OMF - Big time over reactions as we take a much too deep look at Jimmy Garoppolo's camp numbers 8-2-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, August 2nd

Football fans get a little nutty when camp starts up. And the coverage of the greatest team ever should have the greatest amount of over reaction, right? Jimmy Garappolo has been a little off since camp started. Should we be concerned. Probably not but that won't stop us from talking about it. Gary Tanguay thinks if Jimmy wants to step out from behind Tom Brady, he might think about not having the same agent as Brady. Fauria thinks there might be something to that...


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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 41 thing that's a guaranteed bonus. Sox win. Will be along to question. Zlazidza. Senator pill that's called it. It's. Good good good. Clay and Lou and Christian at least getting what you might call the kitchen sink. You see this and everything in the kitchen sink what who has run differential. That would be. How many runs you would down the first how many runs you score I'll get in Cleveland Indians are plus ninety sentence or oftentimes. Scored 97 more runs in their pitching staff has led now holds the record for. Being a terrible hitter ever. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Herbalist ever of that terrible terror. Our two of ONF incidents patriot thing why is it that. And I'm following four. And Belichick did Belichick tells the other day. That you should not be concerned if passed them and I mean. On the way and yet evaluated and every one out in these guys who down in Foxboro that are watching practice this practice and practice. Are coming out with the stats. How do I know when I look at the terrible. Jimmie to rappel stats. That it's his fault that the the ball's been dropped or the ball needs to pass has not been completed so looking at these numbers and people throwing him out there. And securities that you're defending a by her yeah he's doing his job astonished obviously that the guardian of the game that's good that's his role. Stay with you you'll be great they're stored locally or that's right anybody that signs a contract but just make a difference to go rob Lowe's stats and practice sock. Maude and her her much and he's always been making a gamer nightly even when he first got here wanted to clear the lines would please guys six birdies or what we basically got pre. I think what those guys pretty she's on their own game all year one when his kid showed up. They do that this week it looks like he can't play doesn't notice to begin in the U drills are seeing right now I'm in campaign TE he's awful. I don't we actually watched him one time and later you know from the five. Well you make music you know the red zone when amount was and it was just seven on seven. And he dropped back everybody ran out there he held on and held on Ernie held on and finally played your stop the ball still with hand. It doorway and it brought in to put it just did they just stop this man you'd like. Those web quickly she's decided not to throw quick exits early candidate that is not normal below you're you're playing at a different level now look at where you went from the mightily to the big and it's a different level you seem different things you're seeing. Changeup you're seeing some of these ever looked good in camp. As far as these drills. And then he gets into a game he looked lost and you wanna get a game he looked like African fact of the shoot twenty under control executing everything else. Appreciate Michael wanna supplies out of what she's two and a half ago. But seat I don't even buy that he looks awful in practice every day why would Belichick keep this guy around. Opportunity to trade this guy and maybe get himself for first round draft pick our first and second last year he kept telling us how good games kept them around as. Well we're sort of we should join us too it's very impressive. True games with simple per game and yeah if you're RS audited outlet will ask you begin to you know throw those stats and try to be grounded he's had a good camp or bad or that try to thread a good camp. Is he bested the intuit OK so those intercept missiles drop so in completions who was running the route. Who did he do the post and run that the right route. Was a drop will compensate for him running the wrong route to try to do him a favor. And then what that receiver when he gets a really good defense back like so break it all down or did you just flat out drop the ball so I think is far. Rule changes don't. Like the receiver should be charged with a drop. Not the quarterback and it's an obvious catch situation where there's no interference or no nothing and I put both hands on the ball he drops it. Why should the quarterback. Beat being them for doing exactly what it's a little walk all's well these costs it's a good thing is always trying to point maybe of coming from rate and an ex Oliver it makes me I really don't know your heart these numbers in your like it's like he'd just look through it like it. But but oh well I ask you this because bill was talking about how you really can't look at this the offense is has that does have the advantage of that jam on the line you know me there's no. Dole's delegate pot. So right now would you say that it's advantage offense. Yes and ours is our society so amounts available pick sector and to a period of different occasions yeah. And to pin OK it's usually. Can't tell me in his brother was he is and who would he throw to and whose. Did the coach tell to take a shot did coach say roll all the matter what. Did he throw the ball perfect passing got tipped the guy dropping and that didn't affect her the same thing though last year by Jimmy grapple and that's why people are bringing it back up again. And sand while he was Porsche crap last year. During during camp or whatever knowing wasn't. Because he was horse crap in in practice OK in camp. Belichick would have looked at him as a commodity in the offseason and said we're gonna unload this guy because we get a fortune for Belichick is seeing something in Pratt. The thing tickets on it and seen in those two games. You can say they're just two games muted game and a half he gray you throw quarterback you know game he can definitely look lost and overwhelmed correct. Yeah this guy jumped into a game in the bill is actually right. You could tell there was Emma Brady playing quarterback right they did change a damn thing he ran the exact same office read effectively in you had to be amazed. And how he handled everything you can say oh just the game and ask for us now Arnold is gonna be adjustments made to him. But in game and a half he showed a lot more than most quarters starting quarterbacks in this league show parents are you taking the small sample like. Rob Bradford and saying after a game and a half he's likable. He's likable and also just now coming on down to you know these are good no I think he's real good. I do think he's gonna here's what I think on what is going on a demon ass he's likable and don't want the last year I understand that but this is. Easier here at three now and the report emanating Daniel it's pretty good support in making news these numbers of people throwing out there. People are saying he looks like he's still struggling in camp or whatever throw all that out the window. That analysis he's useless useless. If anything in its and that's why just don't believe it and even the pre season stats just so hard to evaluate. At this point time. He should be destroying. Any defense of player one on ones seven on seven need to I know of Brady has the answers in the past. But in practice. He's dominating. It's because he does he get the cast of characters that. It didn't but not all the same page. Affect how should the biggest fear I have Lou. Was looking at him because we're gonna get to a point here. We're number twelve is going to expire. All right there's going to be a point when you gonna have to move on and get to the next guy. I know who knows maybe it's this year may be its next year three years four were five years down the road eventually gonna get to that point. As we get. Which drop along he's now gonna be what 26 this year 27 next year 28 the year after that. The one thing getting the reps and playing every single week in a game situation. I think is invaluable. And I think he's gonna have a problem going to a sixteen game season. At right right out of the gate because he hasn't done. He's played six quarters. So he's now running after a wish it would break. Brady's start got to a point where he got better. And better and better we're looking at an age forty read only knows you just said those only answers to the test he's better at age forty that he was at thirty tell abducting answers for the test now. At 34 but Apple's not getting that opportunity. So suddenly you gonna thrown then next year the year after that. And it's still good but it's still better its still better than solemn. Networks are fresh Jack Russell junior quarterback to from three you're guy that at one year that was an awesome in order gets crappy schools and maybe had. One big time challenge during his it is last year OK but it's still a better situation but let's say did jump Watson gets an opportunity this year to play every single game he may be to start by may get the I have to start he gets the opportunity to start every single game. That is in the unbelievable experience going to a sixteen game schedule. Having to deal with teams every single week practice in that game getting an opportunity knowing what happens after the game how you deal with a he's going to be on the chart of go rappel. Well not necessarily because it's funny you mention that because one welcome mr. Welker is now the receivers coach RC series receiver Chris what areas whatever title is. And I asked him well John Watson asked about child Watson has liked it's you know you know went to the Nash captured two years in a row should one highs and all that stuff. He's of the how to look like. Terrible he has a long way to go a long way to go which they law within a brighter outlook the other day though incident he's. That's turkeys every single local communities of sleep so so he's he's picking up on it faster fine that doesn't mean anything. The fact is that what would've just parents playing every single week you know how you'll play this game what you know what because you're ahead of the game because you've already made all the mistakes. You've you've you've seen all the different situations that can cause you to make a mistake. And you may mistake and hopefully not that quarter quote air repeater it would be that close that I was making statements of those guys don't they can gain. Well when we say error repeater worse. Genius not some wish that when you get a guy has nothing to young quarterback though soul of that team. And so he might be getting experience. But it's bad experience means that some of a right embassy team is so bad in eighty discipline we have gunshot and you just never the same. Right because your your first experience is such a bad one. That you never trust an offensive line you never trust the wide receiver being very should be you don't know what elegant offense looks like and you never really learn how to play the game properly. You know that's why there was a sit behind Brady you know doing whatever you you understand early in the Celtics a young kid got Jane brown. You might not play the minutes of somebody else but he saw the game was played you know ideally would indicate that the right way that's gonna help some of these young kids that come in. The could be a good quarterback with the browns can come in them. Optional anything today it's like to have Donald back from day one thing I don't l.'s version of posttraumatic stress disorder you just you can't shake what happened. You and I answered gunship. You know you don't drag into anything yet at least we get that re retrain yourself in it and that in itself will take time. But at the same way that morning show they are talking about this obtain way. Actually brought a good point brought out rule brought up like maybe six months of criminal and social well a little slow you have to understand there are examples are closely Montgomery said you know six months ago tonight that we just you know you don't bring it up figured I would get like little muscle. That the whole H situation is a problem oh yes he needs to get read that of a dawn you'd like he cannot hide in the past and that was an issue. But there's a definite conflict of interest here at who's gonna who's gonna get the most attention well as they would it's gonna be Brady fast forward. What are your thoughts eight months seven months season's over. I see you're calling the patriots in a way you can do a Jimmy drop your franchise tag yet think the guy should be treated in me today indeed you sit did you actually hang up. Wait five seconds. Call back and say we can't expect for Tom Huntley odious is that one conversations. Is one conversation that this area talking about. Well bill talking about Brady's long term contract extending it. Ended the and you are a few of you can do what you want to give the protesters took to call betrayed him and use a different voice on the sect we that's doesn't Chuckie to leave all of our ball. No we we wrap this up we did bring this up awhile back that Don he is the most significant player. In the Tom Brady Jimmy drop below story for the patriots because this you know something. Is this why would go rock below continue. To use him as an agent unless you know something unless there's some backdoor secret unless they've got something figured out because it doesn't make sense because it. If he if he does need to figures when we talk of this war if he does need to hold out they really get nasty dirty and demand a trade demand whatever. It just it seems like he'd probably have more successful somebody who really has a lot to gain. And Don you maybe say some and I I no big deal all these agents feel like they have all the answers and in the end they could handle any situation is no conflict of interest and you know and that happens through some guys will have 345. Quarterbacks. You know on some good some great you know some just you know arms that back up quarterbacks and young doesn't matter. Believe they they they politics for each one just as hard. This situation. Unique is it not based on the fact that grapples our dinner this year so trade forum. And if they get depressed at some. Yes great you could go and get your agent's license tomorrow get certified by the players' association. And you can get as much money for the 2018. Season for Jimmy to rappel. As Don you. We already know what the money's going to that it's going to be a franchise tag that's what it's going to let. We know so why would he holed a long. The dungy where is the if I'm done he I'm not leaving Brady. And you talk about the great caller we play the game you're never leave you noted that the train is just it's part exact focus. All this is going to be and all right and I know whether what other clients Don he has. But to meet because eventually. You know they grapple saying all the right things and he's in Albion plays he's been a great teammate. Eventually it probably sooner and at this this whole like wolf pack Big Apple mobile Oklahoma and all my don't spam. Attacked baseball. Think about this thing about this he cannot get the opportunity to plight. If they franchise and he may not get the opportunity to apply. As a starter to at least 27. Or 28 years all. Now we know collected a career usually the quarterback it's not age forty it's probably more like 34. It's a short career as a starter in the national football. We launched in January 2014. Debit even if you want to think about it guys they he came out young if he's 27. The browser just before soul. There's still a lot of meat on the bone there so you still get ten years it if I told you can get ten years of service. From a quarterback and he would be like Philip Rivers type guy. I mean just take your pick of any you know. Any quarterback that's pats them on longevity to a on taxes Tony Hall a matter these 33 or it doesn't matter but you get ten years out of them but let's I've played the stimulus your 27. Okay. You complete your 37 if you want he played with your two thirds of on this team or any other team. The depth look at Matt Hasselbeck guys there's such a demand for quarterbacks on the so hard fighting and more importantly. It's so much harder for young quarterbacks to develop because. There is no practice time there's that they don't practice twice a dead heat they're not allowed to be on the field. The reds are less it just everything mounts up sold those guys take longer. To find out what they're made out they don't give up don't I let's get to the phone calls and we'll throw this out tee at 6177797937. Right here on ormat. On online via FaceBook Twitter and it's more of or away we're loading in 48. Sports Radio WEEI. Belichick wasn't so much he didn't want to trade him. He wouldn't trade it for anybody that means Iraq will have to step it could be Tom Brady right away I think they're gonna franchise him and that's gonna suck for him because Jimmy go rappel right now if he goes out he plays half the real gain any stakes out the chewing. People are gonna crush it to to grapple has so much pressure on it's unbelievable. ARAMARK Russian. For what for that half a lecture us on employer the value will be lower. Oh yeah the debate is gonna be lower anyway look at next off season because you tell me you've got all these quarterbacks. Coming out of the draft excuse that it can occupy what 56 of the top as bots and who knows and then yeah all the free agent that the classes a lot better than last year as quarterback and as a free agents have a bunch of I'm still I'm still and tie if everything's equal and the draft starts and Jimmy drop low. With everything he's done in the NFL is thrown into the makes all those quarterbacks from Sam ball convicted. On Alan out in Wyoming. You're telling me Sam Donald would go before Jimmy problem I do I know that he would here's one you already know what you yet here's wanted to Rob Lowe now all parties. That's right. Here's why police yeah usually I don't play you've got to get it you're gonna get it got it's right thank you though we're gonna get you got you're gonna get it done. You're gonna get a guy game is played six quarters of football iron and you're going to have to pay him right off the back. That matched a franchise tag. Of 2324. Million dollars on top of that you're gonna have to make a very quick decision to paint him. And you're gonna have to pay him any top dollar and that's right as opposed to getting the number one pick in the draft number two number three pick an event. It's much cheaper what did you like hey you're very light headed your bad zones like knowing Kennelly getting as much information as. And again there's not that dealers now. Was it what you talking about the right you got a guy that says a quarter and a game and a half OK that's proven understanding show mode that he called Kindle yes. But you have to factor in the campaign. Don't know I mean I I am at actually did it's it's it's you're gonna have to be you know. Have a sex take a shot on this and you really need to believe that this is the guy doesn't use the guy venue this is what you should be making. I have to say I understand that but this isn't. Derek Karr in the same draft. Both actions taken that second round aren't there car has now shown and we get hurt this year we look at him and say if he was available no question. You repay Max dollars and bullies a quarterback. With Jimmy OK my question and six squares dollars. And it's I was Garrity had seen as much of him. To sit there assigned to this unbelievable deal huge gap it is not a given right now what these guys don't hit it. Isn't a given a completely understand and their car but again there's that good league is filled with guys is taking chances. On with the with the smallest amount of information because they're desperate. And they feel like if they hit it right then and they have the information although small sample size it's better that taken a chance. On some kid from Washington State from Wyoming or even USC cornerback I. Just don't believe that a team in the National Football League unless they get a bigger sample. And let's drop below gets five or six games this year because Brady is down with an injury and he sterling in those five or six games all my god this kid is the next car. Unless that happens if Brady plays this entire season and all they get an opportunity to see is six quarters of grapple. I just don't believe the team at the top of the draft is gonna put a hundred million bucks out on the table. Forgive this place six quarters think it's a a much safer bet to take the top college kid and pay him decent money. Not much I know that in a show after obviously he doubled down everything use right they were to move that will printing those. Apparently understands could be equally great value entrapment if you want to move this guy but I could go to first to get more top of it. Is zero chance to treat them right. And yet you said that last year Sam Bradford deal they bridge one team like Minnesota assistance as we got pretty good team. We got great defense we got shocked to do something there quarterback goes down they go crazy for Sam Bradford. The retirement liberate that there's there's no chance that right I mean you've held on him yet get the value needed. At the draft 918. Died I was talking about the guys it was Arizona then you get Carson Franken Palmer that's 37 year result. Handles these yells and you can federal isn't it yes he did good football team you know a good defense and some weapons offensively. But even able. What do you get from that he couldn't draft night. That's I will be tightly free trade options there are still there and it needs to take a special case like that. Like what happened in Minnesota shortly at Arizona tunnels used as you get this problem give your first trumpet hesitancy that your play I think why would bill do that now me a playoff you can watch when it's not I I I I usually if you know what part of God's sake let's say a quarterback to top quarterback who's down with an injury it's probably going to be from a good team. Okay so if that's the case like in Arizona let's use them as an example they're good at what what is billed yet what does bill gonna get back in return Arizona is not going to be high first round when it if they're too erratic when will why would he do that. He's a good decision. To keep this kid because he wanted to keep an insurance policy for the season they're loaded there are wagon people expecting them to go nineteen know. They're not gonna do that if Tom Brady is out with a knee injury and they have no grapple on the back them up. You don't unless he thinks the other kid can command and win games and I'm not sure that's possible right now. Why don't do that now it is it's a long shot I again it's. But where it personally thought it makes no sense enforcement efforts will desperate people do desperate things that would be no I. I'm desperate to know television and there is off route there that. Will be too good to pass what would that pay the cable actually first what with Bradford. What in Minnesota ended up giving up. To get Bradford it was a personal portrait yet you know those are all right and it wasn't that a first and a fourth. A lot was one year Leslie in his one year left me only a mile when you left that is the only right. When you gonna Arctic grapples not going anywhere. He's not going to Rivet issue is does he have the right agent should be forced some sports should be forced his way out of there should be should get. Down a dirty with the patriots because Brady he's not going anywhere on the garage was gone anywhere how's that about. Let's Tim Bradford cuts off so well still it's the F 20171. And it doesn't 184 hearing that was it up and utter calm and at what could turn into a third or second hilly wooded and fill in order for them to move up in the draft Carson went. Begin Carson Wentz taking us there gave up and on no way did ability give it to first. Again the vehicle. Actually it's Arizona's example right now that Quebec was down it will give you first give your efforts this year hell give your first next year. These are cable drop below and you defense and Iran of backing a wide receiver Aaron. Now it's going to be 28 this year going seven point 536. Intern go fourteen to hear you know. So so then what's the best case and airdrop load franchise Q2 point three million maybe you play here maybe play someone else other what either way you're getting your money. Real quick next rounds across the Wednesday 20161. Round pick 20163. Round pick on 164 round 20171. Round. 2018. Second. Walked crazy if they can move operative from FCS school that really only played one year football so it sold them the money. Is outrageous. The demand for these quarterbacks it's in faith and what you had no real however straddles the grapple with when it. We're to rappel as going to be carrying big money here. Because at the end of a few doubles to drag rush quick to big money. Yeah but not first you're seconds thirds or three years for the draft but let's but you get numerous chances out of it in this case. It's one player that you have to pay an awful lot of money too right now he better be good where you are screw. To the files we go here's Jerry in New Hampshire what's up caring. Derrick. Williams. I mean the old widow look at. Bill that. Grapple what was the second coming not just you know we can imagine it would I think he looks at grapple it was an insurance policy. Appellate checked your rating rear window closing. Misquoted. There setup for the next couple years so I think there now don't want to. Maximize. This chair and alls in the next couple years send. Well those insurance policy. Not certain content so future. Well his this year. There's no question but next year well at 25 million dollar insurance policy. Taken in agreement that cap without. Without. You know a match to win the team. They are clear and hold on polar bear and carry the that the figures together with 3-D. And where is grapple we'll take you to over forty million dollars. Well. And that would you put this shouldn't put this you're all that you're in opera next year but I don't think little things that. Rob Lowe's which were the franchise I think they're trying to maximize. What they can do what what they have right now and they're loaded and now in the in it's going into their. You know going everywhere. Because they had so much caps. While much of butchery is a look at him as the future of the franchise fishermen using your premise that you want him that bill wants him as an insurance policy. Bill must think he's pretty damn good. You don't just take a body as an insurance policy take somebody who you believe can go out there and win. Every Sunday if Tom Brady goes down with the other talent you have on the field so I think he's think she's pretty damn good. I agree with you about the insurance policy. You sit there going I could've gotten a lot. For Jimmy grapple but he could I don't know when Tom Brady's going to expire I at least extended a year now. He becomes an insurance policy meat for the next year I find out whether Brady is gonna fall apart whether Brady can still do it and then I have options I can trade. Grapple away with a franchise tag attached to a war. If I really believe now Brady is on the H I can go into the next year and try to find a way of putting forty million dollars. If the cap in one position he's got options that's all the bills don't he's buying himself some time isn't there and keep pushing forward push forward to a decidedly. We'll figure it out. Down the road but the kid he he he's got to believe. Kid is really good or you're not gonna do. We know what deals done in the past he deals these players away there he looks at them as commodities like 6177797937. Right back to the phone calls next. We return to more affordably Merck moaning and Fauria you OK forget it shocked you have the value to me happy. And is now what I want sportsman. I'm back to devote dollars and 6177797937. Pulls it was real people. And good at legends cars. Regardless there's two separate scenarios those waiting for the right I mean if new way of a cold season is a third or a quarter doubted some injury occurs in thirteen desperate they're looking at student G without that knowledge. Yeah his performance was good but he was get the ball off a little quicker than Tom. About experience that's what Italian and I'm I'm very reliable yet really been great with his careers we have so we're Shalit. We keep them this year than Tom transitions than what we have in the future as opposed the 23 million of the money in the bank is someone who knows our system and. So I don't understand what you're is saying is that you trade him off a third into the season. Opportunity now that would I I would say that's the worst situation you can have the team has got a system. It's not baseball as loses said we you can pluck can hit you can pluck and a pitcher told you just think it's like you're getting Max bet you don't. You don't think he could get unbelievable value at the trade deadline like eight and he kept them for a reason he's not getting rid of an all year don't Withrow were talking about earlier you're gonna see aero at put out there I I just don't see him doing it. I thought that there was enough there at the deadline if you want to make a bowl that was Max value stock animal. I think I agree Keaton this year but if you look opportunistic commotion as a team that injured in their position would it really happen. So we get. But it doesn't it now you you're gonna get less than what you RT could've gotten in the she's and I agree with low to prop was football is its its system. Yours you're working the system right now and can't you've already been to spring camp. Right you rent a player and you tell me Chris did you bring a quarterback in. In weeks six short weeks evidence they take over our team up like a bogey 56 Wimbledon quarter and. Let me ask you what if you were treated as a tight end and you want to go to new offense in week eight. Call our deputy. It I don't know the off and then all we don't have a scene coordinators not even a semblance of the language being in the same. It's gonna take awhile but here's what they do put but for oppositional player. What you do is you say listen you're only good responsible for these plays so becomes easy knowing need to do is get the snap recognition and you know in the next it when a quarterback. Cornerback. Same thing but again and Ollie out I don't have to deal with meat. As a cornerback a celeb smaller playbook but I'm dealing with this guy that got it's got a little by the way here comes decided just here oh by the way it's third and oh by the way here's the blip I. This guy's doing I can win alone all by the way I do what he's doing but I don't know how does it small playbook you American won a lot of games and that happened while the Carolina. Vinny Testaverde is all this is ass ones seems like forty something years old. He came in Jake DelHomme got horror her David Carr got her everybody got hurt he comes in on a Monday. They did in the playbook and we end up going downed Arizona and we win. But that playbook was so small and Vinny had seen a ball. Seen columns forty something two years old something old is now could barely move and we won a game. But we had like. Seven pass plays. And run plays. And they were just hoping that he get through the game so why would. 1867. Games into the season say will give up everything. To save our season to get a kid right now who's played six quarters of football that we bought. Its contract expires at the end of this year and why. Would you be now around and it's not all right is that why would you give up I don't it doesn't work Pulitzer NFL trade deadline is this not nor has already shown his cards in that respect. He loves the kid kid's going nowhere is this season off Tom Brady comes out and plays once again like he's 32 years of age. Then at that point he might reassess that he may look at and say you know what. Grapple is not going to be a pain in the ass we can already see practice we can see it body language. He's not go like the fact that he's gonna if I signed to a franchise tag it's gonna cost us forty million. But he's not gonna like this anymore because you're hearing a lot of fans you hear the calls offense and they just over pig rappel right now to be a baca. Why would grapple wanna do that do not just in my fan would want to do that it's the best case scenario for the New England Patriots you get the best quarterback. In the history of the game and then you have a backup quarterback that we all believe could be a pretty damn good quarterback in this league and you've got insurance policy. But why would Jimmy go right apple wanna do that why he's already get two rings sitting on the bench do we not think. Why did you guys tell me YouTube competitive athlete did you sit on the bench. In Iran. He doesn't and that's why these chemical the best for him. You know it's Ike and utterly care field to sleep and insurance ball that means nothing to me that we are just look at reforming years that their car. Right used drafted. 36 overall. In OK drop closed down a 62 when what he decided for Erica five years 125. Of richest contract in NFL it's just a way that when he later apple saying about that could have been long nap because they couldn't they usually play what is was given an opportunity to play they don't like him very much for still he's been playing held Johnny Denzel. That more starts in him a Teddy Bridgewater that it was call that it was drop below. But B he was a second round but beyond that mean Tom savage. Fourth round and you might be the guy this year who knows right John Watson but AJ McCarron. That met burger these are the quarterback's taken its draft. You know it can only AJ McCarron is the only other guy that has the similar. Situation room to a guy that but a year before us are vital Udall little guy Eric became man showed he can play so he showed he can handle it. Don't know what the upside it's within the very next year any dog doesn't get hurt. And he just sits there and doesn't do anything so you forget all about it. But as far as the that's the that's the problem is again we go back through you know drop below in the off season out just franchise and trailers and at the same amount of money. He's gonna be forgotten if he doesn't play it all those member of the game and a half but it was a lot longer ago you know as long time ago. You know sick and AJ McCarron can I did a great job for those guys that one year he played all last year. Everyone mission in an image screaming and hollering and let's go get AJ McCarron oh let's give the kid out of Tampa you know it's it's just. You say it's an entire year that given a happy place. All I'm looking your point about the value the the Belichick could have gotten the most for Jimmy drop below. Leading up to the draft yes that's where he could've gotten the big score when I heard the possibility of what was the fourteenth pick with Cleveland may be a second round or whatever. So now you get into this season of typical apple does imply. And let's face it Tom Brady's track record is he plays every single game. The off season next year you've got five top quarterbacks coming out of college that. Teams might over right may be right about that Christian. But they have a tendency of doing that when the kids coming out of a beloved law back then you have what Drew Brees you've got Stafford you got a bunch of NFL quarterbacks that have proven they can really play. Core out to a more free agents. What is the value of Jimmy grapple I truly believe Belichick wants to keep them here. I think that's why he did not deal and in this offseason the highest value for Jimmy grapple with a few months ago. It's going downhill from here on it yet and let's drop opens up next season. This upcoming here and placed five or six games and guess what if he plays five or six games. It's going to be because of an injury to Tom Brady at that point. If your belt a check you have to think much differently you've got to hold on to grapple up because you don't know Brady's durable enough to hold up. Yeah exactly that's right. It will sink. Go to Rudy the Greek name room saying on the day that would air it was era. Or procedure and there are plenty of idle time or you're old I'm with you I was kind of really awfully big game you know dead or alive I'm awful at the let us say the opposite end I would have to go out of your Rudy. Good to join you guys let's. I never went to Notre Dame. And I put but it Glenn you're asking why would. Why would grapple wanna stay. And to. Read I can gain to one and fur rock below it you look at himself like. Young. You know each in the the young rule coming in after. Joseph Montana. Young or just a little on football reference heating become a full time starter until the third. Yeah all in Korea. And I you know if you Jimmy colossal which you'd wanna you know. Played at sold that one up England you know Cleveland indoor Jacksonville where you know someplace you're your career it's my. Not. Some grab on and on to sell some crap hole like Oakland was a couple of years ago. Well Lou which you will what you want. Or would you wanna say it late it has yeah. The program that that the patriot. And the reason I mention that crap hole Oakland threw three years ago who's the second favorite to win the Eastern Conference. Oakland. So to say that's how it can change you can take. Crap Paul Jacksonville. Which you viewed portals out of there and his Christian though says the Arab build some special and manually you. You never know in this league branding teams can just to pop up. Yeah I and I'm looking at the tail like age 44. Okay at age 44. Ron Amadon started in five games aged 45 started in fourteen games. Age 46 he started and three. Three at age 47 so. If you WS with a bright Quito movement NFL NFL players that he's got opera but he's Bobby is a bombed in the NFL. But Floyd ever runs awful that yesterday. He got opportunities. To start this it's not getting an opportunity to start as long as Tom Brady easier stuff started. He's not gonna be the backup quarterback and he's. It's funny because those that think about this if you wanna if you Belichick he really wanna keep raw Apple's value high then you need to get him into the game. So just like Dante Scarnecchia just like an aperture so they don't really easy to rotate guys in now and they get reps they get playing time. Just to keep them the right tackle Marcus cannon goes it goes and goes and just Casey gets hurt we got to find a new rotations are ready to be reps. Would it would he ever take Al Brady for serious disease and any game where he got to know they're gonna win it's 21 nothing its third quarter. Put him in the second series in the third quarter. With the starters to keep his value high army Brady would Atwood had not happy at all but that may be something considerate. Kelly that's gonna be uninteresting plot that I think that's an inch are important too because we know that he keeps Tom Brady in the game. Went early until mathematically he looks at all of the possibilities and says. There's no way they can beat us now okay now Tom Brady can leave the game there's no way the other team can beat us and sometimes it pisses fans off. Because it's down to the last possession or last two possessions. Does he. Do you look at. Differently that it has chance to current and if he does is he doing it basically to showcase. Jimmy Europe I think I think you need to but. Think about the to great you cannot warms but you're gonna you're gonna open up. Now what that means is when you go to the whole can of worms that once but its message how does this it's really grossing yucky day. So you have to you what that's funny that's what it means it colonial but it had. You've got to tell you that read hey what's that it is Tony Hall noted practice it and practice you know but even priests did bring them out yeah. So readiness so let's come out we're protecting you would protect the amount that's that's that's what watching Jimmy that's honest that's all protecting. You wouldn't protect him before he just turned forty so cells. And I its exact don't Tom Brady is going to be forty years old tomorrow he'll be forty yeah he's killed he's got the answer to that test in upheavals the Droid. What he has to be it has to be a group thing get asked to be a Don needs him to drop below. Listen we need to get this guy some repaid Brady be OK with with brothel going in four series. That's already hit it dawned he can help us pretty deep. Let's throw a lot you know we need to push robotic hit one series and six well at least I just threw three. Series in its sixteen week season I don't think game sees I don't know Jimmy or apple pie but it's hard to believe that any young player like that. Who really believes in himself who really believes he's really good and is demonstrated. In port in that position. Where he's demonstrated to other cities pretty damn good. Once he would ever sit around and say I'm willing to take the money. To be the backup guy sitting on the bench I just don't that's when I happen again just be all it let it be any the fans think he will know because the fans want it to happen. But let's put yourself and Jimmy grapples month. I would he ever do it dawn you want to keep his job that's what he needs to do well this may be Gary paying way hot hate well OK but added that they all need to be on board. It is thought he knows what but Brady's situation as the odds he knows he's a year ago. Where it is any girl that now Don years between a rock and a hard place. Which means that there's no we really don't want to let you Schumer says he's going somebody's got to make movies from all rock and a hard place. Score got to make games. On YE a Jimmy she's gonna be willing to sit here and say okay built to whatever you want I'll stay here we call that insurance but insurance policy. Somebody's got to convince me on that 16177779. These recent.