OMF - Bill Belichick loves a good blocked field goal; Kyrie Irving doesn't mince words 10-23-17

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Monday, October 23rd

HOUR 4 - Kyrie Irving had a brief response to a Philly heckler during the Celtics' win on Friday night. Lou loves it. Markelle Fultz is having some struggles early on and the Phoenix Suns (including Josh Jackson) are falling apart day by day. On the other side, Jayson Tatum has played very well. Advantage Ainge? And we get into the "whodunnit" case of Kirk getting his car slammed into yesterday.


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These Fort Wayne. We're moaning and 48. CNN's. Morning. I don't come back with flyers tonight we're doing well with Lynn Lou and Christie I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Hello hello from the White House is needed Willie answers ornamental normally but tonight yeah. He's sitting ships got bass group went apparently at two places either I'm gonna learn on the life. Boston they. Now now on Sports Radio WEEI. I let down here at Foxboro it is patriots Monday were talking about game talking about some other stuff as well. And so the question at the top of the program is it more of what the patriots did well. All of more of these psychologically. Damaged Atlanta Falcons and what they did poorly specifically. The offensive play calling was just home rent it's call a horrible. And then you have of course the fog issue we were wondering this earlier today as the coach is going to be able a look at the all twenty twos. Apparently not. Bill Belichick he'll be on this afternoon. With Dale Hall Jana Pete who this week what it's gonna do this what he's going to be lost challenge tournament loss to go final so it'd there was always like those close like a dream of mine who said. In that article noted. Dartmoor stated that though that it. If you had a like somehow the bad play if I had because they were rare and have a lot. The one bad play that I had during that it was somehow to skate sliced out of pity so no one of the year so. You really couldn't be yelled at for because there's no proof that it ever existed this every man band is led now desolate so that all we took a big had a TV copyright with a little noted bill moving a little they called Cameron. It was like. The more of that camera you're really clicked a camera and all hot right now our cover keel. Erica the national plan. The net and can't daddy completely mad yeah well like Dana whatever all 22 version of the movie to see it. It's to see that you but you're right they're they're viewing everything from up above and as we know it's awful football tackle talk about this afternoon but apparently at the end zone view and have all points of it was most of it the end zone he was the only thing that they can actually use what that was steal your resources it all feels if you are sitting. To a school where the scoreboards aren't there's really no seats this 300 level with the scoreboards are breaker that would be. That would be nodal it is rare level looking down the field so it vacancy. There Arpaio Chatham I would do a review of the influence of something like out there you know what's up with some of that is gonna do I would casual you're lucky yeah Atlanta yet still lower than they noticed last thing you notice the same thing Christian. Whether or more drunk people who normal you election. I ran into at least three different groups and multiple. Were falcons fans. Like a lot that Brian where are you plan alone see and know what good are you pandering right jealous of every dollar I have some of the post game well hinder Boston pending Brian the highlight why that left in August told the truth and most of my homework. Works or pocket at the night's exit night games is a far more than 1 o'clock games elicits Columbus Day week problems that we component likens. It's almost like a licensed electoral. All the that they. Although 1 o'clock games all the wanna plus. Arizona for a total of five him a lot of Lou. You know 5 o'clock in 98 you're starting engage that he was soliciting other video officer problem. Not related to the far too because the game had no rhythm a note trampled to the first five minutes with all of the penalties was all for you if you thought via the ground offensive penalty was with the right call yes. Do you think it was not on Tuesday he just he can't get away with this stuff he's no that's no that's still looking phenomenon but that's obvious some of you that question and I'll let anybody you know and so jealous so it. Beyond can be extended but is there actually let a push you know to go to defend it kind of flying back and you still. Really don't yet but that is that is that's adding that's the flag one on one pass off of the past and one. You can not that's elbow flying who get away with that you cannot base danger hand it's just an obvious sign now the rep at no obvious choice. He has to throw the flag you figure double even though he didn't need to. Could he still had enough space he still up from the pro with Nolan and it all. Right for. But now that call yet the whole the one earlier deep but the pass and affairs with the first series. But the fact is Beasley joked on his shoulders it was like pull him mountain all they do that and all the time. I thought there was real inconsistency. With the the holding penalties as well and and you can call holding machine on virtually every single play but to me they're calling him now when it's not. A significant. Change in the plight. When my brother and my all rule apply unlike pass interference calls. You need are you I'd eat it needs you need to be forced to throw my flag. It's also why I allow readers to play football it and they have to be obvious about Bronx was obviously. Ticket tact did really not a big deal but he still extended his arm it's an don't know some of the other times on the defensive backs are fighting and they're both fight for the ball. My drizzle with Julio Jones who Jones had a ball but their feet got tangled up city call on drawn Harmon. Those places there should be no calls this a flannel gradual hold your arm it prevents you from physically catching the ball. And that's a good look like or love myself some nineteenth territory though. You tonight I enjoyed it shovel the Mike was but I enjoy as good as well yard this little extra argued could get as close struck that he kind of walks relic he can't be bothered you just had widely been here in the trailers it with a cause it kept. It is Los drugs he turns the camera. And he calls like the holding in that first down they just. He has this like I can't be bothered like Justin got to read what input and reflect on what more evenly and turned aside at an outdoor have to announce it I do not confined. Even in what inning when he messed up they had just they had called rough time out an umpire and had to call time out because they screwed up. The sticks the of the yard markers and later also are my bad it's first of five and bills like a Mac you was you don't. Curiosity you know normally don't see a lot of emotion from Bill Belichick and silence. Would you agree Ulysses yelling at a refereeing talking about. In all play on the field that you would say that Pete Carroll you know there's a played a huge jump up and down silence red chili unless it's a special teams play. Cash marks he deadmarsh out of blocking that field goal as most the most it ever seen from bill not getting mad at a ref actually excited about playing field. And hassle thing has some good do with a guy like march. May be out of harsh that bad most he's of the world that debris you know big interception with Butler who's got those guys yeah those guys all around. Yeah the guys that he finds that are like first round graphic there sometimes and I'd be drafted yet. He finds a role for them he gives them an opportunity gives them a job he gives them a responsibility. Andy you could see it in the post game press comity he talked about them rugby audits of the obviously. Saw something. In their fields sorted out so you know we if you're body kick you block right on this guy on this edge and they put them there and it worked. Irked about bill post game show on the talking about the fog and get instant recall the game in 97 along with one more time it's a low people love that it's like insulin if it does to the debt it's it's a story about a kid detail you know. All I remember one game in the old stadium. Next door. Where there was some flawed but the people here at the stadium tell me this morning only a fog rolls in the fox pro and you look at it does now. This morning when most rewarding it was bad it was that's an early this one but Burke off you know by general six. 715 so that will still is there but you're right it wasn't as bad as it was last night. But now I'll let you know the biggest issue of phosphorus as wind and power going identity assertion. That to the ball all the estimates that stadium these are retreat all agility and sucks it dry and the unity they never lose their power goes I would it is that first and so they just take it away from yeah yeah there at the community so you might like the my street milestone work so you hit but I don't billboards are always on you and I never heard the big screen soft. I took a phone calls we go here's to pick our IP. It's. Think particular column layout that the ball went out or. Well who who we would sit Horry out bench coach Burnett street names for. In order preference well not to say no particular ordinance that we do it and I don't dig a lot but this is my thought I'd like electric I'm not. Yeah Alex's quarter Rico you know little or nothing. It go from being a racist. I think Dusty Baker will be had a vote I did a good coach good manager. I think you'd be an excellent. And it was set up the minorities and that's overlooked in Tokyo. Yeah. I'm not you know I think it'd be seen see who you who he puts on his staff but the one thing that was inching I think. Well wanna be talked rob Bradford and I did an article where Alex and his staff he wants. Everyone and his staff to be people that that wanna be managers in the big man. You know that that that aspire to become a manager's. Which use you know for young manager. I think it says a lot about confidence because most. Most managers they don't want to know what the next accident right next overload you know I mean they they don't want that around them and so he he wants younger guys I think. That that nurse aspiring to be managers themselves a ball around and it's about retreads and watch us I don't know all of beyond reach advantage that's. I don't know who who who would go to outrun guard noted and a great pick but obviously get to pick Oden in Detroit so. Our guys showed it about Syria would be would be great for us in many that would help but he got ready to be terrible for somebody like garden hire veteran you know if there interest in become a bench coach just. Again no young rookie manager in ought to have an adventure guide it kind of be there and just. Recognize some moments try to slow the game down a little bit because it John Farrell he's really good yeah because that for the vessel and a. Ozzie Guillen would be terrible for Alex court day isn't it be great for Lawson because Ozzie. Can't help himself he'll have an SA CR based how do you talk to the bench coach. I hop and the team duty assisting coaches managers but he called assistant manager assistant coaches. Just a bench coach inconsistent. Bench talk a lot for impractical and I would say elected bench coaches that he's right hand man. Yeah idol Alex is right hand man would be and you know a mob of some innocent people and mafia was that called this. It was a getting into. That's addressed and that's the most important guy there I think it is go to Alex Cintron you know I know there also what else you would know that here's Tom card dumped. Eight suit saying about the about the task and I think that most chips that are better than adults are sure to keep. He bought little spark to order a secondary while they were all on a plane with a marriage you know I think that you need more crass. Economy yeah you're gonna get analyzer and alma but that's so well certainly I think he brought aggressiveness to the secondary currency and share. And that's it almost looked the end you can prevent it and I don't currently treat it just looked marketplace. In Arctic received around the league you at a young cute play. You're so are the plate you part. Can I got in church teaching me what it. Let's say when there's nothing there's nothing worse in in new wing water or Boston sports when a guy gets an awful lot of money. Then vastly under chief should talk about honeymoon didn't get a honeymoon for that you've gotta you gotta go why did you go and it'll perform just right now all suddenly everybody low and. The other those little deck nine billion dollars and Sosa he's an active price maybe I'm wrong maybe it's not carrier ring. Both millimeters Gilmore entire year the next data in order is over it's the dirt dog mentality you know yeah senator Dodd has come and have to. I think there's a lot of pressure here. On Gilmore a lot of pressure have you Eddie do you think so far the first whatever four or five games he's played as that's been a success he's had. He's a good game what I think the Tampa Bay game and and going up against Evans was huge I think what he said after the game probably pissed Belichick and the coaching staff off welcome. That Wii we game plan for game big game we election and if we simplified it for yet we figured he's a physical specimen we want you wanna warmer months. But they've come after the games and what's what I do you put me in this position that's what went. No it's not going to be like there's going to be comfortable every week it's not about you what's about the team I thought was the worst thing you could say we talked an awful lot about it. And you are now you're looking at lesser talent and got a mostly and Jonathan Jones and guess what they are far more come. I don't think I don't think so I don't know if he's a guy. That's continually. Even though he's very talented. If he's continually making just mental mistakes nothing will get you. So the sideline faster than just being dumb. Just not. Dating not understanding it do you think that's his problem that he can't figure out what they're doing. Yes I do OK this is probably just the old because he can always count and it was fast it was a good instincts. Or ask you to do something different maybe it's just out of your comfort zones and they missed. So little hole I don't know they have yet I don't know if he has it maybe just maybe slow learner. And what do you do. It's the ultimate test because this whole late you know if you're the better player you play. Give over the concert in new investment you have in Gilmore that's that's difficult yeah. Because even a Adalius Thomas the last big free agent that they got that cut right they did it worked out. But you still hear what three years when you have to blog this air carriers who did right three years. So yeah it's different when you sign this got a contract you gave him. It's different after three years if we hear that your one. You discipline that emotion over this get this year one of the contract you can't just. Release and we take an enormous cap hit if you get rid of and you're one raft the year one you've got to play this guy but it's truly being tested. The best man plays that's the way this organization it is that's way to play that we talked to they all talk about bill time. So if Gilmore can't figure it out and at most he's playing better than him. The ultimate test. Today that that way of thinking isn't this. You've seen that a most deeply enough for two weeks he's been pretty damn good young yet a guy that certainly perfect in the game last night if Q4 doesn't start doing something and and we were we're talking 34 weeks from now. The most heat is better integrate different than like doing it down branch of course who you gave him a little money to look really you know the one you can release them because not that much money any announcement. You know I mean yeah so you're stuck with us this guy is that would kill more you're not yet not Dylan I'd six point 77797937. Will get back to the phone calls plus we'll give it to the sky every Irving. Situation Philadelphia. That's immoral to jocks I like working with jocks is you can you can play with a little bit and a big joke on Sports Radio go. But Becerra and oil and after we live down here Gillette Stadium while still out there but it's it's rolling out of August when I'm still out there. We need to Swanson. What we were some applause and so now you're a little bit of movement for a little bit because I am delighted to listen. Used a needle in the UK it is. We don't get to the carrier every story from mountain Friday night so. Here's the tape of that there was a young a fan who decided that. They were gonna get under your skin. This is something to Christian has been talking about that if things don't go well here this is the fact that does that might just save though wrong wrong thing. And that's exactly what he did so some guy was asking him where rumors LeBron so here it is. I'm very. Yeah. Yeah. It was site mind you in the field and having that was even though I loved. Drew. Go to live I knew it at night and this game before but the real aggressive verbiage that early in the season and that beats that today to ease the ago. And like you awful awful all go suck my I'm proud. That's about it but they won the game right. They wouldn't wanna game feeling well so okay and play where none although they don't they did not play well he usually better than he did shouldn't married not to elect these. I he disappeared in the third quarter of that game but he's okay and mine and I'm just I'm just underwent Tony want when they came Beckett. Four never had an above average gamer another 79 Friday night average out an above average gained and little more aggressive early in the hole. So you go your. Second game of this of the year was third in the air. There was yet go full go go socket like. I'm. I think Sharon and show you that that's how easy it is to get under his skin. I politics. That fits games older and edit edit coaching at Florida State coach Jim both Fisher. Something and yelled at him. And said Leahy you need to go get some new coaches and Campbell Fisher yelled back up at him I think it comes to it to my face. He's thinking bashed. For the last 48 hours and he killed. And that's it he says that it's like nobody else just let it doesn't show you that that's where he's that's where he is a mentally. I think there's a lot more of that stuff that goes on between players and and fans them. If this had videotaped the guy was videotaping of somebody was not good policy noted but it what I would I would say era it does play it does plus he. More to what you've been saying is that. How is this guy going to react when things don't go so well. And I'm convinced things are gonna go real wall for now you know I hear you Jason what earlier and I thought android based on what the did pre season expectations were. Before they lost to a. There's a little bit of chaos when it comes to this team has a long tail blunter saying what you know and I felt like last year. Obviously you know a little more veteran group there was this you know things would slow down a little bit noose is confidence this year you're sort seems like it's. Well frankly you know down the stretch you know or end of quarters or whatever might be. Just as a young. Is a lot of energy out there you know but it pitchers to younger team. Terror just announced in our strategists say there's some amazing things with this team so far. It's very Rasheed as one of whom he's done and JC you know you could see that by the end of the season they may be able to move on from mark is Smart. Because he may be able to take that role OK and I don't think they wanna pay more to Smart. What he might be able to get Neal from why can also see you know whether it's starting lineups are not a lot more. Rose you're at the point cut are you at the Q yeah you know Jim Brown the three to give some minutes off Qaeda moves looked great to pause and other I think it's tremendous pressure now. On unearthing because the only. Only way this team is going to be able to win a lot of games. Is if carrier ring takes over the game in the fourth quarter you're seeing it with the Greek freak out of Milwaukee he including again against boss that he is taking over the fourth quarter. And just winning games. That's where LeBron can go. To Milwaukee yet totally block that's an expert as you know he's only he's at his visual as Nevada and what exactly it's okay him deeply and I know you have by next year the year after. That's your beating Pete at the right time colonies a little bit of LeBron and maybe ex couple other role players that heel prints and he always covering all the old friend there's no dollar gold. As well and vows LeBron had both three more years in me four more years he leaves. I think it Minnesota or twelve. The Minnesota. A team that's in your pretty interest they could be interest in getting out of. Mean who Butler Coach Williams is whoever the coaches. He's gonna have to go because LeBron born to be in the coach so it's gonna be someone to be to push around immediately. Talking about Jamie brother DeMaurice you Jalen brown and you start to see some progress with his game right now doesn't it remind you a little bit of Jimmy Butler. Thought I was kind of the talks Mozilla original military Butler and as the heat we've seen an effort Jim Brown but. Maybe Jim Brown could turn into that you vote we might have a better history certainly from the two quarters restart that from the corner he seems to be. High percentages not as good cheers shooting from him from the library and it let you know this it was a shot improve sitting in to see him just take off yeah that's that next level now. But. You watch. The young person. That's initiative that's an extra push Tony to. He's 22 years old he's almost seven feet tall ID sixteen and six all of them pretty plays like a guard crossover dribble he needs to defend. He can block shots Tiki comes up with a big steel and again against Portland. The other night. And he can switch you don't 44 is that he is Fareed he's a free music and where you from very worthy from Greece always agrees to break up. OK well great nicknamed the green free of are on the Greek frigate that nickname down got pregnant marine was unlucky. They case Wi fi Gerke yeah dirty looking mode when you said you're looking and anybody Durant did this and moved up into that into that top national superstar this guy's ready to move as are we wondered whether the problem I know that's yeah that's our final player right now. You know it so forget about carrier because the number two player in a conference Jason Kidd Jason kid who coached more. Jason can you guys that's not a good thing but decent practice. The whole thing went when he like purposely and water it's like you know it's a time out that it's just I don't know what Baghdad. So you've it's your right though I mean the carrier ring losing his cool with what the fans. The reason it's not going to be easy for him. Is it it would have been a hell of a lot easier with Gordon Hayward we do know that so in all fairness to him so you're on board but I ain't gonna get worse off and I think he's sooner than you think. I think. Big they're going to need far more from him. Then I have seen him produce even as the Cleveland cavalier remember his record for the last three years. With Mo LeBron it's four to 24. As an embedded form 24 or I would believe. But this a lot of pressure. Because you can easily see when an injury to. This kid could fight to win 42 games or sacred fight did they have trouble when he forty to 42 games it's like I even Micah Alonso ball right now leaders know their ship thrown out his stats. And it was like there today the team that is actually better without him on the court right but I see that right a little less like 37 iron on the during that last numbers are inflated was. One game against duke thinks that the Phoenix in Phoenix are fired at our graphics and Eric Bledsoe has already been sent home now. Sacramento will he do he treated one out of one out in a physical today and I was before they fired the any sensible cluster right yeah we did I don't wanna be here. I don't want to own yeah like that's well he got back from Pedroia all for drugs I thought I was all right all right I think that affects the difference. One of vetoes it just Jackson's that the guy that wanted he wanted to did you series and feed us out of that work I'll give you an ideal and its coaches now maybe that's what he knew now maybe it has something to do it. I just think it's far more pressure now and because. But Karrie is going to have you singlehandedly win these kids what is next game with a that the knicks right at the end they got it you just witness without those types against that locate in you win beat traffic something to make it look comfortable that it's Milwaukee that Georgia go to Georgia and the Philadelphia in the element now Slobodan almighty god. Two teams that would just awful and the officiating was young read this horrendous officiating just a renders. But look like they're obviously aren't tons of Mozilla's Izard knew they're the new rule now rule. It seems like you can't do anything more you cannot it is a non contact sport now. There's no no body no no checking no nothing. If you come close to somebody called. Now this seems to be a concerted effort what did I don't understand washing their game was not kill Fultz. Three through Russia what does that they knew too you know that don't know what what is there were blaming at an injury is that what we're doing but what. We'll bake you shoot like that I don't know. You know what scares me even more now. I thought that he was a guy who's a ball handler who's a point guard. He can't get a shot off from the dribble drive to the hole when he struggled the whole you know we talk about carrier to carrier ring is good as any you know if finishing that play. More skillful it's cannot get that shot off. If you can't do that to get about as outside shooting you're gonna have major problems. But he's awfully that they had taken the ball in the paint and they get swallowed up by the big city can't do anything that. That was surprising to a Simmons runways chemical port yup you're kidding going to be glued play and what is what's happened to. Indeed he got all of that money you know it's like walking happened on the floor he's a big east. Was terrific player when he wants to play both the zero involved blind and I don't get him either I we get one more segment to go here. Stops rumor loaning you come out of Cooperstown that you like you don't want. Full comic dim hall of Famer well meaning the FCC. And they act like going to happen. Pizza or wait for EA and move Marleau on Sports Radio telling you we. What's this other silent again yesterday about. I mean for. Me. He kicks the fullback Roosevelt next write me in the helmet. I think that that constantly believe in the players talking about safety issues and protecting the you know head to head it. It hits and whatever and a defenseless receivers or what of this was a defenseless. Fullback who was lying on New York taking him. In Connecticut this guy out early age take enough enough enough isn't. And one of the times you suspend a guy over stupid stuff like that particular item it's still suspended for the rest of the season low. They're just nailed say you know what enough is not what you up for the rest of the year that your team can deal that they. Always Steelers always the Steelers looked like you can't find game. Over the last I don't know foresees where he has got some sort of conduct detrimental or some you know. It says supports penalties so like an off the field he's also to. The tour is is its way this whole life's about change talking about that do we have any idea. Who put the hit out on moon. A million black over the weekend there's the deal if something happens to do what happens. Ohio and suddenly I have ever heard about the somebody hired Bettina you literally buckling down what about what most of the one candidate I was I was a New York is slowly get somebody a hundred and it was an in this state somebody higher you have you. I was an outline hire these people. You know what the most noble savage element he really isn't okay is he okay he's okay. Wow well let's just kill it doesn't it may be good you scared and movement will be emotionally the all star at a point on that I. I had nothing to do with nothing what they were red light and alibis Boston teenager from with the complex for half I was that in its profound. Last night on some measure of man got blown out. Good glad television this. I look at this picture in OK he doesn't have a car other UK and I tease those guys that I saw a picture of her car that got that sports package on the it is he doesn't know that's mostly. They're now. So apparently it did the Latina. Juiced was actually as she assumed she was there was this I saw that a select. Texting and driving him to kill all of us of between east and doubt is right that is between the pictures those cartilage aside goals could have been somebody. Mikey Adams. Yeah. I was going to let you. A lot of enemies that's a long past the pin number it's not me and I'll let down I say I want to do it if it happened after this morning show I would absolutely think what was done to put much of fifteen minutes of the social studies test mutt mobile's Basra down. You know the gonna play the table. Somebody gets something I thought that was released on about her. Yeah well you definitely Leslie's group lists all the it is due to reverse this issue most likely. And worried and want to give one and just on the floor the problem don't you could come Maggie you know to kill me about it I don't have to add a you don't win and I can I don't know what that guy's done. But there's just a minute you don't want the naked anyhow I don't wanna make an and you go out some seventeen you'll give this great filling the nephew of the world to pull. They know the nest and the cousin of like Joseph raggedy crap that is so much recent fact that somebody let him simulated the legit coincidence that these methods to go a little. No horse and assume you do this on purpose and. The act. So making us smarter here. I set the Wii is brought to bud select patriots rushed for a season 962. Yards last that they had almost a hundred the first now. The attack led by Dion Lewis charitable thirteen times 76 yards and was seen him over the last couple weeks Bradley brings to the table. Joseph bringing you America's abortion for America's number one team the official shape. Of the New England Patriots scales in the house for occupied. Finance money. Stereo. Christian rock and the fee in football a man tried today to playoff move. They themselves who enough Liberia Gilbert K in the coaching I have always overcome that's number one rule as a player over here on the original departure from three weeks ago dale where he. Said nothing about bishop as a unit was Letterman admits this as somehow I think you're playing measly 22 year old in Hopkinton he had a lot of work on defeated their policy division for so little unseemly I just met Ryan couldn't overcome the coaching know Myra Laura. That's of that that's he's not we don't think he's going to be employed no he will not be called play or at least it would exit and they lose the Jetsons yes this week. Hamels still guilty to play calling away from. For this this weekend's game let's let the light was around the historically punish them ever who's gonna take a look the amateur that's Quinn's expertise he's a good look at the blocked we'll talk Heath Evans NFL network yet 230. We're told bill will be down here at 405. I don't think he's probably pretty happy amateurs I'm not sure how much film study they were able to do. I was surprised emotional reportedly had it done I I read some quotes from him on the conference call earlier and he said basically see you couldn't see anything ought to have thrown out to camera angles I was a that was me goofy you really messed up a bunch and you did wanted to see evil really Austria after a couple of this. The flip side you finally don't screw up. Sure enable I don't know I get the death playoff hot that's true we sort of know and don't get credit for any very any don't get yelled at best game they play defense and is no film the baca. I we're back tomorrow at 10 AM we live close so well all dale Polley kids coming up next though we're out here on. I'm very landlocked we're not.