OMF - Are the Celtics mocking Tyronn Lue and his post game "gooning" comments

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Thursday, May 17th

HOUR 2 - Ty Lue wasn't thrilled with the physical play the Celtics were utilizing in Game 2. The Celtics don't take the bait. Also, does Lebron believe his team has the firepower to get out of this round? And is too much Brad Stevens praise a bad thing?


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Fort Wayne and phony and 41 thing about our guys has been to be transparent in women responsible answer for that accident. Eric may repeat. Put packer I read that you've sort of letting you a little bit of that if you take it that way at all neither take about way bush economy meant by surprise but. And I if you saw that way he shoots out to us right now we got to move on with glee in booing. Christie is a good job put him on the black and not enough white threw straight threes count. 32 and. Seven. JD checked and 16 degree. All of which means he hit it good yes plunging again by how little way to hanging. Would you like to call emergency swing during the years he was hit the ball real artist outs were loud and come loud and Alex nice line drive earlier on in the the barrels barrels not a big. Now on Sports Radio WEEI okay. I've secular and all MF it's excellent 777979. 37 that cell phone number I wanted to vote before the break to decide. Commented. Tyronn Lue made after the game the other day it was Obama. Throwaway line by doing it up for whatever you know I think plants suffer and we are we see that they're being physical. Only go to the game up during the game and and everybody took that one line and they have now come to all of these different conclusions. Either. You know he's pissed. The way that the Celtics play. How can you be pissed. If there's any good owning. Moment in a game it was JR Smith was it not pushing out job now did you notice that much so visited and attended the commented it. No we're not doing and know that but I think he was just looking for work or maybe he was. Maybe he's smarter than we think. Maybe he's a brilliant mind like our guy Jonny Gomes and he's looking at that I need to buy a couple calls we get back home so I throw this out there or maybe. He was trying to get his own players to Tennessee's all right challenges all plays out their samba there. It's something I'd booting it up it's more about. Their playing with more purpose that we're core intensity level that we can't match. You know and that's because there was no brewery. There wasn't it was coming hard follows did you see for the Celtics that the game is not only are they hacking guys are the number of Kevin Brown do you. No they're not but that's not known whether it is not the team is not that way they did what is it here's what he says coterie easy easy easy talking a boat. Markets Markel after JR Smith for cheap shot are you talking about rocketing Boris lying on the ground flexing in front of Tristan Thompson. Or pains or they're with a loose ball rebound that have been a jump balls guys going after Alec what where's the good or if there is none. Ideally I I think he misspoke because that that tells me something completely different that. When I hear do we get up I think of enforcer like an enforcer at hockey I think of like a big old school basketball days dead the bill lamb Beers of our world you know the fact that it. Our Soledad is our guest list often as those others are well called it their I don't really see any. Hard files how big dream all green had I would I would call it hard fouls like the game was cut out of reach last night hours he's Canada you know I'm kind of 11. But drew Margarita at the end of the game was kind of just. Just general he and it just knocking on hearted and just because he just wanted to wanted to balance we did a good like you'll forearm. That was hit me Kevin Durant pushed push and other data battled back. Why does that mean on the go back that far of if you win game one you're losing game two you're about to go home and if you didn't smoking game to what you do couple hard files to the sort of let him know like art. You know we're not going anywhere and we'll see you and our place and that's just. Those messages that have always been sent even an old school hockey same thing you get blown out here comes a fisticuffs in the game let you know that maybe game three below different. So I don't they don't they don't have that look at that DNA and it even easier even answer to our little when you're trying to. You know hey listen guys we got to get tougher week we got to be more physical bit of the roster and how much are they doing you know they don't simply wrong or there's a ton. And is it you just edit that that they don't the game is not the way it was played years ago the games so much different. And it's not does no good re going on out there bibles say that the defense in the NBA. These days is so much better than where it was years ago I keep on hearing people say that. I don't know what game they were watching back in the eighties verses what they're watching right now the defense is much better in the NBA today than it was not a physical reality. And the glory that we're talking about is so much team. A team down now than it was years ago but if Tyrell Lou Anna house you know maybe he's really brilliant he's Smart he figures his out that was part of his. His motivation. I tell my guys go out in this game and push bodies around. Don't let anybody take that the ball in the lane. Because you know what will happen. The officials will be forced to blow whistles on everything and they play much better defense than us so they start playing defense and we've already created. Turmoil on the on the floor are out there. They're gonna start at call for every little picky tactic because the officials are gonna wanna take control of the game. And they just so much better defensively. Than we think buddy up on people. We don't have this don't you about them. The geeks stats that are out there. LeBron James had like one of the worst playoff teams defensively the city's lower marine standing around here feet away from his man. And overall the playoffs he's like a 154. On a list the defense of metrics are what average over my yet I have no idea what these numbers are. I don't know how they come to this conclusion but they do. And he's been awful defensively so we gonna do anything but he Tyrone Lou I Augusta grown up at the beginning of the game because we're gonna get calls we're home. And those guys play tough defense not suddenly more Smart does the same thing you did in game one in game two though the winds get turmoil going on on the floor. Gonna start blowing the whistle now. On the on markets Smart. Yeah and and and that's and that's and that's what Brad Steve is going to be Saint Louis don't take the bait. Don't let don't let them don't delicate did screw don't hit don't get influenced by their behavior. Does see LeBron James is he like that. He he could be as physical as anybody doesn't do he's not tuning out physically impose stiff and I'm only gonna shoot his players you'll. Yes Danny years he's a lot of it illegally is spectacular memory forgot to remember the reason why market Smart hit that three. In game one these little beautiful memory be in the fourth quarters has just walked towards he did. He's wide open according to blocked tool and he really early game you're tugged him on on Jalen brown he hasn't fought through a pick. He hasn't done any. But that's when I mean just auto walks. Two guys is to close out at all so that's why couldn't get excited about is 42 points and and twelve rebounds and ten assists because defensively. He was this a softer who's given everything. He's not even try and did it coming on the three point shooter sometimes the Boston moved the ball around to get a wide open free seat theater civic duty at stuff is something that were used to but you know Marcus Morris and you know those guys at brown did you even know what it wants listen others they had no idea what the term ones. Boosted him to this report mainly him. What did it mean nothing game crony who's coming and going and going yeah. You beat. So yeah. And I I've heard. He he was the greening Chirac is truly remarkable that so that Morse as Kalin that was due to his album has a tendency yeah. Yeah. Whom do you home yeah. We're too. Yeah yeah yeah. I don't believe there's nobody it's the hard as they talked about it like these and must have talked about it say it again and again was the word. Whom do you come behind the world populated rural and not object to it drew group how to I think I'd be proud to good good. Laurel organic beltway minute. Clinton whom the rating now commodity that is to stop an embryo is all for it anyway puts so much plan. It's silent about it I. I love it will lead and did it would have and we read what it is I can we say the word. Ruling grinning would like them was a victim went to talent hula. Who needs and whom green room. There are more or is going on knowing Google Talk like this out. Cool going slowly lifts out a loan that he at Laguna sounded out found out it's eight competitor as. Cool. Music Brad Stevens waited were part of new way we think this is this is way too Smart and I love it's another sign that obvious. That everybody in on the joke everybody's in on what what what inherited this right now look at the talk about his coach did you go to get up. Get mad that no we're not yet. We're not getting even address that were were were an act like you look at blinders on the united addressed the team recently brought it up and it one of the guys team with probably what was that. Was a word goodies now all rumors is apple is exactly as it was exactly what's on guard Lindsey I think has you can just me and it's. So you. Stop the music does it all out about it right now selling days away they were and who you've got to. And the problem that needs talking about is that you know may deter us that a message the route whatever I think he has solidifying its playoff basketball right. I mean really meets a basketball salon at times though did they gonna let more things called you would hope and usually do though it's more physical liberty knows that. But the but I also think Tyrone Lue and and I don't know the guy but I've I know people that work with them in the last. You know here before and they dummies were really bright guy and he he he looks ahead thinks ahead. He's constantly seeing how we couldn't get an edge this makes sense to me that he's looking at it Hussein might my team can't play defense guys don't want completely for. Mike the greatest player may be able. Does not want to play a lick of defense or how to use this. To my advantage. Like turn it around that the other guys are goons as opposed to this is plain guy really stifling defense I get the officials to think about it un playable game anyway two home games here microns gonna be supportive and behind me. And I play that they're going get up and that's a defense they're going he's playing that. He's gonna buy some calls when the Celtics and markets mark to score out there and played really tough physical. That was I don't hate to cheese guys exactly okay they're looking for bulletin board material to look for any sort of encouraged ready to anything anything. They're desperate guys. There on the ropes let's knock him out. Don't don't don't play this little silly gamer at that. Do some of the best stuff I've seen in awhile. A coach obviously sending the message and then the team playing along with the downfall of a mocking Dan Porter asking a question yeah. And it blew me grid engine use and it's. Going news. And what and additives to Stella. Dallas you. OO. OMB. Origin Latin. As an actor at. Its ease. It's it's kitty when it got a lot of play as our last night they kept on playing it over and over what does that all mean. And I don't think it's throwaway line I don't think. The Tyrone Lue was doing that I think he knows right now his kingdom play a lick of defense. I was watching a game again last night Kazaa a the united watch all of them but I watched part of it fast forward. Because I know I wanted to see. What LeBron was doing out there and before you can look at. Who's right standing around in the post is not doing anything any doesn't even want to go to the other end of the floor if he doesn't do that. This heat is when he wants to be. He's a great defensive player if he's not gonna. Life is and how was JR Smith why and I go I go back saving his energy group think he's invested in his name maybe not a LeBron James. Is out to win championships right he's out to an Eastern Conference is now to win be nimble and C. He's trying to win championships and he walks in the NBA finals last year. And he's a carrier being Kevin Love and a cast Tristan Thompson's in the house call overs chicken in whatever. JR Smith in the house. And after that series finals last year he knows his team's not good enough. I become the realization that we're not good enough to be. Kevin Durant now with the with the warriors we can't do we can't match up with Thomson. You know and and all of these guys that carry you name it all team now with Kevin Durant. So what are we gonna do to improve. Now we Watson a post season with this team. Mean you don't think that he sits there and says we beat them last year I don't have ivory and set retiree who might have. Who's my next guy. George Hill. The cool you don't think he already knows he has got no shot and that's the case you already think he's bigger ball where he's going next. And what what are you doing here we can't win 45. You see them exactly like the last game. Play at the exact same way name maybe 810 point lead the first quarter on the patriots punch back like they always do. In reality and sits in that you gotta be kidney about the lose this game to date might actually sweep their arrests were so big and really nice five games. I mean they might as he knows he can't win he's done in order Fred I think you see I think only solidifies I. I think it will be different dole on the on the road in the reason I said because I think what you're talking about is accurate I think he probably looks at saint. We were able to get by Toronto and sweep Toronto. Mainly because those guys have parakeet hearts you know they don't have wrapped arson a little parity it's you know and we just bold all of them because it's in their head they're a mess. We can't do this against this team this team is a young team the things they really good they really believe in themselves and when are going to be able to do it but at home. He's only goes into it in the next room now we know he knows it into an action. No he's he's clearly aware of that but I do believe for these two games for his own sake for his own sanity for his own legacy. I think he plays and I think you see him play some defense. In these two games he's honest pace set out. But I think he plays some and I think he gets some support from either AJR Smith or corporate or art Warner to those guys. Lighted up. I can't believe they're just gonna Peter route and and play like pull out played the way they did the first two games in games three and four. At home. I don't believe what surprises me is that there is there's still people out there nationally that's that the two cats have a shot. There's still guys out there that have watched the games and I it's like I don't believe your lying eyes. I'd like to do have a shot but a lot not I have been I guess a good guys get hurt but ultimately. You can tell I think out of all that the last four teams playing at least two series. You can tell that this one is the most lopsided and he saw what happened last night with decent they touted but rob park. That was our guy was our guy rob Parker as you can. Going on and I really not my guy you know I don't own dietary Michael I think it'll work for them. Well no I don't have worked in the floors got a good work and applaud you work with the right partner but there's all look there are calls yeah I mean when you do you have his phone number I do an anonymous phone and read your blog saying that his own email address nine or do not an award as part what we can make is not advertised as I hop on. That guy. You don't wanna be associate sounds they've got guys you want to show window and got it sees something means you know once you wanna show where he gets himself on the list that I felt then yes I did you expect a longer experiment yeah I know is that you always get your co host and for once your brother. What's it called war between like really associate loosely constantly reek Ruth and Hernandez. Leave your finger on its lack of what is not really lives this is god willing or how bad it away from so these are what is your guy rob Parker do this time. I'm you wanna hear yes convey he was on who's on that show with our other guys connections of actress Portia with our other guys in sharp. But these guys are a mixed right yes about that he's my god it's still thinks that you know LeBron James has chance. How how much trouble cap. Although it's your bon bon who coached since there's not a trouble. Not yet not had a match no way to go out no way no how the wiping that like of people writing obituaries and it's all Lowber. I think that there are for well done first of all the Celtics have been unbelievable at home yet not I didn't know they play totally different. All underwrote the post season they won in war. And all the good stuff that they've done they could easily go to Cleveland alludes and that. To win and change the whole series they don't even know what you'll abroad you hate to be down 02 when you wish you could split. It ain't the end of the world and this bends and yet it just did it. I told you what they've made don't try said that that that team was not just not a good team or just is if Boston had Con-way. Totally different situation should they don't have that guy. On that team is close upon. That would be forgotten it was late abroad season that's why I still think that he has a chance. Much asleep LeBron is Hillary forgot you don't worry about flying you let go. You let go and I didn't. So watch. It do you think you're completing you can definitely deepened flip listen the submission point. Obviously he's done he said they're not in trouble. And even doubt old too. I'll stick it went abroad I'll stick with the cab which I believe there will call back and win this series. That poem underdog apple says hold on your blue that he said to me a woman or not that the woman on the films that he's taught that your body. My sensitivity to any notes that it's a new bodies and love love iTunes. Yeah. Only who you. Can't that in mind they are troubled they did they not only lost two games the first two games on the ground they didn't play well and after in a regular season on the home court. But they have put themselves into hole right now where they must win both of these games. You must win both of they're Boston wins one. In Cleveland Boston has done their job Boston now has himself a three game cushion. So therefore they can play it out all lifted it was one more mortgage that's a Jonny Gomes is down for all of and is 1111 you know how to do that if they score more points he star but they say it's over course he's a great player one of the all time great players is. Is he capable. All of coming back in this series may be winning his seventh getting to a game seven and that being the best player for one afternoon in one game yes. Here we're I just think where he's wrong is that he's not giving enough credit to some of the young kids himself that he's done. When he says I don't have gotten in on me. A B I it's always at the point almost two yet to sit there and say that Jim Brown's not when he won. In Jason Tait and isn't warning yet and Terry Dozier isn't really is first time starting right. Have we go we deep enough in the post season now we can sit there its agents thought it would let's pretend for a minute that Jim Brown's 26. He's doing it. Look at how all the yes. He's dough and if he's not doing it for the second quarter. Data does it for the second quarter and its data that do it in the third quarter Rosh years two in the third quarter. And it comes to close or average up. Solving it doesn't matter so we have to say they have you know there's a bunch and it by the way more so check in and put up ten points in the second quarter he needed as well. So they. The EC he says they don't have a god it's lazy just just saying it because of age and I understand why. Because it but if you see it every day BC with these guys have done. You start dissipated that doesn't matter because they're they're not playing late kids anymore my guy and I think kids and. Mark I'm Boston sports info was tweeting this out yesterday when you look at the numbers of three players. Young players in this young under you know 2221 years of age putting up numbers like this in the postseason it's never happened before not yet. The history of the game. It has never happened before which is pretty amazing when you think about it. And I think a lot of people are having difficulty with a what's the TNT crew their entire pre game show last night and I'm glad they finally nailed it and said you know want. People of underestimated the talent Boston mass and it's in reference to Brad Stevens Stevens is getting all sorts of credit because most people think they've got to Z your roster. Without Tyreke without Gordon hey what they've got nothing to got a bunch of kids who can't fly. They don't realize. The think that the U might look back at the last two drafts. And even though they were drafting number three in each one of what they might have picked the best player each one of those draft and those kids are maturing like that. So last night those guys find begun they said Boston is loaded with tell. Loaded with talent and they were in reference to Brad Stevens is even seems to be getting all the credit Stephens is making these great players out enough. Celtics knew what they had with Rosie earlier this isn't. They just didn't have 34 minutes for him to block parent why. They don't practice every day what they. Are at a time. All the little doubt that they are I don't think you found out they. Did they all kind of have a killer instinct like they all have that like finishing quantity Brett or Brad Stevens deserves credit for your developing some of the I think you've got to give them some crucial just amid an but also you know the you know the players have to be open minded to that. You know may have to be like there's a like the way all the attention Brad Stevens is getting despair for. Is is is bad for carrier because stars in the NBA wannabe all. The most important person could tease I want to talk about that because I think there is an issue possibly. Could down the road with that with all of that and we get to your phone calls it 6177797937. Less than an hour from now we give away a per ticket. It's free ticket Thursday to do Red Sox game coming up on Saturday against Baltimore Wright's rhetoric it. Hope you're enjoying listening to pull and that adds even if occasionally don't listen to each other previous six NL in home games against number one total defense is well. Brady is six and all his career home games against the number one total defense for good medicine or Sports Radio. I bet you know and that's 6177797937. We were mentioning Brad Stevens don't spread Stevens is one of the three. Nominated coaching he's not gonna move we knows what. You don't like baseball to get all they give everybody picks it and then Nate they picked the top three. And do a ceremony. Yes I know I think what they've done is there's a hundred a little bit like the lottery the hundred people vote on it and I think what they've done is they know the results of an already narrowed the top three giving you a lot of threes yet right yes the right. But he NHL didn't say they copied all this from the NHL they can be used to do they used to opinion electrical and out. During the playoffs in every night to be a different award given. And they don't do that now they do a big huge a ceremony he's sound he's one of three you'll finish third I would guess right. If finished third there lizard there are going Casey who well in his school doesn't well. When tonight around because can you tell me here to rookie of the year is out there also adjacent to a decent Tatum finished third he'll finish there. That Simmons and who's gonna guide you to sensible when it Mitchell will finish number two and Tatum of the numbers for notes and well it's funny because did what you guys thinks about. And vote. Yeah they conceded they're voting is limited to play of the years of this did come up with only the OK so solid they can actually. Both laid on the route you know that your coach of the year started out on CJ hunter media. Members to I believe for each city and then. They have enough which would be 160 in the they have a group of forty national people broadcast writers or whatever. That are that are part of it but what they did is they added. These other. Awards like the NHL did get the fan base involved. To extend the TV showed in ninety minutes at two dollars and talented no doubt that's yeah that he hates. These awards shows more so but there's a lot of did you notice stuff going back and forth. About Brad Stevens and I heard this brought up of whether you were kind of alluding to a Christian is is a problem down the road. For Brad Stevens and he's getting so much tension even though he won't win coach of the year award to share my guess is sometime in his career when it probably when they won a championship. Because he's good that it's the players leak. And the culture really can't be that guy and after awhile you get young kids right down there to just trying to earn their spot. You've got three kids on this team right now that are substantial contributors that probably wouldn't be of guys were healthy. But Don the road superstars do not wanna hear. Our coach getting all the credit in professional sports. It's just not supposed to happen. The good thing here I think is that this guy this coach keeps his ego in check. I don't think he's gonna featured self he's doing everything he possibly can right now to negate all that stuff to say no no no with the players it's not mean he's backing off. Let everybody else say it that's fine just bill so he's good at doing and it's output is it good nothing's personality to. He's confident he knows he does a good job but it isn't need. The breeze regulate some finally music good for him as a way to allowed to be bad for him we kids down the road you do get you know. I hate to say it but you were one of these professional athletes professional athletes do get a certain sense of who they are and sometimes it's greater than what they really are sometimes we get thirty million dollars Max contract. And they feel a little bit different about it I think it could be a backlash toward the coach down the road or something I think they have to watch. I'm not worried about it because. You're right Bret Stephens. His personality. I don't think will allow him to be that guy. Lots it also its its that's a very important but also so. Is carried that pat got really we don't know me is he looking Carmelo Anthony's yeah LeBron James saudis Niko we Bryant after. You know later on in his in his years. I just I'd I feel like he's above that who is Carey yes I don't know I feel like he is and will never know we haven't known what it was like right now. All these great right now I don't know what do you do you saw four in a big records of the season. Didn't know what I'm saying you know what I'm saying is right now there are other guys doing what he was supposed to do. And they're doing it without him. A corner and he's he he's sitting on the bench every night you're wondering what the hell is he said mark of Cheetah Girls small and probably. You know people didn't think she could do this brochure is I mean before me every dog he's he's got to go to the NBA. Eagles I read you go back to a key he wanted to if he wanted to play for a guy like Brad Stevens died because he wants I. To be challenged intellectually basketball wise I wanted to learn so mean it is almost certainly talked about. I think that was I think it takes somebody outside of whether it was Carey's camp was one of the entries and why he would want to play in Boston before we came here. But he's intrigued with Brad Stevens and he wants to be challenged he wants to learn. So I don't ever sit him since it back in there and this guy gets all the credit on the great player he also left Cleveland because the other guy was getting all the other guy. Right he wanted to go to would team. Where he was going to get the crap all and he was going to be the land not want to be the leader right right now is sort of a look there on the court. Let's what people are talking about the Celtics gonna talk about any individual players they talked about this team and that's one reason Brad Stevens is getting probably more credit. That he deserves out there because of people looking and it is it's not one individual. Kevin Durant. Abroad have the hardened. Though the great player the correct team and it's him doing if I am sitting on amounts of a here because I wanted to be the man. I didn't wanna be sitting behind LeBron in in Cleveland and you're right he's got to keep his ego in check and we all know. Human beings are human beings and sometimes they just simply being here that the Gomez Greg Nolan admitted being wasn't that occasion being in frailties they you know times in which they feel it's all about you know me and I want to be about. So I I think it's it is something that bears watching down the road. I do think that this guy Brad Stevens can control it. Because I don't think he's ever gonna be bigger than the team or bigger than any one of the individual players because he understands that. That's your position. In the Indian beat a guy that had a different type book of personality. Might might give and also it differently also if he does his brother outstanding Sunday in Detroit a lot of people say he's got a good. I open but also there there is a different dynamics of this roster where. Everybody's pulled wagon with the same effort and in the same direction. As valid one guy doing more than the other with a two sellers are sitting in street clothes and I know what my point is like so now. You come into a new situation where everybody has. There they're fingerprints on the wins right there all important select outlets say. That's the way they think they think I do Brown's more important is it does more they all con are on the same level and they no evidence and they don't know Chris that deployed down below I think could be if you have all subject to flying guy I don't they can change that dynamic. Let's yes audit of the mean it's more of players now locker room sit there and and eventually does get the point where and then not given us any credit they just think it's him. Yeah right on the C that's and so they start talking about it doesn't even the coach all the credit that the reason why we're here we're not getting enough credit the players. Will ever get to that I. The and you got to win a championship before you're really truly labeled like the great coach Wright maybe that this year. I think you start even out I think people started recognize that okay all the work to Brad Stevens did the when he first got here. Like just you know dealing with the personalities you know developing the talent. Didn't his Michael stamp on this team. Like that that stuff wasn't was hugely important building that foundation that now you can tell these guys are talented. And it it it's sometimes the best he produces and get the hell out of Laney does. I'm reading story after story he's getting. All of the current he really gets I that said this many times that means they don't respect players on crap now and you can see now when he watched. Crops. Or scrap yards or so of the AT&T doesn't start to see some of this benefit and a so this for for a while my Danny Ainge is more important to this team. And where they are today the Brad Stevens that's not put down a Brad Stevens he's a terrific coach and he's brought and by the way Danny Ainge is on the brought in Brad Stevens. And and Bret Stephens is the perfect guy here but what thing with the wind when he picked him pick Brad Stevens took them out of college. People say he's the perfect guy to develop young talent but what is he going to be like Bret Stephens when you get that the the starters the superstars. Always seemed a little bit of that with with Kyra your being right and I think he's okay what that would with the stars at all remains to be seen down the road. But the there is time I think when players. If they and it's not Brad Stevens doing it's the outside forces that are giving Bret Stephens says he said. Silly when they asked them about the credit he's getting it's silly. He's he's trying to deflected. Because I think he's Smart enough to realize it is a potential problem for it's a players league. It's 88 in an eagle driven league by these players who wanna be superstars. They wanna be entertainers on multiple levels now. It's an issue when he and yet. I agree on I grew up yet they they want you don't want to be the face of the franchise they wanna be viewed online they wanna be every candidate won a million newly found anyone yet they want all of could. I ever shouldn't make christened next month. Com or your friend who's been out for the last thirty some odd games as his team looks like there headed to the NBA finals. Is going to be featured in a major movie it's gonna be released a major movie that they're promoting and spending. Mean that millions of dollars promoting all of the games. It is always deal with Eagles though I mean you inning eagle could be one of the things that gets bio terrorist you're traded. My go to gain in the season and say you know he's egos say listen I'm apply I'm a starter. I'm going to be restricted next year. That's not gonna help me when I'm playing 1214 minutes a game the occasional start right so is ego might give zest traded you know LaMarcus arts eagle might get him on its own as well because he wants eighteen million he wants someone is that they're recognize what he doesn't cashing in. Today comes on eagle with a guy like Tyree I just a carry always want to be challenged and he wants to win I think he looks at Brad and you know and since he's not playing this there when it's we should get some credit. Are there right now I was when we were a championship and just these. He also said he wanted to be the man he wanted to be as long ago that he wanted to be a man is he still going to be the man on the court yes still gonna be gonna he's going to be on the court featured guy. Yes I think you won on the court and he does it plays a big difference between. You're taking your basketball game to another level and having the greatest player in the world and not getting a credit on the court. So yeah on the court is still the man we digital phone calls and talk about this with you at 6177797937. We have a big announcement. To tell you about in the next hour that involves Lou Maroney. Going back going back to the game that he loves yes surgery and by the white. He's on the retiring coming up in the next hour who is asking Twitter beef. Or Joliet after the show at bloomer Loney moved back to more importantly we're looking at 48. Right now my Sports Radio. Lot of people. Talk about Hughes if you're some sort of position. And went on how to handle that would be so sometimes it's you're getting workers who play. Still. The praises are comfortable and it's just something that these guys didn't at all. We all have a flying and we all need to play that role as well as we can it's. Yeah. He's gonna he really is and he said that he was that those questions being thrown out there. And it's going to be more of that because I think there's still is an ignorance toward the Boston Celtics. From the national. Crowd the national media out there they're who have these guys are. That they don't realize and I understand why they don't because a lot of that is emerge pretty quickly you know roads here as I said Celtics knew. What they had at practice every day. But the public didn't see it because he's done up here you know. Swing in 3435. Minutes from now you sing it mom but I thought last night the TNT guys have finally said you know it's a browns held supplier. It's not about took the we. Was amenities such himself Paul Pierce used to promote your stream of press Harold so Mike that. Regis basically to sane again he's more athletic and I am. I came in this league two years older than he was which is huge at that age in two years in the link. That's makes all difference in the world Paul what the music school for what three years yet. Is it with the school for one they say he's better than I want yes my first year these guys and that's Holland shall I say let you know big when they finish off the caps and depending what happens in the finals would. The betting on how you know how much sicker fight whoever the hell is that if it's Golden State dictate couple games. We will look back full five years and is that we should have been surprised to tabloid element of these players are the superstar together we just didn't know love him to know while they were so young we get enough credit. Four years from now he gets it should have been obvious. Oh and also say that your credit we talked about likens certain sports like. Guys can have like one awesome year and then the rest of the years just suck it in basketball but he's talking to get worse. You did you Cato June and you're not gonna get out wasn't I don't know how these big huge divide it's worth my while Jackie Bradley junior. I know this is one good month and like in any hasn't you know or month or stock. Race or so you don't win the cy young and before five the next year that it took three to that before rate the next year in the NBA. You know I mean again only one year wonders are there you don't Jeremy Lin. You know what you did you put him to say it even and I became a he came a serviceable started after that I have one crazy month you don't have one year wonders you don't isn't so they are what they aren't. Worst case an air date he did better you develop injuries that's what you get injured or next year could be an issue based largest street playing time rhythm. You know you talk Willis for rush here I can tell you that well in pertain to Moscow. Yes I'm starter. I'm the only one we want to know I mean what he didn't either Hillary entertained either him or James Brown he didn't physiologist and you'll go to bill talk until the old son hello bill 1000. Today gland do. This statement about the coach earlier I'm still trying to goat throw it a little bit my advice what you said doesn't make sense that you seen Al. Oil traded at the end of the game in the 76 that every. Day crawl. Important his coaches and how he came up with the creativity and act like you know outlook are things that don't you think. You gotta understand you're watching through the lens of the present day. These are guys that are shocked like everybody else's that their in this position OK they love the position the rent. Lets you play out there was nobody humbler. Odd and more who are loyal. And then Kevin Durant. A cat and yet he screwed coach screwed an organization he got up and left. When is when his team was up three to one in a series lost and went to the team that actually beat them. Okay I've seen this time and time again in the NBA once these guys get the big money become good start you can't expect it to be the sailors and. You what it's not just him the ability. In baseball let's look at Terry Francona. When he took over that team you know some guy David Ortiz would one year Ronnie and young Jon Lester brought over young Josh Beckett and all these. Young players in over the course of 67 years they'll get huge contracts they got married they had kids and their different. Things change. In the as a rookie of course you're buying that a coach you absolutely love everything your four years into what you get and Max contract you know a four time all star your second team all NBA. And sit there Encino what five years later. It's me. It's a mile one other greats. Like I already what is this talk about a cultural winning because of meat and not saying that's a definite. That all of these guys would do look but there's a good chance it is gonna be wonderful if you're interested to see why might not get enough credit here you you talked about Terry review the other day you're talking about how confident he was how cocky he is in the way he plays the game I totally agree and that's what makes him really good competitor. Appear in court so Carly comes back the next year he's the man. He's playing 3435. Minutes because they limited authority to they wanted to play more at 3435. So let me throw jeers down to 1678. Version of signal. Don't show chip. A ticket to begin to heat font slash B a contracts coming up next year like this role would anybody feel. That would Terry wrote shear is doing is out of line. No he's doing what's best for Carrie Rocha but it might not be what's best for the. OK so so it's useful all odds and it so Carson once dated pat Brady goods are good rookies like this. On people's comes in and he buries you two to play out when you assemble these are ready to go to both. Help The Who starts. Wentz they're both have healthy when the start of the season comes out okay yes and it didn't follow you back up then how does one and all they did reduce Contra did you get some extra money but they also told you are back. You're gonna be the backup has consequences of long term plan we see all the time. So I mean for terrorist nearly its. We think the better player terrorist a year carrier if that's really what it comes down to. Who do you think to better. Protect all the little things better out early and he's better my matter. So they know the trade Terry rows you're away because the back up player is big backup at that position. He's not a guy that's gonna get 34 minutes he's a backup player. But if you don't think that this is gonna play on on egos are envious and an issue. Were we can't look at the lens of now. The lens of now is these are a bunch of young kids amok and called him over achievers because I think they rethink talent that. But you have a lot of them that are really talented and only so many of them can play. Right now they're playing pretty much a seven man rotation correct. Now you go to Arafat now you're going to add an eight that a ninth man to it next year and that ain't that nice guys are the two best on the roster. Are your your it in its its way it is it's this that that bans your bench. Is going to be insane except you get our guys that are gonna sit. Hearsay well I don't know I don't think what do you tell why don't you didn't wanna play more. I got to accept the Ross Fisher begin a taste of it I think Jimmy G wants you started what's that behind me of Tom Brady at present tasting. Loyal but I'll I'll also add though leader to the JD Martinez situation that you that you talked about plan as far as he's a better. He's he's a better hitter when he's playing. He's not as good of a of a hitter when he's coming out when he's a designated hitter because there's a certain rhythm and a mundane as that goes. Into that same situation so Jason Taylor maybe he's just. He's better when he's more into the game Biden plank from the start I mean it's about the missing opportunities in the Red Sox and and you're the manager. You're looking at saying I gotta make sure I get the forty plus home runs because he's on pace for 4050 right now I'd want to get that out of JD Martinez I'm gonna put him in the best. Position here's Eileen in Providence I think. Hi all me taking my call. And let you know. That. So. That so that's my custard at the corporate power players. Global meeting in their car and if you listen to their age or elections aren't in I'm just like. I. They're not I mean I'm not disputing what you're seeing that guy but look at what look at the loved Bret Stephens is getting right now it's overboard. It is overboard. Players on this team are much better than that they they the narrative out there. There really good players he's getting too much credit and by the way Brad Stevens knows he's getting far too much credit is this not a problem. Down below wrote I think it could they. I kept them problem and given. And I Geithner and get in the current and out of out of their where. You can perform at a really high level. And their imminent and the environment why wouldn't they allowed you know you're here and get. They can't get our big dessert I don't need our union that would not let them as a lifelong Celtics and I'm glad that he loved to see all of these guys say. Policy talking about the dream that would be great execute decisions not just all of these guys gonna leave for now the snow or Todd no one else. Which I don't know what I'm saying is that deporting 21 year old kid 23 year old kid that's getting his first chance and he's winning and coaches get the most out of them he's playing at a high level. Loves everything. They'd love everything but you tell me at 21 year old kid is going to be the same Hewitt 27. A 2524. A couple of extra dose of is a forty year old Tom very different than 33 year old to all I think he is a little bit bush insurers simply does version is not showing up to him for what it's what any hero Tom Brady the keys the same guy or twelve year old numbers differently is now hold the league so they see that's like what I'm saying is that people. Eat you brought walker are different you surround yourself with different people may detailed creature while whatever you want great. And it gets at a point where you know. It could happen. And was hunky dory between dole and Brady dog and wrong again what happened. Well let's do things change change they change athletes who change and I just think that Bret Stephens and and that's why I'm complementing Bret Stephens in the way he's handling this. He's pushing it away he's knocking eighty saying it's silly still pit stop and great players. He he's Smart in the way he's handling it because he's Smart enough to realize. It's a future problem for him I'd 6177797937. Radio on Elena.