OMF - A bizarre night of TV between Dennis Rodman, The Bachelorette & the Singapore Summit, 6-12-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, June 12th
HOUR 1 - While the Red Sox game was a bit of a bore, the other TV options last night were anything but; from Dennis Rodman's strange proclamations to Clay Harbor injuring himself on The Bachelorette & the historic meeting between Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un, there was a little bit of everything. Lou managed to injure himself playing golf yesterday. The Patriots had some fun at Fenway Park yesterday, but Tom Brady's commitment looms over everything.

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Fort Wayne. And moaning and 48 time to burn the gulf mask I'm sorry it is all over the you are all bark it is Null and it is void in eighty is deep. Ball stroked a football picks women's finals failure of all Todd. That's what broad broad until he proves otherwise it's a one plus one type of guy you don't have to hear this the Daschle do you really dismantle your teeth for guidance may only be there for one year that's not the case at all with Glenn who went. Christian dust settles and the youth when we're back home. I just already built thrifts and it's been a black not believe that we have loved come into work every day and all I could win gold hole eight he couldn't go home. Please I doubt about what the days are bound to imagine them. Could you bolt but I feel like I'd probably that's a great thing right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. It was Dark Knight any. NBA playoffs are over the Stanley Cup finals a rover Ovechkin is still dropped. Still some celebrants we don't think he's 06 now whatever anybody enjoyed winning a championship more then. Anger is doing exactly what you should be doing that if you got exactly what he should say I don't flush etiquette this is nonstop I don't know of his wiped off the emotion. Bizarre night and I know all three of us probably work. We're we're hearing in in different places for example who wrote yeah probably spent some time. With the Red Sox are rising litigating or else it. As quick as well the first night's. And the day's low when they used to play games in Baltimore. And he used to be fans in the stands and what happened of those. You know I doubt. The long time ago I was alone it was learned that general building a brick building called I bacterial warehouse system where it's hey America I'm. There don't all of you live where. Scheduled the news and eagle. Beautiful and well. If it I. All if they go crises that cool warehouse is cal Ripken you know when he when there was so much fanfare when he broke that attendance for yeah its preseason tour. Last night everybody yeah and it's and it's so it just you know attacks since listening to you in this incidence of the telecast is like I you know it's really not officially summer yet added people people cult Morocco beetle kill people and I wouldn't comment that team. Our government school gets out they suck that they've knocked it out and democratic nominee out going to be an you know within a few weeks at the school itself which I don't be traded Alexander that would make this exactly Showalter was the unity for watching young kids that nobody knows anything about Soviet threat such in the memorial sliced right and then of course we had the summit. Kim Jones whom and of course Donald Trump getting together. And that we had the bachelorette and I was confused about which Wright was right I don't know crime and on the bachelorette or was that. No no no it was not zarrella is running I know we're going to be all over the place and it's all played Tuesday this was until I think they're realizing I'm that you're watching the whole Dennis Rodman. I guess episode. Personal noted you have it feels good and I sat and I said you know what this man. That actually the laid in a bed but naked and intercourse with Carmen Electra and I was an accountant. Headaches of well I was is that you know this is a handsome good looking guys so let's I wanna marry you. Co champion Arnold Jack good date I don't I don't think back in the day I don't know what it that says that's a something more about Carmen Electra and her personal torso freaky. A little bit of a corporate. No yeah he's in trouble. A ladies and that was what 200000 and you see that's that's somewhat cigarettes are the British Nixon is that. In Joan who eagle summit thing alone on watch anything shake hands it is you know first thing is just like it you know. Donald's is like duty at a stranger. Right and he's that good Bagger in the railing. It's only been eye opening comment or exactly what honest we're talking about perfect pair but then out of nowhere late penalty get tipped off unlike you know they Twitter whatever disease. The gadgets that solar village CNN. And in the Ayers Rodman. That I watched it all live like to the breakdown. Mike what and it was like you know Workman was coming into the game and I'm like what am I doing right now watching Dennis Rodman breakdown and that's. That the youth when we're back home. But us already built wrist I just slogan don't whistles and you protect it everything. And I believe that we have. And probably won't ultimate goal hole and he couldn't go home please I duck out. The Braves. Want to. Like I don't like the does that. That's a total lie and but he wouldn't be divided into it and he he was on and on radio and TV shows. After we got back he did spirit I think he did stern that the second day he returned. From North Korea all I development. Where people who don't really quick we protection area did did the interview left. Camino over the idea over some it's dark clouds and he's actually happens are we at all think first of all. You know the US and North Korea. And then you know trumpet selling you know imam on the concept of of these resorts in the beach it's. On you don't like it's like it's like that time sheer like when you believe. And that's exactly what I've driven spotlight like he was felt. Thousands. To every Saturday at a strip club okay that's according to honor them. May we brought. You didn't want to do more. You're you're being opened up lord I hope these things probably not. I'd like that. That deal with and I'd. Thought it was I I heard them iron curtain. And here this morning. I thought they just made that browser. The act to leave it makes sense of what they have the video together of the gap and the kitchen the try to sell them on the concept of if you put your weapons away put all the nuclear build condos. Yeah well wolf there was a we're gonna commit and we're gonna help you with your economy will open up you know we'll take away the sanctions will open up to the borders and will do business with you and other people will's will the world. And you'll you'll actually have something. Seven the. And those life to. And only the very few will make decisions or take action. They removed their home. Change the course of history. History may have appeared to repeat itself generation. Cycles and never seem to wind. So at peace through. His time. I just wanted to hear what eventually. Yeah. And just try to be very careful with them because that was what was that China and it's like an Independence Day. I don't trailer for Independence Day saint and I guarantee you it's the same day old school the original and is not a remake of the second one. The first one. So the experts knew and who understand what's going on in in North Korea wherever all over TV last night and that's defenseless him now that basically say you got it out of their level and you've got to be able to convince. Kim Jung on that we're we're gonna give you money we're gonna we're gonna help you with your economy. But not. Tool much as if you help them too much the you people are going to be cute and become well educated you can understand that your life sucks in North Korea. And you're gonna try to find a way out of it and try to overthrow you said the trying to run like this fine line. It's your typical back and forth and I I did journey over to the bachelor for a little I mean I have an issue with this. This this this whole thing drove me nuts. The best actor red clay on the Red Sox game is I'm but it kind of boring and nothing's really happening but if you look at Toronto actually it was gore was all I data minutes in advance. Places in these these when these big hit this big broke him. Prompting him it's like a Catholic and royal wedding. And nobody on our. And how hot blotted and loves all of them had given LA the LA Cruz is like don't. I am I got the true untold story of their rope and it. The bats trump and can't flip a trumpet and Duncan's announcement I trumpet Nokia music topped front a little camp mine. And ultimately it did bats like it in route nine here despise. 43. And hitting our here's all the flags there's flags and just talking there does this music the sound right here. Descent and again you can do about that you've got to be kidding me he can use what happened on my love of yoga and going odd that all. That. So yes allied with or to Ghana and I saw one of the ground how long do they leave dimension probably for staff and our resume its image via Paris did it tonight. And support I thought about it out on the road they yeah I just nonexistent. I want got a lot on yet. Yet he appeared not gonna go online and watch it but I want I almost smaller so happy. It dates get in the show you Dennis Rodman loose and as my uncle. Does this Rodman and I'm sorry I was on the moon. Brother knew things interchange I knew all the do you own blood and accurately and she needs one and brought to the political to halt what they want. K let me just understanding. That today of course but everybody single war he said you should ever as a great. I feel contributors to growth as. Well he's he's he's got an. It's coming down on the basis of Chris Cuomo thinks you know this is actually spent some time with Kim Jung and so. We'll let him talk what I do we might be able to get something out of he's asking like simple logical questions like when you sit down. Does he speak any English is he going to get it right over that position if he thought we talk talk Canadian. I was talking about this conversation that you had in the back in port because that's a simple question made it does he speak English and just get answered it if you think it's it's I understand exactly time. Well I think he understands this and bits and pieces if you talk about basketball. Yes he understands that. So you think it's about what he won't show talk about do you think he studied English. I'd say one thing I think people they kill them. There's nothing dumb man looked opportunities and you and Kim young like him on my you know just say one thing I think people know they can't loan them. There's not a dominant and you can but until this thing I was going to the world that he's on the protect its people which ought to protect his honor and NS. And everybody and it has to do with his country but let us and that's suspect. You notice it immediately associate it a paper prints out three times Chris Cuomo went down way to and I thought it was a relevant question is because we saw footage. Of him and trump will be watching and you certainly while it translated them myself he speaks to daily talking I don't know look at the president speaking in the trees that. The Petraeus and as we're doing it over these two bullet actually does nodding her talking to which it's got to be so prominent speaking English and I got at. Weird as. Sell it and that was so strategist mark it down and I did all three I was bouncing around everything that was overdue effort and again and again. I didn't bloods not yet and I can't I can't because I voted scored nobody going nobody is going nobody's cooler as the enough already you know the funniest moment of the show. The funniest moment of the roadside scheme last it is the broken with with an in your Moscow and she was out in the outfield it was a reproduce east. But they'd hit a pitching change. I didn't like the twelfth floor and probably just said that one of those exit but the tank death. And since we have a need this won't be easy game to game three but the twelfth in the late screw or to order Garros. They thought Darren and they they have a commemorative little ball mark where the balls have gone out here next ability the cool warehouse that we've just fool old little earlier at the anywhere so so bush once they they pinpoint. The Jackie Bradley junior wanted 450. Feet and say you know god. He's like over four already know this game I hero. I think he's double one million hero of the rumble all the while he does sacrifice fly to knock the I. There and so parents. I'm glad I'm off. Downplays that I'm loving it 450. Or zero shocker but Becky Bradley junior is getting hit it. Fifteen feet and I never mind or fifteen out of the original game Bob I'll give it away game balls tribunal brothel didn't want ad like Balaguer and you also Stephen Wright. Jill Carroll as your Kelly would yeah is loaded don't teller. Maine Colorado and understanding and good to see you looking back out of freaked out of the cities and activate a moment. All right. You know hold your breath the next two to three games that it doesn't get worse but it he's fine he's fine and so you don't play since the notice most of its own remarks in the game and I'm on and and go into the computer what confuses them looking at. 'cause I wanted to see what this game meant in the standings look at the Yankees are. On the Yankees are like six games. I know behind the Red Sox and yankees have often. This is unbelievable. That the such support what six more games five more games. Than than the guys are it's ridiculous show up and yet. They're off last night unbelievable. It their awful lot. Relative had I think six rain outs whatever it is but gather others does it it's a hole. A look at the standings that had to so confusing went but the Yankees have had like a better winning percentage but it had been a half game a game behind the Red Sox with a better winning percentage is because that we have like seven less games and it's incredible animal and I think at three US law seasonal in the Los call. Right 9022. Of their first ports. There first but they're good team. They are identical three at three to attack the article three entry they're detained yeah. But the solid both these teams right now the site it's it's it's a weird spot for the Sox displayed it is that'd immune to stuff the talk about the 10. There's no where a real panic in order means these sort of just like all right well that. There I want there are you don't rush smoky back he's fine you know my giving GD day off he goes back to what these guys healthy want to write its long term all the way from Iran and you wanna win the division. But you know you're taking your your house ways are more about the Yankee while sitting like this two weeks from now. The way to fit in the last 45 games then I think the beast the world opinion to me did not hit until Monday is pitched well. It is why don't fight starts. By that I didn't any of that put the ball player right now. Think what happens when you smoky for two weeks yet the only new JD's in an audio line you know and and you've got I mean. Devers last night at least semi show the video over and over the weekend. It's called left center you know I mean it's called left field when I sat it's is today acumen as radios and if you're struggling the answer is always the other way. Always always always Jackie Bradley other way devers other way the answer is always did edit every other way. And eSATA drive the ball the other way. That's the answer to all the time but he's 21 years old. You know you'd think that got it's point seven years Ole Jackie was reared up to 21 year old is gonna have to first a look at once when you Edwards that he was trying to power. On the back look at a couple. As well I'll look at even the W gate that would expand the zone to double the it was like a foot a foot outside he's just. He's up there hacking and everything right now are all. Oh boy I mean zero plate discipline but let's it was a huge hit for him and and very nice game defensively so hopefully can build on it. But they had to get some guys don't. Don't use rookie for a while you've got to start it new and yes this looked like we got from last year. He's got to get never Selena baggage jacket wake up you know Bogart's got a few last night which is nice so you'd. But it comes and goes you really I worry about that Renault ordered I'm. I don't know I'm not Buckley popular an article about you know but this this very topic yeah it since. What it's it's as of June it's still you I think you're gonna get more bored than anything I I agree. And it just it just on it's it's going to be mundane it's going to be you know. The ultimate racism in the great seer is going to be against the Yankees it all off first place at all about who can who does not play the law. Yeah this is a very good team at this reminds me he member of the 2011 season the chicken and beer. That was the most boring team for five months as they were so good. The best team member or they were so good for like five months that it was just I wanna get. They won again in on this team I don't think is that. Is that good. For five months right did not there's more its fuel holes and maybe that team and and obviously became huge talking point is chicken and beer and collapse. But this is is does have a very good team right now there's no real achievement yeah will what is that they're staying within. Shouting distance and at times on top of the Yankees rights of the initial goal is. You wanna win the division you wanna avoid what you're talking about that one game wild card play in game which is a crapshoot at all times you'd never know what's going to happen you could have a great season. Could they could go 105 games and they can get eliminated in one game in the postseason so you wanna avoid that. But none of that's in jeopardy Gordon and certainly falling out of the wildcard situation is not jeopardy now so so. So we shouldn't Aaron were watching these things but. We're where's the where's the excitement where's the where's the level of all all they need to win that's when they. But none of that but that's about it and it got even if that everything you want to think. But the seasons so long. Me that I feel you could say that for any team that's winning in Major League Baseball. Think there was anything that's losing everything is it to Robertson a long season is obsolete ounces Lucent and hear their permits I'm not sure. Zero is with this thing unless the Yankees take off. And its interest in the Yankees I think are fourteen and seven in the last 21 games. If you go look at their line up their key guys are not eating at all so the Yankees are winning right now they're not hitting at all. The the the Red Sox are going through that phase where they're not hitting. And they had a bump in the road this weekend against the Marlins the like I lost that last game against the tigers and eagerly want an game last but it it is a way. I tried kind of program how many times we did use of the word fervor and two for Perot Peru fervor for her and her brother option offense them. We call that a trumpet them for a lot of fervor server as he's ever I don't know what he was talking SOB. I know we're gonna deal is salesman and he is and you know why it's it's funny because all of this is good bottle he's better he's better just. Not saying anything. I can't albums in one thing like anything somebody's an idiot and that when they open their mouth and remove all of outlets like the majority yeah I find pictures and. They hit a financial thing. You know that the fact is that. Any he did some of the of the you know this morning he's coming out saying he's really good guys really really good guys you know kills political you know you know. Opposition edit his own goal you know it didn't assassinate him it. Only thing we don't audience but he's a salesman he's trying to sell us all on. How to get the other an ugly we're gonna work a business deals and behind closed doors you know what trump is saying he's oblivious you all this guy's fault he's an idiot by the way my hair is better than he has you know he's analysts that. But I of people asked that that would try to not all of the economic that you bringing. Some type of piece together took two totally different. Culture not you but you're right everything he says Christian Denise as you sit at home why. This legacy yeah yeah a lot it's funny because people art was themselves and not try to. Shall all of this is bad absolutely houses back I don't know you get together with a Psycho yet but you're trying to rationalize with them it's you can't do it all may be years. Will you give him credit. Yes I think it has no unity it beat the new guys lose everything or whatever now this guy here and knocked out of windows and respect that's insane but they'll be people out to the public can't believe it. Typically sit down with this guy think well. Was about it and it's a sit down. Isn't that the communication good their countries that we keep hearing we heard discussions we open up the discussion need to communicate that as an etiquette thing. Not just on an error it's just like Dinara don't know all the Hollywood people they don't want to get to succeed him up anything right and and I don't know how the country. You know winds and and in that situation. Now I I would listen half of the stuff he says he's right person it's it's like. Listen it's on the sporting was like does bizarre. And how it but if he's if he's in some way. Taking them. Pulling the plug on North Korea being a threat to the rest of the world and in some way maybe incorporating them into the economy in north. How to we lose within your party win I mean it was I mean. There's so many news you know it's in the weeks and stuff coming up. Wasn't as and there are and he cleared the new one when I play Harvard investment it did today or. It's clearly gonna agreed to you know a signed agreement but that doesn't. It's. Something right you know agreements sometimes agreements are not necessarily agreements now. I wouldn't get too I wouldn't get too carried away about it. Haven't trusted killer like that the Jewish and given what I've given. OK I mean this is what we have and this is where we are and I can only tell you from my experience and I met him I've spoken with him and I've met him and this was. As you know starting very early has been very intense. I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea I think he wants to. It's very important. And without that there's nothing to discuss. That was on the table at the beginning and you see a total. With a all of that being said I can't talk about. It doesn't matter we we're starting from scratch was starting right now. And we have to get rid of those nuclear weapons. He's a sales because does anybody about that a bad thing isn't a bad things don't put that. But does anybody really believe that Kim Jung whom wants to in anyway get rid of all the nuclear stuff on the other hand he's probably being choked. Economically because it's been a deep the countries is not productive he's never seen satellite photos of the country in front lights and most of the countries and even at all. At night in other news enjoyed it is active. Citizens like he's afraid if you as someone who can figure out again. Let's invent and make them believe that he controls the sound bite that it I don't see us like total in this part of the country exactly so you that you little fearful of that put. Com article today that he's going to me. Or regret uncommon challenges some animus it's the army times. So it's from Kansas is this is the first former fervor. I heard and an almost see how many times we use it fervor incidents in this day yes because of all the leave my president. His country does look and his people you see the fervor they have a great ever. Think we'll put it together I prayed for it they have a great error. Parties that he he got almost like stop listening to him. Yes I've listened to his people like you know they do what he called. You know him up that would they called them you know and you know go to him John in the community calling it great personality or whatever they are local paper article right now. Think that does stop listen to him right. He's meeting with this guy to try to. That's a good thing or stop listening to the words out of this guy's mouth exactly that's what you have to do it's all Diaz he can't because the U wanna look for things to hate and I understand that it. Is plenty out there to hate about him I'd get it. But at site you guys that thing what he's doing is a good thing right now it's just he's a salesman he's sitting there trying to sell now fervor it. Prefer his people can see the. Server they have a great fervor in grabbing a great job. It twice now it's my yeah. Once everything that it may have a great Adobe hamburgers and they have great you know Ohio Oregon span. But that's. What he's trying to do he he he's community she's. Speaking you have a great fervor Sesame Street be speaking to George Stephanopoulos he's not speaking to the American people what he's doing what he's doing that. He tried to sell. This guy on the fact that we'll let you know we really aren't even though behind closed dozens price and Iowa. Yeah and whether by design or not that he's willing to go down that road in and let him and don't tell me into. This yeah. You sell stuff sometimes you know necessarily believe it but just what got my. It was part of the deal as it Markey we aired it we neared I see what we are not so Clay Harbor was on the bachelorette last SCI and he's a football player play but the patriots was I mean her doubles as a you know it's what happened to him as this guy. So they had the silly like bachelorette football game where the all of the ideal contestant don't tackle had had arm pulling a bad pads on and as it was like it was a weird sort of circles are their hiker in Moscow misses are amply NFL gap and open and I can be of stop anyways he's as Iraqi People left and right they're going to rob emotions. And this guy. Hits the ball Ron gets the test out and had the beating hard. All I heard his press. Abby insults the brutal all book ball plans all already bad so I asked president he hurt his wrist and know what the weather's on the backstretch because by and she canceled all it. Is breast. They pull an ambulance ought to that be you know on the spot and then they'll lied lied at. I'm lying everywhere it's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And turn lemons I. It's. A your players are you okay. Win injury on the field looks like anybody down there. They look about them all to see guys get injured. It's gone so well it's. My files something America. For here. It's. Okay. It goes on to play into into notable act back on so into the maelstrom regular. Don't implant is one originally put it put it. It ended up front of his legs they strap it birdie. On the U they've put on top of the parity or reds rolled. In that let you do not read it piled up they closed doors better hospital to the race. You freeagent. I've noise here doing my play was when Norman slash security Gary Burton got hurt so I would guess since he's thirty years old unless he's holding out like Brady. One camp. Totally let him that are required surgery. Oh did you. He's done now he's he's yard retreated up the -- months ago he's behind he's healthy he's ago OK there's going to be soft softball player so so he left the but he he he he left on its own he does this disqualified himself because he's that. You know goaltender is my life fervor so and I get the baseball players so much crap now I can't do and I got so I can't do more of all I can't do it that is unbelievable because this guy gets hurt in a accurate football game today and get put an action and like the male stripper shoes at us embarrass him you know our guys. All the guys can ruin me. Yeah in any you take an ambulance that former NFL it's Vega and impotence and that's triple the one the actual football or get hurt him. So I get this right. He hurt the wrist trying to straight orange somebody was trying to just like straight on go to touchdown in the night. Think it was a full game Google back what was it like walking up hill. Now in Greenwood oh dollars an okay law that nothing that hey nobody said it is a lot wolf what's I don't know recently as well that's right so we had our we got soft football player go to break something I gotta go ice we are running through. And I'm looking at the the Maloney investments or just yesterday to get hurt. At a golf course on a remark you guys that bring it up I was the favorite that people thought I was gonna get hurt or something would we desperately rapidly. Paul's car was next on the on the list. And it was a completely destroyed his guard down. It's terrible it jumped tonight's isn't really a heckler was at must I don't hold instantly WM connect but did it hit me an oil and edit but you'll go to public toilet you know girlfriends that's Pakistan that was in the next. And what I heard yesterday. Well the good news bad news at the clinic six or seven holes and unfortunately calf out while I. Talked to my half. Your blog never in my heart Halliburton walking off and running uphill but it is food budding female that you guys are ready for a replete center and at best but easel deal gives a wild card fraud people looked illicitly canary late. You play cart break before the course in Iraq so the tenth all the short par four dogleg left long story short. To a beautiful three wood over the trees onto the green all court game rolls off to little springs drive down the right year. Clark I gotta walk up the steep elevated green hill we gonna tell us he's he jogged up. Halfway up yours and camp. And that never pop that anything like that reports now agreement with firm at what the hell's that river for cap and allowed for plopped down. Yeah hobbling around like a resident in ten punitive feeling no one good Christian you noticed it yeah. What good what good would pick up and. I played. LeBron James Blake to three holes and yet it does it's golf you when people describe the injuries like this notion screen shot. Don't believe in the woods now know how good job all and I didn't hurt but now that yeah I was good. Yeah element. Well here awfully dream was to bring up John you wanted to go down hill exactly are Ford do I drove the greens really good man dude from about two. A plot like. Do you are you beat an athletic. Student here in NY and I don't know that I'd Lebanon's business Wembley and it's all of you to walk a little back from this you watch Obama today at Disney. I edited just wish I had the I haven't got firm mattress at the saw this match is my bat jammed up on the it was a nightmare out of there gentlemen team that is like came back my whole body was at my. It's because of my capacity to withhold supply in his studio records on every muscle in my body right now heads I sort of have popped because of the bad Downey Disney human energy and efficacy might I want adults are called WorldCom and see you recoup brilliantly need to go Eagles yeah Allen's. Yeah I did see Tommy Karr yesterday told the disease goes the oxygen that public negative. Yeah to determine who has lost his mind. Who's calling radio stations across he's an off night skews older people are talking about his stuff which policy. And then apparently from what I'm hearing should she called after current. Got lost along so some current volume shots it's like yeah. What are you doing you're going to. What are we going Tom account and we don't. Difference of opinion. I difference of full laws and that means. And these these don't firmer greens fervor. Program or that her mama program have a great server wherever they have a great fervor. Wafer. Very very little break into lice I got up he definitely had a little extra special would it apologists and get them not only some of the stuff we've just talked about so mood a month. It's 617779. 7937. Right here and all that it's. Sports Radio guy. Delegates. And I'll throw some fervor into firm so. We're sitting here yesterday and was getting a little bit worked up that Tom Brady is not at this week's. Volunteer. Work outs. Because that the settlement suspension and you gotta deal with these younger kids and you gotta be able to connect with a minute what whatever. And I am and I'm driving home yesterday and I'm listening to the radio and I'm here and Karen to regain his reporting. That we and I and we were doing some bonding thing is part of practice yesterday as we mentioned in turn show. Little did we know they were going to Fenway Park with a Red Sox were not there they were in Baltimore. And they don't like corn hole tournament asked. And and some. Did Brady have to be there for the quiet I don't know how you said yesterday you brought up an important piece of your. You said yesterday that Belichick basically tells you you're either all in or you're all out when it comes to be so TA. So there is a is that a three day session this week. So break if you thought it's a pretty if you want to skip the corn hole tournament. Actually could not skip the corn hole tournament because Belichick considers the corn hole tournament. To be to be part of the entire quote that. Seem to me I am really OK I always highlighted the eyes fine. I don't think about we we Charlotte bunch of suckers. Does suck it just suck it up to there's no notes that there's a run are allowed the following every last thing but Brady's doing it trying to dissect it. Like it brilliantly so what could this is what he's losing out on a court hold her to go to bank might cricket I assume that it had me out. Exact earth is that coal. Yeah I mean they get. So that's the recent list of the big dominates with a certain movies that are coming out messages to listen to people behind whatever yeah you don't think. But any little thing which currently corn ball. When teams like you witness it terribly Cornel. Yes typically called Ogletree can bear. Now know I'd like a little little corner hold your speeds it's now it's a -- right so yeah effect with major you know defend it and went pro being bags and cricket poll. Awesome. And click. Yeah they've gotten through some out of I'd imagine how does Bobby Mueller we honestly I actually left my kids and a mob off did you see I don't agree to solve it but not surprising they haven't said when I haven't seen when yet. I guess I just warning track because they're the only people on the predictive enough that the grass. Now. And I don't know if they don't do a track and done I don't know what I'll agree with you would not allow you out there. It be out there with the that big water guns you know there is trying to didian fields are you down Ricky corn hole a wanna be there and here's the thing silly. Fresh cut grass coaches do this all the time you we add this you know but just back when it actually was tough. Like half a day off. Really meant something like taking a bonding polity bonding trip. Odd during the day like a surprise trip like you what you get with Mason with the general media didn't know who's gonna do is world. Got about going hey buddy. Carl. All great feeling that it yet you know he thought he was gonna go to school you shortened practice when I press that you go there's a bunch of buses outside a nice guy. Unbeatable bowling. That's one Michael did that for a day but back when even like OJ easily. Top it was like two days dirt lots of running. No brakes no nothing makes you just got so sick because you do it's a long they've got someone threw you'll all. Now you're playing court is so irritated. Okay just it just by the act and I had to drive up the Boston until they have police at school I just don't eagle and I Bostick. Probably sit saying elect knuckle balls all smug look Cornel OK I challenge you got it called little three buddies and don't have one beer. I don't have one drink. Don't do it next elected grill with a is that the burgers on the grill and dogs and steak tips and chicken no beer whatsoever no alcohol. Gold lake water on your backyard with nothing. This cat has claimed more calls the fun thing to do not that seemed natural it seems like we're we're. You know we're we're doing it halfway you know we're we're we're not really don't put your right why do you have to go to Fenway Park to do any of these stingy could've done right there brings us to mature and payments at -- problem probably 200 students and they lied to them about the Ted Williams seat Elliott sizzler said. No we did. I don't check Bradley Jones hit a dog Balto was great brilliantly Argentina and Brazil are you might as it is it's kind of always outsmart a ball out front pockets and he's out there and it's against Argentina's boards of downtime and kids at school. Schools private schools are probably under the legal or practical to the school. And I just and I don't know if you saw the way to travel nightmare out of school in Miami. Operators know nobody else's film school at a time and it's utterly. Moderately you know the bomb expert Susan Jordan carneval. So these are the types of things that we're talking about his views this is what Brady is called charging back to its. Noninterest and it's so you try to look at it this thing I don't need to stupid blonde he needs only reason or don't. We're going public horrible man. I don't know man saw me there are out if a product Imus called home and tell what little I don't. At a Belichick has always different practices in the and he is the team building thing that starts in the morning on April. It goes to the all season and get the movies at the motivational speeches. You messages from our church or opinion and but. Hole and a and a wicca a fun carnival day we don't be here. No drinking and nobody's. Maybe they like individual bodies maybe. They do now don't know big offensive linemen out there right now throw that go around man it was real nice they'll probably get the whole spring you've everybody else did a little planes on long road trip you know beer look at the blue I don't know what is it I don't see it. I'll have grown men right. I mean did you like I've hit with audiences there's a few of them getting on the bus getting hammered there was some student union busted driving in the car on the guys somebody. Many guys you think overtures that sitting in the front row seats at Fenway Park. Ogle the little things set down a chip with defeat or elect of the railing and went on their phones. A lot and there was a citadel what are we doing. You know why we would order a rather run a seven rout. And I practiced my option route I need to work on that reach blocked sent that is really important. Oh definitely you need the rest buddy Brian Hoyer you know. Mercy Corps back closer Cornel. It's fine but no bill that's that that's a got to me was like. Here we are talking about whether it's important not and they devoted tire data plane core mobile and we ought to. Yeah surprises we easy. Pretty ridiculous it iguana Luna spoken to a call me. This just in Moroni is of whose bag I mean what is writer WW clay court all try. Those right that that I don't clone if you're doing is I don't trick if you don't. If you don't. I watched by myself. When you stop and its Dreamcast fervor I don't burn. Wow and great term look like I'm an early all right I've got like twelve old Mario when he passed the first two tournament. The throat hurts German Julia went on why not go to Finland which is all eagle there on Wednesday and again much ado about nothing back where we are our. Are all words we are. Stop we create this underscore we're. Crappy culture and that's like and is going on multiple show and shot he's all right he's losing he's on that. Idea it. It's just to its current. Everybody is chasing your tail with all of this information and misinformation dialogue you made its atomic era came on with us yesterday that I've done yesterday late in a golf tournament must've been driving home. Flipped on the guys across the street yeah and next thing you know is calling Adam Jones. And he's trying to defend his position as Hamlet that I didn't hear it and avert about it and then shot let's get pistol financial policy calls and two respond. To a currency is doing right now. So arm didn't takes. Me if people get this that your that your take. Then suddenly were calling up shelves and then other people are calling to respond to that felt like it's. Do you like woodlands and I'm not like to ex lovers like I had only done the last word has undergone cardiac she. I do but I think this is like you know it's different than just like writing an opinion piece. And in L people not liking it. Question somebody's integrity that the whole thing I talked to our earnings are reporters and let us geniuses I just go to you those who are scared by him I'm not a reporter I'm my job I just give opinions. His job is to be credible reporter Anderson is saying you're not doing your job you're not credible. You are influenced. And I think most reporters would sit there be offended by you didn't hear Adam sure after we start talking with a while back and saying he was in the pocket of somebody whatever was but it got a bug problem but he got this out the Dilfer wasn't handled well it was out over accused of we know. Of just taken debate from the from the patriots would he do he couldn't wait to call in shows you attack credibility of these reporters and got pissed and that's of people are doing. And John is he spreading it about Tommy some outrageous. Back a little insurance broker Menem ansari and this is a reason I don't powers and abilities I'll take themselves far too Smart and really loud knowingly using Adam to get that headlight out there. It used many many. The real now reportedly used by everybody but everybody has an agenda. Input hasn't mentioned you have an agenda and agenda he has an agenda you ran out of manager on down. Because you had an agenda yeah I don't get this one will probably stay at twelve is no evidence elegant and we all have agendas I have a judge's question as a general Tommy Karen does Sean as everybody does. It's part of what we all do. Some people are are are contrary and that's leverage and every day I'm going in the opposite direction on the big and sweat shirt I'm going downstream. What people don't so what's the big deal what are we all get. This guy eight inches it is that stood out to me here we are. No no wonder he's not there. Wonder if it is important. Not by the united got to do it pretty upbeat is gonna do what's going on with a argue that the current and John C. Great job be in there is still surprising. And disappointing. NASA on on point yes. Like he's disappointing. Yes. This week yes you're gonna use this one horrible guys aren't you brutal honesty that your kid you don't tell your upset when they got to tell you an answer to support injured hurts don't hear that and I want. I'm sure he's got around going into Friday and Argentina or whatever he's as legit as bond buying tickets bomb bomb ticking bomb bomb there's no way in that humans on Brady can go to very simple way to operating go to mandatory camp but C a bunch of guys running around a feel that he's not gonna pay hasn't played with before. And I mean Blanche of who don't always play with Hogan. Rocky anywhere to grow up yeah the kind of coax and lower. Our year and this at the iron and realized where the state of the offenses. And health are a little Senegal. And I think there's no settlement and for in this that there is they would know what 34 days next week you know what. We got a long way to go. I ate shown only that but the late not just a single that so we get to camp away early in the season and not the same page that we ages LC. The relationship. You know you have to do something to build trust you to have some things it'll be the total went on it was been delivering president of. Would you miss that acts of wide receivers like breaking in addition to break it out Tom strong African pick six is left and right. Don't blame the lodge our errors out and they paid already admitted sombre cannot be any camp and early I'm glad. Let's say you don't let. People who would have played that corn hole tournament with the bonds I pods. You know how those Warhol did not Florida or whole look today he's old what do I have had a pretty much at all. He's like more open. About I don't know it was chicken with a right around teacher and how he feels good Belichick and acting equal and that's life. I look now back to back and add a. And got the respect. That's reading guys in the spa and not be it is extremely disappointing to only teach so you noticed when people ought to say that's no big deal will be digital reacting Russ gold and everybody out there like this case in his team's ass but everything has asked them should be disappointed to not be in three. And it's a big deals because they've established that is a big deal they have told us for all of these years all of these little things are important so you certainly you can't do this Tom Brady can't suddenly. When you wanna go to the what does that Valentine's Day and Argentina whatever you wanna do little. You know part of follower of it can't suddenly sentencing is important anymore I did something more important I moved it up on my priority list. That doesn't work as foolish as to coral thing is yesterday and so you still can't get to draw draw draw. Just say one original. Yeah I'm very positive or on the yeah I don't think like regular discipline are disappointed while I era you missed Cornel undisciplined in the final miss they. Missed that police escorted ride up a lot of black market got a tough today I was a guys' knowledge and where WB isn't that user but it does we glutamate who's appeared. Think probably given something behavior I decided by the green maps. All of yeah. Oh god let's all because this is this our earnings unaudited three or yeah it to not let them. Yeah no public today you know boys out there today no big deal. No big deal that you don't give a missing but there always bet that he wanted it maybe watching some did ask your question what is in bad shape what is. A message there what does this quote what I feel when you heard this quote Albertson's time and don't ask how do you feel body. Now I've given my body my everything every bit of energy for eighteen years to it so if you're gonna compete against me you better be willing to give up your life because I've given up mind. Are you are you really does Brazil don't pose to our Dylan skulls Monaco Dillon you've given up your life event camp all week all African spring. You if you wanna compete against me but it give up your life you always freaky quarterback does and camp than big band and it's a big story down there. But I've got to be got I got it up you dummy bush Cheney this. Home and you know there's a guy and answers here that we won't regional area. We're a little longer exist I no longer in the race you don't think he's given up with like he he is now that's a this sort of I don't know if he's forced to go where I love does that help T shirt with a sort of set forth the way that our six weeks I can address you today. And it didn't. If you need money starting at the start originally imagined it's gotten five. This six weeks before they upstarts. That nothing. Not think I'd say that we got to take a break we get we get it went we'll continue with this political problems but the as well on including some people. Who riches will not give up on this I mean they just what. The LeBron to the Celtics they will not give up watching this thing fervor they have a great fervor they have a great fervor for LeBron James. And it sounds like regret we've got to hit may be where LeBron scale. Keep up with the show on Twitter hack away and act on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Let's get you back to more afford to wait for a low in 48 right now plus Sports Radio. In the end my life folks from football and always has been and always will be as fun as I'm playing. I've I've given my body my everything every bit of energy for eighteen years through it. So if you're gonna compete against me you better view and give up your life because I've given up mind. I think about this is isn't very unseemly business now but it becomes he ambulance. Well Google there don't want it to us please don't wanna believe anything like you know. All your girlfriend. My body might give everything every bit of energy for eighteen years through it. So if you're gonna compete against me you better view on drew up your life because I'm digger don't mind. Arms and winning the person out there and then as the front for the Internet after the super ball there and we're gonna look three. Right earlier for eighteen years now which said you know we've applauded the guide because he's willing to sacrifice everything. For football and his team and obviously it's converted into all of these factors we we get right so now when he suddenly says. Well yes and that's why isn't isn't this at all he's built up this great resonate he can skip it wedeman. He told us the reason he built up that great resonate and why all of those championships. Was because. He did more than anybody know how he was willing to sacrifice his life. So mad about it I can't gore called her. I don't budget bill zone thing it's this is like this like eight so he's. Master chef and you're telling masters chat page may mean apple pie. We did the rest issue an apple pie BO OK. Yeah. After sentence just still it's cook pastry and today I had the vital education make me and it's got a different other initially. Here's the governor wants. Is even with this cookie. It's because that's significant that's enough we did in world into my rounds technically doesn't practice enough and the other is a weapon they'll be aboard dabble apply for a new hand yes it has been broken in the paint area residents are all OK I think he's he's he's he put together furniture. And it's the same can't Bernard saint couched everything Dresser is the time that regression do you put them together with his eyes closed if you want to compete against me you better give up your life. Because I give up mine. Yeah. All right that one so with a knife in my life. And I. Those daily agrees he did that. For reasons I don't I related to him yet it's a must leverage he had to sit well. And in our life ethic right he had won and guys that not only and do you want the girl. Don't just give me my will my brother my wife. Give me yourself through it why it's a record another white for the girl why didn't you tell me it's like on that was good that the machine elaborated I don't know if he's dead or alive right horse. That only makes sense knows these like maybe he's already dead I loved that movie but the ending kill me on that. Knowing that there's problems hey don't you just cut. Already has no idea when we're talking about Janet crazy you know increase the energetic so I know leverages and no I really don't. All of whom and why he forgot to ask them at every day and I just don't give up. The longer open Mike at what went a little while I don't want why is not be honest now please we put bobbled it. But the blow them up and XP I'll have much about leverage read what she's complete. Laughter I. On movie aloft here so solid so it ought to aid us. And I figured out that they slow start which is also below that they've done this many times before where they. Seem to joy to sputtered into into the ball before it it'll give. Open door now. They'll be people will be critical operating and you'll blame this offseason let me go on. On Iran and went eight or nine or ten games and will get a call after call after call citizens and guys like they did I am and had not been though it pray it'll get Brady right. I mean we know how this thing plays out right. And Brady escaped pretty does fail this upcoming season. Could simply big cities finally actually hit. The chronological age of 41. But he's funny hit his body is caught up with the actual number. It's caught up front and we can be sitting here same but he didn't do this and he didn't know this from the Nazis and it is pattern changing all. Oh alerted me. Is these are talking about when is the and for Tom Brady. It went when isn't it that's a view out the question we asked him for years. Is that the kid he is the type of offseason he had this year when there aren't old year's night there is no. This alleged at the camp on Nellie to. It's easier to passing on LA who break into that I've always thought they like animals and I feel like LA and wrote in an Alley. Lived there before he sold his house doctor Dray okay so he lived up Jesse we don't use my next used to working infamy can passover and leaders USC are. You Steelers close but it doesn't here. And when the bubble would Juliet couple days I think that's I think that's an offseason I'm at home let's let's all have a catch rate I think that's par there were doing it now. And realizing you're gonna know we just I don't know it just doesn't it doesn't ask you what he's only here doesn't he doesn't amount. That's why does he specialized. I just royals arsenal has a certain offseason whether Nolte is in the right illegals out and and maybe it is a sub par year for Tom and I mean a sub par year for palm is like in a Pro Bowl not all prop. Right and you still league's gonna be great but is somewhat of a down year. Any feels like you know what I. I I need to have a medical back in my office he's two years ago this offseason was nice button I need to play at a high level. And I got to go back that way it was two years ago which means I'm not gonna. Do the whole family thing in the escape OTAs got to get back into it isn't a veteran nature well let's just say it and realizes the you know what. I don't wanna do that so much fun this offseason. I fun being with my him if that's what I wanna choose I can't play at a high level and only be maybe name a clearance limits and I. Thought I'd say it Lou I do not believe after doing this that he is now scoring two. Self commit next year to go back to where he was 23 years ago and it does it. I think this is the pats are excellent there's a little bit there UNAIDS strategy witnesses are older it's like turning play right. And neolithic and he's great athlete ought to routines. Like every single year was at the counters a routine season's over and wait six weeks. Here in the gym lightly at any start training for six weeks in the six weeks to get ready for camp that at six weeks of camp but it's there's always a schedule thing and when you break schedule. And you don't do things you normally do. And this promoted down here you ask yourself can I go back that set schedule years ago to play at this high level anymore. And indeed find out that maybe just don't wanna do that anymore. And that's what things are crumbling. But I think it's more about what's going on than anything else. He is no way that he can get before it any interviewer. And try to defend the fact that he said all of this in the past. About how important always little things are dot every I cross every T do all of this and then suddenly say it's not that important. No it's it's he's changed his life is different Easter eggs yeah for people who were curious to know what that quote was from with a Denzel Washington movie called man on fire here. And on fire Don W increase seat. Q was it thank you know you don't. Life I've seen the movie that I had to you know from the terrible deal now. Advocate I don't like her life and they pulled switcheroo.