. Teleprompter that's what what's the. I know that the book why should get chicken and then. This credit do what they want to have a Coke. Because he did what else is he supposed to do with everybody's talking about LeBron as the greatest player of. There. LeBron now yeah he's the best player in the 10. Yeah he's he's learned the plan. It. All clueless. What should yeah. Yeah some plutonium. Abroad. I'll please see this this is this is part of on this squad that you're showing your biased. George complaint unitarian Michael Jordan you city's not the best player in the planner now. Jones on these parties better than Jordan is right now to insult. Old Jordan pity toward an editorial was playing with the campaign about beat Lamar balls on the ground and we were talking and headed out of the ordinary go to movies he's fifty because he's street thing I'd really careful with a believe Kyra played eleven games in college and coach has strict. Both of us that enough but he went to practice because you're a one year so you actually only played eleven games in college talent and coaching staff can I get coached enough people years you know exactly does it wasn't like he was able to mould him and the player that he isn't really Connecticut seen an aide Lewis college basketball we goes before year's again you you do and there are a lot of it differ a couple of months. The next year searchable once you show up on campus of right let's face you graduate OK you're there may eagle there in the summer early schools starts and suppliers are bad this new never go to school I guess that's what yeah you got to meet her again. And right now he's just part of the first quarter of the first semester right. I don't agree wouldn't come out though. Apathy is that's Moses jewelry girls right now that are right your papers I mean it is just doing nothing McLean group for about seven months probably DC football go to class and go to practice. It's a problem. Yeah that that is the problem I entered the line has not moved by the way the line is a 34 points article thirty lower on these lines long. Bet they do his thing it'll not. Well I think they're gonna guess I would over level and on that it almost takes on over there at the moment I am with a possible that it. What they beat Louisville by that was on the road and it was an elegant and a template to just lost her home please everybody Huskies driving around in a truck what's up Steve Campbell numbers college for. Lucky like that it. It all makes a gradual pretty much I think you'd on the carrier in the rear as safe and ours is saying well this being elected on the ball political portable which he does what they've done last year he's our game ball exactly why some people actually has the advantages are. What we're my sand that he's not a better player than than Isaiah talks have said. I sit here say that at all he likes to do what you shoot the ball so he can trash how are you out of your system I think it will block problem yet don't you know. Check out this tax. He did any any any takes more shots than LeBron James and which shocks of people as well and his record when there's no LeBron James on the floor is pathetic. It's awful what I want to escape Steve he's a terrific player and he might be the scoring leader in the NBA this upcoming season. But you don't have any questions at all. It can't be any questions about the gun. Thank you got to give him a chance because I really don't. Let's talk. Graduate basic agreement giants could create a much touted the fact that this is just this is what I mean it just. We're we're just gonna and don't worry it's in the row row row since two we're going to slow them down I don't know stone on and he's a great. Player here's the question I ask you can't email be. A number one on a team that can lead eighteen. To we championship they can lead the team to a lot of victories. Because he has not been able to do that so far in his career without that other guy who LeBron James he hasn't been able to do what. I think that's the reason he wants to do and the reason anyone that you got a clean look he wants to be demand. I don't blame let's Kenny do. I don't I'm I think he can and today I think the problem is. Is the Golden State Warriors. I I think they are such a super team. You know that right now I just think it's it's it's tough for any baited him. You know me and put LeBron on the senate LeBron James the greatest player of the greatest player in the world the majority shown that he can't beat them. You gonna beat him once you know we'd like to be at the guy you've got he made big shots. But so it's they're so good. That how to how do you beat that team meeting they were great before they get to rant it was the gonna get to rant in need of one you'll beat Golden State when they do they got to rant is a cynical. On paper. Nobody can build the team to beat this guy big point how we gonna build a team to beat them okay but what's but that Steve curry developed into that guy yeah you look back he wasn't that does not yet. And suddenly you only way to put it would clay Thompson okay. Who's a good player but there's some limitations there and he's playing with a undersized power forward that was the second round draft pick but that was staff cover. Curry talked that team how to win he was the guy they got everybody involved and made everybody better. Now you're right you read to rant and got another familiar to all of this all plays good this whole thing up. If if the Celtics as F Kerry became the player there Irving wants to become that's what he needs to do here in Boston. He's got to take him to that level. Okay yeah at all all right but on to say that he could direct Ari but. You're building a team right now with carrier ring Gordon Hayward in the real question is really Jim brown and Mike and Jason Tatum. Because we all talked about you know but Jim Brown can be can he be Jimmy Butler. Forget about Jill brown magic Jimmy Butler Ernestine your carrier ring Jimmy Butler Gordon Hayward now Horford do you compete for championship. Should that should be okay and he should okay so that but just you see you can't. So who's at level with alpha dog and a team if Jimmy Butler was here. I read your friends are better at best player fizzle Taylor brown can develop into that water though people think that yes but yes that's an NBA guy that can win at all it's as the Golden State is such an epic historic team and what they've accomplished. Then I'm not so sure anybody can really build that team to beat them right now but the reason Irving left Cleveland is he wanted to get. Out of the shadows LeBron James yes he is only guy eight and had his own team right. He has that right now he what do you as a tip. He had all the big shots and all of it wanna talk about was LeBron correct in the run to give anybody credit but LeBron bright meeting to talk about oh by the way down a bit of a lot of them a boycott read on and on it was a god set and a message also why does he make my journey so difficult and I made this team let Ali yeah and they island's economy now Patti Lee did not journey and all this other crap that's being. On the Qaeda big shot all colleges celebrate with his boys watch stuff on TV gold. Imagine his son of a bitch as you mentioned my name was guy. I forgot about the whole god put me is that this is. Why he's out and if I'm carrier ring I probably wanted to at the same thing I want to get out of here I guess I've developed enough jail broken right elephant that I played I think that yes yes can be number one guy to win a championship. Unfortunately he's visit historic team right now. The largest is but but the thing with every Irving is he's coming into a position. Where he's going to have an advantage over what Isiah Thomas you would dealt with last year in leading this team to 53 you can not tell me any differently. That Isaiah Thomas would ultimately channels they went fifty understate it that he has another offensive weapon on the floor hoping that the Celtics and lakers back in the game their compete in back and forth in the senate. Neither team as want but they're great teams and the lakers gluttony sign like the number one freeagent. At the time removal was demeaning name but that do the best player that's not on their team. He goes to LA. That's a Saint Paul Byrd can't be the number one guy is he can't beat the lakers now they built such a super team that nobody could be that got to be cold state right now. I don't think anybody could be called state rightness of the things they help they are so nobody really put. Here's what's amazing the the NB a.'s. Because even you could make an argument in the NFL even though the patriots might be the favorite. That one of these other teams with some injuries and stuff what these other teams could win the the the NFL when they got the Super Bowl. You look at all these other leagues for more parity look at the NBA right now lose right. Who's going to be girls they probably know nobody and yet the league right now there's this more interest. Inning tree. Going into the season coming up. They're not I can remember in a long time maybe it's just a series Boston maybe we're we're looking at a firm very parochial view point. But it seems to me like there's this hatred does this trust did get Kevin don't Wear it. Going out there Audrey and we I think coming up we'll think to a Twitter accounts or Chris Paul Daley oddly close early on what he's been so in your. Trying. Though it beat him. No serious intelligent and yet aren't you it is chomping at the debt now. For the start of this NBA season. No I think it's gonna I think it's going to be lost in listened opening game is going to be great teacher people want man now they're back now back in line you can only HL. Your team to appoint honestly. Hoping that someone a team gets injured because if they stay healthy you're not beaten them. I don't think there's that does don't know nothing eighteen can do that's good news there's gonna be Golden State good news for the next and have to put an effort into the season because their own shot anyway. I six point 77797937. The hardest working she'll win radio sits in the nest right now critics of pitching again later yeah I don't like you do a little bit more work and you choose coming up tomorrow with an idea its board Widmer loading and for E. A. SPORTS rate. Did he die from. I bet you're in the hallway of them. Sam Kennedy brought this up when he was done via a show that's the other day. And we're seeing the story now Boston teams to four to join forces. Against a common foe racism. And it talks about the two racially this is so Adrian walker in the group called today to racially charged incidents at Fenway Park in consecutive night. Made it clear to the city sports and civic leaders they had to do something to address a problem. That is on the Boston for decades. So what they're going to do is the all of the teams in town Red Sox patriots Celtics Bruins a revolution. Have. I've got together and they could unveil a project. A public service announcement. Featuring athletes calling on fans to take a stand against racism. And hate speech. That's sports venues that each other teams has agreed to prominently play. The video in their venues it's dubbed take the lead. The project is an effort to use the influence of the area sports teams and athletics stars to lead a discussion. On an issue that Boston has struggled to confront head on in their due in this big thing over at Fenway. Marked as well and so we gonna have a bit of these videos. So so walk me through. You're racist but. Think it's just play I'll play your role are you your racist please grandstand section when he was a racist religious person I don't know and I was bound up with a talk at once he's won sixteen debt attrition offers an doesn't appreciate people of color okay of of a just as like all races you know I just yes I it is all about yes Dustin Pedroia comes up and in on the video and we'll keep acts and talks about how racism is back yes you're racist yes EC EC billion on. They're right but I like for Florida. Good to their right like I'm no longer racists. Well I'd be torrents is Pedroia one of my favorite players they like him. It Pedroia Ortiz and racism is back oh well see now two more because real audio racist right. But it really look Pedroia. Whom would you go over to put try saying that it back via racist and anti he's. Good hitter and a great second base you like being what I love heating on on on people of color yes so I don't know I think I'm gonna have to I'm had to go door he seems really see no longer is not a racist anymore. Boarded rally killer I. Yeah it away now you look. And we haven't. Okay. You know what I'm all right. Almost didn't join the white guy volume although the white guy yeah now moved back gunmen yeah. I don't know what it does the man of color not get just medical it's a you like people to tell me commit. May not be a racist anymore and you watch the video. You know alone are going to be earth. Pedroia doesn't yet John fairly say to encourage fans to learn more about while they can lead. In their respective communities around racial equality. Tummy up really I mean who does this address. And you know pandering and think and it's a good idea but what does it really address the week. We're going after the people who are racists. We want them and let them know that it's not okay. And they're gonna sit there and say. Your rice and like I did see the guidance and it's got an Angel on one side got a double on the besides it's too is really good Smart. Yeah we don't like people of color so. Other scene in animal. You know you gotta I don't know what it is you noticed I've waited this isn't a bad thing and a dollar I'm mocking it and it's and it's a bit about a mess business. Well and a little odd Islam why the reason wanted. Doing it it's symbolic though and you you're right Lou what you're doing is you're reaching the people who already realized. That. You know treat somebody differently because of the color this gimmick is rural okay week people know that most people know that. So the question is how do you reach those out there and there are fewer and fewer front every year thank god but they're still out there. That don't view it that way how'd you get to them I'm not sure that Dustin Pedroia and PSA or anybody else and PSA is gonna get right. I don't know how many do could be that one a little and it could be that you don't remember those afterschool specials right political told the story about the kid doing something bad that he you know lost his way and there's always like a message that the at the end of it. You remember those. Remember after school special you're too busy selling naked in an and then at the wide enjoy it does it affect one per. And if it does is the activist advising teams also be called to examine their internal efforts at diversity. Beginning with the senior management in front office staff. Which they say franchises have been receptive. We want people of color to be part of these management teams. Have you guys seen this picture motion picture of the federal what does that picture this a Christmas party for Wii Sports. Mean look at it and it was way out of that world and world like smoking. Everything that America you're just. Look at the lone black people and and equipment one wing and about on the eyes aren't as you when it's IC one right there. Yes yeah and had he may have just been won by taking it well. See see that's that's that's part of the problem is that. So everybody wants to lecture you will ultimately you're right it's nine's it has a good its its fifth inning it is for us it's all about like okay we're what's the end game motivate change what do you think the race stick on the fan racing and video go on to second guess themselves that. Maybe we are return Christian. Yeah I mean that's all right because Pedroia it kinda. Convince me that this is. But that's the good thing for millet how would be happier person because Pedroia is telling our secure I also bought them the tires that he's selling every time. And I bought them I want to honey you and I got some coffee that you really Bryant told me to do if you're a little easier the most obvious like I lose it all athletes deserve they know how the world should not so hot but this won't. Because a big part of what is going on here with the whole city and and racism is. The Red Sox coming out and talking about changing the name of yucky 10. Because the perception over the years and a lot of it there's probably been pretty re. Is that Tom yawkey was one of those individuals. Who'll make it wasn't crazy about people who didn't look like him. So this centrist thing. This all comes about and John Harrington. Who was the chairman of the yawkey foundation. Sent out a letter here on September the eighth. To the friends of the yucky foundations. Right dear friends of the yucky foundations. Recent headlines in the Boston Globe reflect the F ports. On two of some to change the name of yawkey way at Fenway Park. In justifying their objectives. Proponents of the name change and led a campaign marked by factually. Inaccurate statements. About the lives and beliefs. Of Tom and Jean yawkey. I feel compelled as somebody who knew and worked with Tom and Jeanne as chairman of the charitable foundations they established. To speak on their behalf because they cannot speak for themselves. Then he goes on attack but Tom yucky decent caring person Yale educated engineer. But this is interesting because they get into all hole. Issue with him a race. Tom truly love the game of baseball from 1933 as there was yet. In 76 he took a personal interest in the well being of every player who wore a Red Sox uniform. We will never changed the regrettable fact that the Red Sox were the last team in Major League Baseball to field an African American player. But unfounded speculation. On why that happened. Has been militias. And baseless. I was not there in the 1950s. But I was working with Tom when players such as Jim Rice Louie Tiant and Reggie Smith now playing for the Red Sox in Boston Globe article dated April 17 1986. Wilma devastated when I asked Dick O'Connell about the racism. And he hockey he told me it's just the opposite. In meetings he meeting Tom yawkey would ask me why we didn't have more black. Players. Because ought to talk about some of the mistakes that that that were made and as this has several articles and editorials have suggested. Then on the day in April 1945. When Jackie Robinson tried out at Fenway Park Tommy jockey was in the stands. And yelled and inappropriate. Statement. That would have been the end Mort yes slightly south of that is that I think the famous statement did that and off the field it right Agnew just linked to Tom yawkey. This is what he writes in fact Tom yawkey was not in Boston that day. It was Tommy jeans custom to come to Boston in May after the baseball season was underway. I remember speaking we Jean yawkey about the Jackie Robinson story after Tom's death and she told me that Tom wasn't in mobile pork. On the day of the try out. The Boston Globe also reported that Tom was not in Boston. The story which has been resurrected in recent articles is just not true. An eagle on and on with more stories talking about how Jean yucky when they. Jackie Robinson exhibit toward the country in the late 1980s. It was Jean yawkey who sponsored the exhibit also paid to have thousands of Boston school children. Visit the exhibit learn the Jackie Robinson story. So it looks to me. As it John Harrington is fighting back here with a legacy of. Tom yucky as I've got to fight yet and you surprise and they don't and they delegate vote if they are look there's a plaque and we will we were over there couple weeks ago there's a plaque of I'm. Of jockey right right right there on the on the on the amount Omnia and stadium and it says and quotes like for those who knew him best. I don't remember I ask you about that that's an obvious sign of listened but people who knew him best. Okay knew that he wasn't a races do that he had he was he had the right intentions right the people who knew him best meet everybody else who has an opinion. They don't really know they're talking because they didn't know him best that you really know what meet him tech that that's the message itself. Yeah. He sent this letter out to the friends of the hockey foundation so I would think those of people whom. You know some want birdies started to believe it's a young guys that she said have been destroyed Tom yawkey BBC's not a racist policy is a racist and unfortunately can't defend himself and you don't eagle by what people close to home stay here. On both sides of it I can hear from both sides and you can hear more of that specially when they have. This type of campaign it's going on they're going to do. Launch on September 28 we'll include a discussion on racism moderated by the reverend Liz Walker. Was used to be at a newscaster on channel four here in town and broadcaster Steve Burton. In addition to the video to be shown regularly and all teams venues program include other initiatives some of which are gonna be determined. I would say the jockeys name is gonna pop up in a lot of this stuff is not specially with should be take down the street. Dayton should we change. Bearing interest aren't we take a break we got one more segment to go. He toward swimmer loan and Fauria talk host. Or away. It ain't nobody. Even talking to you on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back here on our map before we close out we we didn't get to we got to get to a two things for her Tom Brady one. Wasn't much in an interview we did yesterday for the block and they weave through it and anybody wanna hear about that night she needs and now style and what is tonight yeah whatever. I don't want to eradicate it something I can hear you now that it's something that they but I need any way in apparently I don't know what it's gonna do to me it's but the one thing that came out is that Tom actually. Talked about out. You know that the the situation with pepper. And where people accusing him of not being well run market yeah that of not is. Not. It's it. You grow apart. How troubling is that here at say the don't know what's going on in the league what is has been restored for over a year. And knows the whole store on WB I says argument proud that none of your players have participated what what games they watch him today know that. Bennett and according last year did it. And then in the game to get the chiefs. Com. What's his name Marcus. You. The Peterson mark beat you with all of our money down for this watch most of you. Mark is now running back yet you get the plan. Is that this this bridge contact her neck. Do you think he can play again now. I sure hope so you know I've always watched him and admired him on the way he's played he. You know was a great young quarterback he came to our stadium and beat us and took his team to the Super Bowl. In 2012. You know you can't slot in the pros as a player and he certainly qualified and I hope he gets shot. Is anything less than Jim grant yeah so possession of Maine started that sentence for the people now. Now now known why not why not too late will relate he waited too long Iran did before how many headlines did you seek a repeat separate attributed play and I'm looking still looking here found out greatly without first thing. You know speak for yourself around the other that are out there and it's known all your papers and not find any and I can't find any now because you know. Because it's yet that. I have this make America great again he would like to happen is that so show talking about the trump administration not let tickets are cheap. Who was RT. TM ZS. Like hosting it out and he believed ovals he believes. It was just Zell whose doubt Tom Brady from joined patriots. On the trip to the White House which I think we all agree right. That it was Gisele because she didn't want their we we call it we thought because of failure from the bag gap now our energy has its own theory. What I did say is somebody should guest is now why Tom Brady didn't show up at the championship or why do you like why do your thing. I don't know a 100% know what might get close minded. You know my guess is is that you know well that there could be some. You know which is typical mean to give you a little bit of jealousy there protection in possession. Of Tom Brady and and she probably in a while ago. They're not to answer. Did it was that communications are from trying to say yeah I guess the teams he got you say okay you say it costs what my head protecting from watt. I just think that she's she's possessed of problem and they've found have a great relationship that you buy in why there because. Because because the sister I get to the point is he might not see his shot an easy shot I was you know why I would think why settle down why why does she apparently you'll meet quarterly relation between him and he borrowed and. You married an. Anderson what is that his. I don't know the reason I'm not what are you guys are not an investigative journalist that snoops around these people have no idea what I think it is Iraq I'm just saying to you. That might guess it's vodka. Or maybe wasn't or maybe somebody else I don't know I just think there was a possession steam and air astronaut and you know cause a run. Well you stutter and hook it up. Would it surprise you though at all. If trump told him that you know libraries here is that the wife doesn't want him around Monica. Not surprise you where those two had a relationship well and pitch. Isn't all. Told there. You relate those to Linda together as you know what those who ended up together at their married and that trumps president and was at 400 feet. An anniversary it was a fun driving average on. They entered the draft admirers. Ford is or is running at her front and I kind of an odd I was there in its online along with that preaches. Almost breach if I play I think guys are you with I was pretty missiles yeah yeah terror re bubble doesn't ask Tara Reid there moldaschi college. College girl maybe she's 35 now. The moves owners' right to enter into why this is from 20/20 one roses scenarios and demanded that special night she. So I was like twenty maybe she once I went Holland that he was usually 21. Way to put in there fifteen is legal. Bentley publishing and ultimately. It is the 25 and wanted to TV's really gonna work well for Germany cheek is it just you know he just comes up stuff left and right he does. Guys have been without saying anything can tell the cross over it's brought to you by finance money dot counties and. Those guys plus half. And there were a lot of baseball today because dale Michael were sold present my baseball show appearance on subjects what did you feel and there that that goes on there. And pay attention always does it's ours is eight. Hours you know on them remove TV now there I'd rather I'd say yes to everything we've got a guy that for me not now let them. Vote the post it sure yeah. I thought you know I'll put those guys added increasing thought about him price yesterday the Red Sox have solicited students at the pan tail Michael bulls believe that you'll end up being a starter and hooked it worked but then again the Red Sox went. Told us things before you went by the in your. Through two days it brings us president pretty quickly here so we have to start lights that are running out of time but even if you you've either game three PT yeah five innings would that be better than not really sure when you're gonna use them in the passing game or two to appeal from back Iraq wasting time. In a community I think you're you're on the clock now you've got to do it and extended hours you're running out mark Duncan about that afternoon. Will reconvene we want to thank the folks over at nine man not god. It was for lunch today everybody well I. This time than fat. Catcher tomorrow and right.