OMF - Baseball voted against a pitch clock; LeBron James vs. Laura Ingraham, 2-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, February 19th

HOUR 4 - Lou returns to the show after taking some time off to watch Sox practice down in Fort Myers. Baseball announced it was changing a few rules to improve the pace of play, but still resisted the calling to impelent a pitch clock. Later in the hour, we discuss the ongoing feud between Laura Ingraham of Fox News, and LeBron James. 


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On him when he. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 and keep the political commentary to yourself. Or as someone once said shut up and dribble and as we've known it everything up and Sanders is correct for her to have that that the public reaction. We will definitely not sort of drivel. Snack. Cake. Move proved wrong from whom I'm. Whimsical and Lou and Christian identity and Boston the entire programming has been fooled for today as all employees engage in mandatory sensitivity training and I know that some you went Boston aren't used to hearing Michelle and I know that your routine has been disruptive I didn't ask for that. I'm just doing my job I'd say hey let's try to get on WE BI team that I'm sorry again not. My choice right now on Sports Radio WEEI. To really sort. These stories with for so that was. Philly and here I thought I'd like I. I don't waste my wife of Florida like the small bills I don't want for 6000 gets he gets it gets into this a solid well you get some comedy relief that when that thing where he called an endless shots we got a NASCAR talk big NASCAR got Luke back. Boy yeah relentless schedule Florio's like notification that Twitter or for people from Boston actually what I've got a talk at the longest in your view right thank you Friday Florio interview I am the best stuff though quality was pleased anyway calling you know one of those shows probably having no idea Lou. The people here in New England we're going to hear you know he takes these planes to peak at the he was safe to say it would yeah. What's good yeah. Doctor Mike Florio or else nobody else Christians at assembly he was in the you know a filling new multi pass it could be put on his hands up if you multitasking. If you if you are probably valid argument and on the causes allergies the ice in as a favorite people that are BC we know he's. Managers had no. Idea who. I it's even tougher an hour and a few do awesome research out there will what do we come up when would you what is Lou we're lonely balloon to. Our alert that Michael was not here today that he's flying it today appeared to moral way and that if you're depending on the even at the off season. I was told that he requested each and every ground ball ever hit the ref felt devers. So as of succumbing in here with an idea of what he needs to do with him Brad Stevens spoke today to the team down here for Meyer who walk. Hopes aren't doing. The illusion how accident and at the all the media own pace of play rules or broke or is down their service trying to digest that but just talking. You guys pitchers catchers try to figure out you know ethnic. They just need more information that's all that they want figure out how this is going to be excuse can there doing nothing is the pace of the game. If you don't employ a a pitch clock you wish these four. Yeah and this I think it's popular is these people what to do here now is I don't know if you guys have talked about it but apparently you're limited to six. Visit her at the amount per team for two. Per nine innings it goes Dexter did you get one extra ones. These are pitching changes these registers at the mound now a coast to coast Gortari took pictures of visit catcher. Going to talk to a pitcher is a visit position player leaving his position going to amount is a visit. And the big talk I think most people here is more just in the signals you know crossed out and communicating the pitcher and catcher. If you've exhausted your six. And you think you get crossed up that they that you can ask the umpire Richie permission from the umpire. Which. Well here's the thing why center. What is that is usually women win again what does it even if you with a pitch clock seems like upon players association actually. Yeah I think I think this. Guys are comfortable with a for whatever reason I don't problem that ought to you know it's a coma that. A forced to do it moderately you see it on the field I think that personal tragedies taking forever to deliver the baseball I think there's a few people guilty of seismic. I don't look at it try this. Rule on this rule finally passes someone's gonna say it's five years too late. That's immediate it'll be it'll be instituted and tonight. I can't believe we waited so long why did we wait so long what was the issue but what's the can't here's the issue the issue is players who play in the game right now. Do not understand because they're making plenty of money they see enough people at the ballpark they're comfortable in what you're doing every single day. They're good with the David Ortiz is the best barometer of the mall. He was one of the guys that bitch when they changed the rule of he had to keep one foot in the batter's box. He made a big humidity many years ago yes but you never it was never an issue for a while but they'd be ditched about he'd won any changes in the game. Now suddenly he is no longer playing in the game. He's like us he's a fan on the outside he said they don't boys fan and I realize I watch these games all my god only go one for work. And now he sees the other side of it so the players of the last one. You should be sitting down talking with will you tell me what you get until comfort level you don't wanna leave the comfort level. It's the outside marketing people adapt to save these players you know all that money you're making right now 20/20 five million keep the game going away it's going right now five years are not going to be making twelve year. You gotta change habits is on top Al stop at the bench abolished the sides are going on for years and generations and whatever and it but I I was even aware that over the course the last couple years they've already have. The would you give signals to fix that was born on their second base they already have a sorry to change signals that go to the backup signs. You know they don't need that visit out to the mound. The problem is now the other the steelers' ability is gonna be aware that. In that if you wanna change it back you know nice having deacons confusion tweet me wanna have conversations that by the local rec oral signs. He had a middle of the game. If you lose track of the size you out there waterways which signs we are right now and Nixon you know he call for current board or 98 up from umpires mask so there's a safety issue. That's I think the biggest concern right now as far as that amount and being on the same. Symbolic the whole idea that rob Manfred is trying to come across as the tough guy we need changes right now because he's hearing it. I'm sure from the marketing people within the game he's hearing it from the individual teams or was it and all manner. That was start to have some trouble here selling this game RTV rating Wada. And yet then he ends up giving. In the last second year. Why because he's afraid of the battle with the players association. Is saying he was gonna do whatever you want to doing was hoping that the players association would go along with the if they didn't want it there and push it through that what needs to do you put. And yet the power to do preset or somebody got his ears somebody back channel Doumit said now we're not ready. It is here's what I have a problem with that that prompt the fourth MLB turns to rules and not really taking you through. Only to be forced to change the rule the rule you made in July. Because it's just an outcry that we that that situation. It's February 19. Why wouldn't that leg with its February 98 and it changed the rules package first they have their. You couldn't pick about it December the young couldn't throw things out there and communicate with teams that coming in here knowing a certain that whatever it is it's. I feel like there's this could be something in his will that be exposed to make it did its job and gonna have to adjust and again. I just hate the way I eat it feels like he just wake up but they'll let you know what politics grow. Gather it was too much resistance that's why they couldn't do it two months ago so when you get down to the two the last minutes before camp. Then suddenly it's like anything else nothing gets resolved in negotiations. Until there's no war to negotiate. But I don't think he did anything here today order to gain of two minutes a game that they actually have an impact that it's not numbers isn't known nothing could. I mean it's you get to the pitch clocked none of this is going to change that I actually actually when this will distort. First broke that there is almost solid man was gonna push it through no matter what like. It's almost like your car I'll let you read as they aren't as it doesn't matter what the players association thinks. He still has the power to push it through regardless. Doesn't matter. He's gonna do it because he knows it because the have their own initiative obviously they had their own way of looking at things in the wanted to what's best for them and they've brought so what the peak they don't care fueled don't come to games anymore they don't care people are bitching about how slow is this funky gonna go on board what they're doing that the Kennedy eventually will too but again it eventually it will trickle down into their pockets maybe not the players. That a plane right now no but the guys 510 years down the line I saw guys care about. That's okay he says there's you know AJ yet and that sounds a lot like the NFL it's mostly it's just the right guys that are playing don't care about the fact that they're gonna be done or were about the guys that are coming out. As much as they can right now 510 years from now they don't care but I. I I think they gain absolutely nothing today and I'll Manfred to look at the stable and say this is good for baseball. What would you guess you really would be great it would be great for baseball that they may be change. Immediately your gonna be paying it actually have a shot clock. But it's the pitch clock so the pitchers who spend diet and other times circling like a dog reportedly down to go to bed before they actually roll the ball. You kidding me with some Majorly join everybody to Chris we felt that. It would be in it I think if you institute pitch clock after a couple years you could turn off. And I think everybody would turn it that it would team the only tradition players are different it's just it's my hidden double leg kick AAA this is how we pitches. This is how it performs he performs well he gets called the big leagues. This is how he does he doesn't change his routine because he's been successful with that but guys in the big these have been successful seducing you know I. I don't understand. What's the difference between you know 22 to 24 seconds you know I exit the that we really affect the game others guys that violate it worse than others. But I do think if you implement that it beat it beat their routine they'll figure it out there continue to be successful is that good pitchers. And then you can almost just turned there they offered a couple of years as ever which program to do. Here's the biggest problem in the game right now if you're talking about the length of game and I'm not and his biggest stickler took the length of game is a lot of other people are. Though I will say this. That Lotta people leave Fenway Park. In the seventh inning when the game is still. In at stake. They leave because that is their night it's an event you go to Fenway Park it's a summer night. This is what we're doing and we got to be home and X among time because we've got to get to work the next day I think that's a big part of it. But I think the length of games the only way you change. Is to stop all of this use of the bullpen is that committee takes up most of it yet that's where the game as not only go all Lou. But I think it's safe to say it's going more to this nationalization. In the bullpen that it is what started starters are going shorter distances us. Addressing want part of the problem that that is kept visits the amount catcher's. Right to meet Gary Sanchez is one of the worst in baseball. And it's just it's Watson and it twice and any time all of Beagle a alchemy that is just so they have addressed one thing. Which I think is a good thing and we'll see. But it is gonna fix everything at Selena. For example for an example. The Red Sox this year if we're reading them correctly when it comes to Christian. We might see shorter appearances by Christine because they want to space this thing out it's a merit on it's not a spread. And we may see more relief pitchers during the course of the game in which Chris Hill. Pitches in the old days of political back to when they were playing to win a half hour games. You would get Jim Palmer you'll get a starting pitcher. In nine innings firm may be. 50% maybe 75% of his starts he would completed that's the biggest difference if you got to go to old school baseball. And what's happening today it's become a game of specialized nation and it's all out of that bullpen. How do you change that changed that you don't today. You go and I wouldn't want. That part of the game change that's the biggest culprit if you look at why they just the only only time we have this is their biggest every year we had this discussion. Every year gets result throw more strikes. And at that that's easy. To strike zone or strikes whatever it is it at that fits me it doesn't the pitch clock. Could be. Is it's almost like. You're you're trying. To solve a problem by taking the easy route output at its clock and I don't want to have and I limit amount of all the. Making this more difficult. But it needs to be able to pitch structured definitely be in there and I think you should force it sooner rather than later I think that's a mistake commission is making but the game of baseball has changed dramatically people look at the Red Sox and yankees over the years with this rivalry low and he talked about how long those games are. They are exceptionally. Long longer than any of those other rivalry why. Because both teams had the same approach and that his pitch count. And we're gonna Wear out the start because we wanna get to the bullpen and then you got a guy coming in a lefty on lefty specialist and right on Brady special care and you got a guy that's gonna get the ground ball because you need the double play because you get the guys on day. You'll have all what you specialists in your constantly changing the peace was open on the floor. But how do you change. The entire game if that's the way the games being played right now because that's how you win you settled over the last few years you win would bull pens in the post season. That's the you know in India a big series against the Yankees you win it with you in in that as well it's. It is come down of the approach and and here's C with a game goes as it is made available more different. As far as aggressiveness especially with this team it this year believe. But you know back then I mean not only was did thunder in the lineup but everybody was grinding out I mean they were taken strike one. Okay deepen account that your goal was to get the starter out of the game or is now give with a opens Arnold that's the bowling. So averaging. Yep so Adam silver. Tries to be the tough guy yesterday in talks about change is everybody's pitching. But the playoffs and he India. So we strategy at the same thing because you know people watching against near. They're attendance dissolve their their readings are open the regular season the people look at the post season and they say. Sadie complete whoever wins and Western Conference with the funds are gonna that we got to make a change. So he comes in announces that they are looking into the possibility. Where they're going to take. Yes sixteen teams and then they're going to users regarding the conference yet Rupert grass gone for now and Annika they're gonna lay him out there he adored. They're looking at what's going on in the league right now because there's it it's uneven. All geared and waited two of the Western Conference all subject to change by the way because that's how we go through cycles like that and he's over overreacting to not have an. I will say this off I'll give him credit though Adam silver lake. He's not afraid to look at any situation and what are he's beloved forget about progress you'll do no wrong club money more time we'll go from gambling to week you'd call whatever you want. But the fact that you're actually goes back could work. Just because it's always been done one way doesn't mean he can't change it can't work so hot market more doubts Ayers others all just take the side of line and what one through six OK okay if it's a you treat you almost treat like the NCAA turnabout the first thing is you need twenty of the thirty teams to to approve it. And if on the Eastern Conference team right now and I'm an owner there's no African way I'm gonna approve this thing why he needs votes all what is the matter. It is right now the Boston Celtics have a good chance Toronto Raptors. Good chance of making them culprits and NBA championship exactly you do this. You think their chance this those goods. No they may have to play a better team in the Western Conference it's a lower seed that knocks the mound in the first round Louie you know what else they're gonna have to travel back. Acting all around and it goes away no one else and where the news appears you know none of us have a voice you know where the biggest voice. The networks. The NBC's PA's the ESPN's the foxes of the world although all the networks that with a razor going down. I need a better product you won't play you billions and billions of dollars. I need a better product IDG guaranteed that I get the best game it's because football does. The widow around with them with the top five of the top four the college football playoff same thing. Yeah not a gets a lot of guys that you know I I just think that there's teams that go look at it does that help us not over though proven or not but. I'd love to see a second round matchup you know meager at the bottom of a chance but the Celtics coastal state. Cleveland or Houston San Antonio vs the Celtics you know vetoed. Abby interstate so I don't know. It's not always gonna be this wayward pop heavy in the west and lighter in the piece of me this is this will change guys get old they switched teams. It will change year in and year out what are your east all sure what are what she all right how much the way yeah I think that networks would be against it until you watch. Now they might be forward because you might get a better final. But in the course of that I can depend right now that I'm gonna get an early game OK a 7:37 o'clock 8 o'clock game and I'm gonna get a late game because I don't the Western Conference playing and out west. In Eastern Conference playing in the east. If I start to merge everything together. Then I may not be able to line my schedule and get an early game and only game I shut up the East Coast when I'm like shut up the West Coast one night. Sure they're gonna go for. I don't think it has any chance of passing right now. Zero because of what Lou just sent from an Eastern Conference team I have an opportunity right now to get to the NBA finals. If you eat it if this new thing goes into effect for the next few years I have no shot in you can sit there and say. Well it's cyclical and it's got to go through a pattern. But what does the pattern continues. We're players leave and go to other teams when they become free agents and the stars go and cluster erupted in Golden State in Houston and it'll Los Angeles. He's the screwed for a long period of time. I won't get into what all of this and more coming up next to 617779. 7937. Lose back with a stab at Fort Myers Christians back in house right here back in Boston. Excuse or way murder Loney and Fauria talk Sports Radio. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year. To bounce a ball. Oh and LeBron and Kevin they're great players but no one voted for you millions elected trop to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself. Or someone once said shut up and dribble. I'm amazed at this gets so much coverage as best we can what do shot. We have a commentator. Who has or or conservative that happens to be on Fox News every single night. And she is pissed off. Because LeBron James who happens to be it liberal progressive who supported Hillary Clinton. Was making comments about the president and the stuff that happened last week in in four. Very interest thinking we don't usually have that in this country where we have somebody that's way over here to the left and somebody way over to the rocket that doesn't usually happen. And then suddenly we get this and LeBron responds to Ingram. It's. And we're back to. Everything up and talk about last year so. And as we notice everything up and say this is correct for. That type of reaction we will definitely not children drivel. I would definitely not I'm too much too old to society because of a sudden I'm into my suit. I'm sure that that's part it always feels it always ends. Listen he can't. Did you shoot eight the commercially that less than it was in over commercialized by where he and Kevin Durant. Are in the car. And they're talking about how do the two greatest players. In the game pad each other on the back it would tell your grand a year earlier and it did to us very very out of it and what that he wasn't a team LeBron and team staff yeah I've not matched teams LeBron and team nine it was nowhere what now here's here's the deal. LeBron James can say whatever he wants in my opinion. It in I have no problem with athletes talking about. You know this should essence as well as being employees professional athletes. Including us including anybody else especially if you have a platform I don't have a problem. Most of the time I don't listen to any these guys. I like to formulate my own opinion I don't think I'm ever gonna listen to what LeBron James says. Or what anybody says you know what Schilling says about it sought to formulate. My opinion you've got your right to do it. But why are we making a big deal that two people on the opposite end of the spectrum. Just racial correct Michael ware Michael will bar. Came out ends and others and basically said that she was doing it. Because he happened to be likened your four. She's a racist when they don't realize she's written a book about this she tells everybody to shut up does the. Problem of street this Tuesday you about 03. Curable show and sing yet arched critical of Dixie Chicks Barbara Streisand. She told Robert you actually can show and make me laugh great part of this show coach. This this is nothing to do with race all ball politically. Correct yes this is this is all. It is and we asked our athletes to. Years ago few years back we asked our athletes to be more all socialists. And talk more ball politics. You know it's it's it's taken you know sports we've done it as well ticket team talk politics social issues. You know on the shell. But if you get it died in that that. That you need to be aware that it be critics in the people who do this for a living. Talk politics and it's one side the other side you to realize that people don't agree with you Democrat Republican. Economic you art. That she heads. On everybody white black doesn't even matter and affect you turn into a racial issue to me says a lot more about the people who do it Michael wallboard that it but he. Yeah I don't think I'll be LeBron James knew I think he just said he didn't I don't why don't you know ideas please think that the DA keeping things. He's being picked on and always be on the project interviewed people where she announced she was an error as well because I believe he completed night school maybe it was heated complete high school now he did you plug third accuser she was wrong though she went interim from critical to the best but that's loose point is that. Everybody's ignorant of the other point of view. And when it really becomes a lazy thing with Roland that the racist thing out there without understanding. Would both people both sides are sent a shock. That you get somebody from the left summit that's right now it right as it could have been just as he could have been chilling someone it's been shut up and it's the ball at somebody to throw the ball well feeling that they. Think Alicia I don't see what the differences between LeBron and Kurt and a guy like Curt Schilling or any other person we made it any other sport that is passionate about. Out to get 50% over here we get 50% over here okay we know that elections are won by a very tiny little. The group that somewhere in between and it's a real one or 2%. The differential. But you're you know there is Lucia Dirk consequences. So college heparin that does have the rights to go and do what he did. But there are consequences if your employer doesn't like it because 50% of the people you are pissed off and they are shying away from your product. Than those of the consequences that he as to what. And LeBron on the same thing LeBron is out here and he wants to be part of the process. I understand all right I get. He was out there campaigning for for the Democrats the last election. But there he wanted to target is a big target but 50% of the people are gonna be pissed off. That he's doing now he's gonna have fifty per cent of the political bond with a let's say we love you LeBron you're the guy and you get 50% of the people who are gonna be pissed off. Echoes of that he's. They are game and it he's very visited the base or not. That is toe into the water these flat out and ball might actually want Michael well on tool one goal. There. You know they they need to figure out there's actually part of the solution or part of the problem because. When you look at The Dixie Chicks Barbara Streisand and Robert De Niro Jimmy Kimmel Gregg Popovich everybody that she's told to shut up and do whatever their profession is. Next if something in common Michael. They're they're they're not African American white she does he does this this is about be able to separate politics. And race. Then it's for some reason. People want you always go one way he liked Atlanta to thirty but it they're getting beat up a little bit Lou it's an it's an easy you know you don't immediately you know desperate attempt. This that it did take the lead again get what they were doing they were what they were doing is when they tell him to shut up engines dribble. They fell. That that was racist because. That's what he's supposed to do the Blackman supposed to play basketball. And troubled that the best way to do it guys now I act not that you don't know most of our page that I can understand. Somebody doing that. If you're not familiar. With the person who obviously is he gave you the background if you prefer milieu with what this person's done. You've been apple like or you may think she's way out there and she's often are right she adds. But the fact is that she's done this before. With people. But it regardless of the color of their skin and it benefits sometimes it benefits that person to not know about it too conveniently. You know claim ignorance I did notice she doesn't attack because a debt because it they don't know. Then they can't say what they say there will all ticket that would really knows anything about her is Ingram the failure from the Little House on the Prairie no sane person that this bird that was. TV it's totally different issue that was running downer but I domino fell out that somebody else though so ugly. It's not only more Kate Olson called it I you know I I completely that we might have you know I don't think about solid totally out of a they would change a couple of letters and worse look at it it's it's totally different like that but now that it will almost on the same thing he said I don't know who she is. And and run and what it was product she's a a regular post on on Fox News he said I don't watch Fox News I don't allow Fox News to be. Aired in my local counsel he's not that stupid and he should coach I grit. I hurt and again I'm not one of those people who. Who hate LeBron even though it's the few guys were snickering and laughing when he was talking about you know. What he needs to do would society whatever he was thrown himself into the equation. I'm not one of these I think you're great player and I think he does have the right. I don't have a problem with the ongoing campaign of Hillary he's got the right to do. He also has to understand what you do. You gonna get the backlash and you're gonna get it from the other side and Laura Ingram is deep all of that other side Charlton. All of it opera if she's she comes off like a big I don't know or I don't have a work attorneys practically off boxes I can't is not allowed in my house and the news yeah. Cable news network. Because of things I'd miss. There and say doesn't know our guys are joining about her no don't watch Fox News I don't want that comes off as a bigot Michael what on earth because that's his mindset you have. Look at them again. If you think he's part of the solution. Yeah it was taken the dribble go back and dribble and he's not looking at the the history. Okay she does this as you pointed out went with with white entertainers all the on the Kimmel the same thing she did the camera on cute educated yet jumped on buffalo. Did say there. What's your mindset Michael. Maybe you should think about that. Because it's just go there it did not even. Bother looking looking this woman up or seeing any kind of history or. Was trying to figure watching it meant by it and instead just say oh let's go let's just talk about it. Is irresponsible. But don't but why do we isn't suddenly a big huge deal this is of this is the biggest deal this week. For the NBA all all star weekend I start everywhere this weekend will shock we actually have a commentator. On the way all the way to the right and we have a a professional athlete who was all the way to the left. And they're bickering at what once said to the other. Like this is not gonna happen if you pick anybody all the way to the right all the way to the left in this day and age. Do we really believe that they're gonna be able to convert his friend and for you holes and the senate put it really does he get off get all alone now. I mean if you if you knew the roster for example if you knew. The players other than just the number that they Wear and you know the background. I could've predicted that this was gonna happen it but he could predict this was gonna happen right this is what you going again. And yet what happens is the get a spin off of it suddenly it becomes a racial thing in all of this others are little more segment to go. Jewel in the big day with O and amp. Ford wait we're loaning him for a game on sports rate. Did you see about the way you reaction footer on the reaction. Text. But what if you if you are to the left. Okay you're a gray area over on you coming up at every reason why. She Christie's races earlier it tell you the right yes it is going carries a shout out it's a very you know it's so something's volatile area so I. You'll have to there's no guessing work in this it's and so. Basic and simple and clear that's the simplest thing in the world takes somebody that's all the way to the rights of its all the way it'll open wheel on an analysis he doesn't own time yeah. But he's pretty hard Steve it's when you agrees they all agree with Lamar. Yes so that they're taken all the browsers it does also because he did. Love LeBron does it. Loves him so you take the glory Abrams let's exactly yeah. But I'd crawl inside with the broadest out just how hot tub until I'm retiring yesterday. April oh with a lot from him and I think they're the best time they're growths that carries a great actor and buoyancy in the trailer from US and I cannot wait and that he gets along with a bronze to do it for years boy that movie you know like I don't get rid opening night on Chris I unlocked I don't tell you I love you wrote yes when Reggie Miller as he's. Why. She. It looked like he could of renewal fugitives year old girl Lisa Leslie he homeowners well though it's got these problems in front what are it and what sort of like a month starts they don't want short guy going into their mugs the little problem with some great shots out here. How I got buddy how's the weather down there it's gorgeous nice the stupid question about the Florida before OK I've split. The gas crises really naive you guys and I. Hey how's the food and ask him now while this is what it isn't Clyde. How football team now there are neighborhoods and but the grass Allen had nothing to worry about geoghan they you don't exert here's how are they don't think anybody and other partners reported on its philosophy. The philosophy that's all the changes they made a lot of diseases and sleep outside for a holiday to know we have a lot going on yeah because parcel vs Michael route reading about it today -- that was fascinating today what did you expect that was gonna happen you I was surprised they brought him into the U that route I would definitely movement that was history you know he doesn't hold jobs and I'll tell you mutt who is in for dale and Michael who is meets Myanmar lol yeah. Yet Dale's got Bruins. Ultimately converted into the Bob Michael scheduled to have his day off but not into Friday's training schedule and yeah he actually. You get cancer and how I don't read somewhere that Omaha announcing that the men that kidnapped him and took them to a foreign country. And doctrinal problem. Ganassi. We have we have a lot to get to we have Fergie singing the anthem that there's a lot of good stuff you religious of them with on believe that couldn't I couldn't believe the public sonar so they don't. I did or Kevin RY I just hadn't seen me do you think the site. While Bayern to Chile the Celtics should hire comedian and do the the opening introductions and for every game legal brilliance of the Bill Bradley you're generally in great. Leo we are we up to come youth night 'cause there wasn't on the alone still that's. Still. A dominant discourse. Are out of his body nervous I think I've already former big leaguer unsettled Lou will be back with a senate tomorrow Christians that dude yeah. They've got voted out ago it's gonna. We'll all be back tomorrow stimulus for these guys that's right.