OMF - Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson would be a lot of fun for us; Brad Marchand joins the show 4-24-18

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Tuesday, April 24th

HOUR 4 - The Patriots have a variety of positions to fill in the upcoming draft. Guys like Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson would certainly give us plenty to talk about. What could the Patriots be thinking. Also, Brad Marchand joins the show as the Bruins get ready for a Game 7 showdown with the Toronto Maple Leafs.


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Peace or winning homer in Mahoney and 48 right now on Sports Radio WEEI. DC it's an appearance they're out. It's circle around a target market Italy generally talk constantly from seven dollars and we can play hockey Olympic men's league on Sunday I'll be there Thursday nights I think like DC I trust that you played an occupant of the trust a seventeen year veteran Tony Monty but that's a gate to see it show you Hudson if you skate circles around me that's still acts take circles around the body. Matt you thought a fool and got pulled it now had people are you what line wanderers a lot of second line. You have always come up Iran I'm permanent not that he picked up automated PC that you'll drop the gloves. I'll get a grilling. Here today I was living room and then of course he got. Yes that's a good life and focus right now is I would you you bodyguards and doing the buildings built a good though CC's vote 52 would have. Under of course they fight immensely this no this is my facility if you realize and I get a a parking lots and give and it will rule. The the news out of New York. What do you worry yet but I don't let friends this is back he's back already shot back in his own out there like a month you gonna do three. Seven on the fan in New York is coming back so he retired when was that December or November he retired. December. Four months ago did the farewell to lower and the whole works and then kind of took some shots. He and mad dog Russo took some shots on the MLB network. At at the all fan and a new replacement shows so here's what apparently do doing according to the daily news. Francis will take over three to seven it's gonna happen real soon. The 10 to 3 o'clock slot. Will be divided. Between Joba Nino. Evan Roberts currently do intended to end that Carlin Maggie gray embarked Scotch. So waits of five people are going to split a final hours so explain to everybody you know now analysts are good idea. Everybody act that's now is why the I want but I want a different guest every outright bribes in four hours before special guest. So every so Bart Scott gets in his own hour to talk about whatever you want. So my guess is that you do. What an email and Roberts will do tend the new may be than none of the three candidates that news agency MB that's you know ratings there. Etiquette three got three people. Two hours right Andy gonna hear the other two. All right guys at all because it's of some people. Palestinians desperate that's why he's even talking about it and I guess efforts just give this course this is for those who started this campaign in recent days. Quality campaign he's totally desperate right now and I didn't decide to go back to affair until I was told I'd better not go back. With most behind it that was the moment I decided to return this code words that I really felt like use like people you'd better not go back to the banner. Threaten not to war. The only address about a music gothic and idea people maybe decide to go back to make you look back out because usually under right now sucks you know nobody knows you need to back. Little is your love and Apatow. Clam up. Of the team that wasn't his show does that I wanted and it wasn't anybody was a disaster area always radiated down as yeah us yes but hold on his ratings he was still second or third in men 25. 54 you get chosen our people on a city that's show's ninth now. Then ninth. In 2550 floors are having five guests not to let that Bart Scott's shot right that was that was Hammond Maggie in now way or the other dealers which is you put that team to get our afternoon drive show together. And literally after three months you basically pull the plug and moving it to a a shortened version of the movie. That's he's gonna happen to they get will senator. I wouldn't know what I don't know I had people figure it out we did get hit and nine month on his joke yelled down additionally these numbers on the idea I'd Chris grow its I don't present a regular basis going they're not here here's prominently there are not going anywhere. This does not going anywhere and you want to be gone it's bad day going to be because. Another good year now but it's really bad it went but I talk moat ratings were actually counting about people who watch it. Right there with us but to say nights are all ratings of say 660002. What in means so David talk about what their numbers right. We're just talking about viewers. Because it's a little. You know me that's exit of say you know people respected tigers Tampa game you know day 973. We'll talk a percentage that's what happens in the announcement and it is a percentage of capacity we can actually count the people. That's what it's. That I would say I had this on. I. It tends to get an emotional abuse missing something really interesting things and everybody was on today showing you address sneakers he's where you don't do that where doers and sneakers now it's even worse at least even a current. We take lines this food thing they don't need food to taste in the playing pool play. In all of the targets geeks will play Lanier. Wouldn't even do that with David is our biggest our beaten up on each other again and I think it's I mean there's no. I know well they wanna go knowledge has anybody nobody's nobody argues only disagree since you know it's a good Ole boy club would want one female ice. Also I saw one bit the other day to forget it was on 1 morning and couple days off. And and it was a Greenberg is they're asked in some late new draft specialist. You know and asked to draft questions we found Jesus six who is known Washington wherever. So what does who has watched him take it now and whatever was in guy looked musical one out and know you can put in a spot. It Greenburg looked at him like that's what I do what's right paid to do with us so proud of her and I'm like are you serious. All they that was like. But a tough all boy you really cornered me you make can be looked bag put in a tough spot I asked me what to who's that put play thirteen gonna pick. It Greenberg so proud of himself a great building and that's right due west of course it's like dictate what people probably don't let it relax yes that was gonna draft. All the and a season I don't know is the first and they tell you what you can't say I don't know just like you say like well and reading the page to undertake. I don't know you tell me now you have to do. It showed you should actually do make leg when my guests uncomfortable. I wanna throw up. Out of all out of all the mock that to shift gears entirely but of all the out of all the names that have been thrown out. But he's CC a mall we've all seen a mall from the guy you see your way all over the place right line. And it's a severely Intel are not learning a. That is out and Alabama. You think any of those guys. I was feeling this is the biggest smokescreen line seizing on all of a monitor there's there's there's the draft deadlines there's trade deadlines. You know and those are that's line season also. Why I'm here it is actually it goes from baker mayfield maybe be in that the fit her escort rushed out in the first overall victims early. Brown positive what's gonna happen it's gonna be like Lamar Jack it's gonna be either 23. And they penetrate down there and go to about 28 the plane's gonna jump up you gonna be pissed that entrap Lamar Jackson. So that a trade back the 28 that it drafted 28 is gonna be god it was projected to go in the third round up and it 31 that it trade that pick for next year's future. First and third round. So what happens you get one pick at 28 forgot those rejected go in the third. And then get it but I just saying. I don't know how alert and I you know if I put no Indians for years about look back and say it's called Romo and I think I was at all proud after. And unselfish about this I would love to see them draft. Lamar Jackson I just think it would. Changed the dynamics so much to talk about because he's such a different player we always gonna play right now though it. If you edited it always special when pressed today if you asked the patriots. Are you considering. Josh Rosen who think they say. Usher were considering. Everybody during abatement or considering bakery for that then I you you're misses it don't you anything well I don't know what my point is. This is this is the part a year where OK enough is enough with the draft like let it disc game on with it already but but I will I will say this you margins compared to years ago on when you pretty much knew every pick in the first round that he could because everybody would leak it out will McDonough would put the whole draft together. And have like 75% of the right teams with the right player. That doesn't happen anymore you see strange stuff happened and I'm sure it's gonna happen even more so this week. But the love Jackson thing is interesting because all it took was somebody leaking out. That you visit with a pay for two weeks ago that you know visit with it adding I visited I think I've visited six teams when -- from around the draft someone or some crazy. And it's such a waste of time it's so irritating or Ollie wanted it to speak he gets old what the now one problem I mean it was all smoke and mirror is it all smoke and mirrors like OK we got a place sure people don't always leak it out that we make it Lamar Jackson. Oh club. We want a pitcher like don't we zero agreement. Also what those deacons were all over that. Yesterday and the day before it's it we don't. Think they have thirty guys they can bring in if you go back and look at the track record of the thirty guys the bill usually brings in. Using none of them get drafted by the relating they don't they do a lot of times as you look this is the guy at the jets ago bring in. Big this the guided jets are gonna draft as their quarterback like we get a free look at him for about a two I doubt valuable it wouldn't create exactly CBC and unless you wanted or economic data uploaded. That's that's that's more likely. That that's you know passages. That ball below the jet that's get a free look when he got like the Lamar Jackson because I can't get a bat affected. Bill Belichick's got to be significant hiking gates' three current group. Yeah. Who is included a meeting at the whistle who said that the wins don't count and you can't really say he felt red lights are out Alomar Jack's built lots that we know it. Yeah look at port. And when you say it's pretty crap really really really important to tackle. Yeah you get the whistle Jill Rosen Jalen Rose is that low and just put all the ebitda does is that. Is that more than the war set them. Which is another name is is is one level it's like that's like a seemingly more about her dad yet McDonnell arming you really. And go home cops help our guys whistle here period in levels than what was your neighborhood or effort or written about me you can whistle and Norton yeah that would definitely got to mentally. The Mark Jackson thing would be fun for. So a bigger deal yet intimate thing and we love you more on I don't think I'd I think you have a better chance of Jackson dropping down and you do Lamar Jack makes him laugh and cry she's not like running from the cops. Mark Jackson got a pretty good you know background as far as that didn't trouble. Big army field. Is guy John and el. Stigma attached to them yes you know he's not at all like him the better quarterback but it. As far as history goes mostly innocent of all it wants all catches you on film running from the cops the cops pull this guy over equipment cities that it it and oklahomans and others in another town. He hits it he he's 130 people over there about the budget cuts on any any take stop he runs and the cops chase them down and act alone. The fact of all how can it cop and all with the little belt and has done and you don't panic competent both and his crappy shoes look like a three excellent. Chased down a dude where in short that's probably the best cornerback in an eight college football. I would say this more extra incentive and the was that the come up to about looking at that's what you can get at least some cops. Refuse. We got a nasty I don't run radio and news of people wait for all the the guy you know he took all the guy ran him down the god of that pulled them all look. When he got you know if you Michael Bennett and I was like you came around the corner and lights you know it's not all about them. But random now. Pixels so we know they need to let the we we did me we know they need defense itself we know they need linebacker help and yet I think the most. Interesting part of this guy for the patriots will be what quarterback into the draft that date to the travel first round guy or do they take one of the leftovers when they drafted or do they terror via the program but the future of the page or are riding on your shoulders. Real hot talk about like when they do get this guy actually well. About critiquing a dude in practice week T crumple like crazy record record he was at practice I really thought I credit the illness last year at their wives. Guys that he's he's got to let it cross to bear. I don't think the priority changes in other words and I don't think it's expected in the draft the young tight end and quarterback. But I don't think it's one of these things that we don't know what's called quote we don't know Brady's now we got to take one earlier that we think is better. I think what they trapped as a quarterback they think is the best. You know they kiss me you don't get the top four but what they draft a quarterback they think can play in the league over the attracted to I didn't think they'd think they can play in the leak. So I I just expect them to go all their draft those positions anyway regardless of what's going on these of two but don't. Mark Jackson thing would be more interest in the article and you could see him over the next couple years. For them finding a role for right now he'll be he'll be a Kordell Stewart yes we're now right is under oath. They desperately like that and I'll be part of the equation. Mom all right we got run out and we've ever and now you know to one dollar in an ambulance guys got under a lot of text. I've got a lot of anything ugly is should be it's coming very. I feel they look at technology unit no. Chance to pull you see there an age Lance can see the hockey stick with the puck that that's the good side. Everybody has done little hole. Shall we gentlemen that you got I don't know line up a began terrier or big gas texting a mood she's cigarettes. It's coat home care I gotta protect it is ridiculous and not go from himself. I got like twenty minutes not only minutes policy the one thing we have regardless of division of the Red Sox. Well automotive and talk about on this after losing streak to play like a rocket fuel isn't it all have to talk to the fall apart looked. Oh am. After you guys. That's got street. Don't do it on Sports Radio WEEI. I think the Boston Bruins now are really I think they're on the row I I think that Saddam right now beliefs or their heads. Does your expressions buddies the mystery to us from from the sale of our my buddy our audio I'll put me would oppose it so he's been learning everything I possibly can about the game of hockey from these three kids who do this stupid show try to convince involves a basement where 2000 their team won't happen again and I'll try to do nothing about hockey. So Christian promised us we would have a big time real hockey guest spot these three steps that each is that you just heard. And lo and be able he has delivered red martian Boston Bruins joins us live on the line. Don't think without. Good if you ever of these these street clowns have enough about the candidate that in the commentary. Our air this special well. Did you guys don't know floor. I don't know by the way out of you saw let's not put down breasts are are. Epoxy Leo comer of who's looks like he's eligible for game seven you to close nearly as good as close moments that must excite you know in the bedecked in Atlanta. Yeah I get where regrettable. Are there levels below and he that are not regardless Serbia's it's. Knowing you know Bruce Cassidy was talking about. You know Tuukka Rask in the you know and his struggles and it or mentioned that you know they know he's that we can expect him to pitch a shut out every single game. How much of the burden weighs on the rest of the team I expect this especially the first line as far as. Making up some of the production as far as you know shots on goal nicely finishing those doubles place. Although it we have to produce that bird. You know again it's that we can't alliances. Shut the door every night yet. Quote so wouldn't elaborate except. Oh frequent well. That the series has started to get quite physical over the last couple of food games and I'm wondering. How you approach it because you're a guy that gets into it from time to time but they also believe slaps you with these suspensions and fines. Do you think this target on your back and do you have to be more careful in the playoffs to make sure you stay and yet. Ul rated single a marvel oil. Little sir David levels. Within the rules written Chinese figured elk earlier. A way. Where alliances. It every year that are out. It's actually. That it over here. This remarkable moment what furthermore every day. You know more to go gave. EO Brad early on in the series first couple games your line looked unstoppable and I just go back on this last game here. For you guys you still had puck possession. But it it was clear. Moments we felt like it was one too many passes did you feel like you almost going to be try to be too fighter too cute at times not just put pucks on Friday. It's not let. Inaudible as well as has sometimes in either. The motor arm by getting your pretty little water he uses are well within. American reared its reluctant return. Always got a lot of good luck. You know hopefully as general principle of a better tomorrow and choose sort. Our cities you can put the rest of it and it. Knows those aren't very good at getting around. I hobble the power play you guys jobs have been explosive unit all year yes last night wasn't probably the best of three guys in the league and be better than that but is there something that they're doing or is it more on Uga. Or at future. Our armed. I don't auto. Part is that almost as similar as. You're there could be other situations like. Again it doesn't matter what actually. It in the matter in Watergate. Oh start the ball well. Senator underrated or morally it matched. All this are where are still on. Or does it matter that it is all your water and this is our. Where you've got some experienced guys where is gained seven and the approach. In the first period. How important is it. Do and you guys have been great all season long when you score the first goal by how much more important is it on game seven when you're playing at home. You're the first goal. I had big. At the big amount of posts are here in court. Much that your Caspian. Here are old or lose in the we were ready and so are you Garrick you ordered that look much spoke to get their first or our leaders on the that it's here where there. Did you make anything out of this whole momentum thing you know they owed them Toronto or talk about they got momentum there in your heads. I mean we here's something like that's. Notice there's a guy like Jiri what does that make you what you think about when you hear that. I haven't heard currencies. Are. Organic it. So the matter it's all Floyd Norris well here who sang their acting and you are. Or culture where there's if you are quote where it's all the media for our center and does not say. Yeah there's sixty or law now's our. At all of how remote although obviously the moral. Well. And an article well or gain direct iron and it was excited and very very as an. Him or against it. Expect our leaders of. Yeah you see guys up there and in Toronto and it seems that any time as a clean hitter one of their guys fall systems that these guys they're fans of it a botnet at the stand up and scream and not only Phil barker you know referees and everything and and it was some of those calls is that just expected when you go on the road new NHL that you've got to go into the game knowing that. Maybe these guys won't be on your side it's on some of the calls. The rest it if you're a normal. All the here as a of their ability. You're advocates say that it's six yeah yeah they're. Soledad I'm in the crowd it's time you see so many wearing the amount of a bit but. You know Arnold and it has so much and sort of workers. I think a lot of people thought at the beginning of the season that you guys would be in the position that you're in a high seed in the Eastern Conference. Did did you know or N was there are turning point during the course of the season. In which you could see this thing coming together what would that have been. What is certain of course some people thought it. It's. He can't. Lol I could simply go and restaurants and sensitive. Anything this week it's frustrating regime reaching. Terry came. As an exact same questions sort of years due to potential political got a a leader in here and there and report. Are all so we're well. Do you think out Ryan and Otto is ready for game seven experience. Yeah I don't know. Seven assists. Let them get. Don't have a look strictly. Euro rate it's. It like that but the good player isn't that an execution searching weaker reform as well. Good hamburger. I Alyssa v.s and game and give legal discourse. Best of luck. Notes on that just went on though don't talk to them credibility quickly Gujarat India. Trip as good luck tomorrow red martian. Oh yeah ticket victory and yeah there's all. How little this I did you know you're not fit the I think you know you don't know yeah. And my good. Oh my leg and won't. I think of them come from from Belgian oh. That's it was about an hour ago that no piano oh million dollars at yourself up you wanna bring it up only for example I did go ahead do you think it was the worst earned a great. He was reading off the roster and reading off all the lines. Little else. I say don't say and the way we said we want somebody bigger on the team with a well ice I I don't you guys this morning is that. I I had been hiding something from you got much and since and since we're wolfpack I I couldn't keep it in any longer. You know you know like you guys have been begging me to make a difference in big immediate kind of brings something different distrust that you know it. Forget about your McGuire how we actually get a player was last Sunday at a Bruins player on the show I'll win. When was I exactly and now number it's never happened a while ago. A reliever welcome. Leave early and not even with its I've heard a little magnets that may yet that's the dominating them and say wow that's me. Slam and on again might it take about we have homeless segment to go once again these glands to increase importantly admirable in fully supports. Do you make anything out of this whole momentum thing Toronto or talk about they got momentum there in your heads we think about when you hear that. I haven't heard or series that it first. So the matter is both Floyd Norris the mayor of the here who's saying that the media for what Brandon does not say there's fifty. Or moral you have got. Although I would Wear tomorrow. I think a lot of people thought at the beginning of the season that you guys would be in the position that you rent was there were a turning point during the course of the season in which you could see this thing coming together what. Would that event. Additionally the course of people thought he. Every scene. Can hazard that same question sir here's to do it themselves I come together. But TC settlement and a good degree. It in this it is a different sports and you look at. Vegas on the golden knights from which it would they've done as an expansion team it's absolutely off the charts. So it's a sport which. It's not as predictable. As the others but still you've got to look at where they work. And where they are right now now all bets are off if they lose if you look at it should lose game seven people are really going to be was just this first. I'd be great with the second life what's the second might look like with the rusty but she gonna be like in ill how can he work with preachy. In Ohio and in what is she looked like giving it yet a lot of other guys young kids and as loud spoon was there at the time this fourth line either it's great but. Rallying Nash how to seats come in the form so there's a lot of guys Bjork you remember he was there. Thought America would be great. But it's just there was a lot of youth and a lot of questions. And these guys all showed the complaint this level. And that was selling a lot of guys and me included I just want to see. The young kids take a step in the right direction to make you feel good about next year OK so you got teenage they did it there let's hear had to schedule it for me personally. Lets you set in on the OTC and some of right I don't know game you don't. Stick to let's switch. Me to teeth knocked out. You don't want that's and then he gets hurt you know you only if you take a tape and you can go to the police and you could look over TC very subtle yes we we can find a week regular tomorrow. But I do believe that if you look at that this series if they've still got to win the series hopes that the Celtics can get away with. They could lose those exams and seven are very lucky Friday I have injury exactly. Plus we don't plus the one thing we all said before the playoffs began gonna win it but we want us with the kids look like this since could learn a lot from one. That we haven't really brought up much this year because there have been six of successful is that we've heard the last two years. Is that it's time to break up this core because something is wrong. They've they've over the way they finished the last two years in the in regular season of with a playoffs have gone for some time now it has been a lot of talk of got to move on from guys agreement char. Couple years ago whatever it might be mitigated preach he's a guy you got to move on from it and heard that she is this a successful. But if they lose if they lose this one I guarantee you'll start to hear that again you will. Even though you still love this team you love the stuff that they took they would say something is wrong. With the core group here. Because they the Indians are here and were choked all these these things that. I thought and I think we all believe it's his voice to the tunnel when these games because I think this team is different I YouTube and they showed. All year long I think you're gonna win this game as well but I also this if Anderson. And now plays one of those games. And you're limited to let's say one goal and took it gives up some flights in and had stand again is that some people order to play really well right then. But then you had still saw the polish original mission of self inflicted a pipe when I visit to get a ticket might you know think to grass is gonna hit the criticism you'll to have done in order to connect up. Hello bundled I think they're out of it to shut out. You'll hear again from preaching you know if he's if he disappears again. You you'll you'll start hearing some listen what they heard the last two years when Donna stretched thin and Wolfenstein. You'll. But I don't did you write the expectations. Are higher for this team and after the ball. And so as the Oakland and the pressure to have the pressure and everything will be said afterwards just that alone would give me a little bit of anxiety. You know that restart on you you choked. Like you know also there to Toronto's three so but he. In a scheme of things how much better the Bruins really than Toronto. As far as you know point total total they know you know players and lines as the Bruins have won more regulation win my people right. Oh yeah I mean you're looking at it you know it's like now it's like it's in there. Everybody there are advantages always in the defense aside. All right and and about I think as a series has gone on there's been some underperforming. Guys are the Blue Line for the book for the Boston Bruins in one I said before. I swear to god they'll find out some as garlic in Olympic. Early next goal game five char dislocated shoulder sub let's that it came out something happened. Is it was the reaction at every single athlete ever has when the shoulder comes up. It dangled down the right and whether he'd Mac aware whether he's right so that the advantage you added that the Blue Line. I'm not sure sure is there I still think it is. Let's say now they show they get the lines. The only things they've got to move that into the fourth line of the day they're dig deeper well. And Matthews planeload that he he was had a rough first two games to legislate what we've seen it recently complained like that but right. I still think they win this game a judicial too much to appear to lose if I agree. This announced. Two outs I would Fauria first star of today for double down on Mario and that is on legal and I did not it's yeah I thought Euro league for us against beaten Brad martians going to be on legs of the foreign envoys. As you can pretend to be martian and that was about it I was really martian death is not really organized it online marketing. And even I think it is really. Does get a lot more about the Bruins to shore I'm terrified of the tribe that was something definitely put him he does not he does not look right but very Peterson's gonna join us at 330. We have tickets for game seven who live thirty image very special key for madness just for you and it was special that he I don't know Becky we better let. More games they have and they will tomorrow's games yeah he's every night you've got some ways these entities for the game. On it would probably just it's just us. I picked ahead. A couple deaths. Yeah. And I don't have a lot of keys that helps of the segment and a better eyed boys you'll recall right now and tomorrow morning there were ever worked out well.