OMF - Belichick probably has no problem with Brady, Gronk skipping workouts, Gronk's motocross PC is a different issue 4-24-18

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Tuesday, April 24th
HOUR 3 - Bill Belichick probably has a better grasp on the environment in Foxboro than most of us Monday morning QBs. Brady and Gronk skipping the voluntary workouts is probably not that big of a deal to him. Gronk's motocross press conference from this weekend is a different matter.

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Are you ready. He explored ways alimony and 48. But today. I'm dispelled any questions that anyone has stated its intent to return for the 2018 she did on you also said it already has thought about his contract which patient considerably less than team. Given Tom's relationship. With the Kraft family and given the fact. That there is no heir apparent in the building probably half as saying. We're gonna give him as much leeway as we possibly can just so long as we can again make sure that we get him back in the fall rock that quickly and Lou increase. I think the Boston Bruins now are really going after the score is what we ought to do different I think they're on the ropes and Pakistan appearance Taylor goalie if you know would be great if she goes and pitches the shadow Fulton put it on your goal is not that's not the way to go about it now all of a sudden Boston's going moral way to stay out here I think that's right now beliefs are in their heads on Sports Radio WEEI. There heads. At least have a chance of being separated out. Talking about the Bruins talking about the Celtics is well 6177797937. Celtics need to win this game here tonight. They lose this game here tonight and yet play game six in the light it up you don't like their chances so this is one of those it is aimed. This game. For the month as a must win and it's the most Wednesday came by as important. If positive say must loose you're limited. Then it's not poorly the only must win a important vote and you know I was the only time it's a must win is if when you lose you pack your bag mathematically eliminate hunger yes I would agreement. So this is not a must gain here tonight let's just call it a very important one as Christian says 86% of its 87 time. I don't think you gonna I don't think you can either. He'll that are tied 22 and the winner of that game fine. Game five go on to win that's averaged 86%. At that time so which was it a paragraph I asked the most is live in Florida are both implore you and I game. You know they like to say the most important it is most important an excellent excellent. Today cliche Peters in Jamaica Plain what's up to eight. I don't. There's motivation on boats I don't know. Oh assure you integrate. And two points and 81. I think the person and it's doing catching and sound market sparked you don't need going to be that expensive. Move into restricted to. So it's going to be absolutely anything parts of the recorders may second point. You don't think he's gonna be that expensive how expensive do you think he's gonna do. Well the things I've heard about noise ten to twelve months. There are lot more and a and a at the equipment is expensive because it. But they go and in the election of mark spark. And about a certain point in several hundred assuming the armies and eats into a Max Siegel. It needs while need to match play there's no doubt about it. Okay so we have good news bad news are you know Derrick Rose. On. You're not you don't wanna invest thirty million dollars in to a guy and let you know he's going to be healthy. So. All but I really just as soon they're gonna learn and implement. So we wanna do Lou what is your point. A lot of play out next year it is these great things side of and. I think they'll do well that's you have to do. That's a sign him in a sign of extensions and wait there was a free agent decided deal as they are well where's where's that we're as good but you're not you're not saying you move all all of us from carrier everybody seems like that's what it's an atomic you want to move on from carrier. I thought about not all waiting. If it means you know. Let's say that about any player. Can only. Play it'll be heard him play I want to move on primary night. It would seem back on track advantage here I'll tell. Ya know. OPEC that is it sink in mister Ramirez that you met centric direct. If what is the same what do you mean who wouldn't it be done what he's play yes yes absolutely when I was gonna say yes yes. Even if he's going to play sixty games mean. Peter listen at the start to be hurt and can't play that we all agreed oats yet today. You don't don't don't fight why you might bite you party's popularity due to a hockey basketball guy alone. I should stick to hockey tradition really superior based cellular and excited for fifty. Who's who's more open was a marked one. I think markets where it over yet and you know where mornings when you're a wonderful thing might at all so I was surprised by that that he's gonna give it just uploaded basing economic what you heard early in a year from guys like national that studio looking for Rio would. Looking for you always find it it will void at seventeen million dollar range will be team out there that will look at this and we got a lot of talented players. And you were soft we need somebody who's going to be you know toughened us up a little bit. It's a Portland trailblazers spring and one name their point as a possibility. Marcus points going to be for that type of dean he's going to be gold is said John Maine what's up John. Again and I'll have to edit you know obviously they were playing with house and about injuries as well if you're out circle and out and not initiate. It would be hard because one of the team I feel like you know they could not or maybe there might be better go out. Especially when it looked like Milwaukee and answer program at Oprah and he hadn't and not out coaching back even in this series. And on maker is open at different. I'll be dealt a little bit disappointed I don't know about any other Arctic air mouse. I don't know why you were surprised after the first two games the Celtics with a home. Our court teamed they should win those first rule is not going to be a little disappointed. What I mean I think it's quite a bit sort of style all one in Milwaukee and they are able. And it is one of Tuesday a little disappointed that the whole world. Would you be pests will be of failure we we look at this team as a failure because they couldn't beat the box with a better player. That's that's that's where everybody has that brought this is the problem everybody's going have his even if you get by the blacks and I think the Celtics whilom will win seven. The link at the Philadelphia 76ers are they got everybody's gonna say the same thing they showed the sixers there's Joseph beat these are the there's there's this afternoon on his beat the sixers. I think we all it could be a telling them what a what a what a buzz kill was going to be based on what you could accomplish based on the east looked like. Don't want to carry went down and Smart went down your lead now let's just just enjoy the ride is basically what it was it was two years ago it was a killer and a. How much you guys forced Cleveland and and Indiana in this last game. Indiana had this game they had Cleveland right where they wanted them. And then they just screwed up the became really selfish down the stretch drive and they just killed and that's a killer. So you're your says they're going all right what a great opportunity like to have the advantage to have Cleveland play in the way they are. A Philly regardless of how they finished do you consider look at the teams at the plate in the year. And say look there's there's some of them took to the teams and their planet there were taken out is giving up on the that's they want so many in. Row they do they wanna get to really weak schedule we have pointed that out before they went to that we schedule whatever and so all of that. I think Philadelphia is for real life and that effect that's what you're gonna see in the eastern conference of the next few years units is Austin you're gonna see Philadelphia. And Milwaukee if they can ever get their act together I don't know what he's talking about Joseph on. Of really talented individuals. And together they did that not too yes well I am I waited waited and Eric Bledsoe may be the most over rated and over with later and a man not game when you though. He's so irritating to watch. Just as is. His body language is this all is valued forty's when he gets in the way more than he makes please please don't it's taken time away from Ogden who I think is a better player yeah I had good all around you may have brought with her and he knows he's coming back slowly put another way the. The you know the only reason that you're seeing what you're seeing right now with fun makers because of injuries correct yes it victories in pistons injury itself. Listen Milwaukee's got a lot of talent and eventually they're going to figure it out maybe they deal Jabbar Parker in the off season and add another piece of whatever. But they get too many of the same pieces. It seems to be just a master I gotta get the story is I was not spirit. I missed this one. The grunt. Moto cross into the press conference over the weekend because we have this discussion I believe before it went away and vacation. And I brought the point out that if quote wants to push this. They he's got to start to see a change in the attitude. Of the fan base up and they love grown to love the crazy wild grown they like the ground who continues to repeat the number sixteen and they like all of that. And they love what a great football player he has. Appear in the field. But if you keep on pushing it and you're gonna make fun. Of the conditioning program which is pretty much what he did with a stupid as press conference. Lot a lot of the healing made fun of it but we sure as we discussed yesterday and I'll just. He was just a couple of terrible twos who's like just acting out it was successful it was different then. Then the that'd. The the past like you know go wrong. Statements or you know actions idea from the from the cruise to the parties who have. It is look different. Here it almost like he was mocking the patriots are trying to hit civilian and he didn't need to it'd be in it becomes old antibody yesterday. What is it one of the one of the one as a fan base current term is caught the guy Dick eternal. Because out there anyone who has more coverage to more protection. Is go rock. Just based on his performance based on his personality and he always given the benefit of the top actors brought I'll get a look at I'm doing is helping Ali and that's why I put it. Yeah because that's for sure that well. I know people are getting tired of right now and people of exactly can child and I understand that. But the only way they'll turn on gauntlet is saying is viewed as playing a football game. If you actually picked because let's just say all this drama leads up to it appears you grow exactly your child itsy hold solid carefully with all of this guy shows up we want easy catch running yards two touchdowns. If they give a. Rats and haven't been at that point time the contracts are always in the contract situation is settled the course. This is what is the course and this is not going to why should use our as a way of what I'm saying the controversy to answer to gonna give more money. The fact is I don't think the argument I don't know if they do need to my point is. You're your your your your future in your destiny is set this contractor playing it out. We're not get him bitching and complaining during the season will only make him look worse so go out for eight and a 120. With it with two touchdowns shirk when you go with a girl the post game go to the podium afterwards we like you know it. I should be paid more than what I did or any gonna have to include Brett this theory the Eagles are in the last point he can only do this because it's the off season. This doesn't exist this doesn't go on during the season in all quiet down. What confused who brought this theory if you mentality a few weeks ago when I I thought it was an interest in one and that was that would croc is doing. He's he's trying to prevent the patriots from trading him away yes in my paraphrasing it correctly because he wants to play with pretty. I feeling this weekend. He's doing just the opposite he's pissing bill off to know went. I drew this cycle refusal was. You know he's OK with you trade if I would build now are looking at it saying okay. You know some of the little cute little cryptic messages these Nadal can't get bad on the MySpace and whatever but. This. God decide on what they are allegedly allegedly going about it but the only thing is that we believe so reports and Tommy current. About how earlier in training camp. There was some some people veteran players notably bill treats players before traits of that's always treating grow. And it gives the chance that if bill could've traded Rob Gronkowski with a B and beginning of the year. There was some rumblings and rumors and and McNeal and authorities bring in his cell. But I thought as the ground got wind of it as well. Is it the only way you can really control Mina being trays if I go out there and I say that gonna retire. And this is why I swear Ashton Gibbs today a couple more days and we'll see before the draft. But I wouldn't be shocked one bit to counter the hold for draft night trade talk. That if you hear a report from somebody sane at Rob Gronkowski still contemplating retirement he wants to do with the patriots and only the patriots. If he gets traded and he probably retire just to squash and even more but I think he wants both. I think he was finished clearance with Brady get two years left and I think he's done. You will spend those two years with Brady but he also wants to not take a pay cut he wants both hurt I don't. Not eagle about the right way or another hot at the now all the way down this at a press always notice he's pissed I think that's residents of a dozen damage. Not question totally agree and here is nothing so I was surprised listening. He's given of the 250 and and yes he made up for Austin energy our senate and take good to be him because he has that ability to do that. So he's past that on the 250. OK that's one step right there's a there's a strong signal guys listen. You think got us here is a walkway from 250 grand out of principle. Just executed approval points and right on serious about the yet. All right so what's your next step you go to the media can't keep them do you pass on the mandatory minicamp. Or do you go to the mandatory minicamp let some time passed and and refuse to show up during during training camp which is 40000 dollars today. What's a flat out which the patriots do most teams for tip quantities recited. Why would you. Why would you agree that we got super Contra we got on a content we've hooked you up you were hurt all the time we gave you an incentive lady contract for a reason. But at least we we put that in all the more easy to get. So if you really it's been my point is if you really wanna be out your contract there's only one weighted. Only one way pulled out. You'll play nice nice you don't like you don't flirt with that in all your due you're not shown up. And then you force them to make a decision. And what they do with the ride it out as you're gonna have to suffer due fines and they see you know you're you know million dollars in fines. And start redneck out. Out a way that's when the public is gonna start turning on that they walk because it is still at the end. It's all about laundry much of the fans don't love grown they love Courtney Love Brady okay. But it still becomes a laundry issue and if you get into the point now where you're jeopardizing the success. Of that team and the laundry that's when they're gonna start turning. The other thing is like yeah this is why this draft. The sole port for so many different reasons. Rated you look at the mock drafts forget about it yours you're replacing so many key the people like from sold there and you may need a tight end. You may need a lot thicker than we don't have brought you have to Wayne Allyn. And that's why they haven't asked to now take a pay check they should have to reality take a pay cut but they haven't because he's like. We are gonna do but he has all the levers in the world across the whole act like he's not gonna show up you got me in Hollister. Now what unity. So I mean the draft this huge this year from quarterback position the tide in position there at auditions like guys here that light. Or differ mock drafts. And this is what's not to be which is weird. Out of the 43 of them had both the first round pick scored a defense of players. Only one problem I actually respond generally to mobile yet linebackers but in my back both in need and and yeah that. Edmund no and in the other two had out of Hitler may to one of them had the tackle do you ceiling. And the other long was the guy Curtis Conway who had attacked a lot of UCLA Mike affected the tide and out of Penn State. So I was who the hell are they can do really able you know these these mock drafts you look at them in the draft I don't they're going to be good to see our guys are battered and I'll read what you do right now around they're taking a tackled first round. Actor Michael reverse round out an identity who protect it they're taking a tackle it's one of the most it's the second most important position on that. We're delighted and I listen that. What are what I did coats to get 23. That's necessity trading day gonna draft McClatchy. McClatchy publisher. That's not a Notre Dame coach Smith can exploit that they're gonna get a tackle and now with a 31 evening red if there's a guy that they likened Mark Jackson government be bit. If they'd use point three I would be shot though they treat 31. And it even more. I wouldn't be surprised at any of these things because. They'll always comes up with some surprised. And I think the most interesting part of the draft this week guidance can be very very interesting because the patriots have so much as you just said at stake. The quarterback situation that they go for quarterback early. As some people think or to lease it back and wait. Until. Think about it and its sequel the bottom falls out in the I want in the third round date they thought Brady was done. The only they thought they needed to prepare for Brady be done how many years ago when they drafted due to grapple in the famous finally I want to Seoul also clear summary contemplate forever and then and then that what does it one at that they'd be drafted to Covert percent. Right so they kept it hit and hit and so won the second the other ones in the third the other taken a quarterback and. Address television contract situation has. They're taking the time they're taking a quarterback in the draft we talk about Tom Brady is now we've we've heard from Don need to tell you rather be here forever he's he's he's got tears up on a contract I love this done he. Tom's intentions should not change. He's consistently. Said he'll play beyond this contract. And into his mid forties or until he feels he isn't playing at a championship level I understand the constant speculation. But this is one point he's been firm about. And Ilya is like a new contract. Yes you know what vote but Kraft said that they were both cycles says I'm Linda you know familiar there's an issue terrible Dresser when that. Comes up right right but that's fine so you know he wants a new contract he's got he wants to play but. The patriots need to regain control of the situation the only way they do that is not adding years. Now let it play out his contract let him be done and then re evaluate. So all of the time we wasted over the last couple months and done he would now. We just wasted all that time Tom had no intention of not playing nothing has really changed it's not year to year. The the agent is coming out and telling us now. That he has not changed his mind Tom's intentions had not changed and even though get on Gotham Chopra and others. Convinced a lot of people oh my god he's gone it's exciting to be here this season right. Tom's intentions have not changed all done he's doing is the agent is easily. Lol I love you know he once in a god rested though he said. I am and is not want to do is get bullied and it is also Brazil's hole in stuff also we come back and wanna do that because. A hell he's talking about it now back to the guys until. Use small ball high school small ball one big ball OK I want big balls aren't I want balls off the wall and one falls in the stands I want extra base six or wait we're loading in 48 listen don't get me wrong I think he steal bases you can you can run but they got big all of Sports Radio. They don't you tell me did you called. Today Don you Tom green's agent went on the record to say that. Poverty does intend to return to fluffy teaches him again not a huge surprise and anyway she performed a reward Mickey got a decent bit. Not done he also said I'm pretty. I thought about his contract which patient considerably less than Jimmie throughout all his former understudy is making champs just so. This is again an issue that doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon but Don this is today. It's Bob Brady is expected and doesn't tend to return this morning eighteen seasons. I'm certain. So we wasted two months of this this. We'll definitely talk of that on vs time and also that is that a policy and be outdone. And invited to Tom excellent handle it with your forties and didn't reply in his degree. That's all big story now again I've said many times you polo photo of the of a beautiful little. Can't ground out there and Montana just show a picture of unity ticket we jointly teammates get ready for 2018. Season. Nothing just the two of them and Ito to shift but the contract thing is an interest in what. I heard a lot of people you know dumb Brady's contracts every time they did did the salary cap number escalates. They've restructured. Its normal punch to a cash up front right signing bonuses. And every structure to get the cap number down thirteen to fourteen. And the Stockton like numbers won't play ball this year. His wanna get my break as he hates us so much. What televisa already estimates more money. Because you make more money if he gets an extension that probably a 25 billion rate edit their signing bonus and extended two more years to get that cap number down. Number it is is is cash that's what I thought the reason why there's no deal the Reese was no deal. The patriots don't wanna do exactly. The patriots it's that there's a needle in years past that point two million dollar cap it we definitely would negotiate again on a fourteen point a to catch but you know. Right now we're fourteen million dollars in the camp and as we're done he's talking you know what it wants a new kind of will absorb. That's what you might dollar cap because most of fourteen million total where every good shape. So will absorb the high cap hit this year and next year deal with what you look like after your three because watch I set an extension. Extend your Q years push all the money away for years from now and then four years from now Olympic 27 million dollars to a quarterback can't play normal. We don't. Will pay 22 and cap issue tweet to next year in and you know what musical franchise tag your rescue of three so. Democrats said that he said you know it's it's best for both sides right now you know we're comfortable both sides accountable. I don't get that feeling you know he's statement that we with Brady that thinks she wants constantly looking like bloody can't he wants the new deal. Will it mess and the men's luge ride the patriots are and I sort of thought that the new dear. That need to hear the new deal with an extra year right company or yes or not talking about his. Jesus you know just keep it would to hear what darling who had failures and authorities. That to me that a court that benefits the player. You know that you're gonna stick around and are forced to keep you around because of your salary and the amount of money in the capital and so on and so forth. That option needs to be removed for the patriots in my opinion at least point but he you can't allow. If the patriots eventually this is going to end. Can then you don't know an encoder or bad I have no clue but the fact is that's more likely than not. That the next guy and it's in this draft wind up replacing Brady did its bet that's gonna happen. And and it's more likely than not that his play will decrease so that's that's the reality tonight he's been playing great again it took a ball suitable lake. It's coming. Look at the great YouTube achieved so much more flexibility. Not extending to just let that Giuliani for a show a scenario where you had to deal it guy and you beat Iraq alone. Because appraised at two more years and his deal. Eighty couldn't keep two quarterbacks Tony four point five million dollars while epic putting to a point four agreement but even more so as we've heard from Adam Chester. He he he didn't he wants more money. Brady want to do and what what what team this year exactly so if you sign girl rock although even if you would pick up a franchise tag all the mum for another year. Does that I think Tom Brady was gonna sit there and except fourteen million dollar yeah where rush of quarterbacks making them say they would throw 25 million dollars guaranteed a two year extension Arabic opponents. Right whatever that salary is so Tony two million dollar capital of down to fourteen or fifteen that save some money to cap which you don't need to right now. But that years three for the cat note probably 252626. Point seven. Don't pay Ford at the end the initiative saying you know what will Iraq the end. And end the cap numbers not affecting our roster. We still got fourteen million dollars we don't have to do this. Let's and they got little heated throughout the replacement islands grade or maybe it's or whatever. Brady's still playing great and he's still won in two and a patriot you traffic guy the first round you have basically for five years. Okay you could do exactly what the New Orleans Saints did with Drew Brees. Just resign him. I doubt they'd franchise tag because of the two he's just a pain point five billion dollars with an option the second here as that a waste their franchise that that you may need to use of somebody else. He ugly because don't need a franchise and that's an option but about I don't think it's got. What air rods deal with of their it's their cup years left in his the only sedition what the hell we don't but you know they get their. This is what you hear out there in Green Bay this it of the ownership is like hey he pitched for two more years. Did you control for more actually the second franchise dress for TO but does anybody believe he's 39 years old at that point with only don't. Does anybody believes that Don Yee is making all of this stuff done he has talked the conferees. And done he's not one of these guys who snaps he does not speak an awful lot. He's speaking because he. He's trying to do a business deal with a New England Patriots right now so he's trying to get out there that no no no I'm not finished and because the patriots apart coming back and say hey we've watched the Tom vs time. We get the feeling he's week to week in in my month to month third season this isn't so we have to be careful. And he wants it Wilma. Nothing has changed Tom Brady will continue to play once the plants those mid forties at all yeah he would like a new contract well. Also said Tom ready. Has thought about his contract which patient considerably less than Jimmy drop below is an understudy is. One thing blow in and guided boat deals so. Go but it's subtle but this is also so far British at this that this that confidential Perot I don't know family at its year to year. So it's got nothing to do with that's something was wrong. The bush. God has been a visit to Israel to easily Brady and his wife look at him how much money do you need you made a ton of cash but as we found out. Kind of feel under appreciated corrects its arts and now you really under appreciated and you make fourteen million dollars in your understudy your own agent that a deal for a much. How many other guys honestly to be ample paid more than me. And it. And by the way Marty feeling under appreciated. Got to do with how much money a man needs. It's aborted deal with feeling appreciated its scored its scoreboard it's like a behind our I once knew does not. Also and so on Bill Polian. So Bill Polian starts talking about levers of reserves talk about what the teachers need to do could I heard this from Bill Polian and how sour are gruesome at all. Given Tom's relationship. With the Kraft family and given the fact that there is no heir apparent in the building you probably have to say. We're gonna give him as much we weigh as we possibly can including perhaps not being there for old T Azores summit will TA is just so long as we can get make sure that we get him back in the fall. The question I would have this is this a contract issue. Is it a family issue is it all of the above Willis. So you wanna give as much leeway. All right well. I mean. Missing missing oats he eighty's this is not a big deal. Right so polian is they note yield basis you know since you don't have another heir apparent that you recorded pace and let. Let let you do whatever he wants that's irrelevant. The these missing that point they'll find that other court out of it that's the captain's they'll find it and they don't get it in the draft they'll get a bridge guy it's a free agent out there. So when it's all us. Falsely last year was inaudible rich guy. John okay almost know there are those arrested after the season they skiing event and anyone animal source of it that's. This side of Sosa at the pitchers draft a quarterback they're supposed heir apparent does that mean. Brazen be freaking out on audited back. Made it back to elect him and get back there and bomb panic and now those guys he's got a pass me by I have no annual poll insane and that that point. Boom we're done he is doing is he's coming up right now because he knows the patriots. Are using all of these cryptic messages against them one yet the question the answer is that he is contract issuers of and issue spam issue right. I think first and foremost that the payment issues he said it this offseason it's almost am trouble being around them it's all about giving up things that I wanted to what averages. Why the babies and I'll read it. On you come out today and said. Nothing has changed he wants to play into his mid forties so that's what Lou Lou wanted to Seagram post but he did on you give them a verbal Tony's been. Burma because none he goes because Tom Brady is sending done and he out to the walls to go and get him his money. So does he is the one who's throwing it out there he's playing the Fed cup he'll do he'll do the damage up there. That's what fiscal year what else could be going on. That's of these polls that he's pulls me back here he's also going there badgers rings that contract any any it's. Any any claims its opportunities and throw any balls about a company he plays its number. They want a better specifically. You know of course asked me I want expansion in more money. Asking right now wanted to expansion and more money dad and I sure purity eternity gimme more money more years to show you do. Yeah I don't wanna give in and help well. Miami Agassi you know if you want if you give me an extra couple years and more money on top of that imam if. DOC to give you Q were used in new 22 million dollars right now for signing bonus. You wanna help I don't know that you wanna help me out jagged at you know what I hate you so much I turn it down I think you're good looking guy and a grandfather now you're like my elder now is there that what I wanna be when I girls. Susan bearish and but I the fact that done he is the one saying it and a guy that usually does not come out. And publicly saying an awful lot about his clients of what they're doing. But I think he was start to feel and maybe the patriots were using a against number eight. Well how can we sit down and give you an extension until the contract. Because we keep on varies week to week Judy here where I don't know if he's going to be around maybe he's gonna walk away maybe wants to spend more time and I changed right. But nothing has really changed some sort and well according to Donny. Looked on he says nothing has changed her voluntary routier's. He's not doing that the last seven years now. Not changed audience up to do reason. Qatar that was immediately before well. Eight date scheduled for yeah it was always an auditor Marilyn and Israel does it just overplaying were we got a little leverage gains going but I thought the grunting this weekend was just stupid and is part. Whoever thought that through did not really think it I I think yes I just don't think whoever what his game plan is backfire editor Terry wanted to he's doing uses. Doesn't he sacked only. Think bill is more at not a citizen all right all right it will give you more money note. And I'd expect I think it is now late I it's I say that debate over the weekend I thought. Did some damage. And whether they sentence that lesson a week it. We can work out some than others extension or not they but what you're doing right now do you think that's gonna make me run the negotiating table but no. Exactly. You that you take all all you gonna do mocking unit not really give a time when you decide to play football again in a commercial the voluntary. Okay. We have that's gonna help me Bill Belichick would come begging to you. I think that's what he does. I would say just the opposite I did not think. Then he would ever trade rockaway during this period of time and I don't want to retreat crock away. But I think the percentages of increase of dealing Rocco why. I would agree. I'll agree at this press conference and look at the NY figure union report that says the beef raised in return built may look at it and say this retiring is a bunch of BS and think you say it all he wants really going to retire me it's ridiculous he wants to play football are appealed. And they'll eventually show up for that other team will look revisions or maybe we get a little bit more in the deal. When it comes back. Is for a healthy agrees to re sign with that with that other team team that's got one. I 617777937. That's our phone number radio and all MF. Toward waiver Loney and 48 does show that puts a hold grudges or you know rear view. Think Sadler is a better player all down. Do you trust. What Sports Radio WEEI. Question I would have us this contract issue. Is it a family issue is it all of the above can you massage that massage that decision out of him without ruffling but yeah sure. The defendant is that they're gonna be ruffled on the coaching side because as an executive you say take all the time any I want you back here you always have a home here now tell me how much time do you need. So like it felt like coach. That's where managing the problem. For the front office is a typical one your balancing. And in many ways competing interest. Also full line it was it was this morning. You know I come to the leeway see I can see this. The issue with the young quarterback that is. Holding out that hasn't really developed or that as you know units being consistent all over the place and there's a new coaching staff that comes in you really need him there. Do you honestly think that Brady could not show up the first day the first pre season game against the Washington Redskins. He can show two days before that and pretty much own that. I would I would agree with you and I don't think Belichick has a major problem. With either of these two guys mission and missing the conditioning period is further he has a problem when one of these guys is mocking it. Making fun of it. Making fun of the organization he's doing it in the building just say 800. The feet under fifty feet away. From where the conditioning program is going auditing an hour. You think Ron gets the call up for that. I've I've gotten a call after blessings Matt. Met the NC let my dog renovated seekers are still on is still under contract you don't want it means yours is your Bill Belichick there be any coach. You know you'll leaders you'll hear captain sped to take part in everything even if it's voluntary or send a message to everybody else that I know it's voluntary but look. Brady's here brought tears elements here you know mclarty's here. You know I know it's voluntary but the superstars throughout their work in the league is this team out there working. When you start Brady saying and whatever worked Micah. And grunting Abdul motor cross room room. Right my guy to set a good means that there's another leg on a ball out of her broom dominated brazen and in drugs though here you know important business. What are we doing here yet though isn't it exists now they have to be Reich is enough and on the same level as those guys. You you always want your best players your leaders to be the hardest workers and send amidst everybody else can do to your best players your two best players to sit in and out Cologne and list. What I've heard is that the offseason conditioning has started and it's nothing but positive lives good attendance hard work to sued. Because everybody on that everybody was there none of those guys on the team. Nobody's made the team yet. And you would think that the outside noise would somehow have a trickle down effect but it's not. So whatever bill is doing whatever that strength staff is doing. It's working because nobody is being preoccupied. With what rock and Brady. Okay so let me ask you this question. What do you think Belichick is thinking what is he saying about what prompted this weekend. I think he's about to happen Lou I would pick. About it absolutely. Because this one thing about going out and promoting would you wanna do marketing wise on year old. He's good with that. Probably he's going to have is when you're mocking. What the rest of the team's doing and he just said Lou the younger guys are all showing up carving out you're setting a bad example but your market. To do some stupid. The moat across that you don't even understand. Don't even know what you're talking about and that is talking at all what was the line when he returns he's gonna be what. I don't know free delete free yeah younger freak illegally returned to light and returned at the ability and decide with the Ian retired I don't know. I thought this isn't Ron played most communities isn't supposed to matures he gets older. And press conference last. Giggles he was immature. And would. We can't look we don't really and I'm home I'm glad that bluntly no other. Must he's out. That's a bad luck guys and I got to bully Belichick is furious that's why I would not put it past him to deal grown away. I don't want drug he's gonna have. Is you're right grow our goalie plays an X two years if Clark is threatening to retire he's got other interest if on another team of sitting on on my given your first or second don't prevent. The problem you just gave up a first round pick. For socially two years of Riddick coats but I continue to always pick a benefit the eruption which they did so first round pick for branding cooks. What are you up a golf diligent attorney for growth you should get. You should get a first round pick Rob Gronkowski that a player. Better play a breath caught the ball pack or play the British coach and you have a money contract for two years old by the way. In it paid a guy 89910 million dollars for two years is reasonable contract for the down that he is you should eat more but this this threat of possibly retiring will will not allow that to happen. Feels the value that there's there's some there's a scene in the movie hoosiers right an entry guys remember it and when I saw this whole motor cross tents and on other notes and the right there who's the decide it isn't on our us. Like I don't know I don't know is when. It had not enough. I have a lot of those we're kind of go you know and I don't know of any good at it again there's a bunch of blow your line which which is one what is it coach Norman dale right he's like all of all the dads get involved in. He finally says is you got to leave and the one guy George says look mr. there's two kinds dump the guy that hits they can you have a we don't. To get it done. Guy that gets naked and runs out best known. Barks at the moon and it's wrong. Guy who doesn't singling him might. Personal matters secondly you can't force to deal with. It is. And and written things don't think you want to do that opens up at a bad night now right that's what it is those secular agenda human lives and yeah the living room is to let. So you exit your yard you know monster energy this big moto cross event. And you're doing this over what this guy over here and okay that's fine I'd do it. But now I'm doing and in my living doing it might back off so why was and that's an album format and thinking now kind of forced to deal with this. Because now. You make me look to access personal matters secondly you kind. Forced to deal with enough so we don't check I think is gonna winter but he is tweaking this right now that's what he's still he's playing games he's tweaking his that's what he's doing. And that's gonna (%expletive) them off I'd I think Belichick would be fine etiquette there a Brady. And rather have grown give them a conditioning program. But it's a big deal. I'm not sure that is an issue iron today about what. And then lose point about the overtone the the the impression it is on other player younger players on the team. Is a factor and Belichick thinks that way the Ross plays together this is how we incorporated. But I don't believe what he did this past weekend just pissing Belichick off but it it over now the question is does he make the phone cultural war. Are they a little standoffish right now in a way this stuff is go. So that she doesn't do that in other words bill sits there and stews about it roster. Thing immunity. And in a constant communication connected to a place to just pick up the phone that's a question and talk to rob who abruptly the phone call me that we elect is a joke arrogant or down and talked to Manny Ramirez. And not let him indicate. This weird I mean this one is where that's why. You have the great state to break in and that one isn't is that a concern to me I agree gras one is. Becomes curiouser and curiouser it just curious yet Mosul that says and it's Alice in Wonderland reference not registered patents the hockey term. That's my guy who worked on the hook right now we don't hassle got a shot. I had to do so I'm not he didn't look goods Lebanon last hour and I'm getting more information. Here off the ice now. It's still possible as facilitators croft could that you multitasking paying attention to the show I'll tell me why you know just because we're still waiting for decades when is he coming on the show would you want. Tomorrow actually you know right now I don't get down. And you can't do it on the moon don't don't let others are so done with you have them they're done with you. I'm Randy you don't need you. He did he's getting obligated. You know it paid obligated to your boy you right across Augusta in that same thing with the Bruins across the street and it's the same thing right. Now the same thing now and out of players coming out every now and obligations as an opportunity that across the street. I was had to give rightly another desperately wanted another outing that we don't really don't run into the lives our god well our.