OMF - Are Red Sox players criticized more than Celtics or Patriots players?, 2-21-18

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Wednesday, February 21st

Hour 4 - Red Sox players have a tougher time than other Boston athletes and get criticized more because they play so many games and have so many at-bats. Glenn thinks this is going to be a great Red Sox team but still unlikable. Some disagree and think he is being too negative.


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and Tony and 48 you know that he wasn't gonna play prior to the end. I'll those numbers are there clues whether or mail him at he's not com. Doesn't doesn't travel server. Here's what one person is going to talk about. Every time it's something stupid which inevitably will again we can go laughter. And that it you'd beat the buyer of exactly what he's negativity negativity negativity always this logic the logic escapes them with the Ku and mu and Christian the Red Sox now have new World Series caliber lineup. Haven't had lyme Regis Steve McKnight I think says it. World Series caliber like. But you don't you talk most on the grassy smoking some grass iphones do I did small marijuana but I have no idea where it came from people of Somalia diagrams you got rain I was the lone negative angry mode is okay guys I Sox. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I was down there and Fort Myers we're back here in Boston with the temperatures pretty close to what they aren't Fort Myers close are you nice you can't see this Lou you may be able to sense. I don't know if you picked up like Christian but if you noticed analysts though we're doing the show. Need China to go from a couple of topics here and I look to the growth the the glass and yes it. And there's Paul and there's Lucy and all and it seems to be like laughing and joking now back into our announcement also did you notice. It's not you guys are I've been I've been letting it breathe and I honestly I harming anybody and comfortable I noticed the timing though yes you are funny stuff not that we did for today but something that's the last thing funny. I don't I noticed the timing seems to be awful when yeah laughing at the other girl that doesn't make her offices here the laughter and nothing to do with what we're saying this is where he's getting bang I inserted. Oh this is. There's there's another level of tension going on these something's going on but it's more comfortable level often Celtic yes. You see now he's trying to you'd pull you try to change this to hold on hold on teachers trying to change it but is that don't visit. There is there there is there like a protocol for workplace relationships yes absolutely and what it holds everything HR and don't do it. RRR for that pretty much are doing an outline of a legit it and most of our users running the organization not even involved in this competition wants nothing to do with it. Nice article however look when when she came in there with Paul should hanging out at first it was some action and you called sexual tension what you wanna call it that now it's sort of turning in to this little budding relations it's. Moonlighting all over it's it weird way it really is strange it is. I just noticed analyst I think we're gonna France I think and I think I must make profits yet gonna be our fifth floor that's back from patents. And I. I give it a before this before Ford's unit until June. There will be a relationship that he's gonna discussions I think there is true respect and love and admiration between the two. The day before. I think they're doable little curious Paula and they're all a little carrier rising yet there's there's a little their lovable little cares about what could be what could have end zone shot I don't know I think. Courage at all not if not not certain why you week. You say you receive this is what she does she went hiking I don't you guys there's so much in common so much in common I think we do another day I think you know low paid for. Yeah for the dates yet if the last point so yes the wolf supports you in this state nice cool respectable that you go to her house speaker on meet meet your parents on the parents listen I got home by eleven Lucy you know Oklahoma about perhaps a that's okay there's this beautiful Condo downtown yes I've heard there you go. It's gonna happen what we think Paul is one of those guys that I visited him in the same mistake over and he's an Arab leader that eleven months from now Leo Larkin you go on tonight with a girlfriend in the duke kitty cats and I knew that they're on sale even those kept its service failed I don't think that's never gonna happen. I've gotten him on dealing. And we were talking at the top of the program today about the like ability and I said it was a little bit surprised. And we've gone now at three plus hours and then when I normally if you acquire. A player on anyone ever teams of that caliber of the JD Martinez one of the better power hitters in Major League Baseball. The lions just jump but everybody's all excited and people are wicket hitting it. What I can any of that. So rip or seller was on the Brad faux. Podcast pairings this thorny did. Live with twin peaks is is winning big scene joked Kelly we knew that we are we there for this Ronald. Not wasn't there for this test on an object so apparently Rick for so. What's asked the question. About what is the blueprint. For being able to play here in the city of Boston. SRC pleasure playing Boston yet there's there's tough times now plant quality in you hear about it but that's. Who what what's wrong with that we'll who. Who doesn't want to hear about this when you are playing well you've got. Visit he got the entire world behind you and that's all you can ask for his players is that's that's there. He gave them politically correct answer interceptions and that's the politically correct I gave the right answer okay. Led. He believes his life that way or do you think when he doesn't pitch well people get on his case he's not sit there mumbling under his friends good. Because you brought this up early. I think that's natural you know the question is do you let it bother you. Right I mean he would tell me somebody doesn't mumble under their breath when some 1000 at ports bleak with their job. Right looting incidents. Are running at the right to feel him widget and emotionally at times you need to have certain feelings that question is do you let it affect you. I think you brought this up really and I think it's it's an excellent point and it sounds is if you're trying to defend your support your team but I don't think you'll I think that there is a difference of playing for the Red Sox. And having to play in this town because you play every day it's a long season and there's always something you can find at fault. Because there's so many at bats there's so many you know pitching starts or whatever they did Kevin Garnett did anybody ever question. Did Kevin Garnett ever question about having to play. Under the scrutiny of Boston Kevin Garnett to this day. He played a lot longer in Minnesota a Guinea was below there he talks about this place and how we should have been here five years earlier. And you you cure for everybody who plays here. In these other sports football players you guys bitching and say oh god I have to play and that says it will have to play before that was fans. Well there are the jokes but that's there's so much. Affection for the patriots. It's hard to find somebody. And they never have guys get out of line the guys that do get out of line they're not tied to some crazy contract with a with a team gets stuck with a huge bill. So there's no animosity towards them it's rare but there's animosity towards a player for the patriots this by the way their organization is set up. But it has a lot of illusion it's one to. If any or anywhere else any part of that meeting with the contracts right as you said a recent football you know I mean. A Daley's comments you bring up as a high priced free agent but his problem wasn't with the fan base or the media has problems of Bill Belichick but it became a place that's got out there. But became part it became an issue with the media people network covering it because how much money. He was getting paid and how they've backed a Brinks truck and kill more. Was could have what they had the same issues. He started off slow you pale us money we don't we bring a mega Cyrus huge contract even though you know Malcolm butler's here you don't give him any money and Eagles all over the place. In a while we pay all the money for this guy but yet he can line up. Right OK here's the problem I have of that argument about the Red Sox and people bitching about the Red Sox and we heard from some callers earlier today did they keep on bringing up car for efforts in the fight your call Crawford's name one more free content out. The thing is that you're a fan. Of a baseball team it's a big market team picking gore appearance scroll up and what other team screw up with big time free agents is well. They can screw up and they were okay. The differences but they can't do that Kansas City had a really good team a couple of years ago right championship type of team. And and what's happening. All of those players that got them they can afford them little. They can't keep an eight point amount of the amount of money going low. It you're gonna hold that much money it's just a ticket and I sir I'm still so it's an absurd amount of money so. It it it it is a big ball portly again. You know it it's the amount of failure in the game of baseball. You know it just that it's just the percentages of a guy you know no other sport you're successful three of ten times your great play the problem is that great players out seven times. You know and it's just when you play a 162. Gained you can be the best team in the league in the 67 of them. You know and so on those 67 occasions so what went wrong somebody failed someone didn't execute didn't throw the ball well you know great hitters. Gained can do absolutely nothing for three weeks. So gives you three weeks to pile on a guy. And it is so it's just it's a game of failure. It would mean a guy 20/20 531 million dollars I don't ever want to fail but it's impossible not to. You have so many opportunities. Media in new day in your face every single to 862. Games including spring training playoff start 190 plus games. It's just too much opportunity too much failure to just avoid it and plus everybody thinks they can manage the Red Sox everybody thinks that they can lay off a slider in the dirt. Everything that routine ground ball is actually is is actually real there's no such thing so mean it's just it through its. People think it's too easy when they see people fail they wonder why. All of also seeing guys and we've seen Red Sox teens the idiot team that's been able to get away with that they've been able to get away with that because. They've done you know remarkable things and have been great personalities. I do believe the personality. And I know you don't like the term all likable or unlikable but I think part of that. Deals with the for deals with the personnel it to us and and nobody knows who keep that you you're saying this earlier. You tell us that guys have a routine they have an all lined up so that you can't get into the clubhouse until. The truth of the at the workout as is done right until everything's done correct and then by all players are in a fit my timing it that way. It allows guys that leave earlier to be able to go up the back door whatever. So the media never gets too. Beat the conduit to the public to open up and let us see what smoky vets is all about which Jackie Bradley junior is all about hate to say it. You know we interviewed did better than last year seems like a nice enough kid but he can often say well let me ask you. We don't look too isn't it. Off. Not now like I would say Tatum is still relatively let him relatively I think we'd all budget brown. Well I think this opener. You don't go out and out and he played the piano second year but I'd be awhile but I have met bush has been here so why you interest in Jason to him. Way that he's interesting he's likeable we don't know a damn thing about Jason team. On remedy it and it is Arnold and he's a rookie though that reality talk anything about what kind of guy we're where little over halfway through season you're look. A BJ LeBron is a better example in the year two of Jalen brown an awful lot. You know you found out about Isiah Thomas very quickly here. And he became a a personality. A lovable personality I'm sorry the Red Sox have had these guys for a few years and not doing their job. If there are worried about you know how likeable unlikable they are. They're not doing the job if you simply think going out winning nine straight games and winning the division again is gonna solve that problem like to. Well I agree is an organization it's that the want to eat today's almost sensitive and others. You know because there's negative talk about other athletes in town but you know it's negative about them they their bill the tick I don't wanna do on the talk to. You know his organization they don't put forty. You know like white guys that negative thing loud when going to show. Why has this negative things about a lot of people is about sensitivity is known as though there's no athlete in town that doesn't your negative thing that given the trees. Bergeron took about sensitivity and whatever other such gone through spy gate in deflate gate. An end and what they're one of the year of players are going out murdering three people of sure any of this stuff though over the course of the week the patriots had to deal with all of that stuff. That that is pressure when you're dealing with some of that stuff maybe you might get people internally your locally but the local. A lot of people that were bashing them during all of that. I'm much of the Red Sox could handle any of that stuff. And I don't know I just that's all it is. It'll hold yet and I think there are that you don't look too a lot of it but the whole like abilities thing. But again you're using the wrong term I'm not it has nothing to do with like abilities it's cool who is interesting. Who's in and that's what it is. Is the story line what's system is a storyline seeing you. That's because I'd say the Bruins are building a nice full story the Celtics are building a nice little story now you get you wanna you wanna keep. Reading if you wanna see how it ends this that the patriots are always gonna have a agency's door because of who started Coetzer owner and who's their quarterback. Red Sox on the other hand. I don't know if you're within you think this story but you can make young outfield may be the best young. I feel I may actually based on their heads up to blow blow was last year we hated it that's later Gator had its original loan. Trying to figure out the wide sometimes third downloadable they're going to use the likeable dog or not. Just think how badly did you. Yeah please go back to New York Yankees the beginning of the season what they like all know they sell out that stadium and judge okay Eric judge changed at all so David. What's different about the talk about like sour but what about electability was talking about adjacent to. In the first three months that Aaron judge was in in the league is rookie season he became the face of Major League Baseball. Yeah he was that likable. And salad and I had a last name the wall where I. Rolls the rock play to the right time time it was a big deal. And he's worked on that. Sort let's play caller on the it will be they business I didn't see. Quite a zillion dollars a unit yeah he had something to do with it to him because he. He he excelled when he had the opportunity and they go ahead and give you they get on the whole you know that the jury they sell the old white hats at the white hair and a little rolls part of an out they out of Florida did you let me just don't know Genesis by the same thing you got to be familiar understanding what Pablo a kid to get the pad ahead you have Micah you have. You know hole god you can satirical look at. And they try to bring that over here he ended up sucking he was terrible and it wasn't it wasn't on introducing your Boston court yet from another city. Your own. And establishing a born in Boston your take is that what you pulled what out of me hold on. That was a huge mistake they made yet just that player was not capable of doing what we did a huge mistake. But you'll you'll you'll for a given a crap right. But when he first came here worst nightmare when he first came here remember taking phone calls and people are actually thinking that because of his size he's a power hitter he was the singles hitter isn't even a doubles hitter because it was like to speak in Fenway Park which is the doubles for part. He wasn't even if they misjudged him they didn't know what he was the worst part is the Red Sox organization mr. Yeah that's on them. And that was a guess that that's your worst nightmare you Seneca and freeze and he just quits. You lose all motivation to be just signed his money and that is something that you you you can throw that on anybody. No matter what frees you say CR ha are you concerned that he got his money and now it's gonna quit or not he's got pride which is happening to the one that it didn't. He's just. It's just hard to get overweight I mean you Dre and he still cared when he stepped on a mound. But the stuff that he was doing off the field what is preventing him from doing what he really loved and I mean that's just the saddest thing in the world that's what he did. You know respect for that. But I don't you and you can't go you can't live your life it out of one of the Pablo Sandoval. Source the first week. A spring training. And analytical spring practice sprint drive first and they are approximately as you know and it's not a club out of the locker room except for Tobacco Road different club out with a but the difference is they will be playing games now they start with a college they worked their way up and start at the temple pilots the market way upright but they they play games during spring don't win expert to deal with. That's the first one for its first week everybody's ecstatic everybody's excited across America each one of these camps down in Florida and Arizona everybody thinks the gun went a hundred games you know at least wounds. In the first week that's what you should be the result should be out here. Getting these guys out I think Sam Kennedy is already given us instructions program doesn't have we should be doing all these ended up or quit smoking that's the sit down here you wanted to I would love every victory will require. What why would you want all put out and and let the fans back into raises similar data reel off and it's really physical battle will tomorrow he's got this MLB dot. Networking and get a rush doubled to lead he espionage to a bowling ping today or tomorrow the teams start tomorrow that you gain these incredible Friday when a parent. And all Friday is a good day is is there are men rule wouldn't it be traveling in all right that's good I've talked to sell. Two weeks into it three weeks into it for weeks into it fans back in a win win no nothing more about smoky deaths. You know one of the best players on the team. Than they did bowl before this thing feasible we know the boom how many times can we say he's a bullet utterly believable or you know he really terrible idea that's got a good example shoes but he he's known his good use and I don't. It's okay he's really good. But how many times can you say. That's part of the problem. Its stock resonating with the public company Jason eight. Is is resonating more the public it was an embarrassment last year. And I love I fell in love that whole Isiah Thomas character image play or whatever like everybody else did. But you can't tell me that we'll keep that he's not playing much better player. If you're looking at the food chain of major league baseball players Skype was the runner up two years ago for MVP was sixth in the American League last year. Thomas is only MVP last year when fans were chanting MVP. MVP at guard was an MVP candidate. A legitimate one right now he was not Susan and if he's not a everybody I don't think that's. But yeah diving it was below it you are describing those nation around the game I mean baseball as a market players at all. Amid ages they don't. While LD shade they don't get him out there that you know we don't find out about on the mean. It's just an issue Lawler on the leak of the social compete for the like ability and for the marketing dollars with the Bruins and Celtics and the patriots. Then screw major let me ask you are still at this the good they are able to download the game get away with a new here you don't talk about late starts at the top. If an ownership felt like it was an issue. Maybe they do so about all oh we have an ownership citizen I. Understood. What you talked about I think it's a Sheikh lurched. Likable so mean until they issue a slow start this there and the mandated that hey this is what we need do is Asia unexpected change. I think it's an issue. And I hope they try to realize it's an issue that infants and all we have to do was win then you may have to win in October. As a long way between now and October and you need. In some ways to form some of those delegates convene EU member then pat themselves on the back at the 2013. World Series. You know one what would probably actually felt like it to change and environment. You know all all the so it's it's good. I mean you need you patted itself and back winning the World Series bring in all these ball players and character guys is you needed to change the locker room. He did it once. Because of it but now it's just that we talked about that this was the problem this was a year. Year the year after who. They made the decision that Bobby Valentine's console and into the collapse in 2011 which is exactly. Back to phone calls at 677797937. Right here and Owen. Your right in the mid day with Bo van and a sport or waive our loan in 48 months Sports Radio I'm telling you we. 79837. Phone number and I'll Wear your studio in Boston was down there and for my little free of this program. As technology can do in any. To me is Christian started much going on vacation out because he's watching how other people doing this I mean once I wish to do that what scam guys they're actually going on vacation. These are you doing there is doing leadership not just a radio show to do on radio and TV show I did that it's yeah he's doing. And I want to push that we do that's not a bad idea I want my religion I went to the and I don't I'll I'll have 100. I want analysts I'm currently last in the lineup I think that we. Us all of us go on vacations together and they just they just do the show from there while I mean that's what we should do let's it decked out in the Dominican they gave us in December axle and I'd go to the united when he went in the huddle together to turn down there. I'm not we entered. Not as Internet business later on we couldn't get a connection like that nobody can I don't think they trusted us from the Dominican. I looked at beginning of the codec if it can't get a connection dead lake from a rumor that's part less yeah it's OK okay how. Families trying to grooves. Why you have to have wind screens could you know it's very windy on the beach is little tunnel it would Knowlton from the hotel you know again and I told them look on this and let me processes does his readers are from a some -- tell you the background. Love big goes on to a technical officer out there we get used to yeah I'm 42 cents including microphones and we should sound good oh win if you view he goes. It's doing well Erin in in Dartmouth hello Aaron. They think they might call closure. So I it is a question of petrol blue prolonged kind of wait for the right opportunity to ask that you guys are you talking about pace of play and length of game before. And it's something I've never really hurt compared but you know. Japan as big a baseball obviously Luke played over there. And when I've watched baseball here whenever they're Japanese has become sort of a Major League the most struck by how slow they work. How many counts go full how much the game slows down when the president based not wondered from lose perspective. How long it's been nine inning game over there in terms of hours it's got to be like 45. I. Again as a player I never cared but along games or other how long and even tell you along I do know that that's why games you know Tuesday and you know an extra innings in one league a month that it was the fifteenth of thirteen to thirteen and eleven what are innings it is the leagues the different and basically because the trade system at night. People living at home. The reason I'm asking this is because is is the decline in ratings I'm not talking just direct such and a puck crossed the border visually based on complaints of of time to play in the market that are not playing baseball anymore it's a specifically American thing Ers are declining ratings going on over Japan and had any kind of like cross cultural study yet been done to see. You know are we doing something here that they are not doing what they're vice Versa that did it result in this. You know declining interest and based. A baseball's these everything over there. But it's just sit there forever be popular you know I don't know ball ratings out of the way they large and all the popularity. So I don't I don't the nation that they got to face right now. The subject of their reliever Takashi Saito few years back the pro about ten years ago and out what I mean I used to. Scream at the TV when the run of our base of that guy just because it takes so long enough to speculate so that's how it is and you and every day. I can get those gains until the outlook on but anyway they. I isn't an interest in that they worry about the train system and your boss and they don't care about the trees as a Christian did you did you realize that Lou once played in Asia. No none none none Japan eight Malaysia got Japan coach different. And that's the that one I was it was was directives. Mean it was it was direct it write it he think keep we're gonna keep it that you and I wanna OK so. This the rules thing this does this rules on the lake home rules. The request. There they are not ruled out of Hollywood rule change that but they're not rule changes because the new concert by definition don't you have to have some sort of penalty if you don't follow the rules. Or you break the rules not even a fifty dollar fine if there's nothing that. Nothing happening they're gonna talk to. Do they gotta talk what I was I'll test right away. The passage of Kuwait times nine times web I don't know I don't know why it wouldn't it blew me I don't you run away or take runs the way hits away Lou I would think fewer. Mound visits in spring training and there are in regular season games at fair to say. Yes okay so it's really not confined to the results don't matter yes so they're there they're saying well we're gonna we gonna see how it plays out. In spring training will suck it play out in spring training the way it plays out in the regular season so yeah that is ridiculous. In spring train they be kit that careful right they don't want may have started pitcher's got to go three innings. And then you sit out there inning one B Zoellick you know it's 27 is one out but that's a concern at some point start the pitching coach local law. And you know it's it's ninety degrees and inject 47 pitches in one inning those meanings that. That you know you don't wanna got to get hurt you want to it'll catch his breath so you you'll see that spring training the guys go one inning at a time. In the off their struggling out there with fundamentals are technical they're talking what you get way too easy and you gonna go talk to home afterwards because. The results don't. Matter I would love part like for like you know eighth inning by inning you know some missiles on team is used you know all there mound visits. And the catcher tries to go out there in the end it and umpire grabs about arms and on and he can't go. I'd say honest government and you can we we don't lose our I don't know what's what's gonna happen is the gonna force a pitching change and advantage is going to be out there screaming so I don't want I didn't wanna go to the bullpen yup you came out there was that there was a mound visit their four. That it denotes that you're making a pitching change because it's number seven. This isn't is joke I think it really is how would be happy if either you're doesn't need to be there's need to be defined as an immediate BA penalty. I mission umps grabbed the catcher but ours enough you can go. And I wanna see that there's going to be a fight some of them be kicked out. They'll probably count evidence five it that's X is gonna be some back and forth. And it catches gonna be pissed that he knows how important it and I hate this stupid rule and I'll have to say number you can also want to. Rob Manfred played tough guy here a couple months ago. When he said which is gonna do if the players association doesn't like where we're just gonna do it goes in the years since though the players association found that that they got lawyers windup and they're ready to do this and do that. And he whimper is a way. Any loses and he throws this and everybody's a bet Adams over a lot of credit. He threw us out the other day that everybody is talking what you watch these national shows talking about that coming up with their own idea rich ice that is coming up a little idea how they can setup the NBA with its sixteen teams and line them up for the playoffs or whatever. Silver knows that has zero chance of passing. Because if you're on Eastern Conference team as you said Lou the other day I at least as an Eastern Conference team they'll get a chance to get the final draft pick it. I can get there. At a server knows that he's got no votes in the eastern conference for this new concept and getting floated out there and then in the conservatives put it to a and I asked what I don't. I've run meant for didn't even. What gets you into. He went away from a pitch clock where he demanded I don't care what players say. We're going to pitch count we got to do something about this this is hurting our game to pick a two months ago. We'll just do some my mom visits. It's all such show. Yeah again I think they should do they they should go after. The people that violate this stuff the worst again forty seconds that's a nice pace but if you're 22 point three and your yet not the problem. You know it's it's that David Price is going thirty if Chris archers colon 35. I mean you're the problem. So you'll want us at a point parents at that point six when he whatever it might be you know 66 business that amount that's not an issue. Maybe I don't know because on average Gary Sanchez goes wild Saturday at ten. Is totally with the average game for most people but it might affect the guys that quietly. More than others I don't goes out there alone an awful almost dropped we know the average admit I didn't know what it's one you might you have I'm guessing twelve okay. I here's keep down the cape Nike's. Okay if you are good or you. Good you know I it's. Not negativity not that the negativity you guys spring and I talk about you on Glenn. I think Christian is completely writes from. If they are likable team. And and it's a new year of the senate or widely viewed try to go create this that negativity. Right hikers. Great point. Here's a Turkey should have said anything he nearly ever had a strong. With the city gonna. It was the right you are you want your Zola I sat here and said this can be really good team and hold on let me give tracker movie. Good team. And I said all of that I said I love the fact that they get JD Martinez even though. Stanton would have been my first choice but he's my second and I'm happy without a set always things positive about the team and and I threw out what I believe. Is that fact that these lines are not lighting up with people showing excitement for JD Martinez that the team is not really likable. And how negative. I can't tell you. You have your opinion good doubles they'll like. You like David Price. I like a young kid like price to direct some electrons. Law electrons. So we'll fly on the human rights you'll it is eight but it is what they'll match and that. It's an Obama says that yeah. The media creates a negative attitude prions are you think it was an. Is that there's always fall like something right and now Ford and got some of his actions. Yet the media is just the middleman. You know I and I understand that there's some there's no question it taken run with the but the mediate a deal with with David as far as sending incidence is just the moment. They keep they keep pushing it. Not everything out that we will of course you gonna we're gonna. Come back at a. All right basically. Why so silent. The guy was miss that he was misconstrued and what you are what you would say all the time when my heart and I'll show. That you were wrong and actress Kristin I don't sound so at Atlanta I am I don't know if that doesn't help organize negative yes he's wrong in not shut up do you realize when you go. The guy mr. isn't exactly what you said I don't know what you need to put a call as I I agree with you than his point is that moment I don't know I don't know what I'll do that as you know island goes wrong the moment what to Nazi plausibly that announces that this Red Sox ownership of this new ownership they've ever known that unit at all I'm worried about this those negative negative nearly individual. It's amazing it's a block away people wanted a woman to the other years the negative positive the amnesty is great in the world really don't they didn't. And we'll have it there it was great you know and we have won't force them to go with a gun next. Keep up with the show on Twitter back OMF on WEEI. Before during and after the show always fun. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading in 48 right now much Sports Radio. A recent studio here for a we can never tell from the field where more normally feels subjective lies by. Right down because in here could be the beautiful outside and in here at the temperature could be like 3040 degrees different prices. I'm not sure that they they even keep the studios here now they use the equipment to actually. Still but I just looked at the thermostat outside here. Seven. You and I heard of gone for the they blew. Got like 84 six its option to Georgia has been you leave like during February break and and you go somewhere and it's the weather is worse like where you rat and warm because you wanna get away from Boston because of the cold right yes you end up leaving the week what it's like seventy threes. Until you burn a vacation day. You just deal dude do you show from the hotel our relations they elected showed on radio Skype that. Then the issue about that he executed it is just bluntly that people do that apparently part of vacation apparently not be so that was let's mark kind of ignore you say only that day right is that it's always for the four hour of Washington study and plan for Russia all the rapport and a as rhino is an hour for every hour that you run out of apple I would get in LA tea or on vacation or I don't work in every it's I don't know West Coast entity doing. Earlier I am the whole day West Coast that's my wife rolls her eyes and then you sit there than. It's not worth I'm not even bring in enough bigger guys on the four hours. It with the kids and family around him loudly and working around it is that it doesn't it is those works are gonna do that and I know you wanna do that but I don't think we should. And I see a group vacation. Who groups occasional together a quick launch that to our crews and only it's a little poem and I don't use well yeah. It was. We are going to Wednesday I'm glad you asked what we have but to what pressure that's a good. We have Dave bell there on a good he has a Adams after roughly 98 you won't ask you revealing so he's 330 builds on cross site isn't nice I don't think it's every gonna go through brought. I'm a currency outweigh how realistic is that I think. Through voted them to be easier is that I think that there's I think replacing its evenly more collisions with. Opposite of your Red Sox popularity and is if it's a negative town or it is negative towards the Red Sox really did that as well they signed the maybe the best region of the marketplace out there do you do you feel leave you for a not a lot of you know euphoria no hope Christian warriors are we. We're all very little about Friday's. The now we got a lot of stuff taken away from us and let your risk cluttered outlet RAF base defense decides had a. OK these guys are coming up we're going yeah and weather and brought back to my little hope tomorrow be there 10 AM we're hopeful.