OMF - Are Sox fans being too optimistic; NFL ratings continue to plummet 9-20-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, September 20th

HOUR 2 - It's safe to assume that the Red Sox will be playing meaningful baseball in October. But is the expectation that the Sox will hit a massive offensive groove too much? The NFL ratings, compared to last year, have not been so good. And a technical issue brings the show to a brief but griding halt.


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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty and I know what they'll do bullpen pretty good camp variable that you cannot tap dancing off man go apples here I'm. Yeah I'm going to go on I go out and go. Thousands Carolina program now the other winners force it go for a black him battling all I don't like baseball hockey unfavorable she got. With glee and Louis Christian they were reading between the lines of Scopes and that is he this and this being I think dignitaries that things always used to lose lose for you. Bars we're not sure that you know his opponent relentless. Libyan leader vote now on Sports Radio WEEI. Worse the euphoria. They can win they would guess in the Kansas City wrote what. It went over who would never all over won't what are they doing how they do better aren't they didn't laugh about it moment. That little small or ambivalence. Of peaceful particularly for it so they're rotation was always so I don't really rock but yeah. We had this we had the you know we had to hold that Mexico. Stadium got used to it reflects yes we have a path we have finally got the answer that Florida holding it but we had some bad bullet tweet out that the the pitcher that's been circulating with the crack as say the stadium now it's it's he's saying that it's that's not a it's not attractive part of the the design of the speech short so there's nothing to see your shirt you believe that to unlock bonus day. With or without soccer selling audacity you know what's gonna develop cracks in your markets and wouldn't you know you you build and build a stadium. We have some of these issues so we'll get a sort of this industry and our state so we get earthquakes too old to build a stadium. With a big crack addicted to generals in history sorted doesn't move some lower the community has some flexibility man can get briefed I liked a lot of stadiums pliable similar warning that it got ego and among our vote at it again we have the greatest national we have the greatest commissioner they wanna extend his contract now three years before they after he will take care of everything will be fun of Italy's football ratings to save our jobs with little or no. They did is mobile let's get back to phone calls. And we'll continue work. We're seeing emotion where's the love for the reds on his own players at his Arthur in New England hello Arthur slippery. And let's start the yards to what you demand on this team only I don't understand how you couldn't be I mean. That thing and I agree Lou getting energy but sent our. They've done everything you are you ought not to do reminders. Power. Everybody saw all why like winning all there waiting to be winning like that's another long ball. What would you rather have windy. All that long ball. You ever think long ball ultimately winning ball more openly and eight today. Students. Won all there are even synagogues during the and they round until the ninth postseason. To what a guy lot of young guys that. Now that's being are losing so quickly last year the deepest once they get a little bit more mature that it would do so yeah China's Alonso and you over and things. Eagle with a hold it pissed. The eerie. I'm not distill all that hopefully it sure some of our young guys that I have to be leaders on this now and post. And that thing and hard into the net a hole just. Yes or learn from experiences and insights to share. You know no I technically but it came there why not the Red Sox. Geologists alike Arthur says approach to it I think he's taken a good approach I don't think enough people who don't know I don't think enough people or break again I think it's I think it's the offense. I really do I know it will wait have been winning but. You know the ball in need Pedroia hitting you need Nunez hitting you need smoky being Mike Trout again. No more like he checked in Jacqui if being gay hotly contend for a month to Stewart for a couple of weeks that. It's to be it's about the offense. Because that they still try to do this whole thing and not you know dreaded bought a ballpark and score and run around the bases like fools at times and that they can win that. Way I just don't see it happening well they got us it's about it's the only way they're going to win is due in the way they've done it. Here they're not capable I think it was seen enough of the six months of the they're not capable of going out. And winning games with power at the just doesn't exist Chris and they'll have to take care that the off season here's personally Democrats. Yeah I don't. How about big you are out there that they're content and doubt about five years old the 45 years old al-Qaeda. Wanna point I want to make it's is not taking. Always here as I do too little they are but it needs to that little bit but look at 2000. It's all looking out at thirteen. Tissue without it. Not a win championships. You to have that have a pitching now. Idol result want to pledge itself armaments. Oh will we're we're not what I mean I want to realize that game. And ultra quiet let's dominant pitching. I had wins championships. I'm out coached he might help but again I would really. A hospital Cong I I IG but he's always played. Yeah I think you don't itself looked at more dominant lately. Then you know you at least eight gold against some pretty good pitching as well let me say Oakland I was due. And really you figured Orleans. Announced these last few months ago. Hummer brands I I obviously I'd like Palmer is doing but people try to compare what he did last year look what so did. Bush sell through fifteen more innings than him in the same honest starts. But these guys go 55 and a half innings of five and a half innings on average was sold when six and three quarters on her he gave him more than an innings per start. Palmer and has been good but he's an inning shy of giving you anything close to a postal gave you last year I like them to post season. I say oh I like is well that's act that you have this if swing the bat I think they're more closely to valued you know going on I think he's. If you're looking at Cleveland right now and going up against Cleveland I think you have to be concerned about is starting the rotation but a fact. In in was Doug Fister is part of that rotation any may not based on the last couple of appearances and get a could have a single starter. Who's won a game in the postseason but I. Can you feel good about that I'm not sure if he wrote it about that we go to Mike in end over Mike. Hey I gotta. Good day you know as far as in Iraq not being able to the win column by playing small ball you know on the candidate can be done you can actually look at PLO peace side royals. Before I know I was the other cardinals right. 2015 rose about them. Yeah that's OK but the problem the the issue has yet it can be done if you view play small ball with good fundamentals may don't have that what you said they've got all the plays they run into outs can the Kansas City Royals the 85. Cardinals they didn't do that they did the. Good point basically it's a good point because those individual plays based running errors. Are magnified when you get into the postseason near the difference of advancing on and and gambling on the glass suddenly been thrown Rajai Davis she's human Auguste and close to. He's pretty quick the first to me to home plate but he's differ reason. To me you don't beetle we don't pinch running based steel at a bottom over. You know it brought culture at bottom all over again a pinch run the base runner if that's the case to pinch run DeVon Guerrero. And save Rajai Davis personal base attempt you know I mean were rare rare Barrera rather can score Lin can score from second if you have a bottom over. Don't waste the base runner the bottom over to the stone resort last year a Buck Showalter got exposed. In in the post season with a with a just a dumb move. He just if you watch him he may again last night. He's got the right yup they're against more likely just some strange stuff in which is that they don't punctual to supposed to be one of the best managers in the game. And it is nick is he's just stubborn just that they don't ask her that I'm gonna go against the book. On an albino if you want to win these gains on only eight let's actually it's. It always hits me a desperate. Enough and when you came after it is ideal what what led to it but. I really pushed on the back its data give him against the reds honesty. Only did it. It puts someone in there knows I don't know what the hell happened a bonus when visitors are agents on Monday their best pitcher could start game one against the Red Sox and he. Yeah that the reason. An ace or an and they got to and again two years Robby in Cranston, Rhode Island Robbie. Yeah. I wanna. Say about that but that. I I think it is in the state. Who's your favorite is Ferrell is never. I gotta say the moon like higher. Than that it. Got a chip it or not only look like I. I don't get I don't talk to look. Now I know he's not going anywhere Bartlett what I say. It's on and your actual quote or audit show yeah I agree call back in the I'll titans. Throwback. Meego and yellow Red Sox know now and go. The film manages all in good run at least until then we'll go reds side so I'm excited. It's not Qaeda. About that we're all gonna be able to do that you tomorrow Tom Warner John Jewish in this Mo bloody hands studio so let's start practicing. Let's go. And there has gone. The end Andre sort. Far from left to go out and Ralph losing dreads that Ralph. Hey guys you know when they look at Christmas you know hypocrisy guys. Because you're using your friends future. Look in the last thirteen or so years this team whistles for you you you council should. All forward to an idiot mutual while you're peace. That's what it lacks and picked people don't wait till it's over that is capable of securing. I think that's light and boozing it up as much confidence that person had to shock the glee the whales. But you know they had all year and try to do it and it kind of disappointed a little bit because. We you don't have to. I mean you know this a guy that you can assume you're all so Coke. But I also look at the Atlanta Braves won fourteen titles and a deep division titles or one. Championship because her nipple where a good scoring in and I think he should be formal scoring. So which will report. Colby Donaldson. Beijing's loans would get in the playoffs we'll look at what's more. Get the players cheated out of the picture yet but what you get yet. Have to score and that's why at the whole market as a judicial watch or. Up and say scoring is more important in the post season I don't I don't funny that I believe for this team in order for people to think for them to turn it. Imagine right now at the Red Sox this offer to smokey was having a metro year. And Haley was healthy at thirty bombs and Jackie Bradley was hit thirty bombs and Zander was in 300 which when he bombs. You would sit there and say this team is a juggernaut their bullpen is locked in their rotation is good and they get guys swing and how a lot of it. This only that the reason why you're not seeing as this one piece that's missing. And it's the offense so that if this team can swing the bat. They can become a very dangerous team that nobody wants to play too that we haven't seen all year and say office is more important I think bullpen is most important thing in the post sale. I would agree would you with a ball and I just don't suddenly think that they're going to become something that they yet or not been for six months will they continue doing what they're doing. They're gonna play the small ball the got to rely on a moving at a ball moving up up another bases. And what I feel the most is not real good who's a caller couple calls us up and no make a big mistake and take. I don't do you think that based on where everything's at how everybody's been ranked you know once the once the postseason starts. There are there in there and they can be a dad that advantageous situation where they are the underdog where they thrive on others is than Wallace and everybody is against us us against the world we have all these copper mine went up and late game role and that's a possible it would you would you think last year they were the favorite women not. Byrd talked about it it is like you know you they are they're gonna your you got to release. These get out of there will be in its meaning is okay were beaten now that I'm gonna might play there's a little there is little camouflaged there how good neighborly and are not then then Andrew Miller Terkel for the post seeing underdog over the pace of their psyche that it's their personality so maybe get some are not supposed to going guys nobody likes you guys you have the personality guys you're boring guys you have small balls guys aren't played all my ball with multi. The do you feel do you feel any of that right now I'm not feeling that people jumping on the bandwagon at. And usually people go overboard 'cause they love the laundry and work more homers at heart and some people don't I loved that team. My feeling it right now with people do we get. With a stick everything you just said is right. They could become that the 2015. Kansas City world. There's a kind of built the way they're built though like the blues are a little bit better but it could do so my kids that he won't win 95 and six seven games yet so they won a lot of games. They could be that team. But right now. Don't believe him because offensively don't believe. Enjoy going to the playoffs is teaming you'll believe. There's some people hold out hope they can still turn around it Haley mayors to get back in the field so the hope that he can turn around and be forced that he was less your soul what he's done. The only do you eat eat eat some money traders destiny offseason bogeyed self rule hitter. Judy Martinez did so much as a free agent right SI JD mark get rid of him they were mirrors some reality show idea expansion enough to try to not pick up that option next you don't usually get to him. But that does help you now they'll Nunez yeah holt is gonna run the basis of complying. Joy out. I don't African broken nose or not and those knees banged up I hope he can play back to back just. So mean netbook is what the thumb OK Stanley is Jay is Zander healthy so a team that you question offensively. Where they don't have to just flipped the switch here elves have become its offensive force I think to become a very dangerous team. Is healthy enough to do it. That's the problem that I have. Yep and I think you're right I don't that I don't think people jumping on the bandwagon you know what. Stuck on an awful lot to do with whether people feel good going into the postseason because it could still struggles again here tonight. He said I don't Omar god. Because because you wanna go one was only one way it's a bad way to be gets lit everybody's off the jumps off if he deals they say dad no good on bad and good and bad and he's still not right. I mean that that's a peculiar that's still not ready to be deals he still not right what you gonna track record from the last couple years he sent a message you get through the season. I 6177797. Three seven's gonna tell you that the football ratings were heart rending. For the weekend and right. Should somebody obviously wants certain low about a case count as well as host. Approve next back to more. Maloney and 43 like fired his fat ass or wait four years ago when call back here. He stinks he's job Chris Seward terrific talents they're carrying him who Christie and end. Anchor on Sports Radio. Up there you great success into. VC funding and expose you can do raiders and he. You don't base us will be NF vocal about next season political. Yes but we had a great experience last year. We are going to ask the question. The raiders and the patriots were playing an excuse. Great. What may run off. Maybe we're not they don't they may be in Mexico that novel it's going to be in Mexico City the golf well first of all the stadium is not that I'm very few of them are telling us five out I think that's fate it was part of the it's fake news out by the architecture of the buildings the structure to show cracks in it for eight years ago play there they're flexible stadium it's marketable. The first thing you were little I wanna structural investigation the last thing the NFL should do is abandon. Mexico City and that in that situation you wanna bring money to the communities you ought to bring money back right. Sure. And they get rid of old shop on you need to bring money into the communities right now right. Sir you wanna do you wanna put the money back in your pocket the league will definitely play those can almost a third of that idea but at the he's going to be from a third occasion the other one. He showed me. Almost the first city in the background it's helping him a lot tonight cricket sounds like them resentment if not millions. What's the purse or Sergio because he's probably under contract the US community can't leave. They're probably a bunch of you know these. You know fledgling network's probably wanna pick them up germ theory Joseph nation I didn't name recognition. Joke. But he's on the concept here's the problem though the NFL. This was week two of the NFL and if you noticed on your TV. If you were watching the red zone you were watching the DirecTV. Sunday package. The they had a single better window. Across the country with a single another single game. In so you had one game on one network which would have been CBS and fox gave you two games. The CP SK and did great here in Boston thirty point five. From the rest of the country it did an eight point four. That was fourteen and a half million viewers that he's down 24%. From a year. Failing so bad 1220. That's that's that's a quarter of the audience okay last year fox sadness. They did nineteen point two million it all is also down 14%. In thirteen to respect the percent. Respectfully from 2015. On CBS. Wow that is a gigantic trucks so Toyota. Does that does them coming we know elections machinery and he's given to me and make us it's all need to make excuses not to tell me what it is now he had he had a mile long years out and doesn't have a long winded excuse what is that. I don't have you. Don't have one I don't know. Gonna get along when an excuse no I can't tell me what it is what was the long wanted to hear of this fact it's. Just happens then. You have one. You remember. My I don't have an answer I'm asking you guys what is the answer I could figure out an emblem what is it the way it is it's it's wrong simple. It's its thoughts they have missed a here's the thing you see your ball. You know and those conference could not just bow our thoughts I don't know watching sports the cessation play baseball. Does the we its at least an hour and a half on his blog out on the hour. They did it ask you question I only considerate of baseball and the list. So listen pay covered baseball now been announced formally real pissed them off until an apology they Lou I'm only with a football ratings down 24 that. But nobody brought up the fact that Brian Cushing he's doing steroids that. Oh no body can bring meaningful to him. It's not solicit or else. Watching people are watching sports differently the excuse machine is coming out NFL this year excuse. I'm actually giving you one stop with the election stop with how our cain's. With everything it is just people watching it differently. That's the real excuse for that they are watching the difference is that if it ever happened in baseball we all know why because his dying and so you'd you'd just that it's amazing if the ratings are going down in baseball today knows historically eyelash in a post season if they did tell it because the sports died. An NFL it's always going to be some that. So let me throw this we're going to another reason and let me throw this one out at you because the way don't block the way the red zone works it's it's a different. Service at different program. The way they set it up on DirecTV. Vs. The room the other cable systems so red zone operates separately but they could accumulate all of the readings in the numbers. On the on the reds. If if the red zone is the reason. That the ratings continue to drop and I think some of what you just said is accurate that the suitable one deals. Our viewing everything in a different manner now with when it comes to television. But to redstone. Is actually hurting the ratings to the point within a point 4% this week if the commissioner. A pair of the red zone and no no I would I. Charge five times what the agony for the red zone right now they're not getting enough money donuts for the rest honestly with Pakistan finally separate. Detonators and you you pay for it it's it's here bit doesn't mean that's right. But you play. Nothing compared to what it's worth if the fills losing 24% of Iran it. And they have McDonald's and Budweiser and everybody else has come to them saying guys. We don't pay he was much for the efforts does not one ability that's OK why why would endorse no advertisement on on its own right. They should be charging you five assigns you aren't you talked to. How it. The patriots 1 o'clock game was the national game. Right against the saints. And so what were you getting in LA what were you getting what product where you gating. And these other regions what product are you getting tomorrow night you're getting the 49ers in the rain cooled. Yeah does that does that tell you must watch T I. Being brought it up again here you apparently were paying attention Duncan knows you don't something himself but it was a single header window so when you have a special added about Gregg Williams. With every single other one don't like that. It means that you're gonna get. I game that's going to be seen elsewhere in the country all right so. In LA you're right you do you might be getting the pacers that you set CR Davis aren't they were they were the the pop game four yes but still regional leak is terrible way it works its regional. And so there you look at that you look at them you look at the the chargers you look at the rams. And that's a dead there fan interaction that commitment. It and you look at the the charges they play in the 35 seats being admitted into and out and you look at the rams they play in the coliseum which is like 92000. And there and that's a direct relation to how people are at least watching that game and that LA county or count me you know. A mentor county area nobody's. People LA in California in general purple peoples and is this a nervous either revolting over it to be game it's not gonna pay attention to it. People Ellie don't. Can I put the mayor of Los Angeles came out there the other day and said. That's as we have two teams but could find was one we really didn't need to two minutes and I. But that's definitely a candidate that is this this this is really to teach this is a stand wrong key Roger Goodell NFL. Real estate deal in Los Angeles that's all the humanity of the building that I thought every locations all. There's a what was that the Sunday night ratings sustain the loans. Those those are down to as well wreck is that they've got some pretty good games music and cowboys you've had the giants have been involved. Denver right immunity on Monday night games. In Atlanta going one way that his prime why. Anybody that certainly I had a couple more than eight point four rating that they that they had in the single one that are. A window for CBS is the lowest. For a week to single better. Since at least 1990. The first two NFL windows on CBS this season. Have both declined double digits to multi year lows and to tune to make the point earlier about where this game was seen Sunday's telecast. Featured the patriots in the sense. It was seen in 41%. Of the markets right so wasn't just a regional game. In New Orleans and and and in New England. It was in 41%. Of the marks including. Dallas Fort Worth we think there might be an audience there. Because Tony Romo was called again and he played his entire career there so that might be a pretty good markets good football market right and yet Tony Romo called again. Well here's what they need to do. Backs outside the numbers the full facts. They they got to get rid of if they want people who watch these games to knuckle when they're regular of the regional games. Don't think. At week one of patriots play Kansas City on Sunday week 1 at 1 o'clock you turn the TV and there's bills Jack as the local markets I don't get rid of it get rid of their dictating that get rid of it. At the get rid of the regional stock now your football fan. You can really care ball bills jets in your region. About you know here in New England when it no I want the better football game I. I'm happy about it and I'm here tonight an up and happen you you're not to your New York City and yet he bills jets game and whatever city. Won't let you know he's here is how he's right though this hurts this hurts in New York this hurts the ratings nationally. If you if you're looking at it because people underwent months. The chance in the appeals of a walker or competition they're not it's a bet football game. You don't want them competition is no rivalry. Between new England and those teams you put on a better game yet but yet this still sinking in in archaic terms our regional we got to take the division because those are great rivalry and that it does well robbery in the division patriots are one I don't why he's one and all its history have won the big. Street though today it's maybe it would different right because if you are sick in New York. You think there'd be interest in Philly Washington. Philly Dallas Dallas Washington and I just would yes but here in New England there is zero interest. In jets bills jets dolphins bills dolphins dolphins jets whatever any combo. Because they all suck. Yet but it but it I say I'm not sure that's announcer I agree with that awful for you rather have them what's your what's your other option not just as you all. We want jets built was one of the game. Is it a game I think was Philly Washington. Ortiz at casino what that's an afternoon of red zone you right now I am not gonna sit here once jets bills all freaking day long I can tell you that much. You give me a better football game of it's it watch you might actually hooked me. But I am done I mean I I seven and nine. We'll try to watch big you know the red zone but I I'd I couldn't get away from that Seattle Green Bay game. It wasn't pretty but I watched that game I could get it because there's a good game they gave it to me jets. Bills you largest pushing me so direct social money naked while it was the lions and the giants you know why did well. Because it was huge in new York and New York as fifty million people. Potential fifteen million of those guys are good so at the right note and so if you didn't have a New York audience that night number one meeting at you don't market in the country. That you wouldn't have gotten a good number on Monday night little bit deceiving. Mean when you look at the numbers among an amount that Monday Night Football game on Monday Night Football game doesn't always. On a market that is fifteen million people. When I'm surprised that is that. Is. As far as pecking order son and angles first which I guess I can understand. But and modernizing thing you know second argument Thursday night like that that tell me. Is the work for clutch games our key. Regional games I think in the next ones that are relevant while cable's subordinate has felt like everybody's got to play on Thursday but don't you I know it's it's around. It's like they're trying Thursday night is a must once had a night it's Thursday night football should dealers say just as far as as far as like he's just TV shows in general. But Thursday night used to be a good big night. So if you wanna showcase an adventure showcase are probably Thursday night should be. A night where you're like are the beginning of something better and they got a rams and forty and I got to change that. I bet to me they do. I mean I don't early and like Elizabeth at least faulted both teams suck right now. But you've got to should know just based not counting change means that the rams are Paula not to be doing it for general 49ers for example it. Late. In big baseball right ESPN's Sunday night baseball. You know paying with a you know it's unfortunately if you're good you're gonna be on. You know there's gonna be good football games we don't make sure we have a little while they themselves whatever it is that you know by we each week nine week ten patriots are on Thursday night. Or whatever a wrap it around it by a week. You've got to put good football teams on third that if he does that that's a good at baseball which was the last time senate baseball he went living in do we get to Minnesota for so. And sabotage you can't Chandler is that if you can't I can't let him growing at such a throwaway keynesian for Intel and Christian hunter is a result he can put it seems. Because what you want I was I guess you'll know you can't because you'll end up with the patriots you'll end up with Dallas shall end up with eight teams that will end up playing. True Thursday night games a pitch behind the line. That's among those short turnaround expert calls that started out you know England and the unfair that they are like water that's already played one. It was a biweekly nine. I'm weekend. Yes there's and put them on as duke yes and done that you get rewarded and Eckstein if you're good yup we'll get penalized if your player because it's a week but. I mean that's it's it's a blessing and curse. That's our that's what you get when your good we play on Thursday night liquor without my coaches have good teams say about we're adding more Thursday night appearance and is starting at Atlanta's wins out here and you can not gotten -- let agree with you again a war you can't write you keep saying all the way in advance of it as a bankable win uncertain Louise I was thinking actually already a good game Tampa let's look at their dirt that are competitive at least in the short term in the paint a picture that's a tough game for the patriots condones quarterback level quarterback right there that's a good game you can add. It it's not a trying to add color and political and that's trying to add more week more teams to this season just. Get a better team gets the better odds everybody a better product into manipulate the schedule that would unfairly advertisement and you gonna know what you used to protect them why are you ready for what you mean by we want that I ordered it to the bad you know you gonna go on highway. It's 11 because there because those quick turnaround stick around they can sit there and add a week here at make you want it's he's gonna make it longer take the line. Look at what you're going to get me get better candidate isn't gonna make it longer okay they're gonna take but this. Saw her real thick thick the Super Bowl not judge a presidents day eat that's gonna do this right through that 100 march what to do it for their own purposes to create. More regularly steal game. I'll say that the schedule not bad. The doubled to three weeks in a row it's awful and you say opposite wall almost as well as the rams niners awful right next week bears Packers. Is that awful yes why does the pair socked a matter and then it went Green Bay hitters here and there is he got a young core of I don't know and I don't I don't get a plane. Don't bill he went through my lens with a chartered out he is going to be playing. All smoked less than Clinton on the sea and air Rodgers it's a good game. Bears Packers and Rodgers against it had teamed OK but Obama did that bad game he trees but agents are Peters. Eagles they're detected because game could could be chiefs raiders great game dolphins ravens. Some possibly bigger game braves to an Al demos at all you wanna replicate is a viking direct Cleveland in the details are at the Jack and hosted game I don't need in the vikings could be good veteran do you wanna. Right I can't read this I don't think you ever cardinals game. I don't think you guys this is just right it's the third and against this type Steelers titans Steelers. I figured into a game relatively tablet Miguel Mikey but saints' final slot at vikings rounds was sub Broncos hold on now tonight sir Isaac on Sunday morning I think your eagle the colts assaults on Sunday morning it's a it's it must all of Europe. To London yeah perfectly about it so that a bad. Understand it out that the couple dogs in there but ultimately got to. See here to hear the language you already know the colts are gonna sock courtyard of a single Thursday December 14 I can tell you right now they will do awful that I had to look Denver at Indianapolis went combat what next year we fourteen. They've put him on the pop right. Odds of that amount of money I don't act is an error and error process run its earliest and get a chance of playing this week. That's gone up bows bows on stake this again it's the Indianapolis Colts unrelated niners aren't ready you can write protected performance and at 6177797937. Next. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. We are back to more affordably Murr ammonium 48 right now fox Sports Radio. We embrace anything that comes we're certainly happy to have charges in LA. But my I think we could have been happy with just want to. Surely made some damage in the violent incidents of scars I was as far as I was are best Christian that I. Sure sure you are correct surely there's some they would have been happy with just one that has always really want one just. They don't need to teenage thinking that you this bit of their villages Jack Norman stated it's going to be. For came just empty well then that all in the Euro leveled student in the take in the base of charger fans. Who are just pissed off did you move to Los Angeles think they want nothing to do with you it's like chargers have this great winning tradition with the fans of invading a sellout Qualcomm don't insult stadium where the so too many things to do. San Diego if they don't sense I took the phones we go your stamina car liked him. I thought felt a so I was really big about the ratings and 24% debt and I didn't lose out on the right where people watched a different way I don't think people are not watching yet so I'm thirty do. And I street merit under the table body Jericho DirecTV. Odds with a bat and a bit and you can pretty much stream everything Amman not I don't know they take you to operating. But I watch every extreme. Doubts of what's to fight Saturday night in 170 yeah. Like so there's like that the Sony play station as it all our inbox cable look able YouTube. And Alec direct you viewed as a bit of it or writer. Our thoughts on the street cable so I just think that. EB NK. Yeah they're cleaning out the cleaning some of that stuff out of tragedy if there's bigger and they're gonna end up inventing a way to. Determined that you know to count those issues are watching they they are now they're starting early you know I mean that's the shared with everything not like people is here's the thing. Sound like they're not watching so this is deceptive Alec they're not watching the games. So the rays although they're going they're going down as far as guys plop themselves on the outs in the baster rubber you know four hours eight our three how many games or watch. Those days are over I mean they're not overlook just. I mean I thought I want summit called it a couple open accounts and put on my TV is it doesn't it remind my all so I mean being in my. Nobody above what federal money you watching you watching every minute of the game. Depends I mean that depend on what Jamont all the giants and the like I'm gonna watch or read giant game but it is a good game what you got it and I'd rather watch the good game. The Martin crafty legal precedent and got got a lot better game. I thought I'd say what men this is Ike. It really is crazy because when you watch or 1 o'clock and for example we want jets bills I wasn't really into all that much. So you start watching the red zone. Okay and they bound touchdown let's go to Denver and it's constant and that all of a sudden that the 830 game starts. And as an incomplete pass. And you feel like it's start to feel like a 32 pitch clocked in in baseball I mean. You would gain a point where we don't want wanna wait ten seconds. You're a mean like the original does it kill you to deploy when you watch the red zone from that window from one to floor and you try to watch a football game if you'll slow. That well if it wants one result for hours yes and try to watch one single ball game. But I would say feels all people I would say like if I was involved in sports the way I am I don't think notes that there and plopped myself on the couch and watch. The red zone. All day out watch my team now would be done with it I think people I think Lee is try to think a lot more people are or into the reserve unit that under the I would say this red zone they've undergone I didn't wanna go to president Charles. Candidates I charge you a lot more for roads and fantasies of anticipation receivers run goal from the forties it's going to. We're where we're who has journalist he's with credit different animals right now friends and family and it brown okay we are as a political problem because generally you want of the lows because I know Lou you just very quietly and but we're trying to deal with the issues where every adult world we don't feel that issue we all read every car all I shouted out of the not a technical issues and look what happens all the conversation long and I just noticed even rocket or even practice strategies to follow you are having becomes why now with a decline now when he's doing he's involving you always talk. If you're going to help him at pro life line speeds as pong now it's veterans day we'll call right there. Why did we go to call all about being in Iraq these guys are all about it. We're essentially what we're doing this Stephen erupt the guy Glenn what are you gonna talk sprouting tent and gone. I think what you wanna talk about. I. Well that's great and oh yeah. That's the route that you once we took a we took a harder turn al-Qaeda prisoners of war moment awesome. But the official. Welcome an example where the money came back a little money. All the money that luncheon amount of money and then the total. Actually edit the tactic to muddy and they got so out of it. I'll. Look out. Source in New York so what's important to these. I have only got an act. Muslims are kind of abuse that smothers any Collison out of I won't get it can't be worse if didn't worse for crafting going to Russia where we're put took his ring I candidate I like I was just a lot is written pollutants the Nixon called and I looked like let's 36 grand a shot like. These people one you watched fantasy football. The they could just sit there all day that I could put my fantasy lineup in and go out and hang out a comeback eights the only team did. But that's not the pure enjoyment of fantasy. I want first and goal from the five I wanna see my guy and right and I want to throw the ball to my guy and Iraq and so that's all I want as the red dye my hair and our I don't want to read like you so when I try to watch a single game if there's no full good football game of the patriots aren't on it one which are wants to patriots. And I'm watching the red zone it is is amazing. How you can actually say that he football team is slow. After watching the red zone all day it is a. How much up and it's funny how when I'm able to hear everything you're saying let's go to an altered and actually guys that you actually in fairness outlawed. I I really don't not act Mick talk I usually goes is that go to Mike yeah Mike I a lot of I don't know what to do but it's fun I finally got a few hectic it's an Andy chaos that's going around. And is right it was just mic and energized me for worked for me it's my used to work and they got Paul did in Arizona yet Eric RRR. A technical the rhetoric you about the very insidious that a top mutual trust isn't just for you guys have the -- right you know we saw off the air we are my would be talking to himself and a corner wins because I was outside David Price haven't revenue years. Nobody's got a horse in this I don't know but you know what he's got no no one AdWords users edit them but I don't know judo gold they'll be some else. Bill. Hello I know they won't bullpen didn't penetrate. And we had a minute older and expert. I mean who want to feel again. And Catholic eagle eye out for every person a couple of the bar you see. Nor the patriots or Indianapolis quote or Denver bronco you only treat it tightened. I. Open the way they do what router and I have another point is that the defense. On the Red Sox outfield is Rebecca Roberts in my. Are pretty good. That's pretty damn good ultimately makes both sports you know you ready for those with the most I. Hey if I paid his daughter are any everything these guys gonna wanna go gloss. Or Jack and got a Bradley got that one out and demonstrate that he's diabetic and he's doing and can be no way you know gay Muslim given the speech of the year reward if you would give local locker he's learning the position he's improving no left field he's got beautiful pearl their last night Nixon's Jackie's a great player Q Myers better that's right looking Betsy might win it on rice fields get I don't know other guys. They have very good defense about a confession to a degree since then you guys are better at center fielder that's yeah stupid so really like about how much I don't there's a clover is better than sales in Jackie's very very he's made he's also made a couple of my nominal debt this year he's been a couple phenomenal catch. That everybody will recognize and that will burn him. The goal fuel clinical alarms just disappeared ten more straight up. Now but. This or they may get no gold glove love all of us on the server and left. Well we'll build these guys as finalists I think in right center of the I think breakdown cast their attitude now now at third avenues that. There that's young isn't it time ego that is right now integrated air means we. I would not in the right that was on bands you would sedate you or when did the iPhone owner should you know what you are actually two Ohio Clinton yeah. Let's stuff that is the Madonna that we don't slow. Or it since they're all talking at the sort of thing you have to alternatives and real fabulous and I'm. But it happened on the black right editors but aren't there as weird fresh and easy but in his case to go antsy but not above but Buttner button and.