OMF - The Big O is back! Plus the national Tom Brady takes are as dumb as ever

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 1 - Glenn Ordway is back with the boys after a week off and Lou and Christian couldn't be happier to see him.  Plus Rob Parker comes through with one of the dumbest Tom Brady hot takes of the off-season. 

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On you wish. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and for our final visit of the season with a manager Alex Cora I'm becoming emotional week for compressed again and I I would not imagine that being the case this week. Are struggling and not their number and there's been a good but now we haven't. We're gonna blame bloom alone that's a great point you know how important that is other people are interviewed me and we are struggling in we have one of those guys had all and we. The wind blew in Christians this the survey is this Pope all unfocused or. What is this. And you can pick they are Roger Tom Brady not now but any time during their career you would take Aaron Rodgers. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Tom Brady as you know and had to dole is one of the lucky his backpack act or explain it now on Sports Radio WEEI. This is a rare. And there. I have the the same studio. Looking confused didn't know worship because for the last three weeks he's been sitting at a different does that without ago wow and what good did you did you go outside at all. That's appointments we thought on the did you can't just all it got that does lotion all will be facing now not rubbed it in a white guy you're gonna there's a lot of American guys and colorful of the Catholic relief are we looked like people in Australia where it did it rain all time that you don't Pollard knew a lot of the same thing I asked it looks like he did anything involving a little Disney flick for basically immaculate handy and let you guys. To spray yourself within. This sucks this. I do I'd love an on going what do you do when a vehicle is that it may be oil also added that door I'll come up our an Italian or another here don't they don't expect that it's you know. I don't use like 35 day since I don't know what I. Oh yeah he's the guy that big giant like Bucky had gone I had I had known when and where it's like you think you don't you don't rub it it's so obvious that he's trying to protect his nose. He's got every part of his body covered. You know he is walking around actually do you what do all the people mover things now to rob you latter don't. All in all kidding yeah Jane and it saved my little worn like a big boot. Adultery here it's like twelve months of working like twelve months to twelve miles today at 1112 and eagle in his world title fight with your patience as well. It was ultimately the casual happy I stand on my second hand him back right here this thing that we as he looks. He just baseless statements sort of just David Taylor yeah we sit like he's back and make it. A look totally got to go to Florida and all the time on the floor all of us it is what was. Better there than it is that it was here it was a display humidity as it was it's limited to only have lower doses that parents and I don't. Yeah. Yeah. Always thought about and do some I think it's locked out of it I didn't yeah. And didn't. Want. It. And probably a lot of. Yeah yeah you must have been the most of that era that you had microphones and every other bit of parts along the Lego. At the Simpsons characters that aren't you know what are the only guy in order which if the guy apparently gonna always like looking over the all the girls. Did you do that dad. He's a DD yeah Mikey you've quagmire yes it's like turning quagmire that I think about it does kind of slows things hit you with Kelly into the oil rallies and I comedy styling and I think challenged him accidental rebel is right their knowledge and New Orleans for talent in guns. Every license. Yeah. It is good or bad news is that it is basically talks existing I don't know I don't know where that guy voice is that it can't pull. It down the line. I hope it. So tomorrow Europe for an. Since he told us more we hear often. So this just to have this is Lou an idea tomorrow and their division is about who still going to clog our own bodies still don't know I don't know my way up to his private apathy and Aaron. Ask Alice cool itself I. Annan. Put a lot of pressure what. It was public option he's shown the seasoned adults for example it's only me everybody he's screws up ahead of them accused me like he did last night here using screws up it's on am talk about lack of accountability. Put it on us I talked him. That's yeah that's crap it's religion team played good baseball wheelock MD is right now they're not so good how he should this word relief it would really your full Lou I've lost. It's wishful baseball sinful they don't listen we have had run we had putting hockey on yes yesterday and it basically turned into Willie McGinest. Everything Christian like all of not at all I know you all and I did is always a Nelson Bob becomes a one time. Lou Lou Lou these aren't like that it would let on there. There. Everything with the you know how big is. A little bit. Yeah but that I know we see you would see other guys. The roster probably Luke four and two other guys. But the shall we can do that is you did out Ortiz to death Ortiz who won guest Felicia of course he didn't do or write a lot because it really liked you yeah. Act like you like it. You really have a real laced failures all surface feel good but you could do the same thing with Belichick starting Monday reversing. Say you could do that as Lili L I wouldn't they wouldn't you should go to the bill you know. You know we were in ways that miracles do is we don't know don't let you know what will happen if certain things. Yeah. Well we hope to do ones usually you know you. Bill's gonna do. Bill do you hope we'll do what you do it to him offset them. You know bill it was you know you all log back today don't we go to grind right we've been working dog until Alex never it's it and you know now it's not next Wednesday your cards now and we got you now Wednesday's. Now mr. I thought you played with the U replete. With out of right now but I didn't know that this whole pumping you guys are teammates that I as a acknowledged last year after you did try and Hartley but you know we don't listen. But the paid attention that better way of yeah yeah it's it's again. Don't feel very bad to say it doesn't. Like first it was like a oh but. Sure I'd smoke or unbalanced person to person was it. I mean the other day asking me that after the sweep but by now I'm gonna buy into the steam. Why am I gonna be negative and it yeah you know I you know I I just could not you believe that stupid crime had a nice little way that all of a whole lot technically accurate Ryan. Is accessed at yes no it's not I obviously was I was again trying doesn't know you are innocent move. That could cut the. Listen and follow influence what are in the I'm reserved on a very Disney rods and lose to them it was humbling when you've got it's an urgent yes our space sergeant there with your family watching and you don't. Your fans to bring all your kids post and you sit there and you're monitoring what's going on here why can't lift off some would devoted an aircraft and others like you are selfish and you are beneficial side appalled at active part of it goes on Bates technical backward dark and others combat I read. Am prepared for their party that's why I've never actually leads the state of Massachusetts when he's on vacation I never actually goes on him like standard because you take these they think about it backyard. I go to the biggest. There was a problem I get lots of what's New England isn't even his beautiful beaches I go to beaches or whatever you want to do whatever. I want you ripped in Britain Canada beat just on your beach by house uses. Words without I don't know beat you don't boat came. I'll although. Players out here it is Oakland you know I just figured out notably bull bull horns who got in California get the ball the ball that's of mostly vulnerable. Yeah news would you get out of here and we're not here. We hear again I go to any errors here I got a jet and what did you use. But it did he get far enough. At a yet go to dots here to go to like and aunt Eileen has to be rich if I hop on there to actually really good night he British. Everywhere we have or here for those visuals. You know affairs official yeah 800. I don't JD is just a bunch of rocks they embark upon Anbar this Embarq Embarq definitely go. Likes him markedly smoother and oceans and that's epidural is fighting an election. Our our beaches until I'm told congress that would drive like that like related blog some bad about to happen normally as a candidate come from behind to six hours in the late Italy's wind is not highlighted so I have a parent or July and those in our pop up when it's low tide in the late her. Artistic thing you know it is expressed little guy you don't get that solved the title colleagues you've heard. Sure a lot more or on the east got to watch jobless fresh water sand bars are you friends are good when you go Nagasaki you for the sharks have a weird 9/11. She's with the late sealed tracks down to it that this past yet we are yet little of their although police program note that estimate that in the keep closing beaches just. I mean that's got the Plymouth. He did Libya and Soros and it all draw our. Well there and we acumen of those beaches and -- south of LA there was they have the the oil rigs with their their pump and oil remain what does that don't you don't go to that beach that's like not even like four blocks that's a beach that's no hassle it's not a beats like you stay away from the oil slicks in the long is that which you just avoid the black spots so apparently the scorer was so for wanting it on our staff he's leaving the show. Yeah that a little crime in this on these days it's our final visit of the season with the manager Alex Cora emotional Alex and realize this was going to be so emotional Alex. I'm you know. I'm becoming emotional. Temperatures are one thing we're sure I know. Words in like people try to. It's a night we started struggling in they're not doing their equipment and that now happen. Now it changes because other people start interview mean and we are struggling we have one of those guys that's possible is their struggle not out. It's too. We're gonna blame Lou Malone white or anything else. Sorry I got a good look at the plate and going out of the patriots let me. And over room. Of the movement second of the steam and sucking up to corps on the ground when I thought about it and I got by and on what occurs by and now again you're completely changed he said it if you don't act like. ID three passes again I will. As it and other tech outscored. And do that so our toll chorus lighting the menorah citing the record of the team right now and saying that you know for go south on us if on him yet. There was a bridge until it was he's the only game last night if you see a guy go out there and goal five innings. Four runs seven innings five runs 675 ERA instant follows last about it. Yeah I heats even if you've got everything you could get out of them in that period of time did you not. I was you know I don't I left him into custody at Allegheny sitting in a go 70 heck of Alaska Z hurt. Exactly hasn't pitched in in this month in the vicious month is that the only doubt that I miss something on. I was on vacation you don't know I think he's still around but. Already that point now I had last they Lisovicz at the last isn't an advantage to woody don't I think you have to meet regularly what he's getting lessons innings. Two runs. Then he got the out the odds and it was into the Russell Martin walked that in my because he left the minute Michael can you leave me gotta go hitter to hitter Diaz he struck out would block singled I don't know where every once. That's his role right first second to a third inning of a day and a total up at Heathrow Sunday night that mess of an inning when price came out the third inning two nights ago the last night. To get a third inning and they go to Bridget Jones added and while estimate. I don't either other than he was fearful of that he wanted to protect the bullpen or worthwhile insanity because she's Steve once right now who. We fully expect the Red Sox who want to win this game but the five innings a couple of innings last. Relentless attack them offensively the back half of the purple there I'm sick about what does happen Bryant Johnson. Ottawa bombs targeted commercial break you look at surprised that after Russell Martin took the walk with one down. There was no activity at the full. I'll say he said he was sick blame Lou reload at the Guyanese right and activity in the bullpen but the league the legal immunity hitter. And I just felt like the pull our single person second now you know. Get out of there. But every clean it up with Richard you know have them clean up third inning again night go to British years ago and six in 06 and two thirds two runs so seven innings five runs. I think he's really good last night. Other prove that he's much better than Paul Marines get his ass out of the rotation. You know five innings four runs or four earned against the Yankees that first thing didn't go so well. But I thought the zeros he put up third to fourth inning went out there to fifth I thought he threw the ball roll all game every day's a fifth starter. We have surprised is seven in six and two thirds to Reza look a lot better. You know what and he he. He reminds you of just that. It's like a grunt right he just he has produced something he doesn't complain. Averaged even though he he could. His ERA to be lower he could be he could have a little bit more credibility and and people outside and always can look at that and say while. Is there looking at the guy Sox but really easy RA. But here local leaders that are going back at guys doing everything you ask him to do it doesn't complain he gives you strong innings eight whatever any. Soul eniac a bat from awesome but I guess that's just kind of like his role like hey when you go seven name sweetie you're gonna get beat up we gonna get you know based around a little bit you OK with that. Shares get. That's a lesson is this a bunch of that if they can do and they can experiment and as screw around with with a nine and a half game lead it's not like who might got a transcript tonight we're we're in serious trouble. I am little thought. Why why you let them continue to go you wanna build the skies confidence this gives confidence. Wait he's genuinely confident unease upright Johnson who's gonna respond I'm not cutting about five miles. I don't feel good about it. To start the game you know we talk about liked David Price following pre sale. And it's just like the stuff has diminished and that's not a good look form you know sail goes that and they faced price so they they flip flop that they want price Saturday sale Sunday which are like. But we get Brian Johnson out there the night after you got drew Palmer it's flipping the same stuff. Yeah 8889. With a terrible. I was like this isn't gonna be set up very wolf Breyer and went up and threw the ball real well I don't care what that final line looked like you watched that game he threw the ball real well he could pitch. But the stuff doesn't blow you away and it's a reason why Henry old has always liked the guy in a minor leagues you know great changeup. And this did here in early before you and he was just a prospect it was a this kid's a better pitcher. He's better than Henry Owens and it's been a struggle for a few years but he start to show little sub again. I can look at is 675 ERA last two starts and say that he get it done. Because he's doing what they need to do was get 321 ERA in his eight starts this year or at the member of the team eight starts 321 and we know the last two went. He's doing everything he needs to do for. But I think we know that there's a limit to his his. He's a playoff guy that's sort the timing of these woman is a regular season to right and he's limited to how long you can keep him out here because there is an expiration point. Tune to his game pushed on direct pay nine and a half game cushion. That they get plenty plenty of vote get a check I missed the the Brian Johnson performance last my flight was delayed feuds and we're not gonna you know I'm. You know I'll let you know those are so early on I noticed I wasn't tweeting it I was not reading it like this usually we should be we should I should be home by. I heard these guys talking about this morning on today recent home right now that's on me no we're not because your selfish self absorbed. Greedy little her viewers into the water that is the law as much or as they everybody needs less than Obama when gland shortly plus he's. It's going to be so the biggest heads thrown out. And got a big impact. On Indian Indian and Atlantic is it is and he's on his original Islam. That's a good candidate realize this and. And it's that is one Kristi you realize that it's just you you you and I and Ryan yeah. As far as the lemonade out of this like a relationship I guess we just expanding our. Our dollar reached a Larry classifieds. And really nothing is out in the he doesn't look like talk to him he really took a look at this and he owes me up with a largely because that's what he was what was the first last couple of days right without let. So we've talked him before the show and we talked to during the break we talked him after the show about you know this big movements of the things that we had. And what he's analysts legal way to glee gets back we'll talk that you actually thought of that plus. He's got into enemy a piece of paper like this turns back on weed than out I've talked about him and it is of that act like him will he or it's right now and we'll let this thing organized. It will be loaded with sound on a daily basis and we'll just have parents and heartland like century like Glenn. Every time glances says it's too which will be a lot you know you've been to Italy at Bryant finally ready Canada. So you gotta keep that stuff you can't just relay where there are. Our aren't Florio lost OK it's you know it is an obstacle this guy and since at least like first model and therefore Ron Kaufman a threat. And have outlets are not as. And a half hours ahead. You've gone through I got a lot of work we stories. And oh yeah you can look at us as you did it comes down ultimately well Paula telling his young went on vacation seat inside and watch the Michael Jackson's funeral the entire time that's all it. Now that was Taylor said he. You don't tell. Yeah oh yeah jail because usually. You Hadley would like walker and abroad. He sat there and us and plus and yeah I had all of a I want to do. Big bold coming next I think moved the family medical problems but we don't know about you know like a rapid vote Belichick the president today. You know what what happens and the young red flags for front of this report that the Red Sox want a month and from him nobody think right. Ranch now. That we know what he's the big rockets it can't be so happy yesterday as a pro that was good when you legitimately NG Diebler and you're finished. Funny guy who's you know whose bodies steam here all I'm going to be visiting pilgrims. Millions who've marketed through a Bob article to jagged rock. Is thought to people who haven't slave ports are a bit of Morocco tomorrow. Not good for so we'll give you the inside story here the Jolie as he likes the bill. A decides he's coming up that is brilliant idea realize there's like four hours before its scheduled or he wants the skills and ideas and yeah he came up with an idea yesterday as a moment lastly the vacation. Take an eagle and guys and put him in the morning there because Montgomery was sucked is that way and sell it decided on putting us in the heard today and he went to you guys and of course Christian is off. Tomorrow is a Christian and you don't. Well no we'll get to them later now we're not elegant party that in fact to talk. I do I've got to that's no good at it tomorrow I'll what did you feel uncomfortable or we need to get to undefeated and beat them. That's a bad so. You would side you're gonna get out at 10 o'clock or is that getting editorial that. And of course I'm a stuck in Orlando and my flight got delayed and unlike those idiots who media people always like to do it now ditch about you morons from the Obama yeah Ketchum. Constantly between air. I tweet that I actually I was in tax the rich and want to and I said yeah I answered minutes into. Yeah we have mud into eyes that I couldn't do this thing object but you know to Joey springs everything on us like hours in advance. Well I don't if you can only that is I don't the real reasons and this is let's just be real right we're gonna star raw real operative hundred out physically active like that which is both you and Howard is that's real talk. Okay what have was glued to remember the last time. We're asked to do the morning show. Do you remember what happened I missed it means somebody all the group. Does the amortization. Subsidy programs like back and I think you. The three events like fun and did an audience that you did you know. We. We did all their bits we did our normal stuff we also did. You were great and it had lied about it you. You know helping us in a panic but Monday night data don't series. You can Hartley termed out of battery problems I. Can almost count the city if anybody else's room. Anybody doesn't stop worrying on again but with a Belichick it will boo you when you roll a little. He's doing the little. After the lawyer My Cousin Vinny but I. He definitely did Glenn. That's it'd be Great Britain but I do know and brokerage we don't like me right now. What's you look at you'll be. Oh I have. There's I don't this is right now. If you talk. While we do and then nothing. Democratic candidates they're crap movies though I liked anyway everything happens to him replace your trading yesterday about it and it so that is with dental it's the death threats to. I think if problems though we're singles and she. Ended up my belt deputy. Its own little honestly just on alluded to talk about yeah. I want bella yeah we're gonna do he shot at least once a month. The video want the trouble yeah I'll go back I'll go for the show promise absolutely Artie he's absolutely I would get we get football. Block it and we have football tonight. All tonight finally a bond you know game you know record it's Brady not. Yet knows the course. Importantly he's the rest of the younger I think he played one would you get used to be the next knock but mostly in the fourth quarter. And I can he pick a thirty better when the political and deal loosely he's being treated all six. Of the legislative. Good Monday. Pigskin. So but that's what we'll do we will over like everybody else well over analyze. What happens in the first pre season game in all I'll do is I'll tell you this right now. Let's remember what we were thinking of the first pre season game last year and then what would you think game when we get to gain 101112. In the regular season further than that. The FC championship game was the Super Bowl game it means. But worldwide series we'll break it all to play into this is beat the key that's. As ambitious as we went without having really isn't that that's your against him last year him over the list of electric you know stars in the game that went down. You know and one locals all in. Pre season or not but it did list of to continue but yes that's that's the biggest key in in gloomy doubles before that one area this team unlike last year. They can't afford that commission a group. The wide receiver Nikita for. Am not at all no so they've been able to get by losing and settlement or losing he'd go wrong. They can't do that the issue with this wide receiver group they really can't lose a no I think. But I was it was a grim news of her Decker you're a composite yeah. I can't about a married and a split of big and round what areas libertarians don't know and our guys can result in. Coal man. Receivers particularly Taylor and accuse any African American Jews aren't. Let's come to pinpoint the money Jones about. Look that's a surprise to build equity and look at the connect shocked and surprised people have jumped on that yet all the white receivers the patriots Obama Boston's didn't really. Oh yeah he went about it a weight that's already you know. And this that oh no we didn't you don't want don't want our own and want behind you now. Merrill Eric Decker now I was watching any of the bee's Bill Belichick has a yes I call them type guy is to attack please. Noted it made me wanna probe also but you know it's cold that's that's what they do. At high noon at times the other guy. Jobless envelope and priorities Lawrence torrid love graphic Doris no popular Pablo Taurus Taurus Pablo Torre yet he has. Let them go. Belichick has a tight he is your friend that hasn't tightening. I'm not saying that Eric Decker is only desired because he fits the type. All I'm saying is that it is really really funny when you're right about that type blog with someone who's bit tight and nothing is better than when they agree to Wes Welker added to eighty dollars. To take his job because we don't think they have accounted that they both went to Texas Tech perhaps. I intended Belichick picked up of marketed it. Which is the stereotypes that people have about like wide receivers therefore you get a little cheaper like Chris all the poor example. We'll try to explain to my outlet ludicrous hope you know political protest of people believe it because he's white so you can go win here he didn't white deals would cheap. With people I feel like. Ignited. And dogs yeah I didn't so every everybody a lot of. Other quotes in the NFL reverse racist who exactly dated erases those white guy and Belichick welcome all and hopefully it's good for the candidates it's also is anybody eat he's in touch with his fan base because it's been based ones like. Sounds like a white receivers don't have any because here they are vastly underpaid now they should they should be site we should be screaming about it Etsy yank if you're white in your receiver you're not going to get paid as much. As a black pursuit of basically what that you know between. It up out there between that skip Bayless is take on light bill is sabotaging. You know. Brady and his ability to succeed because he's giving a crap wide receivers and our goal friend rob Parker rolled it that later don't play yet. I mean I just delegates the year stupid lazy takes its exactly just entered nothing else. And it's all set for the patriots nightly they just. Have to start making stuff up police say automates the open now looks like. Imagination lane they sound dumb or everything to them is through the eyes of race it's tough. It's either dump yeah war you're looking to the lines and everything you see is all based on color black or white hippie. To be into the hills and now Hillary thought I would take a break right back you know the broadcast don't I'm not I'm gonna be right back our power find out what the hell's going on because. I know but. You know like I you know I can't stand you but I thought you were the best thing. But are out doing that he's his own writers I thought you weren't the best thing. To that again overnight or people's loyalty lines and I look at sir what happens if the ratings like now. But the good and jump overs three so big one this week say about the money in your juices berries and juices and put a threat here anyway. Let's. I'm measures as you know why I've searched once 777737. We all the phone lines as well right out here on all and that's all three of us together. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and act on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of lonely and 48 right now plus Sports Radio WEEI. Hey guys all of that Jesus. Let me let me stop right CE together with a special on this issue and I must be affected it's believed the bus but the fact. What better without greatly. Appreciate this it tends to lose wearing thin though I did it to six what do you. Who's well that he's wearing you down a little statistic for a week and I know you're doing your job multi multi role in your life raft points. I don't avoid at all the tenth mountain girl died that's the refrain let's look at her behavior. Pleased that we're not even get ten. And you know we're not every generation now that we're not even on our new shift and already the audience can tell which producers produced which one of these little bits that was so there's a limited that was our. I was at Iowa nine it was a grind it could write regular citizens I get into credit it's going to be a problem did you run goofy is just wrong please look upon actual production. Also saw a jump anyway well are you in Alabama and others tell me about it this knowledge and understanding are more creative try and make an a trusted editors trusting it would get him before were created the drill holes. Ryan pleased wit and an end you have a feeling a lot of pressure right now all the fact that like that you're due to a back together again because. You know he expects a lot he's pretty demand would. I wasn't there who interdiction. And drug addict and on did he ask you to come with them I had a child obesity promise you a lot of dollars he's. Who so public should he show we can defeat him and everybody get going any I don't do it going for everybody. You. Can keep your. If you wouldn't it if I don't think the campaign and not. Get equity. Is that he's Alex here right now which is he's working student big story on the new move. But he doc you Alex talk you out of a true that you talked out definitely younger talent just. I talked a national home and using new media could as a as we expect much brighter great isn't even acknowledged he hasn't document on the income approach you about it what did you know. No while wanted to just wants. Them perfect Lou. Mean that's what is. The enough evidence. Maybe I was get shut out this deal but that's that's OK because were still part of the wolfpack and they're going to be a are you look at what are you taking off tomorrow. An honorable of you look at the party of one and a half hearted. And your own. So we we have to act we we expect well anyway I don't annual well presented faculty and you're done and we expect more on the island along the way there will be here a few bulls are. Oh. You know it is different ships and some different people oh you know what's going to be with other tomorrow tomorrow we're getting so we current calendar back tomorrow right. The back for day. I think there are these are back for an impact today at DRY. And I can't answer that somebody confirm it with Joseph I think I think he is back for one day. But you're not gonna have any more Gerri time. Who know larger time jail time. Jerry you'll deal Fallujah. Yahoo! deal time but will be reversed right does he'll be leaving bullets you come into all across the gap if you do what I know and when I don't priceless is being across we're eliminating we we just we we we wanna start the show on time do the show. And a cross not. Everybody knows after a week or two people are going to know who's on what time right. Yeah the Christmas Day and then unless there's something going on between the shows. Crushes don't make any sense isn't arguments it's actually got it comes it and you know it just kind of hovers odds are still party changes all the TV's academy this awkwardness flew to a government scientists don't know yet. Senate aipac MLB network did not unfamiliar spot for the and I'll. They would do it today and it's Danny over their argument here every day he would change all of the TVs he did not like our choices. Chooses a pretty good now what do we get going on appear we get ESP Antonio we got to show all the air. You know via Wi idiotic is it not his thing was soccer in this morning puzzle we have essar. It is mostly I saw it get to the bottom of this design and really was in the dark with this one. And NATO maybe it has something to do is. You move into the afternoon or whatever. But I saw the schedule for the announcers and basically what they don't and is there particularly guys. Across the street yet over DC Boston joke and it if putting me at the sports have guys in the in the boot on the game. So it's it's so you know it's a legacy it will Ninkovich sideline the other and I Chatham and wrote you gotta go crazy on radio Chatham and wrote you know on the raiders can't wait there was then more will you be doing. I would do we might pregame show with CBS. That there's of the 7% of Latina thing going on Arafat and that's hit our gentlemen prefer retiree and here's Matt Chatham. The breakdown. I don't want a larger segment at 4550 minutes at the jet with only two questions so we. Q at some quality. To so you cannot. Part of this sell trees surprises like right now I'm. I'm being serious when I say they shoot the best part of the Bryan yeah well you know it's these changed and you know a lot of people have different needs and desires and they have you know. Responsibilities in united have the best offseason. So. Some at bats and available and it's so that's Oklahoma so. Application of all of the usually gives us an early violence and it's one thing right it's always wanted different things this would amount that is what you were allowed on not only. We want to know that on him but don't want to know about you ought to just like you. We'll all be one you don't want people to think people don't know about is that everybody in this business everybody difference. One off their friends and be friends or fake friends whatever but and everybody talks everybody. Everybody knows what's going everybody's trying to everybody's business I don't care who you are what you do remain. Like and I wanna know that you work Florida. I mean college students should be stopped. It's shelf with NBC's the excuse I think yeah man hunts needs to know you Leslie. So with me that they're gonna run that action away dates Johnny yeah. And nobody on the front nine a funny old colleague Brent CBS guys at the CBS sports network not public event I don't. I'd sacrifice I'd probably did my favorite job. To state all you guys you're greater god Faber was flying on you Friday night subdue western Kentucky oldham England that it Obama and other Democrats with the yellow bug that there weren't the only network. The only network that gives you the time for the show's in my into the we got this week I got western Kentucky south Alabama. They get this will single event actually just PM mountain time. Well you guys never watched the wrap up show that 3:30 in the morning I've watched you know I don't throughout I never seen you so you it was dedicated TV ads probably Tuesday at him I've never slowed and I don't occasionally. There I don't know where it is real it was honestly I I would show up I would show like you know to the studio leaders like as an article. What teams do we have I didn't know these we had to actually set down. And I think it's enough as saying yeah I asked one of the guys and hey let's leukemia. I thank you sump and on San Jose state and accumulated literally one piece of paper with no notes whatsoever. They seem pretty well plus show saying per. To. Sink a dual. Little loud and yes you know we're traveling also lead and we're doing a show of good new Yorker where I am all our scrap yard hole. I'm sure you register your view on the regional cities and that it reported flat this is a hundred dollars games now. So which called loose thing you need to apologize to look things. What you think as a network and you said he is is network that was his network. He wants backwardness of the spy network OK and we'll monitor policy act I noticed NBC sports boss yes that's not a it's special that for a while we content with sometimes there's a company at least six Comcast I used to hunt Robert. So while I was gone sports boss while I was on my charities he's got us to a new NFL network and I don't know isn't. The rumor. Certainly NFL network isn't a tournament men. Really. And martial arts is telling me you know I don't could really be good where else would you be good MLB network is a perfect for them. If he has not out there. Him. Here. Now why did you stay in San Fran we we talked about that yeah by the way by the way he'd eat it if he he's he's Bryan win hearts and should not and we are those of the NFL's analogies go on this team does penguin allow him to take the angry might character with him because. He'll want to read everything didn't take Leila you think that says it is elect this guy that he built up. And now the goal on his way you know spread his wings what you are folks in an angry yes that's that's that's not something when. The charities that you events and he invented included some public enemy and alternates they have no bench over there and running NBC sports boss Phil and I can't see that that is that NBC sports Boston lots and lots of an obstacle when it was on and based on a show on NBC bought believes that constantly now thank you. Yeah no longer elements which are in focus on NBC now because she's no longer than any care anything you care about anything other than hockey. It's social media stuff billions at New Hampshire. And the maker dance if you like breaking that down some random like ball our enlighten me. Yeah yeah he's big mama reasonably well we want to believe he's he's great about debts and so is the big ABBA thing. All right Stabile their pocket anyone's I think you're right no bench they don't look at poppy and I don't know what you're yeah. Starter not. Popular sense your star I don't know that I don't know I don't know that they had to tell you don't fall there had been a goal back before and NBC sports Boston. You're star under the needle would always helicopter and addictive and it's it's caught shelves shows that he's an app you may be important employer which are star. Over there you cleverly let it all on the weather when there are going to be it would take up on that taco stands still a lot of work. A domain got blown out artists ones I met glossed. Candidate Matt. And you all again. Belmont park speaker again I don't recently gold zones. Are not taking graduation. It is yes very very nervous little restaurant there ornery and here on Monday morning's stuttering and used an example take medication drinking at Lehman and wanted to. That doesn't learn things that oil rig you know you do realize that you get raped you know. And no matter how much weight you can always be that. We don't have enough. I met on the Internet. That's that that's the nicest thing anybody is able. As I'm really greasy anybody. What exactly it was in pain you went down there equipment or outlook aren't right. That's correct that's correct he's the mayor there eight out there he's the man or munchkin land on them that's adequate for you guys I don't know released photos to us an idea like that it faced message and payment thanks thanks for call and nice nice compliment for that ball back vita you're arrested. I'm happy early this. I that can't be bad and that's grass is gonna be all right guys that the club is an outlook is loved Larry is cut down the Dow map from Gloucester them permanent check mark Nixon's yes they're all that's on Saturday right now I just knew of the check marks go to him we now CC eject and he's really debris of some new yearly now it's now he's with the software saudis are gonna you gonna would tell you what's called the best and reports and who Greenfield well it didn't like that and that X means that they get itself out right now and John from what diesel truck. Yeah Rockwell I don't go to many genres like hello John. Actually not count on moderate or as people all of our. And I united on and I love these guys I know I actually who know what this agent reached channel. Yeah interaction. Between you guys. Because you guys don't eat well unlike command. Center Kurds in the shelling out Tommy please do not on the team and I'm glad I won't national. God Ahmed. A lot of guys are or not where. Men and hand it could be a joke show in the hole curved and millions they get the terrorism that. We you know I been kidnapped but are we limited we live in a country where. Why Dudley can't. Play you know doesn't. Both thought it and didn't walk. You swear. He and oh yeah. Lopez went off as. Any news of yeah I think this group meet a million more conservative. I also yeah. I know I didn't I don't elite. I basically. Agony essence of you're saying John you just lighting as they heard the song American men and show right the troops mean it's no logical argument and shot. That's why it's yeah I want to go to America. I'd say. All how would you like to Kurt and many and show. I guess I'd rather go to the plate and crooked and you know I get an idea what Jerry Kelly Nicole Kirk and tell him jail and then you change it up and right now it made it Netanyahu to premiere what was record until that is here luckily. Which we do we do want to talk to Kirk. And biting ad promoting. It. Hold on hold on a John McDonald on passenger Jon Decker and the alignment on a blind luck Jon Jon and I hang on hang on hang up and end up why and a yeah. In the house. There is nothing. We'll use what few books I don't want to have sort of check mark next I noticed an. There. Gloria did you about this if we get more drug collars if we're getting drunk callers at 1045 to 10:50 in the morning imagine what it's going to be like at 5 o'clock hour starting on Monday in front all acts of violence at all lava. Should you join us Friday should be drunk our right we. Amid get an hour while there's a new. And six month sentence. And plus. 7937. On a regular no one. Man. Show in Oakland. It's peace time right now in the morning media relations are actually pretty good for change I don't really. Serious peace right now the more time against him. We are in good good show I don't want to say hey. I live here they have figured it out. Its board way and more Loney and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. We go again this is always that Tom Brady lifetime achievement. There's no way you can look at these two quarterbacks seriously. The only way you would be ahead of Aaron Rodgers that the Aaron had a broken callable that's the only way Tom wade would be ahead. I just can't explain I'm no Tom Brady won a what he would it be viewed by default by those caught some Wetzel right are you sent where he went Indy he dealt with forgot I forgot your color what I call. It follows well that about that while it was final call it off most I've. It is this really it they. This trip did we not go over this week he didn't think if I'm late Green Bay packer fans. I'm looking at the Aaron Rodgers. Evolution here and sit there going I'm disappointed. Because I think he is all of those things I think when you talk about physically. Emotionally mentally the way he is as a complete player the guy is unbelievable. But what she really accomplished in which he really had we've had assists. Discussion before on him it's like it any thought Ron yeah. How many more could and I know this guy is right now. You know he's he's he's he's playing the twelfth he's playing the thirteen outs right now we turned the corner OK right. Yeah and you go OK if Brady can do it when it lesser talent this and that the other. Aaron Rodgers who want to anoint as like the best thing everything got the once Super Bowl right get that win unbelievable you know always good great. But after that there's just there's nothing there there's no victories yet there's no there's not a playoff appearances on a championship appearances. Forget about the bowl loss. Did a suitable piece should have overtaken Tom Brady as the best quarterback for in this league based on the chronological age. Of the two quarterback by now right. Maybe two years ago maybe three years ago. He hasn't done it was MVP. Fire that I liked was when I get that won't poverty and talking about Brady you know he's he's lost the lot. And then when you look at Aaron Rodgers. He has two days. The NFL record for pat quarterback passer rating. In the history of the game all the quarterbacks. Ever played including Tom Brady hit it also had. The best passer rating or single season. Which was once when he sue. Point five again the greatest of anybody who debacle of football and who won't he'd be batting 1000 on an open. I thought that you like a wife like. A the best part about that was to be remembered through 2000 levels less than his loss to Eli. Right. Oh yeah I lost the united suitable what Aaron Rodgers today here is he went fifteen and one he won the he won the MVP of the league. Yeah loosely guide to civil. He lost it amended in the divisional round. The cost 37 at twenty to Eli Manning. In the divisional round apt to have an Abaya have to be in seventeen and walked fifteen and one in winning the MVP. So you wake at a Super Bowl because he lost the division around the. This is dependable market it it is better off to lose in the first apparently rob pocket if it does not betterment. First round that he needs to get to the Super Bowl get the super ball quite an accomplishment best team in your conference. And you lose. A guy and a britney's case. The defense and and a yet and social that was your so well with the boredom with for me. The first Wallace is Rockford to Parker case don't eat whatever I now use you know I'll return my calls now he won't ask them what we did along. He's pissed that was my turn your phone go I thought is that when Jesus guys you know whatever bad you want she's got a problem what's your core Oilers appear viewers need. Let down yeah I guess so well a lot of jump LaMont Jones told me that I was letting him down all of these are doing today about the morning show. You know I and I should know better right exchange game yea. When that. Yeah so no this part when he talks about BKD had a dual recanted you could pick either wind at any point time you pick Aaron Rodgers. If you had a GM right now and NFL shedding your words and I said you can pick Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady not now. Out but any time during their careers and from the beginning before you knew Tom Brady was going to be tomba any Todd you would take Aaron Rodgers in winning the close you everybody would take totally would have nobody picked this. He skips fix you some sense. I mean it's it's like skip males only makes sense shows some sort of like. Truth there's some light you know some rationale with somebody else's thing's obvious to bird in hand endorsed Elena and him. Score in any it's. You honestly lot of their careers. And then the ball excellent quarterbacks of some one view of different you know skill set whatever. But in the end we get a win with more break bush all that they can win more clarity is just NB more clutch should be Mort just you know. Accurate and everything else that goes along with it or it doesn't let disrespect Aaron Rodgers. But you have to pick knowing and all right now you're telling me you would pick Aaron Rodgers. I act charities that that's I think I think Aaron Rodgers career to this point. Has been disappointed. He's gonna he's going to turn 35 during this football season at the beginning of December right he's going to turn 35. He should have been better than that. He should've been a hold of Tom Brady three years ago. Based on the chronological age of the two he's not in this past season at age forty Brady was the MVP. Was. It's it's it's we're not gonna let Aaron Rodgers is this morning is he's not here parent means great quarterback. But it's some of these new crop of quarterbacks you know that are up and coming right now. That are start to get some traction little bit of a tainted some some to some experience. Aaron Rodgers time as being might take you Tom Brady is all. Repeat illicit plays on us that parents great quarterback credit and everybody knows that the right and Adam but. The thing is that Roger is that he does more things that make you hit the highlight real yes you know whether it more available up hail marys are what they are right and meet the phenomenal but I still I just their pocket rolling throwing the ball to pocket you like holy smokes. So heed the things that he does well. This our eye popping more. You don't mean it's it's it's they're so his UBS sports and I really want to watch it means talented player moves around it's out of pocket throws and run. Great great quarterback but I'm with you it's not like your garage when he anymore. It was 35 positions and it's funny as Harold it's not all along he plays I have no idea Gettysburg immediately at least 4041 a so. But he had some very good teams we keep asking about it what are we gonna finally get this Rogers Brady's Super Bowl. And the reason why we're not getting it not graceful. Throwing a graceful. Majored happened 2011 but he couldn't be Eli Manning and a division I said as one. If you're if you're looking guys are gonna take over. First of all it's it's too late and everything that Brady's done and give them races count over you know it have both of a cast. Nothing he does from here on out to diminish what he's done right it's like you're never you're never gonna catch him like what Aron Rodgers have to do to tech. Stomp on it yet you can't you can't do that discussion was Theo Aaron Rodgers first illegals really 2008 you know as far as starting goes. So I know probably this discussion 2010. You know Brady misses 2008. Rodgers goes off as a regular first really the first year but still he wasn't that good with an old nanny comes back and that's when it started right. So what they'll probably get that discussion back in 092000 tenths in Brady along mama slung it ready and play 2010. Air rods the next new guy he's two years in the league he's an absolute stud I get it but what now 2018. And it's like Brady slowing down. You're right he's taken anything from Tom Brady yet so I thought I was gonna be a lot better than he's been great. Aaron Rodgers has bent Biden did you not think ours going to be met woody on win more prized Green Bay Packers to win more like. Eighties he's lost the more games missed more games than their Brady Brady lost that one season Rodgers has missed parts of numerous seasons. Put your position right now. And had a better for me so far as a packer Brett are a better one to two super bulls lost one. What he has one and one and in this Super Bowl but it. Even when he can't bouncy around other team like he went to a championship what Minnesota did great job with the Jensen says even if you look at guys that are going to be the next. Great thing. You gotta look at. What Patrick Holmes Holmes overeat and policy that's articulate and I'll let you guys are my point is starters just on my point is the young quarterbacks. Now that start with those guys to solve Watson's got got a lead and everybody thought car can be the guy between a lot of money you look great. I don't know he's gonna do with with the raiders now have no clue about it. 'cause Carson when it's Carson Carson went to jump up and it's not because you don't want even though wants to help and that I mean I mean you can I want to stay healthy. Again. This whole discussion he would tablet Jimmy eagle rock only talk while all the great quarterbacks and great young quarterbacks in the sleek and it's like okay they show they've got the talent. Okay we don't know what any of them can do in the post season yet I wasn't Carson when that was Nicole's so now it's so we don't know if they're Tony Romo. I think if they're great regular season Q when the post season we don't even know that yet. And the other checked boxes at the bit and check yet is that health art we penalty be healthy like Tom Brady had so he'd be healthy as long as he had in his career. Can you win big games as much as he has his career and right now there isn't a close. Sam I think the argument that over the next four years five years maybe. That Aaron Rodgers will be the best quarterback in the national football now I thought over the last five years. We would have sent that. Because of everything he brings to the table. And that is not the case so maybe it won't happen in the next fight is maybe you're right maybe Carson once becomes the guy and rogers' place second or third fiddle. But if you look at the argument ten years from now when we're looking at the go list we're looking at 123 as they slotted greatest player in order to know in particular law or candidate we're gonna use particular orders done. Britney's going to be noble want Aaron Rodgers is not going to be number one the question is low and is he never tell as he never 3456. Or law. That's what we're looking at right now. Yeah it is yield up market the need to need to pick it up according. He's picking the cornerback find somebody else and you don't back that ports and Russell Wilson would Russell Wilson. Lost all his could be spent on Defense Secretary and slept for good note to use for naked spirit every does that reveal that conference alone. They're a third or fourth best team a little conference right now. Was he Russell Wilson's son and the territory that their Tom hands as far as you know. Notes may be the argument it earlier it's really just managed to games you know I think you look at some numbers needed more than that system. Quarter bright but it Russell Wilson same thing that this defense he's had the first few years of his career. Now we started transition to pounce on you. And you will put thirty can you win the defense transition. Is not that great dominant defense that you want to NSA so now it's just like Tom when it started probably know seven. You know when moss and Welker came in and it was a senate bill is a six grow. No laughter pay meetings don't I can't stop them it's offensive game will go on offense. More figure out as befits a piecemeal together will do enough and let Tom win games now can Russell Wilson to that. We'll see. Stupid idiotic thing that's what I was it hard to spell check on soft. Is that happening and the hearing a lot of them to get killed from vacation Riddick Jabil Joseph not a Belcher. Joseph Bravo tonight that really don't you go through what we get that in Europe on national nexus like two weeks. Chris Gasper is gonna column ice cold build note about a minute ago I gotta go I I yeah. I Jared and I got through Richard I got to go to I like this article is a lot of dumbest article. I mean desperate prison at least out of her argument I give credit its current it's just stupid we'll get to have you interviewed felt even though he's speaking out.