OMF - Is Belichick thinking about retirement?; Patriots reportedly discussed Gronk move before draft, 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 1 - Is Belichick sending a cryptic message by canceling the final two days of OTAs? His motto is “No Days Off” so it is strange he gave them two days off and played cornhole. Glenn thinks Belichick is moving toward retirement and McDaniels will soon be taking over. Also, Mike Florio reported the Patriots were making calls about a possible Gronkowski trade right before the draft.

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You read he. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 OK going to celebrate a wig and job and so. What is it with an idea this would make you wouldn't yeah. So you don't have a quarterback out there and everything else kind of stagnated and then go to the people markers up there and compete against me you better be willing to give up her life great because I've given up tomorrow with Glenn flew interest. It might ask him and always always. He knows what I'm also she Walt Disney but dammit everybody knows it on the bottom feeding the whoa Julian Edelman is one of the guys that is just through years of conversation here and there are guys you know. You're telling me that people than thinking this way yeah they're alumni Julianna men's event there's a lot of people that deaths there they'd been suspect that Juli and adamant. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Don't deal with them just fall apart meaning Bosnian I don't know what you guys like eighteen years no days off. No days off day today I know that golden mean every every deja on. You're gonna make you better where you guys not eager to have a couple of days off but again. And some. Are all horrible I was thinking the end of Greece that the union degrees out. You know an ideology and you know a year dongle out early afternoon at a go to. There. With the and yeah. You and I. It. The Al David somebody comes up and it is tight black you know spandex and smoke a cigarette but not ready and the Hoffman. Anymore. I just as well a I tried I tried for her for approval senses when a new show. I said Joey how about it all things off and he was preoccupied I don't know what's going on. Pretty they'll let go notably Honda these guys are still reacted I mean does nothing's as though. Is that Hillary is somewhat no days off final case they had a couple days you know. To give up my life to compete against me because I give a fine give up your life whatever default was like I'm alive I get it like for life. I hope she is so important this is why we're so good is all here together. What is going on down there I mean anything they did it poured all that enough days off like hey what's going on why. I even have an OJ is about quarterbacking here but what that helped and we accomplished like at the hideously shocking. And African bonds stands and not get anything done with the employer can't throw the ball fifteen yards beyond fifteen he's got nothing whatsoever and arm. What are we accomplishing Bob article golf. With no holes that you hope all of Phil Mickelson exactly what we can't practice if you are not here. I bunch of different compete against the law and orders of I know that our. So I can't wait a minute maybe this is a Bill Belichick cryptic message exactly were loose who can't you want the Brady wants to skip. Brown wants to step. Tell you what your well skip the whole war. So he's got a list this is him coming up his nose despite visiting right. Okay. While I believe anybody work I don't like that now time and I know he's gonna be ready you're. Sorry I don't believe you would have to come up with it take before to no one getting it developed no leg to get better. Does. I'll show you don't want to go yeah. I was telling of all. Team kicking a better at sit in a would try to get better will be about breaking quarterback is out there at US open didn't drive down and met up. It was just here's yeah. I was firm and I think it will use endeavors I cartilage Zoellick is default saluting the family. Since the war you're doing great irony. Stewart ended up shirt I'd love to settle topic and people love OK stop enough people tell each other they're in law are you show it to. Hold on honey do you do you think he he wanted to would venture she was forced to Wear that I think there's a lot of things he does now that he doesn't want to exact. Daddy there's a lot of it is like you I'd just like me I'll lose. Act. I figure the latter of your domain all right yeah as the equivalent of the excuses that you make big holes ripped in left and right and who's been composed of neutral used to build his film is a cool thing. Come out there does John assisting Justin Knox. They're really happy because I didn't warm day daddy no they never get their dad. And it is my third fill the love that. Ultimately resolves ordered ultimately you spend more quality time with me in the offseason of change that optical and it would go golfing in New York simulator with. Which the US not all games are cool you know what answered political Claude only pick two more illegal last off hot. Almost like I'm convinced it's all garbage all of the stuff he's day by day and what are we dealing with him what what is that the mood today and work. That's what's going on either end it in the end it can't and that's what it's funny because it is it is like that that last Dave Camp. Before everybody takes. That like long green but I definitely got me going Oliver it is a lot of great six weeks and it feels like OK it's like the end of the hour. School year. What do you do office and what do you do for the summer and I can see you again you know what's going on everybody's happy as hell because they don't don't work anymore and would tell you what to do. Because the next time it's all happened will be able to tell them what to do with only show opened July. In July and in you know we can't really starts sort of celebration personal again. He can't it's a little different probably than school where you date you don't field trips that can be like park. I'm a lot of there. But the Pentagon that we're really am I not put it why did he have a good thing. And I'm. Yeah. What's he can't talk. You can't sit there are preached newest no days off in this community and regional political and this. Because we were every single day we. Ever take it day that's why we're better than everybody else because you don't and and John Harbaugh yesterday which he talked about. I don't know whether it was indeed the patriots are what was so you don't have a quarterback. Everything else kind stagnating and. On how they don't tell the walls. And. Latin. And the last the last part of that was and if you don't corporate watch even practice. We did a powerful there's a lot of talk that the number one thing ovals we used to really get to where we need to go wouldn't affect their quarterbacks doctor. There was little of all the blog is quote I don't armour said it the right usually have here with you don't have your Corbin and miles just. Day off don't click on that mark will Michael well. Quarterback is out there he's healthy and he's playing well comes on par via the stole the ball well yeah he's running the offense here is allows everything else to develop shoot us you look. But I want. Paul look people are not probably not sure I I don't bother you said that if you don't later cornerback in its own forms and undertake a whole week my Joseph oh okay job on blu. Who to start out there a lot of fun to throw it out now as he is right fashion. So here's the deal is they're not pressure you said the shift and acres. Is not pressure right now Tom Brady to literally take all of these people all of these receivers all the jumped. Two months him. Yes no yes he should VC III do think he should open up the invitation alone. Well you ask because usually got locked up because all you're gonna waste all the props on element of the Chilean. Think of it or can't you just settlement and in Glock on all he's gotten advice. Oaks and. On who enjoyed math split was now either via the white guys now to a Matthew do you know who. Matthews you correct. Me out of he gun I don't believe calls absurd I would lead Patterson what he meant that in India Resop mound it's you blame Malcolm original idea that you guys don't belong there when you're not what are you going to turn it makes it. None on and on and I don't. Yeah yeah Livni can't live that life on and I doubt that I doubt about that light area and out of Atlanta and the best I know you can't wait no I'm with you know he would do it somewhere else like some legal training camp near some something like an uncle. Going out this guy's ego honestly we announced she and I think anything. I think he's quietly announced illicit we tried last year throwing the ball OK off I believe what I always told you about football but it'll make that the ball deceased what do you know it's worth it's worth I think they'll do it like yeah you know they're like some college athletes are not going at all. Well you are already gone altogether. And I might not cancel the whole and somehow like you know he's NC somebody's gonna mistakenly Ingraham a picture. And he's gonna find out how that's working out of box oral dose of last year. I had a long time stamp and I'm going to attack. Enough and should not enough bodies and Angela they would you can hide Montana. Where he is you you could hide. I don't know nobody that that we and that if if you're at this the road it's like a month and it's like family it's like kids there. Shouts of there Guerrero obviously there. And meet you to assure us would you want vacation. I know you'll deal I am myself. A jar of peanut butter and jelly makers on the you know. Day old rattle of the institute's mission out of it and finish and don't you take a shot at the tigers took us. Don't go there and I notice is oh and I don't act like they're not there and every member of Gisele is designed teachers she doesn't have the time because I think we should all get one of those two to two clubs Zell also different reasons obviously the wind so yesterday was what some type of a Valentine's Day what Argentina Valentine's Brazil won't won't won't won't best of their mail. Clinton left participant there are some like the kiss of the pedal and had no idea of an Arctic. Should accept. I think has lost a language that sounds good holidays and I don't sodas holiday this guy or not is where guys totally lose it in the ages after we're lecture it's like that is that a main. And the I'd hate to make fun of Tom Brady was off seasons for the Obama for. The whole what you think well how his policy holds what this offseason was about you guys are down playing. Are actually lose Maki light. Just because he's golf but he doesn't he's not modest they noticed that when mommy atlas that article some analysts visits the local high Sharia I charter college. Let me now all of the ball treasury throw it out to you don't golf. No no you know go. There is a man I don't like there was no I'm not golfing dollars for him because I it's not so when I started had a multiple kids and if you went from 103. Was the only deadline I agree has won easily in golf with one yes until right now would let Biden want different or what you got five. No needles golf and the close of the family they go golf and to get away from the payments could point unless what. On the last why it is a business network team golf Audi. Lots of businesses don't on the golf course it's bad. President Phil Mickelson to wiwa libel older golfer hey how did he do it how you don't want went under armour shoes and eat out but it under armored air. And he's got to go after real well I asked Guerrero on the golf course and he's gonna regularly. I got no work Kevin plank the CEO of under armour he's not there this so we got Mickelson and we get Rickie Fowler. We get investment banker Jamie done. Okay investment banker credit I need cash I'm trying to take it. You're laughing late I well I hate hate bill if you do you solid and yeah. A lot of point I'm gonna take this global but I don't think my monitor who would do that right. So I'll hopefully he'll he'll finance. All the TV twelve across the world talking about we're not talking about just you know here in the US low. Wolf I just apologize to all the callers you who were calling up and and ripping us for making a big deal about all of this crap those the text as those that were on Twitter 'cause they were absolutely right. This is we wasted our time. All about the OTA some of Tom's gonna Pete Thomas can do whatever Tom wanted to do. And until yesterday and we wanted different from Philly yesterday by sitting there doing it day of portable at Fenway Park and a blow on the rest of the of the week off. It's important so the first good call yeah meters I apologize a thousand. You were right we'd blow job and I heard so many different people talk to us like you don't think that they've done before I can remember when it on against they have Joseph Perry said I believe it was still going to stand with you I can only be one day holiday surprise. I know I can read those like he's done before but it's at the last day one day yeah. Like a reward you guys have done really well journalist and one that he did that they are negative but is it few days following today a court at all. The entire week anyway that they do everything we thought the whole past you looked at Monday that it boat on. The boat and MIT casually look at Monday and said Tom didn't gel. What we don't. Paula I guarantee you would you. I guarantee it of the Shah what are we doing this for the victims the requirement in this yep they'll be shown. In the afternoon on the other station that'll pop open in bring this one that's exactly what bill wants to go for the offense out bills out of the want to ozone water he's got one foot and a retired I'll yeah. How to pick the other yeah is out get a one you want but the boat wanted to get a deal August 2 week is I would bill. The you know the the guy that is into organization. Into the subtle things that we need every single second of ships. Suddenly blow often hire a week. He's done Josh McDaniels taken on matters that might take over I. Car so it is opening up the whole world like you get OK because you're going to be success if you if you look if you can learn from you gotta learn all the faces right. So let's work face. Variety and now make it to sacrifice his right. And then there's a font face right okay so we get to blow. Felt the blow yet to name it something cool you know maybe cryptic notable local people to never get dad something like that and what their local people lowered its. Like if you know what when he heads are ranked Ana. They know exactly who and yet it's like rookies like rookies come leader certain players like you know certain older players like by the younger guys suits the governor's address. Were to look at kind of mid tour you would tell you how we roll. Right so it's just go. Maybe that's part of the part of the equation because it it operative I don't know everything. OK so. I don't really like the water but can you tell me anything about. Fishing and everybody Jim Johnson doesn't downing Q last June I let the horses right Alec horse racing. I hate courses. I don't like it boring but I guess that's the package right got a BA coach an opening up your whole world and I guess I'm gonna learn to all the world like you. As well nobody is I don't know that don't know I don't know settlement and they can't lectures none of them can lecturing us on no days off. And every single day we do this and Tom Brady. It you know. Says hot night every single day of camp is so important and that's a you get to the final game that all that first weekend in February all of us are softer to compete against any of it wasn't about her life pictures aren't gonna. And I you're playing golf a Long Island with the mentally I heard that it was everything that we in the betting line is on now what do you think Germany and the dollars are suited to actually Johnson thing Mickelson goes up a course without a few bucks. You know what it's exchanging cash and cash involved a one Guerrero get an editor at five dollars a British and the idea that. Older. Dad. I think the putts on Thursday's got a dual band work. It's fair reality so I'm if I'm trying to because this is this is big business golf balls hour as this is not months falls and OTB twelve I. Yes this is work guys though because this and miracles it was a Mickelson miss who's got a guy. Yeah I Don get a guy's done you need do is to be done if you're budget because the investment bank all that's utterly unique analytical Ricky Allen really dollar dollars an all about him Wear orange and Jeanne doesn't know yet. Did we don't think she's his you know maybe he's adopted for things like uncle Brady to professional golfers. Of the great it's a lucky to get this it might that's the first question got asked about why you felt lucky to be done they want to money. Not just the guy golf that this is the connection isn't this the guy and all that they're just there with done deed the CEO thereof whatever companies with a monarch Kevin and beat him he's the keys to connect the guy and it's got a golf complex on what the conventional course that's what is whatever that series. I don't learn their sir I do believe jelly on the course course as you can't normally get on what he says these are your enemies the madam middleman in army between the golf union PGA into over the gulf of samba football. On we were and I tell you what we're wasting our time in our money either so you wanna gloves really just fun listening to filled Nicklaus and they fill you golf do you sixty's or there can. It happened all right I don't need your help and it would only get you and I we talk about this but this is these seniors to I don't know and we at least we also I could prolong your career I can't makers doesn't reflect an accident that hey I think you're right we just little stuff. Those stupid published interviews when I guess we should give best in the world analyst retired when bush today that tiger. It and it feels a punter sucks now that's really going to right now Buick he needs to shift its focus messed with these gold tiger tiger needs your help. Listen tiger for way too bold don't you lay out the weeks and we're okay we're gonna trim down and apply ability usually what happens. Our ability and you know you all your low key units that you like she got out that. No socket. Would you with a teacher anywhere of course and who loved him. Of course that would you would Wear a services islets there. Love's death and a bit that instead we did it when that plane was not excited about it. It's getting goofy you know why I love my wife he tell you what if you love your wife. I do the ground running around I saw you doing this I saw you running your hat around like crazy Saturday night it will get together that's different he was telling you what to do January when I do it you try to act big enough that she can navigate your luck guys and you just melt it right away I was and I don't. Bernard I was listening guy I never heard right away Heidi more in my library and an evening with your. All there had to do was. Give him a look and he said he dropped his drink and scurried to run them of prosecution. Every tackle on Iraq Boy George Carlo Honda bridge loan or. So much fun to one of these you know earlier and you cannot break the program. Two generals basically I knocked on the block. So the role of bailing on this so Brady threw a bonnet and grumpy about it Nobel bills and he told us it's her. Yeah or. Heard the Mossad and so there he got word some boats in the water like right now. Right now I did not till Saturday. I. I'll be there tomorrow pat and that's but that's not how do you even sister had. A few things that there with a straight face that talk about the patriots play I'll exit incidents and all my guys do away every single minute this is my New Coke acknowledged and every facet of the U they don't. The way I like this many legs of capitals try that we would drop if you hold off no question about it but it is there's still a lot of it was it's the patriot way is still define doing anything for your team. You're watching Olympic gold will make the corner it's what's best for the team I've there's also another park it's a little updates and Tom Brady. It's called nobody works harder it's helpful if that is during voluntary OT signal that the. Although I don't feel like it's now slightly I hop tees in the I ha book. Actually that's a great I thought that the pitchers they think let's listen. Still gray paint case drew me to be prostitute you whatever that whole thing and I loved it. A bottomless coffee and you. Know that we also got some good burgers. We call glued to burn her out good W eating taking it. A Kenya that would take a bite into the real that it is better than you expected. The birth so there. Are other. Well the world's well so okay now imagine that they did added on another world has flipped upside to change with the times Andrew Luck is throwing the football and Tom Brady is. Okay and employees were shot article was was Harbaugh was he throwing them a little bit yesterday was he playing a little game was needling. Brady because we don't pass brothel notable out of range admirals I would say yes very vague you know yes ticket sales but apparently he's right. I did you try and others have got to study the rule book and you know figured out. Filled out. Last last week about EA's board HD ready for the 56 weeks to tighten some things fall camp starts. In the last three days ago quarter hole in my office now OJ. And I didn't. I Harbaugh and that is what quarterback it's a waste of prick in time so why don't problems out there working out Yates he normally is another team redundancy. We would be ripping him apart so what about this. During their young players Modano line although it's in canceled the entire week now drives Charlotte. Why wouldn't I know about it off on this and it reflects a team out there that the whole team there glued to quarterback against the last two days it's you know a gated OTS. They accomplish a lot. But here because your quarterback never showed. It turns into a different discussion probably and that it might have that the data that we might as a reason why they again got interrogating doctor may be put. But the influence we keep on talking and we have over the years. That the influence on the young players of understanding what it's like to be part of this organization. They didn't know you know you you you turn over every rock every single thing must be done every single day every little detail whatever. And that they command these new kids and he suddenly say we're gonna play corn hole on Monday and then the next thing you showed impulses and also on July 20 or whatever reason they don't. What elements of the Sarkozy and his NFL of them and let them where 5851. Units are typically. Eyes that that's embarrassing words 58 McCord yeah when it wanted to Cornel was the first sign it okay completely exaggerated that a lot of the stores repeat this to death. That is I you know it's too early. Because I was here like you to check them horrible channel we're gonna down channel XO. Accidental and out on on wolves Georgian yeah and it was the. Now. At this point don't know what else you know the call we'll just have to do you have got Ali just was doubtless yeah yeah. Good luck. There's a lot of guys that. We the rookies Lisa what do you have to do you know all that we know that you know he's the bar. It is. An effort twelve hey guys like hey don't behave in the barn and yet that it could do it. You say the last couple days of actual training camp yeah I don't I don't end of spring training you're like do were we doing here where we've done everything. At the end of camp we done everything. But OTAs. There's nothing more to do. Now that we're going now. My daughter excuse there's a few people just exaggerated typical sports re usually. Mixing things up it's no big deal can't quarterback in there who cares they canceled the last three days essentially votes he ate nothing different. Nothing's changed and the key to their checks and there's organized this kid he's going at least. There if if that's what Chatham is doing then all of the things that people like that other members are over the years that that we've body into a lawn of the unity you do this extra work and it really pays off or read it pays off in December while there and then your other teams that can't think the last days after all because prior to its new depots like no other but made it missed the last predict. That the. Apatow none of that stuff meant anything. But it's not that important and we overrated in the nation because you can't sit there and rebuilt by the patriots. You know dot every I cross every T unlike the other franchises in the league. And that suddenly with a patriots decided and they blow off the whole week and a couple of hours and Cornel guess what you can't sit there is that it can only. Live data via. All you're doing is you just you. It. The site back up to the pay back Harbaugh point yeah I I think there trolling the teacher and a couple couple different ways definitely. I when their one Harbaugh was talking about the correct position how important is that you can't do anything blah blah blah. The other one is the Mark Jackson the margin outlook and which Israel is gonna Boldak and head. And they're young Michael Bay and urges him Joseph Flacco is that your is going to be crap itself. That guy I think part of it this is due to get them Flacco lost his ass I don't you well but I I don't think like is gonna lose his job on the TV and getting hurt. Lamar Jackson is gonna play all the using the different yeah she's trying to play and and what he's gonna be then that the next Kordell Stewart that's the way they're going to progress him. Into a starting role eventually. Kordell Stewart the same thing when Neil O'Donnell with with Pittsburgh now. Our interest her interest only and so they'll throw back to the patriots because everybody said that the day of the draft patriots wanted to IR Jackson's out. That was my husband out a winner I'm fine how political we got a great quarterback draft the U anyone who exactly how they're doing the little people who think that there is like other teams are thrown seated. Like you don't think that happens I don't know if that's emotional and so I'd go yeah that's not to the paycheck what did you over his I think it could -- all connect yeah it's weird way but also the other themes of is is the big connected to bill for. Yeah like other teams like the Baltimore Ravens should be very careful because they can do the patriots still gonna kick their ass in the paged are going to be twelve and four with all the crap that we're talking about now. It's if he notes we'll see what happens when you really get a troll the patriots right now scale more weight to atomic Billy Billy is our trauma patriots that that's my advice to you. I don't know I'm not saying we are all talking about any sexual fundraising going to be consequences and repercussions. When they're needed. And that they're doing it. And a lot of you reprimand to a little special weekend to Apple's voice if we're sitting near praising the patriots Iraq for spending every minute Iraq every hour to prepare for all of these games. And that's why nothing. Ever despite a rise in February or January or not we can't show that they're suddenly this week insect. Deal. They're very they're no different this appears new slash. He needs the practices well. And they sacrificed if I'm not attack what do you do the same thing on our. As an adult place we get played again he pointed people plated. Matt Chatham plays the game others played and Kim played a game anymore questions until it is better and everybody knows Jesus tees. Hasn't does that but I should be I don't know it's I don't whatever diseases and of course was when you when you look at the Bill Belichick tree so authorities okay nice when you look at bill valedictory agriculture target young catcher do you consider. Mike Vrabel. One of I can branch off that tree yeah totally me very suggests we'll just watch technicality because he was owners vote Jesus and players now because he worries he Urban Meyer and bill. And on the does that coach you've learned to game of the bill. But that's likable either you don't article the other guys outlet store branch not just it's funny like every day every effort should Mike Vrabel let's bring it all got major bridges that you get these little things that are coming off from the sides he's a little there I'm gonna tear down like a young hitter and when she got back Vienna the tray he's. He's not a bike easily available how we don't want him to fail so badly. You know I've played he's not a need yeah ballots are actually contacting the cubs are. But he learned under urban homeowner who cares if you're right I deserve retaliated saying you're right they're loving I thought are not here to protect. It is the politically because there's a long list of it's coaches that are underneath that legality. Who can't vet dad had that it had note that says you can't. The road as far as we're not millionaires to request that you would help of the spots putting him under an umbrella wasted time can we ever ever since the break would be far more valuable to you guys going on for another five seconds. I was at the phone call 617. 7797937. We apologize we wish you'd done a bottle Latin. Sports Radio. This offseason is going to be about what. There's more to think about the news and I think that's if you commit to confidently. And that they commit a lot to me obviously goes both ways. Can't retrieve Nicholson may be on Ricky followed me beyond its value of Jimmy thought distant cousins and beyond. I wrote the investment banker Jim downs like maybe the comedian Jimmy does the attempt it's different guy maybe we've got a confused. I let's get the phone calls on this Scott Tim brought them what's up Scott. Hello Scott. Yes. Couple points. A they. He capital. Even that market area and move probably earlier for the the only. Yes yes that is the puritans like you do yeah it's I believe that doing them. He held. Screwed up to global. He lost some key players on this team he what he left a message and now they're on a car I think. Belichick who got a 20 or otherwise that would wreak would've come home. Welcome Butler and Patricia would have snatched them up as quickly we let it it was. The reason behind them the keys are kept in back. All of that stance. Principle in Apollo I think it was a real reason why I went and played Patricia would've snatched him up so quickly. Into a would have come out. She did snap a month ago. After good play with petitions. Because you'd want Iran. I have to run and Detroit in one. So you're you're saying that Belichick and not know try to get to occasion you're going around about way serious into Belichick's sabotage the Super Bowl and now he's trying to sabotage. The 2018 season. Well okay sabotage the 20 boy I think that's equally bad unbeaten played Butler and it wasn't what was best for the team. But he did it anyways. I think a personal reasons. And that I think that's key lock key player on the team McLaren couldn't method of doing what's best for the team about a one I think when you when you get. Now those guys got in his message. And winning beach at that point. This call all the practices. CIA I I figure I think you ran have a great point but I would look at Wayne Johnston. I think he did not like to comment made by the team that beat them during the Super Bowl and he said you know lot I'll show that when Johnson. I'm middle of the guys have the whole week off. And an eagle Cornel on Monday no heavy lifting right now and the rest of the weekend the week off and then can the Eagles bitch about it now can they say that it's not fun. Playing for Belgian how much fun as it is Joey came in here right now on city guys. Take the next few days off. Let's talk you know we put this together we thought we got this to be done right completely wrong but he's got to some system dot don't know unity and it's a big companies. It's just the Jimmy done it on 9/11 Jimmy don't god yes no yes you are talking. Dalton Clark is the difference. I've just joking but the comedian should be done easily and I don't mean I don't know I'd I'd I'd you know a couple of let that thing because I get very angry excavation of the tree down on coaching victory and that's good. Golfer try to go to a yes no and avoided 9/11 because an amateur okay yes I picked the difference now he's played he's played golf instead investment. This is the difference is there's a warrior. Great story that you'll yeah unloaded here. A molding it. And there's no question don't you gotta fill out a little high yield there right at that amateur public really doesn't look pretty good I got it done. Let's go to Dave in a car I day. Agent your weight. Is that they are we don't eclipse which probably possible. Or enclosed pool or because people in late may he can't. All you can make. So we'll. Well I let's not I don't like Osama day about this is quick deemed point I don't like them doing this today I think a lot of good quarterbacks that there's with a hell cares. But if they lose in the post season it's not because of two days off here in June. Oh because regain full court. You're sort out who. From you know 7 AM what time it that they work our political team being paid out so that he. Deviated from that. That you know process then. You could be careful look at it this may have at the fact and try to get. Well won't do that today because that's what we do we'll do. I mean I'll throw that I would do that but if you. My big concern though it's a little bit which you know he could be gone according very likely go on fourteen. Would you tell the political. Well exactly. Drop escalation I had an edit the route where where it'll come up or I'll blame him. Is more so years pass is those first four games those first five games or a guy like Jordan Matthews never finds it gets buried in late that. You know in the guy he doesn't trust in a Thomas and trust him. He'll because he doesn't show up the first three or four weeks of this some interceptions of miscommunication. All of miscommunication early year. We hope I'm not gonna put on the that these these new wide receivers is going to be more on Tom. And I know it's only a few weeks here three weeks but still those things and they complain all the time I don't have practice time. To get on the same page and that's why these days are valuable. So in years past it was like out its cash is not the same page with Tommy just trust of whether it's Dwayne Allen whoever that Elin might be eight. You can't afford to have a full season Jordan Matthews he's brought immunity guy include your ilk to actually contribute. And just not that taught us that trusted so will everyone knows going to did you work now that that's enough that's a good point in entities often we see that there's no connection with some of these recidivism isn't AFC title game at a time saudis today I. If people will because they connected loop like you're right somehow we via line drawn there will be always you know appeal to practice the examples last three last week about general Korolev finally have a ball and but what does it tell over what does it two in Dallas deleted every single practice he's been slow all I have I thought I heard Freddy's president's trust I don't read the words report on Billy. It's like that he was getting. Physically. I pushed around. In shorts in shorts technically not really it that's the one thing so if you can only do one thing and that block. You can never. Current news. That is why he won the field. So well throughout their state and indeed they do and you can block anybody to do away is basically what. Allen and that is what difference with the football it's like that baseball legacy of reportedly don't get thrown around it OT eighties. Those job at being jeopardy camp with the seasonal what you whatever you baseball you shop spring training and the week if you let your dad's been in the league and take whatever to get. All sort of over fourteenth cares only shot at a couple cares you get ready for the regular season we know that the gonna start off slowly got to kind of don't get to that point eventually. Where's football it seems that I hit a bad note today's America and in the offseason but I can cut before the campy and start out. Here's Robert Reynolds case. LO rounded up after in the on the nature. The proper. It is I think it's possible yeah Guerrero out this ride. Banned substances. That might look so so turn to element for a minute. I'm can't we find out. Whether it was working with any other training are in Guerrero I got to leave them or can find that out with the RU ebony does Wednesday. So we know it deftly worked with other trainer. Yes yes we do you know strength coaches and you can't trainers is different category but he says it's straight go to his he's working on that than what he's also working with the patriots that for a. OK well maybe I'm mark is so are dirtier the puck will go. On that any other go to individuals might have given them banned substances all our. Is the anchor pointed directly at the rare it's rare with the most likely one. Now you defenders and pointed at anyone and everyone saw the cloud unfortunately you don't meet your personal trainer. In one of your client gives bang I'm sorry it's gonna come back here and it's not a good thing right so Guerrero is one of a becomes a statement right away and he has others. Nobody knows when it came from. No figure that really you to focus on settlement on its own. That's what I'm glad when he's forty rat pack and she. That's. Appropriate. Right actually trying to lose a child doesn't you know try to do that Alex now I'm I'm using reporting you don't know now. Now I don't know if it's. Well probably thought is on a moment it's and boy it's on at a because he made a final decision. But I don't know of too many athletes that it do that much research and go find it doron is always influenced by someone it's as if you're a constant. They don't care what art but some comments he made. It's pot they're wrong and Grady have a concern that it would Guerrero and that might even downed saint. Talking about unknowingly. Because it's. I don't I don't Colorado rob you just sent to the legislature went events unknowingly about Dubai and you just pointed the finger at element if you point the finger at little man. For him getting caught then why would you point the finger at Brady and and grow market they get caught. I I don't and aren't they are well forty Eddie Guerrero. But I element when he says I don't know I really think that our. He knows would have you believe in Washington now how might I don't come out rock he knows what happened he he found you know somebody. Always going to help him recover quicker he's 32 years of of H come errors but I believe he's got to say that right now while it's under repealed and isn't. Is it my own when it comes to my experience like you know in baseball issued a lot play at the younger kids. The younger kids that I like frightened to get there that will will on the American boastful player knowing had to take a bite to advice from so a trainer in the Dominican or. Wherever it might be your you know that sort of like these just take this stuff that'll help the and they don't ask questions right at the and they see the results and all of cited. When you when you've bed and league's long enough in their professional athlete long enough that at the highest level you get the big leagues NFL NBA whatever it is. If you don't know everything that's going in your body were up I think all of them do. Then shame on you you never would ever take it NFL announced everything's NFL approved on all of these all of these substances and whatever it is GNC whatever stuffy plane that I didn't always in it. We are at that level. You ask questions and it's up to you know everything that goes in your body you'll just blindly some guys that hey take this. It would ISIS'. You know not take him in trouble what is it I mean Andy yeah so younger kid who's just doesn't knoller. Might just do whatever it takes away at that level. You unknowingly taken damn thing now 32 year old player who's coming back from a. Is he a jury early though but have you puppies over the counter stuff. We have when you won't want more children have went into some of them you know how they actually how they categorize certain things. Rightly one day it's that you can look at the pack. Packaging and an account of stuff because they NFL approved you don't take it. As NFL little local on these on these things and Obi started due to it's his NFL local markets approved. If you if you don't take itself with a logo on that shame on you. That's unknowingly you simply don't send. I guess what used to do is get grab that stuff and brain physically boring into the trainers and have them prove it but he and an on campus. Now of course you gonna do that but if you're 32 year coming back from a serious injury and take every area. I'll probably not be decided I don't know six all right did you said he would use it. Yeah terror began muscle anybody. He'll want to whatsoever they some HEH arms competitor if if you're if you're trying to come back from a serious injury like that you're 32. I don't have a problem with somebody taking each PH been effective that they probably should approve it okay in in the league because it. He's gonna face any scrutiny and any of this nobody is gonna sit here. And forever destroy. With Julian elements career it's what ball whoo yeah. And I stood to what was it you want to this afterwards it was yes that that guys around the league. Suspected him of doing a bucket list we'll get some of securities that's good he's leap of who published equity and coming only come back tees. It's. And. I would try to. But he shouldn't be doing research and provided where there is no reason elevenths play Jones at the dump. As for the civilians are about whatever. See here's what some of these people was saying about this instant relief Christians who doesn't hear crosses asked. Four I thought it was just for Tom Brady maybe it's for the entire patriots but he's all without. Adam left go. And this is Chris Simms on the Julian settlements stuff. Julian that a man is one of the guys that is just through years of conversation here and there are guys you know have a cup. But do you think he's on something like those kind of things that happens last hand right. Well it's I guess that it's a special billed as a special wiring because people always marveled about Julian a little bit. Players like Julian black or white slot receiver. And he is one of the few I can always have it dead he looks like he's faster January 9 that he was September night. And that was always a little bit I think red flags for a lot of people in football you're telling me that people than thinking this way yeah they're allowed to actually had a Ben's bed there's a lot of people that deaths. There they've been suspect of Julian adamant. So first of all what does black or white have to do that did that play into. And why did you guys that ran in the yet to throw that line in there OK Tom what is that you question you're gonna. You lost the ball. For a long time Lou you're Europe fanatic. Have you ever looked at him and thought that. At that point in time they'll let you look at Julian Edelman his size and his speed. And said he doesn't. I'll say this and really it's a kind of I don't look at everybody right right but I'm just saying what does he fit a he's had an injury history yeah he hasn't exactly been a god it's on the field every single day takes punishment asks the sole civil Christians just tell me that they're the same conversations about Wes Welker. Wes Welker actually put more in this content via voting union has been some injuries to join. So I mean I think it's careless c'mon they're all yeah I know everyone's always been talking about him I mean how does he. Do I swear to where he you know it out at the same thing I mean. It's because I was a look at that that specific position and I try to remember how it started like who was. Who started that this and I and I and I really think it was. Ben Coates. Who's of relief you know recent run this'll option route penalties deflects a mountain to bulletins chuckled bought it matter what I was going on these 200 passes. Bad and it was Troy Brown. You think that about sort of round how does he do it how to hold on guys that it would tell us what you're welcome Anna and I'm just a career on the Eagles must look at Deion Branch. David Givens. I just to me it's a and M I heard that at. I think it's the real careless yeah its closest lazy and you know but now that now there's this this story out like he got pegged as title he's been doing at all. How do you pick him out first is any other player in the NFL I would look at it this Wednesday. I would I don't know Jodie Nelson doesn't write knowing I would not be shocked at the shots is that any idea about I've ever seen it back like that all politics. Drugs I I would I don't know. You're telling people for thinking this way about their title Ben's bed there's a lot of people that the assets and our they've been suspect of Julia I think you could say that about any player in that league I want Alex to a crawl yet so. I don't admit it before and yeah every. Everyone black hole to save it what you like Lorena. Look at welfare and a few. Is that and knowing that sixteen to sixteen to fourteen games fifteen or sixteen how does do that music each and every week we look at an omen. He has cancer African duo gets banged up as he plays so hard he gets a lot of entries you missed a lot of games over the course of time in his career here in New England. Mean all of that six now nine these thirteen games 9215149. But missed all year third two on third two. Yeah. It doesn't know you you take that. With the age off the injury and then you know you count make him. Your own mind from from there on out. Look at this Mike Florio reports and input from his post this than three days before the draft pick you to making calls what possible Rob Gronkowski trait. Is that our league source the patriots are calling the team to a possible to concentrate as recently as three days before the draft. Coincidentally or not but gusty and nearly three months of uncertainty regarding future by declaring publicly played 20182. Days before the draft that was a meeting with Belcher program. It's not know what the patriots wonder whether deals actually close if it wasn't ever got a couple of Brady. Made a power play and craft mini boss moved literally never got to that point four Austin. Some think the page hoping to add assets needed to make humble for quarterback baker meet. Why is a surprise and we talked about this at the time. If Clark is not on board. Caracas a guy that you can possibly deal I don't think any of this is surprising the foul that he's actually mixing. The biggest part of the story and that was the Tom Brady was going to brook high or walk away from the game. If if you know Glock was traded that certainly is a party and brought it every three days for the draft. Why didn't Fallujah whatever you know I mean we probably had a conversation of exactly what was discussed the we have what's if you if you charted the ghost of work. You'd get thrown out their yesterday. We have drafts and a couple of days I need to know I draft and a tight end you're gonna be here this year and wait to move on from me or we gonna get this thing done you wanna play. So they have a conversation everything gets straightened out there we move on. All of the moat across that wasn't the most across press conference was that right around that time wouldn't it was and a so he he did that in and after he did that we also adherents at the bleep is you don't. And your bill check you're gonna be pissed off at this whole ball across the solo I'd be so why aren't you gonna have a conversation with which market that point sigma. What does it and you'll play football care about this you really wanna do this. I tell you will play quarter hole and then I'll give you a couple days off when we do Leo Toulouse and T out of me think it was that. Hey we got to we may have to do this could possibly happen and you'll it was like do we are going to trades around us may make a case commit now. Or you will be traits I did get anything other. It was back that would Lou originally his original series on all of this is that court never wanted to be treated. Never wanted to be separated from Brady and his fear what street did what existed out here in the real world without Tom Brady. And so may spell checker I stalled us in did exactly that Sydney exactly what you just said. Christian you know what I'll trade dress you don't want to just vote question of this crap I'm not put up with a -- we don't do it without around him to deal with. Yeah the playful he's a horse and a little bit too much of me they were kind of allowing it to happen and in. Not really doing anything about it because I know it was trying to ease up a little bit undies on strike as he heard that there are you to change is way a good attitude nurses know what we're gonna have the hand. OK our. I don't want to talk about it. But just but this does make sense distorted and Florio has to make a remembers talking about all of this. That the company should probably haven't noticed the moat across think after they met that was a different grown. Well number but here's ever grow here's where the story kind of loses me when everyone kind of does their old light they and the story for you. Okay was wrong shops yes that did the patriots call other teams. About yes maybe for possible trade voted yes OK that's it. Boom people add up all we know it. It's like those old like you know grammar school books you can you know you don't teams gave the if you want. You know your books we teachings into all the pictures not pictures we don't put them what happened was. A case Dominic Dominic go OK we're gonna do this go around a circle and go after me. The candidate Senator Clinton okay because outdoors so the story ahead right here is equivalent here's Lawrence peace all right so. Are obviously we're a league source the patriots were calling other teams about a possible and koskie treated as recently as three days for the draft. Then cracked her about it as he was honest private tickled to see trump it's by the way and decided to call bill and fed black. And and. Again you know my god use us stuff you thought you theater major and you can't. Do. Code are not doing an improvement through this is realized this is known as Bob you. Read some of them are definitely unconventional and finally ends up by another avenue it's all I I would definitely can retire if you do notice and I and our manager we appreciate your good passes out. I don't champ I don't know if you wanna apologize trauma drunk guy I I don't like this bill I do not like he's he's reluctant restarted the Brady was going to result in general Norman real life you wanna you wanna ask ourselves. You wanna ask him sales operations so we wanted to go on so what it's worth the flannel like now. Really good. Democrat. President. Is that what you really believe. It wouldn't really believed to mediate some brief I threatened retirement. I do not only take that at all take that use its fuel when your whole. Do you except it's expected to. That is the thing I was no it wasn't that it's amounts of stress that you. That's root system probably though these beautiful tumbling do you think Brady was really threatening retirement do you believe that amount in the streets here. Do you believe my god what is Steve Harvey during the day who's on his show. Steve Harvey show was over this article of the jewels of some of well one what's the deal with joyful or when is he talking about who's this Megan McCain. You know you don't want to limit it's so that under a minute do you really believe let me ask this before the break do you really believe that Tom Brady threaten time. That that's the best fortified do you believe that. Tell. This follow you talking Hollywood Blalock do you. I I cannot believe. This is legitimate and real life and not acting okay competitive and a does anybody really. Believe that greedy threatened to to retire who. I don't really realize your tires when he wants to retire thank you but he might be little more vocal and ABS in the past Roloson left. And voices I think he's he's probably been resilient to give it is beneath them sort of Gossip Girl and walking tall beat Cuba for a national that was one point and just making. And can you a lot of I'd like I know you like video off in Boston went along and impersonate I know I know you'll see again lone wolf. Of course lone wolf right regenerate we hit it only got to get to we got to get to the carrier restored because the national media. Is falling forward. Quick look at what's you what's this hook. Good line and sinker thank you very much are gonna ball. That's what they're following four right now they are all over this thing like the Celtics need to unload Calgary Erving right now this is classic. This is great we'll get to all of that.