OMF - Ava Santos, 7, Type B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Windham, NH with her parents, Marie and Kevin 8-21-18

Ava began to complain of ear pain, and when her family brought her to the doctor, they diagnosed her with an ear infection and prescribed amoxicillin. After taking the amoxicillin, Ava broke out from head-to-toe in purple spots, and it is unknown to this day if she is allergic to amoxicillin or if was the leukemia.

Ava began complaining about throat pain, which led them back to the doctor for another prescription—this time it was determined it was strep throat. A few days after she started taking the clindamycin, Ava began having leg pain which doctors said could be from strep.

The pain continued and finally in March 2016, within hours of arriving at the ER, Ava and her family were informed that she had leukemia.

After Ava's diagnosis, she was in the hospital for 2 months. In May 2016, she began treatment at the Jimmy Fund Clinic, which would last for the next two years. Ava had weekly chemotherapy treatments administered through her port, as well as oral chemotherapy drugs and steroids at home. Ava had her last treatment in April 2018, and had her port removed in May 2018.

Ava is an only child but has lots of cousins.

Ava started to play lacrosse this past spring and is eagerly looking forward to going back to gymnastics in the fall. She was unable to participate with her diagnosis. Ava loves to swim and play with her friends. She loves to go to amusement parks -- Canobie Lake is her favorite.

Ava is looking forward to joining more sports teams and getting back into her normal routine.

She is looking forward to starting second grade in the fall.

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Let's interview she went to a human Santos. Only. And seven years old. Odd you know what it's eight outside now which. Out there but she promised me choose not to be giant. Rent. Not sure if he's a funny that in a funny. And look at it plays a wanna that it. Very funny by god. This is more real. Nice to meet cute things so maybe you can tells the story. Well she is diagnosed with these cell gala leukemia in the spring and 2016. And she went through two years of treatment. First at children's for a couple of months and now we've been patients at Dana Farah the Jimmy Fund clinic confirmed. Two years and we continue to says. B patients there even a couple months after treatment it's great that people are. So go and after everything out there it's just how often Michigan wind. Now Lee Aaron wants month. Well good yeah that's so Americans like Marie took over here. I know it's weird and yet the only candidate yet so. Did this story of how you. Yeah you won how she eventually got don't just talk about that process. As far as just the signs that he saw. Going to the doctor Alan Ball. So it's strange because I actually read after the fact that the way it happened to us is kinda typical knock her out here and a lot of her attack. So first all the setting completely out of the blue one night she was complaining about it in year. Game and then they're 23 nights where she is complaining about your pain so we took her into her pediatrician it and they said it looks like this fluid in the air could be an ear infection didn't look infectious but fluid. So they gave her box itself and then she broke out at a rational far from box to sell. Soul we considered her to be allergic to them off to silent because she never taken it before but now we don't know if it was. A Marxist or an on little Kenya which actually caused the outbreak. So about a week after that. She's complaining about her throat and they tested her for strap and it turns out that she tested positive for strap so they put her Clinton mice that. And then it was. Four or five days Afghanistan that the Clinton mice and that the like pain so. It Greta back to her pediatrician again and they said that can happen after a strap diagnosis. So we gave first few days. In between my husband myself it was it just wouldn't stop is very persistent over the us and say we can have to two weeks. So we brought her back to the pediatrician again and that's what makes sense doesn't children's morning and it weighs. I'd say within a few hours of being in the Arab looking at her what mark was so effective lasting as long as it is it means probably everything's going through your mind. Yeah at this point and for. Yes I didn't know if it was growing pains are something like that the way it was the case in the coming goes some times during the day she'd had a span. And most of the day which should be okay. And that if I it's kind of pulling her along making a lot of class action complaint and then there are some nights where. Like last night where it finally that he needs we need to take her racket likes it's kind of walking along counter holding them to Alex her release that the cutesy and come across you know now. Thinking about every other day. You're on the yuan let them be regular on the computer you probably the cobra plan also able to stuff okay that's Smart about it that you did you think the sky's falling down Google which you're you're Fairfield everything I thought that I was thinking and. Like mono lions. And then they told me that this is common have to strap with a leg pains on pick an all kinds of things it wasn't until. We had been in children's for a couple of hours and they came to get me in my has been taken to another round. But as my model is now so they had to take us out of program that we're sitting in that. As things now let's suppose this is by something that we told you that the doctor was that it was. Yes there was doctor and it was the nurse that Cyrus on the payment but she brought us into opera with the doctors now. Us and I gave us last trip was an April 4 moved in many. Ava how you feel it. If you look good. You like keep having your picture taken. The photographer over my shoulder here keeps on taking your picture you know that Casey. You just don't use that haircut. Really for first I don't know how many years three years. Three years. He must its own care. Mean what is your favorite sport. Then. Look at what else. Socket and can earn and what he's so excited to go back to the spot. It's cool. You're going into the second greatest ever. Awesome. Terrific. Rate so. Where are you right now with the treatment he said once a month that's where you don't want tomorrow if she doesn't enhance Herm. Like dry months and months and they look at all of her accounts. And everything looks good. Yeah awesome awesome you went to the reckless yeah does that add without slowing. And you handled that the great it was great meeting you may have a. Maybe he's good at the stick and he got well being nervous and I think you're handling it appears we send Lou out there and that in gathering letters you up to screen all of the that coming in here. Did you. Mean you know it wants nothing to do it you know he doesn't occur is that we do here's here's a baseball OK if you can hit the big Fella with the ball. You get the prize went. The good news. Yeah. You've got a game Christians are back in the wrong. You should drive database and all. Of that I saw it and thank you feel great economic. Happy yeah. In the rain and mom. Yeah it reached an IQ. I'm not either when I live in a high bar but the thing but it. We really appreciate it so you're data stored. And I think she looks great she looks terrific it's a great success story 87773. Days for all office. Once it's very. Anything for the Jimmy bond any. Kind of clunky throwing balls at me it. Not you not you can't get the throwing you don't have. If she didn't one. Eight. 777381234. That's our phone number seventy 8777381234. And of course you can textile as he cancer as well. I'm still office space. Log on to Jim O'Donnell at the moment. What. Is. On the I think it was not until they met all the ideas the let the kids actually hit you so you know our web you're you're ducking I can't let that I I've never been. Here's our economy for the junk bond metal gear for for a half or not will indicate a let was actually trying to avoid it. Well unfortunately. Always liked the OK we're currently does we're gonna take a brand equity.