OMF - Big O shoehorns World Cup talk into the show; Belichick has no choice but to piss off Brady, 6-19-2018

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Tuesday, June 19th
HOUR 4 - Glenn loves the latest World Cup controversy. Bill Belichick has been pushing Tom Brady's buttons for 18 years and there's no sense in stopping now. Alex Cora lurks on social media, following the Red Sox media. 

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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 or something but I wouldn't fill a check. Armed. Now. I mean. And my favorite hit. I am and that Tom Brady loves bill boats I just don't think the love is unconditional anymore I love. I mean I love him won't Belichick may not be capable. Of showing love that's absolutely not true with glee and Lou and Christie ticket like what I've now revelation all of a sudden you had three kids angry you are you scared like one. I get Adam and out of that I have three kids to not get this life you didn't have a last year it's good shot and be able. Kind of like us that's how Brady sit down with Oprah Winfrey no way are you kidding me look. And in case you now on Sports Radio WEEI. He's like a who's who. Did we have to find out the date of the taking it. Shuffle. Now we've done a lot of research and nothing yet I haven't gotten any emails back and open their office till twelve Alex was talking to these elements don't think he can't help me soon I know. Isn't it amazing to settle at work its first heard this at the street like this maverick. There in an hour and a backgrounds and all the answers and Paul's dad three hours and there's a fear factor that is with Curtis I don't think Paula I don't think he's scared Paula. Yeah probably Kirk you want me and it seems to work. Guess I mean start yelling screaming screaming yeah. Hey guess okay. That were so it. Just Canadiens. Are. Understated good guys get tokenism we get more more people telling me that scratchy was in evil. Because scratch he was there at the same time that they don't exits the Milliken thing it was all done and actually this itchy in if you might have been done after the all were interview was done. Which we can't take it all out of context now because we're kind of using that. Scratchy in the gym great interview can disable this one is different. Maybe maybe not so. A we have problems the world what happened oh controversy work many people caring if you look at that when he got that problem. So the it's on in Russia the World Cup I don't he has a familiar venue but it's in Russia. The Nigerian football fans out of the supporter groups are having a problem because he is their custom. That didn't they bring lied chickens to the game is electro where's this went through. The World Cup if it's a country. That your okay that's news disciplinarian but the chicken in it their bags so how. But it just keeping to ticket. How different is this from like Detroit red wing fans in a brilliant in the the octopus or whatever what are the national fast that it that if enough. So you bring. That's your like each thing right you bring those audiences usually bring it to check on just like if instead you Nancy's dad you jump into these guys they'll be viewed as they usually don't check to see it on it like I'm around I can damage your credit and more and in fact the chicken. Manulife Vanilla and I'll let you know that's sort of naturally. Woody you just. It's taken off quite the right thing now I don't know and during the ride Russian general stuff you explain the fans of according to safety regulations it is not permitted to enter the stadium. With life animal or maybe maybe like when it went obviously must ask a little idea. But it's not not allowed to bring live animals into the arena lobby and this is the little out of place if different there's different customs and it. We're all Bob being inclusive of and you know and being no socially aware of other people's needs. And on their feelings so I think they should do so let me do the chicken I thought these are going badly sacrifice to check out I thought red ticket. Or maybe they went and they date you set by tea into the got leaked it. While I've tough time envisioned people holding on electric and deceit. Always easier to do that now I don't think a maternity a bottom and building can just take off a rather like dobbs you know you don't usually don't believe what I doubt I just don't move that you just sits there. Easily into each and Heidi chicken and right if you don't say this I don't care chicken I've been having this problem no Madonna. I have been having this major part sleeping in my house because they have these little nasty little birds now he's like sparrow birds that are pain in the ass. And everywhere I go in my backyard right now let's go off and overseas originals NATO summit down you're considered they're dumping all over my desk. But they they find me. And there who don't mind if you finally did a but I knew is that do you find it looked like little little outrageous if three times in the last. Two days I've walked outside and a a bird has got me an ad that doesn't deluded but it was it was my wife Kimball said to a these birds are out of control. And they they they they come and flocks now. She went out through some chicken on the growth that that chicken breast order came back. Through the chicken breast came back with big white it'll spots right on vehicles grew up you ate their friend. And as far as career. Brilliant student visitors see these personal at this point in Vegas coming after you personally are attacking you. He can be in order to be at the I don't know what could voter integrity and I don't. It usually use your your fair loans are given off late some sort ladies and where the burglars to go let's. Say you were at its best to be annoyed govern than us. Maybe that's part of being on and Ethier has hit certain you know they they were child illiteracy and you're trying to build nest on top of my speakers and I I I would not allow it get rid of all of not in my house. Lacey DC put the basal and that's a drug I figure out I don't that was. Anyway final play if you play good men do you offer up your way I play the bachelorette yes and we actually offer plans that aren't you glad you are you miss as little party and yet we as Clinton put put the music on. Any puts like Lawrence Welk music on he's just he's toe tapping you know he knows he's snapping his fingers again and if it is that Tony that's me out and run. With that that's yeah well as we see that that's a real thing for you and your house. Hey David explained and that talk about pat we've put on eighteen months. I how I'd I'd. I'd. I'd. So this is how do. Those two guys swept their way. So I had the head of the soccer Federation's. Is that obviously this is ridiculous the production and he's never. I've never a bit go to soccer for years and never carried live chicken and any state of the united are the only things we carry our our musical instruments did we and we right. Prayer is the only charm and that's his that's his country respect of what he's a Russian. Yeah why should we need a chicken maybe someone just wants to do is CU the Russians. It is obligated trump thing about it you know and just the kind of circle back to Google for alone feel like I'm looking at this again. And saw the tape measure out and actually I tell you as it looks what I did and I consider this on our scale our O line no way that's for you are does not and the all the guys go away that time we are. Beautiful sodium right now there's no way no that's four under way for third when he I Kaduna. Not it's not you I just don't human rights and that's a forty yards look at these African wade that's forty yards. You'll watch the forty yard dash and MLB network the common and a young negate the spread to thin and stand up Britain Iran and Iraq. This thing year. That's a good evening 830. He's just not it's it's suspect is novel and not just it is broad art noticeable gone on there Nawaz by an old packages for afforded the fourth floor of the fourth for a thirty. You could not only does anyone really flat on that you right now you years ago we did it ran forty in the hallway here. And and there's plenty of room to run the thirty to Jerusalem. I'll say I don't want you to I guarantee you you'll fall down you Tripoli hotel guy. I saw guys like you know lately stub their toe I want you want answered I'd ideally you would die I did go four for twenty carrying it checked. I'll think about it yet ID I get a chicken so there's a big that's the latest the well is a result attitude and work. I've been pretty don't do it you'll actually care about the US has done in the thing so why are we wasting our time it's it's it's the worst thing on television right now. If you don't watch it we get the Red Sox again tonight and we if they go insert yourself that were at such a good result aerials. Used to be a year ago who told us it was the media must see TV right for sale yet he goes no no question. Robbie Scott to call the opposite Q Haley he gets ill lefty. I didn't know Bobby pointer. An early. We couldn't pitch the first couple games from Africa so they get settled and got some important innings and then. So this socialist thirteen inches but it is their pitcher for pitcher now. So used to you know he's been sent up this week. About you know the 2018 Mohammed Ali's boat sports humanitarian award. Ours Beazer and that is is that there's a reward they give out like one of their big awards are that's like man slash Woman of the Year. Your four finalists. And I can understand one of them for sure. JJ watt got obviously when and how does he not get it that way Doug Baldwin. It a lot of good things the way yet as it was an ugly ethnic geographic aspect though that the police off with respect to the schools remember the kids first experiences the police offices in that kind of in Britain where you're actually applauding him because recently he was somebody that actually was taking action. Played action doing things you can bet and all you guys forget autos account in the Audi was openly talking about the stuff trying to. Bridge the communication gap between you know young black kids and and the couple that are so good Kevin Durant. I would need me I'm not asked a question. One. NBA championship OK I know this is one and and again John Fina. John Seymour on Sina is a finalist for this post it a couple of awards ceremony wasn't easy at all her wedding with that you have to admit to bellow whatever you have that's the jury that he can't have children so easily there is no he admitted that it's gonna take gonna reliever. Maybe they feel better urgency because you can't have kids should ultimately to Canada it's sure it's a good thing. It's not a good strategy fuel so the last you don't make an awful lot of sense not putting Kevin Durant what a Kevin Durant. In and I forgot it's like a boundary line that is as. Here he built the Philanthropic portfolio as the president's plan court 2012 east African charity auction goes on they'll have charity foundation so what do you actually do the charities. Good things. Money next I would like to see it all charities all the money that did you want rays skates before the British charity not take a look at a no brainer. It's an outbreak erased what 47 and so do millions of that is what it is thought Stan also it would be hard all once still Austin. Please don't push attire delete an extended his preacher oh with stage. You know you know you select. Well a point that the Red Sox are. The same press release that has these four nominees has sports humanitarian team of the year who Boston Globe is the ducks the Chicago fire. What was in the series planet what is their reasoning went Boston's off form. We get rid of Pablo yeah. I don't get cocky guy with a full line. Our ability to write a lot of hey I'd Taylor is a little right. Went on a regional thing knowing every little Red Sox have been the most charitable organization all sports they carry blob like case of the Kerry doing the who's ahead down arrow on the right for a while Carrie Carrie Hanley. But what is the reasoning and it was the main reason they're hold they're gonna home based program has been breaking new ground multidisciplinary team of experts working together to help service members veterans at the Emmys he does mobile phones. Editor good stuff with at today yeah it's not an elite arsenal to evaluate going to be part of the united hockey now and hardest not to mention about it. What's your call now again in Jersey Jersey street majors and editors eastern India. That's by probably best not to say I will thanks for the award them feel like we're doing like the good morning good. Yeah. Yeah yeah I'm an editor and editor and a little media thank you and it brought thank you go to him about that chick principle that we would why I want no World Cup moment I knew you guys weren't under a million diluted even though with these kids were edited out candidate adultery you name three players either one and it reflects well Nancy DiNardo a messy and home. One other Christiane we're now go look at one Leona when I was shouldn't count lauded the open Leo Messi yeah that is the company went out and I don't know that's a little. Yes yes OK okay and so that's obviously Bayless will. Yeah that's what they call. Leo maybe maybe it was the other guy yeah Mohamed Siad son locked. I promise a lot of bold guy he's eleven reasons you should watch at all brilliant play yet ultimately hit Iran first game you start there's not overall vision he flew him he says apartments in Myanmar we did three minutes locked up in my event probably got the bite everybody. But I had some of this generally relates that was his name deeply these races was he the one now he's just like it it says a lot of these races acknowledge colliding with he despite other soccer redundant public entered Luis Suarez jazz Nat Smith and his yeah. McLaughlin is that it was choppers isn't as answer if you as the races I think it was the races right. Little reports from bite everybody loses I definitely but he has no idea gone to see two guys such as we're gonna get out of an insurance it and yeah it was racism that we might lead by certain people I don't know. And I don't wanna get into it because them all peaceful law of the students are we talking about the border data Mexicans do better and that wrecked us. So when you look at Tom Brady right now when people say not all the idea of mobility is a quarter. He's not getting it. Not getting hurt not getting injured OK not getting sacked all of those things pertaining to Tom Brady is for work. In the pocket yet it's phenomenal it's more mobile than any audio mobile goes all you have to do is be mobile within the park. He's as mobile as any quarterback in the league right now to make it a sense because it amounts are expected all the sense of oral. Now while publicly that. Please a lot of sensitive nose because we all agree with you. We wouldn't. He's great with me when it was wrong yeah yeah I was riding in a debate an hour later like at your iTunes like program everything Garrett. You're right I noticed an annual today. Some when I was right disagree shall tell us on the definitions and mobility and that's all that is pocket mobility is different than athletic mobility again Rogers. He sees both mobile quarterback in the week that's working great for her room for Aaron Rodgers. And what Max Kellerman eventually take over that number one spot. I see him you know this bill and and Tommy were talking but the whole thing about relationships again. Billy is the master motivated and that we see it throughout the season when his team is eight know when they're playing Cleveland Browns and the play in some crappy team he thought well great this team is these punter he's probably written his own team behind closed doors Christy senior we've had juggernaut of teams Tony you know you're not great and Vizio Liggett. Two big. And this is where it is a tongue right this is a yes let's all Izzy got on five syllables only into may be rolled a little bit more this year. It may be got a VIE tweaked a little bit with Alex Guerrero but given the freedom just to (%expletive) in buffalo because he knows that. This guys accomplished everything in the game. And I need to keep him motivated how to help and I do that Kazaa the argument is always the greatest of all time other automotive Morton. That you guys such as she a running arson topic here injury in about. It's X is more about comparable to an adamant. And the fallout that he'll face right it's officer Rodney went through it yeah. But he said this when you talk about Brady brought to Belichick doesn't care if you (%expletive) you off. He knows Tom plays better pissed off he knows rob plays better pissed off so we feat if he could (%expletive) them off and motivate them that's the point. Meet Tommy might be a little pissed off the colts but hell that's when he plays best football. And maybe that's just did knows it's like you know unfortunately the last two or three years. It's not gonna be all roses. Because how to how to like keep motivating Toms on my (%expletive) off more of the last two or three years they have ever have a mind highlights Americans back. There's also that you're never gonna be appear with him. But you're never you're not a coaching he's never gonna allow you to be on the same level as him for not gonna sit there and dictate all of it's more about dictating that don't blitz you have some input as far as the team goes. But ultimately it's my decision to its medieval and hold them Brady also talked about. You know what does leadership mean to you with Oprah could over talks about leadership and and Tom answers a question it's like well it depends first light do you trust. Right at first I trust you that night then I determine how we're should write you some guys. Doesn't matter who you are they don't I don't like to be yelled at screamed at the guys like to be tormented. Okay so is is Brady one of those guys that like to be tormented because he knows ultimately like that I and it's not about being tormented solve allocate. I gotta root you would get so you're telling me your call me up for this passenger tell me this and I'd miss this read over here I didn't I unapproved use that I can do. Which is something it's all worked. To this point why would Belichick changed the way he is tweaking Tom Brady that's right the whole concept the Chris Gasper piece from a couple weeks or last week. It's ridiculous that beat you got left. I'm gonna start appreciating him he he would earn the right thing that thing you know get a pat I'll play and and give him give him the patriot of the week. You don't want Bill Belichick will appreciate them. People when he's dumb play. When Tom Brady is done playing. You'll never hear anything but the utmost respect and he's the greatest player out ever had he was the greatest worker every single day Belichick Google. On an Ayotte and also there is not going to work. Appreciate your ass on all I think you'll also hear him say that the last few years I had that third steep to motivate the big big. I had to push certain buttons that I know he was pissed off at me and didn't light the way handle things. But that was just my way of of trying to keep this guy motivated. Which can't have it both ways hate Britney is coming out and leaving it in admitting here in these interviews. That he has a way of Porsche in him and doing all of this stuff. In the Belichick does that and then on the next sentence we're hearing hall but Tom wants to be appreciated. Can't have it both ways he is appreciated. British quarterback in history of the game and don't check understands that on the other hand I needed to be the greatest player in the game come this Sunday and next Sunday in the Sunday yet you don't why. Because probably the decision. He wants to play until he's made his in his mid forties and we moved on from the backup quarterback because some promised us he was going to be that guy all along what I have to continue to. All the induction speech that the patriots reject but the yellow jackets are located big daddy who introduces. Who. Bill uses asked Ku to introduce him. Brady asked who to introduce him. To Rollins still available throughout the value or some like it personally pretty obviously there's been little yet. I guess who knows a better idea or they're I dad oh maybe maybe it's it's like Walter Payton had here Pete designed to do it maybe at that point time. By time Betty is I don't know what our young league Jatiya team that got to them but they're both two minutes of fame like I really tablet art dual. I'll let it get on me I could see that happening all I can see the dollar check. Whisper yeah. No I think he's gonna who's good president introduced bill. I Seattle's. Plaid pants. And Johnson put me I don't hear anybody royalties are going to be anyway. We'll have the media players a lot to introduce him every now and the Indians in the Bible it. I didn't. Yeah a nobody a lot like everybody was you know why do you live a long time. Should not be able to do that all important perhaps is viewed through that you would do that program. Now. What should we don't I understood I. Know the ownership. Would be ownership. They'll be wanna be well. David floor because of just gonna mention Alex Cora is the kind of reveal some interest in things and David wants to report so let's go to David what do you got. Well yes I'm so excited to ally who David. Battling traffic or. I'm 95 of the 200 mile of the atlas and injury in the World Cup. Yeah no no yeah you'll meticulously read a little tonight. Outlaw is that I mean I'm concerned about core I mean I. I have many questions about his lack of experience in general doesn't work and so for. Of the players have played very well I've had the same thing that it would like to go ahead barrel. A decent consistent right. Well over there and there aren't under guerrilla at a much bit better place right now aren't they. There are more games than any given how do you say I've criticized the guys not to lose jobs only criticized the guy that has been good jobs and that's consistent. He's not saying that the the ball players more than he happened on our game over the weekend it was I didn't I. When JD JR as a person but clearly a bunting situation and they got them on these. The way and then they lose by Iran and Hamas. There was another candidate should consider earlier in the year. I mean I am bringing in reliever at. Just I think he lacks the experience and I mean you might be a good meandered for yes he definitely have the addicts. The communications skilled. I mean yeah. I don't think you're mentioning things that arts is typical in the game of baseball second guessing I think he tried to bunt Jacki for pitch and took it off. That he's come back and says that he's we despicable bunting more. So I think they'll happen more but it when he's at this that I should have but today that's like normal debate. You could do that anybody near. I would singing and that's good that's good it's just it was such an odd batting one mind. I mean I think you're I think when he on the tube and who's to. I mean literally I didn't hit it may be it's. Fact that he's trolling other reporters in different cities. And listening I don't see it taking advice for those that they are not that I do not I like this yet and that always says so is that they're about the play Minnesota for three game series right. So the series leading apple whatever is on social media lot cameo is respond often but he looks. He'll follow guys certainly the the the beat. But Minnesota Twins and just see what kind of stuff they're talking about is if you Scioscia mean if you played Boston you falling to Alex beard and every driller in methods and Otto Pete Abraham. They have all the stats about what this guy's done recently in this guy's done recently and a big dive in a lot of stuff on Twitter. And if you opposing manager like to check out like what's been going on lately washes. Look at all an unknown don't think it's a bad thing. You know he goes on energy Floridians are trolling people got a problem. But if he plays and I you know interacting with but to barter count out there with a little mega little vague and just. A follow all of these other writers. It kind of makes you see something if you're finding out there's a tendency that shelling out. That it that it guys struggling against them you know less than a pitching would have you pass that along European please check this out sibling get the numbers on this mentally convince this guy may be you know. I think that's all helpful. I don't know but I think it is not negative and that's any surprise and of the guys who worked for years been astonishing here is a Muehlegg a three get a lot here basically accuses glacier. You know the information that you're using. And applying it to your teammates and attack as a check mark you know it's funny there's are allied invited out while. Our president does it seem to an article that that he talked to vote. Because he doesn't have that had real set up guy real page shootings in a different guys go opportunities to do it. But he said what did the old days of like the matchup you know when it guys to use of these have full protect against him in his career whatever might be those days are gone. Because they've taken it to another level. You know they look at every single hitter NC Jackie Bradley and it's like you know our four seam fastball slider he doesn't do well. So whether you don't have good changeup maybe it's a changeup better or whatever. They analyze and scout their own hitters what their strengths are what their weaknesses are. And that's how they determine matchups. In other words Obama found a guy that it a sinker ball well sinker slider guy but I'm not there with a fastball curveball guy. Regardless what my numbers are my tendencies they out hit his sinker got better. So you might pinch hit it gets sick a guy minimum one for seven in my career because that's my strength that's his strength he thinks I can win that match. So it's in the problem with that is that the fans in the media we don't have. That sort of analysis. On their individual hitters. Right so you might sit there and say I'd just. Miller hey it's Jackie here but that's the type of pitcher does the one pages that he's actually been hitting of this type of pitchers the one pitcher he's actually. Has good at bats against the farm bill let him swing. But he started a couple times this year where he's been asked about specific. You know game decisions and he's brought up the fact that. We've got this number that number that something Ferrell hit it did last year fellow didn't wanna engage in matched up it's almost like this is secret information and nobody has access to what. And when I can elect Jim what the point but they're very defensive medicine gets me. Oh land. You know and they did because we jobs because we don't have the information and you do and at least core I think actually human means is that we we have this information. One of the point David was making about first time managers. And this is one of two things is happening here either these guys that are managing right now do on a damn good job or. People have over estimated. The value of a manager because you have a first time manager in Boston. They're doing pretty well in the first time manager of the Yankees they're doing pretty well. You brought up Seattle has been erect two years after years three years it doing pretty well did you end AJ hinge in in Houston has only been there for companies and or don't pretty Dave Martinez doesn't want to is that an awful start right their back to a there graphic so. Maybe it's important. Into the manages I don't portal it was funny is that Caroline really turn things around two since that first weekend after he had a rough first a quick as well those first two weeks I didn't think he's a certain law itself rippling could be and yeah I'm sorry Christine. Not notes as seen on an article about choruses. You know when he goes to wegmans. Like his refuge is wegmans in humans it goes what goes with his toe in 2000 to Canada's what like I mean I've been reported that particular art. None are you know I bet he's trying to find something just you are supposed to distracted kids are just to put every associate oh score walking up and down. The Alvin wegmans L. Malone you know he's the depressing note he's trying to like you know gives kids falsely I try to get the strategy I would start all over there in meet there okay and work your way up and down I'll let let you said. What is causing note here or Twitter that it John morose he opened up in India and LB network rather. Between out red sox' interest not going bullpen but nor require San Diego's left hander Brad hand. Interest in in the current data earlier in the front sources say the Padres like you asking price would be young every day players such as Rafael devers now. Don't in this is the problem you are not us why are you don't have a minor league system. So if it was your team to look at it devers of another team maybe its prospects. I would I would never dominion student devers from Jonathan is the rental I would never do this even audience that three years left eligibility a three years left. But I would still pass that up I would I would an because you harmonic system so again. I don't be available. And our satellites in vehicle off from. These assigned to a nice deal yet this year but eight keeps it talked about. And if that's the case said I'd be interested it's that I don't think you got what it takes to get a PCB eight the absolute perfect fit now. And in the future. I would love to find out whether they had any interest in horror and or whether they had the goods the assets to be able to got to deal and to Kansas City to get a rare because to me Guerrero as a rental. Was the answer for them why we got one more segment ago. Lenny and Gloria loved. Get them the wonders when going on and on a one shot at radio on. Sports Radio. Huddling in Daytona through we do get a lot of ponson. So he'd like holds the record for the most make a wish but I can't she fire under us here. That's that that's from pretty got to see some video here I'm in their their tickets are great because every hard knocks you reject you want. Well he guy and he he raised money and then you get Kevin Durant he did. When the champion at all predate the author AJ play and play a lot of follow all the great things here are selected be part of it Gail on lose in the house Ellis and Israel or for the which is today. I just I was I was up im seeing for the George Bush event -- can run well there last night it's accurate to begin it was really sunny and hot all weekend on the main it was a great river ridge behind now hideaway aspect you know you get outside new walking around all weekend and it was gorgeous up there but I was happy to do that for President Bush. Herbert walker bush. And I did that back home Mark James in the house keeps here ice I just spent the last hours sitting in the other room watching the Oprah. And Tom Brady thing has. The hotel and Brett Maine it in you probably don't displace the colony can among port though they don't have TVs in the room or that they banned over acknowledges that it does not MTV's periods I don't watch it today and went in and you know lining up and stay at a place that's. It's it's one of these great old hotels these grand old hotels run on the water you know what they cannot grand serious Christian you don't. I can after that I the first guy you all all all all and then after that you I'm OK let us what you're abortion forces that kind have a conversation with your significant other. Come on the don't know someone who knows what happens red white and I don't. Okay. I don't know any of that you go out liberty and our guys that's all coming up next we're out here. Catcher tomorrow morning 10 AMV them world.