OMF - Belichick downplayed Brady's gruesome injury; will Christian be the star of the Hernandez documentary? 3-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, March 16th

HOUR 4 - Was the Belichick-Brady Cold War apparant when the head coach dismissed Brady's hand injury after the AFC title game? The MFers argue with Glenn over the Patriots' injury disclosures. Oxygen's documentary on Aaron Hernandez debuts this weekend and Christian is predicting that he'll get tons of screentime.


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty might do pulls into just rose to make it not that's exactly it. I do pull this in that bracket you know little little Elisabeth that I'm. I have a problem with who and Lou and Christian planet players feel like. But we don't get respected enough and they feel miserable about what's going on a lot of it does tie around Alex Guerrero again. Do I decide what is it possible then a local golf because it just I think it shows and a lot of fund to a fourteen other home pretty sure everyone wants to know. The question about so both could soon. No like I say it was before is just how close decision might never questioned things Bill Belichick. Make you decision guys could either. Sandwich for eighteen years now all once it's like you can slide it over from a woman what kind of field. Through that and sandwiched. Not the man now on Sports Radio WEEI. As we're doing the show I got a text from someone who is very tied in to gronkowski and Brady and there are like this stuff is real big rock stuff is really a part of the LeBron they said is that the planet players feel like. But we don't get respected enough and there and if they feel miserable about what's going on a lot of it does tie around Alex Guerrero. John sabbaticals. And not a planet player known and he's guns yeah they got it's I do apologize. Let's listen I'd get all of this that it's real what's gone beyond behind closed doors that the patriot players of the planet players. Don't feel appreciated. How are we why can't we solve this because individual players want your money. A sort of comes until we can't solve this because it's not a matter of where he and I think some of it is. We've been together for eighteen years man as a whole lot I get now. It's it's a long time being together. And spending that was many hours together preparing for these gains practice in during the course of the week I mean Brady is over forty years of age right now. Political figure to sound which they work this out. Well who says they haven't. They haven't worked that we've witnessed out of all the audio you really little and immediately visa you're dealing with two players. Who character planet players doesn't matter you with two guys two most important. Okay. Fine. One guy is being is will be seeding Tom bridge suddenly is going to be. Sir in how come nobody would do a lot of people are are coming to the conclusion now that he's out the door fast didn't anybody saw. Because because if they don't wanna deal out another cryptic thing is that where there were were nothing of the documentary. So I I do like the fact I mean there's there's a reason behind right. Even the fact it actually showed the scar and out of it that's something that bill one known to seek. Always an already tight bacteria at a party you are Tom Brady bill and McCain again you know Tom vs time. And then you get Gisele talking to Volpe and appreciated. Monday have bon. All those sort of things that she talked about the end of that segment any shows that cut. Again you now seen the cut it's a lot worse than most of us thought it was. And endured Tom Brady and you hear Bill Belichick post Jacksonville game try to downplay that cut. I'd be passed I upon that are great job he's talked long. I'll talk about open heart surgery here. He's right it was an open Hartnell was his record Tom Brady going to kill me let you know what looked like we all the old public doesn't know what is cut look like a war blog for African week. You pretty much we know how drastic this thing wants it wasn't just a little paper cut a kick and I go out there and I watched the you know the best defense pass defense in football the second half. We're gold another Super Bowl. And you'd just you still you can't get up and a podium moments of imposes a questionable we play there's some kids just say. Now you know the cut was significant reported that time it was amazing what Tom was able to do. It reported its time for him because you're right Lou. If he would say this today after who have already seen the cut the assistance they come on top I could come on this is this is ridiculous. The fact that he set a bad day. The fact that we know there's a track record of consistency did built always downplays the injuries. Does not want to let another team know that we have an issue we have a guy that is vulnerable right now if you hit a lot ardently and he's done for the game. That's what bills like during the season. Now he says this in the off season and comes out makes a comment like that and I totally agree with. And nothing is different. As it is different program with these services in India almost two days before he implied he did you have to Kamal and say it's alleged heart surgery I think he's saying that to save somebody's ear openings on stilts and ends an -- angle to that much guys it wasn't as bad as you guys and make it out to CE swim so I take it he swayed the reporting out here because for the next 4448 hours. That was the narrative out here it's not a big deal this is not a big deal he's throwing he's fine. That's what happened. And it Billick about the settlement underscore rages and I can't believe what's on sculptural do you think the narrative for the next two days and leading into the Jacksonville game would have been there is no big deal if it goes a resorts Allman talked to maybe the morning guys or whatever was in the media and in missing I'd really in all like to play through it. Now was short on Wednesday I'll be able to play on Thursday definitive and on Friday when it threw the ball up a pretty good. That he put that whole segment together and documentary about how serious the injury was. It is put anything so much that lives of OJ had a lot of stuff political Julia how bad it is because my coach Jesus he still can't. Appreciate. What I went through. To play that game and win that football is an. I think we're going to period right now where Brady is getting. He's getting the the firm for most things he's getting the edge in all of this because he put up over 500 yards there's nobody that can look at that Super Bowl won't say that Tom Brady. I take it back droll except. Other than Evans relic there's not a single person that could come up. And tell me that it was Tom Brady's fault that they did not win that Super Bowl now can you do that without a check yes you can't. And you can you could start with with Malcolm Butler and then you can continue want about the front seven and two of the personnel. During the course of the season. Did you put together enough personnel on the defensive front to go up against that team in the civil war seek to do that and so I think they're giving the benefit of the doubt right now. To Brady. And Belichick's not getting that that if this can win whether this continues on the an end markets is thinking about himself and Brady is thinking about himself. I think is this thing goes on I think what the fans will eventually wanna do they want closed the book move on to next season and they want these guys to get along and make one more run. CLA who all have a good game and actual game until morning good audio Jacksonville game we just don't get I don't know if you understand that trying to exit there ago RED talk. You know compliment anybody. That day he then. And exactly what I call point I don't know what got us pointed out earlier he does say we you know we could have coached better heat heat any. He constantly defers to the players. When people talk about what you guys came up with a great great play and you know. Players really nice Obama loose cannons and when you know when drunk has ten catches front yards and 200 yards and three touchdowns. This illegal drugs play everybody it will. And when the only ones everywhere what is wrong with the is there any that does anybody does he doesn't want it out individual doesn't he doesn't you know pat players individually and beckoned publicly and a podium. He says the whole team played well. You would most like that we'd like the fact that they were introduced to the Super Bowl as a team and not individually we've praise that is being a good thing and now suddenly it's a bad thing this time he's not getting enough credit. That he didn't win the patriot of the week this bastion. A big loss until enough to close. I don't mind not crediting him but it felt like he went the complete opposite way. And downplayed it I think you're over reading this when I think he did this one because he downplayed the injury because they're facing the Jacksonville Jack was in two days. He's playing it down he does not all the time Lou. Injuries as ever elected weeks right at two weeks injuries are never a factor refined since the day went to a lot. Despite that Tom. It's an ambulance and she suspects. Slow down a little peninsula yet open heart surgery talked about open heart surgery and tomorrow the odd to me that I need to play it if. In her life and my. This is it. Does the way. Now the season and apart about open heart surgery and withdraw quickly I context one is illustrating Israel and ready 881 Asia you're trying to dare read the news about the injury the other one is six weeks later when you sit there saying. Now middle acute inside behind occurred in which you know exactly what happened but what is the proper context. About it beyond when it when I look in the wanna look at the injury it's it's even though it's less in my out in less. About the physical ability it's more about the mental Billy what he was able to overcome even when you hear him talk about it and that and commerce is time. You realize where the cut was. Okay how how how we had to convince themselves that. There wasn't going to be an issue with him throwing the ball and need to read bills mental gymnastics are more. More important even than the actual the physical issue he had. Does he do that and and our guys like you know prepared toenails off them you know fingernails or whatever and they just can't get over this guy's got to tell enormous cash. I would I guess I'll just beat. I as he occupied by I guess it's gonna hurt it's gonna hurt it's gonna hurt and Republican in my reasoning that his ability to just really. Compartmentalize the pace it's amazing I just me I think it's gonna hit it amazed at night but one bomb built downplays I think everybody else tends to downplay. Right it is obvious there was nobody looks fine but really downplaying it because he doesn't want it to be just I don't know I don't and that's why I'm so glad the line at my point they can do is we're going to be O what do you recall my six weeks later there was a little what you got what he was able to accomplish is even more impressive now. More impressive now based on when he. See where he was either. That's my point until her unfortunately with Bill Belichick came out today and goofed on it then it would be a different story. But at the moment. I think he always downplay injuries how her team two weeks if they live that media thinks that Tom. Overcame a hand injury on her team over the next two weeks then talk about something she never talks about injuries ball in the gogel and look at the favorite Kevin Harvick go find sound right now go into a gain new autopilot injuries running out of it or go find her if sure it's gonna hurt you don't want anybody to know they don't want anybody to know about any injury obviously don't give me an example of when they broke Johnny's injury just played great. With it right it's not I don't need to hide. He's just great with the concern they always side intrusion you don't leagues I understand you know they don't hide injuries all do you think that he privately. Ought to Tomlinson Damon was off. Thank you threw a lot of balls I don't I don't know I wasn't there we don't know what the private conversation with. I think just let me know if he tells me I love it so much I just wanna go to work. And appreciate and have fun. She just the same by the way that he's not appreciated and he doesn't have run. Right now she's not saying nine on the left a common effort doesn't act when I don't notice she's saying Hillary's all like to be appreciated the movies do you feel appreciated. No I don't get that product it but I do think that you we keep talking about appreciation means dollars. I don't agreed that to an extent that's one way to show appreciation but anybody that manages people or company or team. Realize that everyone underneath me. Would like to have more dollars cost Tom Brady not appreciated. Well okay every apartment open heart surgery here would we would like to have more dollars today but you can't always reward people by giving more money. Soviets Brady's Erica it's about money Mardi Gras excited it's about money. But it site and follow the money. Padilla to. Appreciate it a bit more than maybe you do Christian you're just about the money. Chris Hill police and Tom Brady who's been around this guy Bill Belichick for eighteen years when he makes a comment like that after the game. Doesn't realize what telecheck he's trying to do is trying to hide the injury as he always says with everybody's injuries over the years. Tried to hide the mainly because he doesn't want anybody to know that any of his players of all of a you tell me that Brady would we get a little. Cherie aren't plot you're going to miss the idea a bit of the past issues. That are going on throughout the year. Probably made it easier for breed to be sensitive about not bring the guerrillas. Yes I think it was like a piling on effect was tonight a dual list opportunities economic it is an issue with that. And I had a hand in the desert visibly oh c'mon at the Agassi talked a little bit I take anywhere for this guy you don't want to give me there again about it. I will give you this. So let's say is we saw this in the in the final champ. Let's say that the training staff and the doctors were working on this thumb in the next thing you know Alex girl steps into the conversation this is a gentleman. Excuse me I've got my needles all the guys and I'm gonna recommend a duel little acupuncture. And the trainers and the doctors can roll their eyes that are grown man and they went over to bill and they roll their eyes. And rolled their eyes. Because there are more into traditional. Medicine whatever the so I would say. Is a possibility. But I laugh at all of the people right now. Course sitting there defending the sole relationship with Guerrero and Brady and I have no problem with the idea because it's obvious this guy does. He does good by Tom Brady is no question about it but the same people that were ridiculing Alex Guerrero. You know we sit quack he's phony he didn't he tells people that he can cure cancer and he's he says. Doctor with them on London horse in China. Those same people that ridicule Alex Guerrero will then sit there and say. It doesn't matter. Because it worked for Tom. Approved I'm so yeah I'm agreeing with them saying they did but that's what the people though ripping Ellis Guerrero for his past. We're saying. It doesn't matter I don't really care what his past was whatever he's doing works for Tom and I don't think bill would say the exact same thing. And that's why I think he can movie lord. To allow it to happen because it's your star player but when it starts going to grown and everybody else and if there was an incident let's say with Crocker another player where maybe the trainers checked and player wasn't ready to play not because of late. I did my job it was Alex. And that causes problems. White people can't see that don't check just can't control you have a training staff the medical staff. And Alex Guerrero who's done a phenomenal job with Tom Brady as his personal guy. Maybe he'd eagle limits what he can do with the other players because. Do you approach staff and medical staff posed a hard for anybody to a ticket to realize that those dynamics there are a really you're asking for for sure. It's not hard to understanding most people do I just think that it it because and don't realize is that's just a small part of a turn for you what part of it is Elwood what. But park is out Guerrero and and attention at those guys have played in all of this and I think it all it's just built up. All of that has just built up to the point where guys are starting get a little bit more sensitive bill included Tom included Robin Hood. All of that then they all have to grow and they ought to sit down figure this thing out or it's over this it's over if that's what you wanna do in this then fine. You don't let. But why can't you put it altogether in the mean you've grown men you've had great success because I do think that money plays and some of it certainly would draw doesn't play with grown. Did did yell to want to do I. And amazed at the at at him being able to kids know school. You'd unbelievable play pal you slam dunk I got a unity it thankfully and not get you did this play while not only that not only I hadn't thought of but I also. I like your sleep advertisement space and push against my model I don't give Lou credit it's a one point game in Providence is losing by one he is not losing focus on the program today he is actually able to multiples of multicast my hero. No he's he's given up golf over there isn't what you notice he's done well done and lost Wallace I got complacent if you guys day in a our. Yeah it was. If you Tyrone had done this five years ended down one at halftime and make amounts in this team to come back that was a bullet out walk down and probably want Charles let me. All have long with this team knows product update is coming actually that hello mother did bill province that 9 comeback wins morning team division once they had netstat and the use it. That they were down one. In the use of so once a less than they went actors and got information doing their jobs and earnings stories storage Charles the Providence can go back to really count on one. So last night after the Arizona lost to buffalo. They don't they go back to the studio fully committed half in port Charles is needs therapy. Because he lives in Arizona he's a fan of that Arizona wild cat team. And you sit there and get he starts by going so at this point and so does more than just an angry. At Santa. Amen and yeah he's so some redemption is I don't know unless at utterly at Auburn and yeah they were it's a pretty lives in Arizona via lives in feet vertical depth down. Well when he lays the suns and heat like you know living quarters as pretty nice plays the most of them and he didn't go where we want but he was like this heightens a that's what it's supposed to be like a professional post game show. Can Charles needs therapy of three. But the main thing from this is doing just central until four game metro yet yet. And I left the Charleston. Or. And 48 much Sports Radio go. The trailer for the self oxygen specialist coming up to wireless sudden get a good check it out oxygen dot com mr. Dunne. Get Christian talk about it Aaron Hernandez. Uncovered we got a little pool here going a little bit. Behind closed doors between Kirk and Callahan and our show for to against one guy they think they're going to be on a lot more in this program then you'll yes and it either going to be stars. I'm going to be except that I saw the trailer. And I can't tell you Kirk sits there and you know he's charged the officials offered her own and Gerri just I d.'s current. And then later on criticized the shuttle Kirk does is say catch any impression a little delayed on the trail but sure I want. It gets the heart of the issue that nobody else can get to its one line open as an original oil in little thing at a place you know let this is the whole trail at all. Christian and a true. Who nobody knew what kind of ducks. That those who. Another back. In November and unfortunately daughter she was born and his part. And patriots. Make the right. Why I was somebody who was planes coming to each guy who is doing so well. I would be involved ladies you know. Yeah the only true. She must the American Idol ball aren't there yeah. Set off and never see him go to your sixty. The fuse was lit and this isn't just a long way from the bomb. This was cold blooded. And as I. And what a lie that's the show hit the post and a smile out is that a well hit the post. The only line they included all of it at MIT right now yen. Yeah. Eight hours as a member game correct. Yes it's yes. Any concerns about what you see in this dom and I I am a little concerned yes. Can't remember on this day people are a sensitivity training but sadly the is there for. Training and I remember going into this little room right here yeah suspended the habits that despite admittedly I don't know but there are some things that that I don't think people are gonna be happy about. They're not going to be happy about it really mean it just you know it I hit the final confidentiality. And even talk about what exactly would it said it is. It is significant I won I had a crazy I remember I. I asked them taken out that's now I think we're back with us that was about it. That slippery track out of Iowa and all I know is that I was so good during those interviews. That they asked me to fly out to LA if you view into audition for a new reality show but it did you guys this refuted notice. Chris is true and what's gonna be a I don't know I I've declined. To be part of it because it's definitely everything else that's back though that is true. God give me an attractive. This was not acting. Does this show you do is your career you know this this show this was our business was cold blooded. I ever back and I nexus. This is not acting this is you talked about it like they did this I'd make a Miller and Alan you're the knowingly asked me to be part of cooking Italian and not acting in this there's. About he's got a bigger role in this in this Avaya multi item in my your idols I just struck my money hammer Loney is his agent and on them they used up all their best opportunity now look this book movies do they had a big role in the whole you know the game how to it was a Michelle Michelle McPhee I'm telling you naval control and what's your rules and you're tied into office a lot of back story I don't know there's room there's some inside information that he knows you may or may not here he was captain obvious than this one this was cold blooded murderer actually wrote that down in the hole if he's holding up its ad like that look I voted out. Some -- of error is show that the EC that you can say. Allegedly because who. It induces a I don't know I had no idea against this is before sensitivity trees 04. I don't remember being in a mood that day come MacDonald whose isn't and I had to stay after. As you know like the lead right away I get in early and I leave on time. OK so admirably really this guys. I went to California I don't show so you. Put that this. But it's a you know old fool you though that didn't happen. You sweat. Did you brother. Charlotte apologist Alan people with an hour and a half. Now and a half so what do you think those were the time money he spent an hour and a happy interviewed these people. What do you think the time is that he gets on this program it's a four hour show for our commercials right. Of course OK so there commercials on six seconds let's say it's Paul without local ordinance there deputies say 46 and second. The let's stars was cool way. Through the other way to get out of 46 seconds is an actor I did united I'm giving myself. Give myself yeah. Over and over under will be lucky you don't notice it there. You view it would dealers and our ability detail here in their hometown units amid not gonna you know my thirty civil success. Your deeds goes going to be like at 102 clip. It makes sure I know stay in the picture and they know how to make sure did it a picture. Site features there's a positive response to those right there it's cold blooded murder of a tour like he was an animal. He's so talented. If you go to some video on solid static it's gonna be 23. And the second clips are you pissed when you say it is they don't market apartment got eagle with it's that was the CT. Similar to the city remember we talked about that yes I got hot about some unity OK you don't loan amount of gold and about going over the 46 who now that amnesty to ease his game Buick if you aren't they want but I Michael much over alone 56. 56. Era and all the old blind he's not angry or argue Nigel for ninety all Paul's just. Just like you so much what you'd like him and he's willing to life has been a lot on his way because I feel like it is really just because sacked Eli end. I feel like encouraging someone is a better way to get something out of what you like you should bash that that would cut them down make fun of them teased them. And I have an answer you know encourage them to motorists don't forget it it's what chapters in my book okay which are gonna read eventually. I got all the chapters setup and they call as part of of the chapters that talk of its own chapter of his car adapter a good way is trying hard classic or recession pushed Paul ID here at all that it and this I believe that yeah. It's slowly put it ruins the reason he's throwing ninety seconds because if we applicable general rise and listeners he would give a real numbers evidence that this is what should I get. Little here and there's always listens to the list. The two hours for a music Michael moment I'm gonna give you Jerry's in college who has been used in this was cool. Santo as a whole so warm blood did you we thought I told you we to interview that he's I called let it. All of us. It was warmer or physical. We'll just yeah we've put music he had some of the things things you that it takes you read here. Did you a lot more impressed oh they would that was for you have Kirk injures. Given. Who's that nobody knew nobody in the dark side asked who. Nobody knew it. And two. But Jerry ripped improves tattoos hired. Our material that was a they talked about the war as backward yeah it he was ripping you UT is all she poor it would also would it be. It looks decent opening new block this guy that all of those league. Those of those about to those that triggers didn't sound bites Denise of the Nike huge Mickey feels like the patriots knew he would darts and he's known for signing some people that was the first thing sensors to see you know a person has set as a tool would easy buckets of liked. This cold but it emirates that you take homer that's like 45 different though you'd heard he's got a kids failing that I'll. Everybody wants this ruined vision based video I want you Alex I saw who's got 46 seconds I've got a 56. Applause that ninety's do you look at my guys what about you Christian and I'm out. Don't have jobs. A regular at least I don't and I'm gonna go like. It's two cabinet. And a half minutes and it's an. Easy two and a half objective is that my. Is that a B 1500. More pressure or more Kirk and Callahan. Walker gallon worker Intel and its two purses one boy wanna suck up to you boy yeah. Small Christian. More DO. Christian you. More of your work are definitely more organized and fighting and yeah ZTE stuffed his town used Jerry I don't miss the fact that they think he had the worst case. A CTE. Ever. And then that can have some sort of effect. On mice with having an effect of this camp acting like skate so what are what did you say when he said he had the worst case of CT even music on my worst and I have been known as the right up they project at this stuff like this out. Ousted and just react. With facials and you guys can't see my official prices you'll get one that's when you sound. So say it again what was the question did the worst case of CTE were focusing. It's. I just don't Alter anything we get the all share and edit and its European. Insurer. No way until its emphasis on tomorrow and Sunday what time it's happened it's about it that gingerly at midnight. And now that it several hours tonight seven on a hard time tonight as my night on Sundays also isn't that that is gonna kill you the drives will be good -- looked at the -- Democrats have the day he hardly what you were down six right now hello and it went away now adds also they can come back right now Charles as a draw so it's all good although I would note the figures don't you know and control the pace telling after I was done Lou this is weird just like the sensitivity training yeah. It was like he was just hopping around he's. You know I can't think they also believe. That if it. It has made it ignored the top of the. That's a good point they came in and beat you. In Turkey gallon. Wasn't he around that thing you want to hang on I don't remember if you're able to. What I what I have this development. Must Johnny most and it. Well. It's probably the only one thought the guys who has CG and apparently that was partly bad signal other. What more so that the government fell once again these Glynn blue and Christie at Fort Wayne Merom only emporium on Sports Radio doctor. EI. This was cool. Looks like yes Jackson is are important for everybody just to a you know from what I saw. It's very close between Christian Fauria and Kirk and Callahan in terms of face time. But he goes this is the date once again but none of you. Are close to me that's funny don't care ASEAN as an hour by herself that's my two here's what have so he obviously. What they originally did what they were going to their going to send the the entire four hours right and I don't reveal the watches they were gonna send it to me so why Robert duhalde's I think they change their mind at the last minute instructions as frustration and I don't look as an opera users. This is yes I. Ultimately catch a lot of small accelerated out. Yeah you don't hurt us as a radio show that's very known apparently it is. Like not. The other real quick edits on news fund has perfect. Has been suspended for four gain that's after he'd used no it is something he's Armenian Rappaport. If the Bengals on those perfect does loses appeal the four game suspension. The guarantees and his three year 33 million dollar contract will Boyd. That's nearly eleven point three million which means that he can move on if they want to he must have a lot of opening day bonuses. First game Boehner I don't know you just under point three million gone one of these guys whether winds shift or rap report wrote last week that Cincinnati was trying to deal Milan what do they do this thing was common. Eleven million dollars he loses it and his contract is void him. Although it's actually eleven point three is void or whatever and it can get out. That's that's make me think that's. I was hailed the bush and on a victory grill weir who in in Dedham. I would think we always take mine out to bars right he must be the third guy in today no knowledge here this morning not only once that's right. Who's out there with you dale. And it's on again you know indirectly in. Keep him who's there seemed very like any art casino profits fans there. Not talking here probably shoes tied them up you were getting lower they were down by either a few minutes a few minutes ago but prior fashion. Battled back and Cooley team. It's going to be great win for the program and I've not leave it up like this in case when you start swearing at the other won't all just. Little tip here you know. But you giggle but you can go through what's gone on the juniors get I'm shouting stop my lungs the Dow data and Aaron now or drinking mujahideen leader of the far right. Long married or get out of there what Richard does appear to. I gone a one deal just completely trashed because radio and tell you what. Is stuck on the porcelain telephone god for that be good at that I'll I'll be listening. It has raised solely on the media. That. Oh so what we victory grow. Right up 128 years that the legacy place will be at 6 o'clock tonight all the games are on down here it's got a tiger. On in golf doldrums. You know. Yeah he has been a mess as they wait when he drove off that fairway in these first drive yes orange strides looked like me. He and a bad day it. Or me on a good day that's definitely that is that often of the leeway but I'm watching profits all tied up with Texas and we got all the games going on. But needless to say we'll talk a lot of football throughout the day is you guys have done and what's going on down there at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro and all that stuff. That coming up next I have a great weekend everybody will be watching your your little show and that's tomorrow and go France and a good luck to the real friars are tied it tonight apiece was I'm now over eight minutes remaining it. Will all be back. 10 AM on Monday everybody have a great weekend running your holes.