OMF - Barbara “Bobbi” Gibson, 71, metastatic kidney cancer, Fairhaven, with Dr. Toni Choueiri, director of the Genitourinary (GU) Oncology Disease Center and the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

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Wednesday, August 16th

In 2010, Bobbi had a tumor in her kidney, and had her kidney removed. She continued to see the doctor for regular check-ups and in March 2013 she learned she had metastatic kidney cancer. She was immediately treated with immunotherapy and she has continued to respond positively to treatment. She had to start a second drug recently when her doctor discovered an enlarged lymph node. Bobbi is retired from the HR department of the Department of Corrections, she worked there for 25 years. She has been married to her husband, Buddy for 51 years. They have an adult son and daughter, and have a granddaughter who is 5. Dr. Chouieri makes her smile. She says he is straightforward and patient and always answers all her questions. She said it is easy to see why his nickname is “Dr. Wonderful.”


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